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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  July 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. this is fox5 local news at 10. first at ten, pulling the trigger on concealed carry laws, the court ruling that dealt gun control advocates in the district a major blow. justice for a transgeneral diser woman shot and killed in maryland. tonight we're hearing the 911 calls made by the victim's mother as the jury reaches a verdict. quo new research about
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concussions signal the end for football players. brain disease and what local coaches are doing to protect their teens. >> the news at ten starts right now. >> we start tonight with break news out of fairfax county, virginia. you're looking at live pictures from sky fox. this is right off of tyson's boulevard at right 123 not too far away from tyson's corner. this is the aftermath of what began as a police chase shortly after nine this h morning. police have taken one person into custody following this crash. no other injuries have been reported and no information at this time on why or how this chase began. we'll he ' keep yo updated as we get more information. >> we begin tonight with a major blow to some gun owners in the district. thanks for joining us at ten srks i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. a federal appeals court says the current law which only allowses people to apply for a concealed carry permit if they feel
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. marina maracco joins us now with more on what this means for the situate ticketed event. marina. >>reporter: shawn, tony, regard less of what happens this is an incredibly important decision for the district. this two to one appellate court decision here is basically asking the lower court, the district court to throw out the d.c. law as it stands. now that could happen at n a couple of months, but the reality is the district will likely fight it. they'll challenge it and it could end up at the us supreme court. most people realize how i be credibly difficult to get a permit. there are 124 concealed handgun permits in the dists of colombia according to the crime prevention research center, a number the center says would be closer to 48,000 if d.c. were like the 42 right to carry states. the people in the high crime areas of d.c., poor black areas, it's impossible for those individuals to go and get a concealed carry permit.
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surprised if there is a single l individual who lives in those areas who is, you know, anywhere middle income or poorer who has a concealed carry permit. >> the d.c. circuit circuit court 23 to one decision found the good reason law too restric tive. peter new sham ultimately determine thes if carry permits are finally issued . demonstrating a good reason to fear injury to themselves or their the property or any other proper reason add ing the fact that an applicant lives or works in a high crime area in and of itself is not a sufficient reason for the issuance of a concealed carry pistol license. mayor bowser today could be tested the circuit court's desaying in quote washington, d.c. is the safest it has been in years. it's similar to the other concealed to carry as o
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courts. it was the supreme court ruling against the district's 2008 d.c. versus hell er that helped lower crime rates. overnight that restriction disappeared and people were then legally able to go and defense themselves with rieflts and shotguns. if you look at murder rates or other types of violent crime rates they started falling right after that point. d.c. officials can now ask for the full appeals court to review the ruling and could ultimately mean the district take the fight all the way to the highest court in the land. this case in d.c., i think there's a good chance if d.c. decides to fight this that we'll eventually get to the supreme court and i think if it does there's a very good chance that d.c. will lose and it will change the rules for all the rest of the country, not just for d.c. >> and if the fight does continue up all the way to the u s supreme court it could be years before a final decision
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made. live tonight in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local news. >> new tonight, take a good look at this picture. d.c. police want you to call them if you recognize this man. they believe he was involved in an armed kidnapping five days ago. he approached the victim in a parking lot on 13th street northwest, starting a conversation and then pulled out a knife and forced the victim to drive t an atm and withdraw money. the man took off with the victim's cash and kept going >> there's justice tonight for a transgender woman murdered in gaithersburg. today her killer was convicted of first degree murder. investigators say he is a member of the hit squad gang based in montgomery county. fox5's lindsay watts is live at the courthouse with more on the verdict. lindsay, investigators did not try this as a hate crime . report. >>reporter: tony, they did look at that as a possibility but in the end didn't feel it was appropriate in this case. this was still a vicious crime, th
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group of men attacked the victim disel a say own a and one of the men who was convicted here today shot and killed her. investigators don't believe this was a random crime, they think that the shooter and victim had an intimate relationship. prior to the murder, surveillance video shows the group of gang members who lured disel a disi own a into a gaithersburg alley there were up to seven or members of the hit squad laying in wait. z own a can be seen dancing before she was shot multiple times by this man, someone they've known for years they went to grammar school together. they grew up with each other there was information that came up that they may have had an intimate relationship with one another. court documents say zenia had
