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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mark and gwen parent of law asat with her boyfriend as they released few details investigators are willing to release. al times the couple held his happened or caresed his shoulder, tyler tesier said he knew laura ten years as was looking forward to arrival of their baby when she fanished. >> if you're listening, it doesn't matter what happened. it doesn't matter what type of trouble, there's nothing we cannot fix together, myself and your family. there's so many people, so many people that miss you. there's so many people that are out. we have not slept. we have not even. we are just looking. >> montgomery county police say laura wallen sent a text message to her family last monday morning that left them concerned. a message investigators have so far declined to
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even describe. the very next day tuesday, 5 5th, she failed to show up for work on first day of school. two days later on 7th her car was found in the 10600 block of grammarcy placeness columbia not far from columbia mall and meriweather post pavilion. >> laura's father. >> i wanted to let laura know we're outlooking for her and not giving up on her. she is still alive somewhere and our family would like to offer a reward of $25,000. her students adored her as we do. and we just want her back. >> laura wallen is four months pregnant and police are calling her disappearance suspicious. tyler tesier says laura was very excited for the new school year and nothing seemed out of place before she disappeared. >> i think leading up to the weekend that
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i mean, i don't believe anybody has any inclination to think something was wrong. >> reporter: now this reward is not coming from the police. it's coming directly from the family. again it's $25,000. we all had lots of questions here for the police. but they're holding a lot of what they have close to the investigate of the they're not willing to share it at this point. and they're not giving out information to who saw her last or where she was last seen or not saying what was in text message or who it was september to. as far as the car, her car, her ford escape, 2011 ford escape was found in columbia near the columbia wall and merriweather coast pavilion and they're not saying what condition the car was in what might have been found. whether there's way a note or anything. they're not releasing information that a lot of you have
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but at this point, again, that reward is out there and people are trying to help. live at police headquarters, paul wagner, "fox5 local ne news". >> now to tragic news out of waldorf, maryland a 2-year-old in cust dive licensed daycare provider died from an acc accidental drowning a call came into charles county sheriff department saying woman running daycare was making breakfast for three kids which she realized one was missing the door has a deck that led to above ground pool the boy likely opened the door falling into the pool. first responders were called totd scaen and could not soft child. >> i can't imagine a worst situation for a parent to drop off a child and he's taken and get a call, frantic call like this. i think it is parents worst nightmare and i feel for everybody involved. it sounds like a horrible accident. >>
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the daycare will continue to be up and running. detectives are continuing their investigation. trap kol storm irma continues to go towards georgia and alabama. >> it hit as a category 4 hurricane and blamed for six deaths in sunshine state. tens of thousand who's we vac associated remains in shelters and 6 million are without power. this is one neighborhood in naples. the city avoid major structure damage. forecasters expected historic flooding to naples and the storm weakened as it moved north. >> jacksonville was not lucky. streets are swallowed by wa water. heavy rain and record storm surges turned several streets to rivers and dozens were rescued from flooded homes. the flooding could continue up it a week. >> dramatic images out of cocoa beach florida. this is a large section of
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this is 60 miles southeast of orlando. rain total ready being call khaited now and officials say bervard county could see more than a into the of rain. >> on the west side of florida coast a pickup truck was stuck in pacoe county no power there and damage to homes and trees and rising watt rz a major concern for people that live along the river and south east part of state clip efforts in ft. lauderdale crews working to remove large amounts of sand in the streets. this car was struck trying to drive through the city. in some areas it's hard to see where the beach ends and road and sidewalks begin. they plan to open beaches once the roads are clear. you you see it move north. here's sue with the latest track on the tropical storm. >> we got another update from the national hurricane center and i'm happy to tell you irma continues to weaken with winds of 50 miles an hour. it's a tropical storm. as it moved to georgia two deaths reportedhe
