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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 12, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at ten. first at ten, us citizens have the right to vote, should un documented immigrants be given the same right. after months of controversy hear what some maryland lawmakers decided. mommy want you to know how many people love you, myself included . missing teacher mystery. what happened to the pregnant
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missing for more than a week. irma is a shadow of her former self but she still has some rain with her and some of that rain may be around here by tomorrow morning. aisle have your forecast. fox5 local news at ten starts right now. we begin tonight with a controversial issue that is coming down to a final vote in college park. the question should non us citizens be able to vote in local elects the issue has created tension not just in college park but also nationwide. fox5's evan lambert is live to start us off tonight. evan, any disee situation yet. >>reporter: the debate is still going on here at college park city hall. about two dozen people signed up to voice their opinions inside and right now, the city council is talking amongst themselves about this forthcoming decision. i can tell you that this debate has been contention shoes. you're looking at when
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college park city council last month it was postponed because they wanted to take a look at more option. i can tell you tonight one man in line to speak against the proposal came to the proposal he got called a nazi while waiting in line. people on both sides have been passionate. if nop us citizens either undocumented immigrants or legal permanent residents should be able to vote for things like mayor and city council or on local matters fac ing college park. no one is proposing these non citizens get to vote for state or national offices or issues. still there is major divide on whether or not non citizens should have that right in college park. the reality is allowing all people to vote in municipal elections is going to make college park more inclusive and that's been the history of voting in the united states and what happened in our maybors in maryland expanded voting rights to us citizens. although you come up here and say there are
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of people in l college park that r for this charter i can tell you there are thousands that are against it. voting is a right of the citizens. it's constitutional. it's written at the state level and it also belongs at the local level. >> and there are three outcomes possible here that's what's being discussed right now taking up a the lot of the time tonight in this meeting. the council could vote yea or anyway on this issue whether non citizens could get to vote. they could decide for a voting commission to look at this issue and study it further and then make recommendations or they could put it to a non-binding reference disum where voters will be able to put their votes whether or not these non citizens get to vote. i will be popping back into the meeting and we will give you the very latest on this decision and online on live in college park, evan
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local news. >> a four disek aides history was resolved today. a convicted section offender pled guilty to killing two young maryland sisters who than va issued in 1975. a yuj sentenced lloyd welch jr. to 48 years in prison for the deaths of sheila and catherine lion. the sisters disis peered while walking from their people in kens instance ton, maryland to the wheaton mall. john lion praised the cold case disks who worked the case. the last two or three years or so they have treated she will yeah and kate as if they were their own sisters or daughters. it's a tremendous display of performance, professional performance, but even more beautiful, he emotion l al investment in the case. and in our family. welch is already serving time in delaware foray buying a young girl.
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he completes that sentence in 2026 he'll serve the 48 years for the murder of the lion sisters. take a good look at this picture. greenbelt police need your help finding this missing 12 year old. jay large audience smith was last seen leaving the greenbelt community center. five foot two, 83 powbdz brown eyes with dread locks pulled into a ponytail. she was wearing a neon green jacket and greenish blue contact pri length legs. if you know of her whereabouts please call greenbelt police. >> my teacher laura whallen is missing. you really do make a difference in your students' lives. she knew how to make people laugh. she knew how to put a smile on peoples' faces. i could always go to her. honestly she's an inspiration, but she was so much more than that. i hope this
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and you'll always be in my heart . and i'm praying for your safe return. >> now for the latest on the search for a missing pregnant teacher from maryland, yesterday laura whallen's family stepped forward with a reward in an attempt to help find her. fox5 's anjali hemphill joins us with more on the investigation. >>reporter: well, there are still so many questions that family, friends and students want answered in laura's disappearance. but right now police are still keeping many of the details to this close to the vest. fox5 did speak to several of laura whallen's students at lake while high school who are still in shock she never showed up on the first day of school. many students past and present are trying to actively help in the search guy passing out flyers. all police are re leasing right now is that laura
