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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a live report from loudoun county where police issued this alert just hours ago. >> big changes and new challenges as the white house tries to hit the reset button. can general john kelly bring order to the west wing. >> live look outside on this monday the 31st. it's the last day of july believe it or not. it's delightful. 66 degrees. weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. first we say good morning, i'm holly morris in for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. great to be here as always on this monday morning. welcome to fox5 news morning. right off the top we start with a traffic alert in the district. there you can see it flooding closed both directions of 16th street northwest where it runs under scott circle. high water has overtaken the lanes there. crews have been on the scene for about three hours as they work to drain the tunnel but for now you'll have to stay above the 16th street area there and follow the circle around. not going to be able to go through the tunnel. >> new this morning, deputies in loudoun county need your help to find a missing woman and two
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>> family members say three of them disappeared last week. they haven't been seen since. melanie alnwick this morning live at the loudoun county sheriff's office with the latest on what's now a frantic search. mel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. yeah, so loudoun county has been putting out these pictures and the information on social media also reaching out to the news media as well so we can get this out to the public. so we don't know what's been going on over the last few days. they were last seen on friday but not reported missing until sunday. let's show you the pictures. you'll see 27-year-old courtney ashe. she's the woman right there. in the middle is jalen sills-russell. he's nine years old and cameron martin, five years old. now, jalen is courtney's cousin and they were together at a home in leesburg loudoun county sheriff's office say on friday night. they left that home together to go another place in ashburn, another as they called a family residence in ashburn to pick
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son, cameron. they -- the three of them then left that place in ashburn, they were supposed to go back to the home in leesburg but somewhere in between those two places, that is when courtney and these two children disappeared. again, no information in terms of what time it was that they disappeared. we're still trying to get more details from the loudoun county sheriff's office even just a little bit of better location in terms of ashburn or leesburg. we know they're very large areas and we would like to give you a little bit more details so people can try to pinpoint where they're looking here, but again, anything is important. we want to also give you the information as far as the vehicle they were riding in. loudoun county sheriff's office says it is believed to be a 2002 blue taurus, ford taurus with virginia tags vuv9844. they also tell us
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courtney is originally from suffolk, virginia so we believe she was up here visiting but we still don't have exact details as to how long she had been up here, was she staying here temporarily. so still trying to get all of this information together for you but anyone who has seen these three traveling together, who has seen the car and that license plate is asked to please call the loudoun county sheriff's department. live in leesburg, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> mel thanks very much. here in the district police investigating what was a string of violence since saturday nine people were shot in multiple shootings across the city. one of them happened yesterday in northeast on coral street. that victim 18 years old and died at the scene. police believe the shooting friend a party the night before. there is a cash reward of up to $2,500 for anybody with information leading to an arrest in any of these shootings. >> one of texas' most wanted men is locked up in a virginia jail this morning. police in arlington arrested 20-year-old douglas herrera hernandez on sunday -- saturday rathe
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immigrant and a member of a violent gang ms ms-13. his arrest comes one day after the president spoke about stomping out ms-13 on long island. >> let's turn to politics. speaking of the president it is the first day on the job for new white house chief of staff kelly taking over for reince preibus. the hope is kelly can bring order to a chaotic administration and he's got to do it while a number of hot spots flare up around the world. >> if we can have protocol, pecking order, order, discipline and a chief of staff that empowers the staff to succeed we have great faith that that will be done. >> it's a very important position. the president, the chief of staff to the president of the united states. and it has to be recognized that he is the chief of staff. >> another challenge for the new chief of staff north korea nukes over the weekend. the u.s. military tested its antiballistic missile system following north korea's second test of a
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analysts conclude most of the u.s. is in range. russian president vladimir putin striking back against new u.s. sanctions ordering u.s. diplomatic missions to cut hundreds of staff members. >> president trump is refusing to give up on healthcare and in a tweet sunday he said don't give up republican senators. the world is watching. repeal and replace. it's still unc unclear if both sides will come together to work on a solution. >> john mccain fights an aggressive form of brain cancer. his office says he should be able to return to washington at the end of the august recess. >> ♪ >> hey, tuck, good morning. >> good morning. gorgeous sunday, yeah. >> amazing. as horrible as like friday and the first half of saturday was, saturday night and sunday were perfect.
