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tv   The Final 5  FOX  July 18, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> is it weird or does it feel like we had a year of political news in the last two years around here. who new health care could be complicated and president calls reports of vladimir putin meeting fake news and iran deal certified reluctantly and will we see a white house briefing again and president golf games are impacking voters on the po toe mack. first, healthcare. things toll atly fell apart. president trump and
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president trump and gop leadership are pushing for straight repeal with no immediate replacement. even that at this point seems unlikely and president seems frustrated with talking about healthcare and meeting with veterans of the war in afghanistan. take a look. >> four 7 years i've been hearing repale even replace on coming gress area hearing it loud and strong. when we dwts a chance to repole and replace they don't take advantage of it. >> mitch mcconnell says gop will move forward to repeal obamacare altogether next week as they appear short of needed votes to pass proposal. there is been a number of gop senators that said that's a no go as well and group of governors both side of the aisle coming out against repeal and only planned among those governors larry hogan an terry mcauliffe and forler republican presidential candidate john okay significance of ohio. >> i think think with people breathing a sigh of he relief of i got letters all the governors get letters and
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senators have town hall meeting. this program needs reform. i've been saying it all lot long. we can't look the other way and things getset better. insurance mark receipt tush ulen. we have to worry what we do long term as it affects our economy. to repeal something like that and where do people go then. who have drug adigs and chronic companies and mental health. you cannot walk away from that. >> president set to hold a rally in ohio and good chance kasich will not be there. >> there's a bloomburgs in powell. americans believe healthcare is importantsh ufacing cou country. unemployment and jobs ranked as second most sided issue with 13% of americans calling it the most important. all right. remember president trump sit down with russian president vladimir putin this month
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they were only supposed to go half hour then went two hours and sent first lady in to end the meeting. apparently two world leaders had second meeting on sidelines of summit we're learning about. and brumer said it happened during the g 20 state of heads dinner and trump and putin talked an hour joynltd bit translator. and the president reported about the reports saying fake news story of secret dinner with putin is sick. all 20 were invited to the chancellor of germany press u. >> fake and fake top ten leaders in jerry is meant to look sinister. the investigation this meeting with rush yap lawyer that caimd dirt on hillary clinton the eighth person that attended that is identified. ike cavalonse company founded by russian deeper that
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he was born in soviet union and game to -- he was asked to go into the meeting to serve as traps later. back in 2000 actions heading up a company called international creations. russians were wapderring money through u.s. pavrpingz. had he was never charge. >> robert muller is given a green light light to publicly enter donald trump jr. and paul manafort. you will remember they doj said they would cooperate with investigators looking into russian medling into the election. and while we're on the topic of russia big news tonight. white house says the president made pick if am b
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russia. does he look familiar. john huntsman he's also been embarton now. you can serve as am bar door to china. ran for republican nomination in 2012ment finished their or fourth. dropped out early on. endorsed my roomy. he will need to be confirmed by senate and white house office and secretary put out release about huntsman nomination and neglected one detail. you may think we're nitpicking here but they spelled his name wrong. j. >> he is likely to support the iran bill. take a look. >> i've about doing dealings for a long time. i've been making hots of wonderful deals. great deals that's what i do. nev, of, of, in my life, have
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i seen any transaction to incompetently investigated as our deal with iran. >> iran has not lived up to the spirit of the agreement and they have to do that. they have to do that. >> now trmp administration is certified iran is complying with nuclear agreement and iran is failing to complete with spirit after agreement and "new york times" reports hour lane meeting the major security advisors make sure he want to. deputy assistant to the president sebastian weren't down. >> when i was in the room for the discussion with the president tillerson we generally mr. ban done. and the president said, repeatedly this is a bad deal. however, we have to
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hertzed but that doesn't mean that deal stand in per pet tuty. >> they want more sections for provocations after inner. people are supposed around the program and revolutionary gone core. >> well by certifying you have loss entered up sanks pre previously inpatient. it makes no sense the president is terribly inconsistent on this. >> the iran deal belonged your path. they're not technically violations of the deal. whether or not iran is co complying with nuclear agreement. you would see the answers owep camera. white house briefing today was off camera and we don't know when we'll see
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briefing again. only briefings continue today and this is where they go slow aen she tried to spin health care collapse that's what it was all good today she liked the president putting blame on democrats. >> i think he's not going to air the failure of obamacare. what i said to enormous is rest shoulders and ushd pushed him through. they made this legislation happen and they need to own the failure of it. >> all right. so something happened today and you did not see this it was not on camera. chief white house core stopped enter john roberts cause aid store because he left earlier. huk by standards noticed and he came john roberts poord today stepping out airport robert on the way out says if it was not on camera i 3450eug9 not be
