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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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any more threats to the united state. they will be met with fire and fury like the worlds has never seen. he has been very threatening beyond a normal statement. as i said, they'll be met with fire, fury and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> these remarks common the un decision to impose new and very stringent sanctions against north korea. so significant are these sanctions, that un ambassador nicky haley, described them as a gut punch, against the country, now, north korea, they responded saying that they would be willing to take physical action in response to the sanctions, the news broke that they've created a
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nuclear, miniaturized nuclear war head, that can fit inside a missile. now, i spoke with john guest i, the white house correspondent for news max, about the intense words that the president chose to use in light of these escalating developments. take a listen. >> reporter: intense words they are. hopefully they'll deter the north koreans from the mission that they've spoken of. but one other thing has to be remembered. if north korea, just had three generations of liars, as rulers, if they are telling the truth for once, and they do indeed have nuclear, it is imperitive, the united states takes them out. but in that case, one has to ask: what will happen next? >> what will happen next? certainly, a looming question, in the back of many people's minds, in light of this recent development. now, i posted the president's remarks on facebook and twitter, many of have you already weighed in with your
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reaction, make sure you share what you think about these escalating tensions, use the hashtag 5@6:30, we will be back with those re cents cents coming up. reporting live at the white house, ronica cleary, fox5 local news. >> a desperate search out at this hour for missing man in fairfax count. >> i police say miguel last seen walking near a wooded area in the valley section of the county last thursday. after days of investigating, detective now believe his disappearance is gang related. fox5 paul wagner live in fairfax county with more tonight. paul? >> reporter: high there, guys, just off buck man road in the section of fairfax county, the area where miguel was last seen. in fact, it was just in that wooded area beyond this pond where i'm standing at right now that police were searching, not too long ago, now, let me tell you, police are not saying why they believe it is gang related, they're not saying why they believe he's endangered, how much, about an hour ago
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with his mother inside her apartment, not far from here, and she told me that he was last seen thursday evening casting a fishing line into this pond, and then someone saw several men attack him. let's show you a picture of miguel and some video of the search going on right now here in this area. fairfax county police say that they've been searching since thursday, when he was first reported missing, but that the endangered part of the missing report didn't come into play until sunday night when they got some new information, presumably the information about him possibly being attacked while he was fishing here at the pond. but police are saying he was last seen in the wooded area at the end of pole road. we did see a number of police officers here earlier today, as well as homicide detectives, trying to learn exactly what might have happened to miguel. his mother clearly is very worried. she declined to go on camera.
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have a phone, they've been calling that phone repeatedly, and he's not answering it. let's listen now to police spokesman, don guardod with a little more information, here's what he had to say a couple every minutes ago. >> after all of the information was gathered, and analyzed, and that's when he was elevated to endangered. from that point, again, additional information in speaking to friends, family members, it, we do believe that this is a gang related incident. we don't have any information right now that miguel himself is a gang member. so, i want to make that clear, but we do believe that it is gang related. >> can you say why? >> i really can't. >> reporter: so at this point, we can tell you that the gang activity here in fairfax county is a major concern. the police told the fairfax county boards of supervisors recently that in recruitment is going up, than they're saying recruitment on line, on facebook, and on
