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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 10, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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that's over 96 hundred on this enclave leather. ♪♪ ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. friday everybody, you know what? you don't need us to tell you but it has been a wild week in washington. isn't it always? at least seems that way. and the president is not even in the country. >> we're looking at the biggest headlines on 5@630. check the rundown. first, we talk about a would be senator caught in the cross hairs after a allegations he was involved in sexual miss conduct with a minor. then democrats dominating in elections across the nation, one year after president trump takes office. and house republicans take a big step towards moving tax plan to a vote >> there's a lot to talk about on this friday, our panel is joining us today. welcome democratic strategist,
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spencer sullivan and congressional correspondent lindsay mcfearson. >> why are you laughing? >> starting with you. so let's go back to election day. we had a lot of democrats that came in. virginia, the top offices swept them. what does this mean for the republican party moving forward? >> i think first, we got to talk about managing expectations. since 2009, republicans haven't won state-wide in virginia and trump didn't win virginia, still won the presidential election, in terms of matching expectations this wasn't like a must win for republicans, that same strategy >> it wasn't a must win but was this a referendum on the trump presidency >> no, it really wasn't, look at this. democrats struggled since 2010 to win state a legislatures, governors, u.s. senate, the house, all the way down the line. for this to be
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win a blue state again, great. you know, facing, but this was not a major overture saying this was a referendum on the republican party. >> maurice, rebuttal? >> actually, you know, you would think that one year after a republican president took office in state like virginia, would he at least which close, we saw almost ten-point difference between the republican democratic candidate which shows the great divided that this president caused since in just one year >> i expected almost the redder parts of virginia to get redder. i thought the bluer parts would get bluer. seemed like there was a little bit of shift in that paradigm. lindsay, let's bring you in, we mentioned the whole discussion whether this was a bell weather for how the rest of the country feels, some people say all politics are local. there was a lot of attention paid to this race that normally wouldn't be. >> there was. i can tell you what the republicans and democrats are saying on the hill. the democrats saw this kind of as a referendum on the trump presidency andhe
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lot of the poll showed healthcare was a big issue and republicans after attacking healthcare and trying to repeal the affordable care act they think this provides their side credibility and defeating that. they also think it's a stop sign for tax reform. republicans meanwhile say this doesn't mean anything, this were state races, we don't take a lot of stock in these exit polls. what it means we do need to get something done, so when we go into our mid term elections, we have something, is fulfill promises to voters >> you mentioned something that's another big story, the gop tax plan, the president is looking for his big win, he would like to get something finished by the end of the year, do you think the republicans will be able to deliver? we'll start with you lindsay >> i'm not going to get into making predictions and i can tell you what i know, the house republicans schedule add vote for next week, they're still whipping the votes for that. not lined up yet and there's a possible we can see what happ
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the house has to delay the floor vote and continue working on getting the votes. senate just released its plans so too soon to tell where the members are but we'll find out more as the members have digested it. the goal is the end of the year, but nothing is certain in washington. ? i think there's a renewed energy on the republican side to get something done. get the house side, the senate side, talks about differences there, but i really think there are nuances and tweaks. when it comes down to the economy, the stock market has been all time high and unemployment all time low but to continue to grow the economy, grow wages, more jobs to incentivize growth. i think it's something the republicans are focused on doing >> first it's healthcare, they fumbled on every foreign policy attempt and we've been talking about taxes since the beginning of the year and still hasn't gotten done and particularly hung up on the state and local tax deduction
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liking it. we're hearing it across the country this deduction is a big deal for folks, and in order to pay for these deductions across the board, mostly, big corporation millionaires are going to benefit from, we know that in order to pay for this on the back end, they will have so cut entitlement and safety net programs >> isis is did he say system mated we had china come to the table for u.n. we've never seen before, on tax reform side, the only way we'll have small business grow their businesses and incentivize job growth and the only reason our market has grown so much is knowing that the previous administration's is not in place to add any more onerous regulations on to business. >> before we go, we got to get to one more thing, i want to ask you lindsay, you're on capitol hill, a lot of talk about roy moore. we've been discuin
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this something that he lives through or do the republicans have a cause? do they get their way? because they didn't want him on the ballot in the first place >> we heard a loot that if these allegations are true, he needs to step aside, roy moore has denied the allegations and it's unclear what the tipping point will be whether he steps aside or not. at the end of the day whether his name will be on the ballot. it's too late to remove it. luncher strange is thinking about a writing campaign, we heard from mitch mccul lynn. >> clearly the court of law will not come in in the next month or so. we'll just see where it goes. >> this is about public decency, he just needs to go >> they're giving us the big wrap. thank you guys for coming in. >> much i appreciated. president trump
