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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  June 12, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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.>> there he is. look at the slap shot. >> all right, caps fans. let me hear you scream [cheers and applause]. ♪ iik feel l busting .oose. ♪ busting loose when you want to feel. busting loose doing what you feel. ♪. >> talking about busting loose. ♪.
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>> everybody sai what happens vegas staying in vegas but we brough the cup home [cheers and applause]. we love you and there's been a lot of chants, let's go caps. we got a new y one forou tonight. back-to-back. back-tback. back-to-back. >> alex ovechkin. >> we want t say thanks for our families and for you guys. thank you very much. we're not going to -- this year. we're the stanley cup champions. yeah. >> we all wt to sit together with you guys. ♪ we'll keep on fighting
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till the end. we are the champions. >> there's a reason they're good on the ice and not so good behind the mic.ow yo what --. > already. that's true. they hoisted the stanley cup in a pnade down constitutio avenue. >> tens of thousands fans rocking the red along parade route. "fox5" cori coffin live along 7th and pennsylvania with more. still a few. there's some caps fans right behind you. >> few. yeah. a little bit more than a few i would say. we've had a lot of people who said get me on camera i'm the c ultimates fan. i did liken they were talking about how they' now won and played as well as they paney right. ev is out here partying. give you a perspective. the way we're lookingeight now the rally is held earlier, down 7th right along constitution, part of that constitution right along the nationti mall isll closed. everybody has kind of flooded down 7thre to ce really a
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giant blockarty [cheers and applause]. >> the mood is jape lent, you guys. it's fantastic. we hea lots of music, lots of chanting. take a look down this way. we'll play rally footage for you as well. show you highlights from t rally.while we walk we also wan show you some of the people who ffed intokind of s bars this afternoon and they say they're not going anywhere. they are absolutel just elated over sthis. everythi really electric out here youguys. wety heard from th as well earlier. they electrified the crowd too. they're so excited. >> i g hoped we oing to be here today when i bet the mayor of las vegas t if they won i would wear that silly jersey. butt let's say she's gonna be rocking the red at city hall in lasvegas. >> and now we have something that bonds u and uni us, a
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stanley cup championship. the four words that i want to leave you with and i have to sort of paraphrase it from one of the greleest , greatest americans of all time, we had a dream. and we did it. >> all right. there you hear it no t e champions with everybodyre else is the rally, after that it s time to get to cleaning up. tons of trash that's out there on the national mall right now. amazing how quickly hundrs of employees city and parking have the stuff cleaned up. you know, youan hear them. they're still out here. we talked to a couple of p asked them how long out they don't pla ongoing home anytime soon. they are job lent. for those who do hav to go home, send to to mac abbing lard he's got more for you. >> hi corey, how you doing. i'm here with may.
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may has been doing street vending. since 40 this morning. >> it's been busy. >> it's been so busy. it's just been outstanding. i never seen so many people in my life and i love it. >> and you're wrapping up and heading home, right. >> wrapped i up. >> all right may. >> heading home. thank yo all. thank you sweetie. appreciate it. >> when i went to mpost about o'clock today all you could see sea of red. dresses as you usually see in stead everyone was rocking the so many fun experiences today. i want you to hear from a few peopin. >> it's everyth that we've ever wanted in dc sports for this team. >> been a f for ten years since i moved to dc, just all the heartbreak we had in game 7s. we finally killed the penguins and moved on won the cup babe. who would have known this would have happen. >> i cannot believe it. i've been a fan for 36 years. it's amazing.
