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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  September 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the dinner party by 6:00 p.m. somewhere along way, she encountered adrian johnson who according to the evidence presented in court. brutalized tricia mccauley, breaking her nose before using her scarf to strangle her to death. he had been ordered to wear a bracelet but never showed was identified as a suspect at a cvs. police released his photograph and a man walking his dog on p street recognized not only him but the car he was driving >> we briefly exchanged words, i tried to document the license plate number, there was a bumper sticker, that had been noted was a significant identifier on her car >> he called police and within minutes they had the car stopped. >> part of the reason i was paying attention so much is because it was we had so many neutral friends i was seeing posts about it. when i looked proactively to see what kind of
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it just, you know, there were easily a couple thousand people or more in a matter of few hours who organized on facebook. >> tricia mccauley had a wide circle of friends, who in the days after the murder remembered her in a nighttime candle vigil >> it's horrible for everyone who love her. >> and her murder ultimately led to changes in the law on gaps monitoring and added for jail time for anyone who tampered with or removed one of the deices he'll be sentenced november 17th. paul wagner fox 5 local news. right now, the search continues for all laura wall lynn reported missing when she didn't hoe up for work and earlier her family put $25,000 out there for information leading to her return. fox 5 matt ackland talked with police today for an update on the search joins us live with more. >> reporter: a lot of activity taking place in the headquarters, we're told this started on the with
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couple of detectives, but this has expanded into an entire team of detectives, they're working around the clock. there is been a nationwide be on the look out issued in this case, and also, all over the area, people are searching for her, but she has not been seen, and about eight day, i want to take you to video and tell you what's taking place, across the street from wilde lake high school where she's a teacher, there will be a special hope ceremony there tonight. it will happen at 7:30 at the inner faith center, back to that police investigation, we asked police if they thought foul play was suspected. they would only refer to it as suspicious. so we asked if acquaintances are being talked to about the disappearance, here what they had to say. >> you know, that's good question. that's part of a thorough and complete investigation. we start with the perso
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missing. and who that person has had contact with. family, close friends, coworkers, neighbors, and investigators begin looking at those type of people, sometimes like in this case, in an ever expanding circle. if you will. >> reporter: police are well aware that this is a story that's so many people are taub, so many people want to know where she is tonight. they told us today, they're still is a $25,000 award, they've heard talk that the reward may have been elevated but they say at this point, that's not confirmed, it stands at $25,000, and if you remember last week, that was the family that came forward and offered that reward. it's their money for the safe return of their daughter. so we'll definitely keep you updated on the story, more developments could happen in the next couple of days. we'll definitely follow this for you live in montgomery cnt
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another missing person's case in baltimore, a four-year-old missing, alex memed a. pennsylvania tags, shiply is 49. 5'7" about 165 pounds, baltimore city police are handling the search. the attorney of freddy gray's family is speaking out after the department of justice announced there would be no charges against the officers in the case. the doj said there wasn't enough evidence to pursue a civil rights case. the police union is pleased with the move. saying the officers should have never been charged in the first place. but the decision doesn't sit well with many in gray's neighborhood. gray's family and attorney sat down with the doj to understand how they reached this conclusion. >> admittedly, we were skeptical. we were prepared to believe given the views
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by our attorney general and i'll leave it at that that this had been nothing more than a whitewash or political decision. but we have to admit, that we left satisfied with the investigation >> the attorney said most of the justice department lawyers overseeing the case were hold overs from the obama administration, freddie gray died while in the custody of baltimore city police in 2015. the case went on to spark controversy and violent protests in baltimore. we're also following some breaking news right now out of washington state. a shooting at a high school leaves one student dead and three other children are hurt. police say the gunman is in custody. the high school is in the town of rockford, about 20 miles northeast of spa cane. no word on the gunman's identity, is students describe the moments
