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tv   The Final 5  FOX  December 26, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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>> i'm bafnlgt your final five tonight, a controversial tie breaker in virginia has been postponed. president trump blasts the fbi and calls for bipartisanship in 2018. accusations in racism in a battle between a local teacher and a congress woman. the white house turns up the heat on north korea yet again. this is the final five. let's do this. maybe one of these days i'll figure out what side of my head the boxes are on. big developments tonight in the virginia house race that could decide party control. remember this, we talked about this last week. this is all over the seat for the 94th
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north news. it race ended in a tie been yancy and sell i sigh mondays. they were going to break the tie by drawing names from a bowl. the delay follows an announcement that sigh mondays will challenge the race 's vote count in court. she claims they failed to follow election law. if sigh mondays were declared the winner it would split party control of virginia's house 50/50. the president continues his working vacation at mar a lag oh still firing off tweets and taking aim at the fbi. he tweeted this after apparently watching fox and friends this morning. he said, does air is bogus, clinton campaign, fbi cannot after all this time verify claims of does air trump collusion and this use this hillary pile of gabbing age . the tweet fol
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that the president posted over the weekend bashing the fbi and leadership. he specifically targeted this guy, deputy director andrew mccabe. he is the one who investigated hillary clinton's use of the e-mail server. his wife received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a campaign political action committee when she ran for a seat in 2015. mccain is expected to retire in the new year. the president took a different tone looking ahead to 2018. he is predicting democrat s and republicans will work on a new healthcare plan. he tweeted out as a look at the tax reform writing democrats and republicans will eventually come together and develop a new healthcare plan. all signs are that business is looking really good for next year. the stock market is poised for another year of succeed among other things. the president active on
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twitter. tax reform no denying, big deal, done deevment to address a growing list of concerns. he talked about this in the campaign, something like a trillion dollars in spending on roads and bridges, but the big thing is to avoid a government shutdown. the current fundin measure gives congress until january 19 which by the way one day shy of the president's year two as president to reach a spending agreement. lawmakers also to keep the pentagon going and figure out what to do about da a ca. democrats we need to deal with them a bipartisan way. if we don't, don't look to us for help. really searching for the right word there. help h. in between the tweets president trump of course on the golf course at trump international golf
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with david persue and two pga golfers. his trips cost the secret service $6.6 million in 2015. you saw that tweet right after the bat. the president saying getting back to work the day after christmas. this was a big story and we were talking about this in the news year because this is getting a loft attention. it all has to do about a first class seat on a united flights. a district school teacher claims she was booted off a flight for congress woman sheila jackson. the tweet went viral. this is jean marie simon. she posted a fet ovechkin congress woman jackson lee in a seat she claims she was booked but was bumpedded from without her consent or knowledge . this picture was re tweeted 20,000 times. united says simon canceled the flight. she says she did not. she is still waiting for
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from the airline, but the airline has refunded the miles she used to book the ticket home . in over a dozen tweets shared her statement and a reaction. we're going to show you a couple of tweets here. i noted this individual came toward me and took a picture. i heard later that she might have said i know who she is. since this is not the way any fault of mine it appeared to be upon reflection because i was an african-american woman. another tweet she posted read in part but as an african-american i know there are too many examples like this all over the nation. today ronica cleary spoke with simon on the phone about the allegations. in part she said, quote, i'm noting whying to address that because it could aif been mickey mouse or santa claus in my seat and i would have felt the same way. she say this is not about race for me. this is about united. i don't want an apologize ji from jackson leerks i want an apology
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reached out to united today. they standby their story that sympathomimetic on mad canceled their flight using the you nielt ed mobile app. they also noted they were able to provide the passenger a same seat in economy plus. >> the longest serving congress member is getting a friendly push out the door. they are calling for or in hatch to re tire. they named his utah and of the year. they criticized hatch for singing the the size of two calling antiviral, anti native america and anti business . it also accused him of having an utter lack of in suiting rit. hatch tweeted a picture saying he was greatful forth utah and year person of the year award. his spokesperson later said the tweet was sarcastic to satisfy
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their unconsequentialible thirst for clicks. earlier he talked about his future on fox news. i'll probably announce just after the first year of the year what i'm going to do. myth rom any is interested to running for the seat. the trump administration is once again turning up the heat against north korea. the latest pressure involves new sanctions from washington aimed at two senior north korea involved in the nation's program. with any america banks, businesses. steve me nuch yab said in a statement it is part of the campaign to isolate the dprk. sanctions are not an effective means to bring north korea back on the track for a pieceful diplomatic and political
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and kim young hundred they bet everything on one hand of poker and that one hand is their twint ter tiend of nuclear and strategic missile problems and they are going to cling to that because it's all they've got. these new sanctions come just days after the un secretary approved other sanctions against north korea taking aim at the country's economy. this past weekend north korea called it an act of war. up next, is 2018 going to be the year for d.c. statehood. we're going to talk to the guy that is behind the move that is pushing to make it happen. what the new year could bring. the final five back after this on this tuesday night . .