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acted flamboyantly towards him in front of his friends and was very embarrassed. she knew she may be in trouble the day she died. she had told her mom there may be a fight. she followed her son into this alleyway to try and convince her son not to engage in any kind of fight and as he entered the top of the alleyway she witnessed the execution of her own son. >> 911, what is the address of the emergency? a. it was the mother who called 911. they just shot my son. heart breaking 911 call. the mother did testify in this case now, again this happened in 2015 , but the process took sometime because in january there was a mistrial when the jury dead locked. richo large audience blonde will be sentenc ed in october. he's look ing at life in prisonment live
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, fox5 local news. >> the start of football season is just weeks away and before your child hits the field you may want to hear the results of a new stud divment i was publish ed today in the journal of the american medical aerks some. it found nearly all of the former football players in the study had traces of cte. the brain disease linked to repeated head injuries. fox 35 talked to coach et cetera and parents what this may mean for them. >>reporter: i spoke to parents and coaches at the we hit football program. they just wrapped up their practice behind us on these fields. they said they were concerned about this study but they're encouraged by the approach to safety that this program and others like it take coaches get some stations set up , please. at we hit football camp in rockville, coach andy steve nelly instills proper hitting technique into his players from a
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example, with tackling and keeping their head out of the tackle as much as possible and to teach them that the helmet is really there to protect them, but not to be used as a weapon to hit. no matter how careful a game football becomes there's no denying a connection between re petted head injuries and the brain disease known as cte. a new study out tuesday shows some of the best evidence yet linking former footballers to the disease. the study published in the journal of the american medical association looked at 202 deceased former players. nearly all of them had traces of cte. some symptoms are emotional instability, depression and difficulty thinking. of 111nfl players brains that were tested, 110 tested positive for cte. that's a staggering 99 percent p of that stamp many. all those these are professional players, the worry is
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the youth players. what are the long-term effects of him getting hit. football mom has lots of questions. at the end of the day she trusts the risk reducing technique like we hit. >> i think with any sport you want to make sure your kids are learning it safely. >> i think we're making viedz. a lot of things we're doing now we're not going to see in terms of results and studies until years down the road. i see a difference in how the quids are playing the game than they did ten years ago. the nfl put out a statement that they will continue to work with experts to improve the health of all current and former athletes. a lot of implications from that study tonight. >> absolutely right. a citizens arrest made on a suspected drunk driver. we're going to tell you how a group of good samaritans stopped the descriefer before it was too
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a movie based in baltimore. our own kevin mccarthy gives us a sneak peak at the new film step. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late.
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>> welcome back, we're following a developing story in virginia. a driver is under arrest following a crash with a former fairfax county police chief. police say sa mere michigan raised tonight made a left turn in front of former police chief dave roar while driving on west objection road. failed to yield right-of-way on a left turn. >> d.c. police tonight are asking for the public's help finding a person who robbed a house in southeast. you can take a look at the surveillance video from the outside of the home. the person forced open the back door, stole electronics jewelry and other items from inside the home. police are now offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest. >> some good samaritans in texas took matters into their own hands when they saw a suspected
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they pull him over and made a citizens arrest. this cellphone video. it shows the driver swerving in and out of lanes and running red lights. witnesses say he even hit several cars a long the way. the people in the car behind him followed him while they called police. when the driver pulled into a parking lot, they cut him off, pulled him out of the car and held him until police arrived. >> all right. well, today was absolutely beautiful. a live look at the white house tonight you can see the flag is blowing there a little bit. fingers crossedded we can continue this nice weather into tomorrow. is that the question. caitlyn ross s has the answers. >> happy to say that yes, we'll have another very comfortable day tomorrow. today felt fantastic. i think maybe we can all agree on that. you get used to the heat and humidity but you don't realize how comfortable it is. weeks of it building. pleasant temperatures continue for at least one more day. just 79 at dulles, all the cloud cover this afternoon i think really helped the