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pretty cool team. they played like a tear. >> they amazing. they did it as a team and we're gonna cheer them on as a team. >> did you bring your family. >> i did not. my family is all the wayhe in t back. they didn't make itup . >> well you've got a pretty good spot here. i did.. >> so hard to know really how many people actually came down to the parade route and then onto the mall for the rally. d the one thing wo know, metro centertoday, metro ramped up its efforts to make sure people could get in and out. apparently they went all day long with rush hour service. so folks could get in and out of here. let's take you to video. rush hour service was in place l day today. metro trains kept running more often to get fans in and out quickly. metro announced in tweet right around noontime today tha ridership this morning was up 78,000 people by the noon hour.m that waspared to yesterday. one thing we kept hearing over
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an over again from fans was how well everything was organized. i thought it was very, very, very well organized. everybody seems to have had a good day. it was greatwe her. you couldn't have asked a better day. and so,t' yeah, i been really nice. it's been great for city. we needed this. we really did. we need this had. >> iwas great. it was -- getting down here was easy. we got her a couple hours. >> an hour before. we were like fourth back, fourth rows. we were like fourth back. so it was pretty easy. >> it was good spreadt.o ou get. it was easy. >> it was fun a loud. >>ea it ry was clear to see really knew what they were doing.hi they've dones before, inaugust rions and in other huge events. they closed off the road. security aspect in place.ti something intng that i saw
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today. not five minutes after the stanley cup passed us on constitution avenue, they had about fiver six street sweepers out cleaning uptu constion, removing the barriers could, sohey could get traffic flowing once ag tonight, matt ackland "fox5" local gws. >> caps fans couldn't ask for anything more out there sue. beautiful sunny day. >> sarah and jim, i feel like it might have been the nicest days in months. how about you. >> very possible. >> caps fans would probably argue wit me and say nicest day in years around ect parade weather. beautiful evening at hand. that's indicat of what is to come. fortunately we g our parade in just in time because we are going to have some changesat ahd involve warmer temperatures, more humidity and a chance for thunderstor tomorrow.76 degrees right now. e shifted direction, out of the south at ten iles perhour. whilee're at 76, that windio
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directchange means humidity is c starting toome up a bit. perhaps youoticed it. clouds startin to arrive south to north. tomorrow we'll start out with bit mor cloud cover. we are going to have to watch humidity levels. anavomit bit or miss l thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. not everybody willee them. we've got in a parade in justnt. more details on theiming for tomorrow's storms coming newspaper a f minutes. jim and sarah. >> well, it's breaking news right now from federal court where a short time ago a judge rud that at&t and time warner can mergeespite objections from the trump administration. the justice department sued to stop the merger saying it would hurt competition. the judge rejected the argument which paves the way for brand new telecomt, at&t and tim warner, owned hbocnn and warner brothers. >> making history a handshake. president trump met with-u kim jong for hours. latest on the groundbreaking
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summit. >> tom fitzgerald standing by with what he's wor on tonight. hey fits. >> good evening. it is primary day in the commonwe of virginia. wait till you see what we saw on turn out today. we'll have more for you com up. sarah over to you. >> plus caps coverage continues. all hourlong we'll be sharing the best victory parade and rally moments with you on the flu side.
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. ♪. all right. "fox5" caps party stillh going strong a look at some of your caps pictures. s here aome of the pictures and your tweets. you can share your parade andy rall photos with usonline. ju post them on social media with the hash tag "fox5" caps. >> well, battle of a different kind in virginia. polls open for prima election across the commonwealth. >> votingtarted at 6 this morning an close at 7 this even. tom fitzgerald in town. teal of two cities dending
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where folks live apparently. >> believe it orot other things going on. out here at alexandria city hall. take a look atthis. you can barely take a couple of eps at this place without running into somebody's campaign side. take a look atea the rn why. this isns theide of alexandria city hall today. turn out has been constant and has been heavy here in alexandria. they are up in theou de digits. couple of reasons for that. you kotw they g contentious mayor al primary on the democrat side. u.s. senate primary, as of is concoction. it is not only raising expectations ofurn out here but also turning out those voters t his is actually perhaps the heaviest turn out we've had in a non-presidential primary. it's higher than last ye's primary for governor and lieutenant govnor and it's hire than the 15 primary for mayor. by several percentage points. >> now, we told you about that
