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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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daycare worker accused of sexually assaulting children. could there be more victims? >> and dramatic new video after i gas station shooting that left one man dead and injured three others. >> for the first time we're hearing from two police officers who rescued an elderly couple. >> and our first look the a pilot's split second decision that saved 161 lives. your news starts now. >>. >> we're getting new cellphone video of a barricade situation in prince george county tonight. that standoff is over. >> it began with firing several gun shots off a new carrollton apartment complex and police and swat teams swarmed the area. live on the scene with more details. anjali. >> guys the
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situation is over and riverdale road which was shut down several hours has been reopened and traffic moving well now and three people were nine custody after reports of someone shooting off of a balcony. i want to you take another listen to this cellphone video we just got in from a viewer of what the gunfire sounded like earlier this evening. >> [ bang ] police say it was around 7:30 when they got several 911 calls of someone shooting at others in the fountain club apartment complex in new carrollton. police say they arrived and found themselves in the line of fire. take a lessen. >> new carrollton officers were first to riff and this happened 7:30 when they arrived on scene as approaching the building and they heard two gun shots themselves. and then they heard a third gun shot and what they believed ricocheted on the street right next to them. at that point they took cover. our officers with the prince george county police department had arrived on the scene
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>> now police eventually went into that apartment building around 10:00 this evening and they say they found no one inside and they did find a g gun. fly people were seen leaving that building and were taken into custody and right now they're currently being questioned about what hap happened. that's the late nest new carrollton. the anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> all right we're turning to weather now as we take a live look outside. we've seen a few thunderstorms pass through areas tonight. gwynn has a fist look at what is happening now. hey, gwynn. >> hi there, dealing with severe thunderstorm warnings and if you take a look at maps we'll show exactly the neighbors currently impacted and severe thunderstorm warning right now for carol county. storms are moving through here fairly quickly. and we are also talking possibility here of -- possibility here of 60 miles an hour winds gust. so do take heed because we already had reports in some of the other
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line of storms where we have trees blown down across roadways. so these storms are moving fairly rapidly east at about 40 miles an hour right now. and located from a line extending littlest town to near westminster and some of the neighborhoods in the path of this storm clover hill, walkersville, johnsville, uniontown. just be aware of this. we're watching very closely and we continue to see these warnings pop up and moving through to the east. a lot of cloud to ground lightning in these was well and heavy downpours. we're also dealing with a coastal flood add ricery high tide. we're talking about levels being at least anywhere from a half foot to at least a foot above normal. this also includes the annapolis area near the naval base. so chesapeake area too. just be careful here because we don't want to you get into any daink rear. these storms fire up ahead and along a frontal system moving through. that will move through ton
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we'll see them become fairly widely scattered. there's the line reaching all the way back to the back as you can see over parts of northwest. but clouds with it as well and some of those clouds linked to the early morning hours of tomorrow before we start to clear out. it's a frontal system and we have a risk of severe weather from the storm prediction center. so tonight, 70 is overnight low and winds will pick up with the storm system once we get to tomorrow. however, and a bit on the gusty sides from the north, northwest and it's going to be much cooler as well. and we'll get rid of the humidity and heat but as we get into tomorrow for the weekend, sunshine ahead for your saturday and sunday. tony. >> all right. gwynn, thank you very much. this fairfax country daycare owner is behind bars tonight. and aus kood of inappr inappropriately up iting 11 and 9-year-old children. police are worried there may be more victims. "fox5" evan lamb sbert live in fairfax with the details. evan. >> tony we're learning according to state records tonight that claudio
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ran this daycare here at his home for more than a month after these allegations surfaceded that he inappropriately touched two children. we also know that he has a license to care for up to 12 children out of fairfax country home. here's the mug shot fairfax country police released of 43-year-old claudio vargas. according to investigators he touched two children inappropriately. he is in jail tonight held without bond. we tried knocking on the door to ask anyone living here about the allegations. no one answered. this all started june 20 when an 11-year-old child reported vargas touched the child inappropriately. police identified another victim a 9-year-old after more than a month long investigation. they awristed vargas on wednesday achb and just told us about his arrest this evening. neighbors say vargas and wife have run this daycare out of their home near chantilly for four years. vargas's wife has not been charged with a crime. neighbor winter weather advisory spoke with said they
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the allegations. >> it's hard enough when you are working parent and you want to trust someone with your child to watch your ch child. because you cannot stay home with them. so just like this allegation to be for him or for anyone is just so like discomforting. >> i'm shocked i presidential can't believe that. it's guess dusting a grown man doing that, that's gross. sickening. >> and like i seen him around. he just didn't slook like a person and especially here it's a quiteet neighborhood. i can't imagine that happening here. >> and parent say they wish they had been notified towards beginning of this investigation. and it's not clear why vargas was allowed to operate the daycare for a month during this investigation. the state of virginia department of social services has not appsed that question for us tonight. and fairfax county police asking any parents that believe their children could be atitional victims to
