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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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dealing with flooding, gas leak and power outage. we're live with the details straight ahead. >> major problems on the the commute for many of you this morning because of several batter main breaks across the zmv. details on a darer water rescue after a car crashed to a icery creek. >> live look outside on this brutally cold tuesday morning. it's january 2. 2018. >> so is everybody gets back to work now and goes back to school and you'll have to bundle up. it's dangerously cold a deadly deep freeze griping a lot of the south easting. >> to there were freezing read fringz texas to atlantic co coast. tucker barnes joinsing us with first weather. >> feels like the holidays are over. back to reality. >> along with cold wind seems to accompany it. current temperature i want to show you quickly what to expect as you head out the door.
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fredericksburg 6. culpeper 2. gaithersburg 8. and unfortunately we have lots and lots of cold in the 7 day forecast and we'll fwet used to it. let's get to news. school skimzal begany and garrett out of maryland and hampshire and orange county virginia sklz on two hour delay today. cold weather might be to blame for blooded middle school with gas leak in south east d.c. >> no electricity, heat, crime are middle school. melanie alnwick is there though live with the latest. >> mel, it's hard welcome back to class for these kids. good morning. >> that's right, it is. we should say they get one extra day here because d.c. public schools g
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lot of damage here to clean up because of the problems with water and gas. and you can see here right in front the washington gas crews they've been digging down to get to the gas line there. there was a strong smell of natural gas in the air and d.c. fire hazmat crews tell me they understand that the water that was in the basement somehow compromised boiler room and gas line and that was a gas leak on the scene. hazmat crew standing by in case needed and there's about a watchful mode as washington gas here works to try to turn off the gas then get this gas line fixed. as far as water in basement we're not clear where exactly it's come from. if i had to guess i would say it teams look a burst pipe.
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water screws out here. trying to le pair anything. we understand from d.c. water there's another water main break a block app a half order so away from here and 8" main ahe can ifing homes in the area. it doesn't appear there's an career orwater main break problem here. it's probably pipe burst inside a d.c. water and did put out alert telling folk in the area because not only does it get so cold but pipes burst inside homes and businesses are something that happened when you have a cold snap people are dealing with. so we don't know like we said what the except of the damage is. it is possible we don't know yet that when kids want to come back to school me may not be able to if they cannot get this prax. >>
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twelve degree temps trying to get the job done. >> app it's at boydz west oak baltimore road. the wreak road re, very tell they have determined they were cold but up injured. >> in potomac a large home caught fire last night and starred in the basement and burning for sometime before it was detected. family of five along with dog maibl to make it out okay and displayed and officials are aist ising them. they believe the cause of the fire as electrical. >> u.s. customs systems outage affecting parties across the nation stalled flyers for hours as many were trying to get down new year's he someday. the spokesperson said the two our delay
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left mrepttive travelers frustrated. >> i missed connecting flight and it it was delayed and i'll miss it again because i don't know where to go and nobody is help me. >> it was terrible and disappointing. >> i hope being from u.s. they have a lack-up plan when something like this goes down. >> 6:05 now. we give uk iter a chance to be busy working on the latest forecast. >> may want to go live look outside. >> you don't want to see ugliness behind the scenes. no live look, okay, this is tv. >> all right. >> at its finest. good morning, tucker. >> hi, guys, good morning, how are you. >> frigidly cold. >> you're not the only
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any time school closes because of warm you know it's coiled. rent lenltless for the next several days. we're going to be lucky to warm it up above the 32 degrees mark any time in the next five to seven days. it will be early next week before we can get temperature above 42. reagan national 13. bwi marshall 12 and we're looking at cold temperatures this afternoon. here's up side of forecast. sunshine. looks beautiful. it won't turn into warm afternoon and again we'll em. >> believe it or not a few degrees warmer than yesterday, 28, possibility of snow throughout the area. thursday morning we look at that and 7 day gwen. >> i need to see the 7 day a and little relief. is
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the reloaf. it can take a while. m the. >> water main breaks early this morning and as we head to the roads we see issues on roads and some buses true. 4:15 mark train penn has been cancelled. if you use this due too lack of equipment the 7 a.m. mark train has been cancelled and metro will honor passes. travel times. 66 eastbound from 34 to fairfax country parkway. you have to increase between dale city and beltway northbound from northern virginia 16 minute interest just after 6 a.m. this morning the traffic picked up 70 to 1 takes you 17 minute and we're basic liing all in the green here.