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of two cities. fairfax governmt centertoday, it was a ghost town. empty. they told us t percent turn out rate rightow amo democrats onest percent among republicans. we have less than two hours l in the the folks there who go out and lework on thesections think about that. listen to thef director oe board of the elections in 's veteran.ounty. we asked him what teught about allf this. this is a very important, i believe, having been former military. this is a right tt people have died to preserve. and it reallys i sad that we don't see 85 percent voter turn out every timepe wen the polls. >>. >> at goo point. big races to watch tonight. the 10th district in virginia. th's where half a dozen democrats are all fighting
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against eachther to face off again the republican incumbent barbara comstock this fall. throughout the cmonwealth you'v vaiing for that nomination to take on senate tim kai in november. for now live in alexandria tom fitzgerald "fo" local news. >> sure didn't have the weather to blame for low turn out or anything like that for sure. >> sometimes the beautiful day does. >> have the opposite effect. >> have the opposite effect. >> doesn't get much better than no. ridiculously nice out there. low humidity comfortable temperatures and that's it for this we're going to change things up. we have for starters a lot mde air coming in and a chance for sthe derstorms. and we begin to see the clouds showing up. soim we t this perfectly,ti congraons caps and your devoted fans as we start to see thoseng clouds in, we're also noticing up tick in t humidity around region. look at ttter pictures from today. this is a corey love, he is a
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very loyal twitter follower. he was rocking his red on the pay to parade earlier today with "fox5"g has caps. basking in the glow of today's parade and festivities. 76 degrees as mentioned here. it's 28 though up in westminster. started to show you this a little bit ago. clouds coming in and just a few showers. this is a warm front that'som going toe through later tonight and that is going to change things up quite a bit as we go forward. for starters we'll keep the clouds around overnight. h notiow warm it's going to be tonight. last nig we were mostly in the 50s which is why we very comfortable start. as the warm front comes through with clouds wit moremoisture, we will likely see a couple of hit or miss showers in tni ght hours maybe even tomorrow morning as well. don't be surprised about that. then we'll u break itp a little bit in theetafternoo a mix of sun and clouds going. we may be close t 90 degrees. upper 80s are going to be doable. feeling warm because of humidity
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suing into the afternoon hours. one of tho d when it feels pretty sticky. then a we frontal boundary coming. warm front and cool front also on the move. best energy for stronger storm that's whytou see tha in yellow. parts ofrett countyco and e alleghenunty. isolated strong to severe. at's what dc area is in. t we're going to o watch that tomorrow afternoon. again the risk would likely b plow for flashfloodiong winds. these will move. looks like any large hail would be preiny mal and risk of tornados is ver low. i don't think everybody wil see them. third, 40 percent chance of scattered afternoon evening and thunderstorms tomorrowrf pet timing to get that parade in today.that's for sure. talk about more perfect timing as we look toward the weekend coming up in a few minutes. jim and sarah. >> history made overnight in singapore. have six decades of hostility
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really come to end? latest on president trum and kim jong-un suirits. >> moree and fury, michael wolf inking dealo sequel to white house tell all
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. back now with latest on the summit ine singapore. meeting between kim jong-un and president trump in the hath reese books. but what agreemes are likely to come from it. and around has more in auren singapore. >> history made here in singapore with the f but likely not the last meeting between president trump and kim jong-un. >> president trump striking an optimistic tone following h face-to-face meetings with kim jong-un. >> the u.s. offering security assurances for exchange for th pledge from the to denuclearization. >> president trump also agreeing to suspend joi military exercises in the region. floated the idea of removing u.s. troops from south korea. >> we have right now 32000
5:23 pm
soldiers in south korea. >> ande i'd lik to be able to bring them backhome.>> but the today doesn't is hes fi howre norta will give up its nukes or a system for the system >> the prent instead relying on greater access tt could come if the warming of relatns continues. >> it's going to be achieved by having a lot of people there. ands we develop a certain trust and we think we have done despite the lack of details the summit is being hailed by s. allies in the region as an important first step that could eventually lead to a formal reaty endine korea >> i support the signing of agreement confirming kim jo-uns agreement t complete denuclearizationre >> it is a g victory achieved by both the united states and two koreas and huge step forward. >> the president headed home shortly after the summit concluded. he has a rally planned in
5:24 pm
minnesota next weekra to cte what he calls historic agreement. >> pgsident trump takino twitter in the past half-hour from singapore after a truly me amazing visit. greates progr was made on the o is stages are back home.korea. we'll be getting theaining of heros to families. no missiles shot. >> went on to tweet. got along great with kim judge whoants to see wonderful thgs with his country. anyone can make war. only the most w courage why yous can make piece. >> larry kudlow is in the hospital after having heart attack lt night. treated at walter reed. white house sayrt mild hea attack. he's doing well and expected to make a full recovery.he was at at g7 in canada. >> former preside bush celebrating 94.
