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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead at six we are on top of two breaking news stories in the district. an attempt at armed robbery turns deadly in northeast and in southeast three women arrested after a robbery and police chase . in fairfax county meantime a young woman attacked and dragged into the woods while out walking in the middle the day. this morning her attacker is still on the run. a live look outside on this tuesday morning, it's august 15, weather and traffic coming up on the five at six:zero five good morning to you i'm. >> mr. montano: son see mere and i'm. >> mr. griegel: d.c. police searching for two men responsible for the city t's' latest murder. just after ten last night a suspect tried to rob a man in the 4200 block of northeast. he fought back and was shot and later died at the hospital. anybody with information in this case is ask ed to call police. us park police arrested thre people after a chase in southeast d.c. officials say three females were in a vehicle wanted in connection to a robbery. us pa p
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around 3 a.m. in southeast d.c. police chased the car and the three women inside bailed out in southeast. one officer discharged his weapon. no one was hurt. the incident is still under investigation. >> the fairfax county now where arrestses have been made in the disappearance p of a ten ager appeared to be gang related. he was last seen on august 3 walk ing near a wooded area. the witness told his family that someone attacked him. behind bars this morning in connection with his disappearance 20 year old jose vincent sos oh and 20 year old edwin along with a juvenile female all charged with gang participation. gor right oh has not been located. fairfax county police still searching for a man who attacked a woman in reston. this happened yesterday afternoon while she was out for a walk. the incident has residents on edge especially after an attack
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and assault of a little girl the day before. melanie alnwick is live with the latest. >>reporter: good morning, guys, you know, as you you mentioned neighbors understandably rattled . although you see a lot of woods here, this area does have a lot of homes, shops and restaurants. i want to give you a little information about the suspect. police say that he's in his 20s to 30s with brown hair and a beard. what he was wearing seemed to be something some might consider to be a uniform. it was a gray shirt with red writing, gray shorts and a red baseball cap. let's take you to sky fox video over the scene yesterday as the news broke. this is north shore drive in reston in the tall oaks neighborhood. police say it was two:30 in the afternoon monday. the # two year old victim was walking along the sidewalk when a man dragged her off of the path and into the woods. he tried removing her pants, but the woman struggled and screamed and that alerted neighborsment he got into a car and drove
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but neighbors say, especially given the time of day they're nervous to do even the most basic things. it's kind of troubling. we walk around here we walk through the woods all the time, i have a dog and a baby, my wife, she'll do the same thing in the morning and at night. it's concerning as someone that has been living here for so long. now people who use these paths here to bike or run or walk, a lot of them were commenting on our facebook page posts saying that now they are considering arming themselves. one more detail, frkt police the out there, the car is described as something like a gray honda or a hundred kay, the first letter of the license plate is v. live in rest torntion i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. this incient in reston comes after a day after a five-year old was abducted and sexually assaulted in a section ever fairfaxou
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that suspect is still out there it happened around five on sunday evening in the 6700 block of to your drive. after family members noticed the toddler was missing they reported. right now the only information they have of the suspect is that he is a hispanic male. a missing five-year old girl has been found safe. joe el par ham was last to be said with her biological mother. police have not said where she was found or who she was found with. >> anger what happened in chiropractic, a statute of a confederate solder in north carolina toppled over. it stood for nearly a century outside of the old courthouse building. there was a large demonstration outside trump tower in new york city after a crowd of protestors waited for the president to arrive. he is waking up in his plan hat and home for the first
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there is no place like the white house. the us is really my home. meanwhile the suspect in saturday's deadly car attack in charlottesville has made his first cort appearance. 20 year old james alex fields jr. charg ed with second degree murder including three counts of malicious wrongdoing. he's being held without bond. the woman that fields is charged with killing will be remembered by the charlottesville community tomorrow. the daily progress newspaper reports a memorial service for heather higher will be held at the paramount theater in charlottesville at 11 a.m. on wednesday. those attending are asked to wear purple. higher worked as a parallel for a virginia law firm. it's 6:30 five. tuckers is back with a look a the forecast. good morning. a little rainy out there this morning. a little drizly, humid. it's summer. none of not one of t
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where you can go out and say i can con queur the world. >> but you can. >> we need you. i'm trying to find a good spin on this. it's going to be cloudy with some rain showers around. much like yesterday. we're going to repeat it. some times, you know , nature wants to do it twice to make sure it gets it right. is this gert related. >> not direct limit but gert will be playing a slight influence in our forecast. clouds with light showers. we have those this morning. we'll have those for much of the day today as the same frontal system that was hung up yesterday hasn't moved. it's called a stationary front for a rfnlt it doesn't like to move a lot.s it's hanging out just to the south. seventy-five rather sweaty degrees at reagan national. 72bwi marshal. there's shower activity. in a few cases enough to wet the roadways out therement i'll leather intel you if that's impacting tra
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dealing with some of those as well during the course of the day. clouds with scattered showers. there might be a little late day clearing particularly if you're off to the north and west, some late day sunshine. we're not looking at thunderstorms, but your run of of the million late showers. >> we can handle it type of showers. >> we got this. about the commute, how is it looking erin. >> a pretty rough ride as 6:30 five as you make your way out in virginia. maryland is also dealing with some problems, 730 eastbound a crash near woodbine road in howard county. we're dealing with a delay, so caution there. the outer loop looks good. this is 66 eastbound, the left shoulder blocked with a crash out by sudly road. sixty-six east ground was congested already from about five:30 this morning. prince william parkway, it's a good 15 minute delay, leave early for that. outbound side west bowbd towards gains ril.