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9 are a5 to 270 spur. 13 minutes there. no problems traveling through 95 through montgomery country and approaching 270 south. we'll have an update this morning, still ahead, steve, allison. >> new details about one of the families who died in a plane crash in costa rica over the weekend. steinburg family died in the crash and once lived in the d.c area and bruce and irene william, zachary, matthew all died in the crash. >> they lived me north ka no word what coursed plane to do down. >> to prince george county where a metro transit officer is on administrative leaf following a deadly pedestrian crash in brandywine on crane avenue happened yesterday afternoon and officials say officer was driving northbound when a man walked into the street at chads ford road and the the the pedestrian died on the scene and that officer was
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crash which depend is under investigation. >> heading into district to southeast 14 people without a home after a fire and d.c. fire and em sext they said one firefighter suffered minor injuries fighting that fire and no one elimination was hurt. the red cross is assisting and still no word of the cause of the blaze. >> time now 6:09. california makes recreational marijuana legal. and it's al franken last day in coming gress. more ahead as we are back in 0 1ebgdz. .
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nine people died overnight in eye roon as violent protest continued. 450 people have been arrested since the weekend. since saturday. demonstrations started peacefully on thursday and they turned deadly offer the weekend. total of 20 people died as a result of protests includeing a police officer and south korea agreed to hold high level talks with north korea about winter olympics
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this comes one day after kim jong-un necessaryage she's willing to send americans americans. >> on colorado deputies. the shooter was matthew real and shootner iraq war vet. reel evacuated himself new year's eve and when showed up fired more than 100 rounds before killed in shootout. five deputies and two civilians hit by gunfire and one deputy was killed. >> and happening today. it is senator al franken final day in washington and last month aannounceed he would resign on january 2 after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. franken has not announced what he will do next and plans owe it remain in public eye and minnesota lieutenant govern
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in as his replacement tom tomorrow. >> miss america pageant sh showsen a new chair of it is the first time the leader served over the organization and comes after a leak of derogatory and sexest emails from sam haskell and others. california now selling recreational mashling marming. yesterday marked first day of sales. most reported 40 minute weighed to you get cannabis. new marijuana sales allow people from outside of state to buy pot legally as well. >> time now 6:12. still to come. >> social media star facing backlash for making light of suicide disturbing story and details ahead. when my smile is bright, i feel ready to shine.
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>> 6:15. if you want an excuse to go outside look at the moon. super bright and super pretty out there. >> it's a super moon. >> looks great now. bundle up if you head out there. it is single digits in many place this morning. >> maybe we can find it on one of the live shots. beautiful this morning. welcome back. bus stop forecast back to work and school back into the cold for another morning. temperatures overnight single digits in spots here we're currently 13 washington an obviously" cold started and cold finish afternoon highs don't get above freezing mid up toer 20s. presidential might be a couple degrees warmer than yesterday but not warm today. current numbers 13. temperatures in washington. 18 gaithersburg and twelve quantico 6 fredericksburg and call stepper sing sl digits in
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front royal you're 90 as well. mixing winds which were persistent overnight and currently feeling like 4 in city and zero in frederick and you can see negative numbers here minus five to hagerstown and winchester. another brutally cold start to the day. plenty of sunshine. arctic high pressure in charm and in for quiet afternoon. nearly changed from yesterday and add a degree or two to temperatures highs mid up toer 20s. want to fast forward this is wednesday night, thursday, snow we have the possibility of snow around here i think the best chance is d.c. qu quloser you get to the ocean the high are you will see accumulating snow. the storm is pretty far east. wol continue to watch. it looks like we're on western imof possibility of light snow around he.