5:25 pm
bush senior plans toelax with family at his summer home. he was released from the hospital aft a couple days ago with being treated for low blopd sure. >> more fire and fury on the way. michael wolfublished a deal and has signed it. >> unclear novel will be about. no word on what or when it will be relelded. soore than two million copies in the united states. >> new details seeng murnli about police involved shooting in silve.r spr >> allyes on russia as fifa world up ready to kickoff in 2 days. >> plus caps coverage continues. ma ackland live on tt tonight. hey matt. >> sarah, jim, what a great day it hasl been. al begun very early this morn. parade started at 11. yet people still having a great time. il partying it up. we're going0 tell you about everything was organized so well coming u in a le report.
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>> i'm thrilled to crash ahis partynd be uson the b throughout the parade. did you end up getting one of the tattoos. >> no i didn't. flu had to ask.
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aruna miller: the teacher who made me feel like i belongedin ameria when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me getro thh college and become a transportation d my daughters who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the legislozure, i helped write ds of laws
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i'm running for co and i approved this because right now, m protecaryland families means stopping donald trump. . ♪ let's take a look at moap of your c picturesat ceing with us. that's right. kevin thomas thanks for sending in you tweets out there with the caps parade. and g thisuy i understand is in jerusalem watching. >> keeping it in the family. >> yeah. in the "fox5" caps.or keeping it >> stanley cup fever is rl woide. >> exactly. >> by the way, matthew filling another guy worked on capitol hill. our coverage as well. part of posted a picture of him and erin como holding wwe belt
5:30 pm
custom-made for the stanley cup champions. >> nd us more. hash tag "fox5" caps so we can take a look >> of course a lot of these people joining celebrating being a caps usfan. >> thods of people down there r rockinged along parade route today cheering on the team all hoping to a glimpse of stanley cup. matt ackland live at metro center station. hey matt. you guyad a chance to come ish down here and feel the mosphere. people were so excited. y.starting very people getting up early to get to thee parad that started at 11 o'clock. still signs all over downtown, we are all caps.oi vendinng on interest throughout the city. some of those have been taken down. i welt tol you about something new. metro just tweeted out some numbers today to give us an idea of wha ridership is like. 11 minutes ago, metro tweeted this out, 000 people have taken metrorails so far today. how much more is that, well
5:31 pm
132000 more than the same time we're ftalking,e p.m. yesterday. so thais a of people. how did metro basically make thiswork, m people around? well they kept the rush hour status throughout the that basically means more trains moving through the system all the time. ill people are jumping on and of i talked to a statier manag not long ago. sh said it will sti busy at this late hour. we talked to some fans who headed down here today. i want you to listen to some their comments. >> everything that we've ever wanted in dc sports for this team. >> i've been a fan for ten years since i moved to dc. just all thee heartbreak wd in game 7s, we finallye killed penguins and moved on and upn the c baby. who would have known thi would have happened? . >> i cannot believe t. i've been a fan for 36 years. it's amazing. >> pretty coolam . huh? . >> they played like a team. >> they are amazing. they did it as a trem and
5:32 pm
gonna cheer them on as a team. >> did you bring your family. >> i did not. s family all the way in the back. they didn't make it up. >> well, you got ay prettod spothere. >> i did. i did. l we kept hearing from the r agn fans who came dow here t was how well everything was organized. from the parade, the timing of the parade, also to the stage area folks said it was really easy get near the stage and then lineup. everyone had a really good view. then when we asked them as they were h traveling back have things been getng out of national mall area, everyone really givings thumbs up. live at metro center tonight matt acknd "fox5" local news. >> i hope the woman found the rest of hermi ly. she left them back there. >> big moment for the fans. even bigger momentor the players we mentioned erin como a moment ago. she had a chance to with some of them right on the t
5:33 pm
bus. >> 's it like to get theup stanley c celebration here in >> so far so good. toiously it's kind of pri most of the madness, but it'sng exciti everyone seems to be having at ood time. >>was the stand out moment for you in the entireeries. >> i think when ovi first touched the cup, the look on his face was something that really stood out and something i'll neve forget.>> it's almost like has been lifted off your shoulders. >> all thas erin como there. l now take aook the at top stories we are following right now. new details about deadly police shoot not guilty montgomery county. investigators have released the name of the victim and the officer involved. the victim is robert wte of silver spring. the officer is a two year veteran of the force and now on admitive leave. investigators looked at body camera footage of what happened and said white attacked the officer not onc but twice.