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>> hey, evan has this owner been in any trouble before that we know of or had any complaints against him? >> well, there were several compliance violations on several of his semi-annual inspections that the state does. but they were all relatively minor paperwork related things. nothing to do with crimes that he is now accused of tonight. tony. >> evan lambert reporting thank you sir. >> meanwhile today former cloverly elementary school teacher john vigna was sentenced to 48 years in prison for sex abuse of multiple little girls. it was emotional day in montgomery county courtroom. both victims and his sup supporters were in court and they all had the chance to speak after the hearing. >> he is not a groomer nor predator. he has been wrongfully convicted. we will continue to fight until he is vindicated and justice is served. >> that's a very sad case because i'm sure there that every person who has a child in montgomery count
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school wants that child to be safe. wants every child to be wonderful. i'm sure mr. vigna was kind and nice to many students but he also acted improperly with at least four that he thousand stands convicted of after having been represented very, very well at trial, tried fairly and members of your community selected at random sat and judgment after five days and convicted him of these counts. >> vixt gna taught third, fourth and fifth grade over the course of 20 years and was convicted in june. >> and to follow up on a deadly shoot into northeast d.c.. police released new video of persons of interest and vehicles of interest. it happened at a sgaetion 18 street last night. he later died at the hospital. three other men were shot and their injuries considered life-threatening. call mees if you recognize the men for car. >> met row transit police are looking for a man ka us kood of sexual
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skirt pictures. police believe a number of victims were unaware they were targeted. child riding escalate to exit the columbia heights metro station she felt someone's hand up her skirt. shhappened wednesday night 7:0 and investigators said the incidents was caution on surveillancees video and video showed other instances of up skirting. >> in my time of just com commuting to work focusing on that, that is something else i have to core worry about. whether or not as i'm wear ago dress today to think oh, my goodness, some man may be able to look up my dress and it makes me feel really uncomfortable. >> plain clothed officers are patrolling the area and if you think you may have been a victim call police. >> and for the first time now we're hearing from two d.c. police officers who rescued an erld lawyerly couple fay fire in northeast. fire broke out at the couple's home early thursday morning brew can an street.
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home to help. >> and it was fast. a lot of things were going through the mind. trying to put all our straining together. >> we're no hero we do this ever day and it's part of our job. >> both officers were treated for smoke halllation. >> up next, the big internet company that will soon call the district home. also tonight a close call nearly turned tragic at this airport. now a new look at how it all played out. >> and a sinkhole swallowed this house a few weeks ago. we told about you it today the hole got bigger. we have a birds eye view ever the damage done. >> and coming up tonight on the final five the trump administration is promised big money for infrastructure. while a filmmaker who has seen the need for bridge repairs firsthand tells us what needs to be done right away. catch the final five tonight at 11:30.
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a convicted fell on. several fraud charms today. former drug company ceo duped multiple investors into putting millions of hedge funds and then raided own company assets to pay them back. no sentencing date just yet. scareli faces up to 25 years in prison. >> montgomery county teenage area caused and cleared of sex assault charges rockville high school pleaded guilty to possessing lude photo of minor on cellphone. 17-year-old jose monday tan owe and 18-year-old were accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom and prosecutors determined there was no evident evidence to surprise is port the allegation. >> and yelp hokeed in the heart of downtown in penn quarter next to the verify done center. construction is set do begin this summer. yelp plans on hiring
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employees and vows half of those positions will go to d.c. residents. yelp employs 32,000 people worldwide and there's more than 130 million reviews on its web site. >> well we showed this to you last night. this massive fire in one of the world's tallest sky scrapers and luckily it's out. flames broke out 1 a.m. local time at the 87 story torched tower in dubai and forced people to evacuate and sent khuchkz of debris plummeting to the street. 38 apartments were destroyed and 64 floors of the facade of building were burnt and a few people were treated for smoke inhalation and but amazingly no one was killed. and no word yet on eye cause. don't know why they call tractor-trailer torched tower. this is second time in two years the same building caught fire. and now we have more amazing video tonight this was released from chicago o'hare airport. take a look here. smoke and fire start billowing from
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as it was cruising down the run way last october. the pilot made a split second decision to abort the takeoff. and this video released today shows firefighters arriving at the plane within minutes 20 people were injured and put all 161 people on board made it off the plane get this in less than 3 minutes. and investigators say if the pilot had the tried to take off, the plane likely would have crashed. >> and finally, remember this incredible video from a few weeks ago. sinkhole. it opened up in a suburb of tampa. that's two homes going down until the hole. here's a birds eye view of the damage. a giant section collapsed overnight. and the hole is now more than 300 feet wide. it is 60 feet deep. and besides the two house as i car, some boats and septic tanks have also fallen into the hole. people in three other nearby homes have also been displaced because of the risk.