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, but we do have a rubberneck delay past that point . traffic looking good in the local lanes you about north of that point we do have some congestion between 730 and the trub scales truck scales. again it opens up towards the beltway that that's good news there. typical volume starting to build . as for metro we do have track work slowing down the green line. >> continues for the president's initial response to the weekend violence in charlottesville. response from the kre os of three major companies. north korea leader appears to be walk ing back his threats to attack guam. we're back in just 30 seconds with these late- breaking developments overnight.
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five past the area on in us morning. north korea saying plans are in place for a rocket site near guam. this comes as boat the koreas and the united states are saying their willing ness to avert a deepening crisis. maureen you may joins us on this tens situation. >>reporter: with each suggesting a path towards negotiations the big questin this morning is a pieceful solution even possible at this point? north korea has a detailed plan to launch missiles towards guam, the state news agency releasing these
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showing leader kim jong un reviewing the plans at a military base. as for the north korea leader actually following through kim is now reportedly pulling back on the threat but warns that he could change his mind if the united states continues its dangerous action. this all comes as defense officials are preparing for a possible retaliation. >> if they fire at the united states it could escalate into war very quickly, yes, that's called war if they shoot at us. p if they do that, then it's game on. defense secretary james mattis telling reporters monday they'd be able to track a north korea missile as soon as it launches and know exactly where it's going to land. american military officials insist their priority is a piece ful solution with north korea. it would be a horrible thing for war to be conducted here in the pence instance large audience and that's why we're so focused in coming up with a
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looking for war. q. south korea's president says their consent is needed before any us military action and if the north doesn't go ahead soon withs ' ' plan many may assess that he back down on yet another empty bluff. kim jong un and his generals have already run this round. more to come. >> thankful. meantime landslides in in a pal have killed 730 people. elephants helped to rescues thousands. with much of in a pal's farmland underwater, the country could face a food shortage due to food losses. monday's big band will soon go silent for four years. britain's house of par limit will stop at noon on august 21. the ionic landmark undergoing
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the last time 1983 until 85. project managers say the bell will still ring for major events including new year's eefer. >> an emotional moment during an mlb game last night. a little wet out there, especially closest to c. we'll have weather and traffic on the five coming up next. it's six:12 now .