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>> perfect. feels like september. still does this morning. >> no clouds today. warmer than yesterday. we'll be back in the upper 80's but still comfortable out here this morning. hard to believe it's the end of july. 58 dulles, 60 bwi marshall. you know what, my job is going to be nice and easy for the next couple of days 'cause we're not going to have much to talk about. nice quiet weather. high pressure is controlling us and it will deliver another picture perfect day. will be a little warmer than yesterday. we made it to 83 yesterday. more like 87, 88 today. other than that that storm free and more quiet weather to look forward to. with low humidity. dare i say you can open the windos again later this afternoon and tonight. >> oh, wow. >> caitlin says no. [laughter] >> 88 is 88. >> well, that was 88. >> it's like you're pushing it. >> yeah. >> hi, caitlin. good morning. >> good morning to you all. it was a perfect sunday. it was nice to have the windows opened a bit. the bad weather is long gone but flooding remains 16th street northwest remains closed in
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below scott circle. you got to go around the circle 'cause you can't go under the tunnel. emergency crews underneath still trying to drain what is left of the standing water. so, amazing couple days later the rain is long gone but we still have this issue. that's between about p and m street. stay away from that area or go around the circle avoid 16th street northwest. back to our maps. that is closed in both directions by the way. route one southbound richmond highway southbound right lane blocked. this had been closed at jimmy rollins run road but looks like one lane is squeezing by. numerous lanes getting by. it's the right lane that's closed. not seeing many delays going against the commute on the southbound side but it does look like we've got heavy northbound traffic 95 through woodbridge. so dale city to the beltway you've got off and on traffic but looks to be the worse by woodbridge. 66 eastbound volume approaching centreville that's just congestion, normal commute picking up. 270 southbound looks good coming out of frederick county through montgo
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then to the spur you're free and clear. as for the maryland commute outer loop is fine. 95 not seeing any issues. even baltimore-washington parkway let's get out of the way there not seeing delays in either direction so that's nice for our maryland commuters. over all the only problems we've had so far have been some closures really within the district. caitlin roth fox5 on twitter if you have any questions. here's one of those. 295 southbound route 50 to pennsylvania avenue no crashes very heavy as you access the district and 395 northbound edsall road to the pentagon actually looks fine as you're traveling through the arlington area. let's get back down to northbound 95. heavy fredericksburg to aquia harbor. that's in stafford county. finally 700 block of 17th street northwest, this is also closed. we began with the 16th street closure but it's the 17th street side where we're closed due a vehicle crash so we'll keep you posted on that let you know when it reopens this morning. that is a look at traffic. steve and holly. >> all right, caitlin thanks much. coming up next a jailbreak overnight in alabama. righ
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still on the run. >> the nightmare continues on two islands in the outer banks and for businesses, they've lost more than just their lights. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ >> developing overnight a manhunt in alabama after authorities say 12 inmates escaped from a jail in walker county. 10 inmates have
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recaptured, two still on the loose. the escape happened yesterday. it's unclear how those inmates got out. they had been in prison on charges ranging from attempted murder to disorderly conduct. >> developing overseas a car bomb and a gun attack in kabul afghanistan which appears to be targeting the iraqi embassy. this began about two hours ago a the car bomb exploded outsie the embassy followed by gunmen trying to storm the building. no word on how many people may have been injured. witnesses say they continue though to hear gunshots in the area. >> the president of venezuela celebrated as polls closed after months of violent antigovernment protests. more than 8 million people voted to grant his ruling socialist party virtually unlimited powers. that turnout more than double the estimates widely mocked and appeared to escalate anger from the opposition who say they believe between two and 3 million people voted. nikki haley giving the united states first official response to the election over the weekend. the u.s. ambassador to the un called it a sham and another step toward dictatorship. she said "we will not accept
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>> this morning in australia heightened security at airports after police uncovered an alleged terror plot to bring down an airplane. several people were arrested in raids across sydney. police say they found bomb making materials in their homes a and believe the plot may have been to bring the device on board in carry on luggage. officials are declining to report isis may be linked to the plot. the group planned to appear the occupants of the plane with poison gas and smuggle a homemade bomb on board disguised as a kitchen mincer. there have been four attacks in australia and the police have disrupted 12 terrorist plots. >> scare in the air for tourists in germany taking a gondola ride. 32 cable cars were in service when one car collided way support pillar and that stopped everything. fire crews had to use a crane to bring down as many as 100 passengers. nobody was
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>> no. police are calling the deaths of two babies both left in hot cars in phoenix tragic accidents. in one of the cases a seven-year-old was left in his grandparent's car for hours. then in another part of phoenix this weekend a man came out of church to find his one-year-old not breathing. it's believed the child had been left in the car in triple digit temperatures for at least two hours. here in washington meanwhile there is a bill pending in the senate aimed at prevent these kinds of tragedy. it would require car makers to build sensors for back seats. an alarm would notify a driver some someone is still in the car after the vehicle is turned off. today the national highway traffic safety administration will tweet every 15 minutes for 24 hours. you can join in the conversation with tweets and retweets of your own. so far this year there's been 25 deaths due to kids being left in hot cars. 6:12 right now. still ahead fighting the west nile virus in maryland.
