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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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democratic party celebrating wins. the hotly contested race goes to ralph northam. he beat ed gillespie. >> this could be a referendum on the trump administration. melanie alnwick is live with the details. >> it was a sweep by democrats in virginia statewide races and could be a sign of things to come in next year's congressional elec elections, ralph northam run by 8.6 percentage points ran focusen on more school funding tighter gun restrictions and fighting for abortion rights. his career as a pediatrician shaped his views, voters sent a message to washington that the country doesn't condone diveiesive politics. >> we live in a very diverse society. it gets more diverse every day. it's tht diverse society that makes this country great. and as long as i'm governor, i
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inclusive. that we welcome people to the commonwealth of virginia. >> challenger ed gillespie was gracious in defeat. the former republican national committee chairman tried a tactic of distance is himself by trump while embracing his policy and it didn't work with enough require is vir voters. >> as i said throughout the course of this campaign, governor elect northam is a good man and i appreciate his service to our currenty and commonwealth, and i wish him nothing but the best success as our 73rd governor. >> now the president certainly thinks that his presence might have helped gillespie tweeting 70,000 miles away saying egg deing not work hard and did not embrace me or what i stand for. and race as cross the state putting in a big shift for governing
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northham will have more action to help his issues and may help put more democrats in congress. >> 4:31 is the time. results of other big races in virginia. lute tennant government justin fairfax won and mark herring defeated john adams and also have is election results on web site and on our "fox5" d.c. app. >> a transgender woman made history the first openly transgender woman to be elected. beat marshall who served in the house of delegates since 1992. this morning we will talk with danika roj. catch that interview on "fox5 news morning" at 8:30 a.m. >> democrats wiped out overwhelmingly majority. democrats picks up 17 of 13 seats to regain control of chamber for the first time in two decades andac
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will control the house remains too close to call. and automatic recalls understate law. >> millions in bonds for virginia schools. voters in fairfax, false church and loudoun county approved 515 million in bonds n fairfax that goes to elementary school and planning for new one and in false church money will be used to replace george mason high school and money will finance projects at alternative school and cs monroe technology center. >> vice president mike pence will travel to sutherland springs texas to meet with survivors and victims' families of sunday's church shooting and first responders. learning more about the the shooting suspect chb the pastor says devin kelly attended a fall festival days before the shooting. he was admitted to mental health facility and later skipd. 26
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sunday's attack including unborn child. time 4:33 incredible images of maryland native tina frost on road to recovery. she was hurt during the mass shooting last month we're told she's making progress and recognizes her family and friends. >> new this morning, the d.c. council voted to end the multi-million contract with vettuss washington running united medical center southeast. any lawmakers say they're concerned of management and and d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the bored will need to work fast nipd a replacement company by december 1. >> council approved a bill to raise the county minimum wage to 15 an hour by 020 and current minimum wage is
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an hour. michael thomas in to give us an update on weather. >> good morning, to you, we had a wet day in d.c. here. first time d.c. did an inch of rain since august in 24 hour period.. we did need the rain. satellite and i radar showing it's gone for the most part ar mar is not out of the woods yet either. reagan national 42. bwi 40. it's a chilly start to the day. bundle up as you get the kids off the bus stop. breeze coming out of the north many feel in the 30s. 34 by 120 a.m. and lots of clouds around. patchy drizzle. by 1:00, 47, by 4:00, 47 degrees
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hold staedzy. peek or two of sunshine. more details you can expect was headed to end of week guess what bitter cold on the way. i'll talk about that in a few more minutes. that's weather, over toe erin como for traffic. >> well, 4:6 if you wake newspaper stafford or fredericksburg trying to get through triangle northbound 95 to 619 crash involving tractor-trailer left lane blocked. volume is not heavy enough now to cause any big delays if you start to see that pileup bail out and take route 1 northbound to get around that one. as you move things over in glen bernie 97 at route 100 northbound crash 97 off ram top 100 blocking a lane and traffic getting by okay. northbound bw parkway crash cleared 198 west of residual delays and construction next. questions erinfoxdc on twitter back to you guys. >> coming up, hidden valley released one of a kind misdemeanor for fans of ran. dressing
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a world of more than 140 character per tweet. >> more tweeting. >> we're going to break right now live look across the region, time now is 4:37. 42 degrees. "fox news morning" back in a moment.
