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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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(dramatic music) ♪ (ed) saturday. moving day at the 117th u.s. open. ♪ (joe) saturday was crazy, you know, it was just one great round after another. i'll say this, i mean, as a golf fan, saturday at erin hills was probably the most fun i've had watching a major championship in my life. (ed) and so the field t t r e irrod, which would turn out in historic fashion for 24-year-old louisville, kentucky, native justin thomas. ♪ (justin) saturday, i didn't feel
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n, it was just another day, and i'be sngg reallyrelyelalwe, felt like i'd been putting well, just hadn't really gotten anything out of . (ed) thomas started hot with two birdies. then came four birdies in five holes, heading into the turn. (commentator) look where he's aiming this putt here on five, this is justin thomas. (justin) five was one of those almost putt-putt like putts. (crowd roars) (joe) come on! (justin) that was beyond a bonus for that one to go in. (commentator) this is for a share of the lead. that looks pretty good. that looks really good! justin thomas vaults to the top. (justin) that putt on nine, that's kinda when i knew i was really, really feeling it. (ed) and down the stretch came a birdie on 15... oh, come on. be as good as you look. and i had just an awesome tee shot there, i felt like that was probably one of my better swings of the week. (commentator) wow. unbelievable 3-wood.
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seventeen's one of the harder holes out the. it was another one of those things that just, the putter was feeling good and i got it start oin and it just went right in the back. (commentator) supposed to break a little bit to the right, and he made it! justin thomas is now 7-under on the day... and in sole possession. whoo! look at that scorecard. the tee shot on 18 wasn't the best, but the second shot was probably the best shot i've ever hit in my life. (joe) 18, second shot, par 5, justin thomas. (commentator) it's 299 yards. (spectator) get in the hole! (commentator) oh, and david, it is all--you can see him trying to bring thatal back to the right. -oh, my--what a shot! -that is amazing! massive 3-wood on 15, massive 3-wood here on 18, and justin thomas putting a stamp on his rnd
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u.s. open round ever. ♪ (justin) you know, i was obviously swingingel i was hitting well, and i was kinda feeling it, and it just-- when it came off, i wasn't sure if it was gonna quite cut enough, and, um, yeah, it was-- that was a pretty cool shot. as jimmy and i are walking to the green on , because we're so far away and the elevation of t gen we couldn't really see the ball, exactly, so as we're getting closer and closer to the gen we could see that this is a legitimate sho y kw, we got a chance at eagle here, and i do-- i do remember saying to him, let's knock ishi i (joe) justin thomas, who has a chance for a record-setting round, is sitting on his golf bag here at 18. (commentator) that tells me he's nervs. (justin) i get a little shaky and jittery pts and i could feel it a little bit again, but i just--i wanted to calm myself and just try to relax over that putt. (commentator) here we go. (joe) he missed a short putt on 15 for eagle when he drove the green with a 3-wood.
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♪ (spectator) in the hole! (commentator) dead-center history! (applause, cheers) (joe) justin thomas, a third-round 63, and the best single round in u.s. open history ♪ i'm in the scoring tent, and i knew i shot 63. i mean, i knew i'd tied the record. but then the scorer was like, yeah, you' t lesrod in relation to par ever. i was like, that's cool, i didn't know tha (chuckles) i think that was something that took a litt wle to set in, the fact that i actually had a record, but it was pretty cool. he shot 63, that's a hell of a round. i don't think people realize how good and how impressive that was. (brad) he shot nine under par at a u.s. op, which had never been done before, and he did it with two of the best 3-wood shots
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in the history of the game of golf. that was as good as we could have ever expect. (ed) thomas's afternoon helid da ofvellrends play by some of the best golfers in the world, with 11 players shooting 68 or better. saturday wasn't always pretty for rickieowr, but he grinded away, working his way to six birdies and just two bogeys, earning a 34 going out and a matching 34 coming in for a 68... (joe) looking for his third birdie in a row... (commentator) and he did it! (cheering) (ed) ...leaving him just two shots off the lea (upbeat music) ♪ right there alongside him on the leaderboard was tommy fleetwood, who also shot a 68 on saturday. (commentator) ran it right by the flag. what a shot. (tommy) it's just one of them tournaments