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media site. and that the typical normal gang activities that they would see here in the county have changed which makes it a little bit difficult for them to follow all of these gang members. of course, we've had some gang related homicides here in fairfax county as well as montgomery county and down in prince william county. gang activity still a major, police thinking this disappearance is gang related as well. live in fairfax, bag -- paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> there has been a lot of talk about this. college park trying to become the seventh maryland community to allow non-us citizens to vote in elections. >> supposed to take a vote on proposal tonight, not without it controversy. >> today we learned council members receiving threatening calls and emails, fox5 live right now, looks like, kristin, these threats are getting pretty serious? >> reporter: jim, sarah, that's right, it is a very contentious issue for this community. like you guys mentioned. whether or n t
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citizens, the right to vote, in local elections. now, because, again, it has gotten so much negative attention and feedback, some council members tell us they don't feel safe. now, we spoke to the mayor today, and he told us that already he's received a number of angry calls from people, according to him, who don't even live in the community. and not only that, he says, one every his colleagues, another city council member, has also received a, quote, very serious threat. now, he didn't tell us who it was, or what that specific threat was, but because of this, both him, city downs ill, and the police say, they're not taking any chances here. >> our homelands security division is conducting the investigation. due to the threats, that we will have increase presence of our officers, present at the meeting tonight. anyone has a threat against them, anyone who feels violated, we want them to feel safe. this is why we're taking these
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>> now, supporters of this proposal tell us that because non-us citizens here in the community, they pay into the local economy, that they should have the right to vote in this case. those who aren't in favor say because they're not us citizens, they shouldn't have the right to vote. bottom line. now, like you guys mentioned, there are already six other maryland communities who allow non-us citizens to vote locally in they're elections, college park would make it the seventh, now tonight, that meet something going on at 7:30. we will be here. we will let you know what's comes out of t live in college park this evening, kristin leone, fox5 local news. >> new tonight, a registered sex offender is under arrest for allegedly trying to get inside a school in northern virginia. police say this man, 53 year old jesse himes, tried to enter err the goddard school in woodbridge yesterday. when he couldn't open the lock interior doors, he period through the window until he was approached by staff members.
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then staff members called police who later determined he was a registered sex offender. he is currently being held without bond. and is scheduled to appear in court next month. >> coming up: it has been a long time coming for two men wrongly accused of rape. >> i cried. i miss my baby so much. >> two men in jail for two decades, now being exonerated for their crimes, new evidence that has surfaced that now is clearing their names. then, a man and women caught on camera breaking into a home, the duo is now dubbed the cat burglar couple. what they left behind at the crime scene that helped police crack this case. >> plus, cars overturned and building torn apart. new video of the damage left behind after a tornado hits the eastern shore. hey, sue? >> the assessment was done on that. we'll have the very latest information on what was discovered down in saulsbury, but they're confirming ef1 tornado. so nice to have a much more pleasant day. skies are clearing out, if you are headed to t
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for that, we'll let you know what to expect tomorrow. fox5 local news at 5:00 will be right back. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> update, two murders committed at the end of july, police arrest arrests in both cases, first deadly stabbing on 22nd street south see
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the day after that a teen was shot and killed on quarrel stree. the suspects involved in those cases are now in custody. the police chief, says overall crime in d.c., though, still down this summer. >> and we've had a very good summer, when you compare the last 30 days to the same 30 days last year, where we were at the lowest number of reported violent crimes we had in the city in about ten years. >> chief believes no indication to suggest the two murders there are related, overall, the number of violent crimes down 26% in d.c. this year. a burglary caught on crystal clear home security cameras has led to arrest. the couple, ernest jeffries, and ashley low, pled get toy crime on valentine day. take a look. low first seen peering into the front window to see if anyone is home. then, from behind the house, jefferies throws a 10-pound stone through a glass door to get inside. he's later seen leaving the home with a red bag.
