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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on "fox5 news morning" groping and crude sexual advances and walking a rond naked some accusations brought against journalism icon charlie rose. >> and official pardon president trump surprise set to continue a tradition and helping out a local non profit. >> looking outside you need a coat to deal with cold out there now. it will be a different story this afternoon. good morning to you we're glad you're with us
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joining us. erin como watching very busy roads and michael thomas talking about weather. good morning. >> good morning, yes, today one of two days on the 7-day featuring 60 degree temperatures. unfortunately winds will be breezy today and probably feeling cooler. dry though, lots of sunshine. >> wisdom said very busy roads and already if you wake up in the district in northwest look at the crash scene slowing us down new york and new jersey avenue northwest. we have a look at that and your majors, wisdom and holy. >> erin has her hands full with normal xhupt and adding great holiday get abay. terrible traffic tuesday. roads in d.c. region are expected to be jammed early this evening as people begin their thanksgiving travel. 4:45 to 6 p.m. is expected to be the worst time on the ro roads. and traffic to and from the parents is due to page up big time starting this afternoon. and estimated 1.1 million people in the dmv will hit the roads for holiday travel over
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>> and now let's go ahead and get to the big stories at 5:01 tuesday morning. growing sexual harassment scandal claiming another high profile politician. coming gressman john conyers added to list of national figures facing allegations. >> he joinsal franken and veteran journalist charlie rose. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill this morning sorting it all out for us. good morning, mel. >> reporter: 88-year-old mish goon representative convers is top on house smat committee. former staffer said she was fired for refusing the congressman's advances and paid a $27,000 settlementment. buzz feed got the information from conservative activist and says it independently verified xlaimz. web site also published avrdz from former staff members who said conyers would touch women in the office inappropriately and ask for sexual favors and
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fly women into town for the coming gressman. his office has not xheptded and a second woman comes with accusations against al franken. lindsay men's said she heat him at the minnesota state fair and men's sweeted he grabbed her and she felt violated and embarrassed unlike the raid question host he said he was a senator at the time of this incidents. franken told cnn he didn't remember the photo and felt badly that the woman felt disrespected. >> and veteran broadcaster charlie rose accused of groping, lude telephone calls and unwanted advances to women who worked or wanted to work for his pb sichbility view program. in a statement, he says he deeply apologizes and takes responsibility but he adds "i don't believe all these allegations are accurate. i always felt i was pursuing shared feelings. even though i now realize i was mistaken. rose's show has been suspended and he's been removed from broadcast duty
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back on capitol hill legislation that would end protections for harassers is still being considered. congress returns from thanksgiving break next week. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:04 is the time now another member of trump administration is accused of bad mouthing president. national security advisor h. r. mc master made the comments during a private dinner over the summer. mc master called the president "idiot, dope and also allegedly said the president has intelligence of a kindergartner" those comments happened at a dinner in july from the ce off of oracle who buzz feed attribute the story today. mrk master never made those comments and oracle respects also deny them. >> a federal judge in san francisco permanently blocked the executive order on so called sanctuary city and re corrected administration aring tment would only cut a small portion of federal funds. judge ruled the preside
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spend ago proved by congress. trump idea mrtion says it will appeal . >> and the justice department money to local police police departments who crackdown on illegal immigration. well the department aups noed they will reward more than 98 million to 17 local departments which report undocumented imgrants. this is part of effort to reward cities which cooperate with the trump administering. >> and the trump administration wants supreme court to allow latest version of travel ban to go into effect. travel ban puts different restrictions on foreign nationals from eight different kupties. last month hawaii court blocked this version from taking effect. earlier this month a three panel judge lifted orderenp acting part of lawl. he will hear oral arguments on the matter next month. and 5:05 is the time now an update on the three missing teens from prince william country. prince william country says one of the teens was safely