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we head to break on this monday morning. what a beautiful day it is. look at the sun reflecting behind the building. should be fantastic. off to a cooler start. 66 in the city. much cooler in the burbs. weather and traffic coming up next at 6:15. >> ♪
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>> 6:15 an traffic alert. flooding closed both directions of 16th street northwest. you know where it runs under scott circle there. high water has overtaken the lanes so no one is able to go through. you'll have to stay up top and go around. >> looks like they're working on that. hopefully until get that fixed. the outer banks might take longer like say two weeks to get the power back on on ocracoke and hatteras islands. tens of thousands of tourists evacuated since friday after a construction crew accidentally cut a transmission line. as you can imagine the businesses down there the hotels restaurants
6:16 am
are losing huge profits because this is right in the height of tourist season. can't get that money back. >> i feel bad for all those people that had their vacations planned. hey, tuck. >> hey, good morning. let's get to it. gorgeous sunday we had. i want to roll us back to friday night when we had that heavy rain over 3-inches at reagan national on friday and that has given us some pretty impressive rain totals for the month of july. remember how dry it was in june? we made up for it in july. now over 9-inches of rain for the month of july and we're winding up today dry but this is our wettest july since all the way back in 1969 when we had 9.44-inches. all right, 67 comfortable degrees here in washington. look at all your 50's this morning. what a great start to the day. 59, good morning fredericksburg. 49 leonardtown, 60 baltimore. you get north and west and you can see temperatures hanging out into the 50's. 57 winchester. temperatures are just extraordinary here for this time of year along with dewpoint temperatures which have fallen back into the 50's.
6:17 am
the low 50's which made for just such a great day. 62 the current dewpoint in washington. 57 gaithersburg, 55 leonardtown. keep these around 60 and the the we'll do that again today. so lots of sunshine. low humidity. storm free afternoon. it will be a little warmer than yesterday. our daytime highs will be in the mid to upper 80's. yesterday we hit 83 but otherwise, just steady forecast here with another couple nice days to look forward to including today so it should be a beautiful monday for you as high pressure keeps things nice and dry this afternoon. there you go. i mention that high pressure and that will keep things nice and dry around here and with low humidity with the winds out of the north we'll be back in the 80's for the next couple of days. looks like we'll get our thunderstorm back in the forecast by wednesday. and then a little more humidity around here by wednesday, thursday and friday with a scattered storm each day but nothing we can't handle after last week. and right now next weekend looks cool again with sunshine with temperatures only in the mid 80's. is it possible it's g
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>> tomorrow in fact. >> right. >> yeah, it's happening. calendar is flipping. >> i don't recognize it on the weather calendar. >> i don't either. this weekend even saturday felt really nice outside. very comfortable start this morning. a lot of sun out there but windows opened. it feels really great and if you're sitting in traffic, it's not that great but at least you got some nice weather. inner loop crash right lane blocked at the baltimore-washington parkway so seeing delays there. also top side of the beltway outer loop delays. route one southbound here northern virginia southbound right lane is blocked at gunston road. this is due to an earlier crash. it's just one lane that's blocked. not really seeing any traffic building behind it because of the fact that while you're going against the commute so it's not so bad. northbound 95 dale city to the beltway, you're really heavy through the woodbridge area but then you break free of it. looks like we're clear lorton up to the beltway. so that's good just some early volume before you break free. 66 eastbound manassas to the beltway just building congestion at this hour and 270 southbound father hurley to the boulevard -- to the beltway excuse me yolo
6:19 am
let's go to our cameras. i think we were trying to get a couple camera shots. behind me 270 southbound near falls road. on the map there was a lot of green. everyone is moving pretty free and clear. next camera as we take a look at what i believe is 395 northbound at duke street. you're starting to see some brake lights that were behind me. that's as you're approaching duke street. getting a little heavy. otherwise it's just volume. that's a look at traffic. more coming up at 6:25. steve and holly. >> how many hours a week do you spend on your cell phone at work? >> ♪ doing things other than work. you might be surprised by a new study and even more surprised how much it's actually costing businesses. >> all right. first though another bizarre world record to tell you about. this one the largest number of people seated at a dinner table suspended high in the sky. as you might guess from the colors this is in brazil, sal tt is 65 feet off the ground a grilling station to feed the group
