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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  August 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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leaving us behind for a it up of fall. that's right, erin, i said touch of fall. >> pass me my pumpkin spice latte. >> too sgloon we'll get to that in a second. >> do you like that maureen. >> too soon, erin, too soon. >> little more traffic in a few guys. >> thank to you both of you 4:30 is the time starting with developing story overnight intense standoff between police and protesters in phoenix, arizona reaching a boiling point. they were peaceful throughout the day and things took a violent term they start the hurling rocks and bottles. police had to use pepper spray and tier gas to disperse them they arrested four people. >> thousands of protestsers band together outside and inside the president addressed a campaign style rally. he talked with border wall. the president said, if we have to close down our government we're building that wall
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at the immediate request and defended his response to the violence in charlottesville. >> they don't report the facts. just like they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigoty and violence. >> the president is expected to part phoenix this morning and head to reno, nevada scheduled to speak to the american legion national convention. >> time 4:31 and back closer to home we're following developing news out of bladensburg maryland a man is in critical condition after shot on 56 place and emmerson street around 9:00 last night and he jumped to the bladensburg police headquarters a mile away and sky fox was over the scene as an ambulance was leaving the station so far no suspects were identified. >> amazing pictures out of hagerstown, maryland look at this firefighters battled a three alarm blaze at an apartment complex near hagerstown
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no official cause is given though it's believed a lightning strike started this fire. maryland state fire marshall said 74 people lived in the complex and thankfully there were no injuries. >> it's 4:32 this wednesday morning we're learning more details about a virginia priest that we veeld troubled past as ku klux klan leader. >> father aichison terrorized residents over 40 years ago and threatened coretta scott king. >> "fox5" annie yu is live from fair favrm with the latest. good morning, annie. >> good morning to you maureen and wisdom. father william aichison has taken a leave of absence after exposing himself as a kkk leader. behind me is the church he was most recently at, st. leo the great catholic church in fairfax, sir vir. we made several attempts to speak with him and have not heard back. however, we
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family who say they are one of the african-american families targeted by aichison and suffered his hateful acts including cross burning on their front lawn. they're still owed civil damage from him. after 40 years they don't know if they can forgive him for what happened. declassified fbi documents we obtained from the late 70s revealed he burned crosses in front of several homes of african-american families in prince george county and he also made numerous threats to coretta scott king widow of dr. martin luther king jr. threatening to kill her if he spoke at an event at university of maryland and prince george naacp said his actions did not stop there he planned to fire bomb northwestern high school. but says he forgives him. take a listen. >> i commend him for coming out publicly and acknowledging his past. if we cannot
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then what good are we. with he have to forgive pe people. like said, he's fond a new life. he's a priest now. he's tryinging to do good. understand on several reports they said he was in hiding. he should not hide. he need to come out and let his experience be known. >> now, again, we have made several attempts to speak we father aichison but have not heard back. meanwhile later today we will hear more details from the family we spoke to yesterday. that's the latest in fairfax, virginia, back to you in the studio. >> reporting. time now is 4:34 and happening today in prince george county precedent ever a condominiums deemed to be unsafe have until noon today to move up. while investigating conditions at the lay hill condominiums "fox5" found holes in ceilings standing water piles of trash and abandoned toilet and strong odor in the hally
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county will seek to have a court order to have the residents removed. >> u.s. treasury announced new avrptions son chinese and russian entities for the nuclear program. freshry department accusing china and russia doing business with north korea despite a ban against it. this comes as u.s. enters day three of war games to counter any attack from the rogue regime and china ordered u.s. to discontinue exercises on korean peninsula and responded with harsh words saying u.s. should immediately correct its mistake or risk damaging broader u.s. china relations. time now 4:35. powerball jackpot. now estimated 700 million. did you hear me? $700 million making it the second largest in u.s. his history. winners can choose to have the payments dolled out over 30 years no give it
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roughly $443 million odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. i like those odds. >> yaext all it takes is one. >> it was nice knowing you when i win tonight you. >> say that every year yet you're still here. >> spring is eternal. >> my ship comes in. >> gary's ship comes in now. >> matter of opinion. >> wisdom was that going to make you pay for lotterytic sglet what. >> what $700 million. >> regardless if it's $7 i'm going to try to get in on it. >> look, humidity is melting away along with heat, too, so long to this stuff. in the trend for the next several days will be very, very nice around here. again, today is kind of a day of transition which means we're not going to be super great today. but it's going to be trending better over the next few. 79 right now. heat index 82 believe it or not. humidity out there and sho showers. very, very slight though coming
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they're weakening though and southern sessions of pennsylvania frontal system onlt move. that will change things. more details coming up now. here's erin with traffic. >> well, right now we're tracking inner loop construction it's impacting our two right lanes as you make your way between gw and leemon bridge. we're seeing a red zone there use caution other than that outer loop looks good past that location and we're not seeing problems inner or outer loop closer to 270 spur as we look at a wide view of the morning commute, all green, all good, kent island on 50 looks great and inside the beltway shevly no problems. i'll let you know if anything pops up. wisdom and maureen. >> 4:37 coming up people are blasting espn over controversial decision to reassign a sportscaster because of his name. >> he wanted out and got it, kileyishing no longer a cleveland cavalier.