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behind, that helped police track him down. >> top it off, he leaves his fingerprint on the fridge of the home. we then connect him to the crime with the video comparing his fingerprints to those left on the scene, and it is a match. and that's why they pled guilty today. >> jeffries pled guilty to first degree burglary, low pled guilty to conspiracy to commit first degree burglary. >> so the cat burglar cup whole stay in nearby hotel room. these are some of the items found that helped police make that arrest. right there. >> jim? >> take a look at this rescue, dc fire and ems crews had to rescue construction worker by a steel bar, happened 100 block of k street northeast, workers had to put work near rescue bass he will, lifted him out with a crane, he was taken to the hospital, with what's being described as serious traumatic injuries. >> will, it is now confirmed, the national weather service says yesterday's storm damage in saulsbury was, in fact,
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caused by small tornado, f1 storm packed winds around 100 miles an hour, the storm could have packed through saulsbury university, even knocking down trees, power lines, damaging number of homes and businesses. fortunately, no one was hurt during this. but, this is the second tornado to hit the eastern shore in the past two weeks, another twister hit stevensville back on july 24th. >> give you a sense really even though we had just heavy rains around here, what some people had to deal with, what they're still dealing with at this point. today look what we're dealing with here. >> i love it, 78 degrees, sunny skies, and little bit humid out there. i'm not going to complain, sue. >> humidity dropping as we go into the evening, too, sarah. so we're in very good shape. wanted to go back to the saulsbury tornado. you're right, it has been a little bit after busy tornado season for us here. so far, these are the tornados of note. now, to be sure, most of them have been on the weaker side, april 6 we had ream intense outbreak with 7ef0's reported two in d.c., five in virginia, on may 5th, we had
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dall gwen, then here is the stevens ville one just talking about, that's the strongest tornado we've had in maryland since 2004. and now yesterday, at 1:40, we had to touchdown in saulsbury, rated ef1 most intense close to the university. >> chasing the clouds away, and the clearing is definitely now fully underway. >> off the coast of north carolina, temperatures behind it, very nice, 79 degrees the high, we've had so far today i believe. we will check the climate data, for the last three hours, it's been 79 degrees here. seventy-eight in gaithersburg, frederick 81, martinsburg, 81, and winchester, 77, and as we talked about, the humidity not terrible. when you get dew point, near 60, it is not terrible. it is maybe a slightly bit noticeable, but, nothing too
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and i think that air will get drier as the evening goes on. so, if you are headed out to the game tonight taking on the marlins clock zero five, you'll find the skies really nice, comfortable, evening for baseball. forecasting temperature of 77 degrees. nice light breezes, as well, so, enjoy yourself at the game. what is an ahead for tomorrow? looks like picture perfect day, nice sunny day, and temperatures are going to be mostly in the low to mid 80s. so get ready to enjoy a gorgeous wednesday, we will let you know how the rest of the week is shaping up and when our next chance every thunderstorms is in the seven day forecast in just a little bit. jim, sarah? >> see you then, sue, thank you. controversy on capitol hill. statue of liberty painting hang nag congressman's office is sparking outrage. you'll want to hear who want the artwork taken down next. >> plus, google employee pushed for diversity out after job. controversial member thee went viral when we come back. you're watching fox5 news at 5:00. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> center of artwork controversy again. >> activists and conservatives demanding california congressman, lou, remove student painting from his offers that depict the statue of liberty as muslim. take a look at the painting, display part of congress' annual student art competition among local student artists, the group, we the people rising claims that painting violate separation of church and state. but the congressman said he vetted the art with the offers of legislative council, no legal issues with displaying it, has no plans to remove t the activist group says if the painting isn't removed soon they plan to hold a protest outside his office on september 11. >> and the new artwork controversy comes after lazy clay hung painting depicting police officers as pigs in the capitol earlier this year. that art was
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removed. >> a google employee has been fired over a ten page internal memo blasting the company's diversity policies. >> engineer argued men may be more biologically suited for coating jobs than women are. here's fox a lea gabrielle. >> started with internal memo that's gone viral. now one employee is fired, google defending it self against charges of sexism, after male engineer released the memo titled google's ideological echo chamber suggesting there aren't more women in tech jobs, because of what he called biological differences. in other words, men are naturally better programers, than women. some female engineers, who have work or interviewed at google say that attitude is come on, among the company's executives. >> not only did they tell me that didn't know it was technical enough for software, they suggested it go into a marketing role. >> google's ceo is pushing back against allegations of a sexist corporate culture, writing in the letter to
