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tv   The Final 5  FOX  September 6, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> we're sxorpsing technical difficulty and can't bring you the final five tonight. you will see it tomorrow night we're here with the latest news and weather you need to know until midnight tonight. we'll begin with the big story everybody is talking about wrawj of hurricane irma. they'reing you through the caribbean and leaving a mass avenue path in its wake. >> slamming into the visual inislands winds up to 185 miles an hour and unprecedented damage in the typely island nation of
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dead and 95% of properties are damaged 60% of population homeless and island is barely habitable. >> the form is project today hit florida. 25,000 people evacuated florida keys. after all visitors were ored to leave that led to bumper to bumper traffic on the single highway that links islands to the main land an there's reports of gas shortages and long lines as gas stations and some people are planning to ride out the storm as it hits this weekend and governor rick scott warning them to take every precaution. >> i cannot stress this enough do not ignore evacuation orders remember we can rebuild your home but not rebuild your life. >> scared. >> yeah. >> i am because you know like i said you hope for best. >> many of you have been sending us messages on twitter an facebook asking for later
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on hurricane track. let's get to sue palka to see if there's change to the st storm's path, sue. >> we got the latest update from national hurricane center 8:00. first and foremost carrying 185 mile an hour winds and it's been doing that for 33 hours. no other tropical system around the globe is able to do that since satellite era began in 1966. yes it's these a crowd here. we have three hurricanes we're tracking and this is the latest own category five irma unbelievable storm and and even if it's potentially undergoing eye wall replacement cycle now doing four or time times already and sometimes they emerge stronger after that of the right now it is about 8
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miles east southeast of grand turk islands. no direct hit for puerto rico. there's radar present taixingts you can see is how impressive you it is and up believable storm an latest track has it going north of dominican repuck lynn and norm of cuba and land fall in southeastern florida may be coming up southeast coast of florida and south carolina georgia border there monday as category 2. so still plenty to be concerned with. carolinas have to be concerned and obviously florida taking it seriously as we talk to rick scott making sure they're out of the way and clustering center east of florida east coast and again it's a large system and sure cabe conditions will be felt there along the coast for s sure. hurricane hunter explore irma and you can see how closely
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watching that path tonight still finding winds sustained at 185 miles an hour as they cross through center of this very dangerous unprecedented and historic storm. as moves to that water we'll watch to see what happens. if there's any change. 85 digirolamo water is going to fuel that system and unfortunately things go downhill late this weekend for florida as well as bahamas. tony, shawn, that's the lateet own irma and much more on our forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you sue. >> and search and rescue team and search and rescue teams are fweeing up to after math of hurricane irma. >> virginia task force two is in puerto rico as irma slams caribbean and lauren demarco spoke to members as the team
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helps to prepare. >> there are 28 search and rescue teams reporting for fema. maryland task force once is based out of this warehouse in rockville. they're geared up for irma. we spoke with virginia task force 2 based out of virginia beach. they've been sent to san juan and we spoke with them as hurricane irma was passing them to north. >> so conditions greatly improved in the last hour an we were met with i would say 45 to 50 mile an hour winds sustained and gusts but our basic location sustained well no real issues and we're on generator power and the island is that way without powder and we're with generator and team is ready to roll and we're waiting now for the hurricane to move further to the west to get out and go to work. >> the 45-member team was air-lifted to purt rocco yesterday along with equipment and two vehicles. they're
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rescues and re covery missions under a long list of situations from flash flooding to structural klapsz. other teams from our area, virginia task force 1 out of fairfax country and par mar task force 1 out of montgomery county were just in texas. rescuing people and pets from devastation there. maryland's hazmat team didn't make it back home deploying straight to alabama to await further up instructions as irma barrels to the east coast. and the guys from fairfax did get to spend one quick night at home with families before they headed south as well. >> right when i pulled in my parking lot i knew it was a possibility we were going back out. >> this is a big storm and we have an idea on what things need to be added from the last mission and so we're able to build on it and great logistic support and these guys were working on it and working on it in houston planning. >> our folks do this as we all are responders and we want to be public servants and support the community in time of need. that's why we
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in and out and ride fire apparatus and emergency medical vehicles. here's an opportunity where we can help other communities further than the national capital region. >> the search and rescue teams are made up not only of first responders but also civilians like doctors and engineers and they tell us that there are plenty more members ready to go when needed. in rockvile, lauren demarco. "fox5 local news". >> the group of protesters who walked all the way from charlottesville to d.c. to speak out on white supremacy is going take at fargat scare. >> they started their journey last monday and arrived in the nation alcapital this afternoon. protesters are calling this sustained vigil which they say means roun the clock presence. mees sources say this is not permitted demonstration. park police will allow them to stay here unless things get violent or they set up camp. >> they told us tonight there would be demonstrators that may stay
