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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  June 13, 2018 9:00am-10:55am EDT

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little sce to i and, um, love the people i was >> straightid ahead, ent trump returns from that historim workin was really a joy to do i. su promising the nuclear threat k from northorea is over. commercial break w just had but here in washingtonur d.c. of sbut critics he gave away too waseppered with it willy cal much l for tooittle in return. ads and it justnk made me, plus the president stayed busy on twittern that night you know, we've talked to you before about political movies home. responding to robert deniro's you've done and now there an attorney on of corner here i esul mouth mge at the tony's and throwg h two cents into d.c. no doubt about it, and you're taking on this role, but the virginia senate primary it seems like for you this got race. we'll have a liveeport. more securityns questio for montgomery county publicls s to be a fun roll to play being after a suspect with ade loa in thent in your career that gun is found inside paint branch you could pic and choose high school. drew you to this?ed to do, what i'm melanie alnwick with that story a major merger that may >> first of alled, it just seem like when i first read the first change the entertainment landscape as we kwt. federal court has app pressed a installmentf season, multi billion dollar deal for&t at to take over time warner it jus fit. coming up a little later what it it wasasn't a really i were in i can make you feel unstoppable.
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could mean for your ♪ then later, a tough fight norn bryce harper ihe big apple. but mania, such as ur sual changes in youod, the nats slugger leaving the gym o thingstotr dy that are right afteret gng drilled twice. activity or energy levels, we'll have update on his ar me,nd i just new this ias, condition. good day at 9 now. av cae you on shaky ground. his names billy so, you know, help take control by talking to your doctor. how can youeat that? [ laughter ] ♪ right. >> t only problem that causes ask about vraylar. vraylar is approved for the acute treatment of manic feeling good on this wednesday, tist, you know, with my or mixed episodes of bipolar i disorder in adults. june 13th. good day d.c. we clinical studies sho its i character being called thatomnd that vraylar reduced overall manic symptoms. :01. >> also ahead this morning, sometimeebody says billy in vraylar should not be used in elderly patients with dementia major world cup announce out of a scene and i -- i'mot quite are you is a one day before the due th increased risk of or stroke. sure if it's a 2018 tournament kicks off. call your doctor about fevr , stiff muscles, onfusion, >> we have a winner for the 26 ma why mean a life-threatening reaction, scene whether it's an actor. or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be p emanent. but no, it's been a really goo ffects may not appear for several weeks. fifa world cup. high cholesterol and weight gain; high blood sugar, thing fore. the members associations of which can lead to coma or death; decreased white blood cells, canada, mexico and usa have been and now ihendependent film world is kind of dead, you know, selected by the fifa congresso . whfalls; st;zures;; impaired jud standing; that's where i really lived, ; heat sensitivity and trouble swallowing impamay occur.tanding; and, um, sosdiostly make big you're more than just your bipolar i. thank you. ask about vraylar. [ applause ] event movies, so right now doing >> huge news for the united states. the enter national games coming thingsike this for amazon it's to the usa, canada and mexico in like you're doing aeight hour for top-quality floors homeowne rs and pros choose floor & decor., independent film and it fels the joint north american bidbea.
