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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  June 12, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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w easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. . ♪. >> hi every the pictures are historic, sitting american president shaking hands with north korea leader. now the photo optover. what was accomplished at. summit as you can see on the run down, this ihat we're talking about. >> i want to thank kim taking first bold step of first an president and a leader of north korea proves that real change is indeed possible. i stand before you as an emba psarah of the americaeople to vision and a message ofpe ace. >> the histoc singapore summit nobody flew whether or
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not theecedented meeting would happen until the two leaders came face-to-face as the worl watched. talk about that jonathan easily from the hill. talk about what world leaders talked about and how it could put two countries on path to opeace. >> a lf talk about this and what w accomplished. is is a statement they signed. bou saidut 400 words or so. a lot o maybes. at has been the main take away fr all o this so far. >> the tak away real is we have it to wait and see. if you're republican right now you're saying w tried the same thing for decades nothing worked. trump has talking peace instead of war. democrat saying elevated kim jo gawave the farm. 400 word joint statemnt, agreed to seek commitment nuclearization on korean peninsula. that's big deal especially after the a pocket lip particular inassaults they are hurling
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people worry we were on the brink of r. a lot of drama on big stage. mostly bag again tree and see what we go from here. >>eality did have sitting president of under the circumstances states meeting with head of north korea. barack obama said something in the past he was open to. took a little heat for that. >>ac tly, you've got charges of had a pocket see on both sides flying. obama said he would meet no preconditions with some dictator a lot o republicans bashed him for it. ump doing the same thing. apparently making the conceion saying u.s. pull out joint military exercises with south korea and democrats bashing trump f it. it's unique situation. i don't think anyone envisioned there's a lot of shock and surprise that it did. >> yeah. >> a lot of interesting photo opts of kim making the rounds in singapore. it's a very strange. time
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but a lot of work still to be do on thatfront. >> a lot of talk about the so-called war games whether they would connue or not. the president said o they'rer and done with. vice-president pence apparently sayingthat's not the case. whether that's misunderstanding or what, we'll see. >> by the way president did speak about meeting with kim ng-un let's take a m listen. y meeting with kim was honest, direct and productive. got to know each other well in very confined period of time. under verytrong strong circumstance. we're prepared to s a new history and we're ready to write a new chapter between our nations. >> all right. so jonathan, theok discussions place, they came up with the letter once again. >> well, i mean, surprisingly trump even talked about inviting kim to the white house at som point. obviously that's wells fargo down the road. the president talked about his national security advisor john boltorerre meeting withth korean counterparts in the next
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week or so to begin hammering out details of denuclearization timetable might look like, what the inspections might look like. those are really the two big questions right now, i what is the timetable going to be for north rea to begin t process and what kind of access inspectors have to t process to confirm that it's actually taking plac iean president trump's bigm pr with the iranian nuclear deal isiohis alln that they were continuing to build out nuke program despite what they were saying. think that's going to be the next big step sort of hammering out details. >> if you're president trump and you're the white house item off the list and consider r this a ictory nomatter. you got to tpo t. good to see you asha alls. >> nks for having me. >> virginia voters have less than an honor to cast the ballots. we have mayor races congress al seats. democrats try to makee blu wave
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to take back rublicans and democrats. >> women looking to make end ads on primary day. in november, here are more women thanee ever b out ballot. to weigh in this we bring in two women. communications director for democratic committee. good toboee you th. >> here it is, beginning the long long climb to november. meredith let me start with you, all this talk about blue wave. is that going to happen? this is the fir step. what do the democrats have to do in youon estimati we saw turn out so faut tu wasn't great today. >> i don't hink we know in the end how many people have turned out just yet. it's only antidotal. your viewe have one of the post competitive swing districts in the country. >> never guessed from the commercial. >> in northern virginia currently held by barbara comsveck. i think the the opportunity to vote tonight and select one strong democrats much beer match for their vues in
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terms of fighting for affordable healthcare ande real middl class tax reformnd other issues barbara comstock doesn't have on their side. >> last time around democrats put a lot of money in louanne bennett. it was a close race. didn't turn out how democrats mo hoped. ng forward into november, what is the messag i mean we see a lot of peopleaying i'm not donald tr there are a lot of people have to tread a fine line there. do republicans have to embrace the president or did freedom to say i agree with the president on this but don't in that. think people do have the freedom. as we saw in maryland with governor hogan he had the ree all the time.y,ag i don't and he won. he >> when it comes to comsto, i think she's great candidat p i think that shebably will pull through. when you t look athis list of democrats there are sixs democrats on thi ballot. i mean thas a lot of people to go in and try to remember.
