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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. zaire. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00 at 10:00, his bizarre behavior led the secret service to arrest him outside the white house. wait until you hear what agents discovered. solid deon the sidelines, the national anthem debate not
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dying down. a local search and rescue team back home after helping with hurricane recovery efforts from texas to the caribbean. the news at 10:00 starts right now. a former tennessee police officer arrested outside the white house had a cash of weapons in his car according to the secret service >> when agents stopped him, he told him he was in town to meet with top white house officials and to have a dog chip removed from his head. evan lambert is live near the white house with the latest. >> reporter: tony, secret service agents they say came into contact with timothy bates just a block from the white house, he was urinating in public, they interviewed him and eventually got permission to search his car. that is when they found the weapons they say he had in his car. you're going to go see a picture of 37-year-old timothy bates right now and just a moment. you'll see this cash of weapons that secret service
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found him with. seven out of nine gun found they say were loaded. they also say bates had dozens of rounds of ammunition. agents say bates told him he came to the white house to speak with mike rogers director of nsa and defense secretary jim mattis reportedly were theed device on missing paychecks and wanted to get a dog chip out of his head. saw a judge for his first appearance, he was ordered held until a preliminary hearing. thats had scheduled for thursday. we've also been in touch with a memphis police department who confirmed that bates worked for them for 13 years. from 2000 to 2013 when he retired. it's also unclear in those court document what is bates may have been planning with those weapons. live in northwest, evan lambert, fox 5 local news. the debate continues after
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nfl players who needle during the national anthem. tonight, more reaction from players, owners and fan, marina marraco joins us with what has turned into a major cultural fire storm politics against sports >> the national anthem protests continue. players knelt before the anthem. here's pictures from fox reporters in glendale for tonight's game, the cowboys taking a knee as a team including dallas cowboys owner jerry jones, there were definitely lots of boos when that happen. the cardinals took a knee. the second picture of the cardinals locking arms once the anthem started the cowboys stood and locked arms through the duration. the white house did not back down, two hours before monday night football, president trump tweeted quote, tremendous backlash against the nfl and its players for disrespect of our country. #stand for our anthem. today in virginia, at a redskins charity golf tournament some
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protests, we caught up with fred a former redskins player at fox 5 for his take. >> i think the solution here is equality. equal rights, that's what most of the minorities are looking for. equal rights. a lot of talk about police brutality. that's come up often. and if we can really come together like i said before, and find the solution with trump's help and the help of the nfl and everyone who supports the cause, we can make the place a better environment. >> this is opinions out there. and nobody needs my opinion because no matter what i say, anybody else say, you're going to be 50% right or wrong. i feel like the best way to handle that is it's not anything. >> my father was a marina. f the military no. one would g think of it on that level. it's about
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it's injustices going on in our country, so to speak, there are people that can't fight for themselves, it's a unilateral effort. in all sports to do the right thing. and hopefully, that will filter all the way up to the white house. >> if we really, really as people want to get something from this, let's come together, sit down and talk. i think that's all this is about, the not about disrespecting anybody. let's talk. let's open the dialogue. >> redskins quarterback josh norman had harsh words for president trump following last night's game >> right now, the man is not welcome here in washington, dc. he's not. i hope he won't get around when i see him. >> i respect the office and the troops and america. my family fought in the war, it's not about the flag. it's not. it's not about anything like that. it's not about black and white. it's about what we're being faced with right now.
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being torn down from in the white house. >> fox 5 asked for on a response to norman comments and press secretary sarah hackabee-sanders wrote, well, 63 million people feel differently because they voted for him to be the president. tony? >> also developing tonight in montgomery county, someone found a body in a car in kensington this afternoon. skyfox was over the scene of a parking lot on nicholson lane, police have not identified the person, an autopsy will be conducted to determine how that person died. an emotional day and night for family friends of teenager shot last week in the district where a gunman shot and kill 16-year-old zaire kelly. this was second vigil. a number of people spoke
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teachers an team mate >> prepare for the next level. i know zaire would want you to. i know zaire would want each of you to work hard as you go to the next level of education. >> he finally done. two hands. he had two hands but that was his last dunk. >> police say kelly was killed in a botched robbery attempt. the gunman tried to hold up the teenager but kelly fault back and stabbed gills. he pulled out a gun and shot kelly. gills also died. it was another day of summer like weather. question is how long is that going to last >> i don't want to know i'm enjoying it. what's latest >> stay in the moment. in the moment today, we were up to about 91 degrees which is more typical of what we might see in the middle part of august. i don't think we hit 90 again tomorrow.
