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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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i think they definitely have strong design idea. >> so we do the decking. and we make it super strong. triple covered. >> i think that was remarkable. that grade you're doing well and they've donna mazeingly well. >> it's really amazing i feel like this is one of the best programs you have off there. right now at 11:00. firefighters battle flames and the mriingterring heat. where tonight's fire broke out and plus your sweltering weekend forecast. >> and imagine waiting at a spolt
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>> we'll talk to the local man who with with foup the long life in northern virginia and how the city responded. >> and the kickoff to comic con, fans, costumes and movie in the work. your news starts now. >> we're going to kick things off with heat wave. the sweltering temperatures refused to go ai what. you don't believe how hot it is now. now we're talking about severe weather this weekend as well. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. >> when should you expect storms exactly. gwen is here with the weekend outlook, hey, gwen. >> hi there. those storms kick in tomorrow late afternoon, early evening. just prepared under cloudy skies. but the heat din exes is out unavenueable time
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elsewhere. 81 dulles, 85 annapolis this hour and 28 fredericksburg and 77s naz and 81 hagerstown and heed indexes still high everywhere. 100 annapolis what it feels like now. 89 baltimore and 86 mannasas. so you can see where we're headed and tomorrow not when we take a look at what we and tomorrow. yes, uingt rite, storms, storms as well will be stick around for sunday as though thames turz continue toing high. your first full cast lighter. >> sdor. ing temperatures could be dangers russ as well. if you're a firefighter battling flames in the heat i'll take the cool. live with more now, hey, rise
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tin. >> out out most have the luxury of wheeling with now only did they battle the flames at the john beaut hear abattleing all theel. s. including scorching hot temperatures. this fire 7:00 at a home on summit place norm west and firefighters say when at the arrived at the fire it started they believe in roofer attic of building. one firefighter had a mime or injury and we're taken to the hospital. >> until stream because everybody's guess is soaring safe from the temperatures. >> obviously we war a lot of gear and performing strenous activity. takes a toll on the members
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>> we rokt them frookly. agreementing itself and that limits ourself prev. , >> usually after 1 the psychos build some and that could be hard for the kids. >> the fire itself is ruled at accidentsal. rights now firefighters are working on determine a cause. normally during winter months we tell about you heater safety. again when operating seat toers to stay warm. in this tongue if you have an air conditioner unit orment make sure that avoid start ago fire in this case. we're live in northeast d.c. at some time, kristin lee on, "fox5 local news". >> i amiddle school teacher in
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of child pornography. he has been employed by fairfax county public schools since last year. he taughtth grade english watt holmes middle school but will not return in the fall. if you have any additional information about him place wants to hear there you. a montgomery county daycare working charged with sexually abusing a toldler. police say 56-year-old rahm rhawn suxd a 3-year-old girl while she was sleeping. tu br an. >> there was no reason to interact with the child during nap time. the incident happened in october. would you neat hen to see if there's more victim. >> the incident occurred in late october, my understanding is that the day that incident occurred 3-year-old victim report totd that to her mother who contacted kidser care. sh
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services during the ours course of the ytion we were move a week later sgle the can be up sushd a statement to say what's best for children in their care. they're fully admitted to maintaining a safe envir environment. a change of of of guard at white house. sean spicer came at press secretary today. it came after trump named a new -- lort trucky would have, spicer says the president wanted had imto stay on. but it was his decision to leave. >> from what i understand and all the reports the president did not want to you go. tell us papd. >> he deposit. he's been very gracious throughout this
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he wanted to ref up communications and my decision was to recommend to the president i give anthony and sarah a clean slate to start from. >> he will remain at the white thousand through august. sarah huk abe. >> one of the men was diving wrong way on route 210 his car slammed into another vehicle. both thrives were killed. crash happened 3:30 in for the washington. one first into flames on impact. so far their identities not released if you've ever been in stuck in it traffic you know how frustrating it would be. ma'am inbeing stuck at a receipt the light for two he was also a local u tub is it a
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star. ton yes, you've probably sitting at intersection late at night the light is red and doesn't team so iching change. so you wonder how long do i sit here and wait and determine it's broken and he goes ahead and norm george mason drive washington blvt, a man named angelo owe mining drives through on way to work and says that's what's about happening, complained to department of environmental services which sdeelz with transportation but after two months of experiencing this on way to job with the night shop and it cane kindy clear with video. >> don't you take pride in interesting intersections. me and tileler are riding d&l. >> that's right, this guy sat here for about 20 minutes. if you wonder about the date on the c
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correctly he says it was sun. at times he had to find a charging number all aimed at local liters. light causes delays as well and intersection is three block from virginia hospital center saying all types of people must drive through here looking for care not to mention doctors, nurses and he goes on. the little man, woman, imgrant, refugee, they all go here. i swrir i should strip naked and get out and run in front of my car right now. ironically the sensor angelo found out today the traffic signal is fixed. maybe
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angry. if there's something in your community you want to see improved. >> i reached pain threshold going over and over and then maybe a video of it and really gangry i drove through it last year thank you to them and all the people that supported. citizen journalists stand up and don't take. it i got messages are people in sdivrp cities around the country saying this happens where you live. get your zone out and camera out and dashcam film in. >> i know. >> reporter: with all these tools we now have at our disposa take the team and let the pole officials no. . back to you guys. >> you i have to say he's o
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patient man in making his point. i don't know he could sit there for five minsz. ment i'll go around. >> coming up next hot mail could be coastal car jers convicted of moving marijuana in the disstripingt. how they did it, yes. >> and the build and weird showing off their latest cust tomb concussions and about to kickoff one redskins player it's a new develop tour tripia game to help us until he comes up. >> and a pros trm up is making rounds is it rail or is it fake news. that's one of the stories we're highlightsing tonight to put it to death.