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from going anywhere higher. eighty-one at bwi and the cool est day since july 6. it felt nice and still does. wow, is it koog down out fl. sixty-four already in manassas. sixty-one in within chess terks 66 in frederick. those three spots likely started the day in the upper 50s tomorrowment i know. that's shocking for this time of year. seventy-five in d.c., p p in baltimore. look at the your ban heat islands, they still exist. showers drifting across philadelphia, south jers south jersey, but we stayed rain free today. upper 50s along the mountains and our outer reaching suburbs, frederick, culpeper, 68 here in d.c. that's pretty refreshing. here's your plan ning forecast, starting off with some sunshine. there is a chance for a shower or two, very light in passing. still hitting a high temperature of 84-degrees . heat and humidity quickly return. i'll have the seven day forecast still
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>> thank you. tonight the d.c. region is still mourning the loss of nbc news anchor, jim vance. jim was so much more of a news anchor. early this evening the nats played tribute to vance. they showed a glimpse of vance throwing out a pitch a long with some highlights. after the try bought there was a moment of silence to honor the legendary anchor man. jim vance skyed saturday. he was 75. the new documentary step is premiering right here in the nation's capital tonight. itself eat true life story of a girl high school's step team in baltimore. kevin mccarthy has all the excitement from the meums. i'm here at the museum called step. our own maureen umeh is
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screening. i had a chance to catch up with the women who are involved in the team. they had to over come extreme atd verse ticketed event. i spoke to the women about this story and what it meant for them to be in washington, d.c. >> one is unstoppable and can do anything and the other is she feels lost and stuck. we're talking about what that line means and what that line is because i think it's a very powerful thing you said. i think it's something that people deal with on a daily basis and that's why my story is relatable . i fought against it, i kept going. i was resilient. i continued to per certify verizon and that's my message. screaming and yelling. we making music with our bodies. the freddie gray incident was very i am impactful in the story because she
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story before and during the events. talk about how that event you feel like shaped the story and how it affected you throughout this process of this film in the senior year. i was saying it definitely helped us to realize that we needed to focus in on something. that was than would of the turning points from us for stepping to entertain and stepping to educate, step it to use a platform to speak about the things that were important to us . freddie gray was killed in april of their junior year and it's this horrific tragedy. i'm from baltimore, born and raised and watched my hometown born on national television. watched the mother go into the riots. those are the mothers on the step team. we have to tell this story and we have to tell it now . what i love about it is how it's so mean. can you give me some tips on how to do
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nailed that, didn't i? not really, i'm sorry for everybody at home who had to witness those dance moves right now. my interviews with the the cast and the film which opened up on august 4 will be on tomorrow morning, so stay tunedded for that. i'm kevin mccarthy at the museum, fox5 kevin mccarthy local news. >> he should be in bed right now >> i want to see that movie. me , too. >> look closely at this tease, i promised my producer i would read it as written. still ahead , are you kitten me right me on you. >> how researchers are hoping to turn your dog's barks into words . mistakes millenials are making that could cost t
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tomorrow morning remembering princess diana, we'll have a sneak peak three-hour special airing later this month. if you plan to catch the solar eclipse next month, listen up, how you can get a glim ps without damaging your eyes. nats fans how you can get some free gifts just foray tending tomorrow's game. i'm not kitten. it's all starting tomorrow morning at four:25.
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>> we may be just ten years away from being able to talk to dogs and cats, a researcher believes a translator may be able to turn the whoofs and meows into words it is based off a professor at northern university, prepare i dogs mak
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describe colors and species of. he believes the dogs have a communication system that have all the aspects of language. he's raising money to develop a translation device. i'm not surprised by that. most people that have dogs they have a wide variety of barks. there's a difference between i need to go out and to i need water or just pet me and play with me. >> a new study shows millenials could be losing \million\mills of dollars by not in vefsing their hard-earned money. five years old who avoid the stock market may be missing out $3.3 million in retirement savings by the time they turn 65 . investing 65 percent of your income is the key. researchers say even if the market takes a turn for the worse keeping your money in the market can pay off by the time you retire. fox5 news at 10:30 is coming up next. jim and sarah. there
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speculation over the future t of attorney general jeff sessions. we'll have the president's lat est remarks on the attorney general and they're not a vote of confidence. ben and jerry is facing a boy cot on would be of its ingredients. what we'll tell you was found when the 10:30 30 starts right after this .