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from hurricane maria which is off the southeastern u.s. coast about 255 miles southeast of cape hatteras. check out the temperatures, a summer feel to the air, complete way little bit of humidity and that humidity may be around a bit later tonight in the form of some fog late tonight, tomorrow morning. at the moment, we're still 78 and when you consider the 76 is our average high for the day, still pretty toasty. winchester dropped to 68. quantico 78. frederick, 72 and 79 in hagerstown. i wanted to show you we see changes. we see fall rolling into town by the end of the week. we're at 78, check out what is going on towards minneapolis and a 20 degree spread between the minneapolis area and chicago. chicago still 79, minneapolis is 59. denver 49 and some of that cool air gets all the
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texas pan handle, while dallas is still 86. so that is what's coming in our direction, we are going to stay warm, low 80's tomorrow because of the clouds and then a stronger front will come on through and we will be cooler by week's end as temperatures will feel more like the season that we're actually in. we'll have the latest on hurricane maria and the tropical storm warning that are now up for the coast of north carolina. that's coming a little bit later and tony over to you. residents of puerto rico are facing a massive recovery effort after hurricane maria barrelled through the territory. it's been five days since maria hit and puerto rican are still having trouble. power is time it out to most island and flights are infrequent. president trump tweeted the puerto rico was in deep trouble. citing not just the hurricane damage but also its major financial trouble before the storm hit.
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meanwhile, an elite team of first responders from our area has returned to tonight after bee gone weeks to help hurricane victims across the caribbean and the southern u.s. we've been telling you about virginia task force one and all the hard work members have done during this brutal hurricane season. fox 5 lindsay watts is live with the family reunion. >> reporter: these are people back from saving lives in puerto rico and the virginia islands. they've done such great work, virginia task force one is made up of fairfax county firefighters search and rescue crews, doctors, engineers and other specialists. we'll show you video from just about an hour and a half ago. you can hear those big cheers as the busses rolled in. lots of homemade signs, and look at these faces you can see how happy families were to reunite and it was especially sweet to see the reunions between the kids and
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most of the task force members have been gone almost three weeks. several have been away from home nearly a month. first hurricane harvey before going on to puerto rico and the virgin islands. there were about 80 team members returning in addition to four search and rescue k9s. >> there was the hopping from island to island. the roads there aren't like the roads we have here in the u.s. where you get an address and drive to it. know somebody who knows where that is, we relied on the locals to take us to the places most devastated. a lot of reuniting we did for people. able to find people evacuate people make a couple of rescues out of people that had been stranded in areas where they were and didn't have any help. dogs are there. they can do a lot quicker search than we can. once they find an area that needs a search we can send aog
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great comfort to the people when they're not working to the little kids that have lost a lot or a parent, dog when is they're not out there working but they're able to stand on the corner and the handlers let them be a therapy dog, that make as big difference to the kids sometimes. >> and task force members had to leave their cell phones behind so they could focus on the mission. that meant limited contact with family members. i think that added to the anticipation for the homecoming. >> so much emotion, i cried. >> feels good to be back. we're deployed for nearly three weeks now. it's very good to see the families again. >> reporter: they're back for now but the team is always at the ready to ship out and help with disaster relief across the country as well as around the world. we're live in chantilly. lindsay watts
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13 years later, after the death of a young woman, a dc mother is still in mourning for her daughter. >> we sit down with the victim's mother who refuses to let the case go unsolved >> dealing with more than just physical scar, how a local campus helping teenagered burn victims overcome tragedy. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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the murder of a young woman on a southeast street devastated her close-knit family. kendra smith graduated from college and raising her young daughter when she was shot and killed >> you probably never heard of kendra but you may have her of her mom who has not given up hope, paul wagner has tonight's rewind to the crime. ♪ ♪. >> reporter: when kendra smith was shot
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of 2004 it made little news in the city of washington. a search of the internet turns up nothing but an obituary, a award posed an memorial website in kendra's name but if you were paying attention you might have noticed her mother >> i am speak on behalf of the mothers from unsolved murders >> that's deborah in october of 2005. >> i am your mirror >> here she is is the brady center to prevent gun violence. >> i do what eagles do, i swoop and i'm taking care. i'm being a part of the solution. and not the problem. >> reporter: deborah turned into a fighter, testifying at city council hearings and bringing attention to gun violence whenever she could. 13 years later, deborah is still waiting for justice. >> i miss her smile.
