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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 5, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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dealing with strong winds, bitter cold. we have subzero wind chills here. and we also have live team coverage for you this morning. >> miserable pictures. those frigid temperatures causing water main breaks. we're live at a new one in northwest. it's causing icy traffic troubles near rock creek park. >> and "fire and fury" the new book bashing president trump is in book stores today. it wasn't supposed to be but it is. we'll have more on what the white house has to say about it. >> if you're just waking up, it's beautiful. it's a snowy shore line but that is beautiful sunrise. if you're just waking up, here's a live look on this friday morning. check it out. that's ocean city of course. it is january 5th, 2018. what a difference a day makes. we're seeing the sun rising over the snow covered beach when yesterday it was like a blizzard out there. these beautiful pictures coming in to us again from ocean city >> another blast of bitter cold temperatures this morning. let's get right on over to tucker for a quick check on the forecast. beautiful picture there.
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cold though. >> yeah, just incredible how clean and how far you can see with this air arctic air in place. what is not pleasant being outside though. just want to show you those are all wind chill advisories. it's not just here in washington, it's up and down the eastern seaboard in fact all the northeast under either wind chill advisories or wind chill warnings and we, too, are under that advisory right through the noon hour. the reason why right now. here's wait feels like outside when you step out this morning. feels like minus three here in the city, minus seven out at dulles. minus seven in hagerstown. winds blowing out of the north and west about 25 to 30 with air temperatures in the low teens and upper single digits. i'll have all the details on a very, very brutally cold forecast coming up in just a minute guys. back to you. >> actually at 7 o'clock this morning the frigid weather is our big story. today will bring record breaking cold air and bitter winds. parts of new england will feel like the minus 40s as low as minus 15 throughout the rest of northeast. >> winter weather is blamed for at
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week. more than 100,000 people throughout the midatlantic and new england without power on this cold morning. nearly 4,000 flights have been canceled, all because of the storm. >> and of course because of the frigid conditions here we do have some school closings and delays. there were a bunch announced this morning. let's start in maryland right now. we'll start with some delays. frederick county anne arrundel county and montgomery county schools, you're on a two-hour delay this morning. closures in maryland. saint mary's county school, you're closed. prince george's county and calvert county and charles county schools, all closed. >> in virginia, arlington county, alexandria city and falls church city schools all on a two-hour delay. fairfax county and loudoun county schools, you're closed today. prince william, spotsylvania and stafford county schools are also closed. manassas city and manassas park schools are closed. >> also the federal government open on time today. and you can see all the latest closings and delays scrolling along the bottom of your screen and on and on the fox5 news and weather
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apps. now the bone chilling temperatures, they have left the region shivering also responsible for a surge in water main breaks. we've seen a bunch of 'em. >> the big one has popped up this morning on 27th street northwest. that's near rock creek park. now, this will cause traffic headaches. fox5's melanie alnwick is live on the scene with more now. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. this became a real problem about 3 o'clock this morning and d.c. water says that the repair itself probably won't be completed until at least maybe 1:30, maybe 3:30, 4 o'clock this afternoon, the weather definitely making these repairs take a little bit longer. longer time for even for them to be able to get the crews out here to begin excavating the road. now, what you're seeing right now is really a huge improvement. a lot of this is just wet now because if you recall our live shot in the last hour, a lot of salt trucks and the plows were coming through here trying to get
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of here. we understand the goal is to get this road opened up in the next half hour or so to that rush hour traffic. i would normally never be able to stand right where i'm standing here 27th street at i and k. this is the main exit here for people off of rock creek park who want to head to 66 west. it's a hugely traveled intersection andit's all been shut down at this hour and even early on you can see the traffic kind of slowing down. they're not really sure where they're going to go next since their exit is shut down, but, again, i do believe that this is going to clear in just a little bit. d.c. water says it has had more than 200 water emergencies a day in terms of phone calls that they're getting and they've been dealing with more than 50 water main breaks. there's a couple more in the city right now. we know this happens. this one is an 8-inch main. apparently there's a 6-inch main and a 2-inch main in this area, too, that have also popped in the last couple of weeks. so, this is definitely been
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problematic intersection and wssc also saying that it has had some 94 water main breaks and they really do have to prioritize, guys. in some cases especially some of the smaller cases where not that many people are affected they're having to shut the water off and wait a little while to come back really try to triage which ones are the most critical. we're told it's going to get taken care of but would probably be longer than people would like. melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> you can tell from just the way that mel is struggling to talk a little bit out there that wind takes your breath away. >> yeah, the cold. there we go. looks like down in dupont 10 degrees. >> ugh. >> yes. all right. let's do the -- let's go to the temperatures. 13 here in washington. these are your air temperatures. dulles 11. bwi marshall 10. theme is this brutal arctic cold that we've got upon us and it will be
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just, you know, bear with the seven-day forecast. it gets bet by -- better by next week. current wind chills this is the big story of the morning. negative numbers for most everybody. feels like minus three in washington, minus eight up in frederick. winchester minus seven. earlier this morning oakland, maryland, our friends out in western maryland, i know we got a lot of people who watch out there, minus 25 was the wind chill early this morning. >> my goodness. >> i just want to mention that we're under a wind chill advisory through the noon hour. what can we expect today? cold. various levels of cold. winds will be with us through much of the day. daytime highs in the upper teens to about 20. our big storm system from yesterday that's now north of maine there, you can kind of see it if you look carefully, it will be responsible for kicking the winds back into the midatlantic for the afternoon. so, it will be breezy and very cold later today and then a very cold weekend as well. we'll have details on the weekend forecast coming up but you don't say very often a high temperature of 20 in washington. >> thankfully. >> yeah, right. >> all right. thanks, tuck. >> yeah. >> sen
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>> let's check on the roads this morning see how volume is and road conditions, erin. >> i'm just dreaming about planning an emergency vacation somewhere. it's so cold out. right now gw parkway we did have an earlier crash that cleared. it was blocking the right lane after 123, good. w parkway southbound. residual delays pretty heavy back to the beltway. 15 miles per hour average. give yourself 15 extra minutes to get through that area. big water main break scene we've been tracking. traffic advisory for you. melanie alnwick is out there tracking the progress. it's the 900 block of 27th street. twenty-seventh and k street is blocked northbound rock creek parkway at virginia avenue blocked. traffic diverted onto eastbound virginia avenue. 66 from i street blocked and rock creek parkway from white horse freeway blocked. that's causing some backups. skyfox up over the area. if we can pull them up. they're checking out the mixing bowl and heading south to keep an eye on the commute. i can forward the maps along. dealing with a water main break in falls church. leesburg pike westbound between carlin springs road and columbia pike water main break with one lane opened. volume has been
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all morning. disabled car bw parkway before the beltway on the southbound side. it's blocking the right lane but look at all of that green. 50 through bowie is quiet. the beltway inner loop and outer loop look good. use caution on the secondaries much watch for some icy conditions. bridges overpasses on and off-ramps as well. looks like the beltway and our major pretty quiet. inner loop by pennsylvania avenue to the wilson bridge at speed. at speed through dale city. five at the 301 split much smoother than what we were dealing with yesterday during the snow event. we'll keep you updated. metro rail lines on time. that's your traffic. >> number of flights diverted from new york city to our area yesterday because of the winter storm. >> one in particular got a lot of attention and aer lingus argentina's flight from buenos aires to j.f.k. landed at dulles international airport. passengers sat on the tarmac for more than four hours. then they were told that they would board buses to new york. passengers said the pilot changed his mind and decided to fly to j.f.k. but at that point
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some called 911. others even called our news room from inside the plane. they finally got off with many getting on those buses to new york. >> tough situation for them. don't forget you can always track the cold or the snow on and on the fox5 mobile app. there you'll find an up to the minute list of school closings and delays. i just checked flight cancellations out of d.c. we're doing okay. maybe a dozen or so canceled. boston and new york seeing a ton. it wasn't supposed to be out for a few more days but it's out the book rocking the trump administration on sale today after the publisher moved up the release date despite legal threats from the r >> our bob barnard is live outside of kramer books in northwest which was opened in the wee hours of the morning for crowds to get their first look at the book. hey, bob. >> reporter: yes, hey, guys. we know the title now "fire and fury" and it went on sale at midnight here at kramer books and is already sold out. this is a very controversial book that the white house threatened to stop publication of, said it
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book from being published next week. publisher moved it up. it's coming out today. went on sale here at midnight. in the book the author michael wolff quotes steve bannon once a top assistant to president trump as calling ivanka trump the president's daughter dumb as a brick. in the book steve bannon says that the russia investigation is like a category five hurricane going on inside the white house. last night president trump tweeted about the author michael wolff and we'll show it to you. he says basically i didn't talk to the guy. i never let him into the white house even though there are many reports of michael wolff multiple times going into the white house that the president green lighted the book spoke to him a number of occasions told his aides to speak to the author and now the president as you see is saying he didn't cooperate, that the book is phony and he calls his once trusted aide steve bannon sloppy steve. sales of "fire and fury" were brisk. folks here in washington bracing the frigid temperatures to line up at
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midnight to link down about 30 bucks for a copy of the book that has raised the ire of the white house. >> i'm not going to waste my time or the country's time going page by page talking about a book that's complete fantasy and just full of tabloid gossip 'cause it's sad, pathetic. >> reporter: garnering the most attention statements from the president's former chief strategist steve bannon who said among other things that a meeting that donald trump jr. had with a russian lawyer during the campaign was treasonous. >> did steve bannon betray you mr. trump. >> he called me a great man last night so he obviously changed his tune pretty quick. i don't talk to him. that's just a misnomer. >> reporter: some things in the book seem almost demonstrablely untrue like trump didn't know who john boehner was despite mentioning him on several occasions and even playing golf together. but there is also a narrative in these pages that mentally trump isn't all there. >> after all the allegations in this book, donald trump needs to give a real interview
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conference or do something soon to demonstrate to voters that the allegations in this book that he is senile or incompetent are untrue. he needs to get out and lay those to rest quickly or it will stick. >> reporter: now in you want to get the book in your hands you got to go somewhere else. kramer books reopens at 7:30 this morning but look at the sign on the door. sold out. "fire and fury." it doesn't go on sale until today. well, they stayed opened after midnight. they were opened until 3:00 in the morning or 1:00 a.m. last night and so between midnight and 1:00 a.m., they sold out of the book here. it is number one on amazon and it's going to generate more conversation, guys, because, again, now president trump is saying that the book is phony which is kind of what he's done in the past when he disagrees with things. we'll see whether this sticks. michael wolff the author says he's got hours and audio recordings of the conversations he had with white house officials that led to this book. >> all right, bob. >> i will say
