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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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her body was found in charlotte north carolina. a retired veteran is charged with her kidnapping. matt ackland just spoke with her parents and live with more. matt? >> reporter: this is a story that's so many people have been interested in. you'll hear from the parents in just a moment. appears that authorities have dna evidence that links this retired vet to ashanti billie. let's show you his mug shot. we have a picture right here, this is 45-year-old eric brown. he's a navy vet. he was seen on the base near ashanti's job. he was seen apparently flirting with her by pane witness. you'll remember later in north carolina where her body was found, turns out that was about 300 yards from brown's childhood church in north carolina. apparently that's where he went to vacation bible school. when authorities interviewed brown. he admitted to being on base when ashanti
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said he blacked out and when authorities were discussing the kidnapping and possible murder of ashanti with him, well, brown said that he could not remember if he did anything to her. spoke to just a few minutes ago. >> it's terrible. beforehand we didn't know really anything. now that the more details out due to the arrest. you're able to see more, a wider picture and know she went through so much, to know there's more would be forthcoming through any trials or anything like that, more information. it's heartbreaking, you want to protect your baby more than anything, your loved ones. to think that you weren't able to is hard. >> but to know that a retired military person did this is very harsh. very hard. >> reporter: we should appoint
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a felony and we're told that brown could serve life in prison because of it. and as you heard, ashanti's brother brandy speak, there could be more details, in fact, the family tells me they're heading to norfolk tomorrow to speak to the fbi. they also have to pick up ashanti's car that has been released as evidence. they're going to bring the car back up to our area. we'll continue to follow this have much more tonight at 6:00. live at national harbor, matt ackland fox 5 local news. a man who assault add woman in a northern virginia neighborhood is still at large >> it happened early on this morning, tisha lewis is joining us live right now from woodbridge with more on this story. tisha, what can you tell us? >> well, sarah and jim, i can tell you that the victim likely never saw it coming. that's because police say the suspect emerged from a wooded area similar to the one that you see next to me. now, investigators here at prince william's county police headquarters say theyel
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area, becaus the assault happened off the beaten path. so this was someone that was very familiar with the area. tonight, the suspect description is vague, all we know is that it was a man, he was about six feet tall between 140 and 150 pounds but even so, the entire incident has residents concerned. >> i have a 13-year-old granddaughter and she likes to go out with her friends and stuff. very concerning. it's just, there's a lot of things that go on in the neighborhood. but in the immediate area that we're in. we're fine. but yeah, there's a lot of things going on in here that make me feel unsafe. >> reporter: long time
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wanda fair banks said the neighborhood has experienced an uptick in violence lately including domestic and gang related incidents. now, this particular incident happened near fair banks home near walnut street and sick more street in woodbridge. the victim was walking to work off route 1 when the suspect jumped out of a nearby bush and grabbed her and grabbing and ripping her shirt. a police k9 and helicopter searched this area for the suspect who was not located. police are hesitate to call this case an attempted sexual assault. here's why. >> as of right now, there was nothing said. the encounter occurred quick between the victim and the suspect. as of right now, we don't know if this was an attempted sexual assault or robbery. we're trying to figure that out. since nothing was said between the suspect and the victim. we just don't want to narrow in on something. obviously, an assault took place in the commission of another crime. we just need to figure out what that
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>> reporter: the victim was able to escape from this man, who was also able to escape but the victim ran to a nearby business for help. now, she was transported to an area hospital just for precaution. police tell us that residents in that area and woodbridge should expect an increase police presence as the investigation continues. tisha lewis fox 5 local news eight story you saw first on fox 5. just in time for veterans day a virginia memorial honoring some fallen military members >> someone pointed out several mistakes and misspellings, but as fox 5 found out not all the mistakes were fixed properly. krysten leon joins us more with details. >> the county had the opportunity to fix this. and well, someone argue they didn't do a great job. just a little background here, the
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been around very long but long enough for some people to notice mistakes on the names and ranks of the fallen men and women and how they died. county leaders were made well aware of this. today, we're fixing these mistakes. but as you're about to see here, they apparently may not have done it right. the second time around either. >> what's supposed to be a beautiful tribute. 66 bricks honoring stafford county's fallen servicemen and women did not turn outright the first time. jason pelt says >> generations will look at these bricks and say this is something that happened and if it's not right. we actually are not honoring the memory of our veterans. >> reporter: today, they tore out the majority of the bricks and replaced them with new ones. hoping to correct