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opened fire. >> shot and a little next classroom i could see the pistol that he used. and it was just very scary, very surreal. i couldn't believe it was happening. i thought not in my school surely. >> the three injured victims went to the hospital and expected to survive. the school said yesterday it held an active shooter drill with students, a middle and elementary school in that area was also placed on lockdown as a result. tonight, a major immigration issue could be starting to boil. could a daca deal be in the works >> paul ryan and democrat leaders are meeting on capitol. ryan supportering 700,000 so call dreamers isn't in the country's best interest ynancy pilosi wants a long term solution to allow them to stay, but after president trump cancelled cancelled daca. both sides are on
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>>reporter: conservative hardliners on immigration, they're warning republicans in no small terms, there could be big political consequences if they side with the democrats and cut a quick deal on this. showing their cards just yet. up here on had capitol hill there are indications about what sides want, for her part, house minority leader nancy pilosi wants a quick deal in her terms to capitalize on all this a attention that daca is getting right now. but paul ryan the speaker of the house says he will not agree to anything with the democrats unless he gets what he calls big concessions on things like border security >> i think it's only reasonable that we deal with the root cause of the problem. open bodders, uncontrolled borders. we need to control the borders we'll we deal with the problem so
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problem ten years from now >> i'm praying and i don't say that as a cliche, i'm praying that the president really cares about the dreamers. or knows that he should care about the dreamers. and that we're going to pass this bill. and we want to do it as soon as possible. >> reporter: now, daca, as you know, stands for delayed action for childhood arrivals. it gives nearly 680,000 children who are brought into the country illegally protection from immediate deportation. as you know, the president and his administration cancelled the program as of march and delayed any action hoping in their words that congress will do something to pass a long-term solution to this problem. that solution is the subject of this meeting that went o
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while democrats on open border and immigration advocates say that a long-term dreamer bill is needed, republicans and hard line conservatives say just the opposite is needed. in fact, some conservatives like the federation for american immigration reform and their president dan stein told fox 5 in their viewpoint if republicans cave in on issues like this, they say there will be severe consequences for the gop, which could result in political consequences as well. >> let's be honest. the trump administration made promises. they made basic in court commitment, daca am ness city is not part of i they would lose face and all credibility if they were agree with the democrats some kind of clean daca bill without get something major concessions based on what trump promised the american
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>> if conservatives are concerned about what was going on here at the capitol today, what's going to go on at the white house tonight, can't make them feel any easier, both nancy and pilosi and chuck schumer will be at the white house for dinner with the president. the conservatives are concerned that the president might end into a quick deal with democrats the way he did in the one that he pulled the trigger on to raise the debt ceiling, live on capitol hill, tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. coming up, the hurricane irma continues to claim more lives. >> let's find out this morning that five of them are dead. i was told that they're not going to have patience for the hurricane because this is a safe place >> eight people died in nursing home in florida days after the storm. what is to blame? phrase call chain saw wielding we would expect to use
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it, coming up here what the sister has to say about the efforts gone viral. nuns are amazing. i'll tell you what, if you notice the tropical humidity? thanks irma, that's exactly what's going on, we've had clouds and breaking up, we're at 79 in dc, you but it's uncomfortable with the humidity and feels like 82. so will irma have anything else to deal with that's out of her deck? we'll talk about that. fox 5 local news will be right back. ight back.