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ning, as a boy, as a teenager, even turning pro. it's a pleasure to be in contention on a sda (ed) brian harman was even better, as the 30-year-old matched his opening round scorof7, giving him a one-shot lead overall. (commentator) today, he's played flawlessly. (commentator) he's hit every shot the presemot. when he got in trouble, managed himself well. (commentator) showing a lot of class, lotta game, lotta guts. (joe) he's never made the cut in a u.s. open. he ends with a par, he shoots 67, and he leads by one over three. (ed) if this u.s. open looked to be setting up as a breakthrough stage for a new star, there was no disputing that of all the young ays to emerge at erin hills, brooks koepka had looked as strong as any oth. (commentator) koepka for birdie. he's got it! puts him in a share of the lead. (ed) and for koepka on saturday,
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d nine again proved to be a difference... (commentator) this is what power looks like, lk this guy with his arnold palmer arms, just letting it eat. oh my gosh, that's so impressive. (ed) him an aggregate 10-under bogey-free score on the back half of the course. (brooks) coming down saturday, you know, to play well on the back nine i thought was really important. you could lead into sunday, you know, having some confidence, and it was nice, we played well all week. (ed) overall, koepka hit 12 of 14 fairways and 15 of 18 greens in regulation for a 68, leaving him just one shot behind harman and tied with the red-hot justin thomas and tommy fleetwood, with rickie fowler just one shot back, all of them looking to be at the top of the ap when the last player holed out on sunday. (brooks) i mean, there's a leaderboard eryol i mean, it's hard not to see where you' a and i just remember thinking every time i sawt, well, that's just not quite good enough. you need to keep making birdies, everyone's mangires
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you know, you've got one day left to wia so just give it your all. (ed) he would need the round of his life to make it happen.
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the leaderboard of the 2017 u.s. open at erin his was crowded as the final day of play began in wisconsin. (joe) we came into sunday with no clear-cut favorite to win that championship. you think rickie fowler, 'cause he's e ggt me you think justin thomas, 'cause he juswe czy on saturday, but it was absolutely wide open. (ed) now, 18 holes remained for one player to emerge. and among those looking to seize the opportunity of a lifetime was brooks koea, who had long been benefitting on the tour from his close friendship with the man who'd won this championship a year earer dustin johnson. (brooks) when dj won the u.s. open, i was extremely happy for him, but i also had a sense of, why am i not doing thi like, what's the issue here? after a while, it just kinda adds fuel to their (ed) having missed the cut, johnson called his buddy on the eve of the narod to offer some advice.
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aid, you know, hey, bud, this is ur you got it, nobody's playing better. go win yourself a major. and he knew, he knew what i needed. i'll remember that phone call for a whil iwa u it was really cool. (ed) and from the start, it looked like koepka was ready to do just what his friend told him to. (brooks) i was hitting the ball really well, i was putting it really well, short game wasig opot. you combine all of that and it's just pure confidence. that's kinda what it felt like. i was here for one thing and one thing only, and i wasn't leaving until i got it. (ed) and as the winds in wisconsin started to pick up, contenders started to fall off. the first was justin thomas. after his historic 63 on saturday, from the outset, it was clear sunday would be a very different story for the young american, who bogeyed three of his first five holes to take himself out of contention. (commentator) well, we repeatedly hear how hard it is to follow a great round up.
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(justin) i was excited for today, i felt very comfortable. i mean, it was obviously playing a lot more dfilt so i--i gave it all i had, i felt like it was theowt i could have shot; i mean, i just didn't, u just didn't have it today. (joe) now fleetwood for birdie and a share of the lead. (intense music) (ed) tommy fleetwood birdied his second hole, but immediately followed that with three bogeys over his next six. (commentator) he's going right at it. he let go, maybe he mishit it enough. oh, that is no good at all. (ed) a chance for birdie on the par-3 ninth gave him a real shot to end his front nine on a good note... (commentator) oh! what a beautiful shot by fleetwood. closest we've seen in a long time. (ed) ...but he'd be on the outside lookingn for the rest of the day. fowler, meanwhile, hung tough on the front, birdying the first hole, and then offsetting a bogey on five with another birdie on seven...