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mistakes. the county recognized there are mistakes made the first go around in the installation of this memorial. now they're fixing them. like with this brick, it should have been reads as edward should have read as edwards, however not all were fixed this time around. for pelt this was the opportunity to fix them. >> unfortunately not all of the bricks are correct. there are still some errors left. and the errors have to do with a death classification >> private first class wade heflin, still lists him as killed in action. turns out according to his death certificate, he died by disease. not killed in action. >> the information is wrong. the county knows it's wrong and the county specifically is going to not correct it. we tried reachin o
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did not hear back. at the end of the day pelt believes this memorial is about paying respect to these men and women. but how can you do that, he said, when you're disrespecting they're history and who they were in the armed forces. >> this is a piece of history. we're creating historical document. and that's why it's so important to make sure it is right. >> in this case, pelt believes why even fix the bricks at all if you're not going to fix everything in this case? so the next step for him, he said, is to reach out to the county and local military groups as well to raise awareness here and not let this go unnoticed. jim and sarah. president trump relations are official >> what does it mean? but first, hey, fitz. >> reporter: virginia new govern elect meets the press b
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eyes on the white house? we'll explain coming up. she made history last night. now, hear from the first openly transgender candidate in the u.s. to be elected to a state legislature. the changes she wants to make in northern virginia coming up. sue? >> reporter: sarah and jim, feels like a december day here in dc, lots of clouds hanging tough. couple of showers to our south, high temperature today, only 49 exactly normal if this were about the 7th or 8th of december. can we break into sunshine tomorrow? how is the weekend looking? we'll have a first look, fox 5 local news at 5:00 will be right back. ht back.
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. northum went directly at the president, saying how his election last night was a direct reaction to president trump's presidency over the past year. now, he also made a point here as you'll hear as saying when it's in virginia's interest, northum said he is going to work with the white house. >> the divisive ness, the hatred, the bigot re, the politics is not the united states of america that people love. it's certainly not the commonwealth of virginia that they love. there are things that president trump talked about wanting to do for this country that would be very beneficial to the commonwealth of virginia. for example, building up our military. as you may know i'm a veteran of the united states army. >> reporter: now, the governor elect used this news briefing to margin out his nutrition team that will
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from mcauliffe in the northum administration. he said his priorities right out of the gate will be economy, healthcare, the opioid crisis and what he said something needs to be done about gun control in virginia. from there, it was a short trip across the street over to the governor's mansion for lunch with current governor, democrat trey mcauliffe. now, mcauliffe, for his point, went be directly at the tone of the gubernatorial campaign and ed gillespie himself saying, quote, ed dragged us into the gutter. as far as his own plans after leaving office, don't expect trey mcauliffe to go into the sunset quietly. he said once he leaves office, he has plans both personally and politically, and by the way, he would not shy off the question today about possibly running for goveror in 2020. >> once i finish up on the 13th, my two big missions, take out charitable work, b
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this restricting with president obama and eric holder and a hold of the 36 governor's races, i'll be out there. >> reporter: he'll be out there. the governor elect northum also had praise today for his lieutenant governor elect fairfax. his new work is just beginning, keep in mind northum only has 66 days right now to put together an administration inauguration day is on january 13th. they all start with the letter j. tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news fox 5. allison parker, adam ward, the boyfriend to have the journalist who was fatally shot in 2015 won a seat in the virginia house of delegates. very high profile race for that area seat. the former news
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campaign was backed by gun control groups but that wasn't the main campaign issue. he's focused on education, healthcare and the victim of a crime, allison was killed on the job by a former employee at the news station where they had all worked in roanoke >> this was a historic election from the transgender community. one of their own just won virginia's 13th district in the house of delegates. danicka roem defeated bob marshal perhaps the most conservative republican, bob barnard introduces us to the history making politician. >> reporter: danicka roem is spending much of this day after the historic election at her campaign office on her phone. >> you never saw me back away from talking about quality inclusion. >> reporter: the 33-yearold former newspaper reporter defeated conservative bob marshal by nine points, becoming the first openly transgender candidate in the u.s.
