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tv   FOX 5 News Special  FOX  November 23, 2017 6:30am-7:00am EST

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>> next hour we're going to get an inside glimpse of the preparation with our own erin como. whiz over to you for the morning line. >> i'm yucking it up with the fellows over here. it's time for the morning line. thanksgiving gift for the caps and their fans. they beat the senators five to two. ovie scored his first goal in seven games after reuniting for the first time this season with nicklas backstrom as his line mate. backstrom assisted on that play. it was good night for braden holtby. he made 29 saves to help washington avoid its first set of back to back losses. the caps back home in action tomorrow night taking on the lightning at home. not a good night for the wizards. they gave up a 9th quarter lead and ended up falling to the hornets in charlotte in overtime. john wall looked sharp, 31 points 11 assists. wizards get a nice thanksgiving break and it's back to the court
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night matchup against the trailblazers. and now we want to switch gears and talk redskins. the story tonight injuries. as it's been all season long. burgundy and gold struggling to put together a lineup and on such short rest at that easy street is here. tucker barns here as well. >> i sort of decided i was going to join. >> you forced your way in. >> basically dragged a chair in here. >> it's all good. they got the giants coming in. let me say this for the record i am picking the washington redskins. >> thank you, sir. can we just -- >> there is no wisdom martin curse. they're trying to say easy every time i pick washington they lose. >> are you serious. >> who started this. >> he's literally not got one right this season so if he picks against them, they win. if he picks for them, they lose. >> he can't pick against the redskins. >> they're going to beat them by at least two touchdowns. >> we better. >> now having said all that, this is a home game, it's a night game, on television, they have problems against teams when they play even the
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home on television at night. >> i'm concerned. >> you are? >> yes. >> the giants have only won two games. >> it doesn't matter. >> eli manning needs to go to the retirement home. >> there are going to be a lot of new york giant fans in the building. >> it's going to be blue instead of burgundy and gold. >> i want to see more burgundy and gold but hey, bro', the way it's looking right now they're going to be here, yes, and they're coming off that momentum that of win in kansas city, too. come on man, it's not a gimme. >> not a gimme. >> let's all remember what happened last year. skins needed to beat the giants to basically go to the playoffs, right and they laid a big fat egg. >> right. >> so, this is a rivalry game and it's definitely not a gimme. >> and it is in the division but i'm still saying -- the giants are terrible. that is a lot of -- that's their home game and that's last week a lot of blue up there. so you're saying the people are going to travel down here for the game. >> absolutely. >> there were a lot of tickets available and the ticket were cheap. it is a holiday and it's a night game.
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take over the stadium. >> they're going to try. we better come with it. our defense needs to stop eli in the red zone. if that happens we can win. >> and there are so many injuries i think they may have to call us up and put us on the line. >> i'm happy to play. let me say it this way. i'm happy to take the money. i don't want to get hurt. >> they got a lot of injuries. last week chris thompson probably their most productive guy on offense is gone for the season. >> he's out. >> they'll be struggling more. this guy is good but he's hurt now so it doesn't matter. >> semaj we need you to step up, absolutely man. i thought we were going to -- why are we rolling this? why are we watching this. >> easy is a little upset. >> i'm still upset. >> that was so close to a perfect game and it just fell apart the last five minutes. >> five minutes the whole thing fell apart. we don't want to go backwards. always looking forward because again they're
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puff this week even though they have a number of injuries. the good news is you were talking about what's there to be thankful for. the season is not over. >> no, it's not. >> easy talk to me about playoff chances here. >> we're still in the hunt but we need a lot of -- we don't control our own destiny. >> which is never good. >> we need a lot of other teams to lose for us to be able to get in. otherwise, we're not getting in man. i mean, you can't win like five or six games and get in like, no, it's not happening, bro'. >> if for some reason, which i don't think they will, they do lose tonight, then is the season officially over? >> pretty much. >> wow. >> just keeping it 100. >> right, right, right. >> i mean, being four and six right now at this part of the season and expecting to beat dallas, expecting -- i mean, we should beat the broncos, we should be able to beat the cardinals but man, that last stretch right there, i mean, you know -- >> let's focus on some on the things. has kirk done enough for us this year that he want him to become our permanent quarterback. >> yes, i think so. given the situation with our
