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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 24, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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we say thank you so much for joining us. >> all right. if we can get the prompter please and we can move along here. thank you. we appreciate it. today is friday, november 24th. mike thomas talking weather. >> today is not going to be a problem. this afternoon sunny and bright temperatures near seasonal. weekend maybe has one hiccup. >> right now the roads are nice and quiet but we'll let you know if that changes. developing overnight we're following two house fires developing in prince george's county. we're told both fires have been put out. the first one happened on wilbourn drive in capitol heights. a firefighter an civilian were injured. the firefighter's injuries are not critical. no update on the civilian. in beltsville crews responding to a kitchen fire. both fires have been distinguished. they're under control. >> ♪ coming up on 4:31. now that thanksgiving dinner is behind us for many people
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the next logical step especial shopping. >> today is black friday when retailers rack up so many sales it pushes them well into the black. fox5 annie yu in clarksburg bracing for the rush. good morning, annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning wisdom, good morning erin. that's right, we're at clarksburg premium outlets. it's been opened for just over a year now. we were out here last year when it first opened. there were a ton of shoppers then, there's a ton of shoppers here. if you look behind me there's a good number of people here but i also have randy goldman joining me. he's the director of marketing at clarksburg premium outlets. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: i know you've been here for overnight. it's been an early morning for you. how's it been so far? >> we are thrilled with the traffic that we've had. it's been overwhelming, just a great experience here at this center. retailers are packed and we're waiting for that second wave to arrive. parking
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of room and plenty of shopping to do. >> reporter: you all opene 6 o't night. you'll be opened basically until 10 o'clock tonight. what -- what are the hours moving forward after that? >> we've extended festive hours through this whole weekend. tomorrow we'll be opened from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and then on sunday we'll be opened from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> reporter: okay. you know, this premium outlets is also the same owners of leesburg premium outlets out in virginia and so are the same hours apply there that they do here? >> all of our centers have extra festive hours this weekend. they do vary a little bit. yes, we are both simon centers and we'll be opened late and often. >> reporter: all right. randy, thank you so much for the details. we'll be out here all morning long. we're going to be speaking with some shoppers. you know the drill. the retail federation says average spending $967 this year and so brick and mortar stores doing everything they can to lure those shoer
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choppers throughout the morning to see what everyone is here for. a lot of deals to be had. thank you randy. >> let's take a look at the black friday frenzy happening in other cities across the country. this is in watertown, massachusetts. this is one of three states with blue laws that prohibit big box stores from opening on thanksgiving. that didn't stop shoppers from waiting in line until the stores opened this morning. >> moving to new york city. black friday shoppers ransacked the macy's. the doors finally opened and people started stocking up on those holiday goodies. >> to south florida now, this video is out of tampa. people set up tents to get ready for today's mega black friday deals. >> ♪♪ morning, a small hiccup at the 91st annual macy's thanksgiving day parade a handful of protesters jumped over some barriers
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pavement to protest daca. they were in favor of daca. police quickly escorted them off the street. no one was arrested aren't the e parade went off without any delays. >> president trump visited a coast guard station in florida. the president and first lady shook hands and fed members of the coast guard unit stationed in lake riviera. the holiday lunch set up for the men and women spending thanksgiving at the station included turkey, turkey sandwiches fruit pastries and cookies. >> senator al franken offered a new apology yesterday amid the latest accusations that he had groped two women at campaign events. a franken admits he "crossed crossedthe line in some cases." franken says he is sorry and that he feels terrible that he's made some women feel bad. >> there's a sign that