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>> time now is 4:40 we're back what is hot on the web. >> holly morris is here with stories we are engaging with most on social media. >> first up what's in a name. a virginia sportscaster whose name is robert lee will not cover virginia william and mary football season opener because of his name and recent violence in charlottesville over confederate rob ort e. lee statue. he was supposed to announce and two weeks ago espn decided to switch which game lee would cover. company says they gave the sports reporter the choice to stay on the game or switch and due to the sensitive situation he chose to cover a different game. >> vice-president mike pence is getting a lot of reaction for his take on confederate
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he wants to see more monuments being built rather than torn down. he says we should remember our history and celebrate how far we've come and tell the whole story of america. he noted it is up to local governments to decide whether to remove local monuments. >> president trump spoke during the lalry and his focus was immigration on the border wall. he threatened to shut down the government to make sure proposed wall is approved and funded by lawmakers. funding for the proposed wall could become an issue. ft. bill is not agreed on the government face as i shut down on october 1. >> and we thought the summer block busters were movies right something no, they're nba deals. the latest has the cleveland cavaliers sending kiley everybodyinging to the celtics for their player. he demand trade last month and seems he has gotten wis
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in at harvard for freshman year of college. her parents former president obama and michelle obama helped they are daughter move in monday. those are stories trending everyone is talking about the first one political correctness run amok robert lee cannot call a game because of his name. >> you dilute the issue. >> you take legitimate i can say if i saw eric ran reporter named robert lee. >> anyone named robert lee. >> i don't know that i pay attention to announcer's lane i could not careless. >> what interesting bigwigs at espn said this didn't come from corporate. this was just people in charm of broadcasting game assignments they made this random silly decision and makes no sense. >> it doesn't. >> it's getting him a lot of attention but it's dumb decision because it has
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you. >> take a real issue you get people who think the whole pulling down monuments is non issue you give them a flash foypt leach on to to say this is why we need to go the other way with political corre correctness. >> what do you do now put him back on the game. >> i would. i would be like my bad put him back we were wrong. anyway, much more to talk about i'm sure as the morning progresses, thank you holly for that. coming up on "fox news morning". less than 50% of maryland students do well on assessment tests. >> and the biggest storied rivalry is headed back to bethesda. >> 78 degrees already my goodness. hot day on top. cooler than yesterday. 443 is the time. keel be back after this this
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alth crest pro-health... ...really brought my mouth... the next level. >> the president defented his
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lashing out to the media. >> residents of a prince george county condominiums deemed unsafe have until moon to move out. while investigating it they found holes in ceiling and standing water and piles of trash and abandoned toilets and strong odor in the hall ways and residents explained of row don't dent and insect infecttations. if they refuse to move they'll seek a court order to have the residents removed. and researchers developing a vaccine for fentanyl. it has closed overdoses accidentally in overdose ca calls. it would force the body to feel it's foreign forcing apt bodies against. it when the aunt bodies attach to the fentanyl it's unable to bind to respect tores blocking effects. new study says thousands of lives could be saved in u.s. if mammograms are done every
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84. the study's authors say their work does not look at cause of positives or whether they could happened the the influx of mammograms. >> wednesday, august 2 3, airport erin is there. >> look who else joined. >> gary mcgrady making appearances on the morning news, what's up. >> you guys get up early. >> it was so long ago. you guys while he's in here with us. >> boy i'm not awake. who says i'm awake now. >> it's like riding a bike. >> exactly here's a quick look what is going on. cold front lurking north and west. once this swings through we should be in pretty good sh shape, too. trending towards lower humidity and gorgeous weekend. temperatures out here force you this morning look like this mild, even in some cases warm and annapolis 80. how about that this morning? fredericksburg 85. humid too. until the front gets through and that's later on that will start trend