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take a look at the images out of hollywood florida, eight elderly are dead after hurricane irma had knocked out power at a thursdaying home h paramedics and rescue crews were reportedly called to the center yesterday morning after the air conditioning stopped working, more than 100 evacuated three dead in facility five others died after going to the hospital. investigators believe the deaths are heat-related. the building has been sealed off and is, we're conducting a criminal investigation inside. we believe at this time they may be related to the loss of power in the storm but conducting a criminal investigation not ruling anything out at this time. >>
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from the nursing home are in critical condition. we're getting a better idea of the devastation caused by irma, storm blamed for at least 14 in florida, four in south carolina. two isn't georgia. nine and a half million i believe r are still without power nearly half of the population of the states, looks like utilities believe it could take ten more days for service to be turned back on >> when the bigger gusts came by you could feel it jumping, the floor jumping a little bit and that a piece of the sheetrock >> we stayed in the bathroom in the hallways, it was for two days, it was hell. you didn't know if you were going to make it north. when katrina hit louisiana and you feel sorry for people and you think what they're going through. when it hits home it's totally different. and it's not just us. it's everybody. >> president trump
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make his first visit to the region to survey the damage tomorrow. you got to come here and looking you're hearing a chain saw, wait until you see who is wielding it, this nun in florida, this video is going viral going to town on a massive tree with the chain saw and an off-duty police officer spotted her. sister margaret anne is a principal at a local catholic high school, she was determined to help with clean-up efforts after irma. >> when the chain saw was sitting in the closet at the school. it wasn't helping anybody. i went that, pulled it out and did what i could to clear the road and to help others out. people were driving by taking pictures and telling me thank you. and as i was doing that, i was praying for other people, people that lost their homes and everything, really had it bad. and now with all this attention, the focus isn't really on me. it's on our
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and the good that he can bring out of a tragedy special when we put others first and do what we can to help out. >> the video, by the way has been viewed more than 200 times, i'm sure to her she doesn't think that's anything out of the ordinary out of of it. when you first look >> it's about what you can do to help out and chip in and certainly need all the help they can so thank you, sister margaret anne >> when you said you had a mun using a chain saw and i said we're going to get punked again on social media had my some guy who's going to jump out, that was the real deal. you don't see them wearing those habits very much be even better with the chain saw >> she's a rock star, no doubt about it and plenty of work ahead of her unfortunate. locally, we've been getting off pretty easy, little bit more humid today, and little bit tropical feeling, not out of control. but the clouds hung tough, we had fog
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clouds have been break up late this afternoon, we've seen the temperature going up, so now, frederick, you're 82. dc has climbed to 79. culpeper is 80. cumberland 81. and it feels little bit warmer than that because check out this juicy air mass, sarah, we know about this, humidity is way up the due point up to 71 degrees, you can probably sense it. in the hair that doesn't want to hold the product today, 73 for quantico. we're not complaining, we know our friends and colleagues in florida going through so. i wanted to show you some temperatures around the region barbecue where you see cincinnati and nashville, the rain is cooling them a little bit and speaking of cool air, there's not much on it, on this weather map. look at the temperatures from dell rio up to lincoln nebraska, 89, and florida is so uncomfortable with all these folks waiting for power and air conditioning to come on the humidity is out of
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the temperatures are in the upper 80's to near 90 there. just wanted to show you we do see those clouds breaking up and partly cloudy skies for the evening, we're not quite done with irma, there is the remnants spinning across kentucky and ohio, tomorrow they cross our area, as irma's remnants reach us keep an umbrella handy, there could be a rumble of thunder, it's not going to be horrible but it will be a wetter day than we had today, and here's your evening forecast. we're going to brighten things up and keep temperatures in the 70's and feeling just a little bit warmer. we'll talk more about hurricane jose, it's still out there. it's still a hurricane. we'll show that you track as well as the seven-day coming up in a few minutes, jim and sarah. >> take a deep breathe. coming anti-trump new report urging major changes in montgomery county schools >> what was revealed about how students are being educated and why they're not getting prepared for life after school. gary? >> reporter: hey, what's going on guys? language. of i'm at
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mike let's show these guys, this is a lot of fun, listen. there is science behind it, so we're going to be talking about i fly stem for the kid dough believe it or not you can learn physics and other cool math things, come back couple minutes, we'll be back here talking about the program for teachers and school kids and all of that good stuff. and yeah, i got in this thing too and flew around, we'll have the details coming up. stay with us. with us.