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elected, to a state legislature >> what i'm thinking is that when we're talking about being historic, yeah, it will be historic when a transgender woman finally helps, that's what i'm here to do. >> reporter: roem said this daily traffic nightmare is the reason she ran to represent district 13 in the virginia house of delegates. >> pretty bad. awful. i actually just moved out here in march and it's terrible. >> it's terrible. for past 25 years, they keep telling us they will expand the roads. as you can see, they're not, bob. they haven't done anything for us on 28. there's license plates that say i hate 28. >> reporter: what about the champion of congestion relief being a transgender woman >> i think it's great. i think it's great >> not good for us. i'm sorry. that's my opinion. i'm not prejudiced but that's my opinion, bob. >> during the campaign, incumbent marshal refused to debate challenger
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he was the legislative sponsor of the so-called bathroom bill that would have forced transgender peopled in virginia to use public rest rooms based on on their birth. >> local journalist is where i learned policy, and i'm going to bring that to's richmond so we can actually accomplish the things i'm setting out to do without high per bowly, discrimination. >> reporter: we'll be watching down the road. in manassas bob barnard, fox 5 local news. people get really passionate about their drive and the routes into work. >> all politics are local. there you go. speaking of things that are loading, let's talk a little bit at the local weather, another chilly day, no doubt about it. >> jim and sarah we could not ditch the clouds. 49 for reagan was the high, dulles 48. bwi coming in at 49 and still close to those numbers right now
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winchester 41. martinsberg 47. baltimore 47. leonardtown at 45 degrees. now, we've had a few passing showers well down to our south, not much around our area, but we expected to see a little bit more moisture trying to come in on and this seems to be passing a little bit south and breaking up as well, we'll let you know if we spot anything else on radar but it would be light and his or miss, most of the evening i think will be dry for most areas in or around the beltway, 48 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00, 47, and by 11:00, 46. unfortunately, though, we don't have much in the way of sunshine tomorrow. the clouds are going to be hanging around and we could still deal with a couple of spotty showers here and there. not a lot. not like what we had on election day yesterday. 8:00 a.m. temperature 45. not terribly cold. but couple of light showers, maybe around here and there. by noon, only 50, and by
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so once again, tomorrow is a day in which we'll be about eight or nine cooler than average. average is 61 for this time of year. by the time we get into friday and saturday, some of these numbers will look like they're on the warm side. we have a big cold shot coming thursday night and into friday and we also believe that friday night into saturday will be a wide, spread freeze with a lot of places in the 20's. just to show you quickly. we expect to see just clouds around tomorrow morning and again maybe a spotty shower here and there. nothing that should bog down that morning commute too much on your thursday. we'll talk more about the big chill that's coming this -- in the next 48 hours, and the weekend in just a few minutes. jim and sarah back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, new video of picture roy hall day's plane before it went down. >> is anybody calling 911? he's got to be in there, bro. hall
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the crash. hotel rooms in vegas are changing why those do not disturb placards may no longer keep away the hotel staff. back after this. ♪ ♪ this veteran's day all u.s. veteran's receive a free grand slam breakfast, because it's never too late to say thank you. ♪ ♪
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. new video into the newsroom of the deadly plane crash that killed roy halladay. crashed into the gulf of mexico off the florida coast and some viewers out there may find the video a bit disturbing. take a look. the footage was from tmz taken by boaters in the gulf. it shows halladay making dramatic rises and dips shortly before it went down be they rushed to the scene but immediately knew halladay had died in the crash. >> i can't even begin to tell you this was crazy, we saw it go into the gulf of mexico literally. >>
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cogulf of mexico. is anybody calling 911? he's got to be in there, bro. >> he went right over. >> super low, ridiculous >> my god, bro, what was he thinking or he or she. my god. i'm like literally shaken. >> halladay was 40 years old. he'll be legible for the hall of fame in 2019. new tonight, more than a month after the deadly mass shooting in las vegas some casinos are changing the policies. at least ten will conduct safety and welfare check on any room that has a do not disturb sign on the door more than two consecutive days. it previously would check on such rooms after
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next, a conspiracy and extortion bus. . a cracked for cuba. ronica cleary on this story tonight. hi, ronica. >> in his president trump style he promised he could make a better deal when it comes to cuba. we'll break it down let you decide. former president obama reports for jury duty but did he get picked to sit? we're back in a few minutes.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. a prince george's county man been arrested multiple charges of child pornography. the investigation began after a ti f
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force. investigators say they found multiple files of child porn on his to electronic devices four security officers under arrest for allegedly demanding money from other guards in exchange for passing a weapons certification, they were indicted several counts, including theft, extortion and conspiracy, they were contracted to provide security for the oceanic administration building, investigators say there's no indication the guards who paid actually failed in the first place but as a result every guard had to be recertified a gag order has been issued in the case of paul manafort and his business associate rick gates, a federal judge told both prosecutors and defense lawyers not to make statements to the media or public. it could create prejudice. the judge made the ruling to give defendants the right to a fair trial and to insure that a jury wouldn't be swayed by pretty publicity.
