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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 29, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪. this would not be a friday in washington if there wasn't a lot going on. >> not at all. >> way it happens, in case you haven't heard health and human services secretary tom price is out amid criticism of spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and iing private planes. >> so much is going on in that regard and we continue to follow the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico, can is the trump administration doing enough? what can we do? it's what we're talking about. first it happened about 90 minutes ago, health and human services secretary at her tom price resigned >> according to politico his use of the private jets cost taxpayers nearly $1 million since
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his seat on those flights, which only amounts to about $52,000. fox 5 tom fitzgerald joins us for the latest on this administration shake-up. fitz? >> reporter: well, shawn, jim, good evening, this news is certainly eye opening but this is far from a surprise to a lot of the folks who had been following this the last couple days. these allegations continue to build and secretary tom price seemed increasingly unable to explain why he was having taxpayers pay for private planes to places like nashville where he had lunch with his son or to philadelphia, which is only 135 miles away and easily accessible from an amtrak train a couple blocks away from where we are right now at the health and human services department. that governor nearly under $200. in the end, price was not able to sustain his job and it was not only this plane flap that played a factor, for weeks, the
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his displeasure with price's leadership on the job that he was brought here to the health and human services department to do. to repeal and replace obamacare. never took flight or got point where congress was going to vote for a program that was sustainable. today, the president after days of questioning whether or not price would stay on the job, finally accepted this resignation. however, even as late as yesterday, price was angling to stay put >> we'll see. we have -- he's a very fine man, we're going to make a decision some time tonight he's a very fine man. >> i think we still got the confidence of the president and we continue to wondering important issues like flu vaccinations. >> reporter: that very fine man, as the president of the united states described him is out of a very fine job tonight. doctor tom price came to this department as congressman, he was a georgia congre
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the republican efforts in congress to fight obamacare. it was price's job to come up with the plan that would eventually repeal and replace obamacare. that failed. where he stand right now is one of the shortest tenured secretaries in this department. we've talk add lot, shawn, about these friday dismissals, we should point out, this is the first cabinet secretary that's been let go on one of these fridays. >> fitz, i got to tell you when we heard the sound, he said we'll see, very fine man, i do believe we heard some iteration of that before any member of this administration was either dismissed or resigned >> it's getting a little to the point where if the president of the united states says you're a fine man or very fine woman, you might want to start brushing up on your resume, that does seem to be the precursor to somebody either submitting their resignation or having asked for that resignation. but know this. this might be the
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price's tenure at the department of health and human services. of the story, the $52,000 that price repaid, we do not know yet if that is the total amount due here. there are some of the house oversight committee call for 24 government agencies to now submit travel numbers to committee so they can do a top to bottom review on exactly how much taxpayer money these cabinet secretaries are spending on this type of travel. so while he may be a gone tonight, this issue is not going anywhere >> there's a list as you just mentioned, a list of other departments that are going to be looked at >> you do have some secretaries like betsy devos who do use private planes but she uses her own and pays for that out-of-pocket >> it's easier to use a private plane when you own a private plane. >> good point. >> fitz thank
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friday, by the way. >> always news on a friday. >> thank you, fitz. this is not a good news story. this is a people are dying story. this is a life or death story. this is -- there's a truckload of stuff that can't get to people. this is a story of a devastation that continues to worsen. >> the mayor of san juan puerto rico spoke out about the devastation on the hurricane ravaged island and pushed back against trump administration officials who called the situation a good news story >> despite the criticism of the trump administration is moving too slowly and getting aid to those, the president is heading to puerto rico tuesday. daniel flatly joining us in the studio to talk more about this and everything more, i mean, this situation regardless of who's responsible for what. it's just, it's devastating. >> i think there are
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stories that we're following right now. and one has to do with the infrastructure. you saw the mayor talking about and as our story pointed out. it's not so much the problem of getting the supplies to the island or to port. although there's still issues with that. it's moving it to -- inland and so, a lot of the roads were destroyed and the truck, you know, there may not be enough truckers to move the supplies or roads to move them on. and then the other part of the story, which i think will only get more complicated in the coming days is the medical aspect. so in a briefing today, officials that are on puerto rico now described 69 hospitals that they've identified and they've been around to assess. 59 are on what they call a degraded state, getting power from generators, one in san juan is sort of at full power, at least according to what they told us. then there are four that are closed and five sort of in had a middling status. and so e