6:20 am
rappeled down from that bridge to eat brazilian barbecue. the group still waiting on official word from the guinness book of world records. i say you just give it to them. >> they got it. >> ♪
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(gasp) look mom! charlie took a bite. (with full mouth) unbelievable. feed his imagination, with the fresh roasted peanut taste he loves. where there's jif, there's love. >> coming soon uber and lyft both looking to hail credit card deals. let's first get a check of the markets. joining us from the fox business network studio is lauren simonetti. good to see you. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: hey, holly. happy monday. >> happy monday indeed and happy end of the month. i guess we'll end on a up note yet again, right. >> reporter: yeah. the dow is going to open at a record high today after 33-point gain back on friday. the dow and the broader market center city the s & p 500 which your 401k tracks they're likely going to be up four no's a row with july -- i can't believe july is over o-with july the best month since february. earnings are a big reason why. >> we're expecting apple to come out this week and tesla their
6:23 am
wednesday, apple is tomorrow. a spell going to steal the show. that's just earnings. the jobs report for july that comes down friday morning. >> maybe third time is going to be a charm for staples and office depot and their merger i guess you would call it that. that. all right, this is a story coming from the new york post. they're reporting that office depot is looking to buy 1500 staples stores. staples recently agreed to be taken private. three times the charm maybe. the first two times that they tried to merge both staples and office depot, the feds came in and said no way, these are major antitrust concerns here but i ask you this. a lot of people are buying their office supplies on amazon, on wal-mart on their web sites not in the store. so, would it really matter this time around if staples and office depot actually became one. >> i think you're right. i can't remember the last time i actually went to either a staples or an officers depot box store. i just tell alexa to get it for me. right. okay
6:24 am
school shopping lists are coming in soon, right. did you get them yet. >> oh, i know, it's crazy. i don't know. i don't know where time goes these days. so, let's talking, okay, i know -- at least i have that credit card there i covet that gets me the airline miles because i want to use them. it looks like uber and lyft might be doing the same. >> reporter: the "wall street journal" is reporting that this fall uber and barclays is teaming up for a visa card where you can earn uber points whatever you want to call it every time you ride with the hide railing company and lyft is looking to do the same thing. so, as the ride hailing companies have disrupted the taxi market, we might see them team up with the credit card companies where the hotels and airlines have. it's good for the presumer and good for the brand. think loyalty. >> that doesn't surprise me at all. this next story also does not surprise me. i know we all need our ■phones in order to get "work done" but are we really working on our phones when we're
6:25 am
>> reporter: yes, five hours a week at a cost of $15.5 billion a week, according to the researchers at office team. i think those numbers are low. i think we spend more than an hour a day which would be five hours a week going on social media on our phones, going shopping on our phones and going to those banned sites that you can't get on your office computer using your phone to get on them. i think we're doing that more than an hour a day. >> yeah, i think you're right. i think the numbers are low definitely more than an hour a day. i know there are people that are probably doing it more than an hour a day, lauren, not you and i. >> reporter: no, no, you've been in the situation where you have an app on your phone so getting that information is easier or faster to get on your phone than to do so on your work computer because of the way you have things set up or the internet connection or whatever the reason. >> yeah, exactly. >> reporter: times we're on our phones doing work because it's easier that way. >> right. when i'm at work and i'm on my phone lauren i'm always doing work, right. >> reporter: always. i know you never bought that new dress
6:26 am
way. they just magically appeared. >> exactly. lauren, thank you so much. good to see you. happy monday, friend. >> reporter: see ya'. >> you, too. >> you have an alexa at home. >> i don't really actually. [laughter] >> but we actually do have like the echo dot but i've never set it up. >> and that is the whole -- i don't like. >> it's like getting spied on. >> yes, exactly. i'm leery. >> i all right got a woman at home spying on me. i don't need two. >> we're not touching that. i know, we're not touching that especially since that woman is actually here this morning. >> 67 in washington. winds are calm. we're going to be in the 80's today but it's going to be another glorious day. it will be storm free and the it will be another day of low humidity so a lot to look forward to. gorgeous day yesterday. quick look. quiet satellite and radar. high pressure and hard to believe it's the end of july and the beginning of august the next couple days because it's not going to feel like it. it's going to feel fantastic. 88 today, 89 tomorrow. more humidity building by tomorrow and particularly by wednesday, thursday but again no,
