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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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but news at 11:00 begins right now. right now at 11:00 a night of wild weather has strong storms moved through the region, so, is the week ending to be a wash out? a teen heading off to college is fighting for her life afer being caught in the gun battle. tonight, fox five takes a look at what can be done to help residents save their neighborhood from gun violence as police search for more suspects. >> i am happy because everybody is okay. >> maintenance worker's quick thinking saves an elderly couple from a fire, tonight, he talks only to fox five about the heroic moment. the news at 11:00 starts right now. we will begin with severe weather that ripped through the region tonight, still some heavy rain out there thanks for joining us i'm tony perkins. i'm sarah simmons in for shawn.
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damage. lightening cause aid fire after striking this house in fairfax. it happened just a few hours on sarah line court. crew where is able to quickly put fire out but there was a lot of damage. luckily no one was hurt. night was difficult for drivers, take a look at this, what people were dealing with tonight on the roads in prince william and fairfax county. some flooding in some areas. lets go to gwenn for latest and i know things are still going on out there. >> definitely still going on. we are dealing with included to ground lightening, thunderstorms and a lot of heavy rainfall. flooding is a big issue, where we currently have some warnings. you can see from radar that things are still fired up a lot of areas of lower southern maryland, a lot of lightening in these storms down here. this is an area where we have a flood warning in effect. then to the north, we're not without activity as well. take a look across i70 heading up i-95 corridor. this is what we're dealing with tonight.
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overnight hours. we're also talking about more rain, more thunderstorms as we head into your saturday as well. so you will to have keep your eyes to the sky, keep your umbrella haines. these storms heading, east, hollins, cliff shores, prince fredrick, mason's between 11:03 and 11:14. these communities will be impact. so flash flood warning in effect calvert, charles, prince georges, st. mary's, all until 1:45 a.m. we can see wind gustness these storms at 50 to 55 miles an hour vice possible as they move through this area at 15 miles an hour. then for other areas where we have flood area warnings in effect warren until 5:15 a.m., , fairfax and prince william county until 4:15 a.m. where we have aerial flood warnings. that means is there a large area that are impact. here's your weekend forecast, i'll give you dry weather and sunshine b
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seven day forecast a little later, tony? in the district police are still searching for two men involved in a shooting that left a 17 year-old girl in grave condition, and fighting for her life. police say a stray bullet struck her in the head as she was driving through northe east yes, sir, teen mother works for d.c. police department. fox five's lindsey watts is live with the latest, lindsey? >> reporter: tony, police did make one arrest today, tonight they are still searching for those two additional suspects this happened not too far from where we are at fifth district police headquarters just about a mile away from here, and what a horrific crime. we're not identifying the victim tonight but i have spoken to people close to her and they are devastating. this was a young woman with so much in front of her, she was just days away from attending college, in florida. we spoke to the a few of the girls neighbors. >> i invit
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graduation party because i saw the balloons and everything and went in and congratulated her and i was just really excited for her. this is a tragedy. sweet girl. >> you know, you cannot even go down street and somebody will be out there shooting and you will get shot innocently, and now this kiddies 17 years old. she won't get to see, the university that she got into. that is, terrible. >> here's a lot crime scene from yesterday afternoon at saratoga and montana avenues in the northeast. the white sedan is the car that victim was driving when she was shot, according to the police report two men were hiding in the bushes on the side of the road, and then opened fire at a group of people across the street, the 17 year-old just happened to be driving by at the time. a second person who was on foot was also shot according to police hit in the back side we did talk to a d.c. actis
