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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  November 19, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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snv ahead this morning a frantic searcg for three missing teens and why police say they might be in danger and why the fbi is involved. >> president trump son-in-law under scrutiny and the latest on the russia probe and how jared kushner ties into the investigation♪ ♪ and music icon david cassidy is fighting for his life this morning, tmz reports he was rushed to the hospital and we'll tell you why. good morning, welcome to "fox news morning" on this sunday, i'm annie yu. >> thanks for joining us. i'm tom fitzgerald, great to have you with us this november 19. the month is winding down. >> so st
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from thanksgiving. of course, if you have taken a peek outside which we'll do right now you have no doubt been aware of the wind that has been blusterring around really, really strong this morning. want to start off by checking in with gary mcgrady this morning. gary, this was accompanied by rain overnight as well. >> my goodness. the rain is gone. the wind, unfortunately, still us with. and it looks like the wind will stay with us through the day today and into the afternoon hours. wind advisory is in effect. that's what we start with this morning to quipd of give you an idea. what it basically means we're expecting sustained winds 30 miles an hour. this goes until 3bg today d.c. and surrounding metroment and parts of stafford county, spotsylvania county, not in the spot of southern sections of fauquier and culpeper you're not in this but it doesn't mean it's not windy. we can see before all said and done gusts
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done gusts of 50 miles an hour. matter of fact a kim hours ago gusts of 4 miles an hour at national airport. higher elevations out to the west we have stronger winds. wind gusts have come down a little bit. it was gusting close to 0 in town. 4 mile an hour wind giingts westminster there and carol county. baltimore, is gusting to 33. i want to show us sustained whipped speed as well. this is primarily where we'll be in terms of sustained winds for the next several hours. we'll have occasional gusts, 35, 40 miles an hour out there into the afternoon. so expect gusty wind so stay with us until 3 or 4:00 and then it will calm down a little and be breezy going into the evening hours. speaking of front moving through. there was a little bit of rain moving across with the front. radar shows you that rain off to the east of us. ands as it passes east of
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as the front came through. it deposit produce much rain at least not officially for national. less than a tenth of inch there. cold air coming if and snow flying west and it will continue to fly back out west. matter of fact we had a chance for snow to accumulate. i'll talk more about that coming up. temperature is down right now. drop to 50. we'll drop a little more and bump back to the middle 50s. both forecasts, tom said it, thanksgiving is around the forecast. looks good right now. something to look forward to, guys. >> your time now is 7:03. happening now a desperate search for a three missing teenagers e. they went missing about a week ago and could be in danger. >> fbi now is involved in the search for these three girls. this morning, "fox5" tisha lewis is live in prince william county with the the latest. what can you tell us? >> well, good morning to you tom, annie, we are here at the
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head quarter and as i mentioned fbi is involved in this investigation involving three teens. now, just to give you a little background they're asking for the public's help. three young ladies were last seen a week ago exactly on november 12:30 in the morning and here's what we know so far. they apparently voluntarily left at 2:30 in the morning november 12 and believed to be in small silver suv possibly honda crv. 2007 to 2011 body style. fbi is assisting prince william police department in terms of resource es. they believe the teens may have left the virginia area. anyone with information is asked to call prince william county police or fbi. we're talking about ashley l leeman she's described as 17 years old. she is hispanic. 5' 1", 1
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and eyes and she has stay strong tattoo on her chest, heart tat another also and possibly other tattoos on arms and wrists last seen wearing a black nike sweatshirt and gray leggings brianna thomas, 17-year-old african-american 5' 1" 136 black hair brown eyes seen wearing a multi-color roomper and purple bandana and shamaria wright african-american female 18, 5' 5", 195 pounds black hair brown eyes last seen wearing a dark colored sweatshirt and dark colored leg ins now. initially they were reported as missing runaway and recently, just now, that has been upgraded to missing and endangered likely. and the fbi is involved because the teens are bel
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state lines and so if you have any information contact the local authorities and also the fbi. tisha lewis, "fox5 local ne news". all right. well this morning a teenager is fighting for his life after shot in annapolis. police say the 17-year-old was shot in the head on president's street yesterday evening. officers say the victim was walking with a group of people he knew when one shot him. the begun smap on the run this morning and annapolis chief of police released a statement saying in part this is outrageous act of violence to juvenile and community and chief is authoring community members to work together on the serious issues of crime and safety nvrments baltimore this morning the reward for information leading to arrest of murder of police detectives is now up to $2515,000 an increase of $25,000 in one day. detective shawn suitor was shot in the head while working a case in west baltimore webs. his body was taken to the medical skainler
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yesterday. he leaves behind a wife, five children, he was 43 years old. time now:06. back now to prince william county, police areer is. ing for a suspects behind a stabbing that appears gang related at this time. take a good look at the two men in surveillance video. investigators say they tried stealing shoes if a customer inside a 7 sf eleven store in the amtrak station. when the man would not give up shoes they stabbed aim him and yelled gang affiliation. they got into a dark toyota or honda. if you can i.d. the suspects call police. >> in the the district, two people suspected of carjacking an suv around 4:30 yesterday morning kenilworth avenue in northeast. investigators say one suspect pointed a gun at the driver and told him to get out of his car and second suspect is point aid guch at the driver and robbed him and the suspects drove off in the stolen vehicle. police are hooking for a 2012
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tags 6 ap 6084. >>♪ ♪ we have an update this morning on developing story, seas seasoninger david cassidy in the hospital in critical condition we're told. tmz reporting cassidy is in liver and kidney failure. former part range family tv start was rushed to a hospital in florida he needs a liver transplant and suffering from kidney failure. he's been in failing health we're told now for more than two months. more sad news in the music world this morning, rock and roll legend malcolm young of a cdc passed away. he was considered guiding force between a cdc he was diagnosed with dimensions ain 2014 he died peacefully with his family by his side. he formed that rock bands with angus young, 64 years
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>> well the list keeps on growing this morning another powerful man in entertainment facing allegations of inappropriate be hain, ryan sea crest a former stylist accusing him of sexual misconduct from a decade ago at enews. he is saying aelss are reckless and he's denying them and says he's sorry if he made someone feel anything less than respected. they're investigating the claim. >> roy moore is dealing with numerous sexual assault allegations dozens of alabama pastors signed to be a to a letter call the dpxt op candidate up fit for office which takes aim at the assaults against moore when they were teenagers, moore denies claims and refuses to trop out of the senate race despite the calls for him to step down. now to the latest on the russia
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president trump's son-in-law, senior advisor, jared kushner, under cut any. >> he failed to disclose emails about wikileaks and proposed backdoor communications with moscow, kristin fisher reports. >> reporter: top republican and democrat on senate judiciary committee are accusing son-in-law and senior advice are jared kushner of not being fully cooperative with the russia probe. he failed to turnover key documents about two things wikileaks and i'm quoting russian backdoor overture and dinner invite. wikileaks he did receive an email about during the campaign and he then forwarded it to other senior campaign officials. but, kushner's attorney is pushing back by saying there are no missing documents. he says that his clients has been responsive to all requests adding that quote, as to the quickie leaks documents to which you refer this is mischaracterized in the
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and mr. kushner had no accusations with the organization and along with others forwarded email from donald trump jr. widely reported and disseminated there is no new document concerning kushner. president trump has no weighed in on any of that and is focused on what hillary clinton said in two separate interviews blasted hem and republicanp senate nominee roy moore for refusing to apologize for the women that that accused them of sexual misconduct and questioned legitimacy of his victory in the wake of russian interference. president trump wasting no time firing back on twitter crooked hillary is worst and biggest loser of tall all time she cannot stop which is good for the republican party hillary clinton get on with your life and give it another try in three years. we may be a month and a half away from 018. sure feels like we're still in the middle of 2016. at the white house i'm kristin fisher,
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if you live in charles countsy we feed to tell you about something this morning. standard non emergency phone lines are down this morning because of a system upgrade. >> between 6 and 10 a.m. this morning all non emergency hot lines will be out of service in charles country. if you do not have an emergency but need to speak with someone from the sheriff office there is a temporary number they are giving out. that number on your screen there 301609355 9 if you have an emergency dial 9 11 of course. >> as we continue on sunday morning questions and concerns after security video reveals disturbing behavior of one nursing home. >> he's images taken by a hidden camera show nurses laughing at a world war ii veteran. we'll tell about you it coming up. >> another car recall to tell you about. why honda is taking back 9 900,000 vehicles. stay with us. your time now is 7:12. here's a live look as
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outside to break. we'll be back.