6:27 am
seven days 90 degrees. >> it's a good week. i like the way it's shaping up. good morning, caitlin. how are you. >> good morning. great to see you all. i know, if you chose this as your vacation week that was smart. beautiful weather. morning drive times. 95 northern virginia dale city to the beltway slow 25 minutes there. we've got some congestion. beltway to the 14th street bridge on 395 as you go through arlington 10 minutes not so bad and even 66 in the green here. prince william parkway to the beltway 28 minutes. 95, 395 to gallows road will take you eight minutes on that stretch. not so bad. okay, let me get out of the way real quick. you can see we're fine on 270 the outer loop and 95 in maryland all free and clear. no delays. we'll be right back after this. stay with fox5. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪ >> live look in the district. 1700 block of 17th street northwest. an accident there causing some issues as you can see. caitlin is going to update us in just a couple minutes as to what's going on here and how you can get around it if need be. welcome back to fox5 news morning though on this monday. and first at 6:30 sheriff's deputies in loudoun county need your help finding a missing woman and two children. 2-year-old courtney ashe was last seen friday night in suffolk. she was traveling with her five-year-old son, cameron, and her nine-year-old cousin, jalen. the three wil were expected to arrive at a family member's home in
6:31 am
never showed up. they may be in a blue ford taurus with virginia tags vuv9844. developing in the district police investigating a violent string of shootings that happened within a 24 hour time frame. nine people were shot, two of them died in multiple shootings across the city over the weekend. now one of the victims killed was 18 years old. he was gunned down yesterday afternoon on coral street northeast. there's a cash reward up to $2,500 for any information leading to an arrest. search is on for a teen who stabbed a volunteer at a rec center in chevy chase when that man tried to break up a fight, that's when it happened. police say a group rented out the community center for a party to celebrate a middle school graduation. a teen who wasn't invited showed up and started fighting with others. a 60-year-old volunteer tried to break up the fight and that's when he was stabbed. good news here the ma and
6:32 am
and in gaithersburg the search continues for a man police say raped a woman outside of a bar early saturday morning. now, this is a sketch of the suspect. police say the victim met with the man at quincy's bar and grille on prince orchard road. the two left together and that's when the woman says he sexually assaulted her outside. at 10:00 this morning, in camp springs, prince george's county states attorney angela alsobrooks is that scheduled to officially launch her campaign to run for county executive. she's served as states attorney since 2010. she's the first woman to serve in that roll in prince george's county. and maryland is working to combat the west nile virus. the state's department of agriculture will be spraying in the new carrollton area this evening to help control adult mosquitos. this comes after the health depth announced the presence
6:33 am
it is part of an effort to reduce mosquito populations across the state. and also today a military vehicle will be lifted to its new home in the future national museum of the united states army in fairfax county. over the course of the morning, the m3 bradley calvary fighting vehicle will be installed in fort belvoir. it's the first of three installations in the coming weeks. they are so large they have to be installed first and then the museum will actually be built around them. >> 6:33 right now. it's time for the morning line. get your check on sports. good news for the nationals hitting the road to miami. they split with the rockies. colorado won 10 to six. ryan zimmerman he's now your all time franchise leader in home runs.
6:34 am
run blast career home run number 238 and that made him washington's all time home run leader passing former senators great frank howard. zim one rbi away from the most in the franchise. zim hit two homers in that first game with a commanding lead in the all time home run apartment. rockies had a one-zip lead before the guy who gave zim the second game off adam lynn playing first p base. one out later brian goodwin with another home run. he's playing great. on the mound speaking of great, edwin jackson got hit hard last time out but last night allowed only four hits over seven innings struck out six. jackson signed in june. he's gone seven innings. dusty happy with that: speaking of
6:35 am
texas rangers adrienne beltre doing something free have done before. right there, that is hit number 3,000 for adrian bel beltre. only the 31st player in major league history to get 3,000 hits and he does it with a double. fifth major league player born outside the u.s. to do it and the first dominican born player to get 3,000 hits in the major leagues. congratulations to him. women's soccer right now wow, you can call it a comeback. team u.s.a. taking on brazil in the tournament of nations down three-one in the 80's minute. didn't have much time left on the clock like 10 minutes down two goals and then they scored three in nine minutes. capped off in the 89th minute to julie ertz who came off the bench with a game winner. megan with the goal there. three goals in nine minutes that's how you get a comeback. right there
