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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  December 3, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ahead this morning a desperate plea from family members. a man stabbed to death near his mother's home in alexandria and now his family is pleading the public pour help. >> and brutal murder of shanti philly and how he died. >> and top abc journalist off the air for coverage of the russia investigation and president trump surprise not being quiet about. it more on twitter fire storm and what the president is saying about the firing of michael flynn. good morning, welcome to "fox 5 news morning" on this su sunday, i'm annie yu thank you for joining us. >> i'm tom fitzgerald thank you for having us this sunday morning. here's a
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white house, sun still coming up a little on this sunday, december 20 -- i wish 23 we would be getting ready for chris, december, 2017 as we see decorations they put up over there at the white house. looking good. starting with gary mcgrady. little warmer than we expected when we stepped out this morning. >> and sprinkles, too. >> and super moon, super full moon tonight. we'll see it with fair skies. clouds this morning and showers out there as well. temperatures are for the most -- well everybody around here temperatures are above freezing for now. we'll talk about that in a second. i want to show you showers. i'll be perfectly honest with you. we thought a few sprinkles overnight tonight and this morning. it looks like it's more substantial than that moving on through. so, there's actually some yellow in the return this morning. and that's a little more than light rain here. so if you look at the trend of this, over
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so, it has been basically moving from the west to east and it is months onlying a little bit as it is comeing across d.c. and i 95. there's another little shower that is starting to develop on the backside of this. you see it i'll zoom in you see it coming in right there, right western extreme western sections of fairfax county. that's another little shower. it looks to be a shower. maybe a burst of ground clutter now that i get closer i look it's a burst of ground clutter as rain goes by. zooming into d.c. see all theo owe, montgomery country, working off east. i want to check on temperatures this morning. it's critical obviously when the rain is coming through. we're 43 in town. upper 30s gaithersburg. everywhere it's raining now temperatures are well above freezing. i don't think there's pro problems. could there be a pitter patter of sleet around but yeah we're talking sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures warm up and we go upper
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town. close to 60 fredericksburg. culpeper right up about 61. by this afternoon later today sunshine and super moon. fire skies, you'll be able to see it. >> gary, thank you, 7:03 a desperate plea for answers the family of man brutally stabbed and left in the woods to die is begging public to help. >> they found the body fair child drive off route 1 dprooe in the meadow woods apartment complex. tisha lewis live this morning with the latest on this search for a killer. tisha. >> good morning to you tom and annie. a bizarre set of circumstances in the alexandria section of fairfax county. no suspect is. no motive and no witnesses. it all unfolded here over my right shoulder. el mer bonia found stabbed to death as police officers were doing their routine patrols in this area. he was
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his mother's apartment here at the meadow woods apartment complex in alexandria. here's what we know so far. we're told he was at a nearby 7-eleven earlier in the day with two men. that's all. that's all we know. hours later, on friday night, police again discould have had his body stabbed to death. we do know he has two young children, he's a father and his family is heartbroken to say the least by what happened. >> we've lost a brother, a father, a son, uncle, a great guy just is in general and no one deserves to die that way and be left out. there if anyone knows anything if you can come forward with information i want justice to be served and these people in jail and want to know what they did and how sick senting it is. >> again,
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found stabbed to death, 34-year-old, call police. if you have information. days after the incident. still no suspect, motive or cause. tisha lewis, "fox5 local ne news". now to a "fox5" follow up. autopsy report said ashante billy died of undetermined trauma. norfolk obtained the autopsy for billy found dead behind a church in charlotte north carolina after vanishing from her job. eric brown is charged with her murder and kidnapping. >> it's been 4 years since a woman kidnapped infant girl from a bus station in northwest d.c.. police are holding out hope they can solve the disappearance of april williams on december
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a woman grabbed a 3-month-old from her mother. investigators say the woman wept by the name of otoya but could go by renee. police put together an image of what april williams might look like today. investigators say he was born with small birth mark on top of left wrist. d.c. police want to hear from anyone that might have information about this cold case. d.c. police need your help to help find a man that robbed a convenience store. take a look at this. surveillance video showed a man pointing a gun when he walked to a door more tin luther king avenue the gunman orders shoppers to the ground and orders clerking to open up cash register. nobody in the store was hurt luckily. anyone with information as you know it asked to call police. your time 7:06 now to growing tensions between northeast and korea, president trump national security advisor says possibility of goin
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north korea is increasing every day as long as countries remain on unresolve. we talked to brett bear and north korea last week filed another missile. that, experts say, has the range to reach washington d.c. >> every time he conduct a missile launch and nuclear test he gets better. and whether it's a success for failure is not as important as understanding that over the years, he's been learning from failures and improving and there by increasing his threat to all of us. >> north korea north korea ballistic missile did not survive reentry to the earth's atmosphere. >> latest on russia investigation now. president trump surprise again denying any collusion between presidential campaign and russiaia. president with a new version of why he fired former national security advisor
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michael flynn he said in a series of new tweets last night that he knew flynn lied to the fbi and vice-president pence when he decided to fire him. he plead friday on to one count of lying to the fbi over presidential transition into the white house. and the president called out former fbi director james comey on twitter saying i never asked comey to stop investigating flynn just more fake news covering another comey lie, unquote. >> clarification on something flynn copfy dant reported and we told you earlier today. >> meanwhile "abc news" suspending brian ross for four weeks over erroneous report on michael flynn. he said flynn was prepared to testify against trump said he ordered him to make contact with the russians during the campaign. network issued a clarification later said the president allegedly gave the xhant after he won the election and was
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and president trump took to twitter to weigh in it on ross's suspension and congratulated "abc news" and called russia investigation a witch hunt and said more networks and papers should do the same with their fake news. all right. president trump is one step closer this morning to claiming first legislative victory. marathon session on the hill the senate passed a bill to overall the u.s. tax code for the first time in deck sglaidz bill squeaked through 51, 49 vote entirely along party lipdz and comean changes for tax fairs. for that we head to caroline shivly for more. >> the republicans got this through with a vote to spare. each the democrats did everything they could to block it. >> i would be dliingtsed to dput and destroy this legislation. >> how high the sten. is rising in this chamber as we debate the bill tonight. in my long career he me politics
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more regressive piece of legislation. >> they also took to twitter showing last minute changes being handwritten on the bill. complaining there was no way anyone had time to read the entire piece of legislation much less study it and figure out how it would affect the economy. here's senator john tester of montana. >> you can tell me what that word is? if you can you have better eyes tan me. this is unbelievable. >> but in the end prens railroad are able to push it through giving president trump a huge ledge late everyive strike torrey. >> it was fantastic evening lasts night we passed the largest tax cuts in the history of our country and many other things along with it. >> gop hailed permanent reduction of the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20% and also pointed to a modest ten-year cut for individuals and official estimate says it adds more than a trillion to the deficit and republican leaders say that doesn't fay into account the massive growth the bill would
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to be filled only requires us to grow four tenths of one% over the next ten years. and goodness gracious, that's very much achievable i'm convinced this is revenue bill and revenue producer bill that will get america moving again. >> next step reconciliation with house version of the bill. two are far at this point and republicans seem to be motivated to cuts a deal with each other. do democrats voted yes in either chamber. caroline shivly. nox news. >> we'll be talking about that 8:30 on the hill later on. >> a lot to breakdown, fits. >> okay. >> all right. >> coming up harassment on the hill. talking about that. two democratic leaders aus kood of sexual misconduct and fellow lawmakers what they're saying about it. >> medical break through in medicine a woman born without a uterus gives birth to a
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a uterus gives birth to a baby. we'll explain all this coming up. >> gary mcgrady coming up. another look at the weather. a little hard to look lieu that now. there's a live shot at the wilson bridge. 7:11 on sunday morning. we'll be right back with you.