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. what if sky dive, is part of education >> fox 5 gary mcgrady getting a sneak peak what it's like and what it's about,
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ashburn behind us, where are you, gary? >> he's somewhere out there. >> i'm the guy -- i'm the guy in the red suit. i'm the guy in the red suit right there. >> sure you are. >> that's me with the white tennis shoes, that's jeremy and earn knee hamming it up. they've been in there ten minutes >> are they fighting? >> can we come over had here? come here. we'll come back over there in a second. we can have them at the backdrop. and we'll talk, listen, this is tr trevor gibbs. we didn't just come here to have fun, there's real reason to be here and you have invited all kinds of loudoun teachers to come out to an open house, i fly stem >> i fly stem. we do the coolest field trip ever, like you said it's entertainment but
5:25 pm
value. there's national initiative, every i fly initiative holds stem class, we're inviting teachers from fairfax, loud, >> how many do you think >> hopefully between 50 and 75. we offer hands-on, basically, basically like an instructional course, hands-on lab and then the best part everyone gets to fly >> i should say stem science technology engineering math. you teach them how come you fly. this is like super man back here. >> yes. there's a science in the physics behind it. to inspire the next generation of professionals, engineers, mathematicians by having them come in and learn about the science behind our wind tunnel and how we make people fly >> if you've never done this, what jeremy and earn knee are doing, they make the look so easy. let's queue
5:26 pm
they made me feel good, trevor and my training, jacob, they'd me feel real g they said you did a great job for the first time ever doing this. i don't know if i did or not but it was a lot of fun. trevor is a sky differ and you got over 200 jumps. does this feel like the experience of sky dividing. >> absolutely. the of histics are different, but the sensation is the same close your eyes >> and you'll be able to teach the kids how it's different in terms of jumping out and ending up basically >> in the plane and eliminate gravity almost. >> reporter: is this really sucking or is this blowing? how are they staying up >> at recirculating wind tunnel. there's fans are above you and the reescalates the winds throughout the building. and basically what it creates a calm of air that is gentle enough for a three-year-olds to fly on. say we fly ages three to 103 >> i'll see if i can get them to go around and around
5:27 pm
over time. i've lost you but what i wanted to say can you see if we can get these guys to go up and around? see if they will do it for us. >> that's incredible. >> what is that called >> we call it the super man >> wow. >> gary was it fun >> no doubt about it. >> was it fun >> it really was fun, i'll tell you, yes, it was fun. can you hear me? >> yes, good. listen, it was fun. of i'll tell you this, if you never done it before, it's more intense than i thought it was. i mean, it is a lot of air coming up at you. and a little corner of my shirt got out. and it was, it hurt as it was flapping against my neck. it is a lot of fun. and again, thanks to trevor and i fly, they will make this fun for the kids, when kids are doing something, learning, they get -- at lot better for them. >> absolutely. >> thanks for you guys, too. >> thanks, gary, appreciate it.
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searches >> the trump administration being sued over phone and laptop searches at the u.s. border. we'll tell you who's behind the lawsuit coming up next, first ronica. >> jim, well, president trump, is on the defensive and you might be surprised why members of his own party are just a little bit concerned about some of his actions. we'll tell you what they are and what they're saying coming up. should they stick to sports? an espn anchors tweeted about president trump getting attention for all of the wrong reasons, back after this. s, back after this. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them.
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. here ap look at your headlines, twin brothers from chesapeake beach face murder and assault charges, lar
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are accused of stabbing two men during a huge fight. one man killed, another in stable condition with a punk erred lung. of as many as 12 were involved. a driver of an suv could face charges for slam ongoing home in prince george's county. a woman sitting on the couch thrown across the room. she was treated at the hospital and she since been released. an update on a fairfax county police officer involved in a serious crash in falls charge you. he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless driving. the officer was responding to a disorderly conduct call in february when he collided with a minivan at the intersection of leesburg pike and patrick henry drive. the officer did not have his emergency lights on and had been speeding nearly 30 miles over the speed limit prior to the crash. police are looking for this man caught on camera climbing on to a boat. here's the
5:33 pm