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the girl in the middle was found in washington d.c., the other two teens, 17-year-olds of where hissing and anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call prince william country police. >> and an uber driver charged with first degree sexual abuse. he was permanently removed from providing uber rides in 2015. the driver picked her up due point circle area sunday and sexually assaulted her after forcing her out of the vehicle once he got to au. >> happening today two lucky turkeys wion't end up on dinner taken. wishbone and drumstick get official pardon from the president. it's a presidential tradition 7 years in making along with pardoning the whooit house is donating two turkeys to non profit martha table. after the pardon opening they will to to mar largo w
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giving. >> those are good looking turkeys. >> well taken care of. >> i don't think there's enough tease in your thing. we should call it terrifically terrible turk traffic tuesday. >> i keep reversing terrible and turkey. i can't get the hang of it. >> it doesn't just roll off. >> it doesn't. it's like one syllable too many. >> i agree i wants to give advice. get to the airport early if you travel today. you'll need that time for the security. >> not bad at all weather. >> most of the country is quiet. 40 outside right now in d.c.. those of you headed to the airport pack that jacket. 0s suburbs as well. you factor in winds and feels like 20s in northwest suburbs. feel like 36 in d.c. and 34 in gaugeers buringz and mannasas. so chilly start to the day. high res satellite and radar showing not much going on that's got news. clouds slideing across from time to time and generally speaking should be a sdeents amount of sunshine as well.
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clouds today and breezy at times. temperatures mild for late december. 60. sorry it's a one someday wonder. we're getting cooler again tomorrow. that's weather. over to airport now for terrible turkey traffic tuesday. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> unfortunately you can telt flashing lights in district northwest dealing with problems dealing with a disabled vehicle taking out center lane new york avenue and new jersey avenue norm west. tow trucks on that location. keep it right to get throughout that area and watch for congestion building through that point. aside from that a water main break in virginia. etsell between vandoren and whiting street lanes blocked from earlier water main break and repairs are underway now. slowing you down next to 95 as well. drive time 270 traffic building through father surely still a three minute drive. 70 to 109 metro rail lines on time. questions about getting a rounds on terrible traffic tuesday at erinfoxdc on twitter is ter. i like the sound of that guys, back to you.
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sounded good. coming up. a legal battle between the justice department and at & sglvrment developer allowed to move forward with plans to expand controversial pipeline project. >> as we head to break a live look once again across the d.c. region tuesday before thanksgiving, 5:09 is the time and we're at chilly 39 deg degrees. "fox5 news morning" coming right back.
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mike is up in five minute or so with the full forecast. >> vladimir put insatisfactory down with syrian president. put inhost as add saying russia was what ending mill your yeah involvement in syria after syria announce today captured last major city corld by isis. put inwill call trump today to go over details of the meeting and want to do it before russia has a summit meeting with iran and turkey. >> u.s. ramping up the pressure on north korea. they are expected to approve new sanctions. they auns nod u.s. designated country as state sponsor o
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this puts north korea back on the list for the fist time since 2008 when removed to try to halt nuclear development. >> justice department is targeting communications giant taxt & t and suing to block acquisition of time warner cable. doj filed lawsuit yesterday. the wireless carrier struckp a deal in october of 016 looking to bundle mobile service and video entertain m. doj saying in a statement that dwht merger would greatly harm american consumers and mean higher monthly television bells and fewer new emergingen owe vaitive options that consumers are beginning to enjoy". >> keystone xl pipeline over came a hurd until nebraska. approving an alternative route in the state. the approval gives the developer transcanada the power to bury the pipeline on land even if landowner satisfies no. it would move more than 800,000 barrels of oil from the northern u.s. border to gulf coast referery
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coming up mother of raiders running back lynch has words for president trump. >> and called the nrich that stole christmas. why some toys r us shoppers lost deep discounts. >> ut, oh, as we head to break, 5 : 12 is the time now and 9 degrees. you're watching "fox5 news morning", we'll be right back.