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>> the former stanford university student found guilty of assaulting an unconscious woman on campus plans to appeal the conv conviction. it made headlines in 2016 when a judge sentenced him to six months in jail and three years of probation. the sentence was widely criticized as lenient con considering he faced up to 14 years yearsies in prison. he lost his swimming sdol or app this stanford and had to remingster as a sex offender,
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sentence saying he did not get a fair trial. >> two democratic kong gu guessmen are weighing options after women accused them of sexual misconduct. nancy pelosi called now on both of those members to resign. >> fox's ellison barber has this story. >> minority leader nancy pelosi called on representative rubin keywind to step down after a staffer accused nevada democrat of sexual harassment during the 016 campaign. in a statement pelosi said the young woman's documented account is convincing. and the woman only identified as samantha told buzz field he repeatedly asked her for dates and sex even though she repeatedly said no. and he even told buzz need he's story for anything he did that "made her feel uncomfortable" he's the most recent lawmakers accused of sexual harassment but he is not the only one. according to report in poli ty co 84,000 taxpayer dollars
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were used to settle 014 sexual harassment claim against blake farenhold it came from the office of compliance since 1997 reportedly paid more than $17 million in settlements for various violations of employment rules including sexual harassment. three former staffers accused long-time congressman john conyers of sexual harassment. he deny i'd allegations but said he housed 27,000 from the office's budge tote settle harassment claim from a st staffer maryanne brown. >> he pointed to areas of again tall areas of his body and asked me to you know touch. it. >> and after that interview minority leader manse pelosi called on conyers to resign. five women accused minnesota senatorial franken of groping them and a number of democrats asked
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let ethics investigation play out many are saying. in washington, i'm ellison barber, fox news. in health news this morning amazing break through is vending. first u.s. woman with a united states russ transplant has given birth to baby. the mother was born without a uterus and gave birth at baylor university medical center in dallas. baylor has been conducting a substitutey on uterus transplants self years and the birth marks a major milestone for medical research in the kupty. they'll talk about this in a news conference tomorrow. that's unbelievable. and now to an update on american airlines. they reached a deal with pie lots to save thousands of flights this holiday season. this all springs up from computer dmrich that left those without flights because they don't have scheduled captains. captain union says they sxek the airline to carry out nrition as was ori
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planned. >> there's a cool new tech toy flying off the shelves this holiday season. jim beam teamed up with amazon home assistant alexa to create the robo bartender. we need this in our life. de canter that answers questions about bourbon in kentucky accent and can pour you a shot. it costs $4 and went on sale this week and sold out in less than two hours. why do i not already own this. >> we're making it too convene for people now. making it a lazy society. >> seems like something i would like. >> that is a cool story trending story out of florida. >> ah, no. >> yeah. >> i know. >> owe' up that can hold her liquor. he managed to sneak her way to a liquor store and drink an entire bottle of bourbon. the store owner found the drunken cityer when he returned to work. animal control was able to help the owe' up sober up and hopefully avoid a nasty ha
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hangover. this is trending all over and it's sad and hilarious at the same time. but i think she really needs a good hangover soup or cure. searching the animal would taste it and keep going. they said she was acting strange. >> she? >> yeah. >> i don't know why that mattered. >> well ft.' up had one of those alexa assistant bourbon it would vonl one shot and may not have wound up on the fl floor. >> she would have been smart enough to figure ow out how to override that. gray and fwloomy out there and sunshine coming our way and nice and try this afternoon. all right. so you can bank on that. 4 degrees right now here in town and where the rain is
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to freezing. that's good. this is really blossomed over the last couple hours or so and moving basically west to east across the area. a future cast watches the reign and watch how it gets out of here. later on today lots of sunshine moving our way. overnight tonight beautiful viewing for super moon by tomorrow afternoon just great. mostly sunny and tomorrow high pressure fills n here's the forecast for today. we start with clouds this morning at 48 degrees and break into sunshine, temperatures warm up into the upper 50s. satellite and radar this morning show the rain showers showily moving on off east. look back to the west. all this high pressure builds in and things get a whole lot nicer, dry, sunny this afternoon. sunshine comes out and winds northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. upper 50s for highs today some will be at 60. if not 61. look i just want to put this out there so you know.
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this the next few days. cold air will be coming in. and definitely changing our pattern. it looks like it will be late week into next weekend and we're talking 10 to 15 degrees below normal and i'll say this you get the cold air in and storms running into the cold air can provide rain and possibility of snow and right now, some of the modeling is suggesting late term we may have a little snow in the mix so i put a little snow on the 7 day forecast. friday. but there's so much uncertainty about what will or won't happen and with this storm system. and late in the week. and i just want todz kind of put it out there. >> wanted to put it out there. we'll be standing by. >> dying for snow. at christmas. >> and can't you tell? >> scott, our floor director is doing a dance there. >> ease doing the snow dance i wore white for some of the white stuff. bring it to us. >> pressure is
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>> whatever you think helps. >> dancing and light dresses. >> wear your pjs inside out. >> whatever. >> thanks, gar. >> having something going on today, if you don't we'll help you out. there's a lot going around the dmv today on sunday. we'll tell you some of the things happening in our area. >> first we've been talking about this a lot on "fox5". mean girls the musical is at the national theater and today is the last chance to see the show before it heads to broadway. and 7:30 tonight and get tickets while you can. these final two shows are sure to be so fetch. >> seems like everybody in my naind has seep this and they're saying it's great. >> this is the last day to chest out the christ kundle market. famed castle gardens will have dodz epz of vendors selling holiday arts and crafts and you can have a chance to go inside the historic mansion. tickets are $10. it's on ep free 11 to
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spend sunday. annapolis binge festival continues today with chocolates, whine tasteings and it's all luna blue. for $15 ask you get four chocolate desserts and red whine pairings make sure you make reservations before you go. there it's going fast. chocolate lovers planning to go out and take a taste. >> more whine taste sfwling that's intense. >> you can probably pay for more. >> finally northern virginia alexandria, i love this i used to go to this. alexandria ripping in the holiday season with tube achristmas. this is awesome. old town bringing you back it to old annual tradition of tube aplaying santas. it starts:00 this afternoon in market square you don't want to miss this, tube atakeover. tuba playing. >> i promise this sounds great. >> we'll be back 7:23,
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>> welcome back. time 7:26 listen to this a man walked into a south carolina waffle house looking for a good meal and ended up se severing himself this is alex bowwan the employee
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in the corner and didn't wake him up instead he walked to the grill, made food, cleaned up and walked out. he even came back the next day to pay for self serve ised sandwich. >> wow. >> okay. >> sir. >> what are we doing. >> good thing he deposit like you know -- >> he seems like a honest man. >> yeah. >> he had fun with it. >> it could have gone the other way. >> real quick a big catch of a couple weeks ago. opa fish. this fish was caught in ocean city last month. they got another one same fisherman caught another opa the fish about 100 pounds. opa are normally warm flooded fish. craze yeah, crazy. >> that does it for us, "redskins gametime" coming up next. don't go anywhere. >> that's a beautiful fish. opa. >> opa.