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this is fox5 # local news at 10:30. right now at 10:30, a successful challenge to d.c. concealed carry regulations. we'll break down what the appeals court decision means. then a fight for $15 minimum wage comes to montgomery county why some business owners call it a bad idea. ben and jerseys may pass a taste test, but a brand of ingredients has the brand facing back slash tonight. >> thanksor
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at 10:30 i'm jim jim lokay and i'm sarah simmons. a major legal move striking down d.c.'s concealed gun law. >> marina maracco live with the details. >>reporter: a two to one circuit court decision is basically asking d.c.'s lower court to throw out d.c.'s concealed carry law as it stands and today mayor bowser contest ing that ruling saying washington, d.c. is the saifest it has been in years. the district's good reason requirement is similar to the concealed carry and for now it remains in effect. however, this could all end up the at the us supreme court if district officials decide to challenge today's ruling. and we have an update now on some of the missing members of the about your run did i after frik a robot iks teen. two of the teens are safe in canada, but the whereabouts of the other four missing members remain a mystery. they came to the d.c. to parci
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competition a couple weeks ago. they disappeared after the con test ended. the brain disease of cte was found in the brains of more than 10010 nfl players. the study looked at more than 200 former deceased football players. it looked a at 111 nfl players and found 110 out of 111 had traces of cte. we talked to parents and coaches about that and the nfl put out a statement saying that it will work with researchers to make football safer for its a athletes. all right. let's take a look at weather now. seventy-five glees, this is like , you you know. >> it was surreal going outside and not getting hit by a blast furnace. it's so nice. what season are we in? this can't be late july in d.c. because what an amazing break from the heat and humidity. i almost got a
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feels that dramatic. we're going to have a very nice day. starting out very cool with temperatures in the low 630s. here's the setup for your wednesday, high pressure offshore that's going to guaranty with the flow around the base of the high pressure another comfortable day. we've got the easterly flow off the ocean that usually gives us some cloud cover, a shower or two but it's going to keep high temperatures only in the upper p zeros to the low 80s. maybe mid 80s here in the district itself maybe a sprinkle or two eastward across the bay. this doesn't look like anything widespread, maybe an afternoon passing shower otherwise we'll call for partly cloudy skies. annapolis and leonardtown along the water you're going to be a little bit cooler with the thes eerily flow . the humidity, the wall of humidity when you step outside will greet you on thursday. high of 90-degrees, it's more humid we're out ahead
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pressure system that will bring showers and storms rain heavy at times carrying over into the the first half of our weekend. saturday morning loose a little soggy. i think we dry out with the disee parting storm system late afternoon. so we'll salvage saturday evening. monday looks gorgeous, monday and tuesday nice and sunny and warm. >> a new threat from north korea tonight. the country said it will launch a nuclear strike against the us if they attempt to remove kim young unite. the administration was looking to disarm the north correspond re and regime. they tested the ballistic missile that it claims has the potential to reach alaska. they believe it is at least three years before they're able to launch a weapon to the u s. >> healthcare reform to move forward. the vote ended in
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tie but vice-president mike pence had the deciding vote. he came in, broke the tie and that gave the gop the go ahead. democrats and republicans still unsure of what may happen next. we don't know what their billion is. they don't know what their billion is. i truly believe that when we're dealing with an issue that effects \million\mill s of americans and one sixth of our economy that we need to do so in a very careful way. by the way, they continue to take procedural votes tonight , nothing major pass add. some of the colleagues want to see committee hearings n and a much more dlibbive process to take place in order to reform the healthcare system. jeff sessions remains on the hot seat tonight. president trump once again calling him out public limit he lashed out at sessions on twitter this morning and then again at a white house news conference this afternoon. sessions, you may recall was one of the president's ear
10:35 pm
supporters during the 2016 campaign, but tonight sessions remains stuck in the disog house . i told you before i'm very disappointed with the attorney general, but we'll see what happened. president trump is also lamenting that sessions did not tell him in advance that he would not recuse himself from the russia investigation. de spite the president's criticisms he has no plans to re side. >> meantime the house has overwhelmingly passed to impose new sanctions on russia. it's designed to punish for meddling in the 2016 election. the billion makes it hard for president trump to ease any punitive measures against moscow . secretary of recs filler son have voiced their concerns about imposing additional sanctions saying it may harm us and presidential relations. jared kushner back on the hil
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members of the intelligence committee. this is the second day of private meetings looking into the russian meddling into the election. yesterday quush inner answered questions from the intelligence panel. he had meetings during and after president trump's victory but maintains he did not could he included with russia to allude the outcome. betsy devos and first daughter ivanka trump teamed up to summer reading. devos and trump read from the illustrated book rose reviewer engineer, a tail of a young girl and her dream to become a great inventor. they also had a chance to explore the spark museum. from six to 12 children can become inventors for the day . you do not want to go on the summer slide and side slide back in your
10:37 pm
you want to continue reading all summer long. it can take you many places. >> this is the second summer reading hosted bisect devos. the event is a continuation of the department's initiative to focus more on getting girls more interested in science, technology and math. >> a than engineering. >> council introduced legislation to boost minimum by 2020. businesses with fewer than 25 people pleas wouldn't have to is raised tonight the rate until 2022. minimum wage now 11.50 an hour, but some business owners we talked with say they're the not fans thinking raising the minimum rate would have a domino effect when the person comes to the door and i'm paying them $15 an hour and the person training say s really. if you're paying him 15, i'd like to
10:38 pm
then the more talented decisions such as cooks they're looking at the minimum wage and they want to make 25 and then high temperature manager says, making $1,200 a week, these guys are making ate and nine, i'd like an increase, also. >> council tried to race the rate back in january, but county executive mike leg it vetoed the legislation. they hope to entertain the billion in the fall. >> there is surveillance video, but it's not always being re lease, why is california's bay area transit system holding back ? shoppers are certainly hitting the stores with some swag earth. consumer confidence soring to a high in july. investigators feeling preet pretty good about this, all the major indexes finishing up on tuesday with the nasdaq and s and p closing at
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objection to the form \miss\{mis^}\missism about company highs. michael course agreeing to purchase shoe maker jimmy choo. the price tag $1.2 billion. this is the firs time since jimmy choo was chang ed hands since it was found ed. taco bell is teaming up with the car company allowing lyft passengers to provide runs 245 include taco bell. between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., but before you get too excited for now this is only a test program in newport beerchtion california. america. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. uto.