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from on labor day when her family says she sent them a troubling text message. her car was found five days later. just yesterday her father and boyfriend spoke out to the public hoping someone will come forward. her family is now offering a $25,000 reward. tomorrow night a gathering of hope for laura is planned in colombia. fox5's will continue to follow this important story. make sure you stay with us for all the latest updates. anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> it was a gorgeous day across the area today. let's go over to sue palka for more on how long the nice weather will last we had some clouds around from irma, but there's a lot of dry air and that gobbled up the clouds and any shores that we might have seen from irma. we ended up having a nicer day than we anticipated and what we're much whatting tonight is the remnants of irma, what's left of
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it. near the memphis area or just a little bit east and it loose a lot better than it did last night in terms of the huge rain footprint. now it's down to basically showers a few of which are just down to southern virginia. it's a battle once again if the dry air is going to be able to over come these showers or will be giving ground for a few light showers. maybe a couple of spotty showers down through culpeper county. that is about it. there is a 50/50 chance of this light rain activity working its way tbr south to north overnight. high think these models are over do ing the amount of rain it's going to produce. i think there will be a possibility of light showers overnight by the time your commute starts seven, eight in the morning. maybe you see some white spots. likely the rain is east of nine a five. it's going to be drizzle or very
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light rain clouds. as the day goes on by the noon hour we see the brightening skies present southwest to northeast and it looks like tomorrow afternoon is going to brighten up considerably and have the feel of late august. maybe with temperatures getting up to about 82-degrees. to give you an idea of what to expect at the bus stop tomorrow morning. i'm going to say cloudy skies a chance of a couple of showers before school, 656 to 69. most of it east of d.c. by 8:00 and after school much brighter and much warmer, 78 to 82 greece. thats ' a look at what you can expect on your wednesday. we'll have much more on hurricane jose , the lurker that's still out there in the atlantic. what is he he up to, we'll let you know that and the seven day forecast. stay away jose. thank you, sue. apple introduced its new i phones today. the question is are they worth the new big price tag. >> that's right. is that the thousand dollars question. guess what we put it to the test right here in our very own news
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>> and you're fired. the offensive tweet about betsy devos that cost an austin attorney his job. .
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>> apple celebrated its tenth iphone anniversary by unveiling the new iphone ten. it's not the only new or upgraded product that apple unvailed today. fox5 's marina maracco joins us with all things apple tonight. >>reporter: there were tons of headlines that came out today and the biggest one iphone sticker shock, but with so much technology out there is it really worth it? another apple event, another i phone or three the iphone eight and eight plus and then there's the iphone ten for a whopping 999 bucks. but is it worth breaking the bang? we asked a tech expert. i have a hard time dealing with that number,
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is something you're probably not going to have tornado watch more than two years. it's an expensive habit. the iphone eight and eight plus will have the expected upgrades to the camera, display and speakers. but the talker is the iphone ten . it's losing the home bud in order to gain an edge to edge display. you'll be able to unlock the phone using facial recognition and charge it wirelessly. it's not like each phone blows up the market like the iphone did. i'm sure apple will sell a ton of these things they'll probably sell a lot of iphone ten as well. for 999-dollars would you buy it? we asked the folks here working in the fox5 news room the same question. a thousand bucks too expensive for the new iphone? >> any new technology on the phone that you think would justify the price tag. >> no, because i have
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that has face recognition and all of those neat things that the iphone is coming out with, the only thing is it has a case that would actually protect it. if the iphone p if you drop it it's going to crack either side because it has all that glass. to me, a thousand bucks. >> that's an se. it cost me maybe 200 bucks. a thousand is way out of my realm. can't do it. too expensive. ladies of fox5 either of you you two. >> i see a lot of smiles. is that a yes? >> i'm not buying the new iphone . i've got one that works just fine. >> what about the new apple watch. >> this one still works. as you can see we were hard pressed to find a buyer. we'll have to see what the numbers are like when the phones go on sale on september 22. if you're still on the edge of buying the iphone ten you have until november 3.
