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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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meeting include ago agreement fromth koreano >> how did a teenager walk into a marylanda w hand gun. and wrongful lawsuit. a prince george county pice officer shot and killed by friendly firegtaking l ficer that fired.untyof and and primary results. and proms to be a nasty campaign for senatebl. ican prime aarry winner already prom is vicious attack and democrat tim kaine. overnight tim kaine responds. "fox news morning" at 6 a.m. starts right now. >> good wednesdayning everybody happy you're with us. this morning, here youg go, 6 right now. weather update from tucker ming up at 6:05. >> president donald trump back in washington this mor. he landed a joint base andrews
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30 minute ago and pre returning from the big singapore summit with norm korean leader kim jong unti critics oning whether president trump gave away a lot and didn'teturn with anything. >>nd first bold step towards bright new future towards his people.they signed a joint statt denuclearizeed pennsylva ins la and tactics were clear and united states would stop some joint military exercise it's conducts with south korea. now. more politics legally, maryland democratic gubernatorial candidate is drping out of the primary race. she will endorse rash earn baker for governor and she was running mate for kevin who was
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leding con pdou in primer after that happened irving took his place oic the tt. turning now to primary dayiy results from yesterday's vote. coryt stew currently chairman for the prince william county board of supervisors won. republican primary for u.s. senate will now go on to faceap incouple b senator tim kaine in november general election and overnight senator cane responded to stew quart wart's win vowing to run a cious campaign against me. that not what we need and not who we are. tak a stand with me. >> even president trum weighing in on the race twee tweeting minute ago congratulations cory stewart for great victory for snror virginia. stiff tim kaine who is nak o crime and borders and wants thr raise taxough the roof. don'tnd u estimate cory a majo chance winning. >> other race w locallyre watching in democratic
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for mayor is in alexandria. big upset here. >> and you can get a full list of primary results on d eveloping this morning g d.c. police investigatin deadly officer involved shooting in southeas d.c. where three officers accordin to police came across a dprup of men around:00 last nightet first stre those republican tartd running and police rear per sued and at some point one of the men uld with out a g. officers fired hitting and killing that man and officers recovered the suspect gun at the scene and officers involved are on administrative leave. >> 6:03 now this morning a lot of questions from coerned parents in montgomery countyen after ager was able to walk into a high school withd a lloyed gun. >> how did he get i melanie alnwick live outside ban bridge high school with that story. good morning,el. >> good morning, steve, allison. that's a question we've about asking and have not been able to get an answer yet from
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police or from the schoolem syst. this incident still under investigation. we also don't know how long the suspect was inside the school. we believe it was a short period of time and police tellhe us that suspect did not have any contact with student students. now this all happened 11:30 yesterday morning during the d.nch p and security staff notice aid teen they did not recognize on school property. d idn't specify anything more than that. and they said he was carrying a plaque shoulder bag and security team try toy talk to him and elijah gave them a fake student id name and the teen ran out of the building and student resource officerwend police called and he was seen walkin on brings cheney road columbia page a few blocks away. police tried to stop them and he tried to runaway there too. he found a loaded 38 revolver and omall amountf marijuana. >> we he a school resource officer in the right place at
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riet and may have prevent aid tragedy. he came into t school with a stolen hand gun and quicks ac by school security personnel and sro may have prevent aid tragedy.>> so here'w about the suspects. he is 1years old. we're told resident of sil spring and he is notmo gomery countylic school student an he may have been ding middle school and the gun itself was stolen fromia pennsylvan. and now we can it will you the school principal did seasoned a letter thanking quick action of the schoolrc re officers. dimeki even tugh 17 is facing charges as an adult. several relating to guns andpa tresing.. "fox 5 n 6:05 now. caps fans around the dmv and elsewheretillelishing in the stanley cup celebration. >> all over the world.
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what a party down constitutiond avenue rally on the mall. tens of thousands of people rocking receipt with victory cebration makin for one ever metro's best days in a long time, too. and transit agency more than 8,000 rail trips me yesterday. people riding metro as well. >> i can't wait for total numbers on the mall. ay yes was smooth and incredible. >> later on in the day you see people walking a aroun with the caps things on and it's like i'm bet i know where you were good hours later people wearing -- lesson learned put suntan lotion on. >> you did a good job covering up the sunburn. >> look at my farmer's tan on arms. it's a badge of honor.