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amazon, yes, bob, it is number one on amazon but it also says ships in one to two months so apparently supply right now. >> reporter: a lot of demand. >> little limited. yes, exactly. thanks bob. still to come this morning our team coverage of the deep freeze continues. we've got the tips you need to hear to keep your car running smoothly in these bitter temps. >> vulnerable to hackers. details on the major security flaw you probably got a message about yesterday. i know i did. apple is dealing with it this morning. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> let it shine. >> i'm guessing 11 on the big board there. >> yeah. >> dropped one. >> 12 at reagan national if that makes you feel any warmer, steve. >> whew. >> you know that clock is still two minutes off. >> yeah, i know. if the clock is off maybe the
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>> maybe so. >> consistently two minutes off since last year. >> what the what? >> i don't know about that. >> when we last had our cold spell. >> it must be friday 'cause i'm feeling super happy a little giddy. >> also i can't feel anything because i'm numb from being outside for a second. we're playing a fun new interactive game here. >> there it is. >> yes. let's limbo. how low can you go. >> i'm going to need this picture as like my everything. >> i just tweeted it out. >> you did. >> the sad thing is though at one point you guys actually made those expressions. >> i know. like what was going on? >> i can't even imagine. >> all right. so, here's the deal. i've been asking you to send me the temperatures at your house and i will give you a shout-out. i want to know what it is looking like across the area. katie in poolesville says it's 9 degrees. >> can we play limbo music while we're doing this. >> snazzy blazer tucker is wearing though. >> brandon in southeast laurel 7 degrees. keep them coming. tucker fox5. >> what's the lowest
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gotten so far. >> brenda is winning in laurel. it was 7 degrees. >> russ said overnight i think in del ray it got down to 10 in del ray. >> you're winning. >> let's do temperatures. send them to me tucker fox5 your temperatures and we'll finds a winner and give them some kind of prize. >> we can send them that picture of us. >> exactly. 13 right now in washington. [laughter] >> that is our actual air temperature. our wind chills right now below zero. wind chill advisory remains in effect until noon today and check out these regional wind chills just amazing. minus 21 is what it feel like in pittsburgh, minus 16 in chicago. i mentioned oakland maryland overnight minus 25 with the winds. sole, winds are going to be with us all day long out of the north and west. 25, 30 miles an hour. daytime highs for us today, even with sunshine, teens to about 20. and then i think we'll get very close to some records overnight tonight. look at your single digits tomorrow morning and sunday morning as this really, really unusual weather pattern continues for a few more days. we do have a warmup on the seven-day. temperatures back to normal by the middle of next
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so -- >> good. >> there it is. >> this is just an aberration. >> an oasis there. >> oh, yeah, looking forward to monday. >> uh-huh. >> send me your temperatures. >> beginning of next week should be amazing erin. >> when was the last time you looked forward to monday. >> right. it's going the feel like 60. >> tucker has us looking forward to monday. who knew. i'll take it. >> right now overall volume is super light for this friday morning. we have a few crashes. use caution. some icy roads. cabin branch and sheriff road there is a crash out in capitol heights. give yourself extra time. 50 has been really quiet. not seeing any slowdowns as you make your way out on 295. again, clicker froze. we'll see if we can forward our maps along. unfortunately when it's cold this thing just doesn't seem to want to cooperate. as you make your way out washington boulevard and patrick henry drive in arlington road closed due to that downed wires. we'll have to detour around that. 66 wide opened. not seeing any slowdowns on the key bridge. use caution. watch for slick spots bridges overpasses on and off-ramps. ongoing water main break issue. melanie alnwick is out there. causing a bit of a mess. watch for slick
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closures 27th street and k street blocked. northbound rock creek parkway at virginia avenue. traffic diverted onto eastbound virginia avenue northwest. 66 westbound from i street blocked and rock creek parkway from white horse freeway blocked. detour around that. metro is on time. back to you. >> erin thanks very much. up and down the east coast it's not just us, the cars have having trouble. drivers struggling with the snow and ice. cars sometimes don't want to get going just like some of us. >> understand that. thousands of them have turned to aaa for help during this wintry blast and our annie yu is with aaa's midatlantic at the fleet headquarters this morning. she's getting all the details on how to manage in this really cold weather and annie, to be honest, every time i were you sh push that button ine car i have now i cross my fingers in these temps that it starts. >> reporter: right, me, too. i mean, i have an 09 and my car is in good shape. i maintain it well and things like that but
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frigid temperature when i turn my knob, it makes this weird -- like a very high like eeek and then it turns on and i'm like should i be concerned. i've got rob mormon here to tell us a little bit more about your engine troubles in this arctic blast and over the last three hours we've already had like 600 calls so this is right in the thick of this, the busy season. now, rob, there is a big thing out there about during the winter months you should always leave your car engine running for a few minutes before you actually take off. is that a myth? does it really do something for your car? does it -- is it helpful to your engine to do that or is it just a waste of gas. >> no, you definitely want to get it up to operating temperatures so that way you get the fluids going. what you don't want to do is let it idle in your home garage or on the street not being attended. >> reporter: so, it is good for your car. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: how long average time. >> five minutes. >> reporter: five minutes. i always wait until my little pin goes like a third over something like that. >> that's good. it's operating temperature. >> reporter: i don't know what it's called. i just know where it's at.
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out here. okay, so, we're in the thick of the morning, your drivers are already been dispatched to many, many calls. we've got jerome here who is a hard working aaa technician. he's getting his car ready to go. you told me you load each vehicle up with 31, 32 batteries, that's one of the top calls. >> yes. batteries are huge part of our calls in this area. so, each vehicle has a different size battery that it takes and we're equipped to handle all of them. >> reporter: okay, so batteries is big call. you also have people running out of gas, out of fluids, tire issues, things like that so while jerome gets his car ready to go, jerome, come on over here real quick, so, i know you get all kinds of calls and you're running around. how many calls do you do in one day? >> on average now. >> reporter: yeah. >> probably about good 10, 12 a day. >> reporter: wow. and how difficult is it to work in these kinds of conditions when you have the winds howling and the arctic. >> it's actually been brutal, very brutal. i've been here almost about five years and i've never seen it be this
7:22 am
hat on your layers on. do you have long johns. do you need your hand warmers. i got some hand warmers for you before you take off. let's see what you're going to because this loud beep that you hear, this is like -- you've got calls coming in here, right. >> yes. >> reporter: let check it out. where are you going? >> we have two calls on our screen. one is in hyattsville. the other in upper marlboro. >> reporter: what's the deal. >> both are battery calls. if you look not call details in the comments will need to purchase a new battery. that's majorly what we've been dealing with. >> reporter: for the honda waiting in hyattsville, your battery is on the way. jerome is coming to save the day. jerome thank you so much. stay warm. thanks for all that you do. and rob, so finally before we go, one of the things that we talked about before we hit air was just some of the strangr calls you've had. you mentioned you found a snake in one of the vehicles. so, there are things that you may not necessarily do. what are some of the stranger calls that you've had. >> we' d
7:23 am
we've had cats in engine bays because they're trying to get warm, also. that's pretty much it's the animals. >> reporter: you guys handle it all. thank you very much rob for your time. we'll send it back to you all in the studio. >> annie thanks very much. and good luck to jerome and all the other folks heading out there dealing with the cold trying to help everybody else. look, we've all been there, right. >> absolutely. looking for that aaa truck, i know i have. >> make some noise inside your car before you turn the engine on. >> news you can use. looks like companies closed out 2017 with a bang according to a key survey from payroll firm adp. businesses added 250,000 new jobs in december. that is the most added in nine months. awesome news. labor department's latest employment report due to be released just over an hour from now. >> and announcement from apple of affecting nearly all of its devices. the company says all of the mac systems and ios devices are affected by two chip flaws that can expose some of your
7:24 am
memorized by your device, sometimes it can be a password, sometimes it can be credit card information. the company says nearly every apple desktop laptop smartphone and cloud server are affect ad by this bug and the bugs could leave the devices vulnerable to hacking. apple working to fix the problem. in many cases they already have the patches. if you have an update available on your device apple strongly suggests that you use it. >> i'm sorry, giving you a big thumbs down apple on that, right? i mean it's everything. >> quick turn around though. all different companies got hacked. >> blah, blah, blah. >> they're just saying quick turn around get the update on your device. >> okay. >> price of doing business these days, right. >> apple used to be so safe though do you know what i mean? it was why i got the mac. >> a lot of new parents take monthly progress pictures of the little ones. one philadelphia dad taking it to a whole new cheesy level. >> 7:24. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> trending this morning a philadelphia father put the city's signature sandwich to use in a whole new way. yes, he used cheesesteaks to measure his baby's size for an entire year. brad william started the cheesesteak for scale method when he noticed two week old lucas was about the same size as a cheesesteak. he started snapping pictures next to his newborn and the tradition was born. there you see at seven months, eight months. >> that's so
7:27 am
>> nine months. outgrowing that cheesesteak finally. it's like when we talk about little baby pandas a little stick of butter. >> getting to a year now he's about the size of five cheese takes. >> looking like this daddy. >> determine how many cheesesteaks he can eat. >> right. >> 13 now in washington. our how low can you go game it's a huge success. i've got all kinds of numbers. very impressive. four and 5-degree temperatures. we'll revisit in just a minute. winds west-northwest here at 16. making it feel like minus 3 degrees. we have wind chill advisory honestly most of the area, most of the area early this morning it feels like temperatures below zero so please lots of layers and make sure you're dressed for a very, very cold day. don't leave your pets outside and, you know, just make sure if you have elderly neighbors their heat is work, because it is going to be brutal cold around here for the next couple days. daytime highs today, you know what, we'll be lucky to get to 20 even with bright sunshine and then a very, very cold
7:28 am
we'll keep moving but there you go. temperatures 20, 25 degrees below normal for next couple days so again, arctic cold here to stay through the weekend. all right, how low can you go? we'll revisit in a minute. back to you. >> can i be a part of that one. >> yes, you can. >> it's our jam cam tuck. look behind me. >> green. >> a lot of people are off from work today because we don't have any major delays. only thing we're dealing with a residual delay -- let's try that again. a residual delay on gw parkway southbound from an earlier crash by 123. use caution bridges overpasses and secondaries much watch for slick spots guys. >> erin thanks. >> coming up at 7:30 after the break the bitter cold temperatures of course are big concern for your health. our dear friend dr. shelby is here with tips for fighting frost bite. >> and fox's new singing competition the four premiered last night. stars cast at judges. kevin caught
7:29 am
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simply smarter shopping. time right now 7:30. let's take look at stunning video out of massachusetts. look at that. all that water rushing in. flooding roads along the shore line. video capturing the aftermath of a partial breach of the sea wall this just outside of boston. now here in our area coastal towns took the brunt of the bomb cyclone rehoboth beach look lick a snowy ghost town. it's pretty but the snow piles were all over the road. the dee freeze meantime catching a lot of floridians off guard. a pensacola woke up to a surprise in his backyard. he went tout check on his swimming pool to find it was frozen over. it looked pretty. he knock on the surface. couldn't crack the solid surface. not going to be swimming in florida today.