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following the event. that is something that traditionally happens, but of course the big numbers are going to be black friday. it's expensive. the tech people are going to get them and realistically the iphones are expensive any way and you don't blob down that thousand dollars up front. it's separated out over several month s. people are still going to do it any way. that thousand dollars are going to be split up . tony perkins is a good litmus test? a. i got an iphone two years ago >> you got the five? >> i got a used five, yes. >> he did upgrade, though, from the old flip phone. >> it was a flip phone up until then. >> thank you, marina. in other news tonight, seattle mayor ed murray is expected to re sign tomorrow amid a sex asked and answered l. five men including a relative
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sexually abusing them h. he denied the charges but he doesn't want his personal issues to effect city business. he was elected mayor back in 2013. he already decided not to seek another term. a texas lawyer has been fired after this troubling tweet about education secretary betsy did he volunteers. it says, quote, i'm not wishing for it but i'd be okay if betsy devos was sexually assaulted. robert ran coposted that in response to devos' plans to revamp title nine rules on sexual assault. current policies don't provide equal protections for both the accused and the accusers. victimsed advocates like ran cos. >> absolutely unacceptable to treat the experience of sexual violence in such a glib and political matter. it's disrespectful to sexual assault survivors who have had the experience and it's discrediting to the hard work that we've had to do to push back against the department's ageneral davment
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professor at austin community college in texas. there's no word yet on if he'll be continued to be employed there. hurricane irma is gone but the misery from the storm is growing . at least 12 people lost their lives in florida bringing the total number of people killed since irma hit the carribean to 55. restoring power is still a major priority irma devastated the florida keys . authorities fear one out of every four homes is destroyed and another 656 percent sustained major damage. i've never been through anything like this in my entire life. i never want to go through it again. but we love it here in the keys so we'll be back soon. basically ever house in the keys was impacted in some way or another. the s military could soon be sending it's ' supplies the navy positioned the su s abe ram south of miami and uss new york right near key west. a memo
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employees if evacuating you have a 24 hour grace period before the tuesday. you cannot evacuate friday for a tuesday storm. failure to show for these thifts of shits be a no call no show. they kabt he evacuate or leave work until the day before the storm hits. pizza hut says it doesn't have a policy on when team members can leave or return from a disaster if you are looking for a way to help hurricane victims vary guess protective services. two large donation trucks parked at 2400 university in adelphi, m. the response from the community is overwhelming. all the states that have been affected, all the cities and counties, all the police officers that are still on duty and lost all their homes . so this is our grat dued to help them all with a little bit that he we
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guess is accepted donations tomorrow epg. they plan to drive those donations to texas and blah on sunday. it's a personal touch. the unique way one teacher is connecting with his students. and a deputy found the perfect way to connect with and lift the spirits of a woman riding out the storm in a hurricane shelter. fishes tomorrow morning on fox 35 a bio pick on vincent van goa. his breaking boundaries. we're going to sit down with the film makers the first feature length painted animation and it's a hit in theaters, but is the movie it giving clowns a bad name. we're showing you fall fashions for all sizes. all ahead tomorrow morning starting at four:25. .
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for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> is this our favorite story of the day. >> i think so, yes an elementary teacher is going viral for his unique handshakes with his students. take a look. sergio spencer teaches third grade at spring hill elementary school in jeffersonville, indiana. his students created their own individual handshakes and expense certify learned everyone . he says it's a positive way to build relation ships with the kids. so far he has learned more than 200 different handshakes. >> i think that's awesome. 200 different handshakes. >> look at this. i love this. school has been in there for about six weeks. so they've had a little more time than we have here. >> but tony perkins and i have been working on
10:25 pm
show you what we got. we got -- it was only two moves. nothing but likes for this vai viral video. a sheriff's deputy was at a shelter when he noticed an elderly lady looking alone. he asked her what he could do to cheer her up and she said dance not only did he dance to her, he sang sto her. he does admit that he may have been a little bit off key. >> nothing wrong with that. he lifted her spirits and that was what that was all about. >> fox5 news at ten:30 is coming up next. >> hey, jim. we like to go by shown i. and a good buffet, too . straight ahead at ten:30 president trump pitching \tax\tacks reform to members of the congress. he he hosted a key
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dinner tonight. we'll tell you who was there and what they talked about. maryland is considering legal action against the faa. we'll tell you why governor hogan wants his state to file a lawsuit. we have the possibility of a little light rain on the morning buffet. i don't think it's going to be anything too heavy and i think most of you may just wake up to cloudy skies tomorrow. it's a little bit of irma moisture trying to make a run at us and there will be another chance for that on thursday and maybe even on friday. we'll talk about the seven day forecast and have the latest on hurricane irma still lurkingest of the bahamas. the 10:30 is coming up next. next.