5:34 pm
during the second attackhe officer fired several shots. case iste die and the still under investigation. dc police are looking for a gunman wanted for shooting anher man i southeast. this happened on may 28th. on 16th street surveill camera caught pictures of thepect in his get away car. e victim was it taken to hospital aft s thehooting and expected to be ok. police say they want to hver fromryone who recognizes the man or has any information about the s attack. >>taying in the district police looking for two men who broke into several businesses yesterday. th broke into one place on 8th street northeast and business os 8th streoutheast and third on georgia avenue northwest. the video you're looking at right here on that burglary from georgia spavenue. ects stole money from a cashgi reer and a safe and then took off. caught onamera. the adness poppeected visitor that up inside the crystal citst ion today. >> first paul wagner liven leesburg virginia with what he's working on tonight. paul. >>reporter: hey sarah.
5:35 pm
an activist got a permit to burn a flag here onunhe gro of the courthouse in leesburg. coming u i'm going t tell you how it went. sue. >>th hi e, paul, you have a autiful afternoon and evening for reporting. tell you what,to changesmorrow. we have clouds rolling in tonight and they may produce a couple of showers an rumble of thunder and we work tomorrow. 27 degrees in the morning. 81noy . quick shower in the morning possible, 30 to 40 percent chance ofome scattered thundersrms. more onom 7-day forecast cg up next. applause].>> this is tremendous. been waiting my whole live for this. flu
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a activist protesting hate today by turning a n see and
5:39 pm
confederatela battle f in leesburg. "fox5" pl wagner was there and joins you livhe with t details. paul. >> highsarah, yeah i'm outside the courthouse here in leburg. as you know know statute of confederate soldier are. this is where activist from pennsylvia came today. he got a permit to burn a flag. he t came ho use his first amendment rights to burn that flag. here's what happened. >> both of these represent racism bigotry hatred, intimidation against races. white supremacy and death. all right. even death. so m point is, my point is that -- this is a great graphic way to demonstrate that and also to come combine it to tsh bin of history. >> as the clock t clickedard noon and the time he still had on his permit to burn the flag
5:40 pm
he ignited it on grounds of the courthouse. curious line of fence to watch about a dozen police officers and sriffs deputies kept an eye out for trouble. there was none. just few heck lai who let it be known the battle flag instead of hate. there was support for what gene was doing well. as well as the flag was lit, it was smoldering out in the trash bin he made hisin po one ocnron thought he h c the stwr wasg the spokesperso for the sons of confederate veterans of lees burglary. >> i find it fundamentally a little strange that he w come to leesburg and do this demonstration. i know d he'sone it before. i don't think this town merits it first of all. but cflating the nazi with the
5:41 pm
battle flag of th army of northern virginia ye can hav that opinion but i think it's f morally incorrect. >> now, he says he would like to see some changes come to this statute here behinde on t grounds of the courthouse, but the spokesperson for t o sf confederate veterans sayslu absoly not. memorial. and it's going to stay. >> live in leesburg paul wagne "fox5" local news. >> still waiting work for a trl date of rose mick gowan. returned indictment yesterday w chargingith felony count of cocaine possession. it was found in wallet she left behind in dulles. it was placed in by harvey weinstein. sheim accused of sexual assault. >> here's sue palka in herre d. >> still finding red dresses. stockpiles for next year.