7:31 am
>> probably a good thing. because you easily could get frost bite. >> real health risks associate with this blast of frigid weather. our friend dr. shilpi agawarl joins to us talk frost bite specifically and why it's such a serious health concern. >> hey, shilpi. >> good morning. >> let me tell you something first of all. i don't think my girls even own a pair of gloves any more. do you know what i mean? yes. >> kids and loves forget you bit the. >> for young kids you have to attach them with a clip much it's very important. in this type of weather allison the temperatures are getting freezing, below freezing and if you add on that wind chill everybody who is outside for any amount of time is at risk for frost bite. >> when you go out, i'm so cold my extremities specialsly how do you know when it's really frost bite? >> when you think about our body, when we're outside in this cold the body, the blood vessels narrow or constrict and they do in order to keep ourselves warm. keep our main organ functioning. when that happens the blood flow decreases you're at risk for injuring the
7:32 am
and the nerves that damage is causes the frost bite. so it's really not the amount but the -- it's really not the intensity but the amount of time that you're outside for. >> really? all right. especially vulnerable i would imagine young people, old people, too. >> elderly as well as the very young. but everybody is at risk. the most common cases we see are in the 30s and 40s age group. >> okay. >> but keep in mine, also n key people taking certain medications, beta blockers medications for seizures all of those put you at risk so check with your doctor because some of your medications which might be affecting your blood flow can truly make you more at risk for frost bite. >> i want to talk about how you really know but i see you have this and i can't ignore your props. >> hand warmer i think this is really important everybody should have this on hand. let's say you're going outside you'll have to shovel your driveway. you should have this because this warms up your fingers and helps keep you from hitting that, um, you know --, basically helps keep your tissue from being injured or damaged for that prolonged
7:33 am
while you're outside. on the important thing to remember is that wet extremities the fingers, toes, nose, anything those are going to be more vulnerable because that cold temperature hits it faster. so anything that is wet you should dry that off and jewelry also can be another thing it's made of metal kit put that cold temperature and give that you frost bite or that burn that is damaging to the skin. >> okay. so let's talk about when you think that -- first i just want to make sure we covered how it looks like what it feels like. so when you know you're in trouble. >> so typically around this, though freezing temperatures it can be less than 30 minutes when you're affected. but with the wind chill -- pardon. >> five to ten minutes you can start to feel frost bite. you know because your fingers start to feel numb and tingling. you might feel trouble moving the extremities. some cases you don't even feel it because it is so cold for you. and then when you come back inside you might see color changes. so when you see that red, white or even that bluish then it's very late in stage in the in injury. >> i want
7:34 am
have to go out here and cough. we're old friends i can tell that you. i want you to talk about whatnot to do. >> it's very important when you come inside tore warm your hands slowly. if you see any kind of blistering, then you want to get medical attention right away or if after 30 minutes of row warming slowly you still cannot get good feeling, good circulation, that skin color has not pinked up again, that is when you need to seek medical advice right away. because then you might have lower tissue damage or frost bite that's affected your tissues more deeply than just superficial burn. >> okay. and what's the worst case scenario? we want to make sure people are super serious about this. what could happen here. >> people have lot of limbs from frost bite and the reason is they didn't seek medical attention quick enough. they were outside for too long. did not feel and when there warmed those extremities, there was blue or black tissue that became what we call gangrenous hadn't to be amputated. so this is a serious
7:35 am
issue. the other thing that i want to reiterate is that the temperatures are very very cold particularly for those young kids. so my recommendation is that even though it look great, they've got the snow day, keep your kids inside. they shall not be playing outside. if they are going to play outside, very minimal times. five to ten minutes maximum because within that time frame, is when we're seeing these extremities starting to freeze. >> wow! >> i don't know if you know because i know it's not emergency room for you but have you seen or heard of anybody or folks coming in during this cold snap. >> we are seeing people coming in particularly those that may be, you know, without homes or in shelters. >> yeah. >> other people workers outside for long period of time. >> right. >> they're needing row warming treatments that also brings up the issue of hypothermia. let's say you've been outside you're starting to feel little bit dizzy or confused. that's another reason to seek medical attention. >> shilpi, thank. >> you're welcome. >> thanks for hanging with me. tucker, over to you. thank you allison. it is brutally out early this morning. overnight lows single digits in many spotsut
7:36 am
chill i'm sure you her the wind overnight. it was absolutely how long out there for time during the evening hours. the wind chill right now minus numbers for most of the area. so we're under wind chill advisory. those are actual air temperatures 13 in d.c. ten up in new york. you can see negative numbers lurking off to the north and west minus two in pittsburgh. i think we'll have negative numbers around here for actual air temperatures by tomorrow morning. certainly by sunday morning the coldest air yet descending upon us. there's live look at satellite/radar. big storm from yesterday our bomb cyclone now north of maine. and it's rhee responsible fort winds that were currenly enduring and wind chills around here this morning negative numbers. later this afternoon the winds will be unrelenting gusting at times to 40 and look at your daytime high only 20 degrees. so please please take this cold very seriously as it will be dangerous later today. all right. coming up in just a minute how low can you go? update thank you for sending in your temperatures. i'll give you update momentarily. erin. >> that segment is worth it simply for the photo of y
7:37 am
allison. >> right now 7:36. this water main break causing traffic problems. good news is, overall volume around the dmv super light this morning. water main break watch for slick spots. it's 900 block of 27th street northwest. twenty-seventh k street block northbound rock creek parkway at virginia of a block. traffic diverted on to eastbound virginia avenue northwest. 66 west from i street is blocked and rock creek parkway from white hurst freeway blocked. detour around that. as we take a look right now top side of the beltway inner loop off ramp to wisconsin avenue a crash. off-ramp still open. as you make your way off 270 right wide open. beltway inner and outer loop at speed through college park. cabin branch road and sheriff road in capital heights there's a crash that just cleared. inside the bell way minor delay to 295. 295 southbound a little bit of congestion passed benning road and crash right now on sterling boulevard southbound at beach roadblocking all lanes. caution in sterling. aside from that metro rail lines on
7:38 am
check your flight status before you head out because of the temps. back to you guys. >> still ahead pushing the panic buttons. details on the plan to put new safety devices in some hotel rooms. >> new year, new price as lot of tv providers raising their rates. what you can do to push back. 7:38. ♪ . ♪♪
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
♪ california wants its hotel workers to feel safe. the state is considering panic button bill to protect hotel workers from assault and sexual harassment. it requires hotels to provide hotel rooms cleaners with panic buttons. the bill would also impose a three-year ban for hotel guests accused of violence or sexual harassment and keep a list of those accusers for five years. tsa out with annual list of the most unusual fines for 2017 topping the list a face tender riser that is described as a weapon that is part brass knuckle part tool to flatten a piece of chicken are beef. a face tender riser. >> facial yoga. >> no. like a weapon. other items include a sharp and point tee metal fidget spinner a pizza cutter and of course narcotics wrapped in what else but christmas paper. >> sneaky. >> that plus all the weird foods and animals they confiscate as well. >> cable a
7:42 am
providers rinking in the new year with unwelcomed gift. higher cable bills. no, thanks. comcast says customer bills will go up two-point 2% on average in this year. at&t is raising direct tv's prices by up to eight dollars a month by mid january that's a lot and smaller providers are planning increases too. experts say you can threaten to ditch your cable company in hopes of getting a discount. companies will often -- why do we have to play these games. >> last time i tried to do that. fine i'll go with somebody else. >> okay. >> companies might sometimes often -- offer a promotional rate for a year or two. but then it can be back in you forget. you know what the what. >> more people cutting the cord than ever. you got to do what you got to do. what's right for you. 7:42. a star-studded fox beat we're talking some of the biggest names in the music industry. >> we're talking, um, first of all that was fergie. diddy meghan trainor dj khaled. our kevin mccarthy caught up
7:43 am
new singing competition a four. it looked like a hit when i saw little bit of it last night and we'll talk you bit next in in the fox beat. doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
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7:45 am
we'll give tucker an extra ten seconds to get his skit together because he needs it. >> does he have a exit. >> and get serious bout forecast this morning. >> he's busy. he's coming up in just ten seconds. >> all right. hit the music. >> ♪ >> yeah. >> come on erin come through now is your chance. all right. we're playing new g
7:46 am
morning. how low can you go? >> we agreed -- >> ♪ >> that wasn't good. >> allison is into it. how low account temperatures go at your house? thank you i'm getting so many submissions. missy out in lore ray, 6 de 6 degrees. let's say see. jason in gaithersburg nine. bunny in hollywood married, 14 the winner right now how allow can you go is robert in front royal he's reporting an actual air temperature of 4 degrees. 4 degrees right now and these are all submissions so thank you for stepping them in. we're getting lots of single digits. tucker fox5 just let me know what temperatures are at your house and i'll give you a shout out. let's see woodbridge, yeah, we got 11 degrees and shannon in waldorf says ten. it is very very cold. take a look at your current numbers. yeah. 13 in washington. there are your single digits. gaithersburg eight. winchester nine. fredericksburg nine. i wish it felt this good but it doesn't. when you mix in the winds, it feels just brutally cold across the mid atlantic and new eng england. feels like minus three in
7:47 am
region minus five to minus ten. wind chill advisory fours until the noon hour. look at binghamton minus 22. minus 21 in pittsburgh. i mentioned oakland maryland minus 25 this morning. obviously that's very dangerous cold this is straight from the northern regions of planet as our big storm system from yesterday our bomb cyclone we're tapping into the winds on the back side of it. strong pressure gradient getting very very strong wind. winds unfortunately continue to gust to 40 today even with sunshine we'll be luck dee get daytime highs out of the teens to about 20 and there's just no let up here in this pattern for few more days. so gusty winds today. extremely cold tonight. i think we'll be close to single digits even in the city by tomorrow morning. likely to be negative numbers how low can we go tomorrow morning. we'll likely have minus numbers around here negative numbers by early tomorrow morning. 20 today. 20 tomorrow. little bit su sun better sunday. lot betr