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>> this is fox 35 local news at
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up in the florida keys. tonight homeowners surveying the damage. residents tormented by noise from plains flying closely over their homes. the state of maryland is preparing to take legal action against the faa. guess who is coming to dinner. president trump is trying to drum up support for his plan. the search continues for a pregnant teacher in maryland. that's right, laura wallen has not been seen now for more than a equal woo. fox5 spoke to several of their students. they're still stunned that she never showed up for class on the first day of school. students are passing out flyers, creating the hashtag bring wallen home. a gathering of hope is planned tomorrow in colombia. her family is offering a $25,000 re ward for information to help bring her home. in college park the city council holding a vote on whether o
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citizens vote in local elections . at least two dozen people signed up to speak. the death toll from hurricane irma is growing. at least 55 people have died in the storm in the carribean and the united states a dozen of those deghtsz were in florida. meantime workers are still trying to restore power to millions of people. today fema said a quarter of the homes in the florida keys were destroyed nearly two-thirds of the homes have major damage. let's go outside. right now 71-degrees as we give you a live look at the white house. we thought maybe we could see some after effects coming through the area sue, you say we dodged that. that's because we had so much dry air over us today. we thought we'd have a few light showers later in the day but they really have not materializ ed. there is still a chance we could see a few light showers overnight. maybe they're around for the morning commute, but nothing that is really going to be terribly
10:32 pm
the possibility of a couple of lighter showers or some drizzle mostly it's just going to be a loft clouds and we start off with those showers and clouds but then the day really looks lining it's going to brighten up quite a bit. even today we thought had a bit of cloud cover around today we got to 830- degrees. we'll be warmer than that tomorrow. temperatures are rising back into the 830s as we finish out the rest of this week. it is a little bit unsettled through friday not so much tomorrow but i think irmas remnants which are near memphis are going to work their way up the tennessee valley and into pennsylvania. maybe a rumble from ira on thursday and maybe on friday. hurricane jose is a category one storm but uncomfortable for many people to still see this out here. we'll have the latest track to show you what the nation
10:33 pm
our spaghetti models are showing . all that and the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. >> we have an update for you involving the arrest and death of freddie gray. late this afternoon the justice department announced it will not bring federal charges against the six baltimore police officerses involved in gray's arrest. they had charged the officers say gray's neck was broken when he was transported in a police van after his arrest in 2015. three of the officers were found not imlt at trial. the state prosecutor dropped the remaybing state cases. five of the six officers still face disciplinary trials. those are set to begin next month. developing tonight, more tough talk from president trump. today he warned north korea that the sanctions imposed by the un security council are quote, nothing compared to what will ultimately have to happen, end quote. fobbing greg halcott has the latest. >>reporter: modern day war in korea. most say if it happened it would be ugly. casualties in the hundreds of thousands,
10:34 pm
a conflict with month. a new set of sanctions was approved by the un security council. the united securities council spoke with one voice again recognizing the global threat that pqrk north korea constitutes and these are the most severe sanctions yet laid on north korea. we'll see what choices the north korea and it make. one early choice defines. north korea would fight back against the us. the dprk is ready to use a form of alternate means. the forthcoming by zprk will make the us suffer the great pain it's never experienced in its history. as the us and its allies south korea prepare at least for the military option.
10:35 pm
as you're going to get to war on the korean pence instance lenay south korean and the us marines and live fire exercise. for us it's business as usual. some tough business. >> the marine marine corpse is the nation's 911 and we're ready to t and the call. they're purely defensive in nature. they don't pay much attention to the offensive words of north korea. but other us officials do. the reason why perhaps those marines are out there. greg halcott, fox5 new. maryland governor larry hogan wants brian fosh to sue the faa. they have been complaining about airliner noise since the faa changed routes governor larry hogan wants brian fosh to sue the faa. they have been complaining about airliner noise since the faa changed routes about three years ago, the whole plan was to reduce noise for the
10:36 pm
other thans you but it turns out the homeowners who live under the new routes say the noise is almost unbearable. it's scary to hear them flying so low. it's got to be annoying. >> very annoying. q. do you you think it will work >> it depends on how much power he got. we're talking about the plain industry. the ag tion office tells us he is considering that lawsuit. president trump ruffled some feathers in his own party last week when he reached across the aisle to get a deal done with the deps for hurricane relieve leaf and to race the debt sealing. he hosted the lawmaker s for a dinner at his house. working with democrats will upset his republican base. democrats are never going to embrace donald trump with open arms unless he goes through some kind of id
10:37 pm
