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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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news at 11. and we girch this hour with breaking news in prince george's county. investigators confirm an officer -involved shooting. it happened in the bladessance bugger area in the 5,000 block of newton streets. fox5's lindsay watts joins us live with the latest from the scene. >>reporter: police say this all started when they got a call earlier tonight about a man with a gun. you can see this police investigation that is now underway. this is the bladen wood apartment community. so it was just after nine tonight police got that call and the bladensburg police chief says when his officers responded they encountered that man and then one \officer\officer a{^}en ended up shooting him. the chief says what exactly led up to that is still under investigation. he tells me the suspect was shot in the lower body. he did survive and he is now in why it california condition at the hospital. i asked the chief if that suspect shot at officers. he couldn't tell me for
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though, that a gun was recovered here on scene. i was just talk ing to a man who lives here and he says this typically is a quiet apartment complex. nobody is allow in or out at this point . so that man said that police told him he was going to have to park his car elsewhere and stay away for a time as this investigation is underway. that s of oner who fired the shot at the suspect is going to be on routine paid administrative leave. that's standard in cases like this and then bladensburg police will work with prince george's county police to investigate this shooting. we'll keep you updated as we learn more. lindsay watts, fox5 local news. >> and more breaking news out of the middle east, according to iran state run news agency a powerful earthquake has now quilled more than 140 people and injured 860 others just in iran the 7.3 magnitude quake was centered about 200 miles north of bagdad close to the iran
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was felt throughout iraq, but so far no word on injuries or damage in iraq. iran's news agency says a number of buildings have collapsed and people may still be buried under the rubble. and when the earthquake was hit a live show was airing on iraqi television. the host was talking to his guests when you can see the camera start to shake. also reports of another major earthquake tonight, this time in costa rica. we're learning that just two people were seriously injured. so far that's all we know. a 6.5 magnitude quake struck near the capital just within the past hour or so. electricity was knocked out in some areas as power lines and polls fell. as of now no reports of major infrastructure damage from the tremor there. a live look outside at the washington monument, a cold sunday and
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colder sunday. good an joining us. not only do you need a warm jacket but an umbrella. we have some rain that's headed through tonight. it. let's take a look at numbers, though. well, we're starting off with a wet start to the week. you know, we are going to see some of the rainfall as we move through into , as i said tonight into tomorrow. you're definitely going to anticipating it and we're also talking about a fact that we are going to start to see those temperatures change as well. and that's going to make a bit of a difference across our area. as we take a look at what we got today in terms the numbers we hit into the 40s. we're actually into the 30s yesterday so we're gradually getting up there but it's going to be a week where temperatures are only going into the 50s as well, nothing exceptionally warm . right now across the area we have some 40s and 30s on the map. forty-five in the c
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fredericksburg. winds are light moving in from the north, northeast. nothing that is going to effect too much for us tonight, no wind chills. your over overnight lowe's will be in the 40s and 30s. i'll let you know the forecast and what's going to happen in terms of the rainfall and for how long in just a little bit. stay with us , the seven day forecast is just ahead. back to you. in montgomery county, a battle between big business and a small church is putting an historically african-american burial ground in the the spotlight. members of mass don't a baptist church in bethesda led a rally today calling to stop plans to build a parking garage on top of the cemetery which has already been covered over once before. fox5 's evan lambert and lambert spoke to a group of the protest ors tonight. >>reporter: this parking lot is just off of river road. it used to to be the grounds of a cemetery, a historically black sem trivment
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these church groups want to make sure it is not covered over a second time. the members marched from the church's site off of river road to the former cemetery which is now a parking lot across from the crestwood shopping center. they've been successful to push back development plans for a year but they want to make sure a developer doesn't move forward with the project here. it's part of a larger redevelopment project off of river road. when an apartment building went up in the 1960s the black cemetery was covered over. now the church members say they don't want to see the land the church saturday on be obscured a second time. we have an incredible amount of people here who really just do not want to see a further december craigs of an african burial ground.
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to a lft meetings and we've been met with a lieutenant of disrespect and disregard. nevertheless we continue to go back and plead our case. >> it's unclear when this issue will come back up for debate. the church says it will not let this project go on quietly. reporting in bethesda, fox5 local news. >> here's some other top stories we're following tonight. a woman is in critical condition after a fire swept through a home in capital heights. the fire broke out on eastern avenue . they helped crews from prince george's county put out the flames. earlier reports indicate the fire started in the basement and then spread to the first floor. the cause remains under investigation. one firefighter suffered burns to his ears while battling the flames. he is expected to recover. we have new details about a deadly hit and run in prince william county. it happened on 4 a.m. right around i66 near the 48-mile marker. three vehicles were involved, including one that over turned ment the driver of t
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but the driver of a second car was killed. a passenger in that vehicle is expected to be okay. ans of oner stopped an suv about a mile from the accident scene. they charged the driver dustin tran of manassas of driving under the influence of a hit and run. a search is on whoever the . officers responded to the pennsylvania lang kay restaurant around 2 a.m. a man was shot in the upper body and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. anyone with information is asked to call fairfax county police. coming up, a search for a northern virginia woman. as family members step up their efforts as well.