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s) a big mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 ♪ >> 10:15 now -- 7:15 now when you put someone in a nursing home you expect them to get good care. a group of nurses in a nursing home laugh laughing at a world war ii veteran. it's 89-year-old james dempsey in the hospital bed and shows dempsey calling for help for seven minutes before anyone arrived. when they finally came to see him they were seen laughing as he gasped for air and he died and the video was taken in 2 2014 sparked a three year legal
7:16 am
and for the georgia border of pursing was told the video is being released. >> all right. time now 7:15 we're following several frightening moments caught on camera and we begin in florida with violentp purse snatching in miami beach and the woman told police she was not carrying any cash but cellphone and loaded revolver was inside the purse. >> closer to home surveillance captured violent altercation of laundromat in -- altercation that took pl
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about. this sim honda drivers. honda recalling 900,000 odyssey mini vans after people were injured because of seats malfunctioning. >> and we're a few days here as we know now from thanks giving as you man to heat the road and visit family and friends. you won't ab loan out there. >> aaa out with numbers that says that nearly 50 million americans will travel 50 miles or more this thanksgiving and that's a 3% increase over last year. it's the highest volume of thanksgiving travelers since 2005. >> i will be traveling into work and everyone is coming our to my house. >> we're all coming over to your house. >> certain invited. >> that's fantastic. >> we watched charlie last night and i'm thinking that nobody has ever trie
7:18 am
popcorn, jelly beans, and the ping-pong table might be a surprise for your guests if they show up. >> i had not even remembered that. >> i'm light what you really impressed. >> it's timeless. we watch that every year and i love how frustrated everybody gets with the male that nobody invited them to that they showed up for. >> great holiday movie this time of year. >> if i'm lucky i won't leave my neighborhood on thavrnz giving. here's what gone on out. there it's not bad. other than the fact that the wind is trying to carry everybody away. we've got gusts up close to 50 miles an hour. and let's get righting to t this. i want to show you gusts now. 21 gaithersburg and westminster down a little bit gusting to 46. a lot of gusts around 0 miles an hour. today's planner obviously most of the day will stay windy. by 4, 5:00 windy to breezy and wind advisory in effect until later this afternoon. temperatures right now coming down front is
7:19 am
area a lot of 40s out there. 50 in town. dropping off more and we'll come back up with the sunshine today. that will help to get temperatures back to the low maybe mid 50s for some. rain is off east of is. snow back out to the west as this cold air is m coming in ipd had the front. so what we're left with today, chilly, wpdy obviously, north wermly winds 20, 0 miles an hour on the next several days. pardon me. several hours. we could have gusts approaching 40 miles an hour. maybe a couple of even up over 40 miles an hour before it's all said and done. here's the headline definitely. wendy through the afternoon. northwest, 15 to 30 sustained and gusts higher than that. we might touch temperatures in the mid 50s or so before it's all said and done. snow back out to the west. most this over in west virginia and advisory goes until 11:00 tonight. you can see future cast there snow could be 2, maybe 4" especially western facing mountains.
7:20 am
sun and clouds. winds will continuement fair overnight tonight. we get into some really nice gorgeous weather for the next several days. it looks like monday, tuesday, wednesday, all up and down the east coast and most of the country for that matter will be absolutely gorgeous, gusty wind today. temperatures in the 50s. we're all over the place. mostly sunny tomorrow. 51 degrees. close to 60 on tuesday. we cool off a little on wednesday. thursday, obviously, thanksgiving looks great. sunshine, temperatures mid to upper 40s. and even on black friday looks good. season and clouds, few showers around here on saturday. and obviously guys the great get away used to be wednesday they tell me now it's tuesday. >> it would could be monday. could be monday but it looks really, really nice a. cross the whole nation i don't see any big [ inaudible ]. >> thank you very much, gary. >> time now 7:21 want to lack at things happening around the dmv this weekend. we'll start off first with it. >> yeah, 1,000
7:21 am
ornaments are being packed up and shipped out to recovering service men's today. this is a great event. it's part of the 7th annual semper few ornament packing in dale city and organizers will wrap up holiday cheer that goes out to suck and wounded veterans. it is at the chester puller vfw post. >> national museum is hosting annual canned construction contest. it's fantastic. participants get to build these giant structures like bee hives, animals, gardens, they're entirely made out of cans. stack them up like that. watch the whole presses on the work zone cam. which you can find on museum twitter an facebook page. >> cool, now over in maryland beginning to look a lot like christmas. meriweather park. symphony woods and columbia lit up by the dazzle dash. you walk through one mile of holiday lights there with larger than life displays and laser
7:22 am
all the proceeds going to the howard county general hos hospital. >> in the season a little bit mood of the season. >> cat lovers in dnc out for a treat today. >> not dnc, dmv. >> look that cat. >> aww. >> this is last day to check out a cat video fest. this exists. this is at the silver theater cultural centsner silver spring. tickets range 8 bucks to 13 dollars and watch the best viral cat videos of 2017 and you also get to bring along your feline friends. i'm guessing you get to bring your cat into the show. >> toundz like it. fun, fun. >> coming up, that time of the season. grinchs out there. they're called porch pirates. stealing stuff off your front porch. how you protect yourselves against these people and special deliveriesyes and th
7:23 am
protect yourself. >> time now, 7:22. here's a live look for you outside. if you are just getting up you need a coat this morning. and some rocks in your pockets. because the wind will blow you away. we'll be right back.