formation. president trump still has a lot on his plate. he wants to tackle tax reform and an infrastructure billion. political experts believe he will need some democrats to support the initiatives or he will see more defeats like the healthcare reform. some steuns at d.c. public schoolses staged a walk out. they took the metro and then walked over to the trump hotel much they were pro testing in defense of the recently canceled daca program on the behalf of effected immigrants. the president's travel ban can continue in its current form. they blocked a court order that would have eas ed the refer gee ban and allowed tens of thousands of people to enter the country in the next month. the court is scheduled to hear six mostly muslim countries. the us national debt reached 20 trild for the first time president trump signed a bipartisan billion tpo
10:38 pm
nation's debt. before the billion was signed it was 19 trild, approximately 15 billion of that in emergency funding for hurricane harvey recovery efforts was attached to that billion. hillary, hillary. former presidential hillary clinton kicking off her book tour today. she held a book signing at a barnes & noble in new york promoting the book which is called what happened. mrs. clinton's third mem record telling of her defeat by now president trump including harsh criticism of her former opponent and why she thinks she lost. it's the first stop of the tour which is expected to last through the end of the year. consumers filed class action lawsuits against equifax. it came after the data breach that exposed the information of 143 million consumers. equifax had smaller breaches in the past but failed to alert the public. if you
10:39 pm
affected you can ask for a credit report. up next at ten: 30 tonight, facial recognition no more home button and something called 4k technology. the new products unvailed today by apple and how much you have to shell out if you want an update. jj abrams will be returning to a galaxy far, far away. the force awaken s will return to the chair for a star wars episode nine. he will replace colin tref could he who parted a couple weeks ago over differences with the producer. scheduled to be re lease next december. >> a big race for american families. median household income rising to a record high of more than $59,000 in 2016. that's a jump of more than 3 percent from the previous year . and good news for folks looking for work much the government saying there were 6.2 million job
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. that, too, is a record. speaking of records it was another historical day for stocks on tuesday. the do you, nasdaq and s & p 500 all closing at all-time highs. you my want to hit decline the next time your phone rings and that's because august was the busiest month ever for robo calls. according to u male americans received 3 billion calls shatter ing the previous record. please don't leave a message for me at the sound of a beep. that's a look the at business. i'm david asman. ♪ ♪ do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ ♪
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the latest apple products that will make people line up and fork over thousands of dollars were finally
10:44 pm
first the iphone eight it will be the same size as the previous version but promises to t take pictures with better colors and less distortion. the eight has display and speaker improvements and it will start at 700 bucks. the eight plus, p the 799. this is the thousand dollars iphone that people have talked about, iphone ten. both the eight and the ten has wireless charging. apple is offering the ability to unlock the phone with facial recognition. improve the technology and security and warn people to have a pass code if they have an evil twin. now to apple tv that is getting an upgrade much the new phone will be able to show 4k. color improvement called high dynamic range. many other devices also offer the
10:45 pm
model will cost about 179 bucks new apple watch less dependent on the iphone. it will require a companion phone to set it up with. h hundred bucks, the new model with the watch comes with cellular access, but it works with your phone. existing apple watches will get a software update next tuesday. new orders start on friday. the iphone ten orders start in late october. there's a the lot of talk whether people will fork over that kind of money. >> i think they will. most providers now you don't pay full price up front. you do these installment plans and the whole gist is you pay less over a year but then you give up your old phone. apple keeps getting your money some way or another. >> next at ten:30, a small plane crash in a parking lot. and amazingly the pilot escaped without serious injuries. the story behind this video when we come
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>> a plane just went down into a tree. cameras rolling as a small plane crashes into some trees before landing in a park ing lot. it happened in \plain\planeville, co. look at the way it landed, too. it's amazing when you look at this, the pilot having trouble trying to land the plane so he circled the area but then went down into a tree. the pilot 79 years old suffering just minor injuries. that's the human element of flying. aviation in and of itself is safe. this was an absolute god send that he survived this crash because this is something that could have been fatal. it looks like the tree broke his fall. >> absolutely it did imr a little dog causedded a big old traffic mess in
10:50 pm
dog clearly did not want to be caught. took officers a few tr ies. eventually they were a able to coax the animal to the off ramp. and get him to safety >> no, no. this video out of jacksonville, florida. of course they're dealing with record flooding. there's an on ther swimming in someone's front yard. the storm surge in jacksonville, florida exceeds the all time record in 19 of five. >> that was a reel on ther unlike the fake sharks. >> everybody has to do that. >> it's very easy to hit retweet or like. >> just ask ted cruz. i did tweet people having fish in their front yard in orlando. that was the real deal. jacksonville is still flooding. the storm surge is over, but the waters take a while to recede so it's still a mess down there