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north korea, in vietnam his big stop on trump world tour 2017. he told to leaders the an economic summit he won't let the u.s. be taken advantage of anymore and he said flight i'm always going to be putting put america first >> the news seems to overshadow his trip and dominate the headlines. steven, how typical is it for the news to dominate >> there are two main reasons why trump's trip hasn't stolen as many headlines as we might expect. first of all these trips, while diplomatically important, they're also fairly scripted. it's a little bit more rare for breaking news to come out of these trips, even trump's announcements about $250 billion worth of deals with china, came out. those are mostly old deals repa
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so that's one side of things. the second reason, obviously like you were both saying, it's been a crazy week here in the u.s. and it's been tragic from the shooting at the texas church to almost daily sexual harassment allegations. and throwing in the virginia governor's race as well and it's been a busy week. >> what do we expect? he's going to be in asia few more days, he's meeting with the president of philippines. you know, so far seems like the president has been enjoying the trip. you saw him with the groups in china and seem to be enjoying the pomp and circumstance of it. what's the take away when he gets back? what will he call the big victory? >> there's been some criticism and some people might say it's a good thing, that there's been a lot of flat rebetween trump and other world leaders, some might be critical especially of the fact that he didn't take
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chinese president. we'll have to see how it raps up. so far it's been successful and quiet. stef kite reporter from ax yos, thanks for coming in. i cans. it will be hold cold, it's starting to get cold. i don't know if you guys are feeling it. the temperature will really start to drop. let's take a look where we stand temperature-wise. the 30's it's been a long time since we said that, 32 at gaithersburg, 35 at baltimore, 38 at dc and 30 at winchester while martinsberg is at 32 degrees. your overnight lows will be pretty much on the low side into the 20's pretty much everywhere. we got winds that will be kicking in, pushing in from the north, those winds will also present windchills across our area, so be aware of that. it is definitely going to be a very cold one. ridge of high pressure will start to move out and we're talking sunshine
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once again, those winds will produce temperatures only in the 30's and 40's. we also have the freeze warning for tonight and that goes into effect right through until 10:00 a.m. on saturday. and that's a hard freeze, for any areas where the growing season isn't over yet. you might want to try to protect any sensitive vegetation. here's a look at your planner, no shortage of sunshine now, but u-haul have to bundle up if you're heading out. 30 degrees by 8:00. by midday, we're talking 38 with a few clouds, and 43 degrees by the time we hit 4:00 p.m. here's a look at your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. if you're headed to any of the outdoor festivities for veterans day, make sure you bundle up and dress warm. we got highs only into the 40's. the overnight low tomorrow could present challenges for some of the record lows we have. we're going to have to to watch that carefully. sunday's redskins game, 52, but still you might want to bundle up there also we'll get a cooler wind kicking in. sunday overnight into monday, we do have a chance of maybe
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a shower, those showers will end early on monday, rest of the week, november's chill, not going to go anywhere as we stay in the 50's. back to you. >> it is definitely november. thanks, gwen. veterans day with a purpose, why one veteran and his wife says more needs to be done to provide service for veterans hurt and their service providers. we'll be right back. we just moved in about four months ago, but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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tomorrow is veterans day, not only are we honoring veterans and their sacrifices but focused on their families david reilly is one of many families advocating a program assistance for vets before 911: he was serving in 1997 resulting in the loss of all of his limbs, some internal organs and his wife has to do everything to help him get started and
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va benefits there help vets caregivers because he was injured before september 11th. post 911 vets can take advantage of program that is help their caregivers take care of them. dave reilly joins us via skype. we have to thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country. i know the importance of caregivers very well. and i think for people who don't know what a caregiver does, tell us, you depend on your wife just about everything. >> yes, you know, i was able to become national commander of dav because of her being there and getting me together, once she gets me all put together in the morning, i'm able to make it through the day, but you know, she's there at night also. so very vital, you know, it would have been so much more to put me in assisted living. >> she, like you, has made many sacrifices to be there to take care of you. tell us a little bit a
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the challenges that you guys live with or face, because this is not covered for you because you were injured before 911. >> right. well, so i was injured, i was in the coast guard, lost my limbs in service from a bacterial infection. you know, debbie was there to h help, me get my -- out of the 5.5 million people that need caregivers only 1 million are eligible for the program >> we were looking at the video of you and your wife. what should we do? this is something -- this is a collective american initiative. what can we all do to make sure this change can happen to help people like you and those before you? >> sure. i'd say get active and people can go to
6:46 pm we have three bills in the house trying to get that changed >> if you want to say say something to the lawmakers what's your message >> don't give up the fight i think we can get this done. >> thank you again so much for sharing your story and about the mission that you and your wife are on and we certainly hope it works out for you and all the other veterans and caregivers fighting to get this. thank you so much. >> thank you. there could be some changes coming to the national mall. brody? >> reporter: it's one of the coolest things about getting to live in dc. you get to do these activities in the shadow of things like the washington monument but if a proposal from the u.s. park service goes through, that will be no more, we'll tell you more about it coming up.