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student good. it is awesome the way that they're incredible in the desigcenter. deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. the whole industry has j- t kind i tell them what my vision is, i'll come out of there with a real plan. tmore the announcemen coming up ening game in this year'sg and.y. who's there? of - don't want to say changed but i g adapted, a boy? the design services are free. world cup in russia ale littles you never told your dad and me about any... the pro desk ivefabulous. if they sae time, panded, offed more wait, whats going on now? opportunitt you hav now witha aiemakn l wea. lady. three c in mexico and three move the flag. they save me money. cities in canada and 11 cities but i want to get back to what they're going od help you find your prts. you just said bauere you maybe g they're going to help you get in and out of here quickly. thesguys are experts. yourself in this little grittien i'm a general cont sctor, and this is myre. in u.s. could get a game. d.c. and baltimore. season people floor & decor makes my job incredibly easy. know you for academy award >> we have the look a likes for floor & decor. yel have to see it to bve it. winning roles that you had, but nay march and ronaldo. you moved outa to with a they were mmazing. >> oh, gosh. dream. you had a lot of gritty years >> that's funrt. >> foxs parading them out there where you were struggling for awhile trying to around new york,.c d just kind get on board with this business. of -- >> are they soccer players. so from that aspt, do you >> no. i think they just look a likes. relate to the character at all >> that's pretty good. and if so what do you draw from character?to put into the >> same heights.>> hey're pretty short question.ah, there's >> messi is 5-foot five. i think the thing i relate t maybe roy ronaldo is 5-foot six. >> dad, you're not eating. you're drinking more andlin y'r. the most is the fact that i messi was 5-foot two. ♪ the must see moments only on >> the real ronaldo is over i'm rried about you. >> i think you made that three good day at 10a. still kind of feel like i don't 6-foot. about 300 times. messi is a shorter guy. >> okay. >> ♪ fit in in hollywood and this guy and brace yourself, we have >> that's clef. >> as part of the pade they a super star life with us. were down that participating in feels like he doesn't fit into the p good time. the society,w, you kind of they're going back to new york. whatsoever. pulp fix, greece, fac goff the >> i got to pictures. lists on and on we talk live you remember hewell groh yo, um, you know, in the firston right. >> yeah, nice kid.
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first at nine com, let's talk , i win a big case and the one, the only johnta >> he's in jail for murder and i took the case. about the weather. i need your help. house and i just let my daughter fe of gone gotti. 10a we're on e yesterday almost picture peck infect. live there.i won't even go hang. so will we see more o the sameng >> hope you're ready.y. hunt for wonder woman. i still live in the motel that i gal gadot filming the sequel in >> ♪>> today. the i loved the most about lived in the first season and georgetown. retty captivating stuff. i'm kind of like that myself. we're live. yesterday, very low humidity it a cliprom amazon's goliath. plus, we're live with real seemed. housewives o atlanta star >> oh, yeah the slue was i'm not -- i'm not too much of a just you could see for miles and disgraced lawyer whoets a c porsha william. mile yesterday. part of the hollyod social she's dishing all the dirt llom i wish i could prohese tame that could bring a redemption or scene and this guy still likes ywood including a pop star's for today allison,unfortunatelyt revenge on theed firm which quickie engagement. ex him and the new season to j drink at shaye jay's his let's do this in three, two, humity back. going to feel summery this illys main character afternoon withomhe possibility old wateringivole and lin one, roll it, the 10a starts e scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. mcbride played by billy bob the motel, and i kind ofttill ♪ manou storms will not be terribly thornton to the streets of las widespread but we'll see scatt ang. billy bob thornton won academy look a myself as the guy i was scattered storms develop as the awards, golden globes, wo when i came out here in a lot of atmosphere gets unstable around ways, you know, and i here later today. pretty much any award that you rough a lot of years you 73 now in was ongton. can think of hven joined usere everybff to a much warmer in studio few yearsac b and now know, poverty and, you know, and more humid start than can hear me. how about that m you her theic goliath isetting ready for yesterday at this hour. ck n 9s you knew it 70 in leonardtown. season numbewo. and loved girlfriend what so before he takes on his new soi times pure hell wfirst 69 dulles andor good mng got go the to la which has been listen matthew sweet who will case, goliath himself actor 38 years ago. be perfoiting w his band >> yeah. winchester 68 degrees for you as >> and -- yoooho ain knowing --stick touring in therea. well. here's satellite picture plenty billy b thornton of clouds outhere. paul, john joining him on guitar little bit of clearing here and from los angeles ahead of season sticking to yourself reallys as well we'll have fun. two's big friday nht what it is. the tour tonight at birchmere. there. looking loudoun county back into honestly i tnk findi that it's good to see you onc.eremie. realism and that truth and not check out for tickets and you guys are sticking aroun in fauquier counti c see some i screwed up the last paragraph getting caught up everything i'm there because i was vamping a sure helped you, you know, get maryland for a show at rams head clearing. gets peeks or periods of little bit getting ready to give sunshine. you a second t get your glass i think.