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neck.k of my >> storms back in the forecast today. >> no uching. >> afternoon sdewers and rstorms possibility. more heat and humity today as weai oncn will get summery. great break on the weather yesterday. >> oh, my goodness. >> upper 70s. bright sunshine. >> no complaints. >> upper 8 0 and near the 0s. warmer than yeste dulles a 6p baltimore. and warm front this morning. clouds coming through and sctered showersnd unrstorms. and not everybody give them no it s noace day. wwo. a >> started off slow and go hot. hi, erin, good morning. >> notice three quarter length dress. you should see my arms. bright red, white, it was awful.
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but worm it. >> badge of honor. >> total badge of h. >> with traffic upping to the de you know what we'll hold with th high we living stop road crash accokeek caution there and heavy delays 70 to 8 0. auto look at drive time. 80 to 121 at s aednd that is 7p 0 to 80. factor extra time h off and take 55 be prepared for delay 6 of minutes. 66 eastbou sutly r to beltway and 14 street bridge still at speed. lot of conges on the freeway. more updates to come, metro is on time back to you. >> a map that -- we're >> a map that -- we're back in 30 seconds.
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>> police investigating a s this happened before 1 a.m. police will being fog for two men us is spec ingd until the shooting. they got away in a yellow dodge charger headed east t west virginia. >> last night police in san antonio diovered more than
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50 immigrants and national airport. and and minors iide and in custody ofse homelcure six it's not clear if this is considered smuggling orck tring session in the meantime topic on the hill this morning house speaker paul ryan plans t compete two immigration pills. dreamer imgrant from deportation. we don't t know specific details the bills. >> crews batsling raging wildfires battling that fire in colorado san juan national forest. flames spread over 23,000 acres. and burned 8800 haingers in the area. month the meantime california evacuationsn beverly hills after a growing brush fireat thrend several multi-million dollar homes
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there. >> fbi agency dancing when hisfi red he was in the news recently is due inourtrt toda today. 29-year-old chase bishop faces charges of second degree assault. heas off duty app dancing in owddle od ine mil highly spiritslr disy. at one point he does a back flip and gun falls out ofan waist bh he wept to pick it up it fired and hit another man in the leg. >> former fbi director mcgabe suing justice department. he said he was never given mccabe was firin for lying to fedevestigators. >> coming gress voten several bills over the next two weeks aimed at curbing opioid epidemic. they include proposals to stop illegal drugs like fentanyl anging ow opiateschry and districtsed. 64me,000 acans die from
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ioid oaf doses in 2016. highest number of drug overdoses in a single year. >> drugs taken by more than one third american adult have depression as possible side effect. people who took multiple drugs associated with increase risk of depression were more likely to be depressed. >> and at&t and warner cablehe gets go ahead. >> if you look for say cheesy idea. we'll complain. >> live look outside as we take you to break on wednesday >> live look outside as we take you to break on wednesday morning
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the washington post endorses angela alsobroo for prince george's county executive, praising alsobrooks for being "rtaponsive, diligent anil-oriented" and for "doing an outstanding job" as state's attorney. as county executive, alsobrooks would be "focused, fearle and far-sighted"
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and "would be a strong advocate for our schools alsobrooks would be "focused, fearle and far-sighted" and preparing children for college and careers." angela a fobrooks: it's time tofill the promise of prince george's, and i know we can dit together. [cheering] rp we can dit together. (birds chig, a running ahh.k,) the new deer park sparklingri is made with reang water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious,t you need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, you need slo-mo mreal fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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>> live look at the white house. big parade andal r on national mall. today aff littlerent. but steamy i guess today, tuc tuck, back to sum sweat. >> more heat and humidity. it's back. and georgous yesterday. anthis live look at the beltway loo like i is running smoothly. m not an expert. i' let airport tell what you is going on. there clouds today. more humidity. bus stop for waingt running out of stops on the bus stop forecast. as temperatures notably warmer than yesterd. upper 60s t dry drizzle outhe t. most importantly humid.e were discussing a minute ago make sure your protect skip later in the sun today it's a day with highlo uv up
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p. temps 68 washington and leonardtown 68 andndrick fredericksburg 66 and temperatures yesterday morning in the low0s. goodees warmer earlierde 1 this morning. 6nc3 wister. warm front coming through this g and kind of see energy liftg norm. there might be a spot or tzz ofle and light shower activity particularly norm and west. for the restf us partly cloudtoday and cold front out west approaching and this afternoon.s developing warm and humid and somewhat up stable atmosphere. the'she warm front. azagain p of thunderstorms this afternoon. cold fro tight. this is a one-dayf speci pretty good heat and humidity. tomorrow less humidity around temperatur back took mid to low 80s. we'll get close thisernoo afternoon. future cast, we're starting to see a few.howers pop up unstable atmosphere and it's not a terribly impressive look
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at 4:30. still a chance of popup app a little more pleasant tomorrow, h lessid. friday, looks fantastic. lex bear ton pcoming down. a lot of peoe southern maryland, can't wait to see you guys. sundays for father's day. looking hot and humid monday. pick of the week look are to ward is f zip tripday. beautiful day mid to low 0s. that's look at weather. we're deal with big dels 2 7 frederick. crash ved to shoulder. it's a parking lot. speeds 10 miles an hour. bailout traffic on frederick 355 southbound as well. be prepared toeave early and delay we're seeing on 2 it 70 is 41 minute 70 to 8 owe.