7:48 am
that transition zone may give us freezing rain for lack of being able to polish and make it look nice. it will be ugly. wintry mix. warmer next week. >> you put your shoes back on. >> i did. >> you did a great job witness limbo. >> wasn't my best work. >> 7:48 right now. roads are really quiet, tuck. we have some problems on secondaries and this water main break we've been tracking but you can see all the green throughout the district. if you do have to make your way to work this freezing cold friday morning, bundle up. watch for slick spots on sidewalks as you make your way to metro bus stops or metro rail lines. metro is on time writ knowledge this water main break impacting traffic. twenty-seventh street and k street. also impacting traffic rock creek park wayne white hurst freeway that intersection near 66 right by the kennedy center much please use caution. no major despite all of those issues. dealing with downed wires. it's eastbound and westbound washington boulevard at patrick henry drive impacted closed for an extended period because
7:49 am
follow police direction. down wire cleanup in progress right now. 60 quite through arlington. quiet in both directions all the way out through manassas. we do have crash that cleared inner loop wisconsin avenue northwest on the off-ramp there. connecticut avenue quiet. inner and outer loop look good. 270 at speed the entire stretch. we do have crash 95 northbound at 610 down in stafford but green from fredericksburg all the way up to the beltway. i got you covered, guys. back to you. it is 7:49. another school alert to pass along for you this morning francis hammond school in alexandria now closed because of on-going heating issues. so that is just one school that's closed all the other alexandria city schools are on a two-hour delay. princess hammond school -- francis hammond school closed because of a heating issue. queue the fox beat music. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that's just one clip from last night's
7:50 am
fox's new show the four. battle for stardom new competition series with judges searching for the next big singing sensation, al? >> kevin mccarthy had chance to catch up with the judges. i was caught up in that woman's voice. she sounded so amazing. kev joins us live from la this morning with the details. hopefully we got another hit on our hands, kev. >> i literal -- i loved the show. i don't know if you guys saw it i watched it yesterday morning prepping for my interviews. the concept is very interesting much it's a bit confusing to get -- to learn about what it mean altogether first because you have these panel of judges, you have meghan trainor, you have diddy, dj khaled, you have charlie walk whose a record executive. they're on panel and people come out and perform for them but there are also four rising star singers in these chairs that if the judges like the performer, they then pass them along to challenge one of those four to take one o
7:51 am
once you watch the show, it makes a lot more sense. but it's a lot different than any other music show that i've seen. but i spoke to the judges yesterday here in los angeles, specifically diddy, also dj khaled we spoke about his weight watchers idea what's happening rider now he's down 21 pounds. but first before i got into the show, i wanted to ask diddy about my favorite rapper of all biggy and i had to bring up there was a track that biggy did called give meet loot that was on his album ready to die, when i ran into diddy in the lobby i was asking him i wanted to know if it was biggy's idea to do the two different voices, two different characters on that song, and he told me it was all biggy's idea so when i first got to talk to diddy on the carpet yesterday i wanted to know what his experiences like working with biggy in the studio. after that question we get into the show itself. watch
7:52 am
>> i ran you in the lobby one of my favorite albums of all time ready to die by biggy. give me the loot one of the greatest songs every written i talk about that traing did he the two voices. when you were in that studio doing that song with him, what do you remember about those albums ready to die and life after death? >> i really just remember the genius and how impressed i was just by biggy, and i worked with a lot of talent that has made me feel that way, but biggy was something different. i would actually be in the studio as fan not just a producer. so i was a fan of his from the first time i heard his music. >> watching the show one of the beauties of the show one behind this guy says, i don't have a plan b. this is my plan a through seem. talk about that level of confidence that these singers have. is there an element of having too much confidence. >> when you watch the first episode, um, one of the young men i think he had a little bit too much confidence. you can never have too much confidence but in this situation
7:53 am
weighed his focus, you know what i'm saying, so sometimes it's good to be confident, but it's more important to stay focused. >> there's a few people on the show that are a little too confident, and we were just like, you'll hear khaled be like, be humble. he sits them down right away. don't do that. because it shows kind of like we have to work with them at the end of the day, and i don't work to work with someone whose like is not. i'm the best. >> i mean you know this show is out the gate greatness. you know, sometimes, upping, we skip the build up, like, let's go. this is your opportunity. this is your opportunity to change your life, and at the same time when you're a four you're already sitting in the seat you could be challenged right there but the both of them are great when they get challenged even for me a tough situation but what i like about it it is when it gets to that situation the people make that decision. >> you
7:54 am
on weight watchers. what's the goal. >> my goal is just to be hea healthy. you know what i'm saying? i am healthy. but you know the key is to stay focused and stay disciplined. what i like about weight watchers and free style program, it's a lifestyle. sometimes you try lose weight, i get riffed pounds because all i do is win. but what i'm saying is, when we working so hard to do this, what about when we do it we want to keep it off. and stay focused and that's why i like the free style program because it's every day life and i'm having fun with it, too, because they give you a point system so when i'm eating my breakfast it's like fruit it's zero points. so i ate my lunch it was eight points i had so much points left over. i'm saying to myself there's so many zero-point footers and then when you do eat by the time i'm at 40, i'm good. >> honestly, dj khaled might be my new best friend. that guy has like the coolest energy. he was so fun to talk
7:55 am
i saw him muddle tell times throughout the day. but just hearing diddy speak on working with biggy and it was just really cool to have him talk to me about that. really excited. >> i like that you talked to diddy about that because honestly, um, i feel like sometimes he probably feels like he doesn't get the proper amount of credit. he's been in the game for a long time. so i think that's awesome. i bet he really remembers that interview, kev. i love that khaled peace, too. >> when i passed him in the hallway, and asked him that question about -- i saw him for a third time and he was telling me when biggy did that track he would do the one voice and then he would switch to the different character don the second character. if you haven't her the song, give me the loot, on ready to die and probable until my opinion one of the greatest hip hip songs of all time because biggy plays two characters really cool. >> i love diddy can come out and say i was a fan of biggy just like kevin is a fan of biggy. all coming together. >> thanks buddy see you next hour. we have to go. >> kevin in la. >> harlem globetrotters coming back to d.c. we love it when
7:56 am
you can win four tickets and four pre-game magic passes to see the globetrotters march 17th at the capital one arena. >> prize with retail value worth 20 -- excuse me $2,428 and provided by harlem globetrotters international incorporator. go to fox 25 d.c..corks/contests and enter for your chance to win. one winner will be selected by random drawing on january 8th. all entrants must be 18 or older complete rules and online entry available at >> all right. tucker, very simple it's cold out there this morning. >> i remember being a kid and going to all the capital center and see them. >> so much fun. >> yeah. it was fantastic. it was much fun. steve, plenty cold out there. more than plenty cold dangerously cold. 13 in washington. feeling like four. that's actually up from last hour when it felt like minute us in three. winds out of the west northwest at six. dangerous cold for us today and the winds are just going to be unrei lening here i'm sorry to say out of the north and west gusting 30, perhaps
7:57 am
hour with lots of sunshine expected but daytime highs only in the upper teens to 20 this afternoon. we are just not going to let up from this extreme cold for a few more days. hang in there. get out of your way and show you the rest of the seven day in a second. tonight single digits even in the city. and those temperatures 20, 25 degrees below normal dangerously cold through the weekend. okay. plenty more weather, plenty more fox news morning coming up in just a minute. ♪ music
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. glad you're with us. hopefully you're staying warm on this thursday -- friday morning. >> don't take us back, steve. >> let's not go back. heading toward the weekend. >> 8:00 on this friday, january 5th, 2017. no, it's 2018. now i'm trying to take you back. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> it is contagious. it's been that kind of beak. i think the cold kind of affecting our brains collectively this morning. deep freeze continues this morning. not just here in d.c. but up and down the east coast. strong winds and bitter cold have their grip on the entire northeast including the d.c. region where we're feeling it. how bad will it get and when will we see relief? >> those pictures are miserable. these frigid temperatures that we're all in causing more and more water main break, too. fox5 has been on top of one icy mess all morning long. we'll have your update for you. >> plus a bombshell book fire and fury bashing president trump it is out today. it wasn't supposed to be but it is. good luc
8:01 am
a copy though. live look outside not the same look -- i believe that was probably boston where that wall broke or what have you and that water came rushing in. 8:00 o'clock. that clock is two minutes off. 8:00 o'clock and it's 12 degrees at reagan national though in dupont circle. it says it's ten. >> it's cold period. >> it gives you an idea. let's get to tucker. he's our expert when it comes to freezing temperatures this morning. what are we looking at wind chill weiss, tuck. >> other than the time and temperature that thing is totally accurate. >> tollly right. keep using it. >> steve, whipped chill advisories overnight believe it or not our wind chills minus five, minus ten. oakland, maryland, this morning, wind chill of minus 25. so unfortunately brutal cold i'm showing you the wind chill warnings and wind chill advisories that continue across the eastern coast of the united states here and locally we're under that advisory until noon today. quickly want to show you the current wind chills. look at that gaithersburg minus ten. minus five dulles
8:02 am