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i think we were talking about earlier how today was a t day. we don't know what the turn out is going to be. i mean a p lot ofple were at the caps parade. we don't know. we've got to get in before 7 cloak. >> he extended inte to jennifer wex stpld. manye say front runner. six candidates running. what would win the day in virginia 10 regardless of who the nominee will be? . >> well, i t i've seen a lot of polling that shows barbara comsck is verybl vulnera incumbent. >> whether it's any of them, but kind of embarrassment of ns riches for northern virginia. ey have a lot of people who are ready to fight for the issue that is matter to them and hold stbarbaraock accountable i think for the first time particularly sinceonald trump ha become president and she has voted with him 97 percent of the time. that what's new since last
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cycle you mentioned the race against louanne bennett. who was a great canned dad. there's real record who does not fit with district who voted for secretony clint by ten points. >> mentioned womeneing a k here. for years people assumed high turn out for womend immediately benefit democrats. how does that factor in, what would be the main issue tt is women would take into the barbara comstock.t would help >> i think that'ste resting. from the last i heard a o lotf people turning on jennifer wex stand. because she did support open carry bill. i dot know exactly how well she would do against them. i do think there are a lotf wo and they will come up as hard as they can. at the same time come sck hard to beat. sitting in the seat and does a lot of goodpe things. le go to vote and think about the economy aum things p winning on lately. if you're assigning with trump i think it does comeut to be a goodwin. >> three letters we've heard a t in the primary,vi adng,
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nra. how much does the nra factor in primary and general election. >> i think you're seeing a sea change in the american's people opinion about gun violence were veinings. i think certainy it will depend whichoc demtic candidate gets through. can nearlyituarantee whoever s will be more closely assi with northern virginia votet who do wan stronger background checks who do want t know children will be safe when they leave t house every day and come home for dinner every . that's something that's at risk under current system. i think largely democrats fighting better gun violence kim letterly mentioned bash pray comstock fightig for views. she voted for tax bill mak more expensive for virginia home ends. very expensivet district. of living is high. your viewers knowou that. t half of the voters in that district benefited from state and local tax deduction and now at risk for losing thousands of
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dos. >> i think they will think about how they did benet. you know whatfr when you move comstock to maybe tim kaine who's up for reelection this year, he's gotf a lot o people coming for his seat. as i think whoever wins comstock will probably tell us whether or not we'll holdhe majority in the house. >> we will talk about tim cane and whoever he faces in coming weeks and months. kimberly andel meredith k nice to see you both. >> polls by the close at 7 o'clock, if you're watching right now, let you turnoff t tv and go vote. you have to bring your id. as november elections approach, new questions about election security. judicial committee h rd from how they can fight election interference. tom fitzgerald here about the growin threat and what doj it g is prevent >> jim, off the top,this was nobout a trump campaign wasn't really the mueller investigation.hi what t was about, though is whan
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tried to do in 2017 and what theni ud states government is doing to prevent . the scene was the senate judiciary committee and -- panel of experts under justice me dent. had questions put to them ha exactly about w it is u.s. plan to counter u.s.n interference i elections here. there have been insta already documented that state voter roles had been attempted to behacked. now, we should be clear here, no votes wer changed in either 2016 or 2017.he however, t is a growing concern here that the united states has not been strong enough iin fg back against russia and taking retaliatory that qn put to one top doj official today. his name is adam hickey. assistant attorney general in united states. >> foreign influence efforts
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extend. and require more than law enforcement responses alone.iz recogng that, we approach this nationa security threat the same as any other, with an eye towards supporting not only our own legal tools but the tools andti abili of others. >> of course the trump administration has levelled economic sanctions against russia in response to some of the activities. this spring, jim, the head of the nsa was t asked what u.s. tactic is in respolling to of this and he said at this point there is none. and the pnt was made in this hearing today that the united states ave to make it economically painful to russia to engage in this kind of behavior and a lot of the senators both democratic andbl ican said the u.s. has to take a stronger stance on this and makeure that the united wored their while to engage in this kind of activity when this country is t ing to have elections. >> talk about mid-terms a
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ttle more than five months away. tom fo zgerald thank you much. >> larry kudlow in hospil bein treated at walter reed in bethesda. white house call it is mild doing well depted to make a full recovery. he was the apresident's side couple daying ago for g7 summit in when bile former president george hw bush celebrating 94th birthday. he had some health issuesfter loss o wife barbara. he wasom released frhe hospital after a brief stay for lowssloodure condition. >> on the way on 5 at 6:30, m boldove or bad one. coming up we will talk more northern virginia today. we're bk after the break. > ♪
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. ♪. welme back. activist protest hge burned aazi confederate battle fg in leesburg today.