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grow into the beautiful young lady that she is. >> reporter: den dra drew up on dstreet southeast. went to temple university in philadelphia >> she was ready. she had a good heart. loved children, loved children. >> reporter: on the evening of september 6, 2004, kendra's life was cut short when someone opened fire on the car she was sitting in outside her front door >> we're sure if she was the actual target or not. we can't say for sure at this time. there are conflicting accounts as to what occurred. prior to the murder. and after those accounts again since the case is open, i can't get into those particular accounts. >> reporter: kendra was in the passenger seat of a car driven by a neighborhood friend who was not hit by the gunfire that
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fox 5 made several attempts to speak with the man to get his account, but he never responded. on september 6, 2004, kendra's mother, sister and daughter were inside this house here on d street when suddenly they heard gunfire. it was around 10:30 at night. they didn't think much because gunfire was common in this neighborhood. then, the phone rang. >> when the phone rang, i answered and someone said, you need to come to burbank i think your daughter got shot >> she threw on clothes and ran out of the house >> when i saw her, i pretty much lost it >> you knew it was bad >> i knew it was bad, yes >> seeing kendra on a stretcher, courtney went to her sister's side >> the only thing what i could get out of what she was saying was i. i don't know if she was trying to say that i love you or what her last words were trying to say. but i will
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eyes how she looked at me. i will never forget that >> kendra died the next day. 13 years later, deborah still doesn't know what happened that night. she eventually spoke with the the man who was driving the car but claimed not to know who was doing the shooting or why. at one point, early in the investigation, deborah said police thought they could close the case and had a suspect but the detectives never offered proof. a new detective was on the case now exploring several new leads. >> we are exploring other individuals whose names have come up as part of the investigation. >> reporter: after all this time, deborah evans bailey has hope the case will eventually be solved. >> she's dealing this not just by me but by many. but her spirit definitely lives. >> reporter: kendra smith was a young mother when she was killed, her daughter just turned 14. with fox 5 rewind to the crime, i'm paul
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>> if you know anything about the murder of kendra smith or the man she was with that night, please contact dc police. >> there is a $25,000 reward. still ahead, helping children and families heal from tragedy. >> a special camp comes to dc to help burn victims recover from all of their injuries. physical and emotional. tomorrow on fox 5 how about this? a quick break-up with your diet could help you lose more weight. dr. mike breaks down the study and we're going in the kitchen how to whip up the perfect pancake. i think it's national pancake day. that was waffle day before, it's pan take day now. is your meanest friend really your biggest supporter? that's all ahead tomorrow starting at 4:25 a.m. t 4:25 a.m.
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so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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professional firefighters first on the scene. >> when children are rescued they face a lifetime of challenges that's why a firefighter charitable foundation is hosting a. the campers will tour the dc area, they got a chance to bond with dc firefighters for lunch stopped by the smith zoneian. >> >> at first i didn't like my scar, now i feel like it's like a part of me just like people get tattoos. that's mine and it has a story behind it >> the burn camp by the way wraps up saturday but looks like everybody had a great time >> that's very, very special. that's great. fox 5 news at 10:30 is coming up next >> so is jim lokay >> it has been busy day and
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will keep going on, we have the latest effort to repeal the affordable care act. is it dead >> we're tallying up the senators. and we saw another statement on the field tonight during the national anthem, a former nfl player joins us in studio to give us his perspective to what's going on. >> take a look at this satellite image. hurricane maria still out there making a fussin the atlantic around cape hatteras, we'll be talking about that and changing seasons in the seven-day forecast all of that ahead the 10:30 news is next. 10:30 news is next.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:30. now at 10:30, a former police officer arrested outside of the white house. details on the arsonal
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investigators say they found in his car. is it disrespect or commendable as debate rages over kneeling during the national anthem, a former nfl player joins us to give his perspective and protesters trying to persuade lawmakers not to repeal and replace. we have the latest in the healthcare debate. 10:30 starts now. off the top at 10:30 a former police officer under arrest after being taken into custody outside the white house >> investigators say the man had weapons in his car. evan lambert with the latest. >> reporter: secret service agents say they found 37-year-old timothy bates from tennessee about a block from the white house, he was urinating in public, they interviewed him eventually got permission to search his car and found that cash of weapons, they say he had nine guns and three knives. seven of those nine guns were loaded. it's unclear what bates planned on doing with tho