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...shooting a 35, keeping him right in the mix with nine holes to play. harman, the leader coming into the day, stayed consistent, with eight pars and one bird on the front nine. (commentator) good-looking run... and what a great putt for harman, full circle. -and brian harman jars it. -man, that fella can pt, i gotta tell ya. (ed) and he made the turn with a real shot at the championship. and then there was koepka, who started his sunday with back-to-back biie (brooks) you know, the old birdie-birdie eases the nerves, i guess, a little bit. not that i really had any nerves, it was more of a confidence thing, i guess youou s, it was okay, birdie-birdie. confidence, let's go, let's get this thi, and let's keep it rolling. (ed) then came his third birdie of the day,
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-there we go! -wow! two putts in a row from koepka that have reached the hole from a long ways away, and that was a big one there. (ed) and he finished his front nine as the new leader of the championship, just ahead of harman. (brooks) i was already clicking and i already knew what i was there for. to make the turn, to be like, all right, you're in control, you're in the driv'se, is a fun way to play the back nine. (ed) but there was also another contender who'd been steadily gaining all weekend: japan's hideki matsuyama. (commentator) oh, oh, oh! and that's how you draw it up. (juli) sunday, it was like he had nothing to lose he was like, okay, i'm gonna come out here and go for it. (ed) matsuyama started strong on the front nine (commentator) oh my goodness, what a shot. (ed) he birdied one, four, and five,
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8-under overall heading into the back nine, and there, he'd really heat up. (joe) this is the guy you may wanna pay attention to, the number four ranked player in the world, hideki matsuyama. he is making a charge and the highest-ranked pye left in the field. (commentator) gotta have it... ...and gets it! (ed) matsuyama's five birdies on the back ne and 12-under finish put pressure on the leader as brooks koepka started to waver. ♪ and on 13, things got really interesting. (brad) 13 was the key, i felt. when he missed the green to the right and it appeared he was leaking a little oil with the lead at the u.s. open, and he chipped it up eight or ten feet short, not a great pitch shot.
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♪ but when he drained that putt, it was a signal of things to come, and it was brooks koepka's to win or lose (brooks) i mean, it all came down to that puton3, that's the real reason why i felt like ha so much momentum. i mean, i felt like it was-- u.s. open, a par save sometimes just as good as a biie ♪ (ed) with rickie fowler continuing to struggle to hit greens... ♪ ...brian harman fading with back-to-back bogeys.. ...and matsuyama only able to make up so much grod, there was never a better time for koepka to catcfi. (joe) third shot for our leader, brooks koepka. (commentator) he's got a beautiful backstop behind the flag to feed the ball back. he's gonna use it. (crowd shouting) (commentator) how crucial was that? that's getting it done when you need to get it done.
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ator) massive putt, this one is. this is a nerve-tingler. ♪ (joe) birdie for koepka! (commentator) for a guy ranked 158th in sand saves this season, none bigger than that. (joe) 14 under par, a 2-shot lead, going to the toughest hole on the golf course tay (brooks) you know, on 15, absolutely was the shot of the day. ricky told me that, i thought it when i hit it, i thought, how good is this? it came out beautifully, and when i hit it, i knew it was good, and, you know, with the crowd's reaction, you can reallyel ♪ (commentator) brooks koepka, birdie on 15. absolutely flawless. (brooks) and then to go on to make that putt wa.. was really important. (spectator) get in the hole! (commentator) you'd better believe it, wow (ed) after his third straight birdie on 16,
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koepka had a four-shot lead on harman, with matsuyama left in the clubhouse to watch and hope for a breakdown. (brooks) you know, you get the-- the champions racing on 17. you know, walking down the fairway, walking up to the green, everyone starting tohe, and i still got 30 feet. (commentator) tell you what, that four-shot lea could go down to two here in a new york minute if he's not careful. (crowd shouting) (brooks) and i run the 30-footer by, like, four feet by. (commentator) probably a little more ambitious than he needed to be. a little adrenaline in that stroke. (brooks) and my caddy was like, come on, man. like, you need to finish this thing off. ♪ (commentator) another great putt -by brooks koepka. -that's money right there, buddy, that is money. (brooks) you know, to make that save and to keep it clean, it was important. (curtis) it's the last nine holes of a u.s. en and he birdies three in a row. all you can do is shake the guy's hand.