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partly sunny midday this to where you are today. >> at ram headhich will be of water before you talked to us tomorrow. two chances to see them. afternoon some of that shower this morning. trust me'e, lovedxc abo some exa activity you see back into which you're modest about but e'll get a c to talk to you guys. rginia will get in here and the accolades speak for daknow --o fun to tour these have we'll scattered storms temselves as doeshe acting much we're looking forward to around this afteron so take an the next season of goliath. >> connection with the -- i know umbrella here as you may need ij >> thank you, steve. it's -- later today aust a quiro row hope things don't get t crazy. >> it's great. the audiences are great, and minute, pct your skin as uv it'stood. >> if you d love it you wouldn't doight. index very high a plenty of >> that's right. water if you're working >> n at a >> isn't that what life is all as it will be a much warmer and come back seen us when you're in about. >> it is. d.c. sometime. >> we'll listen to more of their loved to chat with you if the more humid daytehan yesay. band comes to dc bring them on music throughout the h and the show, too and we'll rock out seven day looks good. hear that performteittle bit er got dry w to look together. >> you got it, man.ime la for us. we'll have details how you can forward as we get into our zip t to the show at the birchmere trip friday and of course the big fayher's details >> all right. >> thank you. tonight which is very cool. >> good talking to you. >> of time i see a guitar i wish on that guys in just a minute. >> thanks ver much. billy bob thornton the new show i can play guitar or base. back to you. >> thank you very much, tucr. pressure it. goliath the season premierid on >> it's never too late. the big story at 9:00 president >> it's too late for me>>. ay on amazon. o, it's not. we'lwe'll see you for the 10a n. >> we have t tee guitars. donald trump returned to washington this morning after evoo late to play guitar. his historic summit with fifth >> no. >> see. korean leader jim of kim jong resounng. >> three n un. don't gony aere. >> clearly they don't know me. the white house portrayingghe me as a success and this sometimes, bipolar i disorr >> you're a guitar guy. morning president trump said the >> i mean -- it's therapy for nuclear threat from north korea me,eah. >> so yeah. is over. see, i'm all into tt.i just can. >> p wsident andhite house called the meeting a success and ey say everyone can feel dfer i never -- >> it might be too late to play it well. >> there you go. than theay that he took >> there you go. office. but the details on the dealnd >> play on. >> play on. >>here are people making money still scar some lawmakersonsll . off of it that downplay well. >> that's a good point, t.
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air force one touching down back l> something that makes you f better.that's what it's all abo. in the unitedtates this lookin forward to chatting with morning just after dawn with matthew and hearing him sing president trump emerging with a too. >> good day d.c. ten hour a. wa. the long flight back to before we check what's trending washington has given plenty of allison has a check of what's making headlines this morning. u time for his critics to pile on was the s historicmit with kim >> maureen, fip president trump back in the united states jong un worth it? did the us from t summit in singapore get enough in return? during theeeting the >> while the president tweeted pres mident and from air force one that the world has taken a big step back the peninsulafi on howed n comy from potential nuclear catastrophe, his critics didn't or when that were happen. it for his rifle to climb in. president trump also said the us >> president trump seems to have given away two or three of the major things that kim jong un exh south k said will stilleak wanted, a meeting, the fla next to each other, now no -- jusident aerft tweet delay ofit exercises wsouth korea without getting anything saeday, a fm north kooorea "th return. >> that aspect the decisiony to suspend mil exercises with south korea has generated a the primary election w great deal of attention with up in have a have. in f a president trump saying he wasn't republicdecratic vginia governig crazy about the war gameso begin with. >> number one we saved money arc lot, numberwo, it really is