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>> developing out west now, california's bay area rapid transit system known as bart is under fire for failing to re lease video of several incidents volunteering teenagers es beating and robbing riders. >> we saw something similar. we saw surveillance video here. & they're not seeing it out west. police say they don't always re lease video of incidents. there may have been a much different reason for not showing the video. fox's william long necessary explains.& >>reporter: a 911 call in oakland.
10:44 pm
car, beat and robbed a number of individuals. >> cameras captured the incident . when something happens on board a car, police can pull it. we now video of you. the individuals that they saw on video were repeat offenders. they knew who these people were. bart refused to re lease the mob attack. these last two incidents, the police department makes a determination that there is not a public interest in sending all that information out. but that's not the whole story. >> i had uncovered a memo that had indicated that they may want to withhold releasing video for fear of creating racial ster typing. >> that internal memo says re leasing the tape would un kairkt in media reports and a high level of racially insensitive commentary. i think it is important for the riding public to see some of the ways
10:45 pm
assault people on the train. >> compared to last year's assault robbery and rape are up 41 percent on bart. theft 14 percent. i don't feel safe. >> some of the characters could be a little bit shady, for young people like myself it is concerning. i would encourage bart to go ahead and release the surveillance videos. the decision is expected in august. there's a difference between reading about a crime and seeing it, which is why stat believes bart is wooried about a public backlash over public safety. in los angeles, wayne lodge necessary, fox news. >> i hope you're relaxing right now. maybe you have a pint of ben and jerries in h your hand. do you know what is in that cart ornlgt what researchers found in a test of that ice cream. eam.
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>> if you struggle with arthritis a new medicine on the market could give your wallet some relieve as well. an un expected new player in pharmaceuticals is driving down the cost of a rheumatoid arthritis drug. sam song, that's right. the company who makes the electronics they're now making a cheaper version of remicade. their druggies called remember flexion cyst and it will be about 35 percent cheaper than from the competitor who makes it, johnson & johnson. >> do you keep your vitamins out of reach like you do your meds. researchers say you do especially if you have kids. poisoning have been skyrocketing , one call every 24 minutes because young kirdz getting their hands on the pills . there's a lot of the chew i ones like the gum is. they should have child resist event ingredient. a weed killer has been found in bep a
10:50 pm
's ice cream. it is typically used to kill weeds and crops. ben and jerry's tested by the consumer association. the ice cream company is facing a boy cot. while we're on the subject of food here check out the latest food instagram, hamburger straws they're taking off in japan. simply stop their mcdonald's drink with a hamburger after sticking the drink's straw through the burger . if you think this trend looks familiar it's because it's inspired by people who put donuts on top of their drinks. >> i haven't heard of any of that. >> i haven't, either and i'm afraid you'd get whatever was stuck. at fed ex field they're going to have drinks which have a plate o
10:51 pm
story. >> yes. that looked genius. that's different. it looks like the fries surrounded it or something. >> no? you're not done with that? i guess it's convenient, call it all in one hand or whatever. it makes sense. >> shall we do some weather? accuweather forecast as we take a live look outside this evening . taking a view of the white house right now, clear skk in the 630s and 70s as they tend to be at this time but without the humidity it feels really nice out there. here's a live look at the capital dome. those aren't stars behind you but it's not. i don't know if that's dust or what, but we do have fairly clear skies' we get into tonight. beginning with the comfortable temperatures overnight into tomorrow. we're going to start off mainly in the the of 30s perhaps in some more reurl areas i
10:52 pm