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president's former national security adviser could be cooperating with the russia investigation into the russia election meddling. michael flynn will no longer share information with trump's team about the probe. he's trying to figure out whether trump aides colluded with russia to boost his presidential campaign. >> 4:35 is the time right now. and we want to bring in mike thomas now. >> i know. the empty chair needs to be filled. >> i'm doing the tucker barnes this morning. >> rolling in late. >> whew. >> yeah its all good. >> good morning, everybody. >> welcome to the party. >> happy friday to you. >> happy friday, guys. how was your thanksgiving? >> great. >> delicious. >> i was in bed by 6:30. we had dinner at 2:00. >> family keeps you going and then all of a sudden it's 9 o'clock and i'm like uh-oh. >> it's all good. sunny bright skies this afternoon. we'll warm temperatures up a little bit about five, 6 degrees warmer than yesterday so good news
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satellite and radar super quiet this morning. we're dealing with clear skies out there. sunshine coming your way once the sun gets in the sky in a few hours. reagan national sitting cold though this morning. 33 degrees. you're shopping around dulles this morning 26. suburbs especially dealing with cold temperatures to start the day here. again bundle it up for the early morning shoppers. good news is we will again warm it up just a bit. more seasonal today. yesterday was only 47 degrees. we should do about 54 degrees later on this afternoon but we'll stay in the 40's through the morning hours. by 10 o'clock, 44 degrees. by 1 o'clock, 51. it's 53 degrees by 4:00 p.m. your highs today 54 in washington, 55 down to the south here in manassas, culpeper maybe 56 for you. 55 for fredericksburg p-leonardtown 52. everybody low to mid-50's coming your way this afternoon under sunny bright glorious friday skies. >> have you been on line shopping at all. >> actually i'm going out shopping at 7 o'clock so -- >> are you. >> yeah. >> where are you going. >> probably target in
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heights. >> good call. i'm going to hit old town alexandria today to do a little shopping. >> the headline is mike is goingoing for work. >> work and pleasure. >> i thought you meant later this evening. >> i like getting paid to shop. >> i see. he's on to something, wisdom. >> brilliant. >> it's brilliant. >> i wish you wouldn't have said that out loud now. you might get some texts. let's take a look at traffic. roads are super quiet. if you're headed to columbia maryland like mike is heading later this morning to the target you're not seeing any issues. traffic is moving along fine on 295. just a minor slowdown of 39 miles an hour south of 50. coming up next on fox5 news morning. >> a shocking story out of ohio. a mother is sentenced to prison for duct taping her son to a chair so she could take the other child swimming. the disturbing details ahead. >> ♪ >> as we head to break here's a live look across
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region. mike says that it's pretty pleasant temperatures. he's going to have a full look at that forecast as we continue. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪ dang. ok, i gotta run... hey wait. there's something i need to tell you. dang. dang. dang.
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>> 4:40 is the time. we're back with what's hot on the web. >> that's right. stories you're engaging with the most on social media. >> we're talking about an ohio woman sentenced to nine months in prison for duct taping her 11-year-old son in a chair. 33-year-old susan malasa. when police arrived officers say they found the boy cold and shaking with bruises on his body. >> plus, caught on camera an indiana high school teacher got more than a detention slip when she was arrested for allegedly doing drugs in an empty classroom. police say samantha cox was caught doing drugs after a student filmed her with a cell phone. the video
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social media o the 24-year-old english teacher is being held at a local jail pending charges. >> friends giving. >> love it. >> it was such a fresh new spin on thanksgiving. gathering around the table with your college buds and closest friends while avoiding the stressful idea of travel during the holidays. new review revealed that the number of people talking about friends giving on social media sites quadrupled this year compared to 2016. >> i used to do that when i lived in tennessee and my family was far and it was nice to have people around to celebrate with it. >> great idea. >> fans are asking miley cyrus is that a baby bump or a turkey bump. the answer a tofurky bump. cyrus is denying rumors with the comment saying rude not pregnant just eating a ton of tofurky. never ask a woman if she's pregnant. >> finally fast food chain kfc encouraging customers to spend some time
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an internet escape pod. it's blocks wireless signatures. kfc is selling the pod for $10,000. kfc says the product is limited edition and the lasts only until the current supply is sold out. >> weird, right? >> beyond weird. >> just saying. coming up on fox5 news morning. >> an alert for metro riders using the red line this weekend. starting tomorrow a big project on the red line begins. we've got the details ahead this morning so you're not stranded. >> yeah, that's really important information for red line riders. as we head to break we'll take a live look across the d.c. region. time now is 4:42 and it is 33 degrees out there. good shopping weather if you're headed out to get any of the deals. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> time right now is 4:45. here's a look at the stories we're following for you today, november 24th. a search for three missing sailors has suspended. a navy plane crashed near the philippines. 11 sailors were on board, eight were rescued. navy officials are investigating multiple potential scenarios. one rare case could be that the plane crashed after losing both of its engines. >> let the black friday blitz begin. today shoppers charging into stores and charging up those credit cards. today is that considered the official kickoff for the holiday shopping