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more online shopping gifts this year more than ever means a lot more opportunities for the so-called porch pilots
7:26 am
start stealing stuff right off the front door porch. >> porch pirates how can you protect your package from these modern day grinchs, think about having packages delivered to where you are. so if you work all day, have your packages shipped to workplace. >> be on owe the lookout for suspicious activity like a vehicle following a delivery truck. >> most obvious is installing a home surveillance like what you're looking at now. they can make a big difference. especially if visible at the front door. make them high enough someone cannot tamper with them and reach up. >> that may be the best bet to install cameras
7:27 am
it's like every holiday season we do one of these stories whether in virginia, maryland or d.c. >> at the have the thing now amazon will open your door and put. >> right, right. >> would do you that. >> personally i would not. i know of some people out the there have -- are into it i just don't feel comfortable. >> and negative you can do. >> thank you for w567ing "fox5" this morning. up next, "redskins gametime". don't go anywhere. >> see you in a little while. ♪ ♪ did you know you can still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness more than ever. hurry over to mcdonald's. ♪♪
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>> redskins came out of su sunday's game with vickings with more first downs. >> cousins. >> more passing yards. >> caught for the touchdown. >> and more take aways than minnesota. >> intercepted. >> but, still, came out with a loss. this week they looked to pick themselves up off the matt as they traveled to new orleans to face a streaking saint team that won seven straight games. >> great weapons across the board. tomorrow is great right out of the back field. jet sweep, screens, all that stuff very balanced team. >> the redskins go into that team with new found weapon. maurice harris who is making highlight reel catches and even in practice.
7:31 am
people. not by us. great all around football player and quarterback friendly. >> you're a qb friendly receiver what do you think he means by that. >> i'm not sure. i mean it sounds good. >> what else sounds good? >> taking off this football sunday right with game time. "redskins gametime" starts right now. >> harris doesn't know what quarterback friendly means but it sounds good. what also sounds good. >> "redskins gametime". we're going to breakdown a win skins need to have if they want a shot of backdooring their way to the playoffs. skins and saint. how they get a win? keys to the game. we'll let you know right now. ♪ >> keys to the game brought to you by local kia dealers. all right. keys to the game here. brought to you by kia dealers and this might be a shootout if you want to get a win. that means it will be a l
7:32 am
>> pretty much every week comes down to quarterback play in this league. wenz and losses generally determined by two or three plays. any given game. but beating saint means scoring point and we said this going into last week's game. i deposit think minnesota would hang on them. clearly defense with injuries mounting is got the same as it was earlier in the year. if the reds skins will knock off good new orleans team they have to score 27, 28 points and that's converting in the red zone and getting production from cousins. >> cousins is a gauge. he has a heartbeat of the t team. if he'll play well and confidence with the team they will see him do unexpected and see him make complete passes and also do the exceptional things. that's what a good quarterback has to do in these types of situations. he as to do exceptional things and make things happen when if you have to throw something, dive in opt ground and mack the pass happenen the team goes with that. >> he'll be making plays this year a number of times. >> anot
7:33 am
all have to be on him. you have a new lead back. rob kelly out for the year. what will he be able to do as number one guy. >> i think samage p. ryan will get more 'effective with more touches. he's a power back at oklahoma in the big 12 and generally better in the first quarter than fourth quarter. it's hard to get in rhythm with six attempts per game where he's at per season he has not run the ball that effectively and and this is a bigger issue than anyone. they don't block very well and fight ends don't block well. for me it's about staying balanced and getting two of three necessary at the time and it's a change to get them to the 17, 18. >> you say that's why you're so good. that the running back. >> he natters me this mor morning. >> he z it's this team can run the risk of saying okay, we'll give up on run. good running
7:34 am
he runs is that he will get better as the game goes on. if you stop it short and say we got to put it all on kirk's arm and try to make the game that way i think you do injustice to the team and stick to the game plan and have a balanced team. >> chris thompson was the only back in the league leading the team in rushing and receiving and last couple week it seems teams are keying in on him more. >> you need to he's the best weapon on the offense taking care of the game plan. >> and they will find out what your strengths are and capitalize or focus on the strength. >> defense saint will know is o line still not healthy and spencer long out at center and maybe a week to week every week o-line health he'll be in the situation here. >> this defensive dream you know the o line gets it and you're beat up and you're licking lips and saying this is our time to make the highlight tape.
7:35 am
push for the pro goal. you do the best you can to embarrass offensive line. you have to look and say we're all that we v we're rag tag and beat up and we have to find a way to push. >> chase rule will get the call middle of offensive line. interpret williams is not a all pro who is 100 parayou're not picking on him. brandon getting healthier struggled late in the game and i thought this past week hopefully another week removed from injury he's closer than being 100%. the key is you have to help those guys out and play caller as well. i don't like long developing five and seven that drops in pass rush. saints don't have a great one. they have a couple of decent passes including cam and jordan closing in on double digit sacks. don't let minimum beat you. ball comes out fast
7:36 am
five steps at a time. >> defensive player for me pass rubber, three seconds, one, two, three, if he doesn't release the ball i got him. on this game it has to be one, two, ball release. that will mack a big difference. >> get rid of it quickly and jordan reed is one of of the quick outlets will be out of this game. take away weapon. kirk cousins has quite a few. >> he'll have a big day. >> big day forevernon davis. we'll call more things to happen on the defensive side of the ball. "redskins gametime" we're just getting started more of it after this flipping the defense.
7:37 am
7:38 am
7:39 am
>> welcome back to "redskins gametime" on annie yu. >> and navy federal. today we want to know how many playoff victories do the redskins have in franchise history. you know the drill head over to "fox5" facebook page and as always, we'll answer the question in a little later on in the show. brody over to you. >> thank you, annie. there's a fan out there keeping track on a wall or something. >> looks up man cave wall. >> how many playoff wins. >> checking it off. >> there's a lot of empty space. >> if the redskins want to maybe add another notch to that guy's basement wall going to need to pull off an upset today. we know offensive keys to
7:40 am
doing that. you'll need a few plays on defense and one thing you cannot make mistakes against a good team. >> we said every week you cannot make mistakes. a good team you have to go out there and play mistake free and capitalize on every opportunity you have. that means if you dive in front of the ball get intersection. if there's a fumble pick it up. you can't make mistakes and you have to play sacred. >> drew brees will not be confused with carson wentz or any other mobile quarterbacks like dak prescott dealt with this year mostly confined in the pocket. you can't allow him to extend plays. he's brilliant moving along round in the pocket. i think he's best if league as slipping and sliding and consort torting his body to get ways of flowing platforms within the pocket. that means you rush from up tier orand play mistake free in terms after assignments as you get to the quarter back and the other things in the deep passing game they'll run the ball effectivelied it mark ing gram is outsnd
7:41 am
where i'm concerned is playoff deep passing game. do not get burned on double moves. you saw on highlight with josh norman he got torched on a move on the outside by stefan digs to set up first and goal that gave up first 7 points of game you cannot have that. >> josh norman got beat by ted last year when he played for panthers. >> that comes with josh norman is trying to do too much and things he has to take the whole defense on own shoulders. it's a team game. they have to play together. >> i think you have a guy like josh norman oyp fully he can give a take away. i don't think one will cut it against a team as good as new orleans. make no mistake they won seven in a row and they're betting than washington. redskins 4-7, and i'm not saying they cannot hang you have to be plus two in turnover marm inyou need to get a couple or three to turn the ball over puns
7:42 am
that mens picking off drew brees enforcing a fumble of ing gram or kamara you need short fields on something wacky. they've been close. they're on precipice of a touchdown. and returning inside the five last week. make this is timely the week they store defensive touc touchdown. >> once ahead you jump ahead of me. they have to score a touc touchdown. when you start looking at the defense you show take aways and every defensive group will have goals. one of the goals have to be they're not only take away but you also have to score a touchdown in order to win this game. >> well you guys both mention it grant you said needs wacky things to happen. you say you need a touchdown. maybe non offensive touchdown. maybe special teams one of the runs we have not seen this year. >> huge, no one in the league returns points for kickoffs anymore. as of a week ago it has not happened allen is. that you say okay, whatever. >> how about the punt return game. they've mostly been a fiasco
7:43 am
this year. they put balls on crowder and done nothing positive i want no blocked kicks that change games and dal is and no balls put on the grass that cost them deerly going all the way back to we'll one against philadelphia. basically don't crush them. don't kill them. don't des pate them with a bad special teams play and you'll accept that but maybe, just maybe mack a big play. >> on teams evenly matched i don't know if this is evenly matched team but special teams play a key role in game like this now you never hear about special teams they're just afternoon. you go into game and it's whatever. if special teams can do something to change the outcome and get the team pumped up it doesn't have to be a return for touchdown. but a big return. something to get the team excited. i think that can change the outcome of the game. >> another thing another factor here saint team is really g area there is at h home. for years they're bet
7:44 am
>> i think redskins after today will have played at the three hardest stadiums to play in, in the league this year. kansas city have very loud. that was nationally televised monday night game. in seattle most difficult stadium in the league to ply and in new orleans. i've covered games in two of three places including superdome. that's loudest indoor stadium i've been in. that is a time the saints weren't that good. this say different thing. -2. new orleans hopping and people going crazy and look like the best team in the nfl not namely eagles or patriots. that's not a fun place to play. >> if i come over to your house brody i'll come over and take shoes off and socks off and put my feet up on the couch. >> nice to take your shoes off. >> i'll takeover your house and that's the attitude the redskins need to have. >> my house is loud. >> i don't care whose house i'm in i'm going to -- >> your house is loud you. >> it is people from new orleans. >> i don't care i'm going to take my shoes off this is the way yo
7:45 am
>> this cool thing of super dome they play the song by the ying ying twins, everybody gets into it. everybody stops hop around. bam, alabama bam, >> maybe we're get ying-yang twins in the next segment. wrap artists. what do you need to know to get. >> redskins game time back after this grand slam. >> 369. getting bread delivered is way easier than hiring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be.