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now, 4:45 to 6 p.m. is exhibit to be worst time to be on the roads and systemed 1.1 million people in our area alone will hit the roads for holiday travel over the next three days. comingp at 5:30 we'll tell you which traffic polt neck in the area is one of the worst for thanksgiving travel. in the news this morning, congressman john conyers is latest high profile politician caught up in the harassment scandal. according to report from buzz feed the 88-year-old setsled complaint from a woman who alleged he was fired from washington staff because she rejected sexual add vaptss, con yers office has yet to comment only the allegations. >> and the three missing teens one found missing
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anyone with information is asked to call police. two lucky turkeys wishbone and drumstick as called will with get official pardon from the president today in the white house rose garden along with pardoning the white house is donating two turkeys to the d.c. non profit martha table. all right. as we get ready for thanksgiving as we continue to get ready for thanksgiving we continue to go outside. it's cold. always cold this i'm of year there's no surprise. >> november. >> washington. >> the last gazillion years. >> i'll go out and throw out my best worst area for traffic. >> 95 between fredericksburg and d.c. >> i was going to say general mixing bowl. >> mixing bowl is bad too. or 270 spur. place your bets, everybody. see what's coming up. near 6 owe later today. just in general all around the region tough travel-wise. 43 d.c.. 30s in suburbs. especially north and wet of town. even up to cumberland waking
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37 pittsburgh and 34 columbus and 38. generally speaking quiet across the east coast. you see a little bit of thin clouds coming out of south. we'll mix with clouds from time to time today here in d.c.. we've got a cold front which is this stripe of clouds c comeing across the midwest meeting up later today and that brings chance of showers during the overnight hours. and sure to keep it it dry today. high pressure in control. southerly wind. bringing in mild conditions. but the breezes will still help it feel cool. temperatures today expected to be 60 in d.c.. you need the jacket later this afternoon. that's why we go 60 in washington. tomorrow early high and much like last sunday tomorrow's temperatures dropping all afternoon long. how is thanksgiving day look across the region. good news, it looks mostly you queue the. lots of sunshine middle part of can'ty. dry north. only chance of rain nearby down to the south near flo florida. temperature-wise chilly side of things in
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northeast. daytime high twerking turkey day. 54 black friday. weekend now looks dry. 6 owe sdpa. 47 sunday. >> checking the forecast. erin is back with busy travel day. >> yes, busy travel day. terrible turkey traffic tuesday. right now we have volume building and still in the green zone. that's good news, 66 eastbound 234 to beltway i'll let you know if that changes. i want to point out out of town routes as well. congested areas headed to work. making your way charlottesville this morning to enjoy the thanksgiving holiday. keep in mind traffic quiet web side at well. 28 looks good. maim orr's bwi and reagan national and dulles are speed. 95 northbound a trip occoquan bridge to beltway as we wake up traffic is starting to pick up. i'll let you know if delays hit earlier than usual. all metro rail lines reason on time. holy and wisdom. >> time now is 5:18 let's look at stories yo
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look at stories you're engaging with most on social media. >> president trump took to twitter tweeting about the anthem controversy he's not happy with marshawn lynch who sat during the national anthem sunday. after standing for the national anthem of mexico. lynch has not stood for the anthem since returning from retirement this season. nfl player's mom was quick to come to his defense. she tweeted at the president saying what nfl team do you own. oh, yeah, they would not let you have one. >> also this morning the summer the weather going to be wet and wild. experts say thunderstorms will be more freak wept and intense. the information comes from a journal or climate change that estimate future storms will soak entire cities and large portions of states. by the ends of century, experts expect the amount of rain in the united states to jump by 80%. >> toys r us is under fire this morning for canceling order that used online coupon. barring on hunters are with thrilled this
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stacked coupons on toys r us web site for savings of 60% off. toys r us discovered mistake within a few hours and started canceling all those orders. >> that's not nice. >> also this morning a chinese model walking in the famous victoria secret fashion show took a spill and did it with poise. joy ming yow was wearing interesting costume when took a tumble and smiled and got up and kept walking. the show airs later on cbs there's the spoiler alert. >> it's not how many times you fall but about getting back up. >> you always have to get back up. >> starbucks is once again causing couldn't versusy with holiday cups. this is why this time. a drawing of two hands holding one another. some people online saying it represents two less bee ans and now calling for starbucks boycott. not everyone is seeing the same
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all right. the 5:20 is the time now. coming up on "fox news morning". maryland comptrollers has good news for local craft browers. >> and millennials could face worst income inequal tiffany generation. >> a live look across the region. 5:2 1st time. back in a moment.