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after a thursday night debacle in dallas the redskins playoff hopes are on life support. >> we fumbled a punt and pass interest semed and fumbled another ball and we just didn't make it. ♪ ♪ >> now the redskins sit at 5-7. well on the outside of playoff picture we'll use the last four games of season to evaluate what this team has for the future. >>
7:31 am
. >> for 5-7 we're all professionals and we're being evaluated every single game. >> we'll evaluate the loss in dallas and every game to come. >> game time starts now. ♪ ♪ >> "redskins gametime" is on the air. no brody logan today. no problem. we have a tenure all offensive lineman and i'm grant paulson. we'll get you started with keys to the game. >> keys to the game. brought to you by local kia dealers. ♪ ♪ >> since there is no game today, and the redskins are idle until next weekend in los angeles against the chargers we're going to look back at their game, a loss in dallas and ahead to the chargers contest today. let's start, fellows with why did they lose an ugly one in dallas. most lop sighed setback
7:32 am
>> it's simple. what we talk about every week is that you cannot have turnovers and you have two teams average. both of them are kind of same record but the the team that has the most turnovers is the team that starts making mistakes early on gifts the other team confidence and you end up with score like that. >> right no question. turnovers every week and redskins have four turnovers and they're shooting themselves in the foot and along with turnovers i believe they had seven penalties. they continue to have guys get injured and o line continues to get shuffle around and trent leads the game and comes back. between the turnovers, penalties, injuries, to much too much to overcome. >> democratic national convention prescott was barely over you you could have pl plucked someone out of the crowds. it was one dimensional offense: let's move along to another thought of the cowboys game
7:33 am
pinning blame on various as secretary of the operation. which proved most costly. offense that turned dal over to much and defense that is horrific trying to stop the run or punt return on the crowded turnover he. >> you look at special teams until they do something they're just kind of there. you want them to contribute or not contribute and not to make mistakes. they made a lot of mistakes. >> don't beat us they did that. they did that twice and that in itself was horrible. you had offense that was with struggling and kurt played well and you have an o line that you're pacing and piece millian together and there will be a lot of sacks. you had defense that looked like they got tired of playing and you cannot have that. you have to play hard the whole time. i think mentally the morale was he error. the team did not believe in themselves. >> i'll have toer morrow fep receive
7:34 am
you never want special teams to turn the ball over as well. redskins defensive standpoint i wonder if alfred got the o line defensive treats. cowboys o line woke up a little. he reminded me of alfred when i was. there. and we saw his grand slam home run swing come out. even though i was not liking cowboys win i was rooting foralford. >> i was going with special teams as the reason they lost. offensively jamison crowder playing patti cake with a football. knocking it to defensive back was a fumble. they had their problems on the that side of the football like defense. occasion ailly special teams is bad it doesn't give you a chance and after they scored a touchdown to get back into the game, they were down two touchdowns. if not for giving up a special teams score which should never happen that's a one po sition session game. offense had good moment and special teams did not and that proved kt
7:35 am
a scout or opposite team and dallas and looking at the redskins. what do we do against that dallas or reds skipsz defense. i would say adds a team, you just keep running on them. because you know you you will wear them down. and morris is a type of person the more he plays the better he will get. it's a game lab that i think every team will use against the redskins you. >> were taking their lunch and they couldn't do anything about. it why not keep taking it. they stuck to the ground. how do redskins regroup. you play jay gruden and get opening the practice field in the next day or two. what do you say. >> go back and be on the details. some of these things are bad luck. from kurt's angle when you throw to receiver and deflected to inception and he had another interception tipped by defensive lineman and not even putting him on the fumble he had gets a sack familiarble. really some of those things are unluckily
7:36 am
be on the details. hopefully you know your guys with get healthy which has been a problem all season long. between getting healthy and staying detail that's really what i'll say. >> can they actually win the turnover marriage anyone four consecutive games come into this. that was a fluky performance they could not hold on to the football. that part may cleanup itself. what about the things as will talks about with injuries not going to just fix themselves before next sunday. >> so you know i think a lot of times teams tried to get -- you hear of all these teams. we had a teeth meeting. no coaches in the room and just us getting together and what they do in the team meeting we have to get back to fundamentals and basics and we have to get back to learning how to hold on the ball and point out the key things you're doing wrong and don't try to make it too difficult and say these are the things we're going to focus on. three things and not 15 different things they thipingz and we'll focus on them and make sure we go to the game with that attitude. >> and i have a small follow up on that each from the cred skins defensive line standpoint
7:37 am
we look at ionitis he's plague with the club and getting pressures and sacks and tackles in the run game and now he's plague with club. and meez hor versus being a playmaker. he's battling and i'll give him credit for battling and with a wrist injury myself instead of that wrist or arm being a weapon now he is just kind of place holder instead of weapon. so, you know, he's playing with pain and injuriesry. so give him credit. he's not the same guy he could be. >> in essence you lost two best defensive linemen. no jonathan allen. matt initis a shelf himself. 2 seasons between the three of us here. 21 seasons. >> how many seasons. >> 21 there as well. it doesn't matter. "redskins gametime" is only getting started. coming up a closer look at the offense. what does that units have to do in the final four games. come back and join us it will be a fun morning.