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we always talk about who was elected on election day
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around here it's easy to forget that voters overwhelmingly voted to support the push for d.c. statehood. the gop congress has been resistant about the idea. others opposing the idea others saying why doesn't d.c. get its voice. will 2018 be any different. they are pushing hard for statehood. beau is up late with me. this week, the week before christmas and new year's, the only people who will show up here are the people that are so quitted committed to their cause. it's good to be a resident of d.c. and come and talk about the statehood. we had the vote last year overwhelming support for it. what has happened between then and now because at this point, i mean it's a long process, but are people seeing any demonstrable change so far. >> absolutely. i think that the key thing to think about is that a year ago in 2016 i any that a lot of people got the election results maybe
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and we had set up a strategy to go to the vote for the statehood refer end up which passed by not only one of the largest margins in t d.c. history, but with one of the largest members of d.c. participating. we went into that vote thinking that we would come out with a congress that looks significantly different than how it looks now. we had to reexamine what is our strategy longer term for statehood. how do we work to build support forth issue across the country and how do we make sure that voters every where not just here in the district support it. if you live here and work here and pay taxes, the idea of somebody going in there and not representing the district of columbia is evident for people who are outside the district, anywhere else in this country, what is the main argument you have to make to those people to get them on board wh
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right now is actually a pretty good time. everybody who is here in d.c. has family visiting who live all across the country they have senators in the united states senate and those folks have a rois and have a vote. we hear, the 690,000 of us who live in the district don't. we have no one representing our interests in the congress that has a vote. we have nobody in the senate at all who can stand up for us. we've seen over the last year some of the most important debates in our country 's history going on than a those of us in d.c. have no voice in those debates no matter which side, whatever issue want to talk about, it is a fundamental american value to have representation in the body that is made up of the people who are decision makers. if d.c. had become a state, you have so many people who work for the federal government who are residents of a certain state. john
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argument. he voted in the past in favor of statehood. he said when it comes down to it you would have a state that would be represented most likely by a dwem. you look at the thin marge ij in the us senate. fifty-one-49 that seems to be the sole argument for a loft people. that it would help one part over the other irrespective of anything else. i am he often brought back to the idea, when hawaii and alaska were admitted to the union it would assume that ass alaska would continuously be democratic. that clearly has not happened. you can't necessarily make the assumption regardless however. it is a fundamental american value that the people of -- that live in this country are represented in this congress. the statehood plan makes the
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required by the constitution would remain. it would be the federal core, the white house, the supreme court, the capital building, the office buildings that would remain to contain or maintain the requirements of the constitution. butt 690,000 people who live outside of that area and like you said, work, pay taxes, live, race their families, go to school do what everybody in the country does on a daily is would achieve equality to everybody else in the country with representation in the congress. i have just a few seconds left. 208 what is going to be the main vote of d.c. vote. what do you want to see happen between now and the end of 201718. >> in 2017 we have had a lot of succeed of educating people to the point that we had 141 statehood. it's the highest number of could he sponsors. we sit at 20 in the united states senate. our work is going to be continue to educate people so
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issue matters to them. is it all democrat. >> all of the co-sponsors in both chambers are democrats. i think that's really clear when you look at their platforms. happy new year to you and we're back after this on the final five.