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>> welcome back to "redskins gametime". it's time for grant slants. you know what that means. player on each side of the ball to look out for today. and my all important stat of the contest. let's start with your stint watch. that is ted gin jr.. we know new orleans can run the ball as effectively as any team in the wleeing. the problem they create when they start making deep passing plays and passing game up top to ted gin jr.. the action gets you 40 and 50 at a time. you cannot allow that today from drew brees and ted gin. i want to bracket him with safe take and double comfort him on obvious passing downs and let michael thomas beat me underneath with or 9 catch. 05 yard gain. death by paper cut is much preferred than
7:49 am
one huge cut. let go to redskins to watch. samage p. ryan the kid is getting a start at running back. it's samage time. rob kelly is hurt averaging 3.2 yards a carry. he ran barely more than that. bet orn the season in yards per attempt by decimal points than kelly. he had way less opportunities in materials of practicing with the first team, knowing going into a game he would get the predominant amount of touches. this is a guy in college had no carries out of the i formation. he's getting used to the way you run the ball in the national football league. i think he will impress more than he has to this point this year with a bigger workload. your stat of the day. debt this. this is crazy. who at the schedule making office did the redskins anow. after this game today, washington will have played five of 8 division leaders he's, a total of 6 times. that means twice against philadelphia they have pla
7:50 am
rams lead the west and all of the division leaders as a matter of fact after plague northern leading strikeings last week, five, division winners on the schedule already, six of their after today ten games. they have had the hardest schedule in football. you throw in a smorgasbord of injuries this season should have been a nightmare and has not been. >> jay gruden was asked about that this week. oh, can you take something from having played this tough schedule facing another tough team you can bring into this at this point they would have rather had a couple cupcakes. >> what knew that it would be this tough? i mean granted it's tough teams. who knew they would be good that good. >> i thought the strikeings would have two losses and saint shocked etch and rams no one saw that m coming. >> it is what it is you have to go out there and ball. i want to say it was awe tough sketch. it's a schedule that is given to you and you become the good team don't worry about the te
7:51 am
quk you bring up p ryan. i think he's going to be effective and good short l linage goal in this league i don't necessarily see a guy when he gets to the clear that wins foot races. he runs powerfully and looks for contact. what i'm more kusious about does he break tackle orr's make people miss. if you look at yards after contact which was hiscalling card in the big twelve that's been where i've been dispointed and i know where jay gruden has been disappointed so far. >> like you said earlier the guys like that the more touches they get the better they become the more they wear down defense. defense believe it or in the defense can feel it when you have a good running back constantly pounding you you start missing tackles. it happens. >> no 400 yard gains where you don't get to play against kans
7:52 am
>> ask baker may field. >> "redskins gametime" back after this with a look at a coach that could be on the hot seat by end of season. think you know what coach i'm talking about. more coming up
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> welcome back to "redskins gametime" on "fox5". every season are riddled with injuries but this year's injury list is who is who of the nfl. players like richard cher maybe.
7:55 am
obj. j.j. watt and aaron rogers out for the season and one of the biggest names in d.c. and injury list off and on all season is rob kelly. last week, kelly was off officially put on injured reserve ending season with injuries to liing.s in knee and ankle. kelly is not the only injured redskins. trent williams and brandon sheriff and jordan reed and right now the team has 11 players listeded on the injured reserve list. and now the season is not over yet. we know that. the redskins playoff hopes are fading quickly and if the redskins miss the playoffs again what will that mean forehead coach jay gruden moving forward. gruden overall record is is 25-31-1 and daniel snyder does not have best track record of keeping coaches on staff. no coach has made it tie fifth season with the redskins. has gruden havth
7:56 am
needed to be successful in the league and do you see guys the redskins keeping jay gruden if we miss playoffs yet again. >> he did just sign a new deal. so that is something you would think would keep him. >> two year contract extension. >> yes i don't know what do you think. >> they can still cut him right. >> absolutely. >> fire him any time they have to pay him. >> you have to pay him to not coach and pay your next coach which dan snipd snide her doesn't mind doing. i think it's because how volatile the front office has been. i think this is outrageous. jay gruden has done a good job and outstanding job this year. with all the injuries they've had in the schedule to me this is best coaching job jet. >> overturn notice off season. >> yeah if they fire jay gruden which i'm confident they won't do he'll be back next season. it would be one of the biggest mistakes made. >> people are asking this we and talking about it. >> with the track record you brought it up.
7:57 am
it five years. >> with this type of coach and where the team is going you have to get in ray groove as a coach. you have to get the players in that you want. and that fit into your system and i think what we said is that with a beat up team he's an okay squob. pretty good job with a beat up team. >> there you go. >> through go. >> it's not his fault. >> players have got stay healthy and i would say that gruden has a great relationship with his team. >> yeah. >> they like plague for him. >> that's what everybody who gets fired says, it's not my fault. >> it ain't my fault. >> i just work here. >> favorite great robert griffin. >> we're just trying to work here for the rest of the show. all right. hot takes coming up. where you tell us what you think about maybe the hot seat for jay gruden and this game sdwh final hi don't have to listen to you guys. >>
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> welcome took "redskins gametime". we have a good first half and have the second half me, ken harvey. redskins 4 and 5 and need a win in new orleans taking on the saint. that team is game momentum every week. we want to know what you think of the team and game. it's time for hot takes. >> let's get started with anthony concernle. redskins will upset. yes upset the saint there i said it talk to me tomorrow. # hgtr. i like that he is talking everyone out to talk to them tomorrow. >> a lot of good talk and abad talk. >> you know what it is no one thought the redskins would beat the raider's and everyone is looking at this team. and in every game they've been in every game. i mean it has not been a total blowout. anything is possible.