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go to a live look outside this morning , a little wet out there, a little soggy start to the day but it shouldn't be too bad throughout the day. we'll check in with tucker in just a second the color of your tap water in montgomery county, if p it looks off you you shouldn't be too alarmed. the it is still safe, the cause of the discoloration is a spike in maginnis. they've noticed more leaves floating in the potomac and in response they've changed its treatment
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plans. just a heads up if your water looks a little off. good to know. warm and kind of sticking out there this morning 75234 washington this morning. the last couple mornings we've been a couple degrees cooler than that. seventy-seven sticky degrees in annapolis, 72 in leonardtown. some 60s out here as well. sixty-eight this morning in frederick. seventy-two this morning in manassas. looking a the dewpoints, you get these numbers in the upper 606s and 70s and i promise you will feel the humidity out there. seventy-three the current due point in washington. seventy-four in quantico, 70 leonardtown. very sticky conditions. and some rain showers as well saturday late radar showing you the shower activity, very scattered and very light. as we get off to the west we have additional rain showers. much of this will work through the area in the morning lots of clouds today. that will keep correspondingly cool for this time of year. high i
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about 80 or so. we'll be dealing with this for much of today. later this afternoon as this rain gets through here we may get a little sunshine breaking out off to the north and west. i think for the most part it will be a mostly cloudy day. stationary front, the culprit, a little disturb bans riding along that are going to give us the clouds and the rain showers. gert, allison asked about it, not a descrek impact to us, but along the beaches concerned about it to us, the influence will be close enough that we'll have some issues out there. 730s and eight 30s here's good quick at gert, now a hurricane, 75-mile per hour winds. it scoots off to the north and east as a category one hurricane over the next couple of kays. the good news it will not be impacting any land areas our forecast, 82-degrees, tomorrow looks great, sunshine, 90, we'll do 930 on thursday. we'll try to get o
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the weekend but we're going to have the front carefully to see if we can get it south of us by saturday afternoon. the weather update. issue in is here. look at this tucker this is 95 northbound just north of new incorporate ton. just one left lane is screesing by right now, a huge crash scene taking out several lanes. the fire department, first responders working to get debris out of the lanes. you are jamb packed with at least a 20-minute delay out to lawyer ton. one left lane getting bay, this is in the main lanes. hov lanes not impacting by this. we'll switch it over, more problems in virginia, 66 on the eastbound side, a crash just cleared off the left shoulder. you can see the emergency vehicle getting amidst of traffic. as you head from 234 prince william parkway, you're in for about a 25-minute delay. the drive time continues to grow
6:18 am
. 270 traffic looking good in the main and local lanes. however, north of that point as you try to get down towards false road you're going to hit a delay as you make your way you from 70 down to your ban a of about 15 a minutes. a quick look of our maps because we do have a few other issues you need to be aware of. outer loop two more lanes at branch avenue. as you make your way in howard county maryland right lane still blocked near woodbine. thanks very much. at forth bell forth today, a new artifact, the national army museum. the five of hearts, a reknow f217 tank will be positioned in place and the museum walls built around it . it was given by the americans by the french in world war one. the museum will be opened to the public by
6:19 am
2018. the big equipment in first before they put up the walls. >> six:18 an update on steven strasburg as he continues rehab he laid for the local guys last night. but first a standing oaftion for chad been as as the rockies pitch he ever returned to the mound for the first time he was diagnosed with cancer last year, underwent chemo therapy and has since been declared cancer free. way to go .
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six:21 time for our business beat. the fallout continues after the weekend violence in charlottesville. what a day we had yesterday and it looks good so far today. this morning north korea blinked essentially saying they're backing off their threat from last week that they would attack guam so we have if you futures up
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morning. take a look at yesterday. really awesome. itt do you rallying 135 points. it goes to show you that yes, washington policy is the concern but geo political can wreak havoc. investigators had time to think about all this. cooler heads prevailed and rallied yesterday. yesterday we heard from one co who stepped down from the manufacturing council and we heard from the president talking about him. thats what the big news yesterday afternoon and now two more have stepped away. kenneth frazer of merck, he stepped down after the president's remarks over the weekend on saturday because of the violence in charlottesville on saturday he didn't specifically name out the white supremest domestic violence. yesterday he did. still some of these executives not satisfied. after the clarification of the remarks under
6:23 am