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with our running back situation and all the injuries, we got to give him the money. he's still one of the top quarterbacks in the nfl. >> i think the other factor here is there was a lot of talk about kirk cousins leaving and going to san francisco. >> that ain't happening. >> to reunite with little shannahan. that's not going to happen because they got jimmy garafola. that's off the table. i think there will be a market for kirk but would he want to leave washington and go to cleveland? would he want to leave washington and go to some other ratchet franchise and start all over? i don't think so. i think he's here. >> yeah. >> i think whatever money he gets he's going to get he's going to be the quarterback and that's going to be that. >> we need him. >> obvious. >> we need him. >> now, tonight win. >> redskins 21, giants 13. >> easy. >> we win by a touchdown. >> redskins 30, giants 10. theres no curse, i'm telling you. you'll see. we'll be talking about this tomorrow. eli manning is trash. the giants are
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the coach they've quit on -- i don't know how they beat kansas city. >> he's done. >> after this they should wipe the whole thing clean. the giants are done. you should be thankful for that, you're not the giants, how about that. >> that's a good one. >> i like that. >> happy thanksgiving. burgundy and gold. you're not the giants. >> allison seymour back over to you. no, it's your turn. >> is it my turn to do the weather. >> i think it's your turn. >> we'll keep it brief. let's do some weather. easy you do weather and sports. >> no, sir. [laughter] >> just bundle up. >> yeah. hey, that's all you got to know. >> back to your report. >> 33 now in washington. we'll be in the upper 40's later today. lots of sunshine and a beautiful day if you're going out to the game tonight, close to perfect conditions out there but it will be chilly so make sure you're dressed appropriately. temperatures will be falling into the 30's this evening at game time. >> all right. cool. awesome. so, look paying it forward. a woman is raising money for a homeless man who spent his last $20 to help her out. we've got that story coming up next and
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allison seymour are you reading this north korea line or is that me. >> i'll take it. all morning we have been asking you to share with us what you are thankful for this thanksgiving. i'm thankful for him, too, michael and he's not even my baby. use the #fox5 thankful. here are a few we received already. already. keep them coming. g. (bell rings) - so, what are you in for? - well, according to this discipline slip, i was allegedly talking during quiet time again. but, there were no witnesses except the teacher's pet.
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>> we are back now with what's trending on the web on this thanksgiving morning. first up to new jersey where a road sign in robbinsville is miss spelled and there it is right there. s-o-t-p. it happens. instead of spelling out stop, s-t-o-p-, the road sign reads s-o-t-p- the road sign is going viral. people having a lot of fun with the typo. is it a typo. >> i think it was on purpose. >> people on line trying to guess what s-o-t-p. in our business s-o-t-p means sound on tape so i guess it means sound on tape, please. nobody else? how we keeping it moving on thanksgiving? here we go. an arkansas company
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the olive garden they love it so much they're naming their daughter olivia gartone. they once ate at the chain every day for seven weeks. olive garden caught wind of the exciting baby news and reached out to the couple. no word if they got a early gift, perhaps a pasta pass. if not, shame on you. how many calories do you think you'll eat on thanksgiving. the calorie control council says a normal thanksgiving dinner has finally a new jersey woman who was stranded after running out of gas in pennsylvania is giving back to the homeless man who came to her rescue. have you seen this? it's awesome. kate mcclure is her name. she was visiting friends last month in philadelphia when she ran out of gas. a homeless man named johnny told her it wasn't safe to get gas on her own and he did it for her with his last 20-dollar bill.
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decided to set up a go fund me account. guess how much they've raised for him? $115,000. that's how they pay it forward. >> very nice. >> uh-huh. >> and i do like the sotp. >> please. >> surely that's not what it stands for. keep it moving, whiz. >> i'm sorry. i got to keep it moving. >> the butterball hotline sure to be ringing off the hook today. next we're going to share some of the most ridiculous questions people have ever asked when it comes to cooking turkeys. if you're not into football there's a lot of streaming options. coming up kevin mccarthy's ultimate thanksgiving movie and other recommendations. back in a moment. >> ♪ iring real bakers... ...who work all night and morning to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be.