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that traffic does on a ep up we get to normal pattern. there' a crash in accokeek h inighway 210 so living ton 2 road and95, be 20 minute red zone. >> today, it's southern maryland where we go this week, not today, we'll be there friday. >> lexing top park. >> you're ding today. >> no we'll keep it friday's. >> we'll number lexington on llow's road starting of a.m. it ayuld be fun on frida frid >> fridays are few days arou here. get ready to nrid style with
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the zip trip. through august 19 and enter nur chance t a two-year lease on new 20 19cura five fts selected august 20. all finalists must tend the final zip trip event august 31, 2018 ton eligible toin. not a gigeal right. >> still ahead. safety hip the wheel. two suvs scored worst the in crash test >> and later family of prince george country police officer shot and killed by fellow t officer nowing legal action against theay country. officer nowing legal action against theay country. with us.
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up velttors were relatively cam. looking at the numbers the dow n a haljust one a points. s&p uby and nasdaq winner of the day up by 43 with with. e thing we're watching toda fed meeting wrapping up. abot interest rate hike.y news >> markets do like stability
6:23 am
and that was thrown off. this isot just a merger but >> monumental when youtory. other telecom media companies moving forward. a federal judge yesterday approved $8 5 billion purchase w of timearner by at&t creating a media giant c weapon televisionnnels studios, warper brothers,e satell, fiber optic cables all of that. th's what the department of jutice was concerned aut creating that needia giant what iorult dwo competition and paidand after that the judge ruled to allowhe terger to take place. th m couldean the same going forward forel other tom
6:24 am
companies. we havey dand comcast fighting it out for parent company 21 century fox and also got t-mobile and sprint trying become one company. we'll see what happens moving forward. this was monumtal decision sgled safety t industrying to make sure all vehicles are safe.e from to time they crash them and rate them and now we ha suv ratings and some d didn'to well. >> we're talking about ford explorer when he it comes to mid size in latest test for insurance i sti tut damaged with the ford explorerse they caused the main frame of e vehicle to collapse jeep grand cherokee showed for passeng.of head injuries
6:25 am
so institute says a lot of these auto makers really have been focusing on safetivity driver which is great. but they have not really been focusing on the safety of the passengers. which mht be something that auto makers should focus on. and ming forward i want to talk about the winner of thatategory kia soreen toe top pick rati from the insurance. insti >> got keep everybody safe. treacy, thank,p. good morning. >> good morning. >> hello. >> warm, sticky start day. clouds o there. and scattered shower or thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. not everybody gets them later. we'll awe be recipients of -- 58 now. >> i don't know whether to be afraid or intrigued>>.