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>> welcome back to "redskins gametime" i'm annie yu you know what time it s time for today's redskins trivia brought to you by navy fed federal. in 1937 redskins game the first team in nfl wrist hi to do what? as always post ants on "fox5"facebook page and we'll provide apps later in the sho
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show. grant. >> thank you, annie. we started show with overview of the entire redskins operation. let's take out a shovel and dig deeper into this offense. start with wear the redskins are struggling i want to you put the emphasis on area of offense where they were not got enough lately, will. >> offensivelyfy want to look at last game i'll start with drops. obviously receivers i never haming out with the small guys i can criticize them. >> do their own things. >> never criticize the o line battling with injuries and it's tough you look at tying that game. he starts at left guard. and studying film all week and practicing techniques that guard and then thrust off to right tagle. i had to do that myself. you switch positions mid game oar switch with defender you are not expecting to play against. his film study and technique and muscle memory i want to give him a pass on some of the play. he's normally been playing pretty well most of the se season. >> well, you know,
7:42 am
want to point the finler at the receivers dropping the ball like you said. there's big guys, big money you got to catch the ball. and it's not just missing ball or dropping ball. it becomes a pattern over and over again and drapes morale of whole team down. running game establishing a running game throughout the season has been app issue every time we come on the show we talk about you need to have a balance a good running game with good passing game and as defensive playerfy know they'll pass all the time i'm saying this is go. i'll get to quarterback. kirk has been doing a fantastic job with what he h has. you need to establish the g game. >> sounds like i subscribe to will montgomery plan run the ball limit exposure. kirk is probably mvp of surprise so far and he's franchise player and can make all the throws and picks and if you have too
7:43 am
backs especially with a lot of reserves moving around sometimes you get exposed. >> there's a reason pass r rushers get paid so much. the more opportunities you give them the more they impact negatively. drops are a human problem and receivers are an issue. they're watered down with personnel because of jerz and biggest problem in loss to cowboys was offensive line. cousins was under siege earlier in the game and he deposit have much of a chance nor did running game. to really sustain anything. >> how about we get next as we get some of the problems this offenses are having to strength of offense. >> right now you go into a game. you want to self evaluate where are we at aarr best. what do red skips say in that regard. >> kirk is playing ball. everything they've asked he's done. he's made great passes and hit in the face and thrown off balance and made perfect passes. that's strength. as much as you talk about the contra
7:44 am
there next year or not everything they asked of him he's done. that is one of a limited number of strengths. >> right i have to agree with you. kirk has been playing well this year along with last couple years. i don't know what the delay is on giving him that contract. who else has strepingth. chris thompson. he's not here anymore. obviously it's been a str struggle. literally every position except quarterback i believe you have a question mark whether o line, tight end, running back, receiver. >> vernon davis popped up and all of a sudden disaperiod. for a while he was a huge part of team. >> he still has wheels and good for down threat no question. >> for a 3-year-old guy he did run and leading second receive he on team which sim pressive. highlight of cousins scr scrambling and drawing a flag and the stremingth of offense he can make plays with feet. not keeping the football
7:45 am
he has individual record and rushing yards in a season surpassing previous highs. but for kirk cousins play extension. getting outside the pocket and buying time and finding receivers and keeping eyes down field those are things in 15 and 16 as well as he played he could no do and he's come a long way in the area. what do the redskins have to do to win in final four games. they're still 25% of season left and we're deflated and playoffs look unlukely we're lining up in punt formations. there's four games to go what do you want to see out of t them. >> one aggressive defense that plays four quarters. we've seen a de fen that comes out strong or maybe a quarter or quarter or two played strong. not for cop south koreative four corners, if he had games like that to create turnovers and stop the run and play together as a team. everybody else has the ball. i want to see that because you don'
7:46 am
the last four games of meant tallty we've given up. it's not worth it anymore. this is auditioning for a lot of players audition are to new teams and so you have to go out and ball. >> right you know as long as they execute they can play with anybody. obviously we've seen from seattle game new or evens game wept to over time. this team despite all this injuries is still very competitive. and now, you look going forward and you know remind me of 2000 fall season can we win four in a row. is it possible. yes, is it hard with the injuries is. yes. >> it will be hard but it is possible and they proved they can do it and take care of the football and if they show up redskins up areing ball and kirk hits dope shot and that's recipe for win. >> 9-7 may not be enough and likely wouldn't good get no the playoffs. you when i want to see in final four is evaluation of young ay
7:47 am
samajay in the backfield and do you need to draft more and do you spend money in off season. josh doddsonp can he be wide out and do you have to find someone to complement him. those are two jobs specifically i want to see more of and get nor chats f from. >> red zips game time special edition. "redskins gametime" continuing in moments. in moments.
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in the history of people being asked how they like their eggs, we're pretty sure no one's ever said microwaved. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. special edition of grant sl slant. layers to watch. stat of the day. red skips have already played and we're looking at team and painting with a broad brush looking back to first three quart he's of the year. let's get to defensive side of the ball and start with analysis on their strengths of offensive coordinator watching film here ken what scares you what do you worry about before you play redskins. >> ryan kerr i began is focal point and doing well and you have to double team him. that's a
7:51 am
for press top smith may be there. >> where did he go. >> start off strong and does one or two great things and fade away. >> help he out could it do with jonathan allen injury in front of him because these worked well. since allen got hurt his impact seemed to go away. >> a quarterback can step up the middle and young guy has more outside move it's a co coach's zone you have to keep contained and condition let the quarterback get outside and i worry outside containment and instead of doing moves it stops all that. i think josh norman is a strength. after he got hurt he's been out of the picture and burned a few times. but before you could see he was a leader on the team i think that was great asset to the team in the fact he's aggressive and will go after the ball and morale type guy. >>el ier in the season a jonathan eye len
7:52 am
pocket up the middle and initis is playing with one arm sem sli and the quarterback can step up. while preston smith may have gotten sacks he's not getting them now. he kind of fell in on half of one in the game yesterday or not. there's always kerrigan as well. i love his flex pose. he could change it up and go for the one arm flex. i'm getting bored with two arm flex. maybe grant you should let him see your guns. >> i think. >> line backers have been playing well. zach brown has been all over the field. he's a speed demon. before he got hurt foster was doing well and those are some of my thoughts. >> i would go further with zach brown 16 more tablings than anybody in the national football league. he'll runaway with the most tackle if he stays healthy. he's on a one year contract. they need to
7:53 am
immediately he must be kept around and he'll be fast nest years. buoy is that area of operation. >> he could cover the backs out of the backfield and everybody want stat back. like chris thompson who is check down. he can cover those back. so that also makes him that much more valuable. >> that's trend of nfl is that you have these fast backs and all the receivers and so you need fast line backers that's become more of a end. defensive weaknesses i'll go first up front on defensive line. just not playing 100%. stoplighting run point of attack and being they lack twou inpoint defend rz at fist attack. you need space heater that can take on double teams. >> it's tough when you play late in
7:54 am
injuries and some of your guys who were not day one starters per se. i snow they they did look good in the fist quarter or so of dallas. i don't know if they got tired or more most of the season defenses played pretty well and they've been in most of the games and even against the cowboys if you take away that punt return for a touchdown and that late interception where day dallas gets the ball on the 11-yard line if you take 1 pointp ut board defense gets up 2 points in acceptable range. i think for the most important part holding their share. >> defensively when i was waiting like that is if i was was up insulted day one. you need to have the mentality one person cannot stop me they need towed execute two or three people to free somebody up. >> grant said he could block you. >> we have a couplein
7:55 am
one pass rush. >> i'll try to anchor at kent harvey i don't know. >> a lot of injuries. this is the big problem. the year goes on and they lose bodies. seems like week in and week out the production falls off a little bit and you're seeing it in the south korea half. it deteriorated because they don't have stamina or dep m to tap into their bank. >> there's a debate. and you talked about it on your show. is it coaching or players. you have players that all starters. they have same mentality coaches v you play for four quarter and play the whole time. you have a new group in who is probably not as in great a shape as original starters and you have. they don't have the same meant tallty and they see the big drop-off and no matter what you do you wear that type of of team down. coach have to simplify the defense and say here this is what you do. be aggress
7:56 am
know that it's okay to make mistakes. what do we got to lose. go out there and hit somebody. >> well you know one thing when defense son the field that much more than offense with four turnovers that means defense has extra 15 or 0 plays on field and they'll be more tired end of game adds opposed to ft. redskins got their run game going and had ten, 15 play drives. then skins defense may have three and out and go back to running game. what the offense does is directly impacting the defense as well. >> i want to say this for the fans out there watching when we say defense is tired more tired you have to think on offense execute the play. on defense no matter where you're at on the field you have to run as a team to try to make the tackle. that's every play. if it's a 30 yard play down the road or ten yard play or across the field your job should be to run to the ball every time. that takes awear and tear on body if you're not in shape. >> they always tell the o
7:57 am
my high school coach said don't run done the field you may clip somebody. i was never best coughing down field from offensive perspective. defensively -- >> that's something fans don't think about it's a great point. you remember gold on gold nike color rush uniforms that came out a couple years ago going for the redskins. they wore burgundy or burgandy what happened to the gold on gold uniforms. we'll tell you about that in moments "redskins gametime". just getting started, monte, kent, grant. running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge.
