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tv   Matter of Fact With Soledad O Brien  FOX  October 8, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> right now on "matter of fact," the congresswoman who rode out arcloset. >> it was hard for everyone to se change. >> why she says the heartbreak could lead t eplus, he's the toe state with the highest n nation. >> we must keep in mind people wh hear his thoughts on america's pain culture. can the vigils for las vsoledado raise an isssuffering in the ime aftermath of a m
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vi tech on the right time to talk about gun [captioning performed by the ponsible for itvi ♪ ♪ soledad: welcome to "matter of fact with soledad o'n." i am soledad o'brien. many politicians say after mass shootings, it's not slaws. it's time to mourn the loss and ofr support. colin goddard is a survivor of a he was in a classroom at virginia tech whenburst in the d randthe gunmen killed 32 peoplet thit was april 16, 2007. at the time, it was called colin has served as a senior policy advr everytown, the country's largest activist orunit's nice to see can on crutches today. what is going on?
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get some remaining bullet fragment.10 y'g problems with the injury. lead exposure for gunshot victims,these families and peopl go through these diftimes. soledad: what was the event that tucolin: the moment that i becae fed enough was april 3, 2009, after the binghamton, new york cr shooting. that was the first shooting i witnessed since the tech, and o come to d.c. i wanted to tell my story. i couldn't believe how many elecd officials said, now is not the time to ta this, or we can't do this because of the second amendment or oth
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soledad: what are the limits of thcolin: the supreme court saide guns. that was the heller decision thatnactivists thought was the w to the gun sy movement, but in my opinion, that helped. it removed that extreme conver. we cannot ban guns, but i do know we are a smart, modercount. we can figure out problems. certainly, every otherworld than ownership per capita doesn't have the same lewe can do more o take guns from esoledad: is it o ediaterm shooting? colin: no. we talk about what to do with emergency rehurricanes, how to h aviation safety afaccidents, ane conversati
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for logical societies tothe facd from having this conveiy tactic employed by the gun industry givings to elected officials to get them out conve afraid of ha because they are worried about getting ki se. we know soledad: -- soledad: we know a majority of americans want common sense gun laws. there should be a basic agreement on what people can do to have some kthat has been puln times. why is it impossible or seem impossible tthcolin: we have tol fo say, if you don't vote for gun safety, we will kick you out. for so long, the nra has had this field to themselvi'm encout of safety
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it's been able to grow, but we certainly ha go. we need massive election cycles tothat is where the buck stops r a officials, and that can happen if that becomest will in the onwards, people wile politics has changed. the policy has always been good, and unfortunatwait, the longer e good luck with yourl be shot surgery. next on "matter of fact," she represents more americans in the ho member, all on the island of puertrep. gonze there how will she get them the help they need when she can't even clater, taking away . it could
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soledad: if you have been 's maria, you know we have been talking to the people on the island to get their the magn pu rico is nearly impossible to comprehend, and helping puerto rico is a massiundertaki. there is debris all over the roads, making some of them in passable. 3.5 million citizens, puerto rico has a population larger than 21 u.s.tereporter luz veles from san juan. update me on the situation, what you are seeing as you go out reportluz: thank you, soledad. i've been here 35 years, working as a
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worst niy life. it is really difficult. it's really horrible. when you go out and see people coo you, asking for help, and you can'fothem, they saw hog just w up. if you get out of the city, you have to think, how are we going to rebuild this again? on a daily basis, i've been sleeping in mys house because she has an energy generator.
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costly and hard to see that your water has beenyou get water in . at nighttime. it's not an easy time to live. we need all the help we can get from the united stpresident, co. soledad: puerto rico's nonvoting repres in congress jennifer gonzalez rode out the hurricane in her closet. you hold the distinction of represopcongress than any otherd official, 3.4 million puerto ricans looking to you as their representative.