6:36 am
well done. and they win. >> go u.s.a. >> nicely done. >> like it, like it, like it. >> all right. hi. >> hi. good to see you. >> yeah, thanks, do the weather. >> you can do whatever you want. it's your time. you can talk about soccer or weather. >> both staring at me. happy to see the guy from the phillies join the nationals what's his name kendrick. >> played yesterday. >> i think he's going to be a welcome addition. >> thank you. >> anything else you want to talk about as far as the -- >> this is your time tucker. >> the rookie pitcher yesterday seemed a little nervous when he started but he played pretty well when he settled down. >> uh-huh. >> anything else you would like to talk about. >> no, that's really it basically. >> you can talk about anything because there's no weather. >> there's very little. >> we're in the 50's and low 60's right now. we'll be in the mid to upper 80's later today. lots of sunshine, low humidity and a storm free monday. i'll have the seven-day and the morning meme in just a minute. >> yay! >> got on track and just went with it. saving it for the 89th minute caitlin. >> yeah, well, it's going to be
6:37 am
which means we've got a week of other things to talk about. >> tangents. >> tangents galore. let me get out of the way. this crash looks to involve the police cruiser. this is on seventh street which forced a closure at r street. as long as that crash is out there this is going to remain closed. zooming out you can get a better scope of that closure. there's one vehicle that was part of the crash really banged up being towed away. so, this might take some time to get all of the vehicles out of the way. that is a nasty looking crash right there. so, if you dom commute in and around the district again this is seventh street northwest downtown by r street kind of just north of the convention center the verizon center that area. very busy area so try to avoid d we'll keep you updated let you know when it does reopen but for now it looks like they've got at least one more probably possibly more vehicles to carry away. all right, let's get back to our maps show you some other
6:38 am
busy monday morning. we have a closure on 16th street northwest in both directions due to standing high water from the flooding rains last week so it is closed in both directions at scott circle. this is 16th street northwest. again, the southbound lanes starting to reopen so we'll let you know how that's progressing. route one in northern virginia southbound right lane blocked at gunston road. not seeing any delays though you're going against the commute so you should be okay. northbound 95 dale city to the beltway very heavy through woodbridge. not so bad through lorton. 66 eastbound manassas to the beltway you've got some heavy traffic from about manassas to centreville but then it looks like you're okay traveling through fairfax all the way to falls church not so bad. and finally 270 southbound is free and clear. this is a good road to be on this morning. father hurley boulevard all the way to the beltway no traffic. all right, that's a look at traffic and we'll be back with much more. fox5 news morning returning after this. >> ♪ at ikea, we believe your perfect student
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. >> back with what's trending on the web. you have a fear of heights? if so you do not want to cross this bridge. if you do, you might still not want to cross the bridge. i mean if you corner you know what i mean. it's the world's largest suspension bridge now opened. the location is very picturesque. glacial flow in the mountains of switzerland. it is about 300 feet off the ground. then after just 10 weeks o
6:42 am
construction it was unveiled yesterday. not only is it high it's also narrow. it is about 2 feet wide. good luck. no wind at all i promise. next up no more texting while crossing the street in honolulu. became the first u.s. major city to target distracted walkers known as the distracted walking law. you can get a fine up to $99. it takes effect on october 25th. and finally everything old is new again. mtv's total request live officially returning for the new generation. the popular music video count down for the 90 and two you will return in october. it will airedalely. 5vjs host the show. it was formerly hosted by carson daily. show became a hot spot for tv musicians. until we hear ryan seacrest is the new host. >> it's new.
6:43 am
>> things worked out for carson. >> worked out pretty well. >> hitting the road for this morning's fox beat. kevin is in los angeles. you know, interviewing celebrities that's just how he rolls. we'll check in with him live coming up next. don't go anywhere. >> ♪ for years, men have enjoyed their man caves without guilt. now, it's mama's turn. welcome to my she shed. i've got my favorite outfit on. my literature. my armando!
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i'm just gonna have one if that's okay. of course it's okay. this is my world. fiber one 90 calorie brownies. allll mine.