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it was really impressive. he put on a display of ball-striking to hit 17 greens in the final round with the lead. unbeatable. doesn't look like anything's thinhi his emotion's been very steady. -oh my, look at that bounce. -absolutely roasted at that's a mile down there! (brooks) then we hit a 3-wood off 18. i hit it a ways down there and we're walngp d, you know, everyone's starting to cheean you know, stand up and... it was pretty co. ♪ (joe) this, for the u.s. open. koepka! a major champion. (cheers, applause) and that is now six straight majors
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won by first-time champions, and you can add another. at the age of 27, brooks koepka has won the u.s. open. (ed) and he hadn't just won it. he'd won it by equaling the lowest score in relaono r in the history of the u.s. open championship. an incredible performance for the kid from fri on a weekend in wisconsin. (curtis) it always becomes emotional, because you've accomplished a childhood drm that every kid thinks about. (joe) and brooks koepka, i think it's just starting to hit him. (commentator) there's no feeling like it the sense of achievement. dreamed about it your whole entire life. that dream just came true, buddy. (brooks) i don't know if i can describit in that moment. it's--it took me a few days to actuallkia really understand the magnitude of the situation, how big it actually was.
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it's honestly a weird feeling to try texai 'us.. okay, yeah, this is what you dreamed of being a little kid, but... if you say you're happy, you're excedyokn, best day of your life, whatever it may be, that's great, but that doesn't explain it. you gotta, like, combine all those and then it's still better than that. then you go back and i started reading all these names that are on the trophy, and all you're thinking about is all tseuy have held this trophy, and... that's the coolest thing ever. to win, you know, my first major is pretty special, and it is father's day. i didn't get him a card, so i really hope this works. (uplifting music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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might as well watch it. i haven't watched it-- i haven't watcheitt l. (ricky elliott) i looked at it once, i don'
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er seeit it's weird. (joe) now back to brooks koepka, co-leader at eight. -there we go! -wow! (brooks) yeah, that was such a big putt. (commentator) miss it right and you're alcra (commentator) he's gotta hit it right at the tv tor er oh...i guess he doesn't. it's incredible. (brooks) that was the best shot. (ricky) yeah, it's probably the one that--that won you it, really won it. (joe) this, for the u.s. open. i betcha i make this one. -confident. -oh... i just remember thinking, like... how many do i have? like, i've got enough putts, right? -like, i've got three? -don't kn. -that was pretty cool. -the short version'beer (brooks) yeah, i don't wanna watch it all (ricky) don't see us arguing out there d in. (brooks) yeah, all that good stuff; yeah, you missed all that. (majestic music) ♪
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(ed) if every age of golf has its own stor it should have been no surprise that this championip turned out to be such an indelible chapter in the rise of a new generation in the sport, and alsoo rprise that as e ekd ntn at golf's ultimate test, for every familiar face that faded, new stars supposed to just be on their way found themselves battling for the most cherished prize in the game. and for a kid from florida who spent his whe fe dreaming about playing his very best in the moments that mattered most, it was a fantasy that became a reality. when you accomplish something you've dveyo wleif or put your whole life towards and you actually finally accomplish it, i don't think there's really a word for that it's always gonna be my favorite, you kw, u.s. open is the first time i played it, that tour event the first time, you know, i actually clinched my pga tour card, the first time i won a major. it's gonna be special to me for the restf le.
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(ed) the u.s. open championship came to the heartland in 2017, and brooks koepka walked away as golf's newe sr.