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group of our colleagues have traits, that make them less biologically suited to that work, is offensive, and not okay. but the company is in the midst after lawsuit with the labor department, alleging google has massive gender gap in pay. makes up almost 07% of the overall staff, and 80 press of tech employees. it is raising bigger concerns about a glass ceiling for women in the tech industry with many advocating for more inclusive culture in silicon val. >> i my biggest concern is that continuing in this industry, sell myself short in fact i know i can hold my own. >> google senior leadership plans to address the issue further at an employee town hall meeting, and that is scheduled for thursday. in new york, lea gabriel, fox news. google senior leadership team plans to address the issue further at employee town hall meeting thursday. good news for those every you
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>> georgetown, northwestern university, announce they'll no longer require the lsat. say they'll now except the gre for student applying for admission in 2018. >> george town law deemed admissions said the school is hoping student will see wider applicant pool because of the move, drawing student, with undergraduate degrees in stem, public health and foreign languages, but eliminating will not make it easier to get into georgetown. the dean said the school will continue to uphold the same standards. >> at love people out there, oh, yeah. >> i am in a. >> no, you're not. >> coming up: local hospital ordered to suspends all baby deliveries and prenatal care. >> why dc health department suspended their license. we have live report that's coming up. >> a women with a bowtie tatoo, you can't see it there, there it is, on her neck right there, arrested for allegedly trying to cut a man's throat. detail of the crime and the charges she is facing next. >> plus, a rally in support for nfl quarterback colin kaepernick at the nfl headquarters, who is behind it and what's the mission? back after
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. test test test test test in is fox5 local news at five. five:30 right frow, headlines, a woom with a beau high tattoo was arrested for eye ledgely trying to cut a man's throat. this happened yesterday. the 23 year old woman now face essay temperatured murder. the man she. the woman briefly knew the suspect, but only by a nick time . detectives are out back in mount rain year canvassing the area about a deadly shooting . someone shot and
5:28 pm
the weekend. officers found the man shot to death on the 2500 block of rhode island. so far no arrest for a motive. brandon williams accused of filming up a woman's skirt while she was riding an escalate or at the metro station. it was caught on surveillance video. the video also showed the suspect with other incidents of upskirting. this man is wanted in connection with a burglary last month. he entered a building in the 2600 block of northwest and took a backpack with a compute erin side. you can he see the suspect wearing the backpack at one point in this video as he heads to a metro station. police are asking anyone who may recognize him to please give them a call. d.c.'s health department suspends the license for obstetrics and flu born nursery services at a local hospit
5:29 pm
's only hospital on the east side of the anacostia riefer. united hospital won't be able to offer obstetrical care, but the question is why. matt ackland is live with more on this story. >>reporter: the health department won't tell us why he they put the suspension into place much. in fact, we tried to get an interview with the health accident director, but that interview request was turned down. we found out about this through one of our fox5 viewers who works at the hospital and then also today we talked to another employee who told us there were several meetings inside to brief employees, but the employees were never told why this is taking place. fox5 has learned ambulance traffic last been diverted away from you united medical center if the patient is in need of object tettic care. all other mentioner are being accepted. umc employees were briefed on the 9046 day
5:30 pm
suspension today, but the cause not revealed. they gathered every department -- every department gathered with their own departments and had a meeting about it and it was a big one in the auditorium. did they give you any reason why they were doing it? >> no. >> a hospital employee tells fox5 they believe the suspension resulted in overall poor care being given and two specific incidents, but department of health officials won't comment on any additional details other than this statement they release today. umc is currently onlt the hospital on the east side of the river. i'm a ward eight resident and an advocate for ward eight, i wouldn't want to see anything closed down in our neighborhood because we need everything that we can possibly have in ward eight. although um c has received its share of criticism there are also those who praise the care being offered here. >> i have the best doctor in the world. i love
5:31 pm