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thursday it. behind that storm we'll bomb out to north and east. we are going to get another very, very strong blast cold arctic air or the weekend maybe coldest yet. weather service issued a winter storm watch south and east here in washington. getting a cross the bay. salisburyy to ocean city and chinquateek under the winter storm and there's the day day forecast here to say. little bit tomorrow right around freezing and look out for wednesday night thursday morning time frame for what we call light snow this hour and another blast of cold air highs around 20, friday, saturday, it's possible record lows by this weekend. >> all right. >> we've got caitlin roth in this morning with take big smile. >> hpy
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>> yes. >> happy, happy new year. >> happy new year to all. not a happy start to january. always a tough date. become to work and school and not always brutally cold temperatures but in this case we have them this year. metty of water main breaks out there. this in hey adds vild and there's a lot of frozen water out there. the breaks are so cold to get out because the water freezes immediately. it's a live view what we look at hyattsville i'll show you road island avenue southbound at charles am trok drive and we were most likely looking a live pkt of rhode island avenue southbound where you cannot get through. p joy
6:19 am
we have additional water main break in silver spring. new hampshire southbound oak view drive one lane in each direction and we're sxeezing through and can messy and we continue to clean you up. we'll keep you posted as we go through the rest of the morning. >> thanks, caitlin, coming up. >> powerball and mega millions jackpot still climbing. details on how much now is up for groobz ♪ music ♪ i was diagnosed with hiv in 2016, but i didn't want my life to just...stop. i wondered if starting treatment would put my life on hold. my doctor and i chose triumeq, it seemed like the right fit for me. triumeq is one pill a day. any time of day. with or without food. now, i'm moving forward with triumeq. triumeq treats hiv-1 in adults, and does not cure hiv or aids. don't take triumeq by itself if you're resistant to any of it's ingredients. don't take triumeq at all if you're allergic to any of its ingredients,
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6:21. and first though never been more safe to fly apparently. join us from la, thank you for joining us. >> i'm happy to join us remote non person that's for sure. lowest number of crashes
6:22 am
fate talltys in 2017 in modern aviation history huge when you compare that to the five year average. last year there were ten crashes, 44 deaths. but if you can compare that to five year average that's 17 crashs with almost 500 deaths. so huge improvement and it is having a lot to do with better technology and better engines and also worldwide row procedures across the board everyone should feel good following if they have more traveling to do following the holiday season. they're safer than they would have been five years ago. >> now if we all hit the powerball or lucky ones that hit we get private planes and he we know there's more safety in the skies. how much of a jackpot are we talking about. >> for mega million $343 million drawn tonight and powe
6:23 am
wednesday i don't know give it a shot. you never know. >> three-quarters of a billion up for grabs this week alone possibly. what else are we deck checking in on business world wise. >> air bnb over new year's eve holiday 3 million people stayed in air bnb opposed to hotels. ooet years ago ak a lot of hotels and i have to tell you millennials are making this huge. they're not afraid to stay in straighter tone and jump in a car and take an uber you can see that helps business takeoff. they're capitalizeing on fearlessness that comes with millennial generation and
6:24 am
more popular than ever. >> it's temperature, hilly actual actually you would think this may make it more competitive and give us more benefits in this area. >> yeah well it's also about bottom line. it's cutting into the hotel business so they have to cut back on some thimingz but there's a question that you know maybe offering those services will draw people to go to hotel if people want aid base iingic room they stay new air bnb not hotel. there's that argument. hotel is notp happy because they're tax poor and have to abide by different regulations and you have people that buy apartments just to make money off air bnb and at that point you're a business. not someone trying to make carbon side. you know the whole gig economy we have it's not that it's a full b
6:25 am
>> hillary, thanks, so much, happyu fear i was looking at florida and you know tampa. >> tell me what the the degrees are. >> it's near freezing. >> highs, 50 to 55. >> i saw the bowl games and everybody was bundled is it 70 or 0. >> i think in 50s. >> good forecast. >> around here yeah we take you to next level. gaithersburg and culpeper this morning and it's not going to warm up a lot. mid up toer 20s daytime eyes. bright sides of the forecast lots of arctic sunshine. >> yes. >> that sounds like oxymoron. >> you could spend lots of time in the sun today and not
6:26 am
burned. >> that's true. there's your silver lining we have to lot of sun today. no warm up in site and east of us we may have fringe impacts on that and look out for the time frame in washington and of course with it being n cold everything would stick. we're looking at light amo amounts. very cold around here. 7 day, cold and 28 today. >> just in time for weekend. >> good morning, caitlin. >> yeah so much to look forward to. good morning. a lot of people deciding to take this day off. maybe sleep in for another one and not brave the cold. we have not had much volume at least at 6:30 this morning. it should be a busy day back on the roads and water main breaks we continue to follow them so far this morning due to the cold oxon hill
6:27 am
two left lane close the. both eats and westbound in the 5500 block of st. barnabus arch drive. that's where the break is. it lose like closures on st. barnabus roadside. avoid that if you can in oxenville. across the river in alexandria we have another water main break wolf streets between south pit and royal street. if you're familiar with downtown part of alexandria that's where it's occurred. we're not sure what lanes if any are blocked. but it say water main break and crews are on the scene there. check inner loop no issues here between 447 st. barnabus coming off there and with the woodrow is six minute in the stretch. >> and coming up back in town this morning and last night what's on his 'again day today and begins second year in office.