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with this decline in violence in the district is there still more to be done. he believes that there need to be increased community involvement, and that it takes more than police patrols, crime cameras to stop senseless violence, by people who feel like they have nothing to lose. >> people who did things abroad, they were going to be lock up. it is in the lake they care about the police. yes, you need police but people need opportunities and options, and any mentorship and guidance to get where they are trying to go or need to go >> reporter: man arrested in this case is 21 year-old philip mcdaniel, he is charged with assault with intent to kill. investigators are still searching for two more suspects in this case. if you do have any information about the crime, contact the d.c. police. we are live from the northeast lindsey watts fox five local news. new tonight, two people are in serious condition after a car hit them in alexandria. it happened just
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between stevenson avenue and yocomb parkway. the driver of the car ■thendid remain at the scene. no word on exactly what led up to the accident but heavy storms were moving through the area at the time. a quick thinking maintenance worker is credited with saving an elderly couple trapped in an apartment fire. that man helped several other residents get out safely. this happened in the fairfax community of fairington. edward, ran in the burning building without hesitation putting himself in danger. tonight he spoke only with fox five about why he did. >> it is very hard. right now i'm happy because everybody is okay. >> at lee four families have been displaced by the fire. at last check victims were recovering in the hospital from smoke inhalation and burns, investigators are working to figure out what started it. in prince georges county, investigators are still searching for a suspect and mote any of a deadly shooting
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man shot to death at palimar turn this morning. his identity was not released. his body was found along a trail that connects a sears is of town homes. if you know something about the shooting there is a reward of $25,000 for anyone who can help. a virginia man is behind bars tonight accused of sexual ly assaulting a child. police arrested christian flores hernandez of manassas yesterday. they say he had an inappropriate relationship with a 12 year-old girl in br istoe. has been charged with rape. he is being held, without bond now to our other headlines tonight d.c. police arrested two more people in connection with the case where woman was beat up walking her neighbor's dog, diva. woman then stole the dog. the two women of south east. police arrested another person last week who was charged for receiving the stolen dog. diva was returned to her owner and is expect to be
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howard county police say a woman is now charge in the robbery and assault at columbia mall. police identified the suspect as aalayha rockwell. video shows her fighting with a merry go round employee, her on the left, accused of trying to steel some cash from the register when employee confronted her, video shows rockwell grabbed would the man 's hair and threw her to the ground. she now faces charges for robbery, theft and assault. all right. here's a bizarre story 81 year-old maryland woman was busted for trying to use counterfeit ticket for an amusement park ride in rehoboth beach. maryland hammerman allegedly used the tickets to get on the bumper cars at fun land but an employee noticed that the tickets were faked and called police. officers later found she was carrying at lee 20 counterfeit tickets. she was charged with one count of theft and released on a $100.01. president trump says that the u.s. military is locked and loaded to react to any aggression from north korea. >> earlier tonight the president ll
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reassurance toss guam as tensions grow between north korea ain't united states. >> if anything happens to guam , there will be big, big trouble in north korea hopefully it will all work out , okay. nobody loves a peaceful solution better than president trump, that i can tell you. >> right now the president says that washington is considering additional sanction as begins north korea at a quote very, very high level. the president plans to interrupt his 17 day working vacation to make a day trip back to washington on monday for what he says will be a big press conference. next here at 11:00 a local police department is making a big splash. they are showing off some major skills, hi lauren. >> hi there, arlington county police getting creative on social media wait until you see effort they put into a video to promote their upcoming block party, and it involves synchronized swimming plus ever wonder why seats on airplanes are blue? the answer
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your health, find out why. we just told but those threats escalating from north korea well tonight on the final five we will talk one on one with someone who spent years keeping watching at one of our country's nuclear sites , ahead in the final five with ji lokay at 11:30. 11:30.