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>> 5:23. yesterday the state comptrollers aannounceed reform on tap act the new act would get rid of limits on sales from top rooms and stores for state breweries and it gets rid of limits on beer production for breweries that had caps on production in the past. >> uber makes big investment in driving. the purchase from volvo could set the state for multi-billion robot where all have driverless cars for paying customers. right now a small must be of u.s. city have self driving cars but the human operator inside that vehicle. >> millennials on track to be the most financially unequal generation ever. according to credit sweeps they have stricter mortgages and members
5:25 am
oh, arm of 35,000 and there's a increase in millionaire bill gone airs. they are worth about 4 billion. if you wonder about this here's the answer. this is what you do at 5:25 in the morning. who is the highest paid musician in music. >> beyonce earnings were boosted by her tour last year. runner up adel, celine dion and jennifer lopez are the highest earners in business and dolly par ton is number six. >> working 9 to 5. >> i love me dolly par ton though. >> 5:25 let's check in with mike for warm. >> holidays looking good around here. it's good news at least. only tomorrow
5:26 am
predawn hours we have cancelled activity over the next three days. 43 degrees. winds north and west gustsing upwards of 20, 25 miles an hour. feels like 34 as you get your day started. jacket weather for sure. high res satellite and radar snot throwing much. streaming out of south. we'll mix from dmroudz time to time today and generally speaking could be a good deal of sunshine and today's temperature up near 60. 48 by 10:00, 1:00, 57, 4:00, a59, few more clouds rolling in. 60 your daytime high today and we'll look at holiday forecast coming up in a few more minutes. first a check of traffic. it will and busy day on the roads, right, erin. >> for sure, right now 95 you can see 14 street bridge at speed. volume building. if you head in or out of town be prepared. you may start to see additional areas of volume especially on outbound. i almost tripped over prompter. not a
5:27 am
morning. especially terrible traffic tuesday. beltway looks it good. 66 leemon bridge. annandale problem free. all routes to the airports, bwi, reagan national. metro rail lines on time. worst of it this afternoon. 4:45 to 6. back to you guys. >> 5:27 is the time now. coming up on "fox5 news morning" is a jelly infused with alcohol. the clue to curing cancer. well, some researchers seem to think so. >> one maryland city getting ready for annual turkey giveaway. >> we'll take a break. and live look. this is when you should leave, right now. look at the roads. they're all yours if you head out right now. it will and busy one today. we'll, of course, you keep you posted throughout the morning. we're patching "fox news morning". don't go anywhere.
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what if there was only one pet? now what if there was only one mattress? one is not a choice. choose your mattress with tulo. everything you want in a bed, in a box. sglv crude sexual add vantss and walking a round naked some accusations brought against journalism icon charlie rose. >> and appealing to a higher power. trump administration asked the supreme court to allow the new version of travel ban to take effect. school abition. charges against two school bus workers in northern virginia. and official pardon. president trump said to continue a thanksgiving day tradition and helping out a local non profit. "fox5 news morning" starts right now.