5:31 pm
cancelling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. >> that was the president in june making a major announcement >> the change became official but is it as drastic as it sounds, ronica cleary live with a closer look how the new policy could affect you. ronica? >> jim and sarah, it was president trump's signature trial, promised that he could make a better deal than the one that president obama made when it came to opening travel and business relationships with cuba. today, we found out what that really means. take a look at who will be affected by this new policy that the trump administration has put in place, individual travelers, tour companies here in the united states, and whether or not you're concerned about it they will be affected businesses and hotels
5:32 pm
connections to cuba's military. president obama put this in place, it's called people to people. they were loose's enforced what you think of is individual travel. that is no longer permitted if you want to go to cuba you must travel there with official tour group. now, once there, you can't do any business or stay at any hotels that are connected in any way to cuba's military, all of this officially goes into place tomorrow. now, we, of course, saw a boom in the tourism industry to cuba once president obama lifted those restrictions, how will it affect the industry? i spoke with the president of insight cuba and i got to be honest. i was surprised he is not very concerned at all. take a listen. >> for the first time clears up what was kind of a foggy
5:33 pm
because at his press conference in miami, he had said i'm ending the obama policy on cuba. and a lot of people, travelers, even cuban americans visited family thought that it was over. that there was no longer legal travel to cuba and that was far from the case, given scope of what could have happened or changed. it's time for u.s. citizens and travelers to celebrate and go to cuba. >> reporter: this is really just another example of an at me by president trump to overturn a president obama policy or not just attempt, an execution of that, if you will we'll take a deeper look at the politics behind all of this, what it means and why the president is doing the bigger picture, coming up at 6:00. reporting live in southeast, ronica cleary, fox 5 local news. the trump administration is encouraging states to pursue work requirements for certain
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beneficiaries of medicaid. the obama administration. according to centers for medicaid services allowing states to impose work requirements is an essential part of granting more flexibility, they believe making beneficiaries work will insure they bring themselves out of poverty. in the wake of those mass shootings in texas and las vegas, senate democrats introduced legislation to ban the sale of assault weapons once again. it was introduced by diane feinstein and 22 other lawmakers, it would ban the sale for military style assault weapons and magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition and ban those so-called bump stock that is allow semiautomatics to fire at fully automatic rates. election night in virginia wasn't only win for democrats, it's also seen by some as a victory for the marijuana industry, ralph northum made
5:35 pm
decriminalation of marijuana a center piece of his campaign, he would highlight the money they spend on marijuana enforcement and the racial injustin that he says african-americans face. voters in new jersey also located a new governor who campaigned on legalizing marijuana. there's been a big surge of people signing up for the affordable care act during the first few days of inappropriate. more than 200,000 americans chose a plan the first day of inappropriate. more than double the number two signed up the first day last year. president obama reporting to court today to perform a civic duty. the chicago native was able to avoid crowds gathered outside by using an underground entrance but dismissed a short time later. he was summoned in 2010 but because he had that whole governing thing to worry about.
5:36 pm
president george w bush was called in 2015 and bill clinton report for jury duty in 2003 >> the video of everybody taking hands with him, taking pictures of the former president. >> that's one of the easy ways to get out of it. to be a public figure, makes it a little bit easier. we're talking a little shop. brody logan joining us to discuss the big win. >> reporter: we're around the half point, redskins four and four, what are people saying? what better than walk into the barbershop. we'll have a crew here, barbershop talk next on fox 5. why is allison seymour in the lobby of a grocery in alexandria? we'll tell you about it next.
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. this may be the ultimate first world
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international outrage over new tell la's secret recipe change, first discovered by a german consumer group, it now conpowde skim milk. fans are airing out the frustration on social media, the company has not why they decided to alter the recipe. thanksgiving day can be filleded with joy, but it can also be filled with stress and anxiety especially for families who don't have the financial means to put together a holiday meal >> little more than two weeks, allison seymour introduces us to a woman who's making sure those families hungry for the holiday paying the forward >> you're feeding 500 families >> we are definitely feeding
5:41 pm
families on november 18th. >> reporter: you want to >> we want to. >> we're helping the community reaching out directly to the families, to the heart of our community and helping them. >> that was joel of eastern's automotive group present, the organization with a check for $3,000 to feed 50 needy families. >> it is not too late to donate. the information son the screen how you can help project give back reach the goal to feed 500 families in northern virginia for the thanksgiving holiday. >> that's just around the corner too. >> couple weeks away now. >> no, wait, what's tomorrow? tomorrow is three. >> it is two weeks. >> yes, it is. >> somebody out there, please >> somebody check a calendar. here's the thing, i don't cook for thanksgiving. >> i do know it's early, the 23rd, if anyone can do the math quickly. >> do you know why i need to remember that?