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arlington county police are really making a splash >> they are debuting skills we never knew they had synchronized swimming. fox five's lauren demarco joins us with more, this is a great story, lauren. >> reporter: so much fun, arlington first responders are stepping up their social media game, we have recently saw fire fighter who was actually dressed as a dinosaur and he is playing, drive by hoops, in different neighborhood, now, maybe police, are trying to top all of this. what you are about to see is, no joke, it clearly took a whole lot of effort, group of officers with the community policing team, they had this little set up where they say that they need water for this block party a
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, we got plenty of water, a whole pool full of water and then this group they put on their swimming caps one by one , they hit the water, they even break out a life preserv er, and guys say they came up with the idea to promote a block party and entice citizens to come out. they have zero experience with synchronized swimming but watched videos on line and took it from there. they came up with these impressive moves on the fly, and it did take them several days, and there were four separate shoots and just check outlooking at this all of the different camera angles. >> so we had to go back jump in the pool like 20 times. it just was not right. couple other times when i jumped in the pool because that is more like a wake, and pulled me down, i had to have my other partner dan or darryl pull me out of the pool with one of the poles so i didn't drawn. >> t got pretty outrageous. we had so many takes because we were laughing so hard. >> i think we are human
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the badge. we are taking something people have one perspective of be it good or bad and we are showing them that hey, you know, you strip this down we are just like you. >> we put this much effort in pro meeting our event. come on out imagine what the event itself will be like. >> this is arlington's third annual police fire and sheriff block party, it is saturday august 26th at kenmore middle school, and what a way to get everybody talking about it. this video has 10,000 views on you tube and more than 38,000 on facebook. >> it still makes me laugh. >> we love the last guy had a life vest on. >> yes. >> in full uniform. >> i want to know who is in charge over there of producing it: >> reporter: first guy that spoke on the video, he was in charge. they all came up with the idea and then he does the camera work and ed iting and they are in to it. >> and what makes something like that work is they are committed to it. >> yes. >> they
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it is great. >> i can't wait for the block party either. >> thanks, lauren. we have to go to that block party. >> i know, i think people will >> yes. >> so we still got heavy rain out there. >> we do. >> flood warnings. >> we do, we have flood warnings, heavy rain and lightening as well in these storms, as they continue to move their way to the east and now crossing the bay, but to the south, lower southern maryland really getting hammered now. we have some rain outside here right at our station, and in d.c. we are seeing some rain showers and some of you really have been under the gun tonight a lot. we have had severe thunderstorm warnings. we even had a tornado warning. take a look here to the south what i'm referring to cloud to ground lightening in here and a lot of these storms produced 2 inches or more of rainfall and then 3 inches. thinks continuing to head through. we are not out of the clear at all by any means. as we continue to
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tomorrow we will end up seeing this activity as well. dealing with a warm front tonight but tomorrow we will be dealing with the cold front combination of those two really creating an awful lot of activity. you can see here, to the south where we are seeing all this coming down quite a bit. we have flash flood warnings in effect for calvert, charles , prince georges, and st. mary's exactly where we were speaking about with all of that activity. then we have aerial flood warnings here for warren as well as foreman ases, manassas park and fairfax and prince williams counties. frontal system moving through for tomorrow. we are looking at storms firing up then. but then sunday becomes a day where it is dry, warm thank goodness with plenty of sunshine. it will be a pretty nice day with sunshine with sunday. we have to get through tomorrow first. future cast show these storms heading through we will deal with them tonight, early morning hours, as well and then into tomorrow at 9:00 o'clock, still a lot of the heavy
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a break here and there then it fires up all over again. we will look at fog as well as , you know, a lot of rainfall for tomorrow, we will have to really keep your eyes to the skies. 83 degrees for tonight with showers and thunderstorms. sunday looks great at 85 degrees. here's your current temperatures in the upper 60's and lower 70's right across the board. we will see a return of humidity, that will be kicking in as well and tomorrow for your planner, by 8:00 o'clock 74 degrees. eighty-one by midday. eight three-by-five o'clock hour with those thunderstorms. here's your fox 57 day forecast a nice day on sunday, monday we will see showers in the evening and that will linger into your tuesday and, then dry day by hump day and toward end of the week we will seal a few more storms popping up but overall at lee we will have sunday to salvage for this weekend, back to you. >> gwenn, thanks. flying can be a nerve racking experience for some airline passengers that is why airlines put