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in the history of people being asked how they like their eggs,
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you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. >> there's your favorite. >> olaf. >> tucker loves olaf from frozen one of the characters at the macy's thanksgiving parade. my favorite has always been snoopy. >> he's a classic. >> snoopy, charlie brown. >> uh-huh. >> you have to admit olaf is a great character. >> as he a great character. >> in the world of new characters. >> kevin told me when you go see cocoa there's a 20 minute short that features olaf in it. >> real. >> allison we have to do this parade. >> we have to do it. okay, maybe next year we'll go and do the thanksgiving parade. >> we need you here. >> well, we are working. >> forgot about that whole thing. never mind. >> we'll look at the pictures from new york. what's going on
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>> one of our coldest starts this week but it will turn into a very pleasant perfect day to get out and throw the football. you and the girls go out and toss the football. >> you rake the leaves. >> no. >> now it's embarrassing. like we haven't done anything. >> really? >> now it's an eyesore. >> yeah. >> we're that house. >> is it blowing over into the neighbor's yard yet. >> unfortunately, no. >> unfortunately no big storms on the seven day to let that happen. >> give me some wind, tuck. >> i do the same thing. no wind today but it will be chilly. sunny and bright afternoon and i'll show you the cold start in a minute. tomorrow starts cold if you're going to be waiting outdoors for the shopping to get going tomorrow morning it will be cold and then looks like we'll be near 60 on saturday. saturday looks great. here are your cold numbers. 33 in washington. look at all your 20's. 26 gaithersburg, 21 manassas, 22 culpeper, 48 fredericksburg. leonardtown 30 degrees. everybody with the exception of reagan national currently below freezing. lots of sun
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should be a beautiful afternoon. we'll get a few clouds a little later today. that's the worst of it and if you're going to the skins game tonight, temperatures in the 30's at kickoff so it will be certainly cold enough that you'll want to make sure you got your winter coat later tonight but dry. dry noon, dry tonight dry tomorrow as well as we're looking at pretty quiet conditions for the time being. let's take a look at high pressure and again this will be delivering a nice quiet afternoon for us. temperatures a little bit below average. we should be in the mid 50's and we'll be in the upper 40's s for highs. nice conditions for the next couple days. here's your thanksgiving day forecast brought by the one and only turkey boy. >> gboy. >> that acting was amazing. 49 today. 54 tomorrow. '61 on saturday. notice we keep it dry right through the weekend. stay tuned. we've got more turkey boy coming up. allison back to you. >> we got memes.
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>> allison i'm surprised you didn't hit your phrase. >> which one? jive turkey. >> there you go. >> i wouldn't do that to mike. >> i would. jive turkey. >> let's get to it. the thanksgiving edition of the morning meme. let me thank mike thomas for his great acting there. ernesto, yup, when you step up into grandma's house for thanksgiving, you see right there at the bottom. >> i've got my eating pants on. >> oh, i see. i got you. okay. [laughter] >> oh, yeah. >> 3,000 calories later. all right, here we go. i am no cook but i can follow the directions. you said let the bird chill in the sink for a few hours. >> that's pretty good. >> that's pretty good. >> although the picture is a little creepy. >> it's real creepy. >> when you driving at thanksgiving and somebody says slow down. ain't nobody going to take it from you. >> i believe that's ezekial elliott. >> iou
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took that picture of me. >> when you arrive late to thanksgiving and everyone is waiting on you to eat. >> yeah, but i thought we said 4:00 mildred? i thought that's what the invite said. my food's cold. there's nothing worse than cold food. >> i know. >> as the cook and then you're just like can we get to the table. >> and you're trying to time it all. >> yeah, it's nothing worse than it. >> look at that little family of dogs at the table. >> #morning meme. send them in. we love them. thank you so much. >> the holiday edition. i like it. all right, thank you. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, on good day d.c. actually the redskins playing at home this thanksgiving at eight:30 tonight. first time they've ever done this. they're going to take on the new york giants and the gates at fedex field opening early, at noon to be exact. annie yu is going to be live with our very own tailgate ted the official tailgater of the washington redskins. >> that's cool. >> oh, my
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also, if you've got pets, this one is for you this thanksgiving day. find out what is not safe and safe for you to feed your four legged friend under the table 'cause you know it's going to happen. i know turkey is not on that good list. those stories and much more ahead on good day d.c. i wish we could bring that little puppy in here. >> allison let me tell you what we used to do down south to our animals. >> i don't want to hear this. >> no, no, i'm talking about how we used to feed them. >> outside in the dish. >> you eat what we eat. >> they were okay, right. >> for a hundred years. >> absolutely. i know. time for today's fox beat so our kevin mccarthy is off today but he put together a list of great movies and tv shows that you can stream in the comfort of your own home. >> take a look at some of his streaming recommendations. >> hey everybody it's kevin mccarthy. sorry i'm not with you today on this amazing thanksgiving holiday but i wanted to leave you some movies and shows you can watch on streaming while you're at home today. obviously continue watching fox5 news morning. and then you can check out