8:01 am
let's keep believing. >> and we know with this team it's the gamz you don't think will win. somehow they pull off. i think it will be closer. >> they have to play a perfect game. they cannot make a lot of mistakes. >> brian rice brian rice wrote we'll be a high scoring game kirk will have a throw deep a lot don't give up on run so fast 28-27 skins repicks from breeze and touchdown by ryan kerrigan going out on a limb. and but he talks about the deep ball. no tyrell prior this week. no tyrell prior this year. we thought he would be the deep threat. who can stretch the field. no deshawn this year year. who can stretch the field. >> i don't know i'll go back to what you said earlier. with the defense, we talked about a grant talked about how drew brees is a pocket guy. elusive but a pocket guy. and if the defense can get to him they'll make plays happen and get interceptions soy would lo f
8:02 am
and potentially touchdown from the defense. >> i'm curious what does that do when you have one of the guys that noble out of the pocket but can make extra time in a small space when in the pocket. >> it means insear orguys have to play up and stay in lanes. if they can do that your outside guys can do all sorts of moves or call different stunt games and if you do t that, then you can get in his face and potentially rile him. >> all right. well, ben somiden sorryfy m messed your name up. like we surprised the sea hawks we'll upset the saint. final 27-24 on last second field goal h it tr. you mentioned oakland winleier in the year no one gave them a chance. they went to seattle and got a win. is that the type of thing in the bag of their mind for players they can lien on. >> this is the way you're in the locker room. i've been with losing teams right, you're in the locker room and sag i don't care. you know, no one cares about
8:03 am
everyone in the papers saying we'll lose. it's on us. we have to believe in ourselves and this is the only way to whip. that's the attitude. you go out there and if your attitude and words and actions don't line up then it gets destroyed. but if you start making some big players key players start making big plays man you start feel look you can do it. >> we've got robert mill water and he kept it simple wrote skins win 31-16. >> oh, >> earlier you were saying they have to score more than 20 point and if defen is able to hold the saint offense to just two touchdowns that would be phenomenal. >> 31-16 maybe he's partaking thanksgiving little early and skins cannot win. it's definitely possible. >> you know if the skins win especially that margin a lot of celebrating going on. i want to say thank you happy birthday to ray. because you're recording this hopefully
8:04 am
this. if you get a shot from kent havby you better be watching. >> better all right, we're talking around the league with guy lambert and he teams sob in the headlines. that's the case for carry jones. roger goodell guess what. jerry jones has anotherish ow on hand. >> after he made racially insensitive remarks. you can tape a message for fiancee. jerry jones said is congrats. few you know he's with a black girl tonight. unquote. of course, not really nice things to say. jerry jones apologized and
8:05 am
not only that he says this is not who i am now. very interesting. annie, especially during this climate with the nfl. >> he issued poll skin acknowledged fault. >> that's correct. >> now moving on to tampa bay bucks b winston accused of groping woman and there's notional discussion in hollywood sexual assault and harassment happening there to capitol hill. >> another black eye or nfl as you stated with james is winston. happened two years ago in scottsdale arizona wee hours of the morning hailed an uber kate picked him up and stopped at fast food restaurant and he ales she said he groped her. he said yes i hailed an uber there were two other people with me. he was not sitting in the passenger seat he was in backseat and well, what's really interesting about all this annie is he's not denying as to whether or not she was groped and he's yet to say who the other two people happened to be.
8:06 am
uber since suspended his account. >> okay. you said he was in backseat though right. >> that's what he says. >> she's aling she was sitting in front and groped her in the front. >> i got you. >> moving along head to russel wilson. i feel so bad for him. in the next what four days or so he may not be able to enjoy the turkey dinner like us. >> we all saw the massive hit he took playing against arizona karld analyze today. what we now know, had to have jaw realigned. you talk about painful. >> that was a hit. >> he had a special mouth card he had to put in. he could not talk for a while. not only that went on a liquid diet for count them three d days. we now know he is somewhat better an plans on playing tomorrow. as you stated great news he doesn't have to suck his turkey din are through a straw. >> probably has to take it a little easy. >> you would think so. >> foym lie one of my favorite players d'angelo hall is his birthday. it's his birth day. >> not only his birthday, he's celebrating receiving
8:07 am
ed block courage award. now this is major award. high five going out to you. this award is presented to the person that exudes urge in the midst of adversity. apparently that's the case for d'angelo hall. do you know he played i 19 games since 2014. returned last weekend well got somewhat injured. we're not sure to whether or not he'll play today. high five going out to you d'angelo hall. it's your birthday and you deserve that ward, sir. >> happy birthday to you. >> yeah. we should not do i that. >> we love you. >> and last but not least, you see this on your screen right here. kirk cousins 'tis the season for ugly sweaters. >> yeah. >> kirk cousins thinks he can make a buck or two off this he's selling these on web s site. so if you look for ugly sweater to wear during let's say brody or ken's upcoming christmas party that's the sweater you can buy, annie you. >> know i'll get one i got you kirk i'll get one. >> i'll pass. >> #
8:08 am
my friend sfw here's the thing with the sweater it says yule like that. how much more is hoe going to get out of that you like that thing. >> he'll milk it. >> it's clever though. it's like sound look a little brody joke. >> look a brody pun. >> i don't use the jokes i had 1 months ago. >> don't be gelious brody. >> i do sometimes. >> yule like that. >> yule do a good job. >> yeah i don't know, yule like that, go fine buy it. >> i like them they're okay. >> coming up on "redskins gametime" sign for my favorite segment, redskins tailgate cooking up new orleans sau sausage. excited for this. tail get ted is here. >> all the way down there. we'll be back after this with more "redskins gametime".