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weeks until september 30 and listen to what one of the organizers had to say tonight. >> you're staying here. >> i do't have a specific answer to that. i'm not sure because that's really not my role. >> do you know if you have a permit. >> i know that we are in compliance with the law in what we're doing here. >> so are you going to be sleeping overnight and camping here. >> no like said it's sustained vigil. so vigils are not encampments. >> but it's 24 hour presence. >> yes. >> so you guys will be here for remainder of that time. >> uh-huh yeah and then we definitely invite people to come join us on the march for racial justice on september 30. >> now this are several big rallies scheduled this month in the district and this group says they will end round the clock vigil september 30 same day as march for justice ra rally. >> you normally see jim lokay this time o
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a jim lokay fix for you in a few moments. stay with us we'll be right back
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>> hurricane irma is not the only news we have for you. >> down in the newsroom with the latest on other news. >> headlines down here in the newsroom developing in manage counselingy tonight a search is underway for missing woman this pipingt should be there on your screen. 31-year-old laura wallen last contacted her family in a text message sunday her family said they were unable to reresearch her since and she is pregnant. she maying driving a black 2011 ford escape with maryland tags m 522473. >> a story we followed in-depth lastary and it stunned folks throughout the region skshlly around montgomery koutsy more life innocence sentences for a man that went on shooting
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last year after killing his wife outside a beltsville high school. he shot a man trying to help his wife and then two people in montgomery mall parking lot and then a grocery store parking lot. today the word came down two more life sentences for prince george country on top of four life innocence sentences in montgomery country. >> look at your screen here because plea wants to know if you recognize this man police in prince william county say he exposed himself to 8-year-old girl inside a home depot in woodbridge one of the girl's family members con phoned him and took the picture. that's when the man took off. if you know him call prince william county police. >> a bits of small victory for opponents of purple line a federal judge refused to listen to friend of cap tap trail. the development of purple line would harm community an they want judge to issue temporary re
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of trail and tearing up trees. the trail was shut down yesterday after funding came through for that purple line it's a long term project that will be closed for a number of years a judge may issue temporary retraining order as early as friday. >> stained glass windows honor confederate generals being removed. two windows honor robert e. lee and thomas stonewall jackson the cathedral call for them to be removed two careers ago after a historical black church in south carolina and then on tuesday voted to remove windows immediately. the cathedral said it will start windows until they figure out where to put them permanently. >> big topic of week is daca and reaction swift. now we're getting legal reaction from attorney general from 50 states as well as district suing to block a plan to end daca and program came to being by way of executive order from president barack
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immigrants that came to u.s. as children from deportation and lawsuit alleges decision to end daca violate constitution and act and analysts consider this long shot. trump says he will give congress six months to come up with alternative before ending program completely. a lot to come on that as we -- this is normally something we talk about on the final five take a little break tonight. >> that's all right we send things up to tony and shawn as we give you latest headlines. >> coming to you from the newsroom downstairs let's talk about hurricane irma not alone in atlantic. >> isn't that crazy. >> what did we find out. >> first time since 2010. >> 2010 to have three hurricanes. we've had multiple tropical systems but unusual to find three hurricanes. >> one is gulf of mexico. >> correct that will likely make landfall in mexico when that popped u
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hurricane katia in gulf of mexico houston probably freaked. >> i'm sure. >> luckily that is not going to have effect on them unfortunately florida latest track with irma not a good scenario and system time for things to change but time now to prepare and that's what i think has happened. one good thing about people who live in florida they take hurricanes seriously and you don't have to tell them twice after what they went through in 2005 last big land fall there was hurricane wilma and andrew in 1992. people still remember that and talk about it. fall feel for us, is going to be continuing tomorrow and big area of high pressure is going to set up shop for the next several days and deliver temperatures like this the next four or five night in a row. 6 d.c. and gauge rz burling 57 whip chester comfortable 5. good sleeping weather call pepper 58. it's been humid today and of course chasing last
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out and overnight drier air coming in fist a loft might create fog as that happens as skies clear out and comfortable day tomorrow. overnight we'll head for 50s lingering light showers and out of here in pretty short order next couple of hours or so. and then nice strong area of high pressure going to be building in. little bill on the preezy side perhaps especially as we get to friday. feeling like fall again as temperatures top out in 70s. low 70s in our area get up to pennsylvania and likely stay in the 60s going forward. here's what we're thinking in terms of tomorrow on cool side and comfortable and sun in the forecast should feel much more pleasant day. 76 fredericksburg and 74 annapolis and 69 winchester and you may not even crack 70 degree mark and in and around dulles sterling 70 degrees. look at radar presentation of hurricane irma and that again
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west of sawn one no direct hit puerto rico and rough day there with hurricane conditions and tropical storm conditions and buzz past the dominican republic and next up turks and cacos and bahamas. moving west to northwest and maintaining 185 mile an hour sustained winds and a new record for atlantic hurricane this is the lightest track from hurricane center and saturday night 8:00 as category four it begins approach to southeastern florida. maybe very close here to the coastline on sunday at 8 pbg as category four with wind of 140 miles an hour and then we have to watch for second land fall potentially on georgia south carolina border near charleston. they don't want to see this after hurricane hugo back in the day. hugo was four category four and this