10:31 pm
a judge ordered him held for a preliminary hearing on thursday. he worked for the memphis police department 13 years and retired in 2013. a team of first responders gone for weeks return to their families. virginia task force one has been busy helping hurricane victims, lindsay watts live with more on their return. >>reporter: jim, we have been telling you about virginia task force one and all of the great work they've done during such a brutal hurricane season. let's get right to some video. such a happy homecoming tonight. after several weeks away from home in puerto rico and the virgin islands. 80 crew members returned. a few had been doing hurricane harvey relief before the latest mission, so they have been very busy. family thrilled to see them. virginia task force one made up of fairfax county firefighters as well as doctors engineers and other specialists. hundreds showed up for a
10:32 pm
of a dc teen shot and killed. people gathered at 13th street northwest the cite of last week's shooting the took the life of zaire kelly. the gunman tried to hold up the teen but kelly fought back he pulled out a gun and shot kelly. we certainly respect the rights that people have but i think we also need to focus again this isn't about the president being against something which is what everybody wants. this is about the president being for something, about the president being for respect in our country through symbols like the american flag, the national anthem and the hundreds of thousands of people that actually stand versus the few hundred that knelt >> that was sarah hackabee-sanders defending president trump's remarks saying they should be fired. joining us now with the athlete's
10:33 pm
junior played for the atlanta falcons and the tampa bay buccaneers. this has been pretty eventful. we saw the cowboy comes out, take a knee before the anthem. let me get your take first of all on everything that's gone on so far >> i think this has gained so much momentum. but little bit of -- a lot of controversy. also brought up a lot of awareness to an issue that maybe didn't have as much notorieties >> are you frustrated it feels like the president called out the nfl players and players who decide to do this form of protest >> i think speaking to guys having been in that position, having been one of those sobes before, not many instances you have a right to stand up for something to voice your opinion, and your sense of maybe lose your job about it. we see many groups and
10:34 pm
people with different platforms every day on television and we have our free rights to express how we feel. it's about a myriad of issues. it's a little bit disturbing to see that. >> a lot of people don't realize that in 2009 before 2009 nfl players weren't required to be on the field for the national anthem. 2009 was your rookie year >> right. i was a rookie in 2009. and before every season before the first game, we have a dry run and what we do before the first game, and at the time my coach was mike smith and he said this year we're going to go out on the field. i didn't know this would be such a big issue now, eight, nine years ago now, we see that and it's really a big deal >> have you talked to any of your former team mates or players that you still know who are in about what's been going on >> i talked to a lot. some are still in. some out. been out for awhile. just got out and
10:35 pm
so many times the narrative is being switched about what they're standing up for as opposed to being about the flag, i trained with cap in off seasons >> cap is >> colin kaepernick, he made a statement saying this is not about disrespecting the military or the flag. some people breeze past in and michael bennett came out the same year, issue a letter after his incident in vegas saying the same thing, people seem to breeze past that and make it something that it's not >> we're almost out of time. if you could talk directly to president trump what would you want him to know, i wouldn't speak to him just directly. i would speak to everyone that has an issue. just listen to what the players are saying. you know, i think as a citizen in this country we have a right to voice our opinion, about the injustice of anything. and it's
10:36 pm
in the bill of rights. understand what people are coming from. >> lawrence sidbury junior. oxonhill clipper. thanks for coming in and sharing your perspective as a former nfl player. thank you for coming in. president trump new travel ban will go into effect in a couple weeks adding north korea and venezuela to provide legal cover what they say is a muslim ban. the supreme court was supposed to hear arguments but cancelled the justices don't want to give more time to both sides to examine that new ban. a court victory in the fight against illegal immigration, texas has a new law that requires local police to cooperate with federal immigration to
10:37 pm