7:58 am
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welcome back. last monday was ten year an versusy of sean taylor's muddier a i pro bowl safety for washington redskins was one of the best players of his generation snot his miami home during a boched hope invasion and spen a die in icu before succumbing to his injuries. a lot of us remember where we were that day. taylor only played for the redskins four seasons but his impact on fans and league was huge. on thursday, redskins safety d.y. swearger he taped his face mask with a tape in pattern eye cool it how he wore his mask after the game posted a picture of his grill with comment # rip rest in peace shawn t one time for legend
8:01 am
sorry we couldn't get the w for you we'll keep fighting. rest in peace, sean taylor. and some in redskins country are wondering what happened to the the color rush uniforms the team was supposed to wear all gold uniforms thursday in dallas. this is what the uniform wol have looked like. but the team chose to wear all burgandy instead. gm bruce allen never been a fan of color rush uniforms and front office hated them so much that in the off season they tried toy change league rules to not wear all gold. after thursday's game there was a rumor of possible fine from the league and nfl said they're being more lenient with color rush uniform games this an and we're finding more dreams opting out from this. also symptom saying it's too distracting. so what say you gentleman. >> did you care what you w wore. >> as offensive line we hated wearing white. we thought we looked like michelin man when we were fat linemen not inhahape repo
8:02 am
let's wear white. going burgandy would show less of fat rolls. that's what we wanted to do. >> so ego i thought i looked good in what i wore. >> defensive line sglan yeah as a team. some teams you could see with whole same color it shows a whole lot more. i don't mind it. you know, after a while it's if you play well enough people start saying many want to look like that and it becomes cool f you're not playing sglel that mustard yellow i don't know i'm a fan of that. >> i love the color rush uniforms. anything that breaks up monotony it happens one game. this is not a season you have to do it it's a night. who cares. you have bigger problems like stopping run and not fumbling any time you touch the football. i would have like to see all sglold i like blue. >> supposedly last year players wanted to wear white on white and redskins front office ♪. >> o line didn't want to do that. >> i guess not.
8:03 am
to wear let them wear n look good, play gu right. exactly, >> i brought you grass be bait last week and now we're talking about uniforms. i'm taking sutionz send it my way. >> we should do a color rush. >> that would be fun. >> with coordinate times at least. >> i cannot wait to show you what i got christmas eve. >> are we wearing ugly christmas sweaters. >> we may as well based on what i'm wearing. >> i'll break out the the reindeer sweater. >> i'm looking for ward to that. "redskins gametime" annie so far we broke down the offense and defense. what do you think about the the redskins moving forward for remainder of season what change do they have to make took mack a run and get over 500. we'll tell new moments with "redskins gametime" with our toyota hot takes.
8:04 am
8:05 am
8:06 am
>> welcome back to "redskins gametime" on "fox5". we want to know what you guys think about the stretch run coming up four games left for the redskins. we asked you via social media it's time for toyota hot ta takes. >> this is "fox5" hot takes brought to you by local toyota dealers. >> we'll start you off with tam win who wrote what's to argue b every year the redskins give the same result and to some extentp this is ceekt. they were 9-7, 8-7-1 and around 8-8 this year and i have to be honest that's major improvement from a lot of years where you were around, will, and it was yeah one step forward and 5-11, 6-10 i'll take consistent compe competitiveness. >> that sounds like consistent negative redskins thanz that always wants to bring out the negativity and what this extreme
8:07 am
still when you welcome at thai that icon when you say they're into mustn'tville. >> every year you wait for the big christmas present and then you get the swaert that's too small or too large and you never get what you need. >> you need to quit lifting so much. that's why your sweaters are too small. >> they need to make a decision at quarterback and then decide if they wants that gigi to be successful and draft top tier offensive linemen. you have good rights tackle and left tackle they lined up. opposite site trent williams you have brandon pro polar. you have to now figure out center left guard situation. they should upgrade left dpoo
8:08 am
guard. and you know kirk is obviously your guy fls you bank on eli mapping yeah i think your o line played pretty well for the most part as well minus injuries. like i said earlier in the segment you have back up guard. tie come in and you have switch to right tackle all these moving piece around kirk and still playing well. >> here's the deal if you don't make up your mind up top that this is your quarterback and you sign him to long term contract then if he makes a mistake on the field no matter how we plays is the way they feel up top you read receipt guide of him and work around the players we need. >> along those lines. casey field. figure out if cousins is the sdud. cultivate him if so and build the team and shore up line men and running back.