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prepared homes and got caught in gust of winld. is it still capable of producing damage. here's the latest as we look at radar and also want to remind people that tropical storms mean business as well and this is a big one. it is still raining across portions of pan handle florida and winding down and heavy rain in atlanta. the storm is 150 miles south of atlanta. the rain has moved to alabama as well. and next up it will likely be churning -- the center will churn across alabama and memphis. here is the latest track. you can see it there moving north, northwest at 17. that's good because at least it's moving unlike remnants of harvey which stalled as we all know over the texas area. this keeps on moving and keeps on weakening. by this time tomorrow it will likely have a depression most likely winds of 35 miles an hour and see it moving across tennessee
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the way, clouds that you see in our area right now the thin, high clouds out there those are related to irma. and they'll continue to be around tonight as well as during the day tomorrow. and but we're going to stay dry for a while. let me show you future cast. this track of irma taking it into western portions of kentucky and tennessee keeps it wovt effects out of here. we'll get light showers out of it later in the day tomorrow and have a lot f clouds around. here's where it is at 11:00 tonight and then you can see there is some rain starting to push into southern virginia tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and it still holds off for our area probably until later in the evening tomorrow. but we won't hold it at bay forever. by 11:00 tomorrow night i think light showers and could be sooner than that too. future cast may be off on the timing and light showers will push in here and be with us off and on throughout the week. not just remnants of irma but in a moist flow. there's another hurricane to talk about. hurricane jose. we'll have the latest on that track with g
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up in a few minutes. jim, sarah i'll send it back to you. irma is taking to georgia and pramenting a tropical storm warning for atlanta. >> rodriguez from our sister station in atlanta. ken what are the conditions like now. >> have a look at me, guys, jim, sarah, that should tell you all you need to know it may be downgraded now to tropical storm but irma causing a lot of problems here. you mentioned two fatalities and here we can confirm there was one in sandy springs area north of here in atlanta. a house was hit by a tree and that's where the first fatality came from we have a problem in georgia. our trees don't flex like in florida. they're hard woods especially atlanta area. when they come down they come down with a big thud. let's turn around not quite yet see if there are more gusts. gusts have been coming periodically here and you can tell when the ground gets saturated around here it's troubl
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hit in their cars. no failt tallties there. but that's happened in the past in fact one of our coanchors was 18" from certain death after a tree landed in his house. that's a big problem around here. and a lot of our power lines are above ground. that is also an issue to deal with. and when the trees land on sparks we have live wires laying all over the streets around here. lot of big challenges here in atlanta metro area. and as you said, the enter cerf storm has not even passed us yet. >> it's a big area big metro plex not just atlanta but outlying counties and in terms of pren rations and readiness we're talking something they have not seen before in terms of tropical storm warning. how are they looking? >> well, the biggest thing is they kept -- i had a clear drive all the way to the studio today. most everybody is headed warnings and stay off the roads and allow the power crews and allow first respond others to get to where they need to. that's been the biggest thing. we've already got people out there with chain saws trying to
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lines and from roadways so that people can get through. for the most part, the roads have been clear. that's been the biggest thing and the most important thing as you know, couple of years ago we had big snowstorm around here. the more car the worse things get around here. jim, sarah. >> ken, wow say a lot of people left town or there was so much focus on the hurricane with florida a lot of people were not paying attention are there quit a few people in atlanta preparing to ride this thing out. >> i don't think it was as necessary as it was in flo florida. having said that, there are over 1 million people, 1 million georgia power customers without power tonight. and that number has been climbing steadily throughout the hours. >> all right. ken rodriguez we appreciatety know you have a busy couple days ahead of yourself. thanks for checking in ton tonight. >> coming up a scare at the white house today causes a temporary lockdown. >> something a man threw over the white house tense and of course the secret service responded. >> and plus not
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protesters demand justice for terrence sterling a black driver killed by d.c. police. >> and of course, today, marks 16 years sin the deadly terror attacks on september 11. as we head to break, this is a look at one world trade center in new york. it often referred to as freedom tower. the view up there is phenomenal and the tributes above are the same as trib buts down below. it stands tall as symbol of resemblance of ground zero. more of remembrance ceremony of the lives lost 16 years ago today coming up