>> back out live. we should tell you that we did try to reach out to the hospital today through e-mail and phone calls, but we have not been able to get in contact with the media relations department. also, d.c.'s health department told us that they will work with the hospital to make sure that the suspension is lifted in 90 days live in southeast, matt ackland, fox5 local news. >> listen to this number, more than 2 million middle and high school students use e cigarettes and now the fda is launching a campaign to rack down on the problem. in their latest initiative the agency is specifically targeting teens. they're also aiming to develop something less dangerous than combustible cigarettes. several civil rights groups are rallying around colin kaepernick, the 49 ers quarterback to is still unemployed. they are planning to
5:32 pm
to neil instead of stand for the national anthem. he says it was all in social unjustice. it causedded an uproar amongst fans . kaepernick has not yet been signed by another team. all right. coming up, you know cameras, they are every where. the daughter of a famous new york ballet star is arrested and of course it caught on camera for a string of burglary in a different state after he were recognized in that video. two mens in jail for decades exonerated for their alleged crimes. we'll tell you how they cleared their names. caitlyn, another cool august afternoon. not that you say that often around here. but in the wake of yesterday's storms, the clouds are finally clearing out. 79- degrees. the north wind is very comfortable. it will be a really nice night. your seven day forecast is next when fox5 news returns after
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>> the dawfort a pair of new york socialites is facing charge s in a string of burglar ieses in the state of maine. twenty-one year old that leash a maertin's and a friend were arrested last week when someone recognized them on surveillance video. police say they broke into several stores in camden last month and stole more than a thousand dollars. maertin's the daughter of a form er principal and current chief of the new york city bin laden a. drugs and alcohol were factorses in this and the two are due in court next week. they were convicted of rape and mur and spent the last 23 years fl prison, but now two men could be exonerated for the crimes all thanks to new dna evidence. here's foxes larry
5:37 pm
>> i cry at night because i misk a allen was two years old when her father and another man darryl follow ton were arrested in connection with the brutal rape and murder of bridge man. her bod was found several weeks after she disappeared decompos ing. she she had been struck competely with a chunk of concrete and sexually assaulted with a stick. quoal man was confessed because later said his confession was coursed. i knew that my dad biwas an innocent man. he was beaten and we can see it in his big terse. pictures. we've been going through a court. in court, coleman's attorney has proved a new dna has found a serial rapist to the crime. back in 19
5:38 pm
grounds crew at white socks park and had no criminal record. he wants to be home. we want him safe. we don't want him incarcerated a day longer. fault on's attorneys told judge porter they'll wait for the final dna results are in. the judge issued a statement saying it is inappropriate to release mr. quoal man until we have addition additional information we will continue to treat this with urgency. >> now to some explosive testimony today in the civil friel pitting taylor swift against an ex disc jockey in denver. the former dj took the stand today. david miller has sued swift saying she falsely queuesed him of groping her before a 2013 concert and he's lost his dream job. he wants to clear his name and recover
5:39 pm
earnings he has lost because he was fired. swift has counter filed. she claims he section sli assaulted her. >> the upcoming book about prince, a collection of photographs of a long time friend of the late singer. the two apparently admired each other's work, the boong is coming out on october 7. a memory of a two year old boy on one of disney's florida properties laying graves died last year. he and his family were vacationing the at disney's grand dplo and. he was gather ing up sand when an alligator snatched him and drag ged the toward learn into the wear. the lighthouse you see right there it stands near where the deadly attack happened . to idaho where a 12 year old boy used a unique skill . he built a prosthetic finger for his neighbor who injured himself at work.
5:40 pm
david hainey, who is a mechanic who lost part of his finger after his car engine crashed on hivment he came up with the idea of building a prosthetic finger using metal piping and a wooden dowel. he got to make sure daniel is okay. to he me that was the mees touching and inspirational thing i've ever seen in my life. it makes me feel great that i actually have a special place in his heart. because there are certain people now that can't afford the prosthetics that you have to buy and they can't do anything and so if i can take h somewhere one day -- i want to try to do something. so hainey said he loves how his new prosthetic works. it protect ts has finger and still allowses him to work on machines. >> i think that boy has a bright future. >> it's evening neunt right there. >> what's going on out there. >> turning into a nice night and the next few days are going to be fans tas particular. >> on the
5:41 pm