5:42 pm
>> i was searching through my i was like where is it. >> what great day. >> yeah. >> i think it's so fantastic that w threw a parade for the weather today and the stanley cup. i hear the caps did something and i'm really excites beside that. third t i used that w line. itks every time. yeah i'll tell beautiful eveng. coming out there.>>coming. >> tomorrow back to normal june weather around here whe we not only are going to be warmer, more humid but chance for some afternoon thunderstorms but in the a widespread chance so we're y kind of concerns with ime abot flooding or rehabilitating storms but just a few storms passing through the neighborhood. how about the temperatures today though, so delightful. 79 degrees averages in the low to mid s. dulles76, bwi 76. tawerted the morning at about 52 degrees at dulles. 50 bwi and 50 at reaganti onal. beautiful comfortable start to
5:43 pm
the day. as we finish this day it's still ve pleasant but the clouds and humidity will be increasing an becoming m ae noticeable we go through the overnight hours.n up the heat on wednesday. i upper 80s back the forecast.ou t ten degrees warmer than it was today. a few storms aroun mainly in the afternoon. i sayse mainly becaue can't completely eibminate the ility of a shower in the morning as the warm front comes through. the thunderorms we seen the afternoon will come ahead of a frontal boundary, cool front that will slide louhis the evening hours. afte we get through tomorrow, we begin a warm and dry stretch on thursdaynd that will take us right on through the weekend. so we're still forecasting a dry weekend which isou miracul in itself. tomorrow a wmer day with j a few thunderstorms in the afternoon. thursday looks just delightful. we lower the temperature and humidity on thursday for a day day in terms offing if oecond to fabulous. mostly sunny and 84 here's whe temperatures around the region e'tonight,re at 76 degrees. down a coupleegrees from high
5:44 pm
of 69ed. erick is still at79. winchester 27. culpep 57. quantico 57 grease. overnight we're not f headingor the 50s tonight. clouds change in wind direction out of the sout and increase in humidityround 67 degrees ayfo, r the district coolest spots only a few degrees coole r littthle d tifanferent when you out tomorrow morning. head for 88 degrees here in ther city. knocking on the door of 90. le nard town 86. gaithersburg 86. satellite and radar shows clouds coming in, few showers dissipated north of the char. warm frontg c through tomorrow. chance of morning shower. break wh sunshine. hot humid condition may inspire a shower or thunderstorm. not widespread. tomorrow morng you can see showers pushing oen pavem by the noon hour stilly p quiet on the rar. by 5 o'clock you can see not
5:45 pm
organize line o strong thunderstorms. there are a few that are going to be on the strong side that pass t eoughspecially north of dc. while we get that round out of the way can't rule out week around 11 o'clock as the frontal boundary crosses our area tenorrow evg. so your "fox5" accuweatherst 7-y fo we've got a lot of 80s on this map now. on thursday, delightful. friday for zip trip, fantastic going to i believe leonardtown. that's going to be wonderful as well for fox morning news. saturday 85 degrees. father's day 90 degrees. it's a warm one but it is going to be a dry day. we're justetting started with the heats. monday 93 degrees. sunny maybe a thunderayorm around on t at 89 degrees. that your 7-day forecast jim and sarah. >> all right. thank you, >> you know over the last couple weeks we uncovered a lot of great stories about caps fans in o area and beyond. at the parade today we found two coups with a speci connection to the team take a
5:46 pm
look. >> our first date was to the capital center. y. no >> first caps game, the first year of their existen i took her -- myirlfriend to the caps center. and she's stiie your girlfr. >> his married girlfriend. >> we met the first day of class at american university and i wo. >> you've had tickets to the caps for 30 years. >> 30 years section 100, jock and victoria west and been yerried 30 s. our anniversary was thisyear. it happened at the same time. it's great. >> did you cry when they won. >> yes. >> yeah, i did. >> was it an ugl cry. >> no no.y happcry. >> that's cool. by t way, capital center, i mean it's easy toorget about it. there's chuck e cheese there now and other this. >> that's wonderful t storyhose people v. i like the first woman who said married girlfriend at the time. >> not going to ask any qutions. keep ongoing.