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something that i think they very much appreciated. >> was that toof big o >> what kim agreed was to work caannet on twitter this morningb toward dismantling his nuclear calling him a total sti. program with no timeline or in montgomery county, a teen verification standards yet. facing charges after walking >> north korea forces 70% of burtonsville high school with a themre forward deployed on the loaded gun. hool.happen at paint branchscigh dmz throw the pyongyang line. police say 17-year-old elijah that the got to change if you're knee many key stole o had a ing to suspend our exercises stolen gun i should say whenchlh north korea has got to make they say he's not a student but correspoing commitmeno pull managed to walkn any way. back. >> we have also now seen the >>laat and t p to p time warner byurase neck wednes. the president played for kim jong un during the summit federal j aveud h theas showing theor potential a wealthy and pperousorth 85 bilon-dollar deal. the judge rejected the korea if thegreement government's argument that the ultimately holds. merger would hurt competitionn cable television and cost >> as far as filling in the ndnsumers more to stream tv blanks with this agreement secretary of state mike pompeo movies. the ruling could mean more sets to seousouth korea to corporate mergers in the future, and more competition for sites begin briefing allies on the contours of the agreeme. like amazon a google. e only thing on thend nukes not aresaenut president's mind on t trip backome he also had getting th their word i don't like it dumber every year. ready for hollywood star robert less smart. deniro aeris four letter how about that? new study in
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message at the ty's in case star took the stage on sunday the journal says the journal is pnas i don't know what it stands for reveals the iq scores of night at t tony's dropped 2f young men are dropping lower bombs directed at the commander wer evend yea ar. in chief. then o monday the oscar winner researchers found little men yahal males born t had five-poie apologized but not for hisut iotic behavior of my presidentki i think he was tal to canada with that. the president fired backover born in 1962. night, though, calng the actor the study looked at 730,000 men a quote ver low iq individual. in norway so the trend may be he also said he may have taken too many shots to the head by different foren. real boxers in the movies and me>>ri >> hmm. called himnk punch and, um, aregttged think all of us yeah. punchy.his nickname for himis w . almost >> punchy. >> okay. >> maureen over to you. >> i'm going sai a >> okay. the president is als weighing in on the virginia senate raceor this mng. republican corey stewart you know h he's on the show here quite a bit a big supporter of . s teno president trump won theic rean senate primary last >> okay. >> back in thegy old days we usp night. stewart will campaign against to the library, opened democratic senator tim kaine p books, running for a second term. find books and do all that stu ying in part, he stoked thetss n >> microfiche in when we wanted
9:08 am
estion we haded to all this howo fires of bigotry in virginiand. he's u funded public schools you o thi and health nare and that'sot what we need presidentrump also tweeted >> or siree how do you blah blah blah the a and is immediate. about stewart's win so i would think that were make congratulating him and throwing a jab atstewart thanked the spon you smarter. >> absolutely. >> you would think why d my kids sometimes still ask me about, you know, who were the his september tans sp nitghst aalliesgain in world war ii? >> this and go to your googl >> virginia has a choe. virginia can choose to continue sight ask siri. at like you've got the worldtion twi and theprogress of americar at your fingers of fingertips. >> right. abso ttely. >> i thinkhat's why they don't president trump. >> yes! [ applause ] w! don't. they don't devilyo inside. >> u have it so easily if you don't have the answer i can just >> go, ! do this i don't know it or retain that r >> or they can choose the past information. etention is the key. >> all right. with everything we know h at's your study. >> from norway. n >> forway. that's the norks wee. failed, a thas hillary clinton's running mate tim kai us american -- well, i'm not kaine. millennial. >> boo! ewart beat out nick free inver m >> we're x errs. tis in narrow victory taking 45% >> 10:0 sick let's check what's of the vote. trained of trending. summ f about to startor the capitals. one day after we all witnessed 9:08. we have breakg news to get to the roads this morning. thisrd downtown yeste the big