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that i talked to on the ground that are with the marine corp and navy is getting to the hospitals and trying to figure out how to get generators back on, water, supplies. but it's a complicated picture and it will take a long time to sort out >> we've heard from critic whose said the administration hasn't moved fast enough. they said there are 10,000, you know, folks there from fema, from the military on the ground. but yet we hear these terrible stories of people still in desperate need. and from the troops that you talked to, what are they doing to actually get into those areas? are they physically going through and trying to chop down some of the trees of that fallen and the buildings? what are they doing? >> absolutely. the marines for instance are doing what they call route clearing operations. i spoke to them as they were trying to keep flight towers around the san juan airport open so they could kee
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in. but it's going to takey, to mov those out lying areas further inland. but i believe the optics around this are very bad for the president. because seems that it took awhile to respond, and there doesn't appear to be the sense that really flooding the zone with as many troops as maybe called for but there's delicate balance to be sorted out between what the military is doing's local government officials. i spoke with ken keen who led the relief efforts in haiti yesterday and he talked about the not the military having command but sort of trying to work a concerted effort, and there's negotiations to be worked out there. it's definitely a humanitarian crisis. >> it shows you the line with what we saw with harvey and irma and this hurricane the fac
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it's pretty much a military operation. >> yes. and i think that that -- you know, handing the operation over to the military, which some people have called for, is not necessarily what you want to do either. you want to have kind of a way to sort of move everybody in the same direction. part of what the gentleman that i spoke to last night was talking about was sort of being able to react quickly. and you know, part of it has to do with the distance and you have to travel by sea to get there. things like that. but there just is a perception that things aren't happening fast enough and we're not getting news or word back from the island quickly enough. so >> is that true? ? you said it's perception but is that reality? communications wires were down in a small area, do they have the ability to do some of that? is that -- that's going to be a problem >> i spoke with a dj in the florida area earlier this week who was getting word from spanish language station and he
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island and he was saying, you know, people are dying, and this is a very bad situation. he talked about people who are on dialysis who need -- and this is -- this is what the medical people that i spoke ton the ground there too, dialysis is a big problem because they can't run the machines enough because of power, they're not able to get people the treatment they need. they have to come back and they're not gas to transport them. it's definitely a dire situation. >> indeed it is. dan flatly reporter with bloomberg news. thank you for coming in. meanwhile the president keeping focus on tax reform >> he addressed the national association of manufacturers. he told them his tax plan will simplify the process and benefit the middle class. fox's joel waldman has the latest. >> reporter: president trump reiterating plans to cut taxes saying the proposed cuts to small and medium size businesses would be, quote, rocket fuel for the
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the biggest ever in our country tack cut. >> selling his new tax reform plan, donald trump saying his plan will simplify the process and benefit the middle class. >> under our framework, the vast majority of families will be able to file their taxes on a single sheet of paper. >>reporter: the framework as it stands now lowers the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% while dropping the rate for small businesses to 25%. also doubles the standard deduction reducing the amount of taxed income to 12,000 for individuals and 24,000 for married couples. simultaneously benefitting families by increasing the child tax credit. the white house is struggling to get democrats on board as many details still remain unclear. >> i think there's a couple of democrats already checked out. in fact, i
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with some and asked them could you ever support a reluctant of the corporate tax rate? ? and they say no. >> reporter: in washington, joel waldman, fox news. another issue consuming the administration, north korea, the crisis escalating tonight with the world's nuclear watch dog group labeling the nation a global threat. president trump will visit south korea japan and china. insisting they made a hydrogen bomb. recent treats by president trump as a declaration of war. >> let's bring things back home and talk about the weather. finally feels like fall and it was beautiful today. >> couple days away for october. here's gwen. award winning weather, finally getting the taste of fall we've been waiting for. not bad today. we had pretty clear skies, clouds, rain to the north of us as a cold front begins to make its way towards us, it will move through later on and bring cooler air and he were will
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highs were exactly where they should be in the 70's. right now, talking overnight lows will be a little on the chilly side cooler with a northwesterly breeze overnight lows into the 50's pretty much everywhere, it's been awhile since we've said that, ridge of high pressure large and in charge and for this weekend, temperatures into the 70s, perfect fall weather. we'll see a few more clouds on saturday then we will on sunday, but it will still be very pleasant. here's a look at your planner for tomorrow by midday 65. little bit on the breezy side on saturday behind that formal system and by the 5:00 hour, around 68. >> here's a look at your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. we'll be warming up gradually as we move toward the end of week, hitting into the low 80's, we got dry weather the entire week. we need a little bit of rainfall but it will not be happening. might see a stray shower later on to our far north northwest but other than that we're definitely fall has arrived with plenty of sunshine and cooler air. phone number
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it's always pumpkin spice weather. always have to believe it >> he's not serious. problems in puerto rico nine days after being hit by hurricane maria >> we'll take a closer look on what is a humanitarian crisis. we'll be right back.