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>> time, 4:39 we're back with what is hot on the web. >> holly morris with the the details. >> good morning, sad news from the world of sports. former major league baseball pitcher roy halladay dayed. he was piloting his private plane when it plunged into the gulf of mexico off the florida do coast. the cause of the crash is not known. he won the cy young award during his career. he spent twelve
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the ton on toe blue jays and four with philadelphia phillies and retired in 2013. he was just 40 years old. >> federal grand jury in 340rbg returned indictments to four college basketball coaches charged in bribery scene. auburn coach, former nba star one facing charges and coach from university of arizona, ufc and oklahoma state are all facing flawed and other charges and men aus kood of using bribes to influence star athletes' is choice of school, shoe spoken ors and agents. >> twitser ended iconic 140 character limit it's giving everyone in the twitter universe 200. now twitter hopes the ex expanding character limit will draw more people tom twitter. >> ran. lover president joyce. salad dressing company is
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offering misdemeanor online for all youhooden valley pl plans. ran. swag includes a mini ran. keg that holds a year's supply of ran. , socks, ugly christmas sweater, tee shirt, koozy. >> when you pick up dry cleaning toss the cover. it may be a fashion statement. hmosquino is sell ago dry cleaning dress for $76 the question would you wear it? >> no. >> the cheeky dress was unveiled during fashion week in millan for fall of 2017. >> i can beat that price i came up with a great idea the same idea foremen in suits. there you go. i can sell it for $25. >> you can sell them to a whole family because i really think dry cleaning bags. >> until now. >> serve all. >> we put it out there to the universe everybody will get out there and sell them. >> when a year's supply of
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ran. stay good? isn't it dairy based product? >> i don't bhes ran. either way. >> stories today. >> quite the ponder on that. >> pontificate on that while we talk about the news. >> a baltimore police officer involved in the freddie gray case cleared of all charges. >> and former president barack obama responding to the cook county courthouse as ordered. >> 4 degrees, back after this ♪ can't touch this♪ havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. are you sure you don't want me to call an exterminator? (muffled) aw, come on. it's just a raccoon that got in the attic. and there she is. oh, look. babies.
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>> time 4:45. stories we're following for you today. virginia voters have spoken. democrat ralph northam will be the next governor in the commonwealth and he defeated ed gillespie. during the campaign ralph ralph northamp tried to tie ed gillespie to president trump and into anti-trump sentiment. >> and phil murphy will replace chris christie in new jersey who had to step down due to term limits. he easily defeated the state's governor. he is vowing to push back against president trump. president trump
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visit to asia to china. last week president trump said u.s. trade deficit with china is so bad it's embarassing. financial aid sxeshts worry he has not done enough to get ready for trade with china. >> president obama will get ready for jury duty. he will earn $17.20 for his service. >> and good morning to you. thank you for joining us. today is wednesday, november 8, airport erin is here and is is michael thomas talking weather. >> good morning to you, chilly start to the day. everybody knows as soon as they walk out the door at work as soon as you get off to work and school you'll notice as well. colder temperatures in place. they're stick ago rounds here as we head to latter half of week and getting colder by the weekend. future cast wednesday at 7 a.m. still dealing with a lot of clouds out there. most bus stop lo
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dry and we head into the afternoon. patchy drizzle down south towards richmond, southern maryland, northern portions of virginia don't be shocked if you see misty rain hitting your windshield hater this afternoon. we could break out in sunshine norm and west of town. hagerstown, cumberland, those areas sokd in with the rain this morning and may see sun today. here in d.c. generally keeping it cloud question and clouds rolling into thursday as well. two day forecast features more clouds than sunshine. milder tomorrow, 5, colder friday, details coming up. that's weather over to erin for traffic. >> it's cold outside. definitely want to grab ja jacket. 4:47, bigger delays building. pixilating a little bit. i wanted to show you triangle 95 northbound attraction tore trailer crash blocking left lane, right lane getting by. take route 1 northbound if you want to get around that one. upper loop construction now cabin john parkway blocking right lane, right shoulder. i will tell you the outer loop
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looks good and despite construction we're seeing volume that is not causing big delays yet. a look in southern maryland northbound branch avenue. construction blocking right lane and traffic getting by okay. metro picks up 5 a.m. any questions erinfoxdc twitter, maureen and wisdom. >> time now 4:48 transgender woman makes history danika rome is first openly transgender person to be elected to virginia state legislature. >> she beat bob marshall. >> annie yu has more about the win. >> this race was one of the most high profile during international and national attention, danika rome makes history. a 33-year-old democrat from mannasas virginia carried 54% of vote and one of the nation's openly transgender elected officials after defeating 13 term member of house of delegates.