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>> tonight the search continues for a missing northern virginia woman, cat catherine hey weald went missing three days ago. she was last seen in arlington. today her family and friends came together to canvas neighborhoods where she may have last seen in hopes of finding information about her whereabouts. twenty-eight year old catherine kate hey walled is considered a critical missing person. we're told she has a medical condition that requires treatment, that she's been without since she vanished from her home on thursday. this is st. agnes catholic school, this is where my sister did all of her elementary before going to york town. she grew up in arlington, she's
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when everybody heard what was going on on social media, the pastor said please use our school. we needed a convenient reu and a room. hey walled's brother michael, their father and arlington county police were joined by dozen ready to canvas read did i what they called her hot spots. she thought she was feeling okay, but it turns out she took her medication and i guess it caused her to get a little confused and hours turned into days and we're worried. the five two brunette with blue eyes was reportedly saturday at the nearby starbucks near lehigh way and spar run. it's where they gathered to generate leads she she had such a bubbling personality and would do anything for anyone. it's really scary that she's just disappeared in this area where we've all green up so we'd really like to find her. hey walled recently
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she's single and she was attend ed virginia tech grad school and then she came back to arlington and we've been caring for her. they never imagined this. they're coming through the area to see if tips of her whereabouts lead to more. teisha lewis, fox5. >> catherine's family says she left home without her cellphone and only $100 in her pocket. anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call arlington police. >> in maryland the search also continues for this missing ninth grader gentleman javon garret has been missing fournier aa week. he was last scene on november 7 on tyler avenue in annapolis. fairfax county police need your help to identify a man undergoing treatment at reston hospital. they believe he suffered some type of medical emergency and he's in serious condition tonight. they haven't provided a fet oh but they say that he was found unconscious on the washington
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trail yesterday afternoon. the man did not have identification on him h. police are hoping that a friend or a family member contacts them, if you know anything about it, they want to hear from you. and this d.c. man is under arrest tonight a queuesed of ramming two fairfax county police cruisers. officer s noticed edward butler speegd and driving recklessly yesterday afternoon. they tried to pull him over, but he kept driving. during the pursuit police say butler drove against traffic and crashed into yet another cruiser. he was eventually arrested and tonight he's being held on no bond. a maryland state trooper has been hit by an alleged drunk driver. this all happened yesterday morning on allentown road. trooper or advertise was responding to a crash. he was sitting in his car when he was behind from behind from another car. the driver of the vehicle is now charged with dui. the trooper was taken to the hospital for treatment. still ahead, a
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property. a dog taking down suspects on the run from the law . that's next.
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>> some arlington county police officers doing their part to help hurricane rav vaijed puerto rico. they completed their first shift in the island nation this weekend by directing traffic at intersections impacted by power outrages. the de
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teams of office officerses to puerto rico through mid december . here in our area we've been dealing with a little bit of a chill. it's definitely a shock from what we had. >> it was definitely cold. yesterday, and tonight it's cold . i felt this morning at least it was a little bit warmer than sunday, but man, yeah. it's here. especially yesterday . it was colder yesterday and we had the winds on top of it, you know. but reality check, we're in the season, folks, heading that way. >> not just a fall jacket. you need the winter coat right now. the down. that's right, bundle up, layers, they work. the cold air isn't going anywhere too soon. we're in the 30s for daytime highs yesterday and today in the 40s. we're going to gradually warm up a little bit. tonight we've got some clouds rolling in and we've got a little bit of rainfall rolling in tonight. 45-degrees right now under the cloudy skies, we don't have anything to speak about about wind chills because
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a look at this, we do have some precipitation hitting our way and we've looking at a chance of seeing it, some wintry mix to the mason dixon line. it's going to linger tonight into your morning commute tomorrow so just be aware of that. there's a lieutenant of cold air on the back side and that's what's rapping right through this entire area. here we are with radar and you can see the rain moving its way through. we will see a little bit of heavier rain that's in here and it's all the way down to the south. it will eventually clear out. we have a ridge of high pressure building in behind it and that's going to give us a bit of a clearing trend once we get into tomorrow definitely some early showers in the forecast. highs yesterday, this is not the correct highs yesterday. my happens are not showing the right things for me we're talking 50-degrees, definitely some morning showers and a chilly night. winds tonight are going to be light. we're going to be in the 30s overall as
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temperatures are concerned for tonight. we get gradual warmup into the forecast. that's where we're going to end up seeing a mixture of sun and clouds and a little bit of rain by the time we get to the end of the week, just be aware of that. temperature wise we're pretty much where we should be, except a little bit over in terms of our overnight lowe's. we're going to have a look at our seven day forecast and i want to make sure the right one comes up because for some reason these maps are not the right maps. they're clicking away on me here >> a takeover. i think it is the stea takeover. i don't know . it's just the way the computer decides to go for itself, i guess. i am going to put up the seven day forecast so you can take a look. this computer has a mind of oots ' own right now. a live look outside. now we've got it up. here we go. temperatures a