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let get to skyfox live over 95 rally, the in maryland thousands of people on the 95 northbound just beforeee 198. national mall. you can the backups continue the team will speak tofo the las there because ofd a burneut tractor trailer which caught on ovie -- i loveso s that. fi about an hour ago. >> ovie leading thethis is how we get re eadyrg c for or are still smolderin right now but sitting on the right morning show, by the way. shouldernd that's causing a [ laughter ] lot of traffic to be backed up. >> ahh! >> all the players, the head some is getting by just onef the alach ger aent ketler this morning. fart lane there but very meantime caps fans around the slow. so just heads up there. still relishing in i-95 north up by 198 it's going celebrations from yesterd peoway atwh constitution onall,hehe to be a very very slow go as ey try to work those vehicles that hav been stacked up re the last hour try to get them esp cchelesebee trahe,tion mader tthrew tha area. one of metro sl right. well morning a lot of questions from conrned parents the transit agency reported00 in montgomery county after a eteenager was to walk right into a high school with ad loade 800, rail trips were tape gun. >> just how did he get in is yesterday. they started sellinghose smart big question. >> fox5's melanie alnwick live trip cards for ten bucks aghucus outsrae painch high school with the story. ore. the carter with the team photo mel? >> reporter: good morning, on them guys. this is the secd securit >> so cool. >> they sold 20,000 of them in incident that paint branch high school has had in less than a the first two days they were availablt >> i believe i. week. just lastee w a student was >> they'll get more. give themks a couple of to brought tohe office because get them in. was carrying a knife. they'll get them out. >> i joust love they're a team for the fannd they proved and ammunition in it. in this case we don't knowow h that. over and beyond yesterday the
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hool.suspect got into thesc way they were just exced to be theres the fans were to be we've been asking that questoln there as well. my gosh -- from pe and from the school >> jumping off the bus. system. we keep getting referred back to >> i'm glad i got on that band each other we're trying to sort wagon late. i'm not getting off that out for you guys today. d >> don't g off. itoes sound like the suspect >> you can stay on now. was not in that school for a >> back to back. >> don't get off. >> back to back reques for the nd we're tolde, he did not have any interacti cup two. >> i like it. >> jumping on in tri third od of clinching game is that he's 17 years old. late? i'm in thee. sur [ laughter ] his name is elijah nyaher mickey >> i'm not sure. liten i'm on fully. i'm telling youce sinly i'm so spring resident at thisgo excited. >> donorry, because we're pointly montry county school never going to suckgain. zays he's not a student in >> y. montgomery county but he may >> according to ovie. >> that's right. have gone to middle school there >> you can root for him while the gun he was carrying in you're marathon training this his bag waseported stolen in year. >> why did you have to bring that up? >> 10:08 is the time. pennsyania. nextew up, huges coming out of now of this went down around slaw today. 11:30 yesterday. american bid has won the vote to d we'reit was during lunch time. hosthe world cup i 2026. and school securitynttaff now itn beat out a bid from aply noticed a teen. theyidn't recognize who was morocco gam will be played in the united states mexico and cana. carryi a black bag called -- we don know yet the specific describe as a black shoulder bag break down of how that would work. but we d know d.c. and the tecurity team wento try to talk to him, and the teen gave baltimore are among the 17 cities in north america thatcouf them a fake n and a fake
9:11 am
student id number. he then ran out of the building. the school resource officer 2026. oh by w theay, our world cup montgomeryounty police were coverage along with could have called. ratch of golf's u.s. manyll owe the resourcefficer and plus.programmingfo a f5 chaes security w sent outlooking and they found someone matching get your pen ready like they the suspect's description on used of used to do in the old t briggs chaney road and columbia pike just few blocks away. days or go your um. police say that was him been he take a look at thisgeeginors tot tried to run away from them 10:00 n there. they were ableo corner and question him in the black bag romnd whi ach.myllun rs inste or that's where they found the loaded8 caliber revolver and a small amount ofua mna. w. plul 20 the real will run ins >> we have a school resource officer who was in the right place the right time. and mant have p add also tomorrow, u.s. own oh open5 tragedy. we had an individuale come into th school with a stole licensen ha, um,nd quick actions by school secure particulurly personnel and sro m hay traavge. >> reporter: the principal did notify the school community in a letter and also praisedon the acti of the school security staff. at this point police tell us that the teen is not being cooperative. not ansring any questions riri