and the intel both quit the economic council that they were part of. council started n at 28 they're down to around 22 or 23 now. target frying to compete with amazon as we know with amazon's plans to con quur the world is not exactly equal business. customers say i want it now, amazon can deliver, target can too, at least they're tryingment they bought a company , a shipping technology company called grand junction and they're going to use what this company knows who use their warehouses to speed up their online orders and get customers what they want on the same day possibly in the future. and that will make customers very happy and we'll end with a food note, dunkin' donutss easing us into fall i should say while it's still t 930-degrees out. here in new york sunday was actually a very nice day. it wasn't supposed to be, but it was. i go
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to get my ice coffee and the lady behind me says do you have the fall pumpkin flares out yet i wanted to smack her. at the end of august dun dunkin' donuts is coming out with mable flavored everything. in addition to the pumpkin favorites, plus the new pumpkin yeem cheese. i think that sounds good as a spread. i was in the grocery store over the weekend, not only were all the pumpkin beers out, i swear and i'm not lying to you, halloween candy. it's august. a huge rack of halloween candy. the creep begins faster and faster, earlier and earlier this year. when are we going to start to see christmas decoration. >> maybe this week, the week after. we'll see. q. enjoy your dunkin. you have
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>> i'm with you. enjoy the ice cough eevment we'll see you you tomorrow morning. >> by, six:25. bring on the ginger bred. it won't be long. >> your ginger bred lat take you will be about a month a. >> i'm in the a big pumpkin flavor person. >> right. i personally need the right weather conditions. >> true. you want it to be the crisp air, a little cooler. >> football. >> maybe a leave h leef is turn ing a little yellow. warm and sticky out there. seventy-five in washington. we're going to be warm and sticky. highs will be in the low 80s. it will feel rather humid as the dewpoints in the 730s. a lot of humidity. and some rain showers. you can see those moving through. more rain on the way. not going to rain all day, but certainly have some some scattered showers around. there may be a little late day clearing. an old front that has broken down. it reminds
6:26 am
one of my cars. it kind of stopped in my driveway one day and it's been there ever since. eighty today with the sun back tomorrow, 90 wednesday, thursday and friday, maybe a thunderstorm on friday. it won't be until the afternoon so our zip trip will be in good shape. >> hi, erin, good morning. good , month, unfortunately a than to of problems to get through so we'll start you off with the biggest issue. a crash agenda out the center lanes and the right lane. because just the one left lane is getting by and it's an active people with people out of their vehicles responding to the crash, speeds under ten miles per hour. let's take a look at the delay, all the way back to lor tofnlt you may want to hop off and take route one or if you can use the hov lanes. northbound looks good, southbound super backed up . we also have some redline delays on metro he so let's get a look at our maps right now and help you get around
6:27 am
residual delays to clean glennmont. in addition to the ongoing green line track work. branch avenue and suitland stations. outer loop we have a crash blocking the two right lanes at branch avenue causing a delay coming down before pennsylvania avenue and then 70 eastbound still blocking the right lane. delays picking up because of volume increasing there. keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back.
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>> we are back now at six:29 with a crash at 95 northbound and fairfax county parkway, delays back to woodbridge. welcome back to fox5 news morning. we'll have weather and traffic including a workaround and when that's all going to be cleaned up hopefully coming on the at the five at six:35. first at 6:30 police in the district searching for two men responsible for the city's lat est murder. just after ten last night the suspect attempted to rob a man in the 4300 block of second street northeast. he fought back and he was shot. that man later died at the hospital. anyone with information in this case is ask ed to call police. >> this morning officials still searching for the man who attacked a woman in reston. police are looking for this personment it happened in yesterday afternoon while she was out for a walk in a neighborhood. neighbors were alerted when the woman screamed and that scared that man off. police say he got into a car and
6:31 am
reston comes after a day after a five-year old was abducted and sexually assaulted in the alexandria section of fairfax county. police say it happened around five on sunday evening on the 6700 block of to your drive right now the only description that police have the suspect and aall poll apologize, it is a vague one, all they have is that he is a hispanic male. a d.c. firefighter was responding this morning after he was attacked after spoppedding to a call over the weekend. on sunday, here's what happened, a d.c. man called 911 he when his daughter fell out of bed and hurt her neck and her back. the fire department responded but the father suspect ed one of the firefighter s was drunk. that's when things got physical. he is falling up the steps so they like he's drunk. everybody like he's drunk. that's when it kicked in my mind like he's drunk. the firefighter was beaten so badly that he sewered a broken jaw. he's still in the
6:32 am
conducting an internal investigation and d.c. police are also investigating. as for the little girl, she's okay. >> the president is waking up at trump tower in manhattan for the first time since taking office he was met with protestors last night angry over how he initially handled the situation in charlottesville waiting 48 hours to specifically call out the hate groups involved. students all across the dmv will return to the classroom over the next couple of weeks and today summer break is over for public school students in warren county , virginia. we would love to see your kids' first day back to school pictures. please use the hashtag fox5 a first day. >> the parents behind the controversial caddy of five youtube videos, remember, they've been charged with neglect. prosecutors are pursuing two counts of neglect of a minor against mike and heather martin. the charges were filed on july 27. the couple has a hearing set for september 11. they rose to internet fame for makin