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>> developing now in montgomery county firefighters springing into action this afternoon after a person fell into the ceno canal. >> live in potomac with what happened, anjali. we're here at the ceno national canal historic parka way from locke 15 where the rescue had to take place a half a mile down here. what we're learning now is that this woman is expected to be okay. we have been told from witnesses that she did fall down an embankment if you will about 20 feet down into some water are. but she is expected to be fine. i think they believe her only injuries are a dislocated shoulder. she also had a visible bandage on her hand and arm. but she was talking when she came out. so that is good. again, this is
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a lot of people ride their bikes along here and witnesses tell us that this is a stretch of the path that if are you not paying attention you can easily drive over it and fall into some water. if you're not careful. there is no barrier there to block you. so most people do heed warnings and they're obviously always looking out on this particular stretch of the canal. but you know, sometimes accidents can happen if you're not paying attention that is thought to be what may have happened here today. again this woman is expected to be okay. she probably fell about 20 feet. and dislocated her shoulder. that's the latest in potomac. anjali hemphill, fox news. >> and protesters took to the streets in the district this morning to mark 1 year since terrence sterling was shot to death by police and he was shot and killed by d.c. police officer brian trainer after his motorcycle hit a police cruiser. sterling was unarmed at the time of the hoot shoeing and police body camera footage did not record the incident because offer trainer turned it
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demonstrators say they are demanding justice. >> it's important to keep his name in people's memory. keep his name in people's mouths and on hearts and in prayers. so we come out to be vigilant and show we continue to stand together. we want city to be accountable for this young man's death. he should still be here today we should not be celebrating one year anniversary of his murder but celebrating he has another day in the land of the living. >> another rally in honor of sterileing is set tore ton tonight. more tonight on a crime. >> a woman a maryland woman forced to give birth early after being set on fire. how the community is helping tonight as she and her newborn baby recover. >> and maryland couple that gained internet fame for playing a prank on kids face add i judge today and why they won't face any jail time. >> if you have a story requested give a call to, 202-895-3000.
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♪ from new york city to arlington county western pennsylvania, to the white house, the nation today p pawsing to remember 9/11. >> this is 16th anniversary of the terror attacks of september 11, 2001. bob barnard takes a look how some of us are paying tribute. >> aram iskadrian junior. >> john f. iskin. >> in lower manhattan annual reading of names and more than 2600 that perished at the world trade center september 11, 2001. here in washington a moment of silence on the south lawb you white house 8:46 a.m. the precise moment the first hijacked airliner crashed be into the north tower. later at the pentagon
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president trump spoke of our nation's resolve. >> today as we stand on this hallowed ground we're reminded of timeless truth that when america is united no force on earth can break us apart. no force. >> in shanksville, pennsylvania, vice-president pence attends a 9/11 service at the memorial to flight 193. and at joint base andrews a remembrance ceremony honoring first responders. >> we work with them daily, depend on them daily and couldn't do our missions here at joint base andrews without the support of those in and around prince george county and national capital region. >> at the andrews ceremony a flyover of f 16s. the 113 air fighter wing going on full alert in the moments after the attacks. >> as much as we
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and frightened about the whole thing and what was happening to the world, we were wanted together, working together. >> we spoke to three members of the d.c. air national guard. tony, steve and scott were here that fateful day. >> i would like to think that when people say 9/11 never forget. i hope they never forget. [ taps ]. >> it's 9/11 again, 16 years after the one that changed course of history. at joint base andrews, bob barnard, "fox5 local news". ♪ [ taps ]. >> all right taking a live look outside on what as we know is early very much a day like this on 9/11 back in 2 2001. >> hard to believe 16 years ago today on a day like this you take a look at reagan national airport and bring in sue for
5:23 pm
up over the next day or few days from now. >> jim, sarah, i completely agree. it feels like every anniversary of 9/11 the weather is spectacular which remind us of that day. a change up on a beautiful note. hi, thin clouds coming in putting gray on the sky and those clouds will be with us through the day tomorrow. they're serious high clouds from irma. we're getting a taste of it now moving across southeastern united states. you can see it's 150 miles center south of atlanta. my heavens we have so much rain in that area and if you did not see this before he, these are tropical storm warnings and that's the first time atlanta had a tropical storm warning and that went into effect tomorrow and will remain until tonight. obviously coastal areas have to watch for struch because as everyone has been saying just because wind were down to 50