6:28 am
trying to identify
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6:30 am
trying to identify >> welcome back, everybody, a gi top story today is cold frim id temperatures a around here twelve degrees. it's called dangerous cold out there. if you see anyone living on the street at this time it can be deadly. help out neighborhood and all that good enough. also terrific caming up for you on day back after the holidays. 6:30 let get you call up an top story, cold weather
6:31 am
to blamed in southeast d.c.. no electrically, no heat kramer middle school. that could impact those that have class tomorrow after the holiday break. we'll have a live reports. i'm melanie alnwick is there for us. >> montgomery country water main break new hampshire avenue. call came in 3:50 this morning causing crews to close lanes on new hampshire avenue and maryland 650 all lanes closed and southbound on woke wood drive bring you the latest for the communicate. >> i most are dealing with dangerously low temperatures. blast of cold air is expected to show up later in week. this comes after temperatures on new year's day reached record breaking low. many making this year's celebration chillest one out there reveling
6:32 am
there reveling in it since 1917 if you can believe. it national weather service issued wind chill advisories. >> the delay began 7:30 last knee. custom officers were forced to evaluate travelers it left a lot of frustrated travelers. customs is backs up. by the time we arrived they said for two hours the system was down. rudd. >> back to business for the trump administration. president trump is back in d.c. today after spending holidays in florida. president touched down lasts night and returns to full
6:33 am
legislative challenges and midterm elections and tense from north korea north korea. he plans to work on leadership this weekend to talk more about the 2018 agenda republican law makers in hoping to make more going gress after a big victory with tax reform. >> a familiar live five who once nrevt our area an a total of ten americans were klil and signburg's were and olgaville a. it oro was devastated to hear about the loss. it's so sad. very, very sad. >> they called me grandma. my boys called me grandma. i was their everything them. were my everything. >> single engine charter plane crashed in the mountains shortly after 25euoff
6:34 am
from tampa. two coast ricans pilots and hern tour guide were killed and the crash is under investigation, steve. all right time for morning line now. let's start with college football yesterday alabama rolls on to the national foot balling game again. they went to klel some. down in new or evens, alabama took the lead pair of touchdowns from defensive players in 13 seconds and they go on to win relatively ea easily, final score, 24-6. >> they are favored to take the championship title. what a rose bowl it was. back and forth the entire time. kept changing lead and many point on the board. georgia, oklahoma beguning for their spot of championship game and this was right down to the very end went into double over time for the first time in league history. oklahoma had a chance to win
6:35 am
and georgia came back and won it on that and final score load up the points. 54 to 48. so there you have it. it will be georgia taking on alabama for cold old sec game and national tight spartans earned top spot for first time in two seasons andville never adropped and villanova had a loss over the weekend michigan back-to-back games over 100 points which college basket ball is not easiest thing to do. >> really? >> they don't play as many minutes as the pros do. >> okay. >> that goal game is something else. >> did you watch any of. it i deposit understand there was split screen between georgia and obl obl. >> maybe you'reen a different channel. they had all kind ever channels goi
6:36 am
>> right. >> all the the bonus footage i guess. i watched the good old game. >> that's what i need to watch. >> how about good old fashioned cold. >> this seems extra level cold. >> i want a split screen on that for you. >> when we go to look at the air mass it's one of the c coldest in cities in eastern half of kupty 13 in washington. mid to upper 20s today. we're expecting forecasts 2 warmer than yesterday and lots of bright arctic sunshine and will not warm up a whole lot. eye little less wind than overnight and temperatures mid up toer 20s. 7 day forecast has lots of numbers. i'll have that coming up and possibilities of snow thursday morning. >> thanks tucker. >> caitlin. >> busy
6:37 am
mainly to with theer main xwraekz. chopper overhead new hampshire avenue southbound. look at this buildup it leading towards the water main break new hampshire is avenue oak wood drive you see where the police vehicles are and all those blinking lights there's extensive bank-up and one lane squeezing by the actual part new hampshire where the water break is oak and you can see the. >> additionally a water main break we have pictures of. yes we do lie atville area. crews on the scene refair pairing what is another excessive break and water ush rushes out and freezing and makes it more difficult to cleanup. as we go to maps i'll show you not even any lanes getting by on this one. rhode island avenue southbound charles amstrot drive and that
6:38 am
lanes in high atville area following local details around it. we'll have a look at travel time at 6:45. >> michigan dad and daughters did a bido and it went viral, in today's trending stories. never gets cold.