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sweep a lot of moisture out of here and sunshine in the afternoon. speaking of sunshine that allows temperature today one more day to get up to middle 80s most of us. that's the forecast here's erin como who is in this morning with traffic. >> we'll get you a cup of coffee, gary, 4:49 outer loop construction as well blocking left lane approaching 50. as you make your way outer loop down of 66 caution watch for slow downs. 66 good inner loop from spinning kneeled interest change to leemon bridge. we have construction inner loop you hit once you goat gw parkway to the leemingon br bring. any questions for morning commute @erinfoxdc on twitter. right now overnight construction lingering maureen and wisdom back to you. >> 4:49 is the time now and new exclusive details in story of virginia priest that revealed his past as kkk member. father
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threatened to kill coretta scott king. >> "fox5" annie yu is live from fair faxt. annie rrlt wisdom and maureen we can tell you father william aichison took a leave of absence and stepped down from recent post from the church behind me called the st. leo the great in fairfax, vir virginia. we made several attempts to spoke with him about his troubled past and have not heard back. we were able to track done a family, local family who say they are one of the african-american families targeted by aichison back in the 0s and suffered hateful acts including cross burning on front lawn. the couple says they're still owed civil dams from aichison and even after 40 years they are not sure they can forgive him for what happened. they're not alone. classified documents of course taped from the late 70s found he burned crosss in front of self
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families in prince george county and made numerous threats coretta scott king threatening to kill her if they spoke at the university of maryland. if you look at the screen now these are threatening letters. some say stay off the maryland campus or you will day. africa or death by lynching take your pick. the catholic church has been remaining violent offing a statement saying they are deeply troubled, sad and deeply troubled by this on confession of father aichison and we can tell he we hoe to learn more from the family as they told us sdurpt the interview they willed with hold a press conference to share more details. that's the latest from fai fairfaxer have vir, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> 4:5 1st time coming up a number of local barbers are getting ready to give free back to school hair cuts. >> and bill cosby sexual assault
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and try febreze small spaces to clean away odors for up to 30 days. breathe happy with febreze. i'm 4:54 bil cosby sexual assault restril moved to 2018 they requested the delay to have more to time get ready. legal team includes tom merrow who won acquittal in michael jackson child molestation case. >> long time football rivalry heads back to the city of brotherly love. four out of the next five army navy football games played at lincoln financial field until philadelphia. city hosted 86 of 117 games between two academies. >> fairfax county fire and rescue is offering freeac
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1 p.m. at the gum springs community center 81 0 0 forwardman roadment. completed permission slip is required and must be presented at the time. children under the age of nine must be accompanied by ate parents or guardian. >> okay, we are just three days ayeah now from the next zip trip. let's put up that graphic here we go yeah friday august 25 "fox5" will be live in fredericksburg, virginia. hermine can park 6 to 11 a.m. corner of william and prince street michael thomas will be there and steve chenevey will thereby and i'll be there. >> you know what else will be there. >> this tisher auto group of laurel and fox5 are giving away one year lesson 2018 acura lx at the zip trip at national harbor.
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the contest livk and register to be selected as five finalists. they must attend in person and one lucky viewer will go home a winner. you must be 18 old or better to enter. for the details. >> let's get to gary mcgrady for the weather today. heat hopefully ebbing a bit. >> a lot. heat index was up over 100. we won't have that today. thank goodness. i don't see that coming back for maybe the rest of the summer. >> riding out ahead of this frontal system along 270 we have a chance for few showers through the morning hours. few and far between pote potentially could be out. there upper 70s right now and lower 70s gaithersburg and here's erin como with traffic. >> 4:56 and we're taking a please ebts view of 395 yesterday. we had such big problems with
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hov being shut down and right now hov are looking great and so are main lanes. volume is building but not to cause slow downs as you make your way beltway on through. any questions erin fox d.c. on stwiter. we'll look at your metro schedule next. >> changes are being made to navy leadership after deadly accident aboard the u is ss john mccain. >> lightning caused massive fire in western maryland. >> heading across the d.c. region, it's 4:57 now. 78 degrees. "fox news morning" back after this
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>> today anti-trump protes turned violent. gore fiveness or restitution. opening up about a former kkk member who is now a priest in northern virginia. >> a live look outside in for cloud question skies and temps medicine 80s and some of you could see a stray shower or two as well. >> thank you nor joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, august 23. >> gary mcgrady in with us today with look at forecast. erin como she's checking out the roads hey


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