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is >> three u.s. postal work rz found guilty of moving half a ton of marijuana through a northwest d.c. post office. kendra brantly, devon row and alicia norman were convicted on felony bribery and conspiracy to commit robbery. the three made shower packages containing marijuane were not inexpected by postal inspectors. two
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third in october. >> as we head to weekend. hot, hot and more hot and maybe eventually a break. >> and hot. >> and hot. >> back to hot. >> feels ike 100 right now. >> it does. isn't that unbelievable tony. >> it's 11:15. >> nice sdmrxt dew points are so high and you factor that in with the temperatures boy, boom, there we go. it's up believable. and i want to tell you that throughout the hours of today we actually had some of our neighborhood that did reach up to 107 in terms of heat indexes today. i was staying cool today. ta a look at my friend. i was in south east near navy yards we had fun out at water feature and sprays and some of the little once i got to hang out with the ben and sister and that's jesse. we had a great time. i thank you young kid and parents and grandpare
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letting you hang out with me a little bit. that was the challenge. to stay cool. getting in the water was a good way to do. it highs today low 90s. upper 90s. that deposit matter when you factor in do you point. as i said it felt like aaa for rest of story be prepared. 5 call puper whose what it feel like oh, yes. >> feel like it's 100 same at annapolis. 9 baltimore and quanitco. that's an indication where we're headed as well. not a lot happening in terms of satellite radar for us we have seen a little activity here moving its way across the buy bay. tomorrow will be different day. we're definitely talking storms. and solve those could be severe. we're under the influence of this strong ridge of high pressure that's going to keep us in the 90s and i
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humidity with southerly flow that's the story tomorrow and for your sunday. we have a frontal system to the north. that will be the trigger tomorrow in this hot, uns unstable, humid air mass and that sparks off storms. and late afternoon and early evening i want to say. just be prepared if you plan anything outside. a slight risk of severe weather tomorrow and we'll look at what's going to be happening at the beaches and because same story there. some storms. if you get out early you can enjoy the water and cool off temperatures in the low 90s. 2:00 in the afternoon thing hire. >> hagerstown 5:00. definitely under the group and you can't do that once you get to the later part of evening hours. be prepared another round will happen sunday. here's planner for tomorrow. midday, 9, 85
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"fox5" forecast. finally cool down after monday. you still have a couple days to go and that's when we said cooler air and eyes to the skies for anybody outside saturday and sunday be akib that heat. >> thank you, very much. >> for pop culture fans it was one of the san diego for comiccon hillary clinton as a sneak make i even superheros have to wait in land. thousands were blocked out. >> we've been doing this five years. previously we wouldn't make fearly as long now we're hitting 34 hour time frame. >> more than 130 people t
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attend and put -s. >> entire of tulting in epryes. >> she could be at comic con. they have a dr. doo movie in the work and shev can live action superhero movie 29 release date. >> everybody is trying to find the next biping think. we'll see. >> if you have uncoming l lawning of the zone he now up -- estimating that over 18,000 hot dogs sold over the weekend and 2 this cup of coffee? >> hill he'll box buzz. >> you have to say calf nate philadelphia you're at comic con. >> didn't know about hot koingz in coffee. we'll be right back
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>> punters kick and have time to cop template life. red skips pupter train ward case time to develop board game. earlier he walked us through trivia side hustle. >> how did you come up with your own board game. >> so map how it started my family were a big, big, game family. last year in training camp ap released top 100 college programs based upon point sim sooners were number two i was proud about is that the. i started asking anyone if they could name ten. i kept track of who was wroj. it was coach gruden who said do
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i said no but when you have meeting tonight i don't i'll go upstairs and come up with questions. so i started coming up with multiple answer questions and i would like up a i couple weeks later 50 questions and 5 on 5 video roon in training camp doing it what the heck i'll do to just knox fire. they malasia flight me the why the. >> your nike sport straps. >> i love you're doing that. you have 300 questions. >> okay so how does this game work. kind of quick synopsis. >> the die here you roll it. if you and i are on the same team say we get sport and entertainment guard and the catch of this game is every person i put in here strat
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eekith lead knowing her here it's only a couple of as. we got a question like what are the saet teams that won the most super bowls. >> how four chips out if we got any fourth wrong the other. >> if we did the four we did the four chips and other team get rebuttal. first of positive. >> i will tell you one real quick. it. >> i'll tell you what my guy did great. he's already we immediate.
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hooch work and you have to do some. >> all righting 1u8 it happened. it will be all over twitter and what happens as you go to stick starter the game is mailed to everybody around thanksgiving and there's different pack ans if you want expansion banks i don't know i'm close to 233 he'lling n npsing it there >> for 10 when it launched on kick and treat emme. >> i think it was 15,000 i think it was 15,000. >> he did not know about the coffee. >> you don't want to drink coffee too hot. >> iced coffee will get it.
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>> all right your final five this friday. spicy out. moch in. no sank utu airy as -- change plans. there's probably a vote on healthcare and specific planp anyone's guess. that's your final five. we start with a shakeup with the whitehouse communication team. >> sean spacer stepped down after 6 months on the job. anthony scarmoci was named


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