8:09 am
want to hit on running back parts this as well as cousins as picture. chris thompson coming off serious injury. samagi p. ryan getting a look at back-to-back games before the disaster in dallas. to me that's an okay backfield and thompson is a great 3rd down back. you might be able to do be better. do you want to invest money in that position or add drs a second round pick and try to do better or just continue to vts strength of your team throwing the football and be a mediocre running team in terms of tall ebts in the backfield. >> pxts ryan is a good back. chris thompson for some reason is out long term. you need a scat back and check down on 3rd down and the guy that can run screens as we've seen for a while there chris thompson was leading rusher and receiver and loseing a guy like is that the human repeat you need the 3rd down back. >> so it goes back down to you know what we talked about. coming town to money. do you free up enough money to develop a team? do you have the water back and say it's going to be a passing time
8:10 am
every good team has a balance somewhere in there. it's not going to be on kirk. he is not that kind of quarterback it's on his own. once again, you have to make that decision. you have to defendably say we will do one things or the other and last couple years he's been halfway up in the air. >> as far as cousins goes this off season gig question do you franchise him a third time. 18.7% of salary cap and this year down from the cap 4 million and still a lot of money. 4 million is untenable you have to transition tag him and let him shop see if he can mavrp the deal and if he can't at that point you move on with new quarterback situation. they messed this up too many ways to continue to throw this huge money out there. year after year for rental. that is thoughts on cred skins. let's get thoughts on rest of nfl. standing by around the nfl conversation and annie yu and guy lambert. >>
8:11 am
nfl planning to donate 500 million to socialioustis causes and that may not happen. >> is it step in right direction or hogwash. you be the judgment earlier this week nfl aloe kaitd 100 million going to social justice causes. a number of players saying hey this is great we will no longer neal during singing of national anthem an annie and there's flip side of story self insiders saying the fu fundsal coit cad once again $100 million over 7 years to 3 teams well those funds are actually coming from the breast cancer awareness funds that the nfl has and military awareness fund. a number of folks are saying nat itself is unamerican. but wait, there's more as saying goes and they're saying several of players well the fund may not actually come ot all. we need to wait and see how that perhaps out. and they're ring saying that with
8:12 am
may end up never getting their pockets moving on to new york giants. new era beginning, eli m manning. >> can you believe it 2004. that's how long eli manning is -- if you had a child in 2004 he or she a teenager, average career for nfl player three years of course be eli manning surpassed that and geno smith getting started. it's weird to hear us say that for the new york giants. >> why it's a new era. how do fans think about this? >> not only fans but a number of players and former coaches saying eli got short end of stick and deal and in essence coaches came to him saying that from here on out, every game that's going to be pl played, well you can get the start eli but we'll bring geno in during the second half. >> geno. >> eli said that's not fair to geno as a result he's now opted not to start and not to play at all. and a number of coaches as i stated said that well this is not real
8:13 am
how dare they do eli like t that. question is where does he end up next year. possibly with jags. vice-president down there one of his former coaches like eli. and may ends up with den strer bronco and stay with the new york giants general manager and coach may get the boot and the new one may say we really like you eli. >> and # my cleats my cause a big deal. >> i love this thing. this is several years they've about doing this. 8 0 nfl players in all taking part in this. it's an opportunity for players to really wear cleats when they can't normally wear because they'll be designed by different companies and organizations and the fund that they will actually receive from this when they auction them off off after the game would you believe they've donate to favorite organization. >> great. >> annie sitting here you have high heels designed by des customs in the dmv and how cool is that. >> these
8:14 am
and i don't wear them often because i want to preserve them i treat it like art guy. >> i love. it you see hdtr on there old school r as well i love it. >> bill belichick shows will be auctoned off. stylish not as stylish as your heels. >> thank you very much. >> coming up "redskins gametime" it's time for our favorite segment redskins tailgate with our favorite m man. tailgate ted. we can snell in the studio. i'm hungry.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
>> what did you bring in for us ted. >> texas style bris tests and barbeque baked beans and ba bacon. >> i spent more -- it's been last 0 hours. >> last 36 hours. >> man and so what are you doing right now. dipping meat. >> dipping meat in the brisket jus. texas barbeque is more so a no baiingting versus your regular barbeque sauce. >> i'm from texas i likeic it. >> yes, sir. >> so for those that may be think about doing this at home what
8:18 am
keep in mind when doing brisket. >> you want to get the temperature control right. not too hot or cold. 225, 250 or so maybe eight hours depend what you're doing you also want to wrap the neat parchment paper or foil so it doesn't get too much smoke. this i did different because i didn't have enough time to set up smoker all day. i did this 36 hours makes it easier for on you so you can have a life instead of sitting at your smoker. >> can we try some this. >> of course, of course. >> is there every too many hours to let something cook because i feel like the more hours the more delicious,fy did it for 900 hours would that ab i problem. >> a little problem it would dry out a little. >> sometimes doesn't it get soggy like there's balance you want to have nice smoke to it. >> amazing. >> there's a balance if you smoke it too long it taste like chalk. you have to foil
8:19 am
doctors a certain point with bristic it hits and doesn't get hotter. >> where do i tell my wife to get me that for christmas. >> that's not cooking it in water. >> it's app emerging enter circulator. you can jump on amazon and pick it up there. really it's getting meat sticking it in a vacuum sealer bag to preserve but surprising beforehand and then afterwards i actually used a smoking gun to put the pecan police officer on it. >> is twhat it is. >> you have your own tailgate ted smoking gun. >> i'm taking meat austin look that taking meat and putting it all newspaper there filled with bacon and more meat. >> there you go. >> sm somebody somewhere at home sag i don't lake meat. you know what, you're wrong. >> mmm. >> these beans are good, too. >> a appreciate.
8:20 am
everybody gets quiet we're on tv. >> we love you ted. >> thank you so much. >> we obviously have game prediction and before we head to break it's time to answer question of the day. we asked you earlier in 1937 red skips became first nfl franchise to do what here's the answer hello start official marching band. we love them exthey always help jumpstart the party. we'll be right back. time 8:20 to bake fresh brioche buns. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "red-hot mascot." [mascot] hey-oooo! whoop, whoop! [crowd 1] hey, you're on fire! [mascot] you bet i am! [crowd 2] dude, you're on fire! [mascot] oh, yeah! [crowd 3] no, you're on fire! look behind you.
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>> it's time for comcast picks of the week all season long making predictions on every nfc east game. will montgomery is in the lead by one game. i'm breathing on your neck do you feel it back there. >> no. >> right behind you. maybe this is the week we catch you we'll find out. >> non existent in this. >> i was not going to throw you under the bus. >> you've been smooth i appreciate. >> if you want to throw you under the bus it's okay. >> cowboys destroyed the redskins let get to tonight's 8:30 kickoff eagles best team in nfc they're in seattle. national tell viceed to take on seahawks. looks like marquise match-up a few weeks ago. seahawks riddled with injuries. ken, who are you taking. >> eae
8:24 am
i think they'll win the game and do it easy. >> i agree. eagles. you know whatever you are in seattle that's creating problems for yourselves. eagles have been the surprise team this season as well as they're doing. i will go with eagles. >> i'll take the eagles as well. i think they maintain only having one loss on the year they will lose a second or third game down the stretch as they wrap everything up and have less to play for naturally and they're better than seattle and the seahawks secondaryry. they'll make plays down the field in the passing game. one of the big story lines is we told you earlier nfl is eli manning is not playing for giant today. they're taking on the oakland raiders. so, giants raiders two teams have disappointing years and raider more competitive than new york this year. >> i'm going raid eshdz. i think quhvr you change the quarterback position like that the confidence is shaken through the team
8:25 am
receivers all the timing may be off and caden may be off and new quarterback coming in checking different plays has a different rhythm not to meng the giants are you know not playing that great this year any jp way we're going oak oakland. >> geno you trust ken or no. >> no. >> you know look i think he can do well. it's going to be you cannot allow him to get confidence. it's going to be a big boost. if you hit him in the face it stops all that oak land winds the game. >> no red skips game to mic this week. and it's foolish we're extending this off season and and as well as schedules to toughest in the sport. i think he's done a pretty good job. yet here we are talking about what future hold. if they struggle down the stretch you can end up on the hot seat
8:26 am
you hear rumbling around the league. >> i think this year it's been you know circumstances out of his control. what they had they've done a decent job and record is what it is posed to be with the injuries it would be foolish to get rid of them. >> i never know how they come to decisions in those things. obviously made playoffs and missed playoffs and had injuries like everybody else. what i'm curious is grant was talking smack during the break how he can black ken own one-on-one pass protection. i don't know you guys do a quick demonstration on that. >> we can try. >> and set up a little bit get whatever you move you got get ready and set up here. let's see what ken has here. >> it's very important am i left tackle or center what am i. >> you're probably be a left tackle. >> okay. >> don't ruin that the. >> we have to wait until the video gets back on. >> can i start whenever i want. >> yes. >> start when you want. >> it has to be on the count though right. >> i'll jump when i'm ready. >> okay.