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ultimate thanksgiving movie in my opinion no question is planes, trains and automobiles. while it might not be for the kids this movie holds up beyond belief. john candy, steve martin this scene makes me laugh every time. you can stream and rent this film on multiple platforms including amazon and itunes. it really is a classic directed by john hughes that still holds up today. i do recommend that. if you haven't seen sit, it's also a great rewatch if you want to check it out there. all right, moving on to some streaming shows, netflix has some amazing shows coming out this year. specifically the punisher which is now streaming on netflix, 13 total episodes. this is a marvel studios show. so it exists in the same universe as the marvel netflix shows like luke cage and daredevil and jessica jones. you have john burnthal. it's not for kids but i
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netflix if you're interested in seeing that, you don't have to leave the house for that one. also on netflix we know stranger things season two is out right now. this season to me is absolutely incredible. it was scarier, more intense than season one. i do recommend it if you haven't watched it. go back and watch season one and then watch season two, the performances in the season were amazing including millie robby brown. great casting in the show. some of the nighing and nostalgia on the show is better than some of the movies. mind hunter this is david fincher directed four episodes of this show. takes place in the 70's. it's about two fbi agents essentially interviewing serial killers but at the time they are not called serial killers, they were calling them sequence killers at the time and this is based on true events. you're dealing with real life serial killers and
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groff did an amazing job in this role and david fincher who recommended fight club and seven and the cure case of benjamin button. it's called mind show available on netflix. other things you can stream, "beauty and the beast" is available. obviously the live action remake of that movie, forrest gump pg13 film but an amazing movie streaming on netflix. goode burger, i love that movie and disney's "moana" unable on netflix. please finish the show on fox5 news morning and then enjoy some time with your family and maybe later on you can stream these incredible titles and then i have a special airing at 10:30 tonight right here on fox5 where i'll be breaking down the movie reviews for this week including the new movie cocoa and denzel washington's latest. stay tuned for that. happy thanksgiving and i'll
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>> happy thanksgiving to you as well. >> if you need to talk turkey just call butterball. for 30 years the company's turkey talk line has helped some cooks with thanksgiving advice. >> over the years they've received many strange questions. now they're sharing those questions. here are a few. one caller in alabama once asked if he could cook a frozen turkey that was over 30 years old. >> i think he should have tried it. >> good question. >> another year they helped a caller use tinfoil to create a bikini tan line on their bird like a little jokester. so -- you see what i mean it's going to have a little bikini line when you eat it. >> okay. >> once a woman in colorado lost the frozen turkey she had been storing in a snow bank. butterball advised her if you're wondering to put a flag out to help remember where she leaves her turkey next year. >> really? >> uh-huh. okay. so, we'll be right
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gobble gobble.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7:00 a rush to get to the best deals. thanksgiving day shoppers out and about heading to a few stores opened today looking to cash in ahead of black friday. >> plus, giving back. a thanksgiving feast for local families who need a little help. coming up,
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check in with erin como live at food and friends. she's standing by with d.c.'s mayor. if you are just waking up this morning how about this live look outside on thanksgiving morning. it is gorgeous. it is thursday, november 23rd. >> all right. happy thanksgiving. and we want to get over to tucker barnes right now because we got a lot to talk about in regards to weather so let's talk about weather. >> looks like traffic. >> looks like traffic but i think we're supposed to talk to you. so we'll -- go you? [laughter] >> just start talking. >> it's all you. >> i'm just enjoying you struggling over there wisdom. >> i was trying to figure out what we were doing here. gobble gobble. >> happy thanksgiving everybody. we did that on purpose. you saw the live shot. bright sunshine out there and we're expecting a beautiful day but it will be a chilly afternoon. daytime highs in the upper 40's. if you're headed out early this morning as in right now we've got temperatures b


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