6:26 am
ittle of both. >> okay. >> all right. the's a live look at satellite and radar. plenty of cloud cover. most of shower actity stays north. as cold front approaches thiste afoon chance for scattered and storms. warm and humid, cold front tonight more pleasant tomorro tomorrow, friday by the way let's talk about dry streak here. after tod thunderstorm chance we don't have a thunderstorm back in the focast until know. tuesday. some see new lexington pk southern maryland. >> butl weather. >> we're good to go for next .ime >> eastern i've been listening to your great plans withmr cumo i feel t badaxing surprised and won't be home with my dad. >> every day is father as day for him. >> thank you, airport, i feel
6:27 am
better now.i knew i would, than. >>'m going to go home and dde my don't get do see him as often a i like. >> hi. >> good morning. >> 2 it 7p 0 southbound after 8le 0 crash moved to ul shower and bailout traffic55 moved back up and 70 to 80 imof a bit. moved back up and 70 to 80 imof a bit. 10 the you're in good shape. and a caps victory parade yesterday. >> caps not letting the win go to their heads and sweet gesture to the golden knights to their heads and sweet gesture to the golden knights in midst of celebratio
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>>. >> it's really early 6:30 thiswe esday morning. happy y are first 6:30 let's check top stori and we begin facing charges after walk into buon'sville school with loaded gun. it happened paint branch high school. 1-year-old elah anymeeky had a stolen handgunhen he he's not a student and managed to walk in anyway. left after giveing a fake id
6:31 am
to authorities and school resource officer tracked him down a few problems away. and found that loaded happened gun. >> police ervestigating aft a deadly officer involved shooting in south east. three officers per sued a men ep first st last night. at some point one of the men pulled officers fired ill asking the man. ey relea a picture of the suspect's gun. >> they want dashcam individual yov the body cam video shows white combative and assaulting the off before he opened fire. >> i'm sorry to hear this happened to him. he did stillive at the family home. white, robert white and his
6:32 am
motheras moore he white, she >> and provide test of the. shooting was hel last night. >> new details in deadly the shooing of undercover mrivrs in prince sxwrorm count. and in 20 krause shot and killed coalson as both responding to reports of gunfire at police station. the lawsuit claims krause shot coalson even after he identified himselfnd as fellow office showed badge. coalson's family and attorney plan aew n conference for tomorrow it is 6:32 now. we turn to polit. maryland democratic bernatorial candidate valerie irving dropping out ever the primary race and she
6:33 am
will endorse ras baker she what the running made of the leader cop tender ever the primary ander tin took haze place on the ticket.>> let's lot there. e primary for u.s. senate.t won and faces tim k in november general election.t over cane vowed to stew quart's campaign. it is not who we need oare take a stand in me. >> up snet alexandria means th city will have new may le ail son silve now you will ket the final result on fox
6:34 am
578 d. >> we were all lined up across the >> good recoy though. thousands and thousandsns of packedn ook dow to d.c. to see the stanley cup and catch a gliltion of it. caps road down the avenu holding that stanley cup high and fans addressed the crowd thanking fans for support. >> we want to say thanksor our families and for you guys. p thank youretty much. we love you and there's about a lotan of ch and let's go caps. we g a new for you back-to-back. back-to-back. >> that took off with the grounds. despite the large crowds fans were on best behavior. noer arrestse made during that celebration. >> yeah, yeah >>ot to hear for that.
6:35 am
>> the a featuring a picture of golden holpe and up someone said you are truly vegas strong. >> and this blackhawks fan ows what it's liking to have at cup. this team celebratg hard with fans. >>ld on the baseball fie nationals facing yankees inrk page of the big apple. let's hope they do better second game. daniel murphy back on the roster. fantastic. -4 with two strikeouts ltle bit of rust throw. >> game two of the series is tonight and nats out of first place atlanta taking temporary
6:36 am
leadthe division. >> got to hate those toe injuries. >> very sensitive. >>s bryce iay today and he'll play. >> what's up, tuck? >> all right, so more hid. warmer, upper 80s die time highs. we lucked out yesterday with the weather. >> it lt like 92 it yestday. >> this time ever year high sun angle. it's warm. >> it felt like low humidity though. >> it was. >> right the bright blue sky it was really a picture perfect day. 68 in washington. you know it was n funt i out the parade. somabhing so man yeah approach me that were clely from out ever the country and didn't understahe what telebration was about and they were touri at the mall and what do i do and what are we celebrating. >> they>>.
6:37 am
rom the north and west, showers we gerelater today a widely scattered. heaty and hum through the afternoon with daytime highs in upper 80s. re you go. 87 degrees. >> welcome to our city and celebration. everybody to take part. and then they probably said who is that stunning woman on the bus . >> right. >> but they were not talking about me. were ty talking about ove's wife. they couldbe hen talking about you. >> i set that up to be niceo erin and tucker ruined that. >> and ias going to be bashful and oh, not, me. >> we don't need the hate tweets becauseane're being to tucker. >> and tucker is the baby.nd >> a i was like you couldn't be more accurate. >> there you have it. >> mstomach.