very dangerous cold. our daytime highs only teens to 20s. brutally cold air mass in just second, guys. back to you. >> let's stay with that theme right now because the top story at 8:00 is the bitter cold. recor-breaking temperatures, stinging winds on tap and you're feeling them if you're out right now. let's head up to the northeast right now. parts of new england will feel like minus 40 degrees. as low as minus 15 degrees throughout rest of the nort northeast. >> this week alone 16 people died because of the cold. more than 100,000 people throughout the mid atlantic and new england are without power in these frigid temperatures. nearly 4,000 flights have been canceled because of the storm. now, this picture of the winter storm system is making the around nasa tweeted out yesterday look at this. this is what a bomb cyclone we all think became familiar with whatever it is. this picture of the bomb cyclone wait looked like nasa earth satellites as it just barreled and pummeled the east coast. >> look at all that snow and it
8:03 am
likes a hurricane out there. the bone-chilling temperatures responsible for the surge in water pain breaks across the glare one big one popped up this early on 27th street northwest near rock creek park. our crews had hoped to reopen the road -- not our crews their crews hoped to reopen the roads there within the laugh hour. let's get right to melanie alnwick with the current situation. have they made much progress at your ice ring? >> reporter: my ice rink, right. well, steve and allison, they have made some progress because we are seeing some pave many here where initially this... but they have not opened the road as of yet. so we're not sure if they're going to hold it closed because they want to get in here and fix this water main or if there's still a problem as far as safety here. now if you look, this is normally a very busy intersection. this is where cars are coming in to get to rock creek parkway, then they're also coming off virginia avenue to
8:04 am
so this ordinarily would be quite a busy area. i think if they got some traffic running through here, you'd probably see some of this ice melt that they put down working its way and in getting a little bit -- little bit... what they have put down is definitely working. so that's the good news. it has not frozen over. this is an 8-inch water main here that popped overnight. they've had a couple of other problems in this area in the last few weeks, because there's a few the way i understand it from dc water a couple of different water mains under here, and so this area has been persist tepp problem for them. they do have a couple of other water mains that they've been working on this morning as well. d.c. water says they've had about 200 calls for emergency service a day, and 50 or so active water main breaks and so they're trying to keep up as much as they can but the breaks are happening faster. that goes the same for -- for
8:05 am
montgomery and prince george's county. hundreds of water main breaks they are responding to as well. unfortunately when it gets this cold as we know, this just kind of comes with the territory. for now live in northwest i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local n news. >> mel, thanks very much. very cold out where mel is. tuck, i'm worried about not to jump ahead right now but next week we'll see very warm relative conditions. >> yes. >> potholes explode when we start to see cold to warmth. >> that will be the next part of the story. i think part of -- for meet unrei lening cold. basically been cold for would weeks. >> right. >> we'll keep it going through this weekend. let's get to it. yeah new york city real relief until early next week we are looking at temperatures back near normal. i think that will feel like a heat wave for us by the middle of next week but brutally cold weekend. starting with this morning. here are your current temperatures and single digits for much of the area gaithersburg 8 degrees. we're 13 in the city. 12 in leonardtown. eight in fredericksburg. eight in martinsburg you
8:06 am
winds i'm sure you her the winds last night. they were -- they were impressive no doubt about it that is not something that's terribly desirable look at wind chills minus ten what it feel like in gaithersburg and winchester right now minus five at dulles. winds are going to just be how long throughout the day here 20, 30 gusting to 40 on the back side of that big bomb cyclone we were talking about yesterday. so that's now pushed up north of main if you look carefully but the winds on the back side of that we've got very strong pressure gradient will continue to howl out of the north here and our daytime highs only in the upper teens maybe we get to 20. wind chills for. of the day near zero. and again wind chill advisory writ through the noon hour. please make sure you are properly dressed if you'll spend any time outside. >> wind gusts are no joke. >> um-um. >> thanks, tuck. good morning, erin. how is track looking. >> definitely quieter than normal. we do have a metro problem. blue line off loading at rosslyn with an equipment problem. delays for largo bound travele
8:07 am
rest of your metro ride on time. still dealing with water main break causing delays as you make your way out near rock creek parkway. water main break 900 block of 27th street impacting traffic. twenty-seventh and k. northbound rock creek parkway at virginia of a traffic diverted to eastbound virginia avenue northwest and 66 west from i street block to k street there and rock creek parkway from white hurst freeway block. detour around that causing some backups but not you would typically see if it was a normal work days. with frigid temperatures an lot of people tele communicating. as you make your way out downed wires in arlington east and westbound washington boulevard at patrick henry drive. they're in the process of cleaning it up but still follow police direction out there. gw parkway back to normal after earlier crash. typical delays picking up south 50 on 295 southbound toward the 11th street bridge and eighth and c street northeast malfunctioning traffic light. treat that intersection as sp
8:08 am
guys? >> cars and drivers could have difficulty getting on the road because of all of the he can treatment cold. not just the snow. >> already over the past few days, tens of thousands of people in our area have turned to aaa for help during this winter row blast, and annie yu is out on the roads this morning in prince george's county now with more. hey, annie? >> reporter: hey hello, allison. hi, steve. oh he sew last time you check in we were inside the mid atlantic fleet headquarters. we were nice and toasty indoors and now here we are. we followed our technician jerome to a call so this is an actual call here. the call was here in cheverly not too far from land over where we were. for a new battery because patrick's battery here died. so patrick, what happened this morning? >> i came out to start old wanda the honda and she was dead as door nail. >> wanda? why? >> so how long have you had this bat row? five years or longer? >> i would think so, yeah. this is my wife's first car
8:09 am
she went to college. so i would say probably in the six to eight year range with it. >> reporter: wow. it's were you time that we replace the this battery because jerome battery life usually like three to five years? >> usually three to five years. depends on how often you drive. >> reporter: uri moving the old battery here. or is that the new one? that's the old one, right. >> the old one. i can even tell, see. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and how thankful are you that you were at home when this happened and not stranded on the side of the road yes. >> very thankful. i was going to do trout fishing earlier in the week when it was a little warmer, good thing i didn't because as you can see she was dead as door nail. >> reporter: wanda, we'll get you fixed, don't you worry girl friend. so have you ever had to call for something like this before? >> believe it or not one other time. we've been triple a members for quite a few years, and we had a dead battery a couple years ago. so this is the second time but jerome was johnny on the spot. he was here within half hour. >> reporter: yeah. i think average call time right no
8:10 am
rob said your boss because of just the backup they had literally like 600 calls in thee hours. and the top problem is for dead batteries. so folks check your batteries, and winterize your car. patrick thank you very much for letting us chat with you. i'm sorry bout redskin. we had very under well ming season. but if you're a redskins fan. so am i. >> we'll move on to next year and hail to the redskins. >> spoken like a true redskins fan. all right. back to you all in the studio. >> if only the skins were as trustee as aaa. >> that's right. show up -- >> there you go. thanks, annie many we're learning new details in other news in a deadly pedestrian accident that happened earlier this week. this was in prince george's county. 16-year-old derek stanton was struck and killed by metro transit police officer. it happened at the intersection of crane highway and chadds ford drive. authorities say that intersection has previously been inspected for safety concerns and safety improvements were put in place but the work never began. the cause of thi
8:11 am
accident, though, still under investigation. still to come this morning fire and fury. the new book bashing president trump is out today. >> fox news sunday anchor chris wallace joins us to talk about that and more after the break. ♪
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ tuck, it's very cold out there today. we need double cuteness to warm us up twice as much. >> let's do it. fox5 first five photo of the day and we got a two
8:14 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> that's a durable. >> goodness, gracious. >> baby teddy bear. >> it's a little bear. cutest little bear. >> james is five months old. you can see from the picture he's enjoying the snow. >> yay! >> mom says james may look like ferfer robes grizzly bear but he's acute little teddy bear and he likes to smile and cuddle. >> bundle up today, james. you'll need all the fur. >> did you say a two for. >> two for james we love your picture. >> we do. we love it. love it. adorable. >> want to get that out there. oft all right. city you take number two. >> this is hendricks and today happy birthday number three for hendricks. >> yes, that really is his guitar and he really plays. when he's not watching fox5 with his dad hendricks likes to jam with his dad carlos who also plays guitar has a matching guitar. happy birthday hendricks birthday number three. man, i'll tell was what a great day
8:15 am
>> i met hendricks and his dad on a zip trip. >> he already has stage presence at -- that must have been taken at two. >> he's just three today. >> amazing. i can't wait for all your hits. >> hendricks, love it. james, we love it. send your picture go to fox5 d.c. >> two handsome boys. >> love it, love it. >> beth those gentlemen are going to have to be properly dressed today when that they go out because it's. 13 in washington. lots of single digits locally. minus two these are actual air temperatures. minus two in pittsburgh. minus one in chicago. detroit minus four. air mass continues to descend upon us. believe it or not it might be colder the next couple of days than we've had so far. so just hang in there a few more days of this. those are regional wind chills four what it feels like in washington although i can tell minus ten in gaithersburg and minute us in five at dulles. pittsburgh minus 23. binghaon
8:16 am
minus seven up in boston on the back side of that big bomb cyclone from yesterday. that's up north of maine because of very strong pressure grade we were we're getting gusty winds the winds will continue to blow out of the north northwest. 20, 30, 40 miles an hour this afternoon and just kind of unrelenting cold here for a few days. 20 your daytime highs that will be in the city most of the areas in the teens this afternoon. could be some records tonight. single digits even at reagan national by tomorrow morning with nine and a cold cold weekend before we warm it up next week. let me just mention quickly that monday transition there could be some ice. so i don't hike that. hopefully -- hopefully it won't happen. >> thank you. >> hopefully the roads are okay this morning. how do they look. >> 8:16 right now. take lock behind me. we have big problems on the westbound side of the bay br bridge. crash is currently blocking all lanes the you can see traffic is stopped they had previously been letting the right lane through, but right now traffic completely back up on the westbound side of the bay bridge.