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6:40 we're back with what is trebdz oingen the web. first up hawaiian airlines flight had paerps living in the past seriously it took off in 2018 and landed back in 2017 and this is not a riddle the flight was scheduled to depart off new zealand before midnight on december 31 for honolulu and unexpected ten minute delay caused right to take off 12:05 many morning january 1 and honolulu is 23 hours behind and eight hour flight landed 10 a.m. new year's eave. thanks caitlin for that. >> also trending this morning the crispy little bits of french fries at would bottom of bag. if that's your favorite trader joes created stud scrunchyes, spud crunchyes, i'm sorry, it's
6:42 am
full of small pieces an customers raving saying they're to die for like the script says stud. if you plan on getting hands on bag hurry up. they're selling out fast and finally he is not single ladies but he is a viral sensation and be hive is right behind him. michigan dad name steve gave daughters best christmas gift ever when he dressed up in black leo tarred and tight toe perform epic rendition of beyonce single ladies as family lip synced tradition. the trio has already been viewed more than 14 million times on facebook with the wife writing caption look at him he's really into. it with the wife writing caption stay back girls he's all mine. # best dad.
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>> it's past chilly cold it's freezing. >> around 11, 12 degrees here me d.c. wow believe i say two people jogging this morning when drive into work. >> at 4 in the morning. >> yes jogging in the dark and basically single digits. >> people are committed. >> i guess. >> good pace i guess. >> great pace right. >> you want to get home. >> all right. >> show me relief, tuck, i saw 45 next monday. >> i'll show you the 7 day in a second. we have one 45 out there. cold keeps coming and coming highs today mid to upper 20s. this air mass is delivering lot of sunshine. should be beautiful looking day don't be fold not tear bally warm out there. midweek storm close call. parts of the area particularly south and east. southern maryland and lower eastern shore halfway on and halfway off have the best chance of more signifi
6:47 am
snow accumulation. even in washington light snow thursday morning we'll talk about that and coldest air yet on the way for the west and eight gaithersburg you win how low can you go. it is is very, very cold out. winds north and west 5 to 10 making it feel like four washington, minus 3 dulles and nine us 6 hagerstown. nice and quiet. you can see we don't have much locally here in the way of cloud cover and it will be a clear day. sunny and bright day and quiet day for us this afternoon. cold day. highs mid up toer 20s. all right this is wednesday night and thursday that's timing on this we get a coastal storm. this is what we call bomb off the coast. bomb bow again sis wept quickly and threw snow
6:48 am
best chance is east to watch that we could see heavier amounts west towards the bay. even though a winter storm watches out south and east early thuvt ption and allison, there's 45 degrees monday. >> chance of rain and ice? >> often when we transition out of cold air we get ice before it reigns. >> hi, caitlin. >> anyone else catch him casually drop best weather term every, bombo genesis. >> what he says that that means something is happening this week. >> let's get to the roads we have a couple crashes out there. here's one that came in from d.c. police traffic tweeting us on canal r
6:49 am
prior to fox hall road. you have one lane getting by. reduce speed and use caution in the area. canal road before fox hull there's an accident use caution further north and west rockville montgomery county thanks to pete for letting us know about this one. veers mill road and ed much won two property damage. some lanes. do you to a crash there could be damage use caution. checking 270 now it looks smooth if you come out of frederick country and montgomery country 70 to 121 speeds down 14. enjoy while you can. >> volume is not as much as it would be. >> maybe serve traveling back. >> we start holiday weeks early. >> too cold to go to work today. >> awesome, i'm glad makes commute easier he
6:50 am
for morning meme. >> morning meme is back it's a new year. >> new meme. >> first memes of the year >> okay owen i'm hopening a gym called resolutions it will have firstness equipment the first two weeks and then tin into a bar. >> average time resolutions lasted two weeks. >> there you go. >> all right. >> brandi new year's resolution. >> more time on treadmill. >> nice and warm. >> it's like a little cot. >> it may be warm did you turn off for a while. >> new year's resolution hate more. >> little more heat. >> grumpy might be grumpy because he has an unfor the nalt face. >>
6:51 am