6:38 am
outer loop beforeeorge aavenue crashedatch for delays georgia avenue it 70nd southboufter 80. 70 to 80 parked. bailout metro on t. back to you guys. >> t world cup we have thebr stanley cup celeion out ever the way andro world cup begins tw. what you need to know to catch the games on ox5".>> and do your father's day. the games on ox5".>> and do your father's day. wednesdaywhat would be test
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>> oh, steve, you know it's my favorite part of 6 a.m. >> lover it. >> trending. >> we're back with what is hot on the web this morning morning.connecticut up to with h niofile residents ban for sale signs outside of ho. residents in any canin have un july 1 to take down for alsichbs. they're becoming an eye sore. they might make it order yans after six month trial period. medianp. >> how often done we drive by a houseot a the be able to afford it >> they don't want to aap
6:42 am
ate don't no word how long it took for the pizza to be made and d her delayedner got her angry so she called 9111. you cannot do that. i don't care canada or u.s. whatever. it's a big no-no. 911 is is only for mnls and the woman was given a warning. >> craft has a gheesyift for dads cheeseculptures. look at the mus. >> that's made of cheese. >> it's cheese. >> craft held a special auction on ebay for sculptures being constructed b bonafide cheese artists. based on photo. five lucky people get a chance to honor daddy with a personalizee cheese sculptures made from 40 pound
6:43 am
blocks of sharp laste had a whipping bid. >> 2025 dollars. >> for your dad's head in the cheese. and do you eat off of it? >>. >> you have to. >> i wouldn't want to. kupt down on to world cup hours away now. all ul need to know coming up next as we find out what is happenin in russia. next as we find out what is happenin in russia. 6:43 now.
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>>elcome back, welcome back, everyone 6:46. morning llin. beautiful looking dayugh. today. waer than this time yesterday. we seem to forget 2 it 4 hours ago we were bundled up before the rally. >> tucker has your forecast in ten seconds. 6. near 0 this afternoon.
6:47 am
6:48 am
less humid tomorrow. still in 80s. setting up for a nice weekend here. as we have d not beenry for there's shower activity firing auto ryound 1:30 and few more fire up 4, 5, 6:00 tonight andidely scattered. but possibility there is a few could be on the strong side. 88 today. less humidity tomorrow. looks great for zip trip. lexington park coming friday morning and great for the weekend. although dad you might want to hang on the couch in air conditioning it will be 90 sunday. okay . >> that makes barbequeing not sound good on sunday >> i'm wearing flip flops today because i woke up late andt dhave time to adult. >> they're not like plastic flip flops they're cute. >> they are plastic but thank you. >> they dok goo from here.
6:49 am
>> earlierin malfunction west falls delays tolt new carrol give yourself extra time. 20 mile an hour average. we're seeing delays picking up. 28 minutes 95 to george aavenue. nasty all morning. crash 80 moved this shoulder. down to 11 miles an hour. t batraffic 70 to 80 andnd 37 minute drive. much m peasant and aside from orange line delay rest oftr merail line on time there we go. >> all righty. >> caps fever is still in the d.c. region. still shiping bright this morning. thousands of people turned out yesterday f the victory that's what the scene is there in downtown d.c. congralating the caps and welcoming the stanley cup to d.c. >> metro says 800,000 pple road metro throughout the day
6:50 am
thought the day.urervice we brought you live, non stop, complete coverag during entire celebration. what a celebration it was it was fun from everybody from austin and i were down on the mall tuck area long the parade route watching the parad from there. >>t was by far theoolest day we had looking at a the fansenergy w was electric. it unbelievable. and devante belly smith or smith belly rocking wwe belt. one of the coolest things ever. >> showi their personality. and they continued to. a lot of times you see athlet with helmets on and we've gotten to know the personality of some of these guys. >> ove is out of control fun. over the weekend. of that >> i loved every minute of it and my things is like it was such unifying a force and
6:51 am