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storms done in our area including isabel. now that the storm is weakening it can cause problems and lack of power and falling trees are among the biggest ones. focusing locally, temperatures on the cool side here. 72 degrees. in the district culpeper 69. winchester 66. ands as we look at evening forecast weep keel it dry. 00 temperature, 70, 71 by 9:00 and about 68 and 11:00, 66. while high pressure continues to keep us comfortable and dry for the most part through the day tomorrow, it will also begin the process of adding a little about the of atlantic moisture into our area and at the same time we'll be watching some of the remnants from irma showers outer bands getting a little closer. so a couple of light rain showers still possible for us tomorrow as well as early on wednesday. but in terms of big effect from irma that is not in the cards for us we still have another hurricane we're keeping track
5:25 pm
gary mcgrady has the latest on jose come up in a couple minutes. sarah, jim. >> thank you, sue. >> a new investigation at george washington university. >> tom fitzgerald is working this story tonight. hey, fits. >> jim, sarah this is about a student conservative group. they say they have been framed by a hate speech flier that turned up here on campus that they had nothing to do with. we'll tell what you they have to say about it and what they want the university to step in and take action about. ronica. >> thanks, tom, well, today's press briefing sarah sanders took questions for only nine minutes. but, let me tell you, there are highlights in that very short time. you do not want to miss. we'll tell what you you need to know. first, gary. >> thanks a lot, ronica. sue mentioned it. we have jose behind us. i thit say it, it's the next storm up. where is it going. do we know for sure where it's going yet? we'll talk about that coming
5:26 pm
nice evening. few clouds from irma more news on the other side of this break, stay with us.
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snv an update on that attack in cap tool hight are a man set his pregnant girlfriend on fire. andrea grinage set on fire. doctors delivered her baby who is also in critical condition. her suspect add attacker is in custody. go fund me account is set up to pay for her and her baby's medical bills. >> secret service arrested a man accused of throwing items over the fence at the white house. agency tweeted the man through a sign and notebook over the fence. it fronted a scare at the
5:30 pm
white house. president trump returned to the white house during the lockdown. >> no jail time for maryland parents behind controversial daddy of five utube videos. mike and heather martin rose to fame for making crank videos which they have a amounted to child abuse. under the plea deal they received ten year suspended prison sentence and five years probation conditions include restriction on videotaping kids and posting images on social media. >> police at george washington university launched investigates after someone post the islamic phobic posters on campus. >> whoever posted them tried to make it look like on campus conservative group. now that group says they were flamed and it's not the first time they were harassed. tom fitzgerald is live on the george washington campus with more, hey, tom. >> jim, sarah, the group young american foundation their chapter here at gw they spent this
5:31 pm
these up. thousands of flags in remembrance of 9/11. they say this is what they're b patriotism and respect. but that is not what happened here on friday annual eye muslim flyers and president of the group said reverse hate speech was directed at people on this campus and president of that organization now this young mesh foundation say they want something done about it. >> when we first saw this we were shocked and disgusted and we're dispoypded to see someone would attack us. >> why do you think they did it this. >> honestly i can't help but think it's because we're a conservative organization. >> take a look at these things yourself. these are fake posters that started on popping up around the campus of gw laming to be from young american foundation and he could be tin references to what are
5:32 pm
things like lasers in their eyes. venom in their mouth. hidden ak-47. suicide investigate. let's be clear this is hate speech. it's inflammatory and it is directly coming from the mouth allegedly of of this conservative group. they say they had nothing to do with this. young american foundations will tell you this is not the first time they say they have been the target of dirty trikdz or harassment on the campus. shannon bell the president you heard from said she in her viewpoint thinks there's a double stand aerd here when there's liberal group attached action is swift and diseaseive and not so much when there's a conservative group that is tawrnget of all this we talked to the dean of students at gw university who says nothing could be further from the truth. in his viewpoint that simply is not true and the university is taking this cream extremely seriously. >> yeah i mean
