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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. right now at 11:00. a former police officer arrested at the white house. the arsenal that secret service officers say they found in his car. then the players versus the president. >> black and white. it's about what we're being faced with >> protests during national anthem and the white house isn't backing down >> this is about the president and millions of americans being for something. plus, virginia task force one returns after weeks of rescue missions in hurricane disaster zones. and new details about the swine flu outbreaks at county fairs. your news starts now. off the top tonight, loaded handguns a
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ammunition. that's what secret service officers say they found after arrested a former tennessee police officer outside the white house. timothy bates told the secret service he was in town to meet with top white house officials and to have a dog chip removed from his head. evan lambert is live near the white house with the details. evan? >> reporter: the secret service said they first caught up with timothy bates in front of the gallery about a block from the white house, they interviewed him searched his car and found the arsenal of weapons nine guns and three knives. we'll take a look at 37-year-old bates, you can see this arsenal of weapons. seven of the nine guns according to secret service agents were loaded. the agents say that there were dozens of rounds of ammunition along with them. according to the secret service bates told them he came to the white house to speakit
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admiral rogers director of the n.s.a. and defense secretary jim mattis he also wanted advice on missing paychecks and help getting a dog chip out of his hid. according to the us attorney's office, bates did see a judge for his first appearance this afternoon. he was ordere to be held until a preliminary hearing on thursday. we got in touch with the memphis police. it's unclear if he had plan to use those weapons in any of the court documents or from what the us attorney's office told us, live in northwest near the white house, evan lambert. fox 5 local news. tonight we've learned a man killed in a car crash in clarksville was a dc police officer. bare eastman of ellicott city was a veteran, his car heading north on route 32 when it crossed the double yellow line and hit a tractor-trailer in
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the driver of the truck was not hurt. in montgomery county tonight, police investigating a body found in car in kensington. skyfox was over the scene of this parking lot on nicholson lane, police have not identified the person and autopsy will be conducted to determine how that person died. ♪ ♪. it's not about black and white. it's about what we're being faced with. >> using sports platform to try to divide us. >> this is bigger than football >> they want to stand, that's their belief and their right >> they've gone through this journey to achieve this platform and this is their right to have something to say. >> if i don't stand who will and everybody should be stand for democracy >> is it okay to take a knee during the
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this has dominating the headlines following president trump's criticism of nfl players. more players and owners knelt before tonight's game. marina marraco is here with more on the cultural fire storm. >> the nfl national anthem protests continue. players knelt before the anthem, here's pictures from fox reporters in glendale for the game. a birds's eye view as a team including dallas cowboy owners, the cardinals took a knee, there were definitely boos. the second picture is one of the cardinals locking arms once the anthem started. the cowboy also stood and locked arms throughout the duration of the song. white house did not back down two hours before monday football. president trump tweeted tremendous backlash against the nfl and its players for disrespect of our country. #stand for our anthem. today in virginia at a redskins charity golf tournament, skins voiced their opin
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we caught up with fred at fox 5 for his take. >> going to say it like this, there's enough opinions out there and nobody needs my opinion because no matter what i say, anybody else say, you're going to be 50% right or wrong, i feel like the best way to handle that is not to say anything >> my father was a marina, it has nothing to do with the flag or military, no one would think of it on that level. it's about respect and injustices gone on in our country as we speak, there are people that can't fight for themselves, it's a unilateral effort guys in national football league and all sports to do the right thing. and hopeful, that will filter itself to the white house. >> if we really, really as people want to get something, let's come together, sit down, talk and i think that's all this is about, it's not about disrespecting anybody. let's talk, open the dialogue. >> and redskins quarterback josh norman had harsh words for
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game at fedex field. >> right now, this man is not welcome here in washington, dc. he's not. i hope he won't be around when i see him, i respect the office and the troops and america. my family fought in a war. it's not about the flag. it's not. it's not about anything like that. it's not about black and white, the about what we're being faced with right now. being teared down from in the white house >> fox 5 asked for a white house response of norman's comments they said, quote, well, 63 million people feel differently because they voted for him to be the president. tony? just when you thought the tension between the united states and north korea couldn't get higher, it has ratcheted up. it's every this tweet from president trump. just heard foreign minister speak at u.n. if he echos thoughts of little rocket man they won't be
