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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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gunman. >> we have no idea why he did this >> news starts now. the motive behind the las vegas massacre rails a mystery but we're learning more about the apparently lone wolf gunman who opened fire from his hotel room on thousands of concert goers >> 59 people were killed, 512 were hurt. 22,000 gathered for the country music festival >> the gunman, stephan paddock killed himself as swat teams stormed his room in the mandalay bay hotel. he had 23 guns in his room, including rifles with scopes. investigators found more firearms at his home >> complete team coverage beginning with fox 5 lindsey watts with new details on a victim from our area. >> reporter: we found out a maryland woman was among those shot and injured at the show. tina frost was shot in the eye and may have brain damage. according to a gofundme page for her. on that page, her mom says
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that she's currently in a coma in a ventilator and critically stable in icu. frost is the younger woman you see in the photo. she's a 2008 graduate of a high school in anne arundel county. this page has raised more than 50,000 in just four hours. frost one of the hundreds shot as they enjoyed an outdoor concert. >> sounded like an automatic firearm. i see the shots coming from mandalay bay >> police radioed traffic and the cell phone video depict the moments it started >> multiple casualties in the medical tent, multiple casualties >> police frantic as they try to help victims while still under fire. >> we have multiple, multiple victims shots fired at the medical tent. one shot in the head. >> officers, please stay calm, just
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this set up. >> cell phone video shows terrified concert goers huddled >> this map shows you where the gunman was in relation to where jason aldean was performing for more than 20,000 fans. of he smashed out the windows of his hotel room at mandalay bay and opened fire. from 32 stories high, and 1100 feet away. >> medical tent on the east side. we're making turn kits out of blankets but i'm running out of blankets. >> reporter: police identified the shooter as 64-year-old stephan paddock. he killed himself, and the motive for his massacre remains a mystery. here's his brother. >> we're lost. i don't understand. it makes no anything. >> he's a guy. he's just a guy. who lived in las vegas and played at the casinos. went on cruises' did stuff.
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there's no -- there's nothing. that's what is bizarre. >> he said paddock had no strong political beliefs or love of guns, investigators found 23 guns in paddock's hotel room and 19 more at his home about 80 miles from vegas. as police continue to investigate. >> most terrifying night of my life. >> those who witnessed what happened describe the horror. >> i know people that were shot. every single one of the girls i was with, we all had to run for our lives. and we all went in separate directions. >> and we're just learning tonight that stephan paddock used a device on two of his guns that would basically turn them from semiautomatic to automatic. allow him to fire off hundreds of rounds per minute. it's a tool known as a bump stock. and it is legal. tony? we're learning more about the victims of the shooting. this is a picture of
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from tennessee, his wife said he died protecting her from the gunfire. they were in las vegas to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. several victims from california have also been identified on the left of your screen is susan smith. who was a school district officer manager in the la area. on the right. that's rachel parker, she was a records technician for the manhattan beach police department. hall eisner is live. thanks for joining us. we're hearing the suspect used his device to turn his weapon into a semiautomatic weapon, what else are you hearing tonight? >> well, you know, police held a news conference at the las vegas police station they didn't offer too much in the way of new investigative data. they said the investigation is still going on. they said that the death toll and the injury numbers are still the same. and they also said tha
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gofundme account was started here and that gofundme account is to help the victims and it's up to $2.2 million. if you noticed in that last story, the quivering voice of that one concert goer, i can't tell you how many times i've heard that quivering voice today. of so many people, remember, 22,000 people went to that concert. so many people are still walking around with that emotion today that it's just -- it shows you how traumatic this whole thing was, in all of it there were heros in the cross fire, people in the line of danger and yet they tried to help other people, so they didn't get hurt. i talked to two people today who actually stacked themselves on top of other people to try to keep them from getting hurt. and them when they found the injured they put them in the back of a pickup truck with the idea that they could get them to the hospital fast than an ambulance, they took 12 people, 12 people into that truck and got them to the hospital, may have made the difference between life and
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that's speculative. the bottom line is those are the kinds of hero stories we're hearing here in las vegas and the hundreds of others who will come out to blood drives to help the victims and those who are coming out and bringing water and pizza and all kinds of things for the first responders, so we're seeing quite a reaction here in las vegas. what happened was bad. what we're seeing in the way of reaction is good. there's that old line about when bad things happen to good people. well, good people find way to try to do good things. and that's a lot of what i believe we're seeing here in las vegas. back to you in the studio. >> absolutely. it's wonderful to hear that. i got to ask you quickly we talked about some of the folks who were at that concert. what about these first responders? this is -- i mean, something like they have never seen before either. have you been able to talk to some of them? you described the emotion that people are showing as they walk around