6:33 am
videos which critics slammed as really being child abuse. take a break from the news for a minute to get with sports. we'll start with baseball. after a day of rest the nats back in action tonight taking on the angels in d.c. tonight. mike trout will be in town. steven strasburg did not get the day off but still pitched in the dmv last night. he was solid with class a potomac. he went five inning, struck out five. he has been on the dl since jule issue. if all goes well he could be back in the starting lineup this weekend in san diego . that's where he's come. from the os playing seattle and how about manny ma chat on. tuck er, you love him. wrapped up by one:30 a.m. man chat oh with the grand slam. os win big 11 to p. the ravens signed a quarterback. they did not sign colin kaepernick. they
6:34 am
lewis. originally started out of duke. he started five games for the buffalo bills for 2013 and then he's been silent ever since. ended when free safety d j swear jer made the extra point. barely passed the cross bar. nfl commissioner roger geu del talking about players not standing for the national and the lem before preseason games. goodell was asked if anything could be done about it and his response one of the things we have to understand people have different viewpoints. people have rights and we want to respect the rights. is seekal elliott his former girlfriend given to the nfl. elliott will argue that his x made multiple threats to ruin his quarter. his father responded his son tion legal team is ready to fight. it's in the a fair fight when you push a referee. it doesn't seem like it's
6:35 am
deal, but it's a big no no in the world of soccer. now he got the red card so that's a one- game suspension and then for the little shove, so got another four-game suspension.ry nald oh now suspended five games. madrid won three- sunday. inry nald dough that's $140 million. >> exactly. >> that's a lot of money. can't do it. i know you get mad, but can't do it. sometimes i want to do it. but you can't do it. i think it's a mental pushing. >> exactly. no touch. warm conditions out there. i wish i could mentally clear things up a little bit today but we'll have humid conditions and some rain showers to contend with for the first half of your day and maybe a little sunshine late day, particularly if you're off to the north and west, but for most of the afternoon
6:36 am
clouds with scattered showers. seventy-five in washington. new york city 69-degrees, richmond is 75. rain shower activity, most of it is very light but you can see back off into southwest virginia and west virginia we have some heavier rain showers and we've got to deal with all of that as it will be tracking through here early this morning that is gert hurricane category one. we'll have more on gert coming up, but it will not be impacting us here in the washington area, in can pennsylvania, no land ers a. >> that's good. >> eighty-one this afternoon, look for some scattered showers there may be some sunshine as we get into the mid to late afternoon. those temperatures a few degrees blow normal. >> as long as it stays out. >> thank you, duke tucker. >> h one. >> this one. it's really big delays allison on 95 northbound, a crash after fairfax county parkway right now just the left lane i
6:37 am
s extend all the way back to dale city right now it's about a 40-minute slow down. ho v lanes in good shape. main lanes basically a parking lot. please get an early spot if you're coverage up from spotsylvania, stafford this morning. this mess once you get into dale city t. the southbound side is looking pretty good right now, usual volume by 123. we'll switch it over, take a there look at our maps. northbound branch avenue maryland five there is a crash between allentown road and the beltway, that could slow you down just a little bit. and then in southern maryland 210 normal volume by livingston road and then also five has the typical volume just north of the 301 split coming into clinton. howard county, maryland right lane still blocked by woodbine road. we have a main minor delay. typical x-rays in cot edge park on the the outer side of the beltway. we'll take a
6:38 am
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six:40 on a tuesday morning and we're back now with what is trending on the web this morning . want a solid night of sleep and if you're a young person don't binge watch tv. young adults with the habit of watching three or four hours of tv i
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a good night shlep sleep if your brain is aroused before bed you're going to find yourself tossing and turning. a deli has a menu that is hilarious. if you have kids when it comes to eating out it can be a full-time task getting your little ones to order what you want off the menu . this deli has taken a different approach. kids can order the hot dog with french fries and chicken tenders and i'm not hungry grill cheese with french fries. talk about a bird 's eye, a samsung galaxy s5 allegedly fell from a plane in tennessee. already this sounds crazy recorded the entire fall before landing in someone's yard . do you believe that? no. >> how did it fall out of the sky. the eleven minute video was posted on
6:42 am
1,000 feet out of a plane it landed in a yard before two strangers could found the phone and could be heard talking. it only takes 11 seconds to fall. >> maybe i read it wrong. eleven minute video. maybe some of the video is it laying on the ground. >> that would be cap investigat ing then. how did it fall out of the plane. still ahead this morning, a tragic accident on the the set of dead pool two leaves a woman dead. plus taylor swift verdict. coming up next.