5:42 pm
next day >> it is just a little over two weeks away. >> time is flying. >> halloween and thanksgiving and then christmas and knewier's before you know it. this is the time of year that races by and getting cold on queue. >> feels kind of like we're jumping into december and temperatures have been below normal significantly so as we take a look outside, as soon as we set the clocks back last saturday. the weather has been changing as well. it's darker earlier, it has been colder the past couple days, and it will get even colder as we head into the weekend. first freeze hard freeze widespread likely for dc, that would be on saturday morning. but friday morning, sunday morning, kind of look cold too. let's get to the graphics, weather headlines, chilly and cloudy for tomorrow. just a stray shower is possible. it doesn't look like anything too widespread. the cold blast that's been advertised all week will arrive by friday morning.
5:43 pm
temperatures to so cold, so unusually cold that we could be near record lows across the area. if the record is low is 26 here in dc, right now, we're forecasting 29, so that's at least within striking distance. we'll see how it goes. temperatures do moderate by sunday, even though they remain below normal. 49 in dc, typical high about 62 in dc. upper 50's to low 60's, you can see we're all well below that, 47 in baltimore, 43 in westminster, 47 martinsberg and 41 in winchester. it's been mainly just a cloudy day, we've had a couple of sprinkles showing up on radar, nothing locally, and if this is correct, that would be a few mixed sprinkles along the ridge tops not out of the question to see flurries there, but the showers stayed to the south unlike yesterday which was a total wash-out, we had the cloudy skies but haven't had much rain to go along with it. the showers will continue to trail off towards our south. for tomorrow, this is nice map
5:44 pm
cooler air coming through and the comparably warmer water, you'll have the cooler air probably win out. high temperatures tomorrow maybe a degree or two warmer than today into the low 50's, but not a big difference. a few peaks of sun are also possible but it will remain generally cloudy and chilly. low temperatures tonight 44 in dc, upper 30's possible along the mountains and then high temperatures tomorrow slightly warmer we're going 53 in dc, not noticeably so. thanks to all of that cloud cover. here comes the cold. that is the setup for friday, our first real arctic blast. the cold canadian air allowing temperatures to plunge especially friday into saturday. friday morning will be cold, all days friday with a gusty breeze out on the north will make it feel like it's in the middle of winter. windchill will be in the 30's, two-day forecast shows tomorrow not too bad. stray shower
5:45 pm
degrees. a lot of sunshine, but that will not warm us up with the wind and the really chilly temperature, friday night out you need the layers, we fall to 29 saturday morning, it's a cold but nice veterans day. showers do look to arrive by monday as temperatures at least moderate back into the mid 50's. that's the way it looks, sue, of course, will have much coming up 6:00 p.m. the redskins are four and four after an upset win over the seahawks and that's what people are talking about at the barbershop. brody logan over a in the lot of. what's going on. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking about the redskins win, second half of the season starting sunday against the vikings. we had to go and see what they're talking about. we're here with mel the barber, celebrity stylist, rapper just signed recently and chase barnes, i don't know your credentials. i
5:46 pm
mel i want to start with you, the redskins team, four and four, a surprising win over the seahawks has people thinking maybe it's on the upward swing. >> i'm telling you what a win by redskins. the diving catch >> he showed up. that's >> we've been waiting for it >> that's what we've been waiting for, man, doctson is taking off, i feel like he's on the rise and, but kirk cousins to come back in a full quarter like that? that was amazing. >> reporter: i know that you guys are fans of rival teams, you got a cowboys fan, an eagles fan. what are your impressions of the redskins, if you're an eagles fan you're sitting pretty you have two wins over the redskins and you're in first >> this is the best season we've had as an eagles fan. >> reporter: when you look at this redskins team, you see them play. what do you see >> i think there could have been better due to the fact that you know leave and you know, when
5:47 pm
of my clients too. >> you missed those 1,000 yard receivers >> then you bring in the other guy, pryor. that takes away a lot. >> what do you think about pryor >> i don't think man, the ability like >> he gets t rex arms >> right. >> i don't know but the eagles are looking real good unfortunately, you know, rodney mccloud is looking amazing out there on the field. jay lynn mills looking good. >> reporter: let me ask you, before you kind of made some waves with your opinions on kirk cousins. still, he has not signed a long-term extension, what are you thinking now from what you've seen especially the big come back win? >> i mean, kirk cousins, he's looking like a franchise player but last time i was out here, brody, i said, if you don't win, don't pay him. i don't know. i don't know, but if kirk cousins keeps looking good, can you sign him