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with very good reason. many stores offer items. the term black friday was traditionally used in accounting to describe a business making profit. >> football fans, it wasn't the most exciting game but a win is a win. the redskins, well, they smothered their giants since we're in a whole thanksgiving theme, they smothered giants. eli manning played like he was still eating turkey, only 113 yards and an interception but if that's the case every day is thanksgiving for him. the score was zero-zero at the end of the first half and tied up at 10 going into the fourth. kirk cousins, this is not good for kirk cousins. anyway, washington won this game 20 to 10. >> i like when you -- >> that was one of the,,. >> i like your editorial spin. >> that was one of the few highlights for the giants entire season
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>> happy day after thanksgiving. >> the burgundy and gold won. >> do you like my burgundy dress today. >> is that what color that is? >> yes, i think so. >> uh-huh. [laughter] >> your turn for weather, mike. i'll re-evaluate. >> don't forget we're celebrating the breaking of the curse today t for the first time in three weeks wisdom martin got it right. good call, wisdom. satellite and radar showing, hey, it's going to be quiet. there's that front that moved through a couple days ago. it's offshore and lots of sunshine coming our way today. just know that for your early morning shopping it's cold outside. 24 degrees in martinsburg, 26 at dulles, 24 for gaithersburg. here in d.c. just sitting above freezing but again, if you get away from the potomac river there temperatures cool off rather quickly so just about everybody is starting off the day chilly this morning. today is a very quiet day and the into tomorrow we'll start quiet. there's your one hiccup for the weekend. maybe a couple showers later tomorrow evening but other than that should still be fine. in
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a cooler on sunday. through more details on the forecast coming up in a bit. erin i'll end it to you for traffic. >> right now at 4:47, the good news is if you're trying to get an early start on those roads to snag some of those black friday deals southbound 270 looks good. maybe you're headed to columbia heights to the target are mike is headed later today, you're in great shape. you can see the beltway is looking good. secondaries in bethesda problem free. gw parkway is dr dream right no. in 48 shape through bowie on 50. metro service picks up at 5:00 a.m. now that that thanksgiving feast is over i'm looking forward to leftovers and the holiday season is officially under way. >> it is a big day for bargain hunters tracking down those deep discounts on big ticket items. fox5's
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the black friday blitz. >> reporter: i think i'm in your neck of the woods, wisdom up here in clarksburg. what a beautiful property. they have 90 stores here. they've got everything pretty much from athletics to kids to women's, men's, you name it, they have it here and it's bigger and better this year now that they're about a year into the grand opening. behind me you can see the christmas tree so it really sets the tone for the holidays and i've already talked to some shoppers who say they've snagged some wonderful deals. i've been trying to get my research on on what these discounts are and i'm told that kate spade offering 70 percent off. kate spade 70 percent off items right now. that lasts until about 8 o'clock this morning. tory burch also has like 40 to 60 percent off, michael kors. i'm just asking some shoppers on what these dale city are and they say they're very good and worth coming out here. some shoppers tell me they got here around 1 o'clock right after the thanksgiving meal and all the festi
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about three and a half hours or so tonight. that goes for leesburg outlets as well. over at tanger outlets over at the national harbor they opened at midnight. they're going to close at 10 o'clock tonight and then potomac mills they opened their doors at 6:00 a.m. so less than two hours from now and they'll remain opened until 10:00 so as you can see the pattern has sort of shifted this year where you see a lot of doors opening on thanksgiving day later and then they close for a few hours to regroup and then, you know, they reopen early this morning. so, we're just kind of getting started here at the clarksburg premium outlets. it's so cold out here my tongue refuses to work. plenty of parking and plenty of deals. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> annie question for you, is that a fire pit behind you to your left? look behind you. >> i think it is. >> reporter: it is.