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beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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>> six:45 welcome back on a tuesday morning, 75-degrees which i think is a little warmer than it has been the last couple of mornings and it's sticky and cloudy. >> the flag is not moving at all . look at that. not much movement in the air. okay. it looks like yessed we've got clouds and scattered rain showers today. it's not going to rain every minute. there will be some light showers around here present time to time a little later day kaepernick. allison mentioned the warmer temperatures. seventy-five in washington, 72 in leonardtown. fredericksburg p two, 70 dulles a few spots well off to the north and west you're 60s. sixty-nine this morning in hagersto
6:46 am
temperatures if you're curiou, i know you are. you're like i can't leave until i get to my dewpoints temperatures are in the p zeroseses. you get the numbers in the upper 60s and 70s . a couple sprinkles and showers locally. notice that we have more impressive amounts of green. keep it real simple off to the north and west. that basically showing us the shield of rain activity on the way. we'll get more rain over the next couple of areas, kind ever wash across the area. later this morning we play get a little bit of clearing. there play be a few spots that get a little bit of sunshine. maybe a little clearing late day as we get some high pressure starting to build in from the north and west. the reason why, stationary front and they're called stationary fronts because they don't like to move. this has been hanging out for a couple of days. >> gert now a category one hurricane. we'll take a look at gert
6:47 am
with the cloud cover. temperatures are a few degrees blow normal. gert sending out 75-mile per hour winds. it is between the east coast and bermuda. the only real concern we have is surf conditions maybe increased and there could be some rip tides. if you're along the low eastern shore keep a close eye for your soir conditions. ninety today tomorrow and thursday and friday . we've got done the 90s with august. they'll be back. tomorrow looks beautiful. i have important traffic to talk about. >> i know. i'm excited for the morning meme. we are seeing improvements 930 northbound just after fairfax county parkway. we were dealing with the crash that had us down to just the left lane getting by. the crash moved over to the shoulder. right now the right lane is blocked by that crash. i'm hoping that
6:48 am
ease. right now it's a 45 minute delay. hov lanes okay. so that's good newses. the redline normal service resumed to glennmont. good news there. green line we're still dealing with the online track work slowing us down. earlier crash on branch cleared. things in oxon hill looking good. 295 a little bit slow, five minute delay from 50 down to the beltway, 350 inbound. 2302 to 295 in cheverly is jammed up just a bit. the outer loop usually. tucker is patiently waiting. i can tell he gets and the situate when i do traffic. thanks, erin. let's get to it. time for the morning meme before you head off to work and maybe school today. >> too early for
6:49 am
least it's a gloomy day. it's not bright and sunny out. >> not missing out on the sunshine. >> let's see what we have to offer today. start with -- oh, boy. when you use your fake he e-mail to make an account, then i can enter all the contests. do you have a fake e-mail account. >> no. like a fake social media account? >> yeah. that's creepy. i once made a fake twitter account so i can hurl things i was frustrated about. >> really in. >> yeah. what was your account name. >> i can't disclose it, steve, it might still t be active. was this last week or a couple years ago. >> a couple years ago, but i still have it if i need it. i know people that do that to stalk xs and frankly that's wrong. >> okay. i'm guilty of this.