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first responders. >> i haven't had a to talk to those, what we know is there were first responders that went to the concert off duty. they wanted to go enjoy the music. sadly, there were deaths among those. the thing is that, you know, first responders are people too and there were a lot of them that wanted to hear this concert, and of course, the concert turned tragic. i know that from southern california. the sheriff of los angeles county made a special trip to pay his speaks because of what happened to those in uniforms and those off duty. it's been a tragedy all the way around >> live in las vegas, thank you for the update. tony. marina marraco continues our team coverage from reagan national airport. passengers have been returning there tonight from las vegas. marina, what have they had to say. >> reporter: tony, the last three flights from vegas came into our area roughly in the 8:00 hour. one flight into dulles,
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and that other flight right here in american flight into reagan national and when we went down to baggage claim to meet them. you could see the relief on their faces some eager to tell what they lived through. this is a facebook live from a stafford virginia woman on one of the returning flights tonight into reagan, staying at the bellagio, which is about a mile and a half north from the shooting scene on the strip and she said she heard the gunfire at her hotel, this is how she and another passenger recount last night. >> we were supposed to be meeting friends that were at the concert. at bow 11:00, so we were at the bar right in front, the piano bar, and my husband, who was former msg marine corp end up throwing me down and all of a sudden we hear, pop, pop, pop, and put me down on do the
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covered us and there was a huge stampede and swarm coming through the doors, all of the dividers, people running over it and knocked down, suddenly people started to get up and as we went to get up they turned back around and all the security came in and said everybody out. everybody back. and they put us through the corridors the back of the bellagio hotel >> could have been anybody. could have been us. we were going to go back out, and decided, you know, once we started hearing the police cars and things, then we turn on the news and they say a break in news, we just decided to just stay in. >> was your hotel locked down >> no. >> we're down on the other end. i mean, you don't know if there were more shooters, why take a chance to go out and put yourself in that kind of predicament. i think everybody is feeling it. they could have been any of
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>> reporter: you heard from that woman staying at the bellagio about a mile and a half north from the scene, she thought she hired the gunfire outside her hotel. we checked with several law enforcement sources which say it is entirely possible that that woman could have heard the sounds of that automatic gunfire a mile and a half away. live tonight at reagan national airport. marina marraco fox 5 local news. gun control advocates hope congress will act following the historic mass shooting. one of the country's most vocal advocates for gun control made a plea on capitol hill. former congress woman gab bee gifford was seriously hurt when a gunman tried to kill her, today her and her husband mark kelly uned lawmakers to pass stricter gun laws >> what we're hearing to can capitol and the white house are thoughts and prayers. thoughts and prayers are important.
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we send our thoughts and prayers too. but they're not enough. your thoughts and prayers aren't going to stop the next shooting. >> kelly and gifford want lawmakers to ban military grade weapons and keep guns out of the wrong hands. critics argue it's not the tomb to talk about gun control, doing so politicizes the issue. we'll have more on the gun control debate coming up at 11:30, that's on the final five. ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. . tom petty is in critical condition in a los angeles hospital tonight. he went into cardiac arrest last night. tmz reported petty had no brain activity. and doctors had removed him from life support. petty's music career took off in the late 70's with the group tom petty and the
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dozens of hits including break down free falling and wild flowers, tom petty is 66 years old. new details tonight about the student who died in a drug related incident over the weekend at george mason university. tris ten medina's high school football coach and close family friend spoke with evan lambert. evan, did we get any more information about what led to this? >> we learned a little bit more about the student who died. of he was a stand-out running back, shawn, at masaponik high school near from fredericksburg. he had a strong interest in meter rolling. medina was a humble athlete who was a star on the football field and talented as well in the classroom. they shared these photos of him with his family's
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this afternoon, george mason university confirmed medina was the student who died saturday at a residet's hall. officials think he took some can i have hallucinogenic substance and ran through a fifth story window before his death, medina's coach said the entire team is in mourning especially because medina's younger brother currently plays on the football team. >> he was really loved by his team mates and people in school, you know, it was very evident. he was very easy going. he was basically a star runningback but he did not have that attitude that sometimes people get when they maybe get a big head. he was never like that. >> reporter: last night, med medina's fraternity held a vigil for him in on campus.
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unclear exactly what drug he took that led to his fall from a dorm. that question cannot be answered until the medical examiner's report is finished, which could take weeks. he said he doesn't want medina remembered for one bad decision but for his infectious attitude and the kind of student, son and brother he was. >> i've taught and coached 34 years, there have been many kids experimented with drugs and gotten into alcohol and had issues that didn't make them bad kids. tristan never did that. he was never a kid that was into the party scene or with party kids. and so for this to happen is a shock. and what i don't want is for people to think that that is what he was all about. >> we should share that george mason university's president released a statement that reads in part.