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calming you're motions. >> new study confirms that the color of your seat can make a big difference. blue seats are proven to slow heart rate and breathing. red seats which used to be popular in the 70's are known to insight anger and higher blood pressure. >> oh, interesting. i had no idea. >> blue fabric i thought was cheaper that too probably. >> all right. >> you may be surprise by who is buying them, millennials are buying them and responsible for increase in the sales. so is what driving them for young people to take on life on wheels? they are affordable. they are $300 a movement they are well equipped with features like flat screens, wi fi and allow millennial toss lead a more flexible life. it is not just for retiree anymore. >> i can see why. >> me too. not tied down anywherey always wanted to take one across the country. >> yeah, with fox five logo
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it and everything. >> take fox five on the road. >> maybe not. >> all right. >> a lot of people like those fortune cook that is come in, and how much can you read in the message that is come with them. >> well, web site 538 found only about 25 percent of them make a prediction about the future. more than half just make some inspirational statement like who need that. it turns outnumbers on the back could be lucky, researchers found if you play random lottery numbers over past 10 years you would have who two and a half million-dollar but with the fortune cookie numbers you would be up, 172,000, how did they figure that out. >> i don't know. >> i bet you try it next time, who wouldn't, right. >> yeah, all right. ♪ >> familiar to you, perhaps. >> look at that. >> fun day on the j
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gas station clerk in north carolina after channing tatum he posted this on his facebook page. he stopped in for coffee and struck up a conversation with her. somehow that turned into an impromptu dance party. >> yes. >> at the gas station. >> he came in as he drove across country to promote his latest film logan lucky. >> that is very funny she was getting in to it too. >> stay with us, we will be right back after this break. br.
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this is an update as these strong storms continue to move through across the bay. there is a tornado warning for talbot county and this end at midnight, severe thunderstorm, radar indicated of course right now that is capable of producing a tornado was located near 9 milese of breezy point moving
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at 15 miles an hour. so, this is, once again, until midnight for talbot county, so take cover if you are in this area just to let you know, brody? thanks, gwenn. well, here it will stay awake during last night redskins season opener. i don't know if you should ab broaded or paid. it was pretty tough to watch. four humbles, 91-yard worth of penitentiary flags and numerous play reviews, it is preseason for referees too, two, three and outs bio even if. key in preseason is to stay healthy. last night redskins failed to do that with news of the season ending injury to an important defensive player. outside linebacker trent murphy suffered multiple ligament tears in his knee and will be out for the season. murphy had nine sacks last year, one of the team's top pass rushers. he was set to be suspended for first four games of the regular season for positive tests for peds and will serve that and will be back next
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we are two weeks away from the most hyped fight of the year, floyd may weather, connor mcgregor. today mcgregor showed off his boxing moves. he mma champion is confident in getting a win despite having never boxed professionally in his life. decision to go, what is this, wait, what is that move? >> that is an upper cut. >> that is an upper cut. >> i don't know what that flailing is, move there. connor mcgregor, thinks his first professional fight and he is a heavy under dog. i wish we could show, whatever that move was, whatever that move was again. >> yes. >> they put it all on floyd may weather. yes. whatever you have to do. >> earlier you tweeted out what would you call this move. someone answered i'm going to get knocked out. >> yes. >> a lot of people getting knock out by weather too. >> strong storms continues, warning and tornado warning
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county, maryland. >> final five up next. [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here.
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you made it through week here we are it is friday, your final five, u.s. locked loaded in case that nuclear war thing president is in the ruling out military action, venezuela either, jared kushner hiding to the middlee to solve peace crisis. working vacation is headed to new york and d.c. and president has a nickname for his new chief of staff. we will start off talking about north cover reand hopefully i think this goes without saying we don't want nuclear war but if we are president trump says military is ready. president tweeting military solutions are full anyplace, locked, loaded should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong unwill find another path. north korea talking tough in response. korean state media said we


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