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another. national park service wants to ban sports activities on the ground of the washington monument >> brody logan is live on the national mall. that's everything from soccer to vocally ball. flag football. you name it. how will we live without it. >> reporter: that's a good question, we'll be able to play other places but it's one of the coolest things about getting to live in the district. you get to do stuff like having sports leagues, play your games in the shadow of the washington monument. i actually was a part of a kick, ball team and you're sharing pictures the entire time because it's so cool that you get to play with this in the background. it's another reminder of all of the interesting things that we have at our disposal here in the district. this is just a proposal at this moment. but let me just let you know what is done now. currently, if a league o
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play on the national mall, you pay a $7 fee or here at the wonderful, pay 7 bucks and you can go out there and play, now they want to change that. they will completely say that you cannot play at the washington monument anymore because they had to do so much, to fix the grounds here at the washington monument after all those leagues kind of messed up the turf. and that will be through 2018, no playing here and the rest of national mall will be 70 bucks for two hours or $30 plus a registration fee for one hour and these leagues charge all this money and registration fees, 100 be $125 depending on the sport, for the entire season but only pay $7 to come out and play, we didn't get comment back from those leagues when he were asked if they will raise their rates what they think about this proposal, it's also interesting to note how much they charge
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versus how much they have to pay for the grounds. this is just in the proposal stage. national park service is putting it out there for comment. it should be starting monday at the earliest. you can go on the national park service website say what you think about this, i have a feeling a lot will be against it. these are federal lands, we should have use of it. it's also, if you want to come out here and just hang out or run or enjoy the mall, if people are having all their lead games i kind of understand, you kind of get kicked off for people that may their soccer games, it should be interesting, especially if it will be 70 bucks for two hours, the sports will be jacked up as well. >> i'm curious, have you ever played any of the sports down there on the national mall? >> yes, i've played softball down here, kick ball, right here on the other side of the, washington monument. >> it would be fun to play tether ball. why not?
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it would be fantastic. >> might be a little dangerous and illegal, too. >> i love the idea, jim, let's do it. i love it. >> see a segment on the firefighter tonight. thanks, brody >> back after this. ♪♪ what do you get the person that loves to tailgate? ♪♪ how about a new tailgate. ♪♪ i can almost smell the brats from here...
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♪ ♪. since president trump is traveling to a couple of different countries during his trip to asia, includes japan, we invited chico to come in. >> jim never been before. >> nancy is here to show us how to make -- tell us the name of the cocktail you're making >> it's called momijico, it means the fall season. so fall is chico, fall
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bourbon, it will warm you up >> ginger usue. what's you can you tell us or is that a secret >> it's citrus. this is how it looks like. >> it looks like a lime. ok. >> smells have a unique smell. >> lovely. >> now what are you doing >> squeeze fresh lemon. got to have the fresh ingredients. >> makes all the difference. >> in my brain i'm like it's healthier. >> this is the thing, this is a gimo, a yam from japan, we use to make the drinks. and this migamo has, victim c >> it is healthy >> it is good for you, and the season change and this one is really nice. >> a root veget
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>> we get our vegetables, victim c, citrus everything in here >> this one is good for fall. >> now you got to shake it all up. this is my favorite part. shake it up like a pro. shaking it up? then i'll drain it out. >> as we're talking, if you guys wants to go visit and try one of these cocktails, you guys are located in chevy chase over the border from dc, the address there 5455 wisconsin avenue. tell us what this would taste great with >> it's good with our dish right here preparing how much, which is a slice of yellow tail sahima, and orange sauce with micro grain rice crepe
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she's getting ready to pour it, which is fabulous. we know the president traveled to a number of different countries, maybe he will be to trying this particular cocktail >> he'll drink the nonalcoholic variety. >> the rest of the crew will. >> do you mind if we mess up your display and try the sushi? >> jim, ok. yes, >> cheers. you grab one too. >> cheers >> thank you so much for coming in. what else can you tell us about sushi go >> go ahead. >> fresh fish, is very nice, slices good fresh imported from japan >> you guys will be taking part in cocktail week >> yes, we're proud being part of the -- the restaurant week.
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shawn will have sushi from sushi co, thank you for watching us. the news continues on digital at >> when are we on next? >> 8:00. cheers everybody. have a great week. scrap don't miss this chance to create your perfect home now at havertys furniture. save one hundred dollars
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. plus, you can finance with no interest for 24 months choose from a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. i'm going to the movies with britney. [sfx: motorcycle roar.] hurry, sale ends monday at havertys. life looks good.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: it may have been a thursday night for you but it was a birthday bash for french montana. it was off the hook. >> it's nice to know it's a birthday party. >> every celebrity was there in the hip-hop community. >> they're still partying. harvey: god. >> you never got invited to like a raiser that wet all night? harvey: i don't think it went that late. everyone gassed out at around 2:00. >> you gassedout. and then they lose the door and you hear party go back on. >> chrissy teigen! at l.a.x. i see her like more than i see you guys. do you thin we could be friends like outside l.a.x.? >> i know, we should. >> i go,i think we could legit be friends. maybe you can grab me for dinner, pick me up somethig nice.


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