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this is fox5 local news at five right now at five, new details he murnlging in the deadly shooting of a maryland police detective. we know this because it is captured on private surveillance video that we have recovered. detective sooter killed in a vacant parking lot with his own gun. what his partners did on the surveillance . then
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mother charged after her her september her daughter to school with a. and the black friday rush underway. but did you take the proper precautions to keep your identity safe from hackers the news at five starts now. and happy thanksgiving everyone, thanks for coming out of your turkey coma and joining us here at five. we do appreciate it. in case you haven't noticed, black friday shopping it has already started. it started weeks ago for some somebody. some people spent the day lined up outside of best buy. that's where we find fox5's anjali hemphill. i wonder if their families said we're cool with this. i think it's a little bit of both. some people decided to bring the family along, others decided to ditch them and cash in on some of those deals. many years ago this started being called gray thursday where those black friday deals
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. i can tell you you that these gray thursday fls anything but dismal. i think the last chunk of people that are being led in, they have been standing outside since way before five. they have been let ting people in since 5:00. we still have a line outside the door that is of course bought funnies in here. you wouldn't know it is still thursday with all the black friday signs off. some people waiting to cash in on 40, 50 percent off, sometimes more. this gray thursday has been controversial lately. this has been despite by some say thol days should be spent home with family. many stores like wall nart, colorados, best buy remain open. we did speak to young brothers earlier this afternoon who waited more than three hours in line to get a laptop they were looking for and they really fitiond out how to
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to shop while mom and dad stayed at home and cooked. i come here wait in line and when thee got in we'd call our parents and then they would come. they have to pay forth stuff, right. >> right. our plans are at home my mommies cooking the turkey. when we're done with this we're going to go back home and eat the turkey and celebrate thanksgiving. what are you getting today. >> a laptop. why did you you have to come on thanksgiving day >> because we didn't want rveg to be gone by the time we got here tomorrow. you can see they're still letting them in and they're still very excited, none of them being taken down by that turkey coma just yet. best buy a along with several other stores are open today. some are not. this best buy will stay open until one in the morning and then it will reopen tomorrow at 8 a.m.
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stalk about football on thanksgiving. the annual turkey championship took on some new cig gans this year. this is video of a brawl earlier this month between players at wood son and eastern high schools. wood son had to play the game with more than a dozen players suspended because of the fight. nine players appealed their punishment, but officials oanl other than every over turned one player's suspension. fox's paul wagner watched from the sidelines and has the story for us. >>reporter: it was a battle all day done, for hc wood son down 17 players and using a third string quarterback. but in the end ballou pulled it out. the tone of the game was set early on with two quick touchdowns by ballou. hz wood son did its best with the players it had, fighting with back with two interceptions and eventually two touchdowns of its own. ballou played the better game and came out
5:33 pm
bowl trophy now theirs after wood son had won it the last two years. the principal stood by his decision in face of criticism from the former mayor and former council member vincent gray. there are people who have more to lose, i think that's an important lesson that we want to make sure that our students learn now and that is that it's important at all times to be in control of your emotions the best you can and when you find yourself heated it's really important that you don't allow yourself to lose control. my issue has been the lack of fairness and equity involved in this. you got kids who were suspended from wood son who can't play in this turkey bowl today. eastern season's is over. they are suspended for a game for next year. that means also you will have kids who will graduate from eastern high school in year. there will never be a consequence for what they did. it
5:34 pm
fairness in equity. they should have gone ahead and suspended kids from wood son for next season as well and it would have been a much more fair and and equitable suspension. hd wood son it's a tough lesson to learn . at eastern high school, paul wagner, fox five local news >> nice sunny out there. and now it's dark. not so much. that whole sunset thing will get you every time. the football games are earlier and we're getting ready for another football game over fedex field. the redskins playing in just a couple of hours. >> and it's going to be cold. >> not as sunny and bright. >> it took me off guard. it's five:30. it was bright and sunny a couple of hours ago. anything could be going on outside we have no clue. >> a different day, it doesn't matter. i would have to say this was one of the nicest look ing thank
5:35 pm