8:17 am
clear on that span so allow for extra time. we'll keep updated on that breaking news. big scene there. aside there in we have a crash as well washington boulevard on the westbound side it's right at george mason drive all lanes blocked. 66 still looks good. gw parkway quiet. we do have some wires being cleaned up right now earlier downed wires washington boulevard at patrick henry drive there caution. and then as you make your way out right now, this water main break still causing problems 900 block of 27th street surr surrounding secondaries. watch for slick spots. delays 295 southbound only area really seeing the typical morning delay from 50 down to pennsylvania avenue. eighth and c street northeast malfunctioning traffic light. blue line delays otherwise metro on time, guys. >> 8:17 right now. fire and fury the new book to bashes pre president trump is in book stores today. wasn't supposed to be but they push it up and it is. joining us now talk about this and more chris wallace anchor of fox news sunday. i don't know about the fury, chris. i can use some fire witness temperatures here in d.c. this morning just to stay war
8:18 am
it's sold out everywhere starting midnight. >> yeah. what's interesting is that it was supposed to come out next tuesday, and then the president's personal lawyer threatened a lawsuit against the publisher and so the publisher decide brrr'd they go to court if they were really going to to go to court they would put the book out, even got to tell you the president and his lawyers deserve a fee for public relations because by making that threat, all they've done i heard somebody say the publishers are going to say this is the book the president doesn't want if you read. he couldn't have given them more publicity. >> absolutely. we talked earlier kramer books here in d.c. started selling at midnight. sold out. amazon oy just check saying one to two month wait right now. obviously that might change. but the demand is there. now the question, chris, is, the validity of the information in that book. and a lot of people are question wagon was on the record. what was off the record. if truths were stretched. what do you make out of what you've been
8:19 am
far? >> well, there's some things that are clearly wrong. there's a story, for instance, that the president, n roger ails the former boss here at fox news suggested to him during the transition you should make john boehner the former speaker your chief of staff and he said who? i happen to know for fact because i've been at some of events with john boehner that he and president trump, candidate trump, private citizen trump used to play golf together. so drum knew who john boehner was. that's just clearly wrong. and look, the quotes may be right in the sense that people said them just because somebody says something doesn't necessarily mean that it's true. but, you know, beyond that, you have to ask yourself what was michael wolf doing in the white house in the first place? this is you go who has a kind of checkered not completely diss reputable but a checkered reputation in terms of, you know, fairness, accuracy -- whether he em bell licious things but he was there authorized to be there. ve
8:20 am
house official who says they were told early on we want to you cooperate with michael wolf. we think -- people are going write a lot books about the first year of the trauma many presidency. shows out of touch they were. this would be positive book. cooperate with them. thaws a massive miss calcu calculation. >> absolutely. look, you rust said it. it kind of takes us back when to when we were kids and mom says don't touch the button. the first thing you want to do is touch the button f the president don't read it people will go out and read it. >> let's talk about the show sunday morning whom do we have on board. >> the cia director mike pompeo we'll talk about the world's hot spots, what's going on in iran closer to war with north korea? but one of the key points of the book the idea that the president unfit to be president. he doesn't have an attention span. he trusts his gut over -- over details and expertise. mike pompeo briefs him every day on psi
8:21 am
brief about what's going on in the world. we'll ask him about that. and then we're going to ask also talk to corey lewandowski tr trump's first and longest serving campaign manager and key outside adviser. we'll talk about the book and we'll also talk there's a lot new coming out even today in the new york times about possible obstruct of justice by the president. we'll talk about that as well. >> we look forward it to. stay warm in the meantime. it will be cold through the weekend. >> you bet. >> thanks buddy. >> 8:21 right now. president donald trump has directed his white house council to you were attorney general jeff sessions to not recuse himself from the justice depth's investigation into potential ties between russia and the trump campaign. this is according to the new york times. the article cites anonymous source who says sessions rejected the suggestion before he recused himself. the move followed revelations that sessions had spoken in 2016 with the russian ambassador. ♪
8:22 am
also happening today, the un security council set to hold an emergency meeting about iran. chris wallace was just talking about that. meeting comes at the request of the united states. now the us wants to show support for anti government protests in iran. ambassador nicky haley praised the demonstrators say the united states must speak out on their behalf at least 21 people have been killed. hundreds more arrested in a full week of anti government protests and unrest in iran. still ahead, new technology that could prevent car crashes and it involves reading your mind. >> wow. scary, and a dismantled holiday display goes to charity. we'll show how these bikes are benefiting local families. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ music ♪ i was diagnosed with hiv in 2016, but i didn't want my life to just...stop. i wondered if starting treatment would put my life on hold. my doctor and i chose triumeq, it seemed like
8:23 am
iumeq is one pill a day. any time of day. with or without food. now, i'm moving forward with triumeq. triumeq treats hiv-1 in adults, and does not cure hiv or aids. don't take triumeq by itself if you're resistant to any of it's ingredients. don't take triumeq at all if you're allergic to any of its ingredients, or have a certain gene variation. serious or fatal allergic reactions have occurred with triumeq and other abacavir containing medicines. symptoms may include fever, rash, nausea and vomiting. for a full list, see the warning card that comes with your medicine. if you have an allergic reaction, don't take triumeq... ...or the medicines in it again. don't take triumeq if you take dofetilide or have liver problems. serious side effects include lactic acid buildup, heart attack, or liver problems. if you're female, obese, or take nucleoside analogues, you may be at greater risk. if you have hepatitis b or c, it may get worse. tell your doctor if you have liver, kidney, or heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or hepatitis b or c, if you smoke, drink alcohol or if you are, or planning to be, pregnant or breastfeeding. some medicines may
8:24 am
so tell your doctor about any medicines or supplements you take. the most common side effects include trouble sleeping, headache, and tiredness. i'm moving forward... ...with triumeq. to learn more, get this free kit at and ask your doctor if triumeq is right for you. words of wisdom, hopefully, the storm passes, you know metaphorically speaking. >> that must be tucker barnes ideal beach right there. >> cold but still the beach. >> um-hmm. >> i think so, too. welcome back everybody. it is 88:24 on this friday morning. well this christmas tree got lot of attention in silver spring right there in downtown when it was all lit up back in november. it was decorated with bicycles lit in different colors. and the tre
8:25 am
by 12 city share bikes and wind turbine on top. people passing by were encouraged to take a turn and pedal to help keep the try lights powered. well, this is the beautiful part of this story. now it's time for all those bikes on the tree tolling to families in need. the organization a wider circle is in charge of the donation. they'll tell us they did tell us the 40 bikes are in great condition and they'll go to families who need them. >> we'll get to see the faces of these kids and these moms as they receive the bikes. i know what it will mean to them. that's why we're so proud and grateful to the peterson company for thinking of this. for these families l the holiday may have passed their needs remain. >> the families should receive the bikes in the next week or so. now they just need some warmer weather to ride around on them. >> good luck. coming next week. nissan working on system that could read your mind in way to prevent car crashes. the automaker looking int
8:26 am
wave sensors to predict a driver's neck move the system requires drivers to wear a skull cap that measures brain wave activity and then transmits readings to the cars system. it license unveil at the consumer technology show next week in las vegas. things we learn and the thing we don't. segue into -- (bell ringing). >> professor barnes on friday. at least it's friday. >> i realize a lot of districts have school off today but those of you at home have seen my students and we need to be in school today. >> we were hoping for four hour delay. >> we'll brave it out. >> no delay here. we're back. well maybe we're not back. if i step into the shot. >> walk out again and walk back in. does we're back. >> try it again. >> clearly my weather report card is not going well. >> if they take al and us off the screen. >> let's try again. >> we could walk back into the shot. >> and hit some music. >> per happen everything is frozen. >> there it is! >> all right. time for the weather report card. pay close attention, students. ♪ >> all
8:27 am
sunshine we'll give it an a. winds a big fat f in fact they're blowing out of the north and west about 40 miles an hour. afternoon temperatures in the teens that's an f. hey, study the bomb cyclone. >> yes. >> okay. this is your extra credit assignment kids. there's your equation right there. >> semester is almost over i need this. >> pay close attention that's the equation we used to determine changes in the height field based on the evict of between field. >> i've been working on my thermally vick. we'll give this a big old c. maybe we shall give my segment a c. queue my music. ♪ >> effectively used -- the answer is cold. >> high erin. >> i sought equation. i'll show you after the show. >> okay. >> i really didn't. right now breaking news on the bay bridge. 50 web on the bay bridge crash blocking the left lanes right now the right lane is open but we do have some significant delays. you can see right now 50 fr
8:28 am
westbound 48 minutes. residual delays there. and then as you make your way out we have washington boulevard westbound at george mason drive crash. otherwise we're seeing majors pretty quiet use caution on the secondaries, bridges, overpasses on and off-ramps watch out for slick conditions and washington boulevard should be getting back to normal soon at patrick henry drive. earlier downed wires. back to you. 8:30 our team coverage of deep freeze continues. >> bob barnard joins us live from northwest with group that is helping the homeless during these bitter cold temps. 8:28 right now. back in two.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> resist the temptation to sink. >> be hypnotized by the flag. wind chills near zero. >> cold cold cold. >> 8:30 now. welcome back. it is hard to really imagine to during this frigid winter weather some people are outside all night homeless, nowhere to go. >> local governments have been working throughout night to get the homeless shelter and other services they may need. bob barnard live at homeless out reach husband in northwest d.c. with more for us this morning. bob? >> reporter: i was talking with someone the other day, we were like, just being ourselves out in the cold for little while when the sun out is brutal. imagine if you're out all night in the dark with the wind, with these brutally cold temper