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>> ♪ >> monkey man. that's the name of this song. >> i know. 6:45 is our time right now. very pleasant 66 degrees. looks like
6:46 am
another gorgeous day out there and we'll take it, right, tuck. >> it's going to be perfect. little warmer than yesterday but close to perfect. let me give a quick shout-out. >> go ahead. >> zip trip congress heights on friday. want to thank everybody who came out. >> it was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. i'll say. >> it was great. >>party resonated through the tv. everybody watching felt like they were part of the party. >> good. >> great effort on everybody's part. including everybody that works here putting it together. >> excellent. >> okay. i've done my piece. sunshine, yes, yesterday worked out gorgeous. it was in the low 80's with low humidity. today more of the same. a few degrees warmer than yesterday with daytime highs mid to upper 80's but really that's the worst of an otherwise close to perfect forecast for the last day of july. 67 this morning in washington. if you flip the prompter hugs after the show, big hugs. unless it's brad and then i'm not doing the hugs. 58 in gaithersburg. 59 in frederick. 59 in leonardtown. everybody is very, very
6:47 am
it's just incredible that we're getting places like leonardtown and fredericksburg in the 50's this morning. very comfortable air. there's a look at satellite and radar. nice and quiet. we're featuring sunshine, high pressure out to the west and again, with winds out of the north here we'll keep the humidity at bay here for a few more days. it will start to creep back later tomorrow and certainly by wednesday and thursday, you'll start to feel like summer or what we typically think of as summer around here but not today. all right. that is td, tropical depression number six just to the west of tampa. became a tropical depression about an hour ago. heavy rain for central florida up to four perhaps 6-inches of rain. of course we've kind of dealt with that around here on friday so we're used to that but there you can see it. not terribly well organized but they've put up tropical storm watches for western part of florida. high pressure and we're looking dry, we are looking nice. we are looking beautiful. upper 80's later today. plenty of sunshine and just a real nice afternoon. it will be a little warmer than yesterday but otherwise nice conditions
6:48 am
next chance for a storm later in the day on wednesday, scattered storms thursday and friday, nothing we can't handle as we got our next zip trip on friday and next weekend looks cool. and sunny and bright by sunday. caitlin is in this morning and she's got our roads all week. >> yeah, all week long erin como enjoying some much deserved vacation. hii want to get to the scene on seventh street in the district. closure at r street northwest. right behind me here this crash site this is a police cruiser. there's a full look at the cruiser about to be towed away. we don't know if the officer was responding to the scene of a crash or if it was involved in the original crash but the driver the police officer was transported to a local hospital. minor injuries so he or she thankfully okay but that cruiser got banged up pretty good there both in the rear and in the front, too. we saw another vehicle being towed away when i was on 10 minutes ago. not sure
6:49 am
involved. just that seventh street as you see with the caution tape is closed at r street northwest in that section of the district. so, they're cleaning up pretty quickly. hopefully we'll get that reopened soon as the morning commute continues. that is a look at the scene on seventh street. sixteenth street northwest the good news is the southbound lanes have reopened. the northbound lanes remain closed due to that standing water underneath the scott circle so that tunnel area you still got a lot of water collecting there. crews have been out all morning. they're draining it. luckily seeing improvement. southbound you can get through. northbound not yet. inbound suitland parkway very heavy coming into the dist district.
6:50 am
95 is heavy as you're coming from northern virginia down by woodbridge looks like it gets pretty goodbye lorton. that's your traffic, guys. hello. >> hi. it's time for the morning meme. let's do it. >> ♪ >> this is where you can't leave for work until you've had your meme fix. >> bring it on. what you got today tuck. >> bring it on, steve. >> all right, casey says -- >> awww. >> and you know it's true when you bring out the best of each other. >> when you start to look like your pet. >> have you seen the guy on the internet who looks like his pet? never mind. >> we're going to need a picture. >> all right. you ain't leaving the kitchen until the dishes are done. >> so i'll just sleep here. >> come on. >> a family showdown. >> it must be. >> right. >> i mean, takes a lot of effort to sleep in the kitchen. >> i think there's bigger issues there. there. [laughter] >> at some point you just do the dishes. i've s
6:51 am
times. when you pause the music but keep the headphones on. >> tricky. >> i can hear you. >> right. >> and we're going to wrap it up. thank you terri. [laughter] >> yeah, it's back. sorry about that. >> hey, at this point if you're awake you made it halfway through your monday. >> hardest part is over, waking isn't that now we look forward to friday. >> #morning memes send them in. >> another star-studded good day d.c. today. >> check out this guest list. actress shannon purser as barb from stranger things goes one-on-one with kevin mccarthy. >> interviews with nick cannon and teen wolf heart throb tyler posey taking us through the final season of the hit mtv show all on good day today. right now it is time for the fox beat and today we hit the road and head west to los angeles.