humidity. unprecedented for august. we usually carry the heat and humidity thing in july straight through labor day. no breaks. but we've gotten quite a few breaks. in can pennsylvania, the high was only 74 at disuls yesterday. that's the the coolest it's ever been for august 7 for a high temperature. an unusual pattern change, but despite the rain yesterday we're getting some sunshine that's coming out. you can see them on the west facing buildings as we take a live look outside. the days are getting a little l shorter as we get deeper into august, later on into the summer sunsetting now about ten minutes after 8 p.m. and a little bit after 6 a.m. in the morning. so for tonight, skies are clearing, a the beautiful evening at the nats game and then down right cool into the early morning. sunny and beautiful for tomorrow. wednesday, still looks great on thursday. so two fantastic weather days but then we're going to turn unsettled again as the w
5:42 pm
friday. that will carry through the weekend. temperatures outside 79 in d.c., 78 in gaithersburg, 79 in baltimore, 81 in whens bhin ter, you see more 80s north and west where they've had the sunshine longer today. the cloud cover we were battling it. it started out kind of saki this morning. we were socked in for the city and it takes about all day for the front to finally clear the area look at the temps in new england . seventy that's it for the temperature in boston. seventy-seven in columbus. if we continue on this pattern through august it's definitely going to be an august to remember for the mid atlantc and northeast. visible satellite showing the clearing trend. you can disis tintly see the cold front. it is hung up from about nova scotia down through the caroline as. the winds are out of the the north ushering the queerl and dryer air. what it means for your evening, partly cloudy skies for the next couple of today hours. we'll fall quickly into the
5:43 pm
upper 70ss in the northwestern suburbs. low temperatures? a. sixty-seven in the district. any time we can get a low in the 606s in t d.c. in the summer is a win. fifty-eight manassas, 64 in quantico. that is a gorgeous start to wednesday. wednesday is an amazing weather day. there is no two ways about it. high pressure in place. we've got a nice drying trend going on tonight into tomorrow morning. low humidity, sunshine, high temperature in the mid 80s which is only a few degrees. without the humidity it makes all the disirches. eighty-four the high temperature in wash fon ton. low 830s north and west with just a few afternoon clouds. we've been following the tropics and we still have tropical storm trang line down across the you can tan moving from across the atlantic. franklin has been weakening since it made landfall .
5:44 pm
moving north, northwest at 12 miles an hour. what remains of franklin should move westward into more central portions of mexico by thursday. ands that he's all she wrote on franklin. we'll be watching out for the next storm which will be ge ert a lot of these hurricane names are unusual. but gert is a female name. we'll see if things will material materialize next week. fantastic through thursday. we're going to do a same thing with a few more clouds late in the day. the weekend, it's not the best. it's not a washout, though. it's just a little cloudier and unstable he enough that we have to put a chance of thunderstorms for both saturday and sunday. monday we get some tropical questions and maybe clearing out there for tuesday, 83-degrees. again, anything that may be brew ing in the atlantic early next
5:45 pm
early early to tell. in the meantime enjoy the next quum of days. q. beware of gert. coming up, are you feeling lucky, punk? i'm assuming you're talking about the lottery. >> i'm talking about gary mcgrady. out with some mega million hope fls hoping to t hit it big. hey, gary. >> you got two days in a row here where you can win multiple millions of dollars, mega \million\mills, power ball. it's all right here. we're at tal betters on river road. who is the next big winner sm it could be you. we'll tell you you how you do all this stuff and what the jackpots are up to in just a couple of minutes. i'm going to talk to john. pat went somewhere. i'm going to see if there are any lucky buyers. stay with us.
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>> i guess save your brain cells and grab some boys, people who drink alcohol without over doing it may be less likely to suffer age-related plent al decline. researchers looked at more than 1300 adults. they found regular drinkers were more likely to reach the age ever 85 with their cognitive abilities intact. they're not trying to encourage people to start drinking or to dwring more. moderation, always . millenials have a different view of the world their than parents. my legal yells get married later in life and they're also more like likely to have a pre-nup. half of the people in their twenties and thirt ticketed events say it's important to be financially smart before they get married. >> that's smart. graffiti on stop signs could cause driver
5:50 pm
researchers found the vandalism could confuse the cars. researchers at a groabl firm ups asked passengers if they would fly in a plane without the pilot if the ticket cost less and more than half of those surveyed said no way. younger passengers are more likely to give it a shot. experts think eliminating pilots could save airlines 30 billion-dollar a year which they claim might result in cheap er tickets? a. it depends on how cheap it is . i think they would jack it up and say congratulations and this is the new technology plane . i'm for it p if they could at least cut it by half or more than half. never. have you gotten your ticket for a whopping $350 million. it is one of the largest mega \million\mills in history. gary mcgrady is live in bhe