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>> this different take he was stand and some people said t he was like me. and if you work in tv this mraikz total cents he left briefing to do a slot. 155 to 20. he wept out to make slots. after the preeling was continued. they just took the live. which means you hear on f federror. so there you have it prob erts wife weighed in trying to down play the pour things. i mepinged in newsroom. kiera phillips s she wrote on twitter trust me the only time john roberts storms out of ib is when i'm with the mood. other than that he's a hag angel. roger retweeted ating
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going into that personal detail, omg. >> in the meantime security has to be stepped up whenever the president goes. precautions they want to take have some in loudoun a bit of surprise. they want to kick voters in the area off the potomac and others. in materialing, what they would do is shut down access and that maingz it impossible for pad letters to get through and that includes disabled veterans from torm river reader. we talk to somebody from new cruises association the doubt has been impacted by changes. >> the way the regulations are written and we have a lawyer working on this with us the way the regulation is written they can close the river any time they want to as long as they want to permanently. the coastguard they're only going
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playing golf. he probably played 11 times. this is not a once and a rare things. >> we reached to coastguard for statement. they gave us this year. we understand there may be concerned about access to water way from boating public when security zone is in effect and get him augusting and then whatever comment made on final decision whether or not the von stays in place. we'll go back to health care after the break. where do republicans. will the government op le leadership to repair and replace. we'll talk about that
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>> welcome back. a plan to repeal and replace obamacare failed just around
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they wanted to repeal and come up with replacement later. do they even have the votes to do that now. talking about where the gop goes from here. spencer sullivan hello sir. >> i'm glad you're up late with us tonight. >> where did this go wrong because it sounded like you know 2 was fine line to walk and last night everything fell apart and today it isn't seem better. >> clearly awesome mitch majority leader doesn't have procedure votes to bring us to the floor. this has not gone as expected or planned. but he has call all the reasons republican senators and house members voted to repeal and replace -- repeal obamacare under president obama now seems disinagain uus. >> in that case we were talking about it last night. they voted sdozens of times and able to go
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constituents hey i voted to repeal obamacare they had votes last time around and president vetoes it and have a possibility you have a president that says i will sign legislation to repeal it do you think they're getting cold feet. >> clearly you know republicans for years have campaigned on repealing obamacare. it has not about a campaign promise. at this point obamacare is failing. it would be failing american people. you're looking at core of counties in the u.s. not only having one insurance option but if we received down this plane maeingt in iowa would this have been failure to keep a campaign promise and there's no other option to come up with healthcare reform
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>> president there's a plan for a better healthcare. we go back to when obamacare was passed. that's all democrat fire. they deposit juan to be part of that at the time and this time around versa by any part to by do you talk to someone down this path before or what do you do here. >> it's tough. both parties are plague politics to the extreme at this point. >> sure. >> and the environment we're in. however i want to soon through this health care and partisan approach it cost them dearly. you look at elections. mathtive house, senate and white house. setting case scenario to replace with two year delay and providing certainty and stap ibty for meeting and testimonying as ep getting th
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this done in bipartisan manner. >> who wants to step up to the table and do that? i mean if you're a regular person and maybe caught in middle of all this it's going back physician and forming and maybe you live in a state you're losing providers on the exchange. you don't have many options out there and premiums going up and vice-versa you may l loseel hadth care altogether. we're in the cross nair of everything. >> those folks are the real losserss in this thing why both sides are not will to be work. >> yeah. >> and at this point i deal nike the dem trats gave bucky the republicans for a reason. in work with 24e78. owe lexs have consequences and that is like vocal seems to the table. >> one more thing as it support hemth care as you look from rep angle you have the press taking let's look let it fail it won't own this, this
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this the american voters gave the white house the house and senate to republican. so is that a real is dig way to look at this and if obamacare fails hey, want on us. >> yeah, i will tend to disagree there. i feel republicans do have white house and senate in the house. it's really on the republicans to get it done. and get this flew. best case step air joy to repeal with two year delay prompting out insurance packet and providing the american vote and people and insurance companies and go through a process of bipartisan process learn physical states of democrats and 2010 getting this done and real -- real shame of this jim is this is really impeding the rests of president trump's agenda you look at taxi core they look pretty good in august and all of this is really holding that
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and the real value of presence fist year presence within the first six to mine months in office. >> i think it had a report yesterday saying when it comes to tax reform ducks in a row and it looks like is that the on track. smooth rollout from the gecko. meets resistance but there you have it were you a fan the letter man on the air. did you watch letter man. >> he was he had egregious on quite a bit when everybody be else fell through. you're going to be regis from here on out. >> happy to do so. >> all right. >> as long as it's not a full body shot. >> campaign strategies thank you for joining us. we're here after the break.