8:09 am
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a big mac and 10 piece mcnuggets! they got em! get your fan favorites on the mcpick 2 menu. choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 ♪ >> welcome back, "redskins gametime" back for you with tailgate ted. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> how are you doing. >> good, looks good out here. >> stereotypical new orleans in here today. >> i have to try. >> i miss you guys during the sea hawks game. >> what do we have going on
8:12 am
today. >> an we're doing a mock s shoe. a mock shoe. >> it's a fake shoe. >> it's a corn. >> i'm the only one that laughs at broad question corny jokes. >> i was laughing, too. >> it's a mockassin. >> getting close. >> corn bell peppers onions, garlic in cream sauce. >> ohh. >> i'll try while you guys -- >> are you sure you look like you're a little -- >> let me ask you what is boodan. >> it's a sausage they make in lucy noland with rice and you can stuff it with anything you want to. i have crawl fish and i also have shrimp for you guys. >> where is the crawl fish. >> crawl fish is darker one and lighter one is shrimp. >> i wept right for the corn. >> you have to get the veggies in, it's early. >> and a little lucy noland hot sauce here too. >> let's try the crawl fis
8:13 am
is it spicy. >> i don't think it is but i put ghost pepper on. >> you do like that. >> so in new orleans shrimp and crawl fish are big things. you stuff it with anything, right. >> you can stuff it with anything. since i but an order in for you guys i put one in with me i have brown rice and pork waiting at home for he me that i'll have during the game today. >> when shun is making this you kind of throw everything in and let it go? >> there's a method to the madness. >> okay. >> it's not just hodgepodge. >> no not hodgepodge onions first and let them carpalelize and mince car lick. don't throw the garlic in first it will burn. wait until later. once the garlic and onions are mixed and you can smell them coming out throw the pipers in and let them soften up and then throw in the corn. but all the while dining you wanted to put salt, pepper, ye
8:14 am
and then i use some bayou and cajun seasonings as well and let it simner heavy cream or milk until it thickens up. that's way it's soaking up flavors. >> the longer anything sixers the better it taste right. >> big time. >> always say it's better that next day. what are you doing thursday you're tailgating obviously. >> we'll be out there at fedex. we have an eight hour tailgate and will be cooking for 100 plus. >> pace yourselves, everyone. >> definitely pace yourselves. >> this would be good. >> we'll feed 100 plus first responders and 20 turkey and five different styles of turkey and traditional thanksgiving piece. green beaten casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and asian barbeque flare. >> don't leave her hanginging. when you bring out the food like this do you study the history of where it comes from and understanding like because new orleans is nix tour of a little of everything right sdmring it is. lot of french influence
8:15 am
orleans. you definitely have to get it up. >> what is your favorite cuisine your favorite food it's so unique. >> it is a really, really good june ba lie awith dewey sausage. >> fantastic. >> annie. >> i'm with that, man. >> my wife's gumbo. >> that i bet is good too. >> really? >> mrs. harvey has been getting shout-outs. >> if you try to touch my wife's gumbo i would knock you out. >> i love gumbo whatfy want to try it. >> she makes it to share with people and it gets me upset. >> hands offer. >> i love food. >> appreciate that. >> thank you. >> this is amazing. >> i'm going to keep eating. >> keep eating there's a lot to be had. >> when we return there's predictions for the big game. before we head to break it's that time to ask you the question mow many playoff ct
8:16 am
in franchise history, 23, redskins are 23-19 all time endplay yvs and last time the redskins won playoff game was wildcard at tampa bay saturday january 7, 2006, skins won 17-10. we'll be right back. getting bread delivered is way easier than hiring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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>> and once again time to make our picks of the day. we're picking all games in nfc east like we have all year. that's what affects the red skips. it makes sense. here's what we have going on so far. as you can see, will montgomery remains our leader. he is not here today. we're not going to talk about him. grant very close behind. somehow he always thinks there's a rules violation of some sort. he's one game hundred and me and ken have the exact same record. >> we're still here because we need to make up round. first game, we're talking about here, eagles cowboys sunday fight football:30 kickoff. ken. >> you have to go with eagles, they're rolling and good and cowboys it's just i mean they look really bad. they're struggling have to go with eagles. >> cowboys maybe if they he had shawn lee i would say they would pull the upset but they got killed online. i they
8:20 am
to one defensive lineman. give me the eagles. all right. chiefs and giants. 1 p.m. kickoff. who do you got, ken. >> once again seems like no brainier chiefs on this and giants they have imploded and they're destroying themselves i have to go with kansas city chiefs. >> you have to the chiefs are not the same team they were earlier in the season when blowing everyone out. but the giants look you said they're imploding. >> all right. and then the game we've been talking about all show it's on "fox5"right here 1:00. reds skins saint in new orleans ken who do you got. >> i did my homework on this one i believe the redskins will pull it out. >> they did it earlier this year a couple times. >> i do not think it's possible. i'm going to go with saints. they're another home and on roll and in the dome. >> i disagree. >> i don't see it happening for the redskins this week. if on that downward slop
8:21 am
them. you have is two teams going die verge ept panels one going this way and the other that way. who knows, i hope the cred skins pull it off. >> you're one of those great ulook great and but you're fired. >> you have to couch it for someone i never fired anyone personally that's what you have to do even though no one want to hear that. >> what's the take away to today. >> take shoes off. >> if you come to the house take shoes off. >> and we have the new orleans food. >> new orleans food. and take away. >> what's that. >> game saint redskins "fox5", 1:00 we have a post game after that right here
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> welcome back, 8:24. bottom of the hour "fox 5 news" on the hill. chris well as anchor of "fox news sunday" joining us here 9 a.m. this morning. good morning, chris what's on tap. >> we have a big show. there's a lot oing gone in washington tom good morning to i. fist of all the spreading scandal and stories about sexual harassment across society and now especially in politics we talk about the al franken issue and judge roy moore in alabama and exclusive interviews with members of congress mia love and also talking to senator tim scott about both franken and moore cases and when people find out how
8:25 am
sexual harassment claim on capitol hill my guess you'll be shocked and other big story of course is tax bill which passed house now faces pretty stiff is road in the senate. we'll have exclusive interview with top of hour with secretary of treasury steve manuchen to talk about where that stands. >> there's a bisatine flow chart to even file a claim. it could take months. there was interesting con vernlence of these two story this week in that republicans were trying to get away from roy moore story that was supposed to be tax cuts that would take highlight and then comes al franken story completely blows tax cuts off front page and so does this situation help or hurt republicans in the sense that they really didn't get attention they wanted on the big tax cut deal this weak. >> i don't know it matter a great deal in term of attention. in the
8:26 am
you can get 50 of them plus vice-president to vote for it they were unable to do that and repeal and replace and look there's important issue to talk about the two getting together. and because this could go into middle or even into late december. and if roy moore losses and democrat doug jones wins then republicans no longer have a two vote majority 5 votes in senate they have a one vote majority. that could really hurt reference to get tax reform throughout. >> chris i want to talk about your power player. we're always looking for next generation of leadership in the country and you have representative alice defanic 31 years old when he leblingted to house she's younger sitting member of house of representatives. >> i like this story. this is not why we planned this. after dissmirting week about women and how they are treated on capitol hill this is a rising star f growth stocky would
8:27 am
they was elected 2014 youngest ever to the house and filled by couple of months youngest member of ripe old age of 33. and she is just terrific. she's risen up in the leadership. of republican caucus and house armed services and intelligence committees and if you have not heard of her watch the piece and i promise you you will hear about her a lot in the future. >> can't wait. "fox news sunday" with chris wallace coming up on wttg. "fox 5 news" on the hill coming up next. chris we thank you. coming up next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> it is sunday, it is november 19th. "fox 5 news" on the hill tom fitzgerald is here with you this morning. ronica clearly off this weekend. and with everybody talking about this week in washington d.c.. that is sexual assault these allegations rocking the country from out in hollywood and entertainment industry to right here in washington d.c.. in alabama this morning birmingham news is calling for voters to reject rye moore. and sexual miss conduct and while under age. anti-moore is is taking place all over the state this weekend and several republicans now calling for more to drop out of this race. state governor now supported