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. beyonce dropped a surprise hit today. she sings in spanish, english and french. she's donating her portion of the proceeds to relief charities helping in mexico, the caribbean and hurricane ravaged puerto rico >> here to help us take a eakin's oval look at the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico. thanks for coming in tonight >> thanks for having me. >> let's talk about the focus. we hear so much about the logisticalro
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starting in 2015 was focused on the education in puerto rico, before the hurricane hit, there was a big brain drain, so it was educated young puerto ricans leaving puerto rico to go to the states. after the hurricane, we're collaborating collectively with the boys and girls clubs of puerto rico and they have ten centers around the island that all of our donations go directly to those centers to kind of reestablish those communities and teach young puerto ricans the need to stay in puerto rico in order pick up the island >> what have you been hearing? we certainly been hearing the stories of devastation and people who are desperate for aid and health, what have you guys been hearing >> it's horrible. 3% of the island has electricity. half of the island has potable water, the other half doesn't have safe drinking water. the distribution has been hard. if you sale along the coastal there's highway and whatnot as you go towards the center there's roads that barely fit two car, it's been hard to distribute around the island >> how tough is it for your job becae
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think when we heard about, everybody knows texas is and florida they're states, there's a lot of people that don't understand the concept that puerto rico is a u.s. territory, part of the united states. these are american citizens there. >> it's very hard to attract attention to puerto rico. especially since it's so far away. they're not enough information in puerto rico and the reality is we are 3.5 million american citizens living on the island, we fault in every american war. we've contributed to the united states. in a variety of different way, it's very hard to that our fellow american citizens have trouble identifying with us >> as people watching right now what can we do to help? >> well, definitely you can, there's a lot of there's an initiative we have, so we're helping with the boys and girls club of puerto rico, we have, we're hosting a 5k sunday, it's on capitol crescent trail >> that's good to know >> it's going to be at 8:30 in the morning, $25
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participate you get a free bandana. >> do you guys he -- what's the website or where can people go to get information and participate >> friends of puerto, you can donate, it's tax refundable. we're an irs approved ngo and we work directly with the arts and the communities and rebuilding those communities because right now, most of puerto rico is leaving to the mainland >> it's all for the common good, making lives better for people >> we have a task force that we made up of business leaders from different fields and focusing on after maria on rebuilding of those communities, we have engineers, we have social engineers and people who are dedicated to rebuilding those communities. >> we talked about, ways that people can help. what other information do you think is important? jim was talking about how a lot of people just don't realize have the perception or realize that puerto rico is a u.s. territory. what do you want people to know in general? what's more k
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>> well, right now, the way i describe the situation in puerto rico is putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. to be honest, it's we need all the help we can get. this hurricane was unprecedented. nothing else you can compare it to. the infrastructure before the hurricane was already a disaster. and the reality is that we have no infrastructure anymore. this is more than -- this is nothing short of a humanitarian disaster. the people of puerto rico are desperate for help. it is absolutely horrible. >> website one more time. >> friend of puerto please come out on sunday and run in the 5k. we need all the help we can get. we appreciate any support we can get >> dan, thanks so much for coming in. >> of course >> thanks for having me. the first lady's book donation is turned down >> we'll follow this, a lot of talk about this story, a librarian rejected her gift. we'll tell you more when we come
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. skip the national anthem. he said outraged fans were welcome to at any home if they felt disrespected. walker is not the only one receiving threats. country singer megan lindsey took a knee after she as you know the national anthem. she also received death threats. lindsey said i know it's hard and scary but at the same time there's a real problem in this country with social in justin and regional, and i think it will take a lot for your things to happen. the mayor of springfield. dr. seussbooks. >> milania trump donated for national read a
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librarian rejected the gift in a the form of a letter and in part accused the books of racist themes and image, the first lady put out a statement calling the situation unfortunate. she did not like sam i am. she did not like green eggs and ham >> that was one of my favorite books, my dad actually made me green eggs and ham. back then it was special. could it be a sign of a 2020 presidential run. >> the retweet from oprah that has everyone talking. >> we'll be right back.
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. is twitter full of fake news? according to a oxford university study, it shared nor misinformation during the height of the 2016 presidential race >> voters on twitter shared large amounts of contents linked to russia, wikileaksit
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help of automated twitter accounts to do simple tasks like spread fake news >> facebook has been under fire for similar things and come out saying we're going to figure out how to make changes and twitter came out and said it cancelled or deleted accounts of different what they believe were take russian accounts. >> do you remember who, then candidate trump said he would love as his running mate? oprah. and she said no way. of but is there a sign out there of oprah eyeing a 2020 presidential bid >> you decide because it's causing speculation. she has her eye on the white house, she retweeted that said democrats need someone like oprah to beat someone like trump. oprah then responded by saying, thanks for your vote of confidence. but realistically she said consistently she would never run for public office. i mean, you know, when you run for public office, you give up all sorts of freedoms and
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it's a tough job. >> don't hold your breath for is vice president gail >> it ain't happening, happy friday everybody, have a great weekend. >> see you at 8:00 on fox 5 local news. but it's time for you to pick up your big spoon and try new hood cottage cheese. it's the brand people have trusted for more than 170 years. a whole world of sweet, and savory combinations, like pineapple, cucumber & dill or classic country style. and since it's packed with satisfying protein, you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle!
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- "american idol" finally has all three judges and ryan. t's only going to cost about $60 million. >> katy's getting $25 million. ryan's getting clos to $15. luke brya's getting around 13 and lionel's getting 10. harvey: i think luke bryan's worth as much as katy perry. >> like, i don't know what luk bryan looks like. i know his music. harvey: he's super good looking. >> if he passed you on the street, you wouldn't know who he was. harvey: oh, yes i woul! >> bella hadid, she was shooting for "g.q. mxico" and she looked insane in the video. >> she looks amazing. >> what does bella hadid do? >> she has a really good show on free form. >> bella hadid is a major, major star.


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