8:31 am
survive? you feel for the people who don't have a home, don't have a place to stay, and the department of human services here in the district has these shuttle vans out there all night long bringing homeless people in to shelters and we're going to jump on board this one and speak with melvin smith homeless outrage coordinator here in the city. you were last night, melvin, jack. >> yes. report roar do you know how many people you brought in alto altogether? >> um, altogether, we were able to get about ten to 12 people on our own efforts but the shelter hotline dc department of behavioral health we have schoolbuses from osi, all worworking non-stop trying to gt folks to come in off the street going to number of our shelters or hype tow they remember ya locations we have open. myself it was only about ten to 12 people. but there's a number of other folks work wig me to help get folks off the street. >> reporter: i know there are hundreds of homeless people. we've done the stories over the years, and almost everywhere you turn you see someone. we were down in dupont circle this morning,nd
8:32 am
someone was in one of the door jams there covered in blankets and stuff sleeping through this. there are some who obviously don't come in. what do they tell you? for us it's hard to wrap your mind around like willfully staying outside on cold night when there is a place to go to. what do they tell you those had don't come in? >> so some of the folks that are just insisting on staying outside it's just like anyone else who, um, has a identified areas being their home. they just don't want to leave their home. you know, it's -- what they know is what they're familiar with is what opportunities are around them. they know that at some point in time in the morning somebody will probably stop pass and give them change or help them get cup of coffee or give them nothing eat. leaving that environment to go into an environment they just don't know about they'd rather stay where they are. so, um, we don't like to leave folks out there, um, if we just feel like they're making a bad decision but they're being safe. we'll just even open up a blanket and just lay it on top of them. >> i've seen you guys do that. if they don't come in you'll give them
8:33 am
blanket. >> yup and keep on checking on them. he they may say no the first time but by the third or fourth time they'll give in tired of us waking them up and they'll give up and come on in. >> what's the deal? a lot of times the hypothermia alerts expired at 7am on day like today if you're in shelter, will these people be able to stay the day because it is so cold even when the sun is up? >> we do have locations and shelter that is will stay open all day. but some of those locations we use just temporary locations at night. and so they have normal function that is they do during the day. other programs. other population that is they serve we do have to close those locate we try to make sure there's enough place force peopling to so they don't have to be out in the cold. the department of human services has a day center specifically for individuals experiences homelessness they can go from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so it fits in that same time frame. that they can leave one location and have somewhere else to g
8:34 am
the computer, in connect with friends. anything that they be willing to do we can make sure they can do it inside. >> reporter: melvin, thanks very much. >> no problem. >> reporter: thanks for having us. they fired up the shuttle so we'll get out so they can do their work ick guys. it's nice to know your d.c. taxpayer dollars are helping to make this happen. throughout the city on these cold days and nights. melvin, thank you very much. that's it, guys much it's a harsh reality that some people will choose to stay the night out in these cold temperatures but that there are places to go for those who are willing to step out of the cold and accept the help offered, guys. >> see it all the time. folks just are literally in their element don't want to change. it's tough to convince. good to know the options there are and good tore mine them. bob, thanks. >> reporter: important reminder if you know of someone in the district or you see someone who needs shelter, you should call the shelter hotline. that number is on your screen. 202 -- this is the district of course.
8:35 am
(202)399-7093. you can also call the dc assistance number this one easy. 311. tuck, over to you. >> thank you allison. yeah. unfortunately, the wind chills this morning minus five, minus ten just dangerously cold. 13 in washington. these are actual air temperatures. pittsburgh minus two. minus one up in chicago. we are tapping, i know it's been so fold cold for the past ten days or so and believe it or not going to be even colder later today to tonight and tomorrow with daytime highs in the teens to about 20. those are your current wind chills feels like four in washington i just want to mention gaithersburg minus ten right now. that's wait feels like. minus five out at dulles. pittsburgh minus 23. out in oakland maryland this morning minus 25 the lowest wind chill so far this morning in maryland. so dangerous conditions continue and even with sunshine not going to warm um today. teens that's our big storm system from yesterday what's left of it but the winds are getting funneled down with strong pressure gradient and the winds will be blowing 30 to 40 miles an hour this afternoon with actualir
8:36 am
the teens. so dangerous dangerous cold continues for couple more days. things will get better on the seven day. i'll have details in just a minute. erin has got quite roadways. >> i mean we do have few problems overall volume is li light. bay bridge however look at this. we do have crash in the process of clearing. they're holding traffic right now right lane previously getting by it's the westbound side left and center lanes have been blocked we'll let you know as soon as track starts moving again. big crash scene for bay bridge commuters. as you make your way from, say, like the eastern shore side of things to cross the bridge into annapolis. you can see that backup right now. it's eased a bit since they were letting traffic through. 21 minutes as you get from ocean city expressway to philadelphia avenue. we'll keep up it dated oh and that. water main break causing problems out by the 900 block of 27th street impacting traffic coming off of 66. white horse freeway rock creek parkway northbound detour around closures in place. overall though i can tell that you volume is lighter than usual everywhere. we have some malfunctioning traffic lights lik
8:37 am
treat those intersections you would a stop sign. 50 flew bowie looks good. entire stretch of the beltway quiet. another malfunctioning traffic traffic light green belt road and walker drive. take turns check your night status before you head out because of the cold temps. guys, back to you. steve, we're on this list but not talking about us right now that would be braggadocious. new list is ranking the most well mannered celebrities of 2017. >> all right. that word celebrity that is made us not actually make the list. >> that and manners. >> justin timberlake dropped new song and mewing is video overnight. we have your peek at it in its robotic ways coming up. >> come on, jt. t
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> there's a look around the area right now. that sign in dupont the sun trust sign we throw it up every time it gets cold to give folks an idea what we're talking about it's not always precise. >> the time we're talking about because it's only 8:40. it says 8:42. >> it's a little bit warmer than that. official until d.c. but it gives you an idea what we're dealing with. so does the flag on the bottom right there. upper right, that's the beach at ocean city. covered in snow this morning. >> then of course the flag just showing how the winds are whipping around. i need to start a spring clock like how many days till spring? next week will feel a little bit more like spring. >> temperatures in the upper
8:41 am
if we can get there. >> okay. it is 8:40 right now. new list is ranking the best mannered people of 2017. >> ricky fowler topped the list i don't follow golf. >> okay. >> he's a golfer, is he. >> he is a golfer. >> but any way he top the list for his consistent well-mannered conduct as an american professional golfer. actress -- they're all kind o of -- >> how do you tell the difference between him and everybody else unless you're throwing your clubs it seems all the pros seem to be fairly we well-manner. >> yeah. okay. whatever he took the top spot. >> all right. >> way to go ricky. >> who are we to judge american actress soon become a royal meghan markelle acknowledged for her considerable grace under pressure as new member of the royal family. >> i feel like well mannered in the royal family just go one in the same. >> yeah. >> it's only natural. >> it is a must. >> selena gomez, david beckham made the list. the selections are made bas
8:42 am
the and mannerly conduct. however they pick them we don't really know that's what they said there you go. well-married celebs. >> congrats. >> those people are aware. >> i would like to be recognized for that. i think that's a nice attribute to have. being well mannered. >> i don't understand why you wouldn't be. >> that's something i would care about. >> you would strive for that. right, i would strive for that. being seen in positive light. >> well-mannered. >> all right. speaking of positivity we have lot of it coming up on good day the lights of the stars coming up. holly, maureen what's coming up few minutes. >> good day to you too. good morning to you. >> thank you. thank you. >> your manners are impeccable. >> voting is closed, ladies. >> okay whatever. >> good manners as always.. here. good day d.c. all over the ripple effects being felt from this extreme cold. it is down right dangerous outside. what you need to know on our live team coverage. >> another big story. fire and fury the bombshell book about life insid
8:43 am
house is out and selling out. we are live. >> okay. holly you know what time it is. time to put up that good day guest list and it's star- star-studded. diddy, dj khaled, meghan trainor, it's a celebrity try tech if he can at a with the powerhouse judges from fox's the four. kevin mccarthy has their interview from the red carpet. >> and it is a book that promise to transform your mind, body, spirit in just 31 days. how? well the author is here to show us. >> speaking of books our own paul wharton has his first book publish and it's soon to be released. you are going to get a sneak peek here. how he pulls it altogether. >> good day d.c. is just 17 minutes away, gang. >> we bid you adieu. >> thank you so much. >> we'll see you shortly. >> those ladies i love them. >> up next in in this morning's fox beat we'll break down the golden globe pre dicks find out who kevin mccarthy thinks will win and who he says should win. >> it's tough this year
8:44 am
we'll seaway thinks of justin timberlake's new single and video as he joins us live from los angeles. the fox beat is next. next.