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with all student organizations and want to make sure it's inclusive for everyone and make sure students if they feel there's something disruptive brought to our attention we aunt to look into it and try to remedy it. >> how seriously are they taking this. this seriously from the moment these flyers were discovered george washington university police we are told launched full investigation into who was behind this and why they are doing this. and targeting this conservative group. the goal of this is simple getting bottom of this. figuring out who is behind the hate speech flares. live at gw tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox m 5 local n news. >> from steve bannon's tell all interview of his time at white house to possible plans for more regulations after equifax security breach. >> ronica cleary live at the white house with more on well there's the white house and
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>> reporter: jim, sarah, you know, steve bannon sat down with the interview with charlie rose and worth noting the president didn't tweet about it soy amain focus in today's briefing was trying to get some reaction. what did the president feel about that sit down interview with steve bannon. i'll tell you this. one thing that has a lot of people talking bannon says he believes the president's decision to fire james comey was the biggest mistake in "modern political history" now here's how sanders responded to that. >> i think we've been clear of our position and certainly it's been shown in the days that followed that the president was right in firing director comey since dir director's firing we learned new information about his conduct and that only provided further justification for that firing including giving
5:35 pm
testimony and looking privileged information to journalist and wpt outside of the shape of xhapd and plate size the a investigation into a presidential can sglaiment another issue that came up with the peeving that he can we fax security breach after the company reported 140 million users may have had their personal information x xosed to hackers. new regulations should be issued to handle america's -- americans personal information. sanders was open to the idea saying it should be looked at extensive hi and that we have to make sure americans are pro teblingted and femorly rkt there was also a great deal of talk about irma. sarah huckabee sanders brought in tom boss ert homeland security advisor it address the continued pass of irma and devastation it's leaving behind. interesting point the federal government response to each of these hurricanes and trage
5:36 pm
is different because of the type of destruction they left behind. take a list. >> there's a number of priorities for the federal government and right now because the storm is ongoing our priority is life saving and sustaining jacksonville and keys are taking considerable amount of attention now. what you'll see in florida and more broadly speaking is comparative. houston and harvey as acutely that narrow what are stiffly what we have now. we're trying to marshall the resources where needed and it's a prioritization effort. >> now, of course, what's has so many people talking is these storms were so close to one another we're taking to the streets to bring you pulse of people on 5 at 6:30 how your reaction mayor may to the be different as you think how you could help after two disasters like we've seen. reporting live in the whitehouse ronica cleary, "fox5 local news". >> we talked about harvey and irma and there's been a lot of talk about the third hurricane workgi
5:37 pm
>> jose. churn around out there in the water too i can't believe people are ready to talk about this. >> there's been so many. >> i know. >> and antidote alley people are saying what's with jose. >> okay, let's talk about j jose. category two hurricane down from free. this is satellite here. it looks like in the next few frames it's wane eping a little bit. the same storm we i had the lessen antilles and it did not hit them again. stayed form of them. right now it's still a category two storm. what's interesting the panel and official forecast will did a loop de loop. >> it's not unnormal. >> has happened before. >> not unusual. >> not usual. >> weather term. >> it's a sign tisk term. uniform nal. not unusual it would happen going back to 20
5:38 pm
hurricane hanna oddly enough was on the path of hurricane gustof that won in golf and went into louisiana. oddly enough too, hannah ended upcoming along the east coast as tropical storm. now it doesn't mean this is what you do and i want to led ahead and let the loop go. hurricane center thinks it comes back and station perhaps category question one hurricane let's say this modeling does not do a good job at all when storms take a look. little kluringter of models. >> spaghetti. >> we call it spaghetti. everybody knows that. >> yep. >> some want to take it north and stay as far as as we co could. models bring it baca around to thaetenest coast. i think it's wednesday or thursday. once this thing will complete a loop the models will have a better idea dprabing it trying to figure out what it wants to do. all this is t
5:39 pm
know a lot until perhaps wednesday and thursday. right now both reliable models do bring close enough to the east coast that it could be a concern. >> missing florida? >> missing florida. >> that's important thing. >> in addition florida but we'll be revisiting jose probably late this week and through the weekend. >> all right. that's not another one behind us. >> not yet. >> it's peak hurricane season. it's probably going to happen. >> all right. thanks gary. >> all right. a bus driver caught coming up reading newspaper while driving. we were talking about this in the newsroom. the latest on that story coming up. it's back to the future when coming to grading in poing country public schools how they simplified the grading system.