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>> which they launched final five you may have seen commercials that said news, warm, sport. we have a special final five weather forecast for you tonight involves tropical storm don. tropical storm don weakening and tropical storm hillary is getting fast in place. big ups for indicates lynn roth for breaking it down for you. don you can see caribbean area formed late monday before weakening and now you can see it starts to fizzle out a bit. it's barely honging on. meantime prop call storm hillary that's with one l. if you're wondering if it's a political connection. they assign using predetermined list of names put on six year rotation. these have ben in the works" couple years now. if you wonder
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if you wonder why sdon hillary's age hillary is in the pacific right now. there you have it. still fun. winney the pooh doesn't sound controversial he's loveable and loves honey and banned from social media snits china. mayor may have to do with comparing plump friendly bear to china president. i thought we would see the cartoon. there it is. going traditional. it first made wavers 2013 after pictures of him walking with president obama was compared to pooh and intergityer. and we know the wonderful thing about intergityer, intergityer is a wonderful thing. and with that, >> another wonderful thing. >> christie. >> did you know i actually played intergityer in a fifth grade play. >> was this why you insistsed on popping up on screen after this here. >> not necessarily i didn't have to bring that up. >> but you did it just for the purposes of everybody in anne arrundel county and everybody else watching tonight. >> you know,
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phrase oh, bother when something goes wrong. you had sort of an oh, bother moment earlier in the show. >> i did? >> you d because you tossed to break after interview with spencer and said, the 5@630 we'll be back and that's not the name of this show. do you know the name of the show. >> i believe it's called the d.c. -- i'm looking above of course, it's the final 5. this is a big day. today was anniversary of 5@630 on the year for one year. everybody when they announced it they said it sticks arounds to election but response was great and here we are still here. here we are we keep expanding. >> i'll forgive you for sglat by the way are you now -- is iing ter your favorite or another favorite winney the pooh character. >> i identify more with eyore now. >> oh, yeah. if you know her it makes
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sense. >> by the way i missed that we had a studio audience now. by the way who is sleeping soundly and who is tossing and turning. we break it down when the final five comes back after this
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>> sound asleep tonight almost been three weeks since white house had on cram press br briefing and while some making a bit more out of john roberts early exit than maybe he inconcerned with huckabee sanders child in for leaving early he said maybe not it's con ram ra and the white house is opting not to speak to you on live tv instead of relying on sound bites and it's not fake news to say it's not been a good day for president tr trump. he prominged to repeal and replace obamacare day one and realizing washington is a different beast on diz world. it's
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sure not everybody is. >> in the meantime the morning show starts at 4:25 a.m. final five not 5@630 you can watch that 630 tomorrow night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> who doyou think won the race out of beyonce's womb? r sir and rumi carter. rumi was the one out first. the doctor who pulled them o is the same guy that's dealt with the kardashians. 's seen a lot of premium vagine. i wonder if he has a favorite, i remember the day kim ca yeah. >> you know, they don't differ that much. i mean, what do you guys t& is going on down there? [laughter] >> blac chyna, she hosted her strip club gi >> she'g back to work. >> she did it at ace of diamonds e's making it rain in the clu seems super aggressive for a monday. >> a.i.d. mondays. it's always monday. >> what day do strippers get off? >> i think the thirdter. [lauger] >> we got marlon wayans. pwe talked


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