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i want to see it. walk over there. >> wisdom >> i want you to be warm. >> reporter: that's what we did earlier is we kind of just stood by here for a few minutes to relax. >> okay. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: and catch the heat. a lot of shoppers are as well. >> okay. >> reporter: somehow when the camera comes, they run so maybe later i'll have some better luck getting some shoppers to talk to us but a lot of us are i'm not looking too good right now to be on camera and i'm like you look beautiful, no, annie, go away. >> one last question. if you find any boots on sale, let me know. i need to get some new shoes. >> reporter: erin i got you. what size are you. >> seven and a half, please she's the best. >> reporter: got it. >> thank you annie. stay warm. it is 4:51. more news to tell you about. metro's red line riders well they have a partial shutdown we need to tell you about. beginning this saturday a two week shutdown will affect your commute between the silver spring fort totten
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stations. workers will be replacing a main line interlocking that allows the trains cross from one track to the other. there will be limited bus shuttles offer. the impacted portion is set to reopen on december 10th. >> it's going to be a big project so pay attention if you're taking the red line. at 4:52 you are watching fox5 news morning as we head to break, a calm live look across the d.c. region. we'll be right back. mike says to grab a jacket before you head out for those black friday deals and annie says there's plenty of parking up in clarksburg. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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>> car accident overnight injured one person in clarksburg, maryland. it happened around 10
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morning on the snowden farm parkway and new cut road. the driver was taken to the hospital to get checked out. no word on what caused that crash. >> ♪ >> also developing overnight, we are following two house fires developing in prince george's county. now we're told that both fires have been put out. the first one happened on wilbourn drive in capitol heights. the firefighter and civilian were injured. the firefighter's injuries are noncritical. no update on the civilian. in beltsville crews were responding to a kitchen fire. both fires have been extinguished. >> let's get over to mike thomas and get an update on weather. >> hey guys, this morning. update for today is it's cold to start. we'll do a little better this afternoon. more seasonal later. here's youred had line. we're warming a little bit into the weekend, particularly on saturday. with temperatures expected to reach the lower 60's here in washington. unfortunately it does not last if you like the warm conditions. there y
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front which may kick up a shower or two especially close to the sunset to early evening hours is when we could see just a sprinkle in the d.c. region. front will move through and we'll once again start getting colder. sunday features sunshine. temperatures dropping all day. we may start the day in the 50's but it looks like we'll be falling through the 40's most of the afternoon. sunshine, 54 today. we'll start tomorrow sunny and bright but we'll cloud it up and again watch out for a passing shower during the evening hours. 61 degrees. down to 51 on sunday. 55 on monday. we'll keep the dry conditions going into next week with temperatures actually returning to the middle 60's by next wednesday. all right, that's weather. ervin back this morning with traffic. how does look erin. >> 4:56. we may see crowded roads as people head to get those black friday deals if they haven't already headed out. southbound side down to fredericksburg is quiet. 395 the beltway looking good. metro service picks up at 5:00 a.m. and it's a normal day
4:57 am
this laugh if you're taking metro and skipping the roads. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, actress uma that you un taking a stand against harvey weinstein. we've got the instagram post details ahead at 5:00. >> as we take a live look outside the d.c. region calm by the national harbor outlets. we'll keep you updated on this friday morning as a lot of shoppers head out around the dmv. >> ♪ dmv.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> millions of shoppers across the country to the hunt for black friday deals. stores are offering big discounts today to kick off the holiday shopping season. we're live as the shopping rush gets started. >> tracking metro. commuter that is use the red line heads up, starting tomorrow a big project gets under way. we'll find out how this is going to impact your commute. >> today is friday, november 24th. it's a chilly start to the day but will there be a warmup for the weekend. we've got you feel weekend forecast coming up and hey, you made it through that turkey coma. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> we're talking weather and traffic. we'll start though with mike thomas. pop your face up there. there he is. all right. >> i'm still kind of dealing with that turkey hangover personally. >> it's all good. >> we got leftovers. can't wait. going to be a


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