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>> all right. good morning to you thank you very much for joining us. tuesday, november 21. >> erin and watching a busy travel morning and michael thomas talking about weather. >> yeah very quiet weather day. that's good news here. lots of sunshine today. mixing ith clouds from time to time. temperatures near 60 this afternoon. full holiday weekend forecast coming up. hey, erin. >> at least today the warm is cooperate for thanksgiving holiday tax. today, 4:45 to 6 is buzz why why youy time. volume is is increasing and looking like normal tuesday morning compute. i'll keep you updated. >> thank you both. see you in a bit. if you get up at 5:30 we're starting off with morning with a warning. pack your patience. it's terrible turkey traffic tuesday. >> that's what aaa is calling today as great thanksgiving holiday get away kikz into high gear. our crews hitting roads rur known give us a look at how things stand and develop throughout the morning. worst travel times on roads today are expected to be between 4:45 and 6
5:32 am
will hit the roads for holiday travel over the next three days. >> what is worst holiday bottle neck in the area. how about 95 south routes 1 and 17 down in fredericksburg area. not only is it number one holiday travel hot snot our region but it's 6th fwhovrt nation. "fox5" is here for you. stay with us all orng morning as we help you work your way around. i don't know how that happens. it's a disaster. it's always a disaster. >> we should do a segment on how to not have the road rage and be patient. there's no work round that will help. even if you put a slice of turkey in your car. >> we'll keep you posted and help you you best we can throughout the morning. >> also makinging news, congressman john conyers facing allegations. >> conyers joins franken and chary rose. live on capitol hill this morning sorting it all out,
5:33 am
>> good morning, 88-year-old michigan representative john conyers is top democrat on the house judiciary committee and may be subject to own ethics reyou'll have after all this former staffer said she was fired for refusion conyers sexual advances an paid a settlement in 2015. buzz feed got info from ak vaiingt but it did indep independently verify claims and the web site published affidavits saying conyers would touch people inappropriately in his office and one woman says she was often asked to fly fwheem town for the congressman. >> and lindsay men's said she met franken 2010 minnesota state fair. men's tweeted franken grabbed her and she felt violated and embarrassed. unluke incident with leann tweeten franken was a senator at the time
5:34 am
alleged incident. fraching ep told cnn he doesn't remember the photo and feels badly that the woman felt disrespected. >> veteran broadcaster charlie rose accused of groping, lude telephone calls, awk walking a round naked and unwanted advances to women who wanted to work or worked on pbs caid row familiar. rose poll jaised and said he takes responsibility and adds i do not believe all these ales are accurate i always felt i was pursuing shared feels though i realized i was mistaken. rose's show was suspended and brought back to his dutiesyes as well. >> legislation would end protections for harassers being considered ken congress returns from thank giving break next week. live on capitol hill vrpt i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". 5:34 now update on three missing teens from prince will yount county. brianna thomas the fwirl in the middle was found in the district and other two teens missing
5:35 am
information is asked to call police. >> president trump security advisor allegedly criticized bosz at private dinner off the summer. he called the president an idiot, dope, and that the president has intell yeps of a kindergartner. this happened in july attended by ceo of oracle who buzz feed attribute story to. soyrs for national security council said he never made comments and oracle denied them as well. >> allowing latest version of travel ban to go into effect it would put different restrictions on foreign national from eight different can'tyes. last month a hawaii court blocked the version from taking effects and earlier this month a three panel judge lifted the order enacting parts of law. the panel will hear oral arguments on the matter next month. >> happening today lucky turkeys wish bone and drum stick will get a pardoning today. it us kooz them from of co
5:36 am