5:48 pm
franchise >> you can do franchise, transition tag. >> he's one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. kirk cousins is an amazing runner. amazing passer, i'm sorry. then you got the boy they don't mean >> chris thompson >> he's a -- they need oh to give him a little bit more i think >> chris thompson has come back from a broken back and leading the team in receiving and rush, yards. he's having quite the season, the redskins at four and four but you have the vikings this week at home, make that move. can get that wild card. >> i think >> i think they could win the game. >> you know, you got the boy, josh norman back. you got the defense and the generals back. de angelo hall is back. >> reporter: this is what people are talking about in the barbershop. thanks to mel the barber and everyone. that's what we're talking about all wk
5:49 pm
vikings game. a woman is dragged 15 feet across the asphalt during a bold carjacking. >> it's brazen to do it in broad daylight. it's brazen to engage the victim. >> what she was doing when the car thief jumped behind the wheel and how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim too. a high school principal shocks students when she jumps into the step team's performance and nails the ruin. we'll hear from her next about her moves when we come back. ves when we come back.
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dragged. the car jacker was caught on camera dragging the woman 15 feet before she lost her grip on the door. i's a -- look, don't put yourself in harm's way. desperate times call for desperate meshes, she escaped without injury, police say it was random but it is an incident that could have been avoided. >> we found the car was running and it was controlled by a keyless fob what she had but the car was still activated. leaving your car running is not recommend at all at any time and unlock is not recommended >> the suspect still on the loose but police are warning other departments, state-wide and connecticut to be on the look-out a florida high school principal showing off her dance moves to hundreds of students and that video has gone viral: dr.
5:54 pm
step team during a homecoming pep rally. she coached dance several years and thought it would be a good way to get back out there >> i was just doing what i do, trying to do something fun with the kids. i have learned not get that embarrassed as a principal. >> the video is nearly three million views on facebook. she said she used to do it >> the moves are pretty good. >> and the kids will love her for it >> exactly. still ahead an explosive allegation against kevin space see tv. this time against a tv anchor, her allegations against the star when we come back we select all-natural chicken and flavorful herbs and spices. college inn broth helps you make every meal delicious. college inn, delicious is in the details. if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take...
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5:58 pm
and his efforts to move his hand were momentarily successful. the violation continued >> that's a tv news anchor accusing kevin spacey sexualing abusing his son. he claims he was embarrassed and didn't want the attention >> this is the latest in a number of sexual assault allegations by the oscar winning actor, he was fired by netflix. spacey not responded to the latest allegation. it's a case that left many stunned and searching for answers. >> matt ackland here's what's coming up at 6:00 >> a major development in the ashanti billie case. her parents are pleased that an arrest has been made but they're also angry about something else. we'll have that coming up. >> p
5:59 pm
another obama policy we'll tell waits and why he might be doing it. coming up. >> new governor elect meets the press but does the current governor have designers on the white house? this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. we begin tonight with breaking news. an arrest in the case of ashanti billie, the prince george's county woman who vanished from her virginia home and was later found dead in north carolina. >> a retired navy veteran is now charged with her kidnapping. fox 5 matt ackland just spoke with ashanti's family and live with the reaction. matt? >> reporter: shawn, there are so many new details in this case. you're right. we just spoke to her parents not long ago. we'll get to that in a moment. i want to brief you on what we've been able to find out from the justice department tonight. we know that dna evidence linked
6:00 pm
we have a picture. let's take you to that picture. this is 45-year-old eric brown, a navy vet. authorities say he was seen on the base near ashanti's job, even seen by witnesses flirting with her and making crude remarks. you'll remember later in north carolina when ashanti's body was found there, it establishes out that was apparently about 300 yards from brown's childhood church in north carolina. apparently he attended a bible study there. when authorities interviewed brown, he apparently admitted to being on base a when ashanti disappeared, but said he blacked out and when discussing the kidnapping and murder of ashanti, well, brown said he could not remember if he did anything to ashanti. now, we spoke to tony and brandy just a moment ago, her parents, they t


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