it wasn't his. this happened back on august 31st, around 2:40 in the morning along 4th street southeast. doesn't appear like he took anything. they have cameras on boats now, if they catch this guy, he's facing unlawful entry charges. >> cameras everywhere >> no big surprise but president trump to packs a tax reform. ronica cleary is live at the white house with a look at the president's change in style. ronica? >> reporter: jim and sarah, today, the president hosted a bipartisan group of congress members at the white house, that follows that bipartisan dinner he hosted last night with senators. now, i'll tell you what. the focus is tax reform but the style has lot talking, especially because the president made that unexpected deal with democratic leaders last week. you might recall, with chuck schumer and nancy pilosi the deal on the debt ceilinghe
5:34 pm
room and no one expected it. now these bipartisan efforts really have some republicans just a little bit concerned. how much is he willing to negotiate with democrats? i'll tell you, president trump and press secretary sarah hackabee-sanders both really had to defend this style today. take a listen. >> i'm a conservative and i will tell you i'm not skeptical and i think that if we can do things in a bipartisan manner, that will be great. >> the president is a republican and certainly i think i did deal logically, that's a much cleaner match-up. again if these people and these individuals, whether democrats or republicans want to come together to push the president's agenda and the agenda that clearly the american people want to see or they wouldn't have elected donald trump, then we're certainly happy to have that conversation and move that ball forward. >> reporter: people on
5:35 pm
might be concerned, i'll tell you what, americans are happy about the president's efforts. a recent poll found 66% of likely voters think the president working with democrats to advance the agenda is good for the country, only 13% think it's bad. 21% are undecided. this is undoubtedly a very different strategy than what we saw out of the white house when there were those efforts to repeal and replace obama. they labeled the democrats as obstructionist and republicans took on that failed effort really on their own. why the change in style and strategy? i spoke with republican strategist lauren z elt about the new negotiating style we're seeing out of the white house. take a listen >> it is a different strategy. i think the a good strategy. i think him really leading on the issue, you saw him go to north dakota to talk about the issue. and to really lead on it from
5:36 pm
good strategy. at the end of the day, two things need to happen to have tax reform passed. the president has to lean on the issue and it has to be done in a bipartisan way on capitol hill. >> reporter: what is your take on this bipartisan effort to accomplish and achieve tax reform? do you think it's good and more importantly do you think it will work? weigh in, let me know what you feel, you know, i love to hear from you. reporting live at the white house, ronica cleary, fox 5 local news. the american civil liabilities union is challenging border patrol searches of phones and laptops. the problem they say, the searchers are warrantless. they're made up of engineers journalists and more, government officials took devices several weeks and months, some have yet to get the phones back, the aclu said none of their clients have been given valid explanation, in a device is taken, ice can search through and save
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sarah? major changes could be on tap for maryland's largest school system. montgomery county schools should redesign career programs it offers to students. an analysis by a maryland education consultant group found that montgomery county has had a high emphasis on college preparation, but career preparation has been, quote, marginalized. the report goes on to find enrollment lags behind the state average and only 10% of last year's graduates complete a program that requires multiple courses. the career and technology education widened in recent years to include preparation for jobs in healthcare, construction and automotive repair. the group is pushing for changes within the school district including better training for school staff about the local job market for students. also, improving the quality of its career programs, reinventing the county's thomas edison high school technology to attract more students, also, they're encouraging more sde
5:38 pm
take part in internship programs, and more folk on making sure students are both college and career ready. the reports said by the year 2020, nearly 2/3 of all jobs will require training beyond high school. montgomery county school said, it's all for the those new recommendations. jim? >> somebody is excited for christmas. >> i guess so. got a little ahead of ourselves here. >> stand, i know him. the holiday season around the corner, free ticket goes out by the way of an online lottery that runs from october 12th to 16th, winners will get notification on the october 30th, the christmas tree lighting will take place on november 30th, president trump's first but if you can't get a ticket, you can watch the ceremony on the hallmark channel on december 4. >> it really is >> great event. coming up. storm recovery efforts still region on consent island. a local family with three children gettingel
5:39 pm
from a local organization. caitlin >> jim and sarah it's been about two weeks since tracking irma. finally starting to feel the effects of the post tropical system, off towards or west spinning about the over the ohio valley. feels humid, tropical air mass in place, showers far away. the showers you felt were not associated with irma what you do feel tomorrow will be associated with the remnants, we'll have a look at tomorrow forecast plus improvement for the weekend. i'll have that after the when fox 5 local news returns after this.