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what are you doing there? >>reporter: is must not be a big deal because absolutely no one is here to get any lottery tickets, nobody. it's me and my photographer don. there is no way i'm going to win, though. it's 40 million to one. i can run out of here on a clear day and get struck by lightening before i win a lottery ticket. big day tomorrow, big day tomorrow. mega a millions is up to $350 million and how about power ball? mega millions is tonight and power ball is tomorrow night. you got two chances to win. it still won't help me the at all. this is what you do, you just come here. there's no line and you find john. you find pat. they're waiting. we're at talberts by the way on river road in bethesda. how do we get the win ning numbers. >> shear luck. coming the at th
5:52 pm
old wovment there's not been a big rush on these, pat. when is the rushing whying to get here. >> you still have plenty of time to get on down here. you got all evening. you got furthermore hours or so. you never no. that's a great question. what's the cut off to buy the mega millions tonight? i believe it's ten:50. >> ten:45, something like that. the drawing takes place at 11. i know that. have you been selling a lot today? >> he oh, yes. we definitely had a couple customers come in and get a hundred-plus dollars worth. there's definitely a draw once it hits 300. how much is the mega millions a dollar a pop. is there a limit. >> absolutely not. >> what is the most you ever sold to one person that you can remember. >> most amount of tickets? >> yes. >> about two months ago i
5:53 pm
customer. >> has this store ever sold a winning big ticket like that. >> as far as the jackpot, a 50,000 one? did you guys get to play. >> only off the clock. as long as you buy your tickets off the clock. >> hold objection to the form hold this for me. i got to get some. absolutely. how much money do i have? i want two of the -- three of the $2 and three of the one dollar. do you want them on the same ticket or separate tickets? a. all separate tickets. you want three and three. >> two of these are for me and one of these are for sean snow back at the station. sean actually gave me money so i'm going to buy those. it's just like random numbers. >> absolutely, unless you want to pick your numbers. >> how much money do i need to give you. >> nine dollars. itself he ' that easy. you just come in. th
5:54 pm
lifting for you and then you make money. sean snow, back at the station, two of these are yours. he said don't forget p. >> jim and sarah, had just given me a little money i would have picked you up a winning ticket t . we didn't know. if you get some of the numbers right, can you still win. >> i guess. >> pat, you're supposed to can the expert. >> i guess not. we had a in wither two months ago hit four out of five and the power ball ad won 50,000. that's doable. >> do me a favor, get me a six pack of d.c. brow while you're there. >> if the whole lottery things doesn't work out, turnaround and grab one of them. >> what flavor do you want, sarah. >> pail alien. she likes the wine with the the tap on the side. >> stop it. stop it. i do not i'm going to get you a nice row a. i love
5:55 pm
>> of course you do. >> mega millions tonight. >> here we are talking about the two advises, ci vces. a mom's hilarious back to school photo. parents, it's going to make your day. stay with us. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to
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he don't look too happy, either she's smiling, though, now as
5:59 pm
homework and the tests start piling up, plus you're making all the school lunches, the car pooling, you know. she's only smiling for a who are the time. i think the kids are looking that way because mom made them pose for this. >> of course it is. that's all for us here tonight at five. tony and shawn standing by for your news at six and it begins right now. this is fox5 local news at six. right now at six, tough talks from president trump and directly at north korea. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and furry. we're live with his response to reports that north korea may have a miniaturizedded war head capable of fitting inside its missiles. why a non traditional painting in a
6:00 pm
causing anger and outrage. plus , a maryland man is under ar rest charged with trying to help isis. how police found out he was allegedly working with the terrorist group. the news at six starts right now. and we thank you for joining us nie, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. we begin tonight with breaking news from the trump administrations. tensions with north korea are escalating. in fact, just the afternoon the president responded with some intense and threatening words in response to reports north korea has a exact nuclear war head that can fit inside missiles cape capable of hitting the us. ronica cleary is live at the white house with more on all of this. >>reporter: the words from the president today really seemingly came out of nowhere. the president was in bed p minister, new jersey. he was meeting with the secretary of health and human services, tom price to discuss the opioid and heroin epidemic here in this country, but before that meeting


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