possible deportation. the federal appeals court upheld the law, civil rights groups think the law will not change much and the police will continue follow existing policy it's. speaking of north korea, the foreign minister said recent comments by president trump may have been interpreted as a declaration of war. stems from a tweet the president made implying that north korea's leadership won't be around much longer. today, white house press secretary sarah hackabee-sanders said the u.s. not declared war. susan collins who voted no, came out in opposition the graham cassidy bill. protesters interrupt add finance committee hearing the only committee hearing scheduled there to convince senators to vote against, kill the bill
10:38 pm
along constitution avenue. they worry the cuts proposed in the bill for medicaid could mean people with disabilities would have problems getting care. one of the creators of the bill said this is not the last chance for the gop to do something on healthcare but describes it as best chance. >> if somebody doesn't fix obamacare soon, the majority of counties in this country are going to be down to one provider. >> susan collins joins rand paul and john mccain who have come out and were no votes. it has been 60 years since little rock central high school was integrated school segregation lingers on and in other schools. here's fox's casey stegal. >> reporter: it is one of the most enduring images of the civil rights images in 1957,
10:39 pm
escorted by federal troops past angry white mob through the doors of central high school in little rock arkansas. eight are still alive and 60 years later being honored for the sacrifice. >> ladies and gentlemen, the little rock nine >> former president bill clinton among those taking part in a ceremony monday. >> making history is not something we aspired to do. we wanted the best education our parents taxes afforded. >> reporter: legal segregation long ended few white and minority students in little rock share a classroom today. the school district which is about 2/3 african-american has been under state control since 2015. some critics also blaming the recent increase of charter schools for the lack of progress. >> they're shutting schools down in our neighborhood and shipping or busses kids out. that is absolutely
10:40 pm
absurd and it is a slap in the face to the little rock nine. >> i think they went in there to make conditions better for generations to come. it's important for the rest of us to take and continue fighting >> recent data from the national center for education shows this is not just a problem in little rock. nationwide, overall enrollment in public schools has been declining and the racial gap has widened. in dallas, casey steal, fox news. next at 10:30, combining chocolate and spa treatments >> we're going to take you inside a new chocolate spa opened at hershey park. >> i'm so there, jim. i'll even dip into the chocolate. here's what dip into tomorrow. hurricane maria which is coming up the east coast will throw a few clouds in our direction. as a result of that. it won't be quite as warm but it will still be above average for this time
10:41 pm
we'll get you straight with the seven-day forecast and have the latest track on hurricane maria and where the tropical storm warnings are flying on the east coast tonight. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. . volvo confirming more jobs coming to the first u.s. plants, 1900 new positions bringing the total to nearly 4,000. the factory in south carolina planning to be up and running 96 fall. tech stocks taking a fall with some of the biggest losers of the day being some of the biggest winners, facebook amazon and netflix tumbling, that pulled down the markets except the one that track smaller company. the russell 2000 a gain that took it to a new all time high. too soon t
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spirit? millennials don't think so. more than half of all you don't know adults begin holiday shopping before black friday. study by yes marking says more than a third of nonmillennials will hold off until after. that's a look at business. i'm david asman i'm da
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amazon plans to expand restaurants a step further, only a matter of time before meals like chipolte and shake shack will be delivered. no traveling, getting in the
10:46 pm
r. partnering with a company called oh,lo which supplies payment software. amazon deliveries will be process. the service will only be available to prime members. all of you forget about it. chain sign on right now. >> i appreciate the way you deliver that day last story. you got into your food man voice >> olo. >> you got our attention. i'll bet amazon. >> a trip to hershey is not only about the ride and foods. it could become a destination >> you can get spa treatments featuring chocolate. here's michelle shavez. >> reporter: hershey park's newest chocolate spa >> normally the ingredients in these products are used to make the chocolate we eat but this spa is using the same on your skin. dark chocolate
10:47 pm
long been attributed to its antioxidant and they can also help your skin. >> it is the largest organ of the body. being able to treat that is a huge benefit to the entire body. >> whether you're getting a facial or scrub or pedicure, to guarantee it's better >> it's a matter of taste and who doesn't like dark chocolate >> there may be an advantage >> it stays with you throughout the day you have that is, crumshus without the clear >> about five years ago i did like a couples get away and one of my friends got the chocolate whatever. it was >> not your thing >> up next a 10:30 a daredevil comes to the windshield of a moving train >> there he is, the video, we'll
10:48 pm
be right back.