cour turkeys to the goinget non profit table. >> the president and family will held toll mar largo for the holiday. >> it's terrible traffic tuesday. and respectwhat you can speak out of the road a late arrival. >> there you go. very nice. very nice. >> good news there at least. temperatures yesterday, 53 d.c.. dulles 51. bwi 50. mid 50s above that later today. we're starting out on the chilly side. 40 degrees at reagan national. 7 pittsburgh and 33 columbus and 39 detroit. chilly all around the region. radar not showing much. we'll have clouds side across from time to time and gen generally speaking nice day. 60. tomorrow, 53 after overnight showers. temperatures falling all tomorrow afternoon. all right. let's check the
5:37 am
is back, terrible traffic 2urbgy tuesday. >> terrible traffic terrible turkey. >> table traffic turkey tuesday. >> this is by father hurlly. looking at 0 southbound. 20 minute ride 70 to 121. good news northbound side getting up to 0 to head to pittsburgh. that route is quiet. if you head out of town you won't look terrible by any means. traffic is looking nice, track on 95 sol volume increasing northbound as you make your way through staff ford. all metro rail lines are on time and as you make where you are way outer loop congestion building upper and outer loop near new hampshire avenue. questions, erin, fox d. crn are c. on twitter. wisdom and holy i think i'll have my hands full today. >> i think so. >> 5
5:38 am
new study on ecigarettes suggests your heart suffers every time you inhale. >> jelly infused with alcohol could be the the clue for curing cancer. >> live look across the region, pack your pain embarrass because traffic is heavy own brought today with holiday get away and all the drivers on the road getting turkey. you're looking at live driving shot right now as you head down the road. there's cars out there alr already. smart people leaving early. >> or it might be people headed to work. >> or it could be that the. >> we'll be back if a moment. getting bread delivered is way easier than hiring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be.
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>> "fox 5 news" tuesday, november 21. 5:41. cool out there. kol our way today. mike is up in four minute or so with the full tuesday forecast. >> a major break through in allergy treatment. fda approves a new system to help treat life-threatening allergies in ib fants and small children. the epi pen inject tore known as epi pen is first auto ingest tore specifically designed for babies and children under 3 pounds. this system has a shorter needle and lower dose of the ep i frighten. it's expected to be on the market early
5:42 am
>> vaiping may beel healthier alternative to smoking but no means harmless. some flavorings could be damaging for your heart. they tested 15 different ecigarette flavors and found cinnamon, clove, floral and citrus have worst impact on function of heart muscle cells. >> fewer pull treatment for cancer could be jelly infused with alcohol. reer is is. ers are working with implant injected into cancerous tumor that releases ethanol. ethanol the cells by poisoning the cells needed to replicate. >> fascinating. >> 5:4. former president obama reaches to joe biden own twitter. >> $million bra is highlight of victoria secret fashion show. >> no traffic right now. not bad. obviously much worse later. 5:42 is the time. 39 degrees. we'll update
5:43 am
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>> it's black and white. >> sun hasn't come up. >> if infrared. >> yeah, our producer says it's old school. black and white player on it. >> those should be green. >> lights red all that stuff. >> we know many of you are hitting the roads and wisdom and i are hitting the road tomorrow morning. >> we are? >> we are. >> and we have a big surprise for people in the dmv. we'll be out and about. and i don't know how much can we say? >> it's a surprise. >> it's a surprise. >> here's the deal. >> we'll be in normal early morning spot. starting 7 a.m. and going through 11 a lot of people are doing grocery shopping tomorrow morning getting their food. you just might see is us at your local grocery store. >> you might. >> we might show up. >> that's all we should say. >> you think so. >> d.c., maryland and virginia. >> d.c., maryland, virginia, and thanksgiving it a time for giving
5:47 am
giving as well. we'll leave it at that. how about that? >> if you're out and about you may see us tomorrow. that's all we need to say. >> that's all we feed to say. >> good luck. >> it willing a lot of fun and memorable and we need good traveling weather toing out and about and drive ago ar around, par mar, virginia, d.c., hopping in and out of the car and growing to grocery stores. >> it will rain overnight but gone by the time you you hit the road. the question is you can get there in time with -- tomorrow needs a new name. >> yes. >> day after terrible traffic turkey tuesday. >> well, wednesday is not much better from what i understand. >> whoa full wednesday. >> whoa full wednesday. all right let's do weather forecast. sunshine mixing with clouds today. not so bad this afternoon temperature-wise near 60. short lived warm-up and showers overnight. cold front comes through. temperatures will fall. we'll start warmer than ending tomorrow. they'lling falling all day tomorrow afternoon. stuck