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z2i1wz z16fz y2i1wy y16fy
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. ken island a few months ago, one of the family three young children lost a lot in that storm >> now getting a helping hand thanks to the organizers of this weekend we sale in prince george's county. bob barnard tells us about it. >> reporter: if you er
5:43 pm
a consignment shop, this one is on steroids, we're at the prince george preliminary hearing county sports and training complex here near fedex field. take a look. of there are hundreds and thousands of items here on couldn't assignment, young families selling and buying and one is paul sullivan, you're an annapolis police officer, you're a marine and you live on kent island, and we've seen on the news a lot lately the people in houston and florida suffering from hurricanes, your family was affected by that tornado in july >> that's correct, july 24th, we were woken up by the dog and the oldest boy woke us up before the storm and we were lucky enough to get out of the back bedroom and towards the front of the house right before a lot of the damage started. >> reporter: your house suffered and you lost a lot. being able to have early access to this we sale will be helpful >> it will help us rebuild and i want to
5:44 pm
inviting us. of >> mimi is running this, nice of you to open your doors early. sale starts tomorrow to paul and another family from kent island, what's the purpose >> this is local moms selling items to other local moms, as we know of as moms i'm a mom of two, having kids is expensive, and it's insane how much money you have to spend on clothing and gear. we have, when you're not using something or your kid is not playing with a toy anymore, you can sell it >> you sell it and buy stuff for the next age group as your kids age. mimi shay, thank you, this sale actually begins tomorrow, but as paul mentioned, there are families his being one of them, that are in need for all kinds of reasons, and so they were invited in this day early but the sale is tomorrow. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, here at the prince
5:45 pm
learning complex near fedex field. a lot to be had, guys. back to you. >> bob wasn't joking, that does look like it's on steroids >> it's for a good reason. >> good to see that inventory and we forgot, it's easy to forget about the severe weather we had prehurricane. it's it's hard to imagine a preharvey and preirma world. but we had that tornado on kent island >> obviously, there was a lot of damage and devastation, people picking up the pieces. you know, the, it's stuff to forget what happened here when you look what's down there, too >> natural disasters are natural disasters and they come in all shapes and forms. so we would like for them to stop. please tell us we don't have another one coming our way. >> yeah, jose is next up, still remains well out to sea. spinning in the atlantic. it's something we're watching, we're not forget about jose. seeing the clouds part over the capitol dome, took all day
5:46 pm
finally we're seeing dry air work its way in and there's been clearing and late day sunshine and temperatures jumped up to 80. looks pretty nice an prettier ending to this wednesday than at least the way that it began. but your weather headlines will start with the fog expected to roll back in tonight as we got more moisture associated with what's left of irma bringing in showers maybe a thunderstorm tomorrow, we do dry out by the weekend. the weekend looks nice, sunny and warm, warm he were than the past couple, but like i mentioned. of jose is still worth watching a category 1 storm spinning about north of puerto rico and lee ward island, to threat to land massings winds sustained at 75 miles an hour and just sustaining elf in these warm atlantic waters, the track is still on point to kind of cycle west ward of bermuda and stay far offshore as we go through the weekend. no threat through at least monday. jose gets stuck and some models over the past few days, not a lot and
5:47 pm
dangerously close to the u.s. coast. we will keep showing you jose's track day after day until we know it's no longer a threat. satellite showing that cloud deck eroding nicely over the past hour, we got more clouds towards the west with the center of circulation associated with irma, this will bring rainfall in by late in the day tomorrow. i think it will be more of an afternoon rain than morning for tomorrow. 78 in baltimore, 78 in annapolis, 79 in washington, 76 in martinsberg and 75 in winchester, we made it to 80 in culpeper and 82 in frederick where they've had more sunshine today. fox futurecast shows even though the clouds move off to the north and east, quickly replaced from clouds to the west. can't rule out fog and drizzle early tomorrow morning, we start to get into rain bands tropical in nature. so a downpour or two is not out of the question as we go through tomorrow evening and possibly another shower on friday. but that should be it. that should be the last of the unsettled weather as we go into the weeken
5:48 pm
with irma's remnants, it already feels humid out there today. it was kind of weird but we haven't had a lot of heat and humidity as of late. but that tropical feel will be in the air through tomorrow. and really through friday. 69 with fog tonight, 80 tomorrow. but with thunderstorms in the afternoon, not really a pleasant 80. 82 with a few showers friday, the weekend looks dry, sunny and nice and then for now, calm into next week, keeping in a dry sunny forecast with no impact from jose, that is a look at your seven-day forecast. jim, back over to you. >> we start fall officially coming up next week. so it's amazing, you see 80, 80, anxiety. but fall is on the way >> always does that. just one more time. september >> one last harrah. should they stick to ports >> brody logan is live with reaction following an espn anchor's controversial tweet about president trump. brody >> ja mel hill heard tweets about president trump has some calling for her
5:49 pm
the white house doing the same. we wanted to know at this sports bar what do you think of the mix of sports and politics? we'll hear from them coming up after the break.