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longer. the foreign minister said that tweet means the united states declared war. he didn't on to say since the united states declared war, north korea has right to defend itself and that includes shooting down any u.s. military aircraft that flies near the peninsula even in the planes are in international waters. this afternoon, sarah hackabee-sanders denied the u.s. is at war with north korea. to the after math of maria, it's been five days since maria hit. people have trouble reaching outside. the power is out to most island, flights leaving puerto rico are infrequent. president trump tweeted the puerto rico was in deep trouble because of the hinge damage and the major financial trouble it was facing before the storm. virginia task force one, the elite team of first responders from our area returned home after spending several weeksn
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u.s., lindsay watts was there for the home coming. lindsay? >> shawn, this is a team of men and women who saved lives in puerto rico and the virginia islands. virginia task force one is made up fairfax county firefighters doctors engineers and other specialists. you can hear the cheers as the busses rolled in. you can see just how happy families were to reunite. it was especially sweet to see the reunions between kids and their parents. most of the task force members returning have been gone almost three weeks. but several have been away from home nearly a month. member that is responded first to hurricane harvey before going on to puerto rico and the virgin islands in response to hurricanes irma and maria. there were about 80 team members coming back in addition to four search and rescue k9s. >>
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to island. the roads aren't like the roads we have where you get an address and you drive to it. you have to know somebody who knows where that is, we relied on the locals to take us to the places most devastated to find the people. a lot of reuniting we did for people. able to find people, evacuate people. make a couple of rescue out of people that had been stranded in areas where they were and didn't have any help. dogs are there. of they can do a lot quicker search than we can. so once they find an area that needs a search we can send a dog and they can help determine whether we engage forces deeper or move on. they're great comfort to the people when they're not working to the little kids that have lost a lot or lost a parent, dogs when they're not out there working, but they're able to stand on the corner and handlers let them be a therapy dog, that make as big difference to the kids sometimes. >> those dogs did a lot of work. task force members had to
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their cell phones behind, they to leave them back so they can focus on the mission, they had very limited contact with family members. i think that added to the anticipation for tonight's homecoming. >> so much emotion, i cried. >> feels very good to be back. you know, we're deployed for nearly three weeks now. it's very good to see the families again. >> reporter: team is back for now but they're still at the ready to ship out and help for disaster relief both across the country and around the world. live in chantilly lindsay watts fox 5 local news. meantime maryland task force one is still in puerto rico tonight. the montgomery county based team is assisting with search and rescue efforts along with intelligence gathering in some of the hardest hit communities. in mexico rescue efforts continue nearly week after the 7.1 magnitude
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hundreds. crews able to pull a dog from the rubble alive. teams have been using drills and heavy machinery to tunnel into the heart of the wreckage. many schools reopened but backup 1% opened up in mexico city. damage could be upwards of 8 billion dollars. there was an out pouring of grief tonight as family and friends of a teenager shot and killed in the district gathered for candle vigil. came together at 13th street northeast. cite of last week's shooting to honor the memory of 16-year-old zaire kelly this was the second vigil of the day to honor kelly. another this afternoon in southeast. a number of people spoke at that vigil including zaire teacher and a team mate. >> prepare for the next level. i know zaire would want you to. i know zaire would want each of to you work hard as you go to the next level of educatio
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two hands. what i could barely do with two hands that was his last dunk >> he was killed in botched robbery. gunman 19-year-old of northeast tried to hold up teen but kelly fought back. investigators say stabbed gills unanimous times but gills pulled out a gun and shot him. gills also died. the sexting scandal landed him a prison sentence how long he'll spend behind bars. a man accused of murdering his father, what happened? we have the latest on the investigation. another case of swine flu at a local fair. tonight experts weigh in on what may be causing that outbreak. coming up on the final five, it's a lively show. protests on capitol hill as the gop efforts to repeal and replace obamacare hit another hurdle. catch the
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♪ ♪. former
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anthony winner is headed to prison. a judge sentenced him to 21 months behind bars and three years on supervised release. in may, he pleaded guilty to a felony charge for sending sexually explicit messages to a teenage girl. winner will $10,000 fine. he will have to register as a sex offender. a leesburg man is in jail excused of stabbing his father to death. police say son turned himself in at leesburg police headquarters and confessed to stabbing his father. officers found the father dead. family members told us there were never signs of trouble >> he was a hard working man. we're devastated. we're in pain. they used to get along very good. i just