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ronl beat marshall a 73-year-old who served in house of delegates since 1992 one of virginia's most socially conservative lawmakers in one of the most openly watched races she discussed her gender he. but the key part of her campaign is northern virginia traffic congestion focused on traffic improvements including winding lane and removing stop lights on route 9 centerville and argued about schools and that marshall spent too much time on social policy. he's notorious foyrnt duceing anti-lgtq during the campaign and he referred toe rome using male pro nouns and spoke of the bathroom bill. so later this morning at:30 danika rome will join us live on "fox news morning". stay tuned to learn more. up to you guys. >> looking forward to
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jamari was shot and killed as she drove along north east and was caught in the cross fire while people were shooting at each other. they're looking for james may field. if you have information on his whereabouts call d.c. police. mc daniel and moses were also arrested in connection with the death. >> the baltimore police van driver has been found not gi of it of all charges, ceasar goodson junior was facing 1 administration charges stemming from arrest and death of freddie gray. trial board of three police officers was unanimous in clearing him of all charges. he was aquited in a separate criminal trial including depraived heart murder. >> m coming up after disney chances stance on california media company. >> and want mcdonald's ice cream. now there's an app for that. >> as w
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disney barred tiles after the paper destroyed business dealings in anaheim. it's restoring success to the newspaper after discussions with newly installed leadership at the "new york times". >> cats and phantom of the opera andrew lloyd webber will release a new memoir. we can expect on book
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march of 2018. >> ever crave mcdonald's ice cream to find out that the machine is broken. there's an app called ice check that let's you check the status of the machine in realtime. the creator says she came up with the idea after oreo mc flurry craving when unfulfilled. >> this is a cool creation. labrador retriever named tank has a disease she cannot swallow correctly she has a special chair at meal time that helps her stay up right. it's a highchair for dogs. tank has been using it ever since 9 weeks old. >> wasn't that an amazon box. am i mistaken. we ran that video. but okay whatever works. tink is able to eat. >> you have to be creative. >> yeah. >> and poor puppy now can eat that's good. >> that's good. >> adorable. love to see it. i thought i caught an amazon logo on that too. they p
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>> okay. >> let's do it. >> satellite and ray czar dealing with cloud cover. clouds will hang steady. it's actually d.c. south portions of northern virginia and southern maryland drizzle later this morning and into the afternoon. patchy in nature and not as wet as yesterday. north and west of tune you see clearing a little bit. you may break into more sunshine than us here in the city. and 1.74" is total range for first week of november during all of october we only got over 2" we got 1.07" of rain in a single day the most since august 7. 4 for the kids for the bus stop. cloudy skies. mostly dry in the d.c. region. after school, spotty drizzle south of town to and 45 to 51 keeping on cool side. little breezy time to time too. today's high in the 40s. 49 washington. maybe annapolis gets lucky and makes it up to 50. fredericksburg 46, 49 durles and 50 m
4:56 am
hagerstown. locations north and west may see sunshine to get warmer. tracking cold. this map rotates through. track the purple zone that's cold. winter like feel. we're talking highs, high temperatures in 30s and 40s as we head into the afternoon on friday and saturday. going to be feeling like winter in d.c.. 7 day forecast showing that to you. 43 for daytime high saturday. only 50 surprised with clouds you returning let's check the forecast over to erin como for traffic. >> 4:56 now. still problems in virginia as you come up through triangle. tractor-trailer crash just before 6 19 blocking left lane. left shoulder. right lane getting by at a crawl right now. we're seeing a 5 minute delay there this. you can always hop off and take one northbound if you need an alternate. as we forward things along show you what else we're dealing with on the roads. traffic is quiet as you make your way out on just outside on 270 and sterling we do have eastbound dues
4:57 am
old ox road construction there. sussex and 28 look good and metro on time 5 a.m. any questions erin fox d. crngs on twitter. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" one of the biggest winners in tuesday's election may be the norp electric schools. >> and where you need an entire thousand stay made out of legos. >> looking out across the d.c. region 4:57 in the morning, 4 is the temperature. back in a moment.
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>> new management lawmakers search for a new firm to run and operate the city only public hospital. >> live look outside. going to need to put on a coat before you head out today. chilly out there. not expected to warm up that much. >> good morning to you and thank you for joining us. wednesday, november. >> michael thomas is talking about this cool down. erin como is talking about roads and mike, man, what a really cold start to morning. >> feeling more late fallish this morning temperatures in the 40s out. there not going far. lots of clouds, patchy drizzle here


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