8:45 am
♪ music ♪ i was diagnosed with hiv in 2016, but i didn't want my life to just...stop. i wondered if starting treatment would put my life on hold. my doctor and i chose triumeq, it seemed like the right fit for me. triumeq is one pill a day. any time of day. with or without food. now, i'm moving forward with triumeq. triumeq treats hiv-1 in adults, and does not cure hiv or aids. don't take triumeq by itself if you're resistant to any of it's ingredients. don't take triumeq at all if you're allergic to any of its ingredients, or have a certain gene variation. serious or fatal allergic reactions have occurred with triumeq and other abacavir containing medicines. symptoms may include fever, rash, nausea and vomiting. for a full list, see the warning card that comes with your medicine. if you have an allergic reaction, don't take triumeq... ...or the medicines in it again. don't take triumeq if you take dofetilide or have liver problems.
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lactic acid buildup, heart attack, or liver problems. if you're female, obese, or take nucleoside analogues, you may be at greater risk. if you have hepatitis b or c, it may get worse. tell your doctor if you have liver, kidney, or heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or hepatitis b or c, if you smoke, drink alcohol or if you are, or planning to be, pregnant or breastfeeding. some medicines may interact with triumeq, so tell your doctor about any medicines or supplements you take. the most common side effects include trouble sleeping, headache, and tiredness. i'm moving forward... ...with triumeq. to learn more, get this free kit at and ask your doctor if triumeq is right for you. >> welcome back everybody. live look capital dome, of course on this frigid friday. >> eighths frigid friday. i can't believe we haven't been hitting that one off. hash tag fgi
8:47 am
>> #fox5snowday. >> very very cold. how cold? well, we must pose that question to the man who has the answers for us. >> young tucker barnes. sir. >> mr. barnes. all right. yes, live shot. hit the music. >> we're back. we've been playing all morning. let's limbo. how low can you can you go. >> this was our game. >> that picture. >> we've asked people to send in the temperature at their house and we've been trying to determine how low you can go temperature wise. >> yes. >> pretty impressive thank you very much that was pretty good. ink we have a winner. let's go to the next map. all right, chris out in great north mountain out in virginia has reported a temperature of 0 degrees this morning. >> let me tell you something for the name of that local alone he should win. >> right? >> yes. >> chris, thanks for sending it in. >> great mouth mountain. >>or
8:48 am
>> thanks everybody for stepping them in. we got lots and lots of temperatures sent in. lots of single digits out there early this morning, and we are looking at just a brutally cold day an brutally cold weekend as well with daytime highs not forecast to get much out of the teens later today. 13 now. 13 now in washington. 14 in leonardtown. as soon as i hear that song it want to have warm tropical drink, right. >> 55 days matt she cher with us here in the studio reminded me. 55 days till spring. >> eight right now in gaithersburg. i wish it was that warm. it doesn't feel that warm. minus ten in gaithersburg with wind chill. my 917 in winchester and frederick. very very cold. blustery conditions continue. winds out of the north and northwest gusting 30 to 40. plenty of sunshine but please don't be fooled by the sun out your window it will not be a warm day. that's our big cyclone from yesterday. and it will be just dumping these arctic winds on top of us. brutally cold this afternoon and then single digits for everybody by tomorrow morning. i wou
8:49 am
if we don't set new records not at national but certainly out at dulles and we'll have parts of the area below zero by early tomorrow morning. so make sure your furnace is in good working order. please don't leave your pets outside and check your elderly neighbors that kind of thing, guys, back to you. >> thanks, tucker. >> game of thrones fans it's going to be a long winter. hbo nouned the eighth and final season will return in 2019. so winter is coming a long way a way. bad news only six episodes remain the good news episodes will be longer production started in october expected to wrap in mid 2018. multiple endings will be filmed to avoid those leaks that we saw last season. ♪ okay. that's a groove and i love it. that is jt's latest offering we're getting our first look at justin timberlake's new song and music video called
8:50 am
applause, applause for the first time in nearly five years, he's back. the grammy winner released the edgy new track earlier this morning. as you can see, you'll see him in a minute in that black sweater. there he is. timberlake plays the steve jobs type character who introduces the world to a provocative dancing robot. there he is doing the moon walk, hey, still not as good as mj. filthy is the first single off his fourth coming lp man of the woods and his fourth full length album since the 2020 experience. >> okay. >> good to see him back. took a little break. >> i don't know which man he's woods he's a man out of. >> he's a man out the memphis woods. >> a lot of people were saying maybe he would go back to his tennessee roots maybe a little more country tide. we saw that other video. >> wait a minute now. tennessee has more than just cun true music. >> i'm well aware of that and you're well aware of that. i'm just saying they who said based on the video. >> what do they know. kevin mccarthy is live in la this morning. did youhe
8:51 am
kev? >> i did, and i will say -- i can't really give a fair assumption yet because i've only listen to the song one time. i will say the first time i heard the song i did not like the song. >> me either. >> just now in -- but in my ear just now as you guys were playing the video, the song took on a different life for me. i don't know why. >> yeah. >> it was just -- it was a section of it. i think a lot of it has to do with the visuals and video. you're trying to understand what's going on. the idea of the steve jobs type element of it. i'm going to hold my opinion until i give it another listen because i actually really appreciate when artists try to do something different and timberland who co produced the song he's a genius i think there's a lot going on in the production that i kind of want to brake down and listen to. nothing in the song yet is grabbed me from a hook standpoint. >> kevin i know we got to talk about the golden globes. i felt that way about
8:52 am
one that we showed yesterday the one pro produced by farrell i t. i like -- >> outdoors see one. >> i didn't love that one as much but i do like this one better. i'm just saying. >> it will grow on you kev. >> watch it and we'll talk about it. >> it will either grow on you or that metallic robot will annoy the you know what out of you. >> love or haunt. >> sounds like movie themes. what are we looking forward at the golden globe awards? >> yeah, we'll get really into detail on this on good day d.c. today. if you tune in obviously in the nine and 10am hour of the show today we'll have my full predictions for the golden globes as well my interview with diddy and dj khaled as well meghan trainor that will be in the 10:00 a.m. hour. make sure you stay tuned to good day d.c. today. but yeah we'll break down just some of the categories real quickly here go into more detail at 9:40 but best picture in the musical comedy category, the golden globes have have very unique wave presenting their awards you essentially get to
8:53 am
see films that can be nominated that won't necessarily make it to the academy awards like the hangover was nominated in the year of the golden globes. i actually think that comedies deserve to be in the oscars. i just don't know when that will actually happen but this year in particular the musical comedy category there's a film called get out which is one of my favorite movies of the year. number two of the year. i don't know why it's in this category. i get it from a studio standpoint. they feel like the movie can compete better in that us category even though it's nowhere near a comedy or mus musical. jordan peel obviously comedian directed and wrote the film. it has some funny elements into it but in my opinion it's. more of a serious social thriller a horror film. it's a really really amazing movie. that is going to be my pick to win on sunday in the musical comedy category. the only other movie i can see winning here would be the disaster artist. and that's because it's a film about the making of the worst movie of all te
8:54 am
room which came out in 2003. and james franco plays tommy. he's amazing in the movie but i'm really kind of hoping get out wins this. i just don't know that a voter can look at a category called musical or comedy and then choose get out. >> yeah. >> it's just a strange -- it's strange. that's all. i feel like every year kev we have to try to cut if i how some movie got into that category. maybe they just need to come up with more categories for best movie or do the oscars and throw everything into one category pick the best movie and go with it. >> they're crapping me. i'll safe best picture drama and get into all the acting categories at 9:40. stay tuned for that. >> sounds good. thanks kev. see you on good day. >> thanks guys. >> 8:54. harlem globetrotters coming back to d.c. >> for this week's fox beat free free day give away you can win four tickets and four pre-game magic passes to see the globetrotters on march 17th at the capital one arena. it's a prize worth a retail value
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by harlem globetrotters international incorporated so go to fox5 between now and 11:59 p.m. and enter for a chance to win. >> one winner selected randomly january 8th all entrants must be 18 or other. complete rules and online entry available at back with the forecast after this.
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>> trending this morning, a two-year-old adorable reaction to seeing snow for the first time is melting hearts on social media. >> wow! >> wow! >> aww, no. clayton couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the snow falling outside of his home in tallahassee, florida. the little guy could only come up with one word to describe it, wow! >> he might it not see it much. >> aww. >> if he keeps living in tallahassee. super cute. >> look at his little hat. >> clayton, hope you enjoy it. >> wow! >> wow! >> you get scooped up and kisses for three minutes straight. >> all right. clayton rocking the red with that hat right there. tucker had a chance to rock the red last night with members of the washington capitals. >> hey. >> nick backstrom the best dressed the three had a chance toss to go at a time
8:57 am
night. big fundraiser did a little work, had a little fun and got a chance to meet the guys. >> when we were out and about we noticed ricoh and have you weigh veigh. >> he's obviously uncle ricoh. >> we had great time. >> thank you caps. >> check it out next year when it comes around. you're having problems out there. >> if we can pull up my camera we have a beltway crash. outer loop just left shoulder squeezing by right now this is out between rockville pike and connecticut avenue. backing up from 95 in college park over to 270 spur. take you over an hour. huge delay for my late risers this friday morning. >> cold cold cold. all the details on the forecast coming up. maybe 20 today. >> all right. we'll see you for good day coming up right after this. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, the snow moved out, of the arctic air took its place. wind chills today could be some of the coldest we've felt. they're all right causing big problems and there's little relief in sight. i'm not going to waste my time or the country's time talking about a book that's complete fantasy and just full of tabloid gossip because it's sad, pathetic. >> fire and fury the bombshell new book hit stores shelves today and already selling out. that despite a legal threat from the president himself who is still in a war of words with former adviser steve bannon. we'll have a live report. also, ahead, a major


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