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that alcohol have a lot to do with this tragedy. >> fox 5 learned that the son moved in with his father about six months ago and that he once served in the military new details about the swine flu outbreaks at maryland county fairs. the great frederick fair shut down almost a dozen pigs tested positive for swine flu. last week, we told you buy young girl in the hospital. state veterinarian believes the outbreak may be related to the recent heat wave. 11 pigs with swine flu are still in quarantine. doctors are trying to determine if that strain of influenza can be passed on to humans >> 2012 is the last case that we've had like this. so we feel lucky about it. we do a lot of education, outreach and education. and you know, always
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security and by security by security. hand washing is so important. >> experts told us this particular strain does not come from eating pork. it's a respiratory virus and does not affect the meat. as a precaution, the pig exhibits at the remaining st. mary in calvert county fares have been cancelled. sue is here to talk about the warm weather. and soon fall will show up weather-wise. an end in sight and a change in seasons definitely ahead. it's not unheard of to have a couple of warm days in september and even a 90 degree day, but 92 yesterday, 91 today. didn't break records but that's well above average, which is 76 for this time of year, ever since fall started we haven't been feeling it. yes, seasons a out of whack this year. seems like getting that way all the time and what we're watching tonight is a mild night w
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many places will head for the 60's but it will be mild and still moist enough that we might have to deal with late night patchy fog and maybe early tomorrow as well. there's that high of 91 at reagan national. dulles bwi. hitting 89, we don't do this tomorrow. i think we're going to bring in enough cloud cover that we'll see temperatures dropping into the low 80's. which is till above average for this time of year. there's the 77 in dc, gaithersburg 73, culpeper 70, winchester. hagerstown is 76. wanted to just show you how much of the country still so mild. you can also see the circulation from hurricane maria i'll have the latest on that in a moment. check out the cool air that is on the move moving across the western u.s. 76 in chicago. 59 in minneapolis, get out to den very, 40's
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the highest elevations of the rockies, 59 in boy see. this will be coming into town thursday into friday. we'll stay warm through the mid week and as the frontal boundary gets closer it does a couple of things. brings in the cooler temperatures and the feel of fall that will finally arrive but it also helps to kick hurricane maria out into the atlantic and away. here's what's going to be happening. maria still category 1 hurricane with winds of 80 at 11:00 with the latest update. close enough that they will likely see tropical storm conditions in the cape hatteras area tomorrow as well as all the outer banks, far enough away that we get the clouds and tropical feel but we don't see much in the way of showers, it will be a warmest human day, temperatures topping out close to about 83 in the district. a few spots could get warmer than that and maybe just a few will be cooler but again those clouds around for at least part of the day
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clouds, here is hurricane maria some of the clouds we had today if you follow the path that was a little bit of one of the outer bands and we'll see it getting closer tomorrow. maria is moving slowly north at seven miles an hour and it make as hard right late wednesday as a tropical storm and then starts racing out to sea. that will be the end of the maria story. look at this on friday, here in the atlantic still has winds of 70 miles an hour. the latest is that we do have tropical storm warnings for the coast of north carolina. especially the outer banks. turkey tracker for winds, the red would indicate where we have the -- hurricane force winds go out about 105 miles from the center, how close does that get? fortunately it is a light brush with tropical storm conditions. tuesday and part of wednesday before it starts moving on out to sea and you can see the winds are significant but not out of control
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of that will likely be higher tomorrow, it is a prolonged period of gusty winds as hurricane maria goes on up the coast. you can see as we go to wednesday there will be breaks in the clouds and we'll see maria eventually heading on out to sea again that will happen late wednesday. we have three more days in the 80's notice all these days are dry. friday frontal boundary will bring in the cooler air, 75 degrees, that process begins late on thursday night. look at this weekend. how gorgeous is that going to be and into monday. temperatures finally closer to normal for this time of year. some of these temperatures a above average. we'll give you two seasons in the same seven-day forecast shawn and tony, that is your seven-day forecast send it over to you. coming up, the viral video that might make some of you feel a little old. former
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mike explains taking a few weeks off of your diet can help you shed the found. a local chef will be live to show you how to make the perfect pancake and local cafe that has child care so you can get work done. kicks off, all of that was food related kicking off at 4:25 in the morning.
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nothing ben on today except president trump versus the nfl puerto rico saying it needs federal aid after hurricane maria, susan collins dooming gop's healthcare bill, north korea and the primary election. that's all we have. but we have a lot to catch up on. i'm sure everybody had a nice quiet calm weekend watching your favorite team avoiding politics entirely. right? well the protests continue tonight with monday night football. the cardinals and cowboys meet before the anthem then stood up for the song


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