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tv   The Final 5  FOX  July 21, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> all right your final five this friday. spicy out. moch in. no sank utu airy as -- change plans. there's probably a vote on healthcare and specific planp anyone's guess. that's your final five. we start with a shakeup with the whitehouse communication team. >> sean spacer stepped down after 6 months on the job. anthony scarmoci was named
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white house. the former secretary sat down for his first interview saying this was all his own call. >> from what i understand the president didn't want to go tell us what happened. >> he didn't the. he wanted to bring new tokdz in to help ref up the communications operation after reflection my decision was to recommend to the president that i give anthony and ar after a clean stlit start from to talk about the president agenda and quite move it forward and he after back and forth understood that the offer that i was making with something in the best interest of the administration. >> as president trump once said spicer got great ratings back during a time hes with still doing wrestling briefings and it was
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briefings and it he brought them into the halocaust center i understand that. i understand in the way assad used them when he went into downs dropped them into up to and so use of it i collar vie it. if you put ushia on salad tonight somehow that's a russian connection. every single person. >> no, i appreciate your agenda here and [ laughter ] i think i got this but thank y you. maybe. >> all right. thanks, i'll see you in a minute. >> all right. spiceer is haep pate reen. cnn says they will not hire imand e's with that. bu
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u.s. tradeia where he was so dead ateed he donned imenter first sing when you were not us. it could be second sanders and do you during the brief again on cam russ prer change the morning. >> i'm not going to speak for shawn in detail. i can say that he understood that the president wanted to bring in and add new people tots team and shawn felt like it would be bement for that team to be able to start with totally clean slate. >> now the guy that start a new team along sanders is anthonyp which was a role that
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spread ice and interesting hire considering scarmoci was not always a he friend let turn back own see what you called him then. >> i'll make elizabeth. >> it'sant eye person and device is. >> do you think he'll be president of. tell donald i did this. queen party bullet association cut it out now and stop crazy red ring. he acknowledged it and said the president reminds him of it all the time. new m saxz. he incest the redsition naiing is not a same of hur meteorologist. >> it's going to the right direction. we have to raidso signal direction very very clearly. i look the
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let me rephrase. it i love the team. and so i'm incrementalist. most who kind themd or entrepreneur. what they do is start the day and they go through the process. may havey seals would tell you if you want to eat anel sant one day love aparents did a great job during that br briefing. again he won't do the one doing the press preevers. they asked saramon you i. findly commented on twitter 9 crozer chester tonight saying shawn vicar fond wul condition that received false recourts because his future was while. >> three of the five remaining survivors from u s.s. arizona ar that went on it was a great moment today. wh
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awe of sacrifice the men made. of course afterwards there's a chance to get a question in maybe. >> what are you trying to accomplish. >> make america great. >> there you have it. spicer will stay out of the white house snl auing. >> latest russian post general def trump the post says there's intelligence accounts and you remember in the confirmation hearing sessions failed to disclose context with am bhar door sargate lotion. and we're also learning have agreed to -- agreed to dis discuss, be ipd viewed because this would be nothing plead
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this would be nothing pleadaling good to from are in negotiations. and turning over documents. grassly said he will not -- and attending a trump tower meeting and trump jr. was dirt on hillary clinton. >> and as for russian lawyer ap presented she has a military unit operated by russian intelligence. ap obtained court filings. it was just about property rights. dep eying any ties to the russian government although the man who araished it got information from prosecutor general. >> we go to philadelphia now. protesters showed up to meet jeff sessions in the city of brotherly love. they were there to disapproval
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and protecting criminals. ag was in philadelphia to spoke with federal, local, and state damage and comment violent crime and he seems ready to move on from criticism of the decision to recuse himself from the russian investigation. >> do i my best every day to be faithful to the laws and constitution of this united states and fulfill a goal that the president and i share. we want to reduce crime in america. >> just yesterday the federal judge ruled against reinstating president trumpp executive order that cuts funding for them with federal. >> sorry, sorry kids no spring break. they're banned from traveling. there notice will be publ published. once in present and effect 0
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da l travel restriction is due to mouning concerns of six yes, sir lom auto warm pier died after being held ka captive 17 months. he was in a coma. they are not backing down from intelligence programs. there are sides little 34eusle may -- let's talk health care shall we. we don't know what will happen in the senate. and coming up with consensus on how to build healthcare reform. vote on what? senators don't know if they'll vote on straight appeal of affordable care act and repeal and replacement something e else. tonight hel edge care is the first priority. >> president prevrn repeal and replace obamacare. we have not been supply or c cryet good that.
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those intentions are not changed. >> i don't think anyone here made a secret this is big priority and congress should do what they said for the last seven years. >> obamacare supporters targeting swing states for 2018. this is ad take a look. senator heler proposed to protect our healthcare and refuses to take a stand even though it slashes health care. >> he was sitting next to president trump earlier this week at the white house. and he made a joke you want to keep your dog, don't you. >> and next up on the final five. comedian tim young here to talk about the whitehouse. maybe put fake news on. stick around back after this. what watching final five on friday night
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>> my guest is comedian and host of daily callers no things considered you know h him, love him, some tolerate him, tim young is here. >> ratings went through the roof i wanted to let you know. >> tanked a little bit. >> pretty good how are you doing. >> pretty good. >> 50 episodes? >> 50 episodes and i've annoyed so many people you. >> live for that, don't you. >> actually a couple weeks ago i was at kong discretion ali vent and plan to one of the kong dress women i made fun of forgot her name. she says i know you from the internet. >> i was like great cool. >> that's what you want to hear. >> that means you're doing your job. and swirm and that's a good thing
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>> we both do it every day. >> different ways though but yeah. >> so we brought you in and producer christie barber is there, she refuses to be in the same room with me to begin with. >> have you of met her face to face. >> no. >> come say hello, he took time out of his busy night. >> i'm not allowed to leave controls. >> she's locked in all times. >> you have fake news, real news and our job to determine what is real and what is fake. >> being atheist gives me edge in every deal and christians are too moral for business. >> i think that's real. >> you know what i think it may real as well. had he was never outright about his
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couple years it becomes more evidence and we turn up to christie what are you saying. >> you both got fooled. >> that one is fake. >> than quote has been making rounds of meme but it's not true. >> if your grandmother shows it to you -- >> yes. >> and number two. >> question two was a 5-year-old girl they found her buying lemonade without a license. >> i'm so concerned, where did this happen? >> it was not florida but u united kingdom. the girl was selling homemade lemonade to fans attending dance festival and fine was up to about $195 and people got angry that police were like we're sorry. >> adp fans want him nate.