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>> a number of northern virginia khunties got slammed by last nition's thunde thunderstorms. hail, heavy rain and damaging winds noktd down trees as well adds power lines leaving thousands in the stark. and half of the home near lake bancovt and falls church was disturbed by a falling tree. it fell into the homeowner's bedroom. thousands lost power at one point and only a few hundred customers remain in the dark tonight. but some thunderstorms coming in our way again tonight each though it was a pretty calm day for the most part but we're seeing storms developing in our area. >> we have a frontal system that moves through the central portion of country that actually caused a lot of damage through many areas there and it's now going to move across the mid atlantic. we're tracking severe thunderstorms warnings pop up just about all evening long. it's been a pretty budsy night in the weather center. and you may look outside and think, ah, nothing is happening but
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neighbors are seeing plenty happening, as we take a look at maps we'll show what you is going on now. baltimore now under the gun with severe thunderstorm warning as it carol country and this has been extended for carol county. it was to spire 11:15 now expires midnight. so some of the neighborhoods in the line of fire midd middleburg, union up to, westminster, walnut grove mills and hem m said it. these areas see heavy rainfall. a lot of cloud to ground lightning as well and winds having potential to gust up to about 60 miles an hour. there's already been reports from these storms that are history of bringing down trees and some power lines as well in their path. so just do take care if are you anywhere in these areas. and we're also talking about a coastal flood add voosry in effect for areas shaded here and it does include annapolis where the naval base is there and along the chesapeake. so just be aware of this. we're talking high tide levels coming anywhere
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to even a foot boch normal. so definitely another situation that can cause some danger for you. so here's a look at satellite and ray dwar. you see the storms firing up here. they're been strong as they head up to mason dixon and that's been the path of them moving off to the northeast all night long. and as i said to marina they started well in central portion of the country. and frontal system will move its way across the area in the overnight hours. and so, things have kind of started to calm down somewhat along the line because they were a lot stronger to the south. so you we can see more activity here towards the north. and so as this frontal system months through we'll see activity. we're still under a rick of severe weather from the storm prediction center and good news at least on the backside of this system is we'll get a cool down. hot, sticky, humid air where we've been and hit 90 for a daytime high. winds shift move in from the north, northwest and i want to tell you you will feel a difference. finally
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out. and a lot cooler as those temperatures start to slide below the seasonal average. and future cast showing you we are to deal with this tonight up to about 3, 4:00 in the morning before it finally gets out of here and might see a little lingering over he delmarva in early morning hours. temperatures now upper 70s. low 80s. not bad for beaches and we see light rain get out earl ler ly saturday morning. you'll have a nice day saturday and sunday if that's where you're headed. wrapping it up for you then 70 for tonight. still looking at a chance of storms fiveing up more and then for tomorrow plenty of sunshine. 83. but as he said it will be little on the windy side. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. things will fire up again monday with showers and storms and for the week these temperatures will be below the seasonal average. we should really be in the upper 80s. not bad at all. have a great weekend the weather will be fantastic. back after the break. stay with us.
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>> this year wizards john wall provided one ever the greatest moments in history. reaction in the building pure joy. today wall officially announced paying him average of 40 million a year and hopefully provide much aligned sports fans and many more before moments in come. >> this is my second home this is like family to me. everything i do in the city and ever since day one every time a walk around and see everybody show me support and love that's the most important thing i give back to the people. they look at me not as john wall the super star basketball player and but a good person. and this say femor i wanted to westbound the rest of
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career f we can get that done and i'll not stop them until i get a jersey here. let's keep it going. thank you. >> john wall at 55 years old still trying to get a batcher sorry. nats and chicago david murphy putting on a show. first inning now done and two run shot and two-nothing nationals and not done and chicago's sixth inning and up and away. second homer of the day. and depending champs and in 40-2. >> and back to many orioles lead 2-0. they couldn't hold the lead. i know i'm sorry. giving up grand slam here. second of his career and/or joels
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2016 steph curry has tried his hand in the golf season good enough to qualify tour like pga minor leagues shooting 74 ellie may classic and his competitors philly golfer van derbelt if he breaks 80 in the second round i'll eat my golf bag. well, i hate to tell you this, but it just went final in the round. he shot another 74. i don't know if you like sweets or ready whip with golf bag. or italian dressing with golf bag. >> where id you find that? >> you'll have to eat the whole bag. >> eat that bag. >> i can't wait steph curry that's amazing. >> he's really good. >> talk about athletic ability. >> what is he bad at. >> nothing.
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>> the final five is coming up next with jim lobe a. >> have a good night, buy
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>> not your typical family vacation. trump packed up on air force one and off to a 7 day get away and track ca being down on leaks and learning more about how the fbi had russia on election day and climate deals takes a step forward and west virginia gone nor make the greatest political party official. but first it's vacation time at the white house. >> good choice. president left today for extended working vacation at golf club in


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