8:27 am
flag, flag, flag. >> here we go. >> i'm trying not hurt you. >> hut, hut, >> how did i do? >> i think ken won. >> did he. >> best out of three. >> third one. >> go. >> hut, hut, >> whoa, whoa, take it easy. >> all right. >> redskins game time thanks for happening out with us for will montgomery ken harvey will montgomery. see you guys, it's been fun
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward...
8:30 am
carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless. >> good morning, welcome to fox surprised on the hill. >> there was a mek of a lot that went on last week. and this is under under statement. we thank you so much for joining us with. we'll get through all of it. but we'll start with this incident about the major victory that is within the grasp right now for this white house. they have not had a big legislative victory and they might beon the vehicle of one right now. this week the senate passed the tax reform bill in the very early hours of saturday morning. >> i know i woke up and saw the news. marathon session on the oo
8:31 am
hover alling u.s. tax code for first time in decade. and democrats did everything they could to block it. in my long career in politics i have not seen a more regressive piece of legislation. >> we passed largest tax cuts in the history of our country and many hinges things along with it. >> i'm cop vinceed this is revenue producer bill that gets america moving again. >> a the lot of dark suits and red ties there. >> this is not over. we still have another step. the step is called reconciliation. and they need to jive the senate version with what happened in the house of representatives. there's differences important ones and they need to be worked out before that bill heads up pennsylvania avenue before president trump can put histist on it. >> the headline you were awake for the light easton russia investigation in a new series of tweets last night the president suggested he knew that former national secu
8:32 am
had lied to the fbi and to the vice-president. and well when he decided to fire him. well, mr. trump is saying it's a shame because his actions during the transition t themselves were lawful and there was nothing to hide. and now, since that tweet it has been reported that the president chief council may have actually of the draed the tweet. which could potentially change this significance or implications. no comments from the white house just yet. there were no all caps and sxlaition points. >> and the president called ow former fbi director james comey on twitter saying i never asked comey to stop investigating flynn just more fake news covering another comey lie lawmakers reacted to flynn's guilty plea. i undersand from plea proceeding it was represented by the prosecutor transition officials instructed him to
8:33 am
were de briefed afterwards. if that is true, then broader number of people were aware that mike mrin flynn had misled federal authorities in the kupty and that means there is broader exposure of other people that's different from what director comb yes told us earlier this we're. >> looking over cool there mrin flee deal is part of wider investigation and led by special council robert mue mueller. joining thus morning on "fox5"news on the hill to talk about this, james rosen, no, not that james rosen. that james rosen. former correspondent at the pentagon
8:34 am
you have been done tours of duty in moscow and all different kind of places and the hill white house you have a long career and seen a lot in the city. turn off your phone. we had the form area national security advisor to the president of the united states plead guilty this week as a story. what does this mean in larger terms of not only this investigation but how high up this goes. >> well others said what i'll say is this is a long way from over and i don't think that mr. flynn general flynn would plead guilty. i don't think that mr. muller would accept this plea deal. mls general flynn had a lot of important information to convey. there's talks there may be another sealed plea agreement that could be coming involving gene
8:35 am
first plea agreement only involves one fairly narrow issue. it's extremely significant he vejt. if you think of president-elect transition team and then you think of his early administration there were not a lot higher up than general flynn or closer to president trump. >> president trump admires and perhaps still does general flynn. >> many of us have been taught to keep a happy marriage bront bring up past arguments president bringing back clinton into the administration and how fbi handled emails. tell us how that matters if it does matter. is that completely irrelevant and separate issue or important conversation to have right now. i think one of the things we learned for the last year and a half two years is to take president trump
8:36 am
a green of caution and one thing you wanted to take some issue is that a number of news reports are reporting that president trump tweet proves that he new that general flynn lied to the fbi i don't interpret it this the way. i don't think it proves he knew what he fired him he lied to fbi which would be more serious. trump has been bringing up bill clinton infidelities and problems from the start of campaign. he did to to face i of hillary clinton for debate nothing new you worked in pentagon and michael flynn former general what does this mean to military structure farce the pact
8:37 am
stat tour this is not just some low level person is it it have larger implication if russia co-open up lies of communication with someonep of this stat tour in military if i have the timing right i believe general flynn left the bent gone bit time allegedly russia and he started doing business. one morning thing to note general flynn was head of dia defensive instep jels agency one of largest and most important and secretive of 17 intelligence agencies he was fired from that post and fired from that post before he hooked up with president trump so something happened to him a few years ago. we want to let people know you have a book out in print high hand it's a novel and it's
8:38 am
novel that has pretty interesting things what it originally came out back imprint now and predicted rise of donald trump as well too. we want to let people know about that james rosen we appreciate you coming in. >> other big storey of of the week taxes. celebrating passing senate version of tax reform. we're pleased to bring in kathy coch came is head of tox policy for earn ingt and yo young. when i read the headlines i feel mrs. which matt others to me more and which happens. can fist one should matter more whether it increases deficit and implications for bunl et cetera and amount of federal dollars allocated to pay interest on the debt.