6:52 am
kevin mccarthy is. he's had a very busy weekend full of celeb interviews. hey, kev, happy monday. >> good morning steve and holly. happy monday to you guys, too. as you mentioned shannon, we'll have her on later on in the show today but barb from stranger things became a huge breakout character. i flew into l.a. yesterday for two new films. one called the hit man's bodyguard and i don't know if you guys -- there was a really funny poster where they parodied the original bodyguard film with kevin costner and whitney houston. this stars samuel l. jackson and ryan reynolds. they're playing on that idea and reynolds' character is a bodyguard essentially and he's -- he's the hit man's bodyguard, the hit man he's protecting is samuel l. jackson's character. they were in a movie called turbo so they have a relationship already and i sat down with them yesterday afternoon here in l.a. and we'll have the interview coming up. yeah, we all know that ryan reynolds
6:53 am
"deadpool" two right now so he literally flew in to do these interviews from vancouver and flew back out. he was a little bit tired going back and forth from that. that was the first set of interviews i did yesterday. there's a movie coming out in august called the glass castle and now this book was apparently a massive memoir. i didn't know much about this, my mother-in-law what a big fan of this book but this is a movie starring brie larson as well as woody harrelson based on a woman's life her name is jeanette walls and she was growing up in a very dysfunctional type family where her mother was an artist and her father was an alcoholic and they just moved around from house to house to house. she wasn't in traditional schools its a very interesting story and i sat down with the actual author yesterday as well as the entire cast woody harrelson and brie larson. that book apparently was a big
6:54 am
book. i don't know if either of you had read it but i had never heard of it before. i'm interested to see if anybody had read the book yet. >> i have not read the book. have you read thing. >> no but it's a great cast. we'll see how it translates to the big screen. >> caitlin read it. she said two thumbs up. >> everyone is saying it's a phenomenal book many people who haven't heard of this story i mean it's an incredibly crazy story because it puts you in the position of wondering whether these were good or bad parents. caitlin mentions it. it's a powerful story. so i'm interested in talking about it with you guys. >> what was wie got to move on. what's up with the box office this weekend. >> yeah, and this is kind of a big surprise. i think a lot of people expected "the emoji movie" to come in at number one and it didn't and it got beat out by "dunkirk." you and i were discussing how it's a hard s sale for a blockbuster to be
6:55 am
it was pré america getting into world war ii but it's killing it at the box office. it beat "the emoji movie." i'm not saying emoji movie is supposed to be a big hit. you expect a lot of kids top want to see it. "dunkirk" was in its second weekend. emoji was in its first so it's kind of a big win for christopher nolan to have another number one movie in its second weekend in a row. >> i'm not necessarily surprised because at least "dunkirk" is a story. i think some people might be questioning whether a whole movie just about emojis could really fly you know what i'm saying. >> i agree and steve had a great point the other day about how it would have made a better short like 20 minute movie you know what i mean. like why -- but again, hollywood has ideas and they want to make it -- it still did decent so, you know. >> okay. what do you got coming up kev? we'll have to let it go and get to tucker in a
6:56 am
>> shannon purse is coming up the she got nominated for an emmy even though her role was very small on that show. she became a viral hit. i'm going to speak to her about her emmy reaction and the idea of her being at comicon. not a lot of people know who she is. she's a young actress. she used to work in a movie theater and now she's become this big star. >> your lives are parallel. you used to work in a move retheater and now you're a big star. thanks kevin. >> thanks guys bye-bye. >> hey, guys, all right, we'll quickly transition to weather. actually beautiful yesterday. 83 degrees. cool overnight and we're off to a nice relaxing refreshing morning. 68 this morning in washington. real quick look at the satellite picture. it's featuring quiet conditions. whoa. that was real quick. okay. all right, there it is. yay! sunshine bright and beautiful today. upper 80's this afternoon. we'll do it again tomorrow, maybe a storm by wednesday but today will be a little warmer than yesterday but nice afternoon. caitlin is back with traff.
6:57 am
sixteenth street northwest in the district was closed if both directions earlier this morning but the southbound lanes have reopened at scott circle. they're draining the standing water left over from the flooding. the northbound lanes do remain closed so we'll let you know when they reopen as we go through the rest of the morning hopefully before the morning commute is over. 6:57. fox5 news morning will be right back after this. >> ♪
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock, a crash in the strict involving that police cruiser. this is in northwest and crews still are on the scene this hour. >> also ahead in northern virginia a search under way to locate a missing woman her son and a cousin. a live report from loudoun county where police issued this alert. >> big changes and new challenges as the white house tries to hit the reset button. can general kelly bring order to the west wing. >> good morning, i'm maureen umeh in for allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. >> here's a live look outside. things looking really beautiful. temperatures just 66 degrees perfect day on tap. >> birds love it too as we just saw flying across the screen. let's make a quick fly by with caitlin and tucker. >> after the heavy rain friday we had a beautiful sunday and more nice weather to look forward to today. i'll have details coming up. caitlin. >> tucker, good morning. yes, that crash we just mentioned involving the police cruiser forced a closure on seventh street in the


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