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a metro bus driver suspended after new video surfaced showing him reading a newspaper while driving. this all happened on friday on board a bus annapolis road and college park. passenger spotted the driver reading paper and posted this video on social media. metro put out a statement saying in part what is shown in the vehicle is obviously disturbing and completely unacceptable and the bus operator was quickly identified friday and removed from service pending investigation. ceremony in arlington state and country leaders joined with first responders to mark 16th an versus i why of 9/11 attacks. that's remay of the ceremony you're looking at taking place at the county courthouse today. a moment of silence was held
5:44 pm
moment when american airlines flight 87 hit the pentagon and 148 people were killed. senator kain was candidate for governor when terror attacks occurred and remembers that someday. >> everybody was focused on magnitude of tragedy. i remember it very, very well. and that it hit home in virginia is something that everyone in virginia always will be seerd on our memories. >> in says since 9/11 the united states made progress and challenge president main unincluding efforts to try to identify the so-called lone wolf attacks before they strike. >> heading back down to talk about florida now. residents having a hard time getting back home. several drivers found t themselves in bumper to bumper traffic here. police were out checking i.d.s backing lineup more. wait was so long some people as you can see on overpass tried to
5:45 pm
back this opposite direction of traffic. such a mess down there. >> really is. >> gosh they've already been hit hard and now the next two weeks are rough too while they wait to get power connected and publism to open and grocery stores to come back and businesses. that is tough to sit through as well. no end there while we continue to track tropical storm irma 150 miles south of atlanta. atlanta will get gusts and trees down and 6" of rain. all things considered we're flat to see irma moving on. >> sorry irma we're glad you're leaving. >> take a look outside here if you have not already glanced at sky. check out cloud deck. it's light but from airm began off the coast of calf africa. caused so much wreckage through the caribbean an as we know it takes a couple days sometimes to get the full picture of damage and i have a feeling we still will find out more from the keys as well
5:46 pm
from florida and i heard sarah ask this question of gary any more hurricanes in the forecast. just wanted to show you as we look at hurricane frequency guess what today is? actual peak of hurricane season. we peak on september 11 and it's a firely precipitous d drop-off this month. we don't see anything right now behind jose. that's not to say there might not be something we've been through the worse and it should start to get better. certainly after these storms did a lot to change the water temperature that's for sure. some hurricane rainfall numbers out of florida staggering and as expected also heavy and now you know why they put out the cone of uncertainty. irma did not exactly follow 24 hour track and that's why you have to be ready for it defected all of the florida peninsula. look at winds gusting to 142 miles per hour in naples and of course a couple land falls one in cajo in keys and second in marco island and great concern
5:47 pm
storm surge which was good thing we paid attention to this. winds so much better now. there's gusts on the backside of the hurricane. but they're not horrendous. stuff can still blow around and atlanta getting gust of 41 miles per hour an few gusts here related to the storm as we work our way to wilmington and kill devil hills in our area and not much wind to speak of. but again we'll keep it settled for the short term and deal with lightest of bloez in the form of light ryan tomorrow. big picture the storm all of georgia moving to alabama and eventually center will track closer to memphis. it's moving rapidly which we're happy to see north, northwest at 17 and general to 6" of rain in this area and eventually it will move northwest for a while and not until we get to wednesday does it make more north ward pass and eventually might send a bit more remnant action in our direction. so bottom line, we'll keep it
5:48 pm
going forward between now and weekend. low to mid 70s today. i think we can keep those temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s tonight we're at 72 in the district. here your two day forecast tomorrow 74. few showers. later in the day. wednesday should be warmer with temperature of 81 and few showers as well and maybe a rumble of thunder as we get on into the thursday friday time frame with temperatures climbing up getting a little closer to average for this time of year. and saturday, this weekend, still a bit unsetsled with showers possible and then we brighten things up considerably monday and we may have to keep showers back in the forecast. jim, sarah, that's your 7 day. >> all right. thank you sue. coming up how fitsness trainers are stalking clients. >> and nordstrom new con september a store that doesn't sell klonls it's not their focus anyway. we'll be back after this s