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>> uber driver i don't mess with america. apparently it came and there were cupcakes in the studio so i'm going to keep them coming. if anybody here in the studio want cupcakes. basically it's a cry for friends in the studio. i'm all alone myself. 2017 has been an expensive year for disaster recovery efforts. the combined global cost for natural and manmade disasters
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higher than 300 billion-dollar. that is an increase of 636 percent over last year. that comes as congress looks to it would also include puerto rico where tens of thousands of residents remain without power more than three months after hurricane maria. fox's lucas tomlinson. with more than a third of the island still in the dark following a direct hit from hurricane marie a. basic suppl ies like food, water and medicine still scarce in some areas forcing many families to improvise their holiday festivities. since our christmas tree was damagedded my daughter true one and put it on the wall and said she hoped santa clause will come and leave her presents. the most power lines are still down meaning it's not getting to
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homes. there is no lighting and it's possible that while we are passing by a crime could be happening inside a building and we don't note is why it. the corpse has about 8,000 soldiers and 800 contractors working on the power grade grid. residents say they're greatful for the help. many are frustrate trait ed about celebrating the holidays in the dark while the others are doing their best to remember the season. we've always seen christmas more as a service than a fess tift. we always celebrate life. the corpse corps of engineers estimates power should be restored to 95 percent of the island by march. remote areas could be in the dark by may. at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson, fox news. the white house is home to a large magnolia tree planted nearly 200 years ago, but this week they're going toe a big chunk out of it. melania trump made the call after review ing reports that the tree is wea
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it currently has cables that are holding it up. mrs. trump asks that wood from the tree be preserved and that seedings be made available. singer lord canceled her show in israel over politics. deciding on whether to show up might imply what side you're on. last week two of lourdes' publicists asked her to cancel. i received an overwhelming number of messages and letters to cancel the show, i'm truly sorry to converse my commitment to come play for you i hope one day we can all dance meanwhile, edward snowden. this is crazy. he put out an app and it turns android phones into surveillance system much it's called haven and it acts as a personal security system and lets people monday their their de
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from employee this. it uses the camera and. the apple will alert you if somebody intends to tamper about with your devices. despite a year marked by sex scandals, rushing doapg. the freud with the protest is now the top story of 2017. whether you agree or disagree you cannot deny this was been a topic of discussion since colin kaepernick started doing it last year. it is the first day of quans actioner the week-long celebration that honors african heritage. the baltimore orioles tweeted out a short video. twitter can be a nasty place. and even innocent messages like this can bring out the worse in people. a lot of people tweet ing back racist remarks
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the oral yals account had to set up a followup, a common love of the oral is what brings everyone together. we're happy to have a diverse base. if you can't find respect for us, clearly unfollow us. there is no room for hate. larry fitzgerald is a hero to raised tonight lot of people in arizona, but this year he wanted arizona to honor john mccain. the 81 senator is battling cancer. he penned a letter to sports illustrated. this is a part of what fits joarld wrote. when i think about christmas and i think about senator mccain i think of giving, the sacker phis es john mccain has made for our country and especially the men and women he served in the military railroad incredible. fitzgerald went onto say he's in the a political person. we haven't heard him say much in that regard but he's developed a lot of
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mccain over the years and if that said we'll tell you who is sleeping sowntdly and who is tossing and turning after this.
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did you get all the cupcake off me? when doug jones of alabama is sworn into the senate which should happen very soon, the republicans will hold a one seat majority. when the midterms rolled around you would think they would involve bob mendez. he he may face retrial. but politico tonight says only one republican has signed up to face me nen december. chris christie is leaving office with such low approval numbers and president trump's aren't much better. they are better than christie. it's amazing, think how popular he was one
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men mennen december is sound a leap. poa dozen wasn't happy when sengses recused himself. why would he know there was a russia probe in high temperature first place? sessions cracked down on ms13 and immigration. that rile appealed to the president. sessions was carrying it out. that was a good thing. now the associated press is reporting the president is unhappy with sessions blaming him for the stunning loss in alabama. had sessions not taken the job and left the senate that would negate the seat that doug jones if the first place. roy the question is will sessions stick around? at this point it's hard to tell. we know that jeff sessions is certainly somebody who be tossing and turn ing tonight. keep that in mind we've said that many times over the final five.
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said we wrap things up on this tuesday night. it's here right on fox5. we're back thursday night. make it a good one. we'll see you.
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