remember in a long time. it was beautiful. it was definitely chilly and it's going to be cold if you're heading out to fed ex field later tonight. a beautiful day tomorrow, but also chilly for our black friday shoppers. we had a high temperature of 46 on this chilly thanksgiving day which is blow norm a. 38 in gaithersburg, 38 in dulles, 34 winchester and 41 in fredericksburg. the temperatures falling off quickly with the setting of the sun. it's also been one of the quiet 's thanksgiving border to border. a few showers in the pacific northwest and there's some moisture across the pan handle of florida. but it's been quiet for almost all of us and that would include here in the mid atlantic and the northeast. a few clouds towards our north and towards our south, but it is quiet for tonight. kickoff is still a few hours away. tailgate ers are having fun. maybe they're off to a later start. thirty-nine greece and mostly clear and a cold
5:36 pm
verse the giants. low temperatures just as chilly tonight as it was early this morning. if you're trying to burn off some of the turkey early you're dealing with temperatures in the upper 30s low 40s. black friday forecast, it is cold. if you're going to be out at midnight, bundle up, you need the hat, scarf and gloves for this one. we do get a lot of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures back into the 40s and 50s. and, in fact, we should get into the mid 50s here after a cold start just plenty of sunshine, light winds, it is a nice day. seven day forecast we'll show that to you now and we'll show it to you again coming up fox5 news at six. the weekend does look a little mild er. for sunday temperatures falling. it looks like we rebounded pretty quickly into next week, warmer temperatures ahead. >> that's a look at your seven day forecast. >> back over to
5:37 pm
details emerging tonight in the deadly shooting of a baltimore police detective. dec disk sean shooter was sholt in the head with his own gun in baltimore last week. it was confirmed that the officer was gunned down one day before he was set to testify before a grand jury in a corruption probe involving fellow officers. sooter was not the target of any ongoing criminal investigation. there was speculation of his partner being involved in his killing. the disee feuds that detective sooters was anything but just that, his parts inner. his partner sought cover across the street and he peedly called 911 we know this because it is captured on private surveillance video that we have recovered. i want you to know that we have evidence of a struggle between detective sooter and his
5:38 pm
a radio transmission and the sound of apparent gunfire and evidence of a struggle visible on detective sooter's clothing. >> police also say body camera video from first responding officers shows that suiter was still holding the radio that he made the emergency call from when officers found him. so far police have no suspects in the case. it was a rough start to thanksgiving at reagan national after tsa busted a gun who was carrying a loaded gun. tsa spot ted the gun in one of the monitors. the gun was confiscated and they sited him on weapon charges. fire damaged a home, the first one ripped through a home in clinton off bellefonte lane just before three people. three kids, two adults woke up in time thanks to a, woulding smoke detectivor. they think it started on the second floor after an electrical wire caught fire. today is thanksgiving. i
5:39 pm
you going to do? >> nothing, just i'm sad, you know. i don't know. i can do nothing. >> some of our most tragic fires have happened on thanksgiving and unfortunately holidays in general. a lot of family members together and lights and christmas trees. it's becoming that time of season so we're going to see more of that. another fire broke out at a home off trunl lane and this one started on a rear deck of the home involving the family's grill. in most l both cases the red cross is helping the famil ies out with a place to stay. the thanksgiving holiday is bringing some changes to your trash collection times. if you normally place your garbage and recycling bins on thursday they will now be collected on friday if your day is friday, of course you see the pattern here. you can place your bins out on saturday. one day delay. exactly. holiday
5:40 pm
message from the girl scouts is really ruffling some feathers. why some people the organization is over stepping their boundar ies when it comes to thanksgiving and christmas. first, brody logan at fed ex field ahead of the big game tonight. brody, how cold is it? >> it's getting colder, it's probably in the upper 30s and getting colder. i have my glove s ready. they can become mightance at any time. the redskins playing on thanksgiving , it's kind of the pie on the end of your night. we'll have a preview coming up.
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>> if your kids don't feel like handing out hugs this holiday you may not want to force the issue. the national girl scout organization is warning parents not to insist that their children hug their relatives. it is a story that we had earlier on fox5. what people think about this holiday parent ing message. >>reporter: a controversial message to parents from the girl scouts with a blog post entitled reminder she doesn't oh nina hug not even at the holidays. i just felt like that was over stepping the bounds of what girl scouts is all about. not forc ing children or anye
5:44 pm
that matter to have physical contact with anyone. the national girl scouts of the usa organization warning parents to not force children to give hugs or kisses to relatives if they do not want to. so they don't get the wrong idea about consent and physical affection. some kids need to be encouraged to show effects because maybe that doesn't come naturally to them. they're absolutely right. it made me feel different. i will ask my kneeses first on thursday if they mind. public figures are now facing sexual misconduct allegations. as experts note many child sex abuse cases involve a family member. i agree with the girl scouts. the problem, though, is that you don't want to make children paranoid and scared. children need to be touched, touched appropriate appropriately they need to feel that they're loved,
5:45 pm