6:50 am
is looked upon lightly. when she said she wasn't hungry but then she starts eating your fridays. >> i've done that so many times you don't want the fridays because they're bad for you, but then you see them and you want the fries. when your dog disad i mommy is too much for your liking. liking. every day for you. that is oat ly a real thing. >> when you go to pick up a date for the first date and you want to impress her. >> super cute. >> send us a meme, hash hashtag morning meme. you're doing such a good job. this could get good . we got your back. we'll make sure you get a good would be. let's say hello to our facebook person of
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here she is andrea ibanez in punt a can a. look at that. that looks awesome. she watches fox5 religiously every morning before work. and she also watched during her vacation. >> a slit l little slice of home . andrea a says she can't go anywhere without the morning team because we make her smile. that's it. we're going to punt a can a. >> kevin lane. kevin is here with today's fox beat? a. i'm going on vacation soon. i'm doing a little l crews with my family. i'm very excited about it. i'll turn off my phone for a week. i need to. >> on onto some sad news. this is really a tragic story from the vancouver set of dead pool two yesterday. a stunt woman lost her life while filming a stunt. at
6:52 am
's maple was not revealed but in late afternoon they reported her name was joy sj harris and that she was quote, the first african-american female professional road raiser she is believed to be the stunt woman for disoz i beats who was playing domino in the film. through some reports i've read that the stunt woman was not wearing a helmet during the scene as the character was not in the scene as well. deadline says that a source had revealed the stunt had been practiced multiple times and the death did occur as the stunt woman crashed into a plate glass window. twentieth century fox did re lease a statement that this did occur, officially saying that. but ryan reynolds took to social media to release this statement trks, today we tragically lost a member of our team. we are heart heartbroken, devastating but realize nothing could come close to the grief and unex applicable pain her family must fee
6:53 am
my heart pours out to them along with each and every person she touched in this world. also statements were release from josh bolt ongoing track. also, the director as well. i know the story came out with tom cruz performing that stunt. it's just a dangerous business and david leach the film maker is known for putting actors in crazy stunt situations. again they do it because they love that thrill and they love to perform. it's a sad is s. she was very young. >> sorry about that. moving on next, taylor swift has one dollar and her highly publicized groping quais after a week-long trial over dweuling lawsuits a jury decided a denver dj assault ed the pop star by grabbing her back side during a meet and greet in 2013. the dj sued swift and her radio handler for $3 million because he lost his job in her counter suit swift said she only wanted the dollar and the chance
6:54 am
up for another woman. she saidd ing my hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard. she's also promised to make donations to groups that help sexual assault vices times a big win there for taylor swift . would be of those things she took a dollar obviously to make a point. i thought that was kind of cool that she did that. she's very complitted to the entire process. i love reading what she said on the stand. that was some cool stuff . just the way she said it . and her after statement why she did it. it was very empowering. >> cool for her. oprah was opening up about depression in a new interview with vogue magazine referring to the open ing weekend of the 1998 film beloved which she starred in. she said, quote, i shall never forget saturday morning i got a phone call from someone at the studio and they said it's over. you got beat by chucky and i said who is chucky and i said what do you mean it's over. it's just saturday morning. i knew nothing
6:55 am
projects. it was 10:00 in the program. i said to my personal chef artie would like macaroni and cheese for breakfast and so started my long depression. the depression lasted about six weeks. one thing i want to say i love this. it told me not to put all my hopes into box office success. do the work for the work. before i go real fast i want to mention this we have a huge slewsive interview happening today on fox5. his name is i say a. i believe we have a photo of him. he is coming in studio at nine:30 this morning. he was the fox5 fan of the facebook of the day and he wanted to be interviewed by me so we're actually going to make this happen today at nine:40 a.m. this morning. he's a rising star. he's working on a netflix show and he also shot a commercial with odel beck ham jr. one of his dreams is to
6:56 am
interviewed today. >> got to check that one off early. i love it. when are you going to be interviewed by me. >> sometime soon. q. i would have less trouble being depressed if i had a personal chef. >> depression is a very serious thing. we know that actors who have all the fame and money in the world, they deal with depression. it's a bad thing. >> what's the forecast? let's do the forecast. i'm not disagreeing with you there. we'll be 830 this afternoon with showers and we've had some showers break out across the area. you can see the showers off across our south and west. we'll have showers at least the first half of the day. we might get a little late day sunshine. still sticky out there. 82- degree. ninety with sunshine . erin's turn. six:56 taking a look at our cameras an earlier crash did
6:57 am
northbound still heavy from dale city into newington. still about a 30 minute slow down. from woodbridge to springfield that is the ma are the jo of our congestion there. let's switch it over right new and who he you a look at our maps. we are dealing with some other slow areas like on 66, 47 minute ride from 234 to the beltway. keep it to fox5 morning. we'll be right back with more news and weather and traffic.
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ahead at 7:00 this morning we're on top of two breaking stories in the dists. an attempted arm ed robbery that turned deadly and live in southeast where two women are behind bars after a robbery april police chase. pro testors greeted the president at his man at and home. this as the fallout continues from his initial response to the weekend violence in charlottesville, virginia. this morning the big move from the ceos of flee major companies. developing overnight north korea leader appears to be walking back on threats to attack guam, but is a pieceful solution even possible at this point. we will discuss. good morning to you i'm allison severe and i'm steve shen industry. here's a live look outside. starting off warmer than it has the last couple of days, wetter, too.


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