10:51 pm
they're going to be cleaning up for a long, long time. i'm glad to hear some people have come online. we'll have the latest on our last hurricane remaining i hope we don't have another one . hurricane jose still a category one. i'll show you the latest track on that. a quiet night here locally. we did think that a little bit of irma 's light showers would be able to work their way into our area. but high pressure to the north was more dominant with dryer air and it kind of evaporate rated anything that moved in our direction. irma certainly looked quite a bit different in the last 24 hours. we had the windshield taking up one-third of the country. we are down to shores as this is an area of low pressure no longer being watched by the national hurricane center. it's still spinning and it will continue to spin through the tennessee valley and up through pennsylvania. we have one little band just south of us and still some dry air. our models are somewhat insistent tha
10:52 pm
that come in overnight. maybe they'll be here in the morning in the form of either very light showers or drizzle or some low clouds but it certainly is not going be to be a washout. we had on down to the very latest with hurricane jose un comfortably close to the bahamas, the turks and cake owes , south of about your immediate a, east of bahamas still sitting and spinning as a category one. this is the lat est update from the hurricane center as of the 11:00 update, still making the loop. it still looks like it will be out there as perhaps a tropical storm beginning friday and it does look like the cone keeps it off the east coast. bermuda still may have to much what it. let's continue to keep an eye on jose over the next few days because our optional models go back and forth. a few of them get un
10:53 pm
this is an outlier. let's watch it and make sure that turns of turn continue t ts. it bin laden can of the models want to especially could it offshore. our weather locally tomorrow is a warm day, a humid day. we'll have a couple of early showers around. a 5050 chance that you see rain. by eight or 9:00 it may be other. we'll see the the clouds gradually brightening up and sunshine returning especially in the afternoon. thursday also a few showers. again, this is irma remnants going by through pennsylvania. 81-degrees, maybe a rumble of thunder that's bit. you can see the showers that our models are trying toking s. the dry air is probably going to take over most of this and do the evaporating. but you can see that our futurecast still has showers around at eight in the morning, maybe a few linger into the noon hour but brighter skies as we head into the afternoon but then a few more showers thursday morning and we can't rule them out in the afternoon as well. so a little bit unsettled thursday. maybe a few showers as we
10:54 pm
morning as that frontal boundary moves on through but afternoon sun will win the day and end up being a pretty warm and nice day . here's your fox5 seven day forecast. we've got a the lot of 80s back on the seven day forecast and into the weekend we go with a dryer pattern. a little uber driver settled thursday, friday warm for the weekend. even monday at 85- degrees. a little bit humid as we go through this stretch of days as well. it looks like dryer daze ahead for us and hopefully free of tropical systems, too much that's your seven day forecast. jim over to you. >> sue pay attention because if you're thinking about getting a tattoo listen up. new research suggests pigments and toxic chemicals found in tattoo incorporate may travel lieu your body and accumulate in the lymph nodes. titanium dioxide, researchers found the substance they found it made it to the limp
10:55 pm
sure your tattoo parlor is clean . i'll have to write that down. for years we've seen heard that pregnant women should not drink alcohol. they found drinking even the smallest amounts of boost can increase low birth weights. >> sitting for hours on end. researchers at columbia university studied nearly 8,000 people they found those that saturday the most had twice the risk of dying over a four year period. get up and walk around every 30 minutes. a way to help decrease that risk. more research is needed to help how prolong sitting. sitting for 90 minutes from ten to 11:30. >> i feel like we hear that
10:56 pm
study every year. it's more or less the same five studies. we just hear them in different context. don't have too much sugar don't drink too much alcohol. get your tattoos at a clean parlor. fox5 news at 11 is coming up next. tony, do you want to show off your tattoo tonight. >> you left me with nothing to do tomorrow. >> thank you guys very much. coming up straight ahead at 11. an atm targeted with credit card skim ers leads to dozens of fraud length charges. now investigators are looking for your help to find the men suspected of putting them there and lights of hope glowing around the capital's reflecting pool tonight. how this crowd wants to help in the fight against cancer.
10:57 pm
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pupil son's eric and hire wife welcomed a baby boy. lar a and i
11:00 pm
birth of our son eric luke trump at eight:50. this morning. he is the couple's first child but the president's ninth grandchild . that's the news at ten. thirty i'll see you for the final five starting at 11:30 but fox5 news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, more than a week and still no sign of a missing pregnant teacher from maryland. the information we know tonight that could help in the case. plus should un documented immigrants have the right to vote in local elections ? we're live with what college park lawmakers decided about the controversial issue. and apple unveils its latest gadgets to the world so what's in store forth future? the news at 11 starts right now. we begin tonight with a controversial issue in college park should non


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