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puerrep. gonzalez: we are stilla di situation, a community -- a crisis we've never seen before9n 90%, 95% without power. communication is down. i think those are the real problepeople can't call or evenw if their families are ok. we have more than 11 roads that are destroyed, main roads, bride washed away. on tv, you are seeing people walk road just to get
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it's heartbreaking when you can soledad: the pictures are terribrep. gonzalez: pictures and vide tyou can see the suffee people is heg.soledad: when thet toured puerto him, he said this -- they owe a lot of money to folks on wall street. is the pout puerto rico's debt? rep. gonzalez: that is the first ti heard that from him. we know that puerto rico owes more than $74 million to banks and money for pag
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salaries or payrolls. we need to see what is going to be the option.soledad: how concu abouf people? over 6000 people in the last two weeks have left the island to headrep. gonzalez: that is goino continue to happen. it will promote a massive exodus ofo ricans to the states. in the last two years, more than 400,000 puerto ricans have left thsoledad: do you see up to 2 milliorep. gonzalez: i hope nott you people are sick. they are looking f
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opportunities. their kids nee school. right now, everything is closed. it is really hard when you are li place that is not the one you used to live in. soledad: it makes you very emotiona it's not emotional. people there are fightinyou woue that in puerto rico or any part of the u.s. there has been some improvementd because of this scourge. soledad: hear this doctor's ur>> still ahead -- ♪
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pr love will conquer all.
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soledad: from our state of reporting in west virginia, we know the national opioid epidemic has a foothold their. the state has the highes opioide country, at more than 600,000, three times the e.20 of west v'5 counties designated high intensity drug traffickingm eligible for increased support from federalawenforcement. dr. gupta is the state's health officer ane difficult job of trying to mitigate the state. it has been called the perfect storm in the state of west virginia.what does that mean? dr. gupta:
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it, this started with the shipment of millions across the state. these are laborious conditions needed that ability for pain medicine. there was a supply issue that happened. children started using it, sharing it. at the same time, people were losing hope because of the economy. if you look at the social determint played a role,
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familiess together. while all of this was happening, people lost jobs, became dependent on opioids, and alan krueger has rece estimated that about 20% of the labor participatn workforce decline can be attributed to the opioid. we are having a workforce problem g test in order to get the's become a catch 22e the solution is going to be a lot soledad: what do you do fore people who actually do have chronic pain and do consistently need painkillers, strong painkillers? aren't there nonaddictive medica work?
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buousome of those nonaddictive s may have consequences. what we need is research and development into drugs that will work on the same receptors in the brain to address pain but at the same time not beaddictive. there are lots of people who are figuring out nonpharmaceutical ways to address we must also woe cu pain in our nation, and that's anntsoledad: are you? the data would make somebody hopeless about what is going on in west vidr. gupta: i am alwayn optimi hn impact in the near term as well asrun.
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resources compared to what we have. a lot of communities are doing the best with what we have. soledad: thank you for talking wi>> coming up next -- soledad: for our weekly feature cag attention even if you are too busy." >> congress stops signing checks foctyou. it is a case of insufficient funds. and later, country music takes a stand against hate. ♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
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feature we call "we are paatteno busypaying for your college education just got tougher. the perkins loan progron septemr
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failed to reauththe program pros to about half a million low it can be used for housing or food or transportation, and for many students, it makes acongree into october. it failed to refund the health insurance program for 9 michildt fo rico. the federal children's health nc program, known as chip, funds routine checkups, doctors visits, er and lab services for children from low homes. that is $1 billion in extra medicao rico, part of a five-year fundin chip. >> when we return, music city show♪ >>
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soledad: las vegas is on our s weekend as we struggle with yet another mass shooting. vigils in communities across america are expressions of sorrow and sthe outpouring of ss intended to create a sense of healing. the fbi defines mass shooting as a event in which four or more victims are k asince virgin 2007, more than 40 shootings th, killing hundreds of victims, including police officers, ch adults. after every tragedy, people say, aside. we ask, is it possible to respect thhonest
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