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>> sign was miss leading. it said 25 cepts it was more like 29 -- that's why i -- >> i don't know. >> number 3. >> did home deappoint unveil a new product because it's blue soom sword less hose. >> somebody september this to me and i loongd at sarah simmons. it's so sue pid. >> this is onion headline. >> how many people would buy that. >> water comes out of nor. >> you don't have to coil up the hose and get kinks that would be -- >> if you have a way to send water by a bluetooth if you could find that way elan must get on that. >> i was going to say my pants get wet sometimes when i drunk to much want to see him once he comes down. >> was a family
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middle of night it und sod like frozen jz of you. >> i would say yes it's one of those things it's straight enough to be sure. you can true gress where it happened. >> i'd like to do it again if i could give you a high five and take the wide shot out. >> just celebrate. >> had through go. >> you earned tat one. >> one more one. last one word making rounds on facebook. we had a screen shot of bear riding motorcycle side car is that real. >> i feel like you and i tied this so far. this is deciding factor. tim i gave you water. >> it's a great photo shop j job. >> that was real not
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in. >> it was on its way to white house to include with president. >> you can guess what the bear's name is, >> florida. >> no. >> it's tim. >> is it really. >> yes. >> you googleed time for me. >> if i have murn tour. thank you very much. >> we have -- well you get the win on that one. i was be nev lant hms you had it. >> this could go on to night. while be teague a look with you on the way out. >> for week stom tilely color facebook page and tim runs bounl on switer, 4 followers. >> one guy. >> number eight.
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>> all right back on the final five. we've traps formed tim to brody logan. >> how are you. >> the squiggly. >> the coolest thing you did today i thought that was fun tresdale way you had it on 11 he has a trivia game called what's your bid it's coming out on the 31. check out his twitter. >> an a lot of people have fun with sean scienceer he's out. more like gone spice i'm sorry i'm sorry i try. >> you're stick ago rounds n now. >> i tried to stop myself. >> i deserved that. >> boo. he did, and thanks in part due
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let's look at her as coffee. >> you're got getting it you need props. my word is too big i have to show new picture when it comes to these decisions the constitution gives our cred lose of power and steve bannon is key advisor. at least hitler never used chemical weapons and everybody freaked boo-hoo what about the holocaust centers. and yeah i know they're not really called holocaust ce center. did you. i know that. >>. >> he lawvd the first time. >> now he's claiming it's mean an euro fending. >> you should be on ordered that lampoon you that is happen or.
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quick. >> that's the things the first time it was shock tral sue of it and then first seals as good as second. >> maybe they knew he would be gone. >> six months. >> i'm wondering if at some point they'll pull time doing a cam grow. in gender are good wheel. >> find a way to get him n. he'll be in. >> you can ride the chinese government banning games with winney the poof. >> all the means in the world won't help. >> what's morrow fen receive than that. >> justin bieber. >> biebs? >> china banned biebs. >> that was a while ago. that is a young bieber. >> what did he do. >> apparently beijing culture said why doesn't he have scheduled
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he thinks he's part of his had be hivr. >> emperor style you can remember that. >> you know i mentioned before i think johnny depp looks like he spells like cigarettes on that list to bieber. he's not the weren't one banned china. >> who else, is. >> lady gaga. >> owe say sis. >> are this still together dalry brothers. >> one is touring. someone will get in mentions and tell them. and actually, maroon five also lieu bega -- i made that up. it's you try the others are sitting. >> who know what lieu jeing awilling his back. >> it's banned malaysia you this locked up the words. too dirty for malatia. >>
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sfwv who is toing and turning tonight. rob rt mueller. new questions of investigation into potential tries using truthp administration and russia. those questions are coming from a man that could shut it all downment they're looking at ways to short circuit the probes and badon left him to -- whether it's fair or unfire depending how you look at it as investigation rolls on as you close out the week wouldn't you love to be sean spicer. no more having the toe the line about inauguration crowd sizes anyone in demand let me know he may lighten up a little. maybe saturday night live give them a chance in the spotlight any way. that's final five for this friday and this week. we'll be bad at it monday morning. always fwlab to you have high.
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y2e2gy y1a2y harvey: so justin bieber has been banned from beijing for being a bad boy. >> what has he done that they won't allow you in a country? >> egged a house and peed in a bucket. harvey: ok, he wasn't prosecuted for peeing in a bucket. >> it's china. harvey: there's got to be a voice in the wind saying this is wrong and i'm going to be that voice now. >> all of the human rights stuff going on in china, it took justin bieber for you to want to be involved? harvey: you have to start somewhere. we'll get to all of those other problems. [laughter] >> halle berry yesterday in san diego, comic-con. channing tatum pours this hefty glass of whiskey and she just chugs it. harvey: is that sexy? >> hell yeah. >> that's because you can open your throat, right? >> tam, you are the freakiest thing! [laughter] >> dennis hof's bunny ranch has offered o.j. a j


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