5:50 pm
ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor and i sponsored this ad narrator: ed gillespie says dr. ralph northam doesn't show up? dr. ralph northam was an army doctor and a volunteer medical director at a children's hospice. he passed the virginia law requiring concussion standards for school sports. the smoking ban in restaurants. and dr. northam is working to connect veterans to good paying jobs in virginia. ed gillespie is a washington dc corporate lobbyist. he shows up for whoever pays him.
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. people have been asking should sports tv stay out of politics, one espn personality tweeted about president >> brody logan live at kady's on core del talking to sports fans about what they think. >> reporter: it's been a big topic of conversation, so many more athletes, sports comment eighters getting involved. should people in sports and the media, should they have to stick to sports? we came here to cady's on core dell. this was ignited by gentleman. mel
5:53 pm
she says basically president trump is a white supremacist who surrounds himself with white supremacists. >> this got a lot of people talking, many people call for her firing, espn issued installment saying she should not have tweet that day out but they're not firing her. it went to the white house and today she was mentioned in sarah hackabee-sanders's press briefing >> i think that's one of the more outrageous comments anyone could make. and certainly something that i think is fireable offense by espn. >>reporter: now, that is the white house calling for the firing of a media member for being critical of the president. we wanted to know, from people here at kady's on core dell, a bunch of sport fan, what do you think of mixing that sports and politics? do you want those of us in the sports media to stick to sports? here's what they had to say
5:54 pm
it. ja mel hill is a journalist. she is a public forum, she's got a position of however she wants to use it is up to her. on the same hand it's up to her employer to determine what they feel is right and in that regard, but i mean these a public figures, i'd like to see more people engaged in the political dialogue for this country. ultimately that means bert government and a better society. >> if the sports player want to speak about the something, that's great, but not everybody is going to agree with what they're saying. they're sort of repercussions either way. >> listen, we're playing a football game. it's a football game. put the politics aside. let's play ball. >> reporter: as you see, there are people on both sides, some saying that yes, they want more social commentary, from all walks of life. sports, athletes, celebrities, what have you and you heard the gentleman saying i want to watch my football. let's stick
5:55 pm
not a lot of people think that sports and politics mix, jim and sarah one thing everybody can agree that mixes with sports is an ice cold beer. >> just an excuse to have one. >> all right. enjoy it, my friend. >> yep, i'll be here. >> we'll see you later. >> you knew he was finding a reason. >> i see no problem with that. september 13th will forever be known as ms. dday in laurel maryland >> a big honor for the pennsylvania boy who touched the community she worked for so long.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
[music playing] across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at
5:58 pm
hard work and a positive attitude being recognized in the city of laurel today. >> i want to be around people that love. it's all about love >> people love her. she worked at the laurel route one duncan donuts location 34 years, so
5:59 pm
community. mayor creating mow declared it dslayeder day. shay made her a city ambassador as well. there you go. >> somebody who you start your day with with a cup of coffee and a crawler >> she's alleged >> she is. >> when you're a regular at dunkies, you do that >> tony and shawn are standing by for the newscast at 6:00. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. right now at 6:00. a beloved yoga teacher murdered. tonight fox 5 has details on what happened when the killer faced a judge. family and friends still holding out hope the pregnant teacher missing from maryland will be found safe. tonight, they gather as the search for laurel wallen intensefies. stopping scammers before they strike, a new campaign t
6:00 pm
prevent you from becoming a victim. the news at 6:00 starts now. we begin with breaking news, a student is dead. three others were hurt during a shooting at a high school in washington state. >> this happened in rockford, that's about 20 miles northeast of spokane, the three students are in stable condition, the gunman police have taken into custody, students describe the moments after the gunman opened fire. >> the boy in front of me, he was telling jokes and he rides my bus, i talked to him before. then i didn't think that in 20 minutes that, 20, 30 minutes, he would be dead >> we don't yet know the identity of the shooter >> the story is still developing. we'll have much more for you coming up later. . the man accused in the christmas day murder of yoga instructor tricia mccauley pleaded guilty today in dc superior court >> adrian johnson admitted to raping and strangling the teacher before


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