5:48 am
thanksgiving day. dry and chilly or turkey davl. temperatures outside right now. killly to start in washington. 30s north and west. even cumberland in a cold front, 27 degrees. you factor in winds which are gusty in responsible sots so. as well as culpeper 0 and martinsburg feels like 29 feels like 26 this morning in haagers town. checking out your -- excuse me -- satellite and radar turking iny throat. satellite and radar across the region. moisture streaming south. clouds lifting south here and cold front m coulding from west. those two combine overnight tonight and kick up chance for showers especially east of i 95. maybe steady rain overnight for portions of southern maryland. northern neck of virginia. 3 a.m. in the morning that clears out quickly. we clear through the day tomorrow. preezy once again and chilly as well. 60 the daytime high today. 5 quanlt coand 61 fred fredericksburg and cold air start spilli
5:49 am
daytime hours tomorrow into day on thanksgiving. we'll be held in the 40s all day long for thursday. so again probably another up door day sit by i fire and enjoy football. >> friday looks good if you're out early for shopping freezing cold in early morning hours. let's check forecast. erin is back with busy travel tuesday troubles. >> terrible traffic tuesday troubles disabled car from earlier accident. 295 northbound near 11 bridge right lane blocked and 295 good in both directions. volume picking up north of pennsylvania avenue. suitland parkway volume increasing to south capitol. as we forward things a long you see now 395 volume picking up on 14 bridge the green zone beltway to you 14 street bridge. and traffic is looking good on second rar aires in alexandria as we zoom things down for bigger picture view of 95.
5:50 am
typical volume in main lanes building now dale city to beltway. same story 270 between 0 and 121. all metro rail lines on time. more in a few holy and wisdom. >> sounds good, thanks, erin. >> ten minutes before 6. developing this morning fbi continues to vest death of border patrol agent. mar teens was at the bottom of a culvert in texas. martinez and another were working in an area known for drug activity. federal authorities have not said how he died but representative said he and his partner were beaten by attackers. >> ep says investigators believe martinez may have p palen. >> bus driver and aid for fairfax country public schools accused of assaulting 11-year-old with autism. edmund bailey and james duffy iii assaulted two women.
5:51 am
of assault and battery and aid resigned from his position. the driver is on administrative lead while county works on removing him tremently from position. >> taking place at the robert, lee statute. group larger than ten people need permit and restrictions to obtain one will be lit littleed. weapons will be band. new rules will be enforced next 18 months. you recall back if august virginia governor terry mcauliffe us is spended ticket for events in rich mopped because of deadly white nationalist rally in charlottesville. >> entertainment world mourning della reese. she was in chico and the man an touched by an angel. della reese was 86 years old. >> another death
5:52 am
takenment world a member of motown singing group miracles died on surprised. barry gordon said he was deeply saddened to hear of his pass iting and moore was 78. >> time now 5:52. stories you'reen gaming with most on social media. >> first up international criminal court demanding investigation after afghanistan war and possible war crimes. court wants to vest u.s. armed forces, cia taliban and after sdan curety forces. and u.s. person nrel accused of torture, rape, sexual violence. taliban is accused of intimidation. murder, abduction while after began forces are accused vd rape and murder. >> haitians living under temporary protective status have until 0 19 to leave kupty or apply for different legal immigration categ
5:53 am
department of homeland security program is coming to end and the program allows 60,000 haitians to live and work in the united states. haiti was designated. it ps county after the 2010 deadly earthquake. >> former president barack obama wished joe biden app pi birth day with a meme it shows him giving an address with biden behind him. the former vice-president says he will -- bidenp interrupts by saying it's my birth day. >> talk about you ashow stopper. check this out. two million dollar fantasy bra was revealed at victoria secret fashion show if china yesterday. brazil on model showed off the 18 car at goat champagne nights fantasy dra. including gem stones. fantasy bra took 350 hours to make. show