>> and you get the theme here. >> new year's resolutions maybe. >> and go bad book to owe quep staes. >> thank you, tucker, well done. quicking offer 2018 in a good way. >> all righty we want to hear entertainment headlines. you guys are swabbing it out. >> let's get to the fox beat. >> good to see you guys. >> all righty. >> transition. >> did you have a good new year. >> yes. >> how are you today. >> good. >> we're starting off with sad or brutal story this morning unfortunately. let's start off you know who logan paul is. >> i do not. >> he's a huge u to be a v-log star, vine star, you probably have seen his
6:52 am
this was his main switerith essentially he became famous all over the internet. this is him here. he has 4 million followers on twitter. what happened was yesterday he uploaded a video to youtube. it showed apparent "apparent" suicide while? japan. he was going through a very popular or famous area there called japanese suicide forest. it's an area where people are known to take their lives and he came across a dead body. and this is the reason why they use apparent suicide nobody knows for sure it is a controversial video and has been taken down and where d
6:53 am
begin? let's start with this. i'm sorry, this is is first for me. i never faced criticism like this before i never made a mistake bike this before. i'm surrounded by good people and believe i make good decisions i'm still a human being and can be wrong and that's up tension i up up ited to raise afaires i was miss guided by shock and aww as portrayed in the video. he went on to continue his apology saying he does this all the time and makes youtube videos all the time and knows the reach he has and responsibility he has. the video has been taken down there's 15 million subscribers on youtube and ton of backlash prevkly from actors and celebrities all over the wo world. he that's so
6:54 am
>> kev, heat me ask you a question did you see it before it was taken down. >> i did not watch the video. >> in this society and world we're living in the first i think reaction especially from blogger and internet person this popular is to show the world what he is seeing. so my question is whether he as making light of the situation while he was filming it or was he just thinking he was reporter you know on the scene or whatever. clearly you don't show the body. but, in this warped sense we're in right now is my question. because that reaction seemed to be very harsh. >> the video has been taken down i have is not seen it because it was taken down. >> i didn't know in the spirit of what it was. >> from i've seen and heard. >> this is is my thing look everybody be or was he inww
6:55 am
>> so, interesting, okay. >> we're rapping up appa apparently. >> i think what it does reminds us all to think about what we're showing because some things are super sensitive and you have to remember turn the camera off at that point. it's a good reminder. >> a groo agree. >> silver lining. >> thanks, kev. >> you're not the only one with bad news. tucker is sitting on single digit temperatures. >> not literally signature. just outside. 13 washington and we're off to cold, cold start. going to be a cold day. daytime highs mid up toer 20s. that's actual air temperature in the city. culpeper whipping how low you can go. sour 2 degree temperatures. >> we're expecting dry day and temperatures well below normal this afternoon and 7 day forecast that does not promise warmth any time soon be sure
6:56 am
jacket by nop temperatures back in 40s. a coat. >> we have caitlin in this morning and sounds like roads cooperating. >> we have a few water main breaks due to the cold wea weather. otherwise travel times not too scary after everyone is outp ot roads after a long break. expect delays southbound here and also seeing them on topside of bell way adds well. there's a water maichb break out there. overnight hours, new hampshire southbound at oak view drive. one lane gets by in each direction. so on new hampshire avenue and also locally on oak view. you have heavy days and it looks like they're on outer loops and delays as well. other one we're watching in hyattsville at charles amtrop
6:57 am
>> that's a good look at traffic much more coming up 7 a.m. after ♪ ♪ ♪
6:58 am
there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:00 am
overnight after a vehicle m mrunened into a frozen creek in maryland. >> and al franken officially preparing to refire sglovrs if you just waking this up morning you know the word today. cold. live look outside on this tuesday morning. january 2. 2018. that super moon hanging nonthere. if you're about to head out the door, though, layers. that's your # for the day. bundle up out there. >> and deep freeze gripping parts of u.s.. good part of it. including here at home and that actually fostered school delays in our area. most of these far west of d.c.. sending things to tucker with bitter cold temperatures this morning. >> steve the moon absolutely beautiful as it sets he early this morning. let's get to the temperatures. dangerous cold out early this morning. single digits breaking out for parts of the area here. mannasas now 7. culpeper now down to 1 degree in culpeper and just 8 gaithebu


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