8:31 am
>> what i needed to do is vote for republican nominee roy moore. i certainly have no tron disbelieve them. and a majority of republican votes and here on the nation's capitol and after the latest allegations against one of its own senators. and al franken is accused of telling woman with outer consent back in 2006 before he was senator. and mandatory trainings on capitol hill for hill members and staff are now in the works ethics investigation being called for and complaint process in congress being overhaul. >> it's victims who wants to be protected and we'll protect them. >> i'm saddened by it but you know, we now live in
8:32 am
president done amend trump tweeting criticism of franken. senator franken apologized and roy moore denied allegations and joining us this morning to talk about all of this app the fallout not only here in d.c. but across the nation in political spectrum we have bridget bowman from roll call and former montgomery couldn't yip councilwoman and now advisor with working families party. we thank you for being here us with this morning. i want to start with you val as far as what we see in politics now is politics driving the social conference of this or is the social conference driving the politics in this. >> that's a great question. because i think it's a combination of two of them. presidential right? and so in the example of roy moore here we're talking about a pedophile and a person who
8:33 am
under the age of 18 and assaulted them. and then we have al franken, we're comparing apples and oranges in my opinion where al franken he was accused of sexual harassment. those are two different things. so politics now is getting in the way of what actually women are concerned about when we're talking about sexual harassment. >> we should point out these are allegations both against franken and moore. that much they have in common now. franken, as you're right admitted to this behavior and i want to ask you you, jackie speir the congress woman from california and kristin g gilbranlt was talking about the process hill staffers have to go through. we find found out this week the office of compliance up on capitol hill paid out $15.2 million in harassment settlement. are you starting to hear from hill staffers more comfortable to come forward abouthi
8:34 am
jackie speir and others have been dealing with this four decades. >> we've heard from staffers prior to all this breaking o out, roll call did a survey of congressional staff over the summer. four in ten women staffers said sexual harassment. >> four in ten. >> yes and one if six said they personally experienced some form of sexual hara harassment. this has been a pervasive problem and now lawmakers are paying attention and trying to change the process. >> you've been in government and out of government. >> yes. >> in your experience is there something particular to politics that lends to this. we're seeing this in entertainment industry. what i'm looking for is there anything different going on in halls of offices of people who make policy and whether it goes on in similar matters out in the workforce and private tech sore. >> i worked on the hel and
8:35 am
this is a question of power. so just like hollywood, when you're if a situation where power resides at the top with very few people mostly men these are the kind of things that will happen as people get into these situations and they're trying aspire to hire hight they run into harassment like this. >> one of women we're speaking about this week was press secretary of white house sarah huk by sanders she was asked about this dichotomy in a way between the president statement on al franken and lack of declarative statement on roy moore. i want to listen to this and we'll come back on the other end. >> look i think this was covered pretty extensively during the campaign. we addressed it then and the american people spoke loud and clear had they elected this president. >> how is this different? >> i think in one case specifically senator franken admitted wrong doing and president has not. i think i
8:36 am
distinction. >> and she says this is clear distinction and rehashing coming out for the end of 2016 election about the allegations against the president of the united states. >> it could be a problem for republicans on capitol hill as well. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell was asked at the weekly press conference he said the women that accused roy moore and what about the women that accused president he didn't answer and said him here to talk about alabama i'll take questions on that. it's reuping this issue for republicans in congress as well. >> i want to does you about your party. you're a dem sglat yes. >> there's been a lot of talk this week about whether or not it's time to reevaluate william sever son clinton. and we know the fact that it has been now more than 20 years season the monica lieu win ski scandal and society evolved
8:37 am
evolved in the last 7 days. does bill clinton reputation need a reconing. >> no. >> why not. >> the current situation the president has not add mted to having a problem of his own. >> we have other instances where we are looking back in history. if you look at debate over confederate symbolism in this country people have no problem reaching back more than 150 years to reevaluate. >> country is in a crisis right now. >> what is it that mean. >> we don't know what we believe anymore and i think that what's happening in the roy moore situation and th fact that the president is tweeting about al franken and not mentioning roy moore or his own situation with harassment has got everybody confused about what it is we're actually dealing with. >> wouldn't it give democrats more of of a firmer base of which to go after roy moore if we were to acknowledge some of the things that went on under clinton presidency. >> i do not. i
8:38 am
watershed year for women voters and republicans better get ready. because all of this is going to come to play. >> fixing this is a big answer to these questions right now. and you know some of reforms that came out this week, what's been the reaction. it can i take up to six months to file a compliant and the way they have this flow chart set up it all most is predestined to deny people the ability to get due process. and have people on the hill been receptive to changes sphere and others want to make in speeding this process up. >> one of the interesting things about this is sort of the bipartisan support. there are republicans too who signed on to positions of legislation and everyone seems to recognize that this say problem for how this is addressed on capitol hill. >> good to see you both. thank you four coming in to talk about a really important issue that has dominated the head line. >> as we come up on fox news on the hill later on we'll talk more ou
8:39 am
things going on in the russia probe right now. also tax reform. fox anews on the hilt back after this after this did you know you can still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness more than ever. hurry over to mcdonald's. ♪♪ dang.
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choose any two for just five bucks. they did it! unbelievable! ♪ let me get a mcpick 2 ♪ will have welcome back to fox news on the hill sunday morning. the latest in the russia investigation is that the president's son-in-law senior advisor jared kus
8:42 am
again under scrutiny by the investigators looking into this now, jared kushner failed to disclose emails about wikileaks and then they proposed backdoor communications with moscow. and joining us this morning to talk about the investigation into russia medaling in 2016 is glen ivy former federal prosecutor and good to see you as always. >> i want to start with the question about george papadopoulos. we know that the day paul manafort was indicted that papadopoulos was announced accepted plea bargain from robert mueller and his justice department attorneys. how useful is that to you as a prosecutor? if you have someone who is already pled guilty to something and is willing to cooperate. >> it's extremely useful in two ways for papadopoulos before they made it public he pled guilty, there was a time lag between which he was cooperating and what
8:43 am
made official. and there's some thought that he might have been wearing a wire to gather information for the muller team to help them get other unsight about other target potentially of the investigation. so that's big. and then down the road if there's need toe have testimony he would be available for that as well. >> now, one of things we talked about is whether or not donald trump jr. has been forthcoming with the nature and intent of whatever communications he had. had he released emails this week that was supposedly supposed to prove that these were innocuous. but instead it raised more questions about his communication with these individuals. now, i want to you put on defense attorney hat on for a second. >> okay. >> if your client is out there putting out that kind of information is that helping your case at all? >> well i mean i think there's a couple thoughts on that front. one you certainly want to try to cooperate with you can with investigators because if you don't, y
8:44 am
creating other issues potentially obstruction of justice and the like and ultimately prosecutors can get it if they want to come in with search warrant instead of being nice and sending surprise they can do that. muller has done that with manafort previously. so cop ration helps and if you end up in scenario down the road and plead guilty you want to say cooperated from beginning to end and accepted responsibility. that's aprobably was going on. >> som members didn't think jeff sessions was being cooperative this week. i want to play this segment from session's testimony on the hill this week about what he does and does not remember in regard to contact are russia. >> in all of my testimony i can only do my best to answer your questions as i understand them own to the best of my memory. but i will not accept and reject accusations that i have ever lie
8:45 am