that is so cool for late july. the humidity, though, does return very quickly by thursday, late thunderstorms expected. in fact, we are outlooked for severe weather late thursday into early friday. friday could feature several rounds of showers and thunderstorm. more on that in a bit. seventy-three in baltimore. look at that little yellow shading that is an urban heat island. we're in the 730s there as well as along the water. gaithersburg 66, 66 in frederick. it is only of one in h within chess terks 65 in marn it was only in the 630s across boss torntion new york and binghamton earlier this afternoon and look at this right now, 58 already in upstate, new york. of one in boston, 64 in columbus. tomorrow morning we're going to have some really cool readings in upstate new york. we still have a couple of showers off north jersey, across philadelphia. it's been cloud ier and cooler the farther you go. just a few cloud
10:53 pm
shows the chance of a couple of showers in the morning. along 935 and east of 95. prince george's county up through baltimore and up through the eastern shore, these are very light showers, but showers nonetheless that could blossom over the area. a passing area, partly cloudy skies. it's not going to be a gloomy day, but trump administration is a chance we could see a little bit of rain. nothing too much, though as we fast forward into thursday , this is where things change around. a cold front comes soring through. with increased humidity we're back into the muggy weather pattern that plaigs us so often in the summer. showers and thunderstorms thursday night into early friday is the timeline with severe weather possible and with so much severe weather we've had, the slight risk has been put o
10:54 pm
whole washington area. all the way up into new jersey, pennsylvania, damaging winds associated with these storms even isolated tornadoes are possible with any severe storms much that's what we've got on tap and we'll he be focusing on for tomorrow. for tonight again the forecast looks great, it's a cool night, 68-degrees in the city. the overnight lowe's dipping into the 50s north and west. tomorrow, party sunny. we'll have some late night evening sunshine. seven day forecast, 90 on thursday, 85 on friday. the heat will be temper ed by clouds, showers and the occasional thunderstorm. it looks like the storm system is going to incorporate therer into the weekend unfortunately. saturday is going to start off a little bloom i. morning rain and clouds. only 79 for the high temperature. we're back to the comfortable weather pattern for the weekend. eighty-three and sunny on saturday. nice and sunny and w
10:55 pm
next week, looking good. >> that's the seven day forecast >> next time you head out to a movie that movie could be watching you back. disney sign lists have developed a facial recognition zest tell. the company is using that immediate feedback to shape their movies and theme parks and the system has been tested out 1350 for movies like jungle book and star wars, the force awakens. airline security is getting tighter these days, but the airline security administration admits someone goofed when check ing passengers in and it on of an airport in san diego. they reportedly banned passengers from checking comic books in their bags. the city just hosted the come quon event the whole thing was a fake, the tsa says there is no comic book imn and it's not sure where the confusion came from. someone starting to start trouble. tsa is not always all on the same pa
10:56 pm
your ipads out and then you go to another -- you don't have to take your shoes off. it's different every where. coming up next at fox5 at 11. >> shawn and tony are here. >> i want to know what they did with all those comic books. >> they sold them. it's not fair. >> coming up tonight at 11, a survivor is now sharing what it was like in the back of that sweltering tractor-trailer where ten immigrants were found dead and dozens of others tonight are in the hospital. it's the new travel trend, guys going on vacation with each other. tonight we look at the top destinations for these man educations. educations. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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. right now at 11, a major ruling on concealed gun carry laws in the district. tonight we're taking a closer look at what this means for you; plus a man convicted for the murder of a transgeneral diser woman in maryland. tonight, we're hearing the 911 call from the victim's mother and before your child hits the field for football season you'll want to hear the results of a new study on the effects of brain injuries . the news at 11 starts right now. blocked in court, a major blow to some gun owners in the district. thanks for joining us at 11 i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. a federal appeals court says the current law which only allows people to apply for a concealed carry permit if they have a. q. reason violates second amendment rights. marina maracco is live with more on what this means for the city. marina. >>reporter: tony and shawn this is really going to be an important decision for the district regardless of how things shake up. now, this two to would be appellate c


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