5:47 pm
>>alks about t emotional connection peoplead with the team and alws had. those couple weren't only ones excite. >> deer attempted to hitch a o n the metro. all caught on camera of course we want to show you. apparent tried to hop a chain at crystal city metro station. ran all overrahe ts there around 8:30 this rn. >> i want you to point out and see theuy on his phone and looks over, oh, oh, ok >> and let me go back to my phone probably.he's little freap at onent you can see the deer righthe there crossing rails. after that seemed a give up. eventually running out of the tunnel of reagan nional airport. deer made it out safe. >> posted on twitter, riding seems like everybody wants to t aboard capital train this >> w the deer got to the hern. gates only had 35ents left on cat trip > he had an enough dough to >> stop.
5:48 pm
>> final prep underway. plus big change being made to this year's opening ermatch. >> sheign of srtsman ship that gone viral. touching moment between the pitching and opposing team. >> it's here in dc. ♪ celebrate dad this father's day. save big on something special from ross,
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. ♪. yeah, we have more pictures from today's parade. today you've been sending them all day long using #fox5caps. watching and getting ready for the big parade we had life here on "fox5." ki getting into the act courtesy of felicia. >> meanwhile two case away from
5:52 pm
kickoff in world cup in russia. by the way you can watch here on "fox5."soccer fans taking over s taking pictures and soakingme exnt. monuments throughity seats throughout theapital decorated with championship covers. opening match between russia and saudi arabia takes place. >> emale ball flowers. 14 teams selectedy the russian national team they all play for s soccer club in the russian rain ion't know. children willor repdly work as ball boys and girls during the fifa tournaments. >>he pitcher, tie cohen, strikes out the batter toe clinh minnesota seasonal championship. it a surprise mov he didn't celebrate with his teammates inead he raced off the mound to hug the batter. been close friends since playing on the same team in little i love >> well, honor long overdue.
5:53 pm
this morning the washington redskins presented super bowl 22 championship rings tot replac players who contributed in big way in the successf season. they only played a first few weeks but big part oftashington run tha year. the team to 11-4 record. propel replacement playe received play off share of money t ry nevereceived the rings until >> today. still ahead all newt 6, special tribute for the loss vegas golden knights made by the caps. >> caps made late night debut last night. more right after the break. >> let's go caps. there's been with want the cup. we've heard in sheeets we got the cup. we got a new oneor you tonight, today. back-to-back. back-to-back. back-to-back ♪
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. ♪. couple members of theta capi made their late night tv debut last night. alex ovechkin and braden holtby live on the tonight sw with jimmy fallon. talked about the game and brought up stanley cup. here's lookpp at whaened next. >> ovi, braden,mike. i have some paper straws. et's do it like that, let's see.on the count of three how far we can get. >>one, two. three. >> [cheers and applause]. this is taking too long. it's taking too long. i think you'vnow whate got to do. >> let's do it. >> and meanwhile another honor for alex ovechkin. he was featured on the c of sports illustrated with the stanley cup and a couple o newlym we hads fro northern virginia big caps fans rocked
5:58 pm
the red. kurt and samantha got married in heleesburg after caps took home stanley cup. wholee bridal party caps jerseys. father of the bride took mike and gave special toast. >> os domin pizza potholeng pa business. company doing pr stuntt aimed a preventi you from getting pizza pause of the petki hot holes. so far they've actually given out money, towns texas delaware georgia california on that list. that's it at 5. six starts right now. >> straight ahead. a moment 44 years in the making. >> the washington capital stanl. celebration all came t head because it's been a long road. >> the cups back home after taking a trip down constitutn avenue.>> it's basically nuts.
5:59 pm
you know, like, you guys killing it. >> to the first championship rally in the district of columbia in more than 25 years. >> back-to-back. back-to-back. >> back-to-back. >> a sea of red on the national mall asans welcomed home the stanley cup champions. >> we've been bringing you live coverage alo day ng. here are some of the best moments. . ♪ there he is. >> look at the slap shot. > all right, capsfa ns.
6:00 pm
let me hear you scream [cheers anapplause]. i feelike busting loose. give it a bridge ya'll. ♪. >> let's go caps. >> busting loose when you want to. busting loose doing what you feel. ♪. >> talking about busting loose, girl. busting loose when you want to ing loose doing what you feel. talking about busting loose now. ♪ everybody said what happens inyi vegasng in vegas, but we brought the cup home. [cheers and applause]. we love youth and e's been a lot of chants ere's been let's go caps. we got a new one


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