that is a lie. >> at one point sessions was asked if he had said i don't recall 26 times he said i don't recall. what do you tell someone who is testifying to keep them out of trouble is when we hear i don't recall, does that necessarily mean he has no idea or whether he is being advised by counsel don't say anything to get you in trouble. >> i think certainly counsel would say if you really don't remember don't try to fudge it say you don't recall. because ultimately down the rolled especially in this instance they're ganlerring a lot of information and documents you could end up getting tripped up later and we're seeing that in some other situations here too. so i don't recall is safe course. >> and should we feesly dismiss that or maybe a case he legitimately does not recall. >> you would have to be in his head to know for sure. i think time will tell. and i think there's certainly scenarios or things
8:46 am
part of what he was getting grilled about that he is saying he doesn't recall. >> former prince george county state attorney former u.s. attorney and attorney -- >> assistant u.s. attorney. assistant u.s. attorney. >> i would have promoted you. >> we'll take your promotion and put you down for vacation. >> and we appreciate you coming in. we're not done with this though yet. because in the midst this week big discussion about tax reform. republicans will roll this out. they did get hoution volt. they were successful in getting that across. one of the things they're trying to do now is explain what exactly this is. here's attempts this week. >> we have a long road ahead of us. we have the senate now working on doing this. we're excited about going through the legislative process. and going to conference. and getting this done and making this bill even better. >> that's -- >> rich them high tax states. again there's benefit
8:47 am
new york economy of lowering corporate rate 20 3-rs. >> republicans want to you believe trickle down tax for the rich will pay for themself never have. they say they create jobs and pay for themselves. neitherer is true. they never have. and. >> some are old arguments on both sides. you heard this before. now this is closer than was be before. it's becoming reality and joining us this morning and you've been looking at this. and let's start with the tax brackets. and what do we know about how many tax brackets they're going to be. because at one point we were hearing they were going to be four. we were hearing they would do taxes on a postcard. how much of that is reality in what we saw come off the hill in this first. >> when we first heard it was three brackets and they added top bracket back in to fix the distributional impact o t
8:48 am
tax breaks. >> and go whatever is yours. >> physician a number. >> but seven bracket in senate and house brackets too they push down the amount of taxes that anyone is paying at most income levels. >> it's a complication though from what the senate is looking at and what the house is looking at and also there was a curveball that was thrown if here about removing the tax for obamacare. and now anybody who has a thumbnail sketch of obamacare knows the way this thing is recorded and the way it survived supreme court in the challenge was this tax. and and obamacare is third rail of politics and social security and in rece
8:49 am
repeal and replace it so how big of a threat to the tax plan is this new civrpingle on obamacare. >> two things happened at the very last night of or last kind of night of senate action before final passage in the senate finance committee and one of them was to add aca and repeal mandate in the bill other one was to sink the individual prove iings meaning they make them expire all the rates we talked b and those two things together are equally dramatic. and for a lot of people, the net impact of this is not yet known. and, for instance, they double standard
8:50 am
family married filing jointly 12,000 to 24,000 and you get the extra 12,000 pace and lose mortgage deduction. most people around here feel that mortgage interest deduction else more than standard deduction doubleing. real quick up or down chances of this passing in senate is this actually happening. >> they're up. >> we'll check back with you later on this kathy we appreciate you coming in. more to talk about this morning as we continue ton "fox 5 news" up on the hill. time for thanksgiving we all love thanksgiving but it's also about the giving part. and that's what we'll discuss up next. we'll look at some of that coming up. first, here's a look at saturday night live last night looking.[ inau >> the following is reenactment of events that may have pain place autumn of last year.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
talk about and thing that need to be supported. bethesda magazine devoted entire issue to giving back in the community and highlighted one organization in particular. there's an organization called one community foundation. naming philanthropist of the year. ana har gave is executive director community foundation and with us is is donna far whoys is joining us who benefitted from something called college tracks. give us in a nutshell what the community fund of montgomery country is and when it want to do. >> i should back up and explain. when most people think of foundations you think about gates or -- a foundationet created by a spingle family to do good around the causes they care g greater washington community foundation helps hundreds of people. >> this is not one person. this is all of you come together. >> hundreds of people.
8:55 am
administer giving fund an we provide advice and we shine the light on great organizations working here in our community hoping to connect dope ors that want to give to those local ones that are really going deep an providing vital services. >> and here's somebody who benefitted from this from college tracks. what was your situation. how did you find out about the ability to make us is of some abilities that the foundation has. >> well i -- college tracks has a program at bcc and that was first program they had there and my sister before me was in the program. so my parents knew about it and when i became a jr. at bcc you knew is that the write needed to go. >> what were you able to do with the program. >> they provide aid lot after signature answer. my parents did not attend college this the u.s. aen they didn't know the college application process. so having somebody there they provide add signature answer we needed for applying for schools. looking up schools.
8:56 am
scholarhips, applying for fafsa and financial aid all that stuff things we didn't know how to navigate on our own. >> and it can be daunting for families who have been through it before. having helping hand kind of guides you through that process and ana there's so much noise in our world right now. there's so much going on. people are disvakted. how do you cut through all of that and not only make afeel people's heart vipingz but also get hem to the point they're ready to physically part with money to help you out with some of this stuff. >> there's a lot of great organizations and it can be very overwhelming. i would recommend if you look to give back this holiday season start from a place of gratitude. how has someone touched your life. do you want to pay it forward in some way. >> put yourself in the other person's shoes which sounds cliche but it's effective. >> if you're moved and experienced yourself and find app organization paging impact then you're going to use your
8:57 am
thinking to help them go sglurj donna what's the plan for you now. >> this spring i'll study abroad and. >> where are you going. >> i'm going to florence. >> florence, italy. >> yes. >> studying architecture. >> we want to quick end with letting people know how they can fwet in touch with your organization. >> we can be reached online the community >> now going in towards end of year obviously this say period of time people were finishing up towards end of year financially. is this time of year you really want to pack a big push to not only remind people this can benefit on taxes as well. >> absolutely. the last working day of this calendar year is december 8. you want to get in gifts early this year. >> i'll guess at some point we hard you know talk about turning this around and putting -- are you going t
8:58 am
i have changed how you look at this. >> absolutely. i try to mentor a lot of people also in the college application and people i know turn them to college tracks especially people young and in high school still don't really know where they're going, help them navigate that process a little. now that i understand it i know how to guide them. >> you have a better handle on it. >> yes. >> paying it forward. >> yes, yes. >> ana i want to ask you quickly we're short on time. neighbors in need. >> neighbors in need. that was initiative started because our donors at the community foundation said this is middle of economic down turn we have to step up and educate people and great organizations working here. and thanks to their ingenuity they have mills yopz of dollars flowing to fabulous organizations to help our neighbors that needed most. >> this is fantastic. can turn thanksgiving into giving and do it in a positive way. community foundation of montgomery couldn't question appreciate you coming
8:59 am
that does it for this weekend. "fox news sunday" with chris wallace is next. thank you for joining us, we'll see you back here next week
9:00 am
>> chris: i'm chris wallace. the wave of sexual harassment cases sweeping the nation reaches the senate, as republican candidate judge roy moore fights for his political life. ♪ ♪ >> this is an attempt by the mitch mcconnell and his party to steal the election that the people of alabama. >> chris: and democratic senator al franken becomes the first member of congress accused in the post-harvey weinstein era. >> he thought he would get away with it and that isn't okay and it isn't funny. nothing like that is ever funny. >> chris: we will discuss the allegations with south carolina senator tim scott. then... >> we really don't have current guidelines


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