vibes were good. everybody was happy. >> newspaper of themal stuff. >> sy thing was ase of communicate tuxho wcked how far people travel, and they're all coming together because they're from this area. there's parade for different uses and groups. >>t is a parade for d.c. t hey wanted to show the fans how appreciative they were. social medias posts after telling fans and city how much we love you and love playing >> they were jumping off the bu buses to run out. >> love thatoment. >> when i forget the player who won for all thad.c. nothing. tom wilson. you're like yes, thas what was. i agree it felt like d.c. was epicenter. >> we had one fan that took a
6:52 am
fwrus cincinnati 16 ndurs a another fan the womanlew out her knee jumping up celeating one goal and still came in knee brace to bebe t there. >> look at you up close andrs onal. >> that was one ofvo my fate moments. >> i deposit want to ask but may i please have a photo with everyone. >> genuine smilesrom everyone. >> good feeling day yesterday. and interviews they were excited to talk to us. >> let's wrap it up ove speh was historical. >> let agree. i watched it like moneyart six ti and that's just today. >> 6:52 now. from one cup to the next. growing excitement of on eping march of the world cup. this is internatiol a i can get. you whip the cup for entire world. cing saudi arabia tomorstreets d festivities. feev aconfirms 2.4 million
6:53 am
tickets sold. world cup covege on "fox5"star tomorrow morning. catch the pregame show world cup game today a a.m. and that's on eping then yawsh versus saudi arabia 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and "fox5"al is offici station for world cup. we h perogramming note to pass along. our world cup coverage alonger withage of golf u.s. open will make programming changes on "fox5"and "fox5plus". >> here's rundown the world cup cover ramming "fox5" begins tomorrow at 10 a.m. so g day at 10 a.m. will not air tomorrow. so just a headsp. there we'll go right to sorry someone is talking to my ear -- to world cup coverage wendy, which normallyuns 11 a.m. "fox5plus" wdca chapel 0 and
6:54 am
reel runs in entirety 11 a.m. 2350678 plus on channel 20. also tomorrow, coverage of golf begins 4:30 a p.m.nd same as we have the world cup coverage. spuing y lots of ports. world one. >> apologies producer was talkingea in my . what do you have.>> breaks new , mexico and canada have next bid for world cup. >> that's huge. >> wul still be a young man >>0 2 it with it hundreds
6:55 am
of fans could not wait to see the him dairy actor in benson hearse where tope and he rock the.hite suit thisll talk with john of all travolta this morning. he'll be ass g dayue d.c. he'll talk about taking on boss john gadi as well. >> and actor thornton will be o show today. >> i'll get the chance. he'sin been agt studio before. a new view from virginia. we're going to want to show you and you'll see it where we take you. several hured feet in the air. it's theegion's newest attraction. 6:55. >> tucker you thought you wer
6:56 am
done. you're not, no, no, no, just we're tadeing about thearad para >> notes of where to find it i like how marine said if you don't see us here check out >> okay. good94 going to world cup her>in d.c. right. >> 6 washington. cloudy skies upper 0s later. more humid and up please ipt that be yeerday as warm front coming through and cold front late tonight giving us few showers and storms. this is best chance in next soweek. through go. then we dry out toxt erin. >> i luke the underg. >> all right then. >> whave breaking news westbound icc. debris blocking two right lanes priore to new hamp avenue. there's a sweep are out therede
6:57 am
causing ys as you mur. to left lane. full look at traffic as you continue. full look at traffic as you continue. back with the 7p:00 hour.
6:58 am
6:59 am
right now at 7. primary victory. controve conservatives and senator tim kaine. omstewartising vicprious is gnca and cane is responding and school safety. new concerns after a teenager
7:00 am
brings a loaded handgun inside a montgomeol country high scho and we're live with explanation fr police about how this could happen. >> and wrongful death lawit of e county police officer seeking damages t for the mapt killed him a fellowffic o andreat -- two of most tings.r suvs getra bad crash fox news at 7 arm start now. :00 on this wednesday morning. good morng, it's june 13. >> if you wake up this morning here's first live look pretty day out there. >> let's get q ack check on traffic and weather. >> you see the humidity out there. more hitt and humid present and ever chance shower or thunderstorm. details coming up, erin. >> 7:00, straight up. big crash on icc debris blocking right lanes to that. backups out there and left lane squeezing by. look at 270 southbound delay in frederick a


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