three children, two girls and a boy. they always hug and kiss their parents, their grandparents, our relatives when they get something or when they haven't seen them in a wiel. the girl scouts suggest a smile, a high five or an air kiss as alternate forms of affection. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. some of the other things they mentioned, possibly just a little smile or a high five and as she mentioned the alternate air kiss. as forms of affection, but it's up to you, of course. it is. your mileage may vary. moving on tonight, we talk a little politics. roy moore using president trump's comments for fundraising. a thanksgiving e-mail with the subject line giving thanks for you and our president went out to moore supporters. the president hasn't endorsed moore but did say voters shouldn't support his right val, doug jones. five others made similar
5:46 pm
kicked off his first thanksgiving with a visit to a quoas guard station in florida. the president and first lady shook hands and fed members at lake rivera. the holiday lunch included turkey sandwiches, fruit and cookies before leaving he praised their efforts during hurricane season. he started the day golfing and the first family is celebrating thanksgiving at his mar-a-lago estate. more than a thousand soldiers and families sat down for a meal and the cooks did their best, preparing about 60 turkeys, the groups were joined by maryland representative brown >> the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade brought fun to the streets of new york city today. an estimate 200,000 people turned out to watch this year's event. the events customariy colorful balloons kicking off the big holiday
5:47 pm
haven't seen this really in a long time, the redskins celebrating thanksgiving with a prime time matchup with the new york football giants. that's where we find melissa howl today . how are things going out there. >>reporter: it's going pretty good. we got a game of corn hole going over there. they've been having a good time. of core it's thanksgiving so it wouldn't be a tailgating party without this. guess what was in here. that's right, a fried turkey out here. of course folks enjoying the thanksgiving while also celebrating the redskins and the game that's about to be happening. we found some folks that are actually coming from canada they brought their thanksgiving out to the parking lot. we've got some food, a plate that's being made for us over here and plenty of food out here. we've got the turk kirks all the fixings going objection to the form you can see that there. you guys are doing it big. you're not going to miss thanksgiving, right? i've got
5:48 pm
wevment he's a season pass hold er. you come from canada for every single game. >> yes, ma'am. >> today no disowts -- let's get over here. you came out to the game. >> yes. >> you didn't have any hesitation about staying home for thanksgiving. >> no, we're in canada, our thanksgiving is in october. it's like a double round of turk qui for us. your favorite part of today, anything in florida. >> the football game, redskins all the way, let's go skins. there you go, you heard it from craig. a the look of folks out here doing the same thing you guys did, bringing all the fixings out here, cooking the turkey right here in the parking lot. it's pretty cool out here, a lot going on. we're going to get a plate made for ourselves so we can enjoy the thanksgiving dinner as well while waiting for the redskins game to begin later on this evening. we're going to throw it over to broked dwi logan inside
5:49 pm
number one, i can't believe there's a fan that travels from canada to come to redskins games . that's awesome dead kaings that piled high a mound of stuffing. we're going to keep checking in with melissa a little bit later. it's going to be a rocket atmosphere outside and one herein side. it always is when it's redskins and giants . the skins coming off the disheartening loss against the saints. gave up a 15 point lead with just three minutes later and they have to play a prime time game thursday night with everyone watching. they come in batter thed. they feel bad physically. four players putting on the season ir. they're down to their third string center this week. this has been a reoccurring theme in the nfl not just with this redskins team. these teams have to come back in just a few
5:50 pm
to play on thursday. dj sweener says the league needs to get rid of it. they need to throw the thursday games out, it's definitely hard on our bodies, speaking for us, speaking for any other nfl team. it's hard when you get out on the field from sunday and you have to prepare in two, three days and prepare for another physical game, it's very physical. our bodies are definitely hurting right now. >> and that's the thing, you heard him say it, coming back just after a few days and then you have to play in a game that means everyting for this team. we talk about pivotal games all the time, but this is literally where the season could pivot for the redskins. you lose this game, fans are thinking what's the draft prospects. this is a big one against a beaten down giants team but they did get their second win of the season last week. jim and sarah, i want to give you a bad stat but with a little bit,
5:51 pm
skins are two and seven all time on thanks giving, but they're one and zero against everyone but the cowboys. they're un defeated against nine cowboys' teams on thanksgiving. let's say people at heem want a little more insight on the game maybe perhaps with you and grant paulsen, where would they turn. >> grad you asked. queep it on fox5. thanks so much, jim. amazing that i didn't think of that. 6:30 a special edition of redskins game time, me, grant paulsen. maybe some food. i'm going to try to get a little bit of a thanksgiving meal in before the show at 6:30 and i'll be nice and stuffed, cash oh load. >> see you at 6:30. coming up here on the five, 400 years in prison. the convicted master mind of a child sex trafficking ring. we have details of the crimes coming up.