5:54 am
month. >> i remember when the fantasy bra was a million dollars. >> that old cheap thing. >> i know exactly that is on major sale. >> 7 minutes from the hour now and first family getting ready to deck the halls. first lady melania trumen and barron welcomed their first christmas tree at the white house. that family got to travel to the white house and travel to the tro and see the family. >> soon it will be decorated and displayed in white house blue room. >> preparations in full swing for thursday's macy's thanksgiving day parade. more than a million people are expected to line the streets with annual tradition. parade comes less than a month after the attack in manhattan. they plan to have truck and vehicles at every intersection to create a perimeter for the crowds. >> six minutes before the hour now. that means it's time to say hello to the facebook fan of the day. this morning saying good morning to caitlin case. caitlin roth is a "fox5". >> she catches morning crew ever day before
5:55 am
work. we always love hearing that caitlin thanks for watching and have a fantastic day at work. >> and see that picture of her and her car? a lot of people could be taking that selfie good right? >> and right, exactly, a, they'll be in their cars, and b probably not moving quickly. >> especially this afternoon. after 4:30. airport will tell you about it in a minute. future cast showing you this morning lots of sunshine, clouds, mixing from time to time and overnight tonight especially east of i 95 don't be shocked to hear raindrops hitting rooftop. 3, 4:00 in the morning and clears out quick tomorrow morning. cold front moving through and temperatures tomorrow will be dropping all day long with a nice steady breeze north and west. skies clear quickly through the morning hours. 43 or sometimes 34 to 43 degrees before school for kids today. make sure they're bundling up after school, 55 to 62. not bad we'll feel cooler than that with steady braez ut of the south today. for thanksive gooding day 48. sunshine mixing with cloud
5:56 am
looks chilly throughout the day. good news dry. again, looks like pretty nice thanksgiving here. 60 today. 53 tomorrow. 48 for day on thursday. your black friday shopping will be chilly for those overnight early morning deals. 34 in city and below freezing for suburbs up to 354 in the afternoon. weekend dry. 60 saturday. 0s back surprised. that's warm, erin is back with the busy roadways today, hey, erin. >> 5:56 things packing up as you make your way southern maryland. keep in mind sdz the beltway northbound branch avenue we have a crash give yourself extra time there. and looks nice as we move volume increasing on 14 street bridge. entire stretch of 395 e secondarys in the district nice. keep in mind dale city volume building and slowing notice main lanes. hov lanes slow. volume building staff ford.
5:57 am
70. keep it to fix news morning. we you have covered this terrible traffic tuesday. keeping an eye on roads. through have it on the bel beltway. we'll be riping back. heard about eucrisa for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the face of a fisherman? the hand of a ranch hand? the knee of a needle pointer? prescription eucrisa is a nose to toes eczema ointment. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin.
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do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa.
5:59 am
well it's a perfect nespresso morning here, george. hold on a second. mmm. ♪ ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else? >> a charlie rose bomb shell.
6:00 am
veteran host off the air this morning as he claims he inappropriately behaved involving 8 women. >> rocking capitol hill. democratic law maker exposed. money laid out over sexual harassment complaints. >> live look outside on tuesday morning, november 2 1. hours away from crush to bet out of town for thanksgiving holiday. airports and roadways both expected to be packed later today and tonight. >> and all right, they are calling it terrible turkey traffic tuesday. so let's get a quick check i know it's a lot of tease. let get a quick at weather and traffic. >> good morning you guys. right now you can see we very several live looks to keep our eyes on the roads. things reagan airport picking up now. majors quiet and quite a bit of traffic get there early. make sure call your carrier ahead of time to check the flight. aside from that one traffic on the beltway driving shot traffic increasing and inner and outer loop now no major congested areas. worst time today anticipated between


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