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there are still many questions to answer, and our police department continues to investigate. one thing we know is that drug use is neither recreational or safe. it can be extremely dangerous. the stakes are very high and they can be life-threatening. of course, yesterday, there was a concern that this drug could still be circulating on campus. gmu asked any students with it to take advantage of their amnesty policy and call police and turn it in. life in fairfax county, evan lambert, fox 5 local news. still to come, we'll hear from a las vegas surgeon who rushed on the hospital once he heard about the shooting. also another woman come forward with disturbing claims against a massage envy employee. we're back after this. we're back after this.
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shooting. once heard the music cut off you knew it was real and you see bodies dropping and people getting trampled. i saw people getting hit with bullets and my first thing was to hop on my friends and make sure everyone was ok >> i don't know if i have wor
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to describe what we're going through and what these poor unfortunate victims are going through. >> we're hearing more and more harrowing accounts of last night's mass shooting in las vegas, at least 59 are dead, 527 were injured. university medical center was one of the biggest hospitals treating victims. it received 104 patients including some as young as 16 and 17. doctors today are describing what they went through >> i got a text alert about on a shooting and i called the trauma center desk and found out what was going on, sounded like it was busy, i got my scrubs on and got in the car and drove in. i know what my partners are up against and rather than wait to be called i just came >> the truth is, we see trauma patients every day. we're nevada's only level one trauma center, and on any given day, we may see a handful of gunshot wounds, so we do this all the time. now, in and a event like this
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basis a whole lot faster. any time we have a really difficult case, i know there's a family that will be shattered and just the knowledge of the number of people who have been hurt by this incident is hard to deal with. >> came out for a special mass at the catholic of st. thomas more in arlington. they gathered to pray for the victims of the shooting as well as for national peace and unity. quick look at some of the other stories we're following police are looking for the man who sexual assaulted aing your as she walked home from her bus stop last thursday on devon hills drive in fort washington, we're told the suspect grabbed the victim pulled her between two cars and touched her inappropriately. she was able to get away. prince george's county police are investigating a report of a sexual assault at a massage envy that may be connected to three other similar cases in the district. a woman told police the assault happened in june at the massage envy in lanham.
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stories about alleged assaults of two other massage businesses in the district. she thinks it may be the same man, habtamu gebreslassie is accused of sexualitying three clients. not a bad day as far as the weather goes. it was a cool start. >> yes, it was, did you turn the heat on >> not yet >> it's a pennsylvania thing. >> i love the cool air, it is nice, i will say that, i'm always cold. really wanted to turn it on and joe was like don't do it yet. >> so extra layers, tomorrow will be another one of those morning where you probably feel like you need the heat and the extra jacket will come in handy and part of the reason we are seeing these cooler mornings, not just the change in air mass but the days are getting shorter. tomorrow, sun rises at 7:06 and sun set at 6:47. 11 hours and 41 minutes of daylight
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going to go see a gradual warmup. if you do like it warmer, mid 80's are back in the forecast in the thursday, friday, saturday time frame. 54 is what we're down to in gaithersburg, frederick you're down to 50. 48 winchester, martinsberg, 52, we're headed back down into the low and mid 40's in the suburbs and colder than that last night in many spots, dulles dropped to 40 already down to 51 tonight's maybe stay a double of degrees warmer than you did this morning but 56 for dc, that is definitely going to be a cool night. a chilly start for the kids tomorrow morning at the bus stop. i expect the temperature range to be between 46 and 56, then after school, much more comfortable 73 to 77 degrees. had to show you this it's an early season snowstorm for the northern and central rockies, and in the high spots, there could be over a foot of snow. so snow lovers love that. getting that ski wax out. but it is also sending pretty heavy rain through the central
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area, we had severe weather, a tornado watch parts of western kansas earlier this evening. for the short term here, we're talking about a couple of beautiful days, 76 tomorrow, similar to today. and wednesday, we're up to close to 80, we're going to see 79, high pressure will continue to dominate, we'll get warmer, a little bit more humid as the week goes on, and we'll sees temperatures climbing from 76 tomorrow afternoon all the way up into the mid 80's at the end of the week, the fox 5 seven-day forecast, wednesday, we showed you the 79, thursday, we're at 85. friday, 84. saturday, 84. we've got some playoff baseball coming, the weather should be great for that as well. sunday we'll introduce a chance of showers, we badly needed. monday also could feature a few showers, that's your seven-day forecast. tony over to you.
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. the latest tomorrow morning >> stick around the final five will have the latest from las vegas coming up next. how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪
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final five is focused solely on the deadly shooting ins las vegas, what we're learning, and the renewed debate over gun control, we'll start with the latest from las vegas police, 59 people dead. more than 500 others injured. 500 others injured. those injuries range from gunshots to shrapnel wounds to people who fell and got hurt trying to run for their lives. the shooter was on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort firing into the crowd from


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