8:39 am
there's a lot of you know kind of evidence pro and con on i would have to say that joint committee report was released in middle of the deliberations the other day and dramatic and there's some reports that have a little bit less of impact on def sit in their projects and that's one thing. and whether your taxes increase gop tried harded to make middle tax reform release the headline of the bill. each it has a lot of middle income tax release. you're in maryland with high tax and high property tax and if you lose a lot of personal exemptions and losing your state local tax deduction it may not make up for the do doubling of your standard deductions a lot of people look at this and say all right you gave us
8:40 am
cut which could expire at some point and you gave businesses incorporation and fat cats and bigwigs tax cut that's permanent how do you plan on something if you're a regular person when you have a tax cut that might go away. does the that put you in a particular position of got really knowing the tax cut it's perm and won't be there per put actually down the line. >> that is true the tax cuts expires have to expire and one thick i have to say republicans in the senate did not make the individual tax cuts expire because they don't like people or like corporations more sne made individual tax cuts expire because reconciliation rules that governed processing of this bill in the senate say you cannot increase the deficit after ten years after the budget window. they had a choice make corporat
8:41 am
individual rate temporary and when it comes to plan ago an into the country which is one- of hallmark of messaging the corporate rate perm neps was bigger. you're right you don't know individual rates will be end asked all right kathy we appreciate you coming in to talk about the taxes appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> a closer look at the the headline later in the week. north korea north korea latest missile launch and what it means to the united states. >> you're watching fox news on the hill we'll be back after
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> north korea launched most advanced miingle this week and it appears to be taking off from missile pad near the test site. >> with us this week to talk about what these developments mean tom burn president of the korea society adjunct professor georgetown university. tom thank you for being us with. what's difference about this one the difference is that this one ising better it can fly higher and normal tram ectory could ply longer
8:45 am
northwest were washington d.c. and expert as well. it can hit any city in us if normizeed if it hits it's suicide mission and what is happening other than two world leaders flexing as much as possible. >> north korea north korea end game as well as diplomat phrase it's is north korea north korea wants to create a choice tore u.s. and you accept as nuclear power capable of striking cities or go to war with us. and that's what they are offering. and now, the u.s. should not take up either offer. and neem are should south korea, does he sterns necessary and coercive dip lom say meaning fact of sdavrptionz could perhaps slow down nuclear companies and it is rapidly not altoget
8:46 am
>> and so i mean as terrifying as this looks 6878 miles from north korea to washington d.c. is is fwhoo actually happened and this missile came down smp wherein this region. and what do they know about the difference here. and job will youly this is higher than any other missile. incredibly higher. >> it was in the air 53 minutes the president got world while it was in the air it was in the air so long tell bus that. >> one of the sxlaitions i heard for the very excep exceptionally high -- the treming ectory about that and and possible the u.s. would try to shoot it down and maybe that is why they did is so high and also they didn't fly over japan as they did previous two and nuclear capable intentionally and intention of nuclear capable icbm you. >>
8:47 am
is there interaction with change in it any way we can feel they're a part of solution now. >> it's khaichtioning the issue is whether it's changing enough and because china is clamping down on sanctions and adhering to the sanctions that they agreed to with the united nations and there is antidotal evidence that north korea north korea's businesses are shutting down and slowing down in northeast china there's a lot of north korea north koreaianp operated businesses and this scrimps foreign exchange flow. >> than came just a couple days after a white house put negotiating north korea north korea on state sponsored terrorism and we wrapped up a twelve day trip bit president to eric ka to talk about putting more pressure on north korea north korea. tom burn appreciate you coming in this morning. wish we didn't have so much work for to you do all the the time. but north korea north korea
8:48 am
won'ting running you back. >> thanks. >> stay with us this morning we'll talk about a nationwide contest in one of the top 25 winners that might just come from our area. you're watching "fox 5 news" on the hill. we'll be back after copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way♪ copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way♪ once-daily anoro contains
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>>. >> well, welcome back. uncle ben embank the on contest hoping to inspire
8:51 am
cooking together at the holidays. >> joining us by skype this morning and senior brand manager for uncle ben's and we welcome you in. thank four joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> we want to get right to. it we hear there's a lucky girl from our area that may have done well in this contest tell us about her. >> we have beginner being coulding contest commenced and out of 500 almost 500 entry this year we've narrowed it down to the top 5 finalists of which one is in your neck of woods in silver springs maryland. and we have receive an after with her pumpkin patch stuffed pupers in the top 25. >> that looks good. >> she and her family have submitted and made it to the great place. >> manage, what is the goal of this. i know as a company you want people to kind of cook together. ba i
8:52 am
this meal together is starting to go away and we bring it back to get families tighter together. whoever once this they will be able to do this for the community as well. >> absolutely. yeah. so beginnerves cooking contest is rooted in the fact that the uncle brand ben brand believes more than meals are made in kitchen and strong brond built between families and memories made and obviously delicious food. and so with the cooking contest it not only affect it the family and family has opportunity to win 15,000 but also the community benefits in many ways as well. so the community is able to benefit from a 30,000 grand prize for school for which the entry is come from. >> well i just made cookies with my daughter last night she's only three we'll get to rice in a couple years. thank you for being us with today. >> whip area announced on december 11 and we'll tell you more about that as
8:53 am
through this week. thank you very much. manis. more to talk about today. >> holiday season an white house you don't want to miss it coming up on "fox5"on the
8:54 am
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whatever you were about to do just became whatever you're about to do after you get coffee. nothing comes before coffee. that's why we're introducing a new line of café-quality espresso drinks from mccafé. get a small peppermint mocha for just two dollars. the holiday season is here and president donald trump and first lady
8:56 am
christmas tree marking the annual event. >> mrs. trump welcomed the season inside the white house. she welcomed children of military families for the residence for christmas crafts and first family sell operate season at the white house for more than 200 years. history of christmas at the white house is what our guest is an expert on. considered for most historian on chris mag. how did melania do? i think she did really well. time honored traditions. these themes are meant to make us feel good. i know she got criticism i thought it was a little unfair. i thought it was beautiful. >> we have to talk about this i found it snarky
8:57 am
i thought it was hash. >> ruins points of season right where is good spirit? >> one of the things the white house has done year in and out whether democrat or republican that's in office is you know these traditions reflect we are as a country. what are they doing now. >> one of the things we also saw this a lot with mrs. obama. mrs. trump welcomed children of military families. we want to embrace military and the children here while they're overseas that was good note to hit and something mrs. trump did was paid respect to jackie kennedy first christmas theme was nut cracker and cross hall and beautiful snowy white trees they had ballet dancers doing the nut track cracker that was nice throw
8:58 am
is it chaos and madness. >> i like to say christmas decorating on sayreoids. it's the crazeest you can do. when i was for the michael nutter nat enough to be a design partner we started talking about chris nass february. it's a long time to plan 57 trees and 1 wreenls and come up with nice theme and messaging. >> you have to tell us about all this. >> i'm so proud of this. this is my collection first lady collection in stores now and basically it people are sears style of jackie kennedy and also michelle obama i'm sorry that's next. and very first theme was nut cracker. here is nut cracker cookie j jar. all have a historical story and connection with you share with family. >> we thank you for joining us and wish you happy holidays and a merry christmas.
8:59 am
>> that does it this week we appreciate you spending time with us this sunday. fox news surprised with chris wallace coming up next
9:00 am
♪ ♪ >> chris: you are looking live at air force one and the ronald reagan presidential library. that the flying white house took our 40th president some 600,000 miles around the globe in pursuit of peace and democracy. and hello again from fox news today in california. i'm chris wallace, and welcome to a special hour of "fox news sunday" from the fifth annual reagan national defense forum. key players in national security including top administration officials, members of congress, and military leaders came here to address the state of our national defense. this hour we will share highlights from the forum, including a conversation


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