5:52 pm
victimming is getting some help from kim kardashian. how the star is helping to free a woman sentenced to life in prison. a woman is paying someone back with a quarter mill. we'll explain after the break.
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>> a virginia mother is facing a felony charge after reportedly put a recording device in her daughter's backpack to try and catch alleged bullying, the norfolk woman claims the school isn't doing anything about the issue so she decided to take action into her own hands. with that felony charge she could face five years in price only the school said it couldn't comment on a pending investigation but did say elect tron devices are not allow in classrooms. a colorado man has been sentenced to 400 years in prison making it the largest sex trafficking conviction in the country. prosecutors say block franklin headed a child sex trafficking ring. the crimes happened at
5:56 pm
accident veer. the defense asked for the minimum sentence of 96 years, but victims and the prosecution asked the court for more. in all, seven people have been found guilty in connection with that case. kim kardashian west has reportedly enlisted the help of her high powered attorney to free a sex traffic king victim who is serving a life sentence. sen toy a brown was 16 years old in 2004 when she fatally shot a man who had allegedly solicited her for sex. brown said she was forced to prostitute by an abusive pimp and that she was acting in self defense. accord ing to people's magazine sean holly is in contact with brown's team of lawyers to find ways to facilitate her release. a new jersey woman has raised more than $250,000 for a home less man who used his last $20 to help her. kate ma cleur ran out of gas along a highway in philadelphia. a man named johnny saw her and toll her to t stay put while he went to a gas
5:57 pm
to buy her some gas. he is a former marine who became adisict ed to drugs and fell on some bad luck. ma cleur is now helping johnny find a home and now get back on his feet. a georgia family is calling it a thanksgiving miranda recall, their two year old son finally received the kidney transplant he defenses approximately needed after it was originally denied. he was born without kidneys undergoing nightly dialysis to stay alive. it was delayed because of a medical yoafers i. his father was approved to donate a kidney. aj is recovering and will spend the rest of the week in the hospital . a roanoke area woman has reason to be thankful today after almost 50 years of marriage she lost her wedding rink in a local grocery store, but as fox's caitlyn clienteles us the staff would not rest until she got her ring back. weegd through the aisles filling up
5:58 pm
kin's favorite grocery store, but her sunk last month when they are wedding ring vanished. when i took the things out of the buggy, my hands were real cold and it slipped off my finger. she and her husband searched the checkout lane but they couldn't find it. they came back every week for a month hoping the store employee had found it. i was devastated. i've been married, this is 46 years now the lamb kins almost gave up hope. nancy's husband even offered to buy her a new ring. i said that's real swing, but it won't be the same thing. she decided to step by kroger one more time, but this time when she stepped by the service customer she received good news kelly did. she wasn't even work ing the day lamb kin lost her ring. every time she cl
5:59 pm
for the wedding band. it took me a few days and then i found it in the candy box. nearly a month later whram kin's ring was found. the symbol of nearly 50 years of marriage is back when it belongs. she's even more a kroger's fan. i like all the people and i even love kelly now . she's my fainter grosser. >> your news continues. it may be gray thurks you but the deals are anything but dismal. the stores packed with p sho ers. we'll tell you what they got and if waiting in line was worth it how about this weather? it wasn't gray today. it was bright and beautiful on this thanks, but chilly indeed. get ready shoppers, it ising whying to be a very cold morning. plus the acts of kindness displayed worldwide on a day
6:00 pm
giving nangs, the news at six starts right now. this is fox5 local news at six. happy thanksgiving once again. a loft you enjoying dinner with your families. some people decided the better path would be to go out and fight the crowds and start the holiday season. there were tons of people that were out in line early getting a jump on black friday spending their evening not with their families, but getting what they want for christmas. anjali hemphill live tonight in tenly town. is it as crowded as we've seen in years past? >>reporter: i don't know about that. i would have to say yes, it's a mad house in here. let me tell you, the registers are a ringing, the deals are a blinking and black friday is officially underway here at the tenly town best buy even though it is still technically thanks giving thursday. there's they're still letting in people standing in line from the cold. they opened one


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