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50s. there you go. temperature going to be into the 50s into the week. some rain toward the end of the week and then on monday we've got the showers happening. tuesday doesn't look too bad. wednesday we have a few showers as well. overall not bad. once again from the 30 s to the 40s to the 50s. tonight is not my night. tomorrow -- the 20s were scary. you're keeping this interesting computers like to kind of i guess yum p around. we need to write with a sign. we went from the 30s of the daytime highs to the 40s and into the 50s president rain for your morning commute. keep that in mind. not a wash out, it will clear up by the afternoon. rape and cold is no fun. as we progress, dress warm, turn the heat up. >> thanks, gwen. two suspect td car thieves did not expect this when they bailed their vehicle and ran
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the suspects jumped in a a backyard where a dog was waiting to powns. it unfolded in voluntary shoe yeah county. dog s owner says that he is proud of his pet's actions. he took them down like a professional police dog. he's pretty awesome . he's a wonderful dog. the dog's owner says that his pedis just being territorial, but he's glad that the dog had his back. q. oh, boy. look at that. oh, my goodness, a drive through throw down at a mcdonald's in indianapolis. the fight started over a misorder of chicken nuggets. two women got out of the car and climbed through the drive in window and started attacking the window. if caught they could face battery a
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vandalism charges. incredible video. that is dramatic, geez. over chicken nuggets. >> coming up, a purple glow spot ted in the sky over pashts of prince george's county. after dozens of calls and e-mails about it to our news room, fox5 solved this mystery. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben talking about you, ben. i know, zoe. what's so good about fios anyway?
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>> a tough day at the office tornado watch curt cousins and the washington redskins. they fell to the minnesota vikings at home, the final score 38, redskins 30. the loss drops the skins' season record to four and five and it doesn't get any easier for the burgandy and gold when they take on the new orleans saints next week. there were a lot of questions about the area surrounding fed ex field earlier this week. parts of the sky appeared to be lit up in purple. residents were calling and e-mailing us asking fox5 to get to the bottom of it so i went to landover to figure out what was
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know because i saw it three days in a row. i was like i don't know maybe it is aliens. i don't know. little hints of pink, but it was a beautiful purple color. i thought maybe somebody was having ping lights for breast cancer but then it started looking purple so i wasn't sure what it was. the gloag sky have lit up on twitter and facebook as well. the purple lights perplexing drivers , too. bianca's mother, a loyal viewer. >> she told me to ask tucker. did you ask him. >> no, i didn't because by the time i was going to ask him tony posted something on his facebook . i still didn't know what it was. is it the sun, a special moon, torn lights, something it of this world? i wish i can say it was an
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for skill and mold to investigate. >> but i don't think so. the origin has to be something on the ground. what it appears to be is you have atmospheric conditions where you've got low hanging clouds. any time you've got low hanging clouds they act almost like a reflector. where were the purple lights? that's a different question. through a midst of purple haze the washington redskins shedding some light on the mystery. final lie confirming, fed ex field has been testing new led lighting. i was just hoping that it was a beautiful sunset. it looks cool. why purple in that's a random color. that's like ravens. we're burgandy and gold. we don't want to see purple here. they were having some concerns about the viking vibes and maybe the skins need to blame the lights. time to get rid ofhe
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we need purple? can we test another color. they've been lit up bright purple and it's been going on for nights. we thought it had to do with the turf. they said, no. nothing to do with that. we were getting calls and calls and calls. purple lights? why is the sky purple? after the break we're going to get a final check of your wakeup forecast. stay with us.
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how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ ♪
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the two things you should have tomorrow, a coat and an umbrella , right. >> two coats and an umbrella. that's getting to the point. it is going to be a chilly one. but we're a little warmer than we were yesterday at least and a little l warmer than today. heading into the 50s all week long with some wet weather to start your week. that makes it worse. lots of quof ', don't think about it, monday, you can do it. we're back on at four:2. .
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>> right now on "matter of fact." the meda, the highest award given to a military hero in america. >> you don't surrender nobody to no one. >> that is your motto? >> that is it my motto. do what you have to do. >> what happens when a hero isover looked? >> i can see that personal biased, and as a result the right thing sometimes is not done. >> how does a nation make it right? plus, a marine who lost both legs in combat is about to finish a month of marathons. >> when you wake up after your injury, you are still alive, you have to get back on your feet. >> how our veterans are responding to his one-man mission of hope. >> and 2.5 million women veterans honored for service and a singular surprise. >> the only woman to ever receive the


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