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"fox5" paul wagner was three. >> theas no trouble here today as activist fro pennsylvania came here to leesburg to exercise h first amendment rights and burn a flag. >> bot represent racism bigotry, hatred intimidation against ces. white supremacy and death.ri all ght. even death. m soy point is, my point is that this is a greatic graph way to denstrate that and als to combine it to the trash bin of history. >> as the clock clicked toward noon and the tomorrow gene had ton his permit to burn the flag, he ignited it on the ground it's of the courthouse just steps from a statute cmemorating the service of confederateservices. as the curious led a fence to watch about a dozenolice officers an sheriff deputies kept an eye out for trouble. there was none. just a few hecers let it be ag represented --. thefl battle
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>> as soon as the flag was hit, it was smoldering out in the trash bin and he had made his point. one voice who thought chosen the wrong location for his protes was the spokesperson for the sons of the confederate veterans of lees burglary. >> i find it fundamentally a little strange he come toly leesburg and do this n' demonstration. t think this town conflates. northern virg you can have of that opinion but i think it's factually histocally and morally incorrect. >> gene would like to see changes to confederate statute behind me on g therounds of lees burglary. the sons are saying no way. this is a morial and it says. paul wagner "fox5" local news.
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alyssa milan know argued for gun safety. she incouraged lawmakers t take gun safety. many kills in pulse nightclub in orlando. >> one city is not packing down from online retail gnt. back after this. ♪ ♪
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. ♪. el wme back. homelessness for companies like amazon and starbks flexed the musselttle is backing down. why the big business tax plan .s pu >> if you thought it was goi to be easy, if you thought big businessas not going to mount a serious campaign about opposition, spread lies an misinformation, then you have been living under a rock. >> seattle city leaders voting tuesday on repeang raise funds
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homelessness passed unanimously just weeks ago.ll >>ows us to get money in t door immediately to build thet housing we need. >> plan quickly backfired with big companin like a and starbucks promising to fight it. residents staying city leaders gone too far. >> a lot of things city done we .on' a grow with, weit lived wih city council this time went too r. >> it would chargees a taxer eloyee com and money used to build new housing. many saying the plan to solve this problem would create another burdening businesses and stifling seattles growth. >> i feel like there's n a voice for people of seattle. >> i'm not a political person. i got involved with t to protect my city. >> seattlerd region has thi highest number ofin homel the u.s. 12,000 living in the re ets. 169 homeless deaths in 1720 >> tents, needle seger badge, it's awful.
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i'm ashamed you ever0 our city. >> despite not having head tax revenue, seattle plans on spending 78 million dollars on homele programs. danspringer, fox news. >> fir daughter, ivanka trump made 3.9 million dlars off tel.e in trump internatihoal on top of that, it sws she took at least 5 millionollars from businesses connected to her personal brand. ivanka and husband jared are serving to senior advisors to the president but agreed to abide federal ethicem reents. >> grand jury inoudoun county chard her felony count of ocaine possession. she was arreed in last year in wallet she left opln air . she said drugs plant by associate of disgraced harvey weinstein. she is a accused weinstein of sexual assaultn the past. dick around.
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welcome back. did you see metro what they did today. took a little swipe of white house's claims of president trump' inaugust ration crowd as tens of thousands b fans madeay downtown. we know a lot o if youerested in ridership numbers. e'll have in a this is a lar audience who ever witnessed a capitals victory parade period. does that soundfa yeah, shawn spicer right after that day called it the largest audience to ever experience despite photos t the controversy. o includingnline viewing tv viewing all thatet stuff. >> m is helping commuters to celebrate. they are created limited edition commemorative smart t rd. honoring caps winni stanley cup in 44 year history. promised after game four. tj oshie along with another teammate, road metro to both home games. we let you know when that
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comes out. that will be the hottest ticket in hewn. imagine t lines. transit card people. the banner, at's ce. all right. enjoy it.>> how about the hist handshake between president trump and-uim n. it happened that carpet there, $12,00 tmz, allooted by the u.s. vernment. documenting shows american embassy in singapore on the hooa forbout 0.$16200 about 151,000 of that pertains to costs incurred at the hotel wh ue the.s. delegation stayed. additional 12,000 bucks charged to cover the carpets used for president trump's meeting with kim at capella hotel. >> costly stuff. there you have it. what are you going to do? buy att? wa no, big deal. >> that's look at what we'reht following t on 5 at tt6:30. li bit later, tonight at
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11:30italking wher rinne dell more from bustle news about the north korean summit and wt other takeaways. tweet the thoughts on day in politics. always have awe covered. news continues 8 o'clock "fox5 plus." back tonight with the news at 10:00 o'clock on "fox5." that's it.have a good night. flush
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