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weakened to category two with winds of 110 miles an hour monday night at 8. clouds likely from it and rain showers on tuesday, wednesday, on that path. and pretty good agreement monahany operational models and east ward track near no day and wanted to mention hurricane jose this is also a storm of significance and it briefly gets to category three then weakens friday back to a two and monday hopefully tropical storm and hopefully keeps turning looks like another close call for northern leeward islands and although the core of this one appears to be off the islands not direct hit irma was for barbood and and anguila and st. martin. headed for warmer waters and that means the threat is up for carolinas and georgia and florida and all of us have to watch that possible land fall there. tropical wind field wind being over 7
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where does this go over the next 24 hours you can see that hurricane force winds going downhill for the turks and cacos and as we continue on in time friday night 10:00 still big tropical storm force field and you're not seeing as much as hurricane force field with this and florida starts to feel it and things go downhill saturday night with winds pigging up as center of irma begins closer to southeastern florida coastline. good agreement among two big operational models gfs and euro you see them almost on top of each other with european model in yellow and gfs white and look at how it is giving such good agreement as we go forward in time all the way up to carolina coast and remnants may be tracking across western portions of north carolina up to ohio valley and as of today. looking at the weekend it's another beautiful set of days for us coming with temperatures in the 70sp cool mornings a
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here's a look at weekend forecast. we'll go for 70, 73 saturday and sunday 72 degrees and quick look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast feast eyes on next four days. monday we cloud up and have a temperature of 74. we have irma rain showers potentially in the forecast for us. in the tuesday, wednesday time frame to be determined. but right now that's how things are looking with the 7 day forecast and "fox 5 news" late edition will be right back.
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brody logan has the latest own how the burgandy and gold are gearing up. >> skins getting ready for sunday game again the eagles and depends which trnd you choose to believe. we'll call it rule of five. five straight times redskins have beaten eagles' team even though the last two times
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met kirk cousins through threw for a touchdown and they came back with victories but redskins have not won an season opener since rg 3 first game against saint in 2012. robert griffin iii his very first game. redskins are excited. it's game one. we're all excited. it's ratcheted up more when facing divisional opponent. these games are important. you get few of them. redskins need to come up with a w this subbed. >> we have to have a sense of umencey. it's a division game and home game and it's important game for us hopefully everybody understands the pops of this game. >> division games you only get six a year and they mean so much come december and jan january. >> i don't know there's that much to say other than i mean start your engines and let's go, ready man. >> josh, one guy whose e
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does not need to get started up is kirk cousins he destroyed eagles in career over 318 yards a game pass rating 102.9 and why is that important? higher than any other quarterback in nfl against philly. from redskins park, brody logan, "fox5" sports. >> all right. that game should be on "fox5"sunday. >> and warm should be nice. >> should be nice. >> looking forward to that. >> if it's not on "fox5"don't watch but i think it will be. >> we'll be right back everybody
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>> we're back with breaking news in montgomery county maryland app hour ago there was dadly crash involving unmarked police cruiser and motor scooter we under the person on the motor scooter died. the crash is under investigation. we are getting information this crash happened veers mill road and norris drive. veers mill closed
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directions between new port mill and gulf avenue. >> that's all the information we have from montgomery county police. of course we'll have more information about this as it becomes available tomorrow morning on "fox news morning". >> in the meantime, of course, you can also keep an eye on twitter and facebook a deadly crash in montgomery county involved unmarked cruiser and scooter. if you missed it one last check of track of irma updated tonight we can show that to you as it's going to be likely next up affecting turks and cacos and bahamas and florida southeast coast saturday night at category 4 hurricane scraping up coast for second land fall near georgia south carolina border monday. that's a long weekend to deal with irma that's for sure. and our "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. beautiful weekend here four, five days in a row looking great and we may deal with rain showers by the tuesday,
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>> bahama koz get a direct hit. >> we'll stay on top of this. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> "fox news morning" 4:25.
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he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: i'm not touching this one. you do it. [laughter] >> racial controversy. jason whitlock, who is an anchor on fs1 and it was the guy with a colin kaepernick costume. the internet thought he was a bck guy, not a white guy. light-skinned brother. not just any light-skinned brother. it's drake. [laughter] >> kim and kanye, they're having their third child at the end of january. >> did you see kim kdashian talk about how north hates her baby brother? harvey: if you have two kids that don't get along with each otr, is having a third kid someing that creates peace or make a bigger problem. >> probably a bigger problem.


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