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. you don't need us to tell you not to try this at home. a daredevil in australia was caught on camera clinging to the windshield of this moving train. this train was traveling about 70 miles per hour, attracted pleasant of attention. the police were not amused when when the train stopped they, of course, arrested him >> we're calling the daredevil, why don't we just say a total idiot? they got up staged by a couple naturals, killer whales put on a show of their own during the semi-finals of the master's competition, many of the surfers continued to ride the waves of the whales, no word on what scores the judges gave that pair. >> do you see how close those, >> it's pretty insane. >> you wonder in the surf boards attract them >> it's something,
10:52 pm
up staged. >> the weather for the last few days. up staging everything. >> really is. 92 on sunday, 91 today. i was mentioning this earlier, toronto was 92 on sunday, warmest they've had all year and warmest ever after the equinox. we won't be at 90 tomorrow, we don't need a september heat wave. it's been warm enough. air condition is running, it will be warm but not as hot at today, we'll have a little bit more cloud cover courtesy of hurricane maria which as of 11:00 is stale category 1 hurricane. we'll running allow the headlines and show you most recent track, we expect it to stay moist overnight and that to translate to a bit of fog late tonight and tomorrow morning, kind of fog season. locally in our town and yes few more clouds which may help the temperature not climb
10:53 pm
we're going to forecast about 83 tomorrow and keep it in the 80's through thursday, which is still warm for this time of year. then we change seasons a stronger front comes through thursday. it will be much more like fall by friday as we head for the 70's, not just friday, also for the weekend. hang in there couple more days, 83 tomorrow. wednesday still up and about 87. so a little bit higher that's because the front will be getting closer. but here's what we expect tomorrow with hurricane maria fairly close. it's about 245 south southeast of cape hatteras. close enough to send clouds in our direction, showers not so much. maybe on the beaches, they could pick up an inch or two at the outer banks and by the way maybe a bit of storm surge on the ordinary of two to four feet. we have a bit of a tropical feel. warm, humid more clouds and sun but by the end of the day i think it might brighten up, especially as the hurricane continues to move
10:54 pm
potentially weaken a little bit. 8:00 a.m. temperatures 72 with a mix of sun and clouds. of by noon, moreover cast and brighter by 5:00 with a temperature of 81, as we likely head for a temperature of 83 tomorrow. 87 for frederick. 82 for quantico and 82 for manassas. we have category 1 lee, not expected to make any kind of landfall or threaten bermuda in any way. we focus on the clouds we had that were related to maria, here is the storm system and let me track it as it moves slowly north, we got tropical storm warnings for the outer banks. then it make as nice hard right turn beginning wednesday and then into thursday as a tropical storm and here's what's chasing it away. maria has had a high pressure steering it but as the strong front comes, it's going to start to push all
10:55 pm
and that will end the high surf and the big rip currents and it will also end our warmer temperatures as that's when the cool stuff will be rolling into town. just quickly i want to mention tropical storm warnings up for the north carolina coast and those winds not terrible right now but they will be a little bit higher tomorrow. they will feel the effects more likely tuesday and into wednesday. here is our accu-weather seven-day forecast. we spike a little bit on wednesday to 87 then down to 82 thursday much cooler on friday, because the front will have passed on through, check out the weekend. 70 saturday, 72 monday, monday 74, what you don't see is much in way of rain and some mold is getting high around town and dry out there. but enjoy two seasons in one seven-day. shawn over to you. good news for you wine lovers, having a glass with dinner will not wreck your diet. the experts say it
10:56 pm
portion size like everything else. limit yourself to just one five ounce serving a day. >> mom >> you can do what you want i'm just saying if you want to watch the clears, one serving has about 125 clears, white wine about 100 a glass. just saying. >> there's always a study that says something in >> moderation. >> it's just the clear count. unless you're going for 1200 clears drink it all >> or you bought the box of franz ia. >> tony looking at what's coming up on fox 5 at 11:00 at 11:00 a security scare outside the white house. take a look at the arsonal of weapons that secret service officers found in car. details about the former police officer that they arrested and what he told them when he was taken into custody. more outbreaks of swine flu
10:57 pm
at maryland county fairs. the cause? the experts have a theory. those stories and more next at 11:00. is
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. right now at 11:00. a former police officer arrested at the white house. the arsenal that secret service officers say they found in his car. then the players versus the president. >> black and white. it's about what we're being faced with >> protests during national anthem and the white house isn't backing down >> this is about the president and millions of americans being for something. plus, virginia task force one returns after weeks of rescue missions in hurricane disaster zones. and new details about the swine flu outbreaks at county fairs. your news starts now. off the top tonight, loaded handguns a


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