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>> montgomery county schools students will receive a, b, c, d, e. it was es, p, i, and n for not pro efficient. that system never caught on with parents so schools with going back tots policy that everybody else. >> wonder why it didn't catch on? ? no idea what you just said there. >> p mine us. in the wake of her hurricane irma expanding alert to include hub in miami. >> airline is offering special fares for those whose travel plans were impacted by storm. those travelers are eligible for $99 flights from all florida cities. >> following suit by jetblue who did that last week it flies to certain parts of south carolina and georgia. if you're not plying americ
5:53 pm
variation of this. you can rebook without change fees or cancel reservation for full refund. check ahead first. >> here's a story that has a lot of people check. >> photo service online of hurricane irma cake in plantation florida. some cakes came with go away irma and weather it out. and knock true witnesser fashion some people were outraged. many wanted to know where they could buy one. they were selling for $12. >> as long as butter cream. >> that's your. >> you're all about the butter cream. >> i'm not a fan of whip cream frostier i may with be with you. >> if are you been eating sweets and have a trainer it's a big chance they're stalk you on social media. >> social media is providing fitness trainers with a window inside their clients's lives inside a gym. >> if they do somethingen r unhely they call them out and praise client if doing something good. >>
5:54 pm
relationship with trainer didn't chaining their behavior and others report feeling more self-conscious about habits especially if trainer will disapprove. it's happened to me. >> it's almost like if you're a kid in school and see teacher outside the classroom i femor like you want that wall. >> i know. i know. >> when i post that ice ceex i wait on entire container one night i knew it was coming i knew he would catch me. >> or when we eat on tv and you know the trainer seize it. >> exactly. >> well, nordstrom is receipt creating a new kind of store. you won't find much misdemeanor in it. >> smaller shops will be nordstrom local manicures, onsite tayloring and bars where customers can order juice or wine. >> you can still try on clothes but they will not keep inventory in stock instead personal stylelists that advice them what to buy from maul anchor stores and web site. it's set to open in west hollywood
5:55 pm
october. >> you know what it's not a bad idea considering how often do you go to the store and buy something online. why take the real estate. >> they want to you come there, have a cocktail and then try on some clothes and buy them. >> perfect. >> i see what they're doing there. >> coming up next after tough season opener loss jay gruden experiences weaknesses in the redskins offenses if you didn't know about them yourself. if you watch the game you'll know. >> on fire the washington mystics on a path they have not been on since 2002 after one makes nine three point under a row. back
5:56 pm
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to help cover your early termination fee. go to ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia.
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corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reds skins try regroup a day after they fell flat to the season opener. kirk cousins completing four of 20 passes and running game what running game? here's jay gruden. >> i was surprised. you know, we have the offense line coach
5:59 pm
to high standards as do i and they hold themselves to high standards unfortunately it was a combination of everybody not just one area it was left tackle had a couple and left guard had a couple and right guard had a cup and it's not each individual played terribly they all had mistakes or poor protection and opener tune times and they will work at it and get better and they have to. >> redskins hit the road and face la rams on "fox5". >> holy smokes. christie toliver. >> leading washington mystics over new york liberty yesterday. in yesterday's win or go home game toliver scored 32 points and play off record the mistakes kickoff semi-finals series tomorrow in min money this is farce the mystics have ne
6:00 pm
gone in the playoffs since 2002. >> that will be d.c. sports title there. >> i know. >> calling it now. >> we'll take it. >> tony and shawn standing by for newscast at 6. >> it starts right now. >> right now at 6:00 the search for a missing maryland pregnant teacher continues tonight hear her tear full boyfriend's plea for help. >> plus. >> when americans are in need americans pull together and we're one country and when we face hardship, we emerge closer and stronger and more determined than ever. >> tropical storm irma heads to georgia after leaving a trail of destruction, power outages and flooding across the sunshine state and messages of hate at george washington university. the group suspected of being behind these posters claims they were framed. the news at 6 starts


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