9:12 am
mains inileseudto cus thatdy ust 24 hours. he's facing a number of charges and being crged as an adult. live in montgomery county melanie alnwick fox5 ns. >> melanie, thanks very much. 9:12 is the time receipt now. suicide has been in the headlines a lot recently this comes after the death of anthony bourdain and katehtpade. we're higing a new app that could besa fople sufferingl issues or considering self harm. ming up later the teenagedoi creators wiln us live with more on how it inspirationehind it. >> can't wait for that um canning at 9:40. wonder woman taking over the streets of d.c. where you might be able to catch a glimpse of star gal gadot in action. it is 9:12. ♪
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thefor montgomery county endorsesecutive.lair "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality to a county that badly needs it." "realistic ideas for attracting new businesses, extending pre-k, improving traffic." "a progressive leader, for jobs,ol to fund scho without more taxes,he to take nra and combat gun violence.""a eagerness to listen." "energy." david blair, democrat "a passion for innovation." for me,tgomery county exec endorsed by the washingt post. ♪ d.c. comic super hero is taking over d.c. for the next two days. we are taldeng aboutr woman herself the new sequel t the blockbuster is set to film o the streef georgetown todayro and tomor and parts of the neighborhoo have already gotten a makeover inprepatio's o owx5 live with the details. what isfo gng exciting
9:16 am
the area. >> reporter: it is very exciting for the area. good morni everyone. it's exciting if you're a wonder woman two fan or a wonder w aom gal gadot may be right here along wisconsin avenue filming today. but they are going to be a lot of closures to conte with and i want to get to that first. take ase look at signs. they're posted all up and down wisconsin avenue now the closures today will be between m street and k street tomorrow it will be closed down the whole retch from m street all the way to street. today the closureuns r until about 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow those closures are morning until 8:00 o'clock at night so drivers really are going to have to find new way to get aroundeorgetown. but it's kind of fun. they have a lot of stuff going on. hind me.ually kibe of quite but there's been a lot of people cominghrough with their cables
9:17 am
with thequipment, these guys getting all set up, and you may recognize this store. do you remember commander salamander? this was a really popular icoc georgetown shop back in the day. it closed down in 2010. well they have opened it backup up for the filming of this movie a lot of people reminiscing about all the stuffo they used t buy here, jeanackets and glitter hair spray and theikes oiatform shoes as well. sthisto i tore be we lieve in the movie it's set in 1984 so maybe it kindf goes along with that 1980s theme that they have going on. haven filming extensivelyey have has been the landmark mall which we know has been shut down and there i've seen pictures on twitter and instagram of some old 1980s vehicles. so along werh the oldlothesp ane out for as well if you're wman inese vehicles here
9:18 am
georgetown and see the movie as well. but, again, to recap there's going to be majlosures here drivers.a fnuore. rightow the sidewalks are open the cars a going through justh fine. but,in, from m to k it is going to be shut down a todaynd i think our camera person may haveo move over just a bit we have equipment coming, pe a life scene here. got to let this guy do his job. roagain, tw it's going to be from 9:00 to m 8:00 from to p on wisconsin avenue. so i hope you got all that straight. aittle bit o breaking entertainment news for you. kevin mccarthytyle patti jenkins the director she actually tweeted out a photo and i got to admit i haven't seen the first wonder woman but from what i'm told this guy the first movie dd in aiend nowe seeing him in her twitteres pi. so i don't know what's going on there. we'll we'll have to ask kevin. but live here in georgetown, i'm
9:19 am
anne cutler for fox5ews. little bit of a mystery here. we'll are to send it back to y you. out all the places that could open for the '80s in georgetown. >> the best. taking me back to my senior year in high school. i loved that i will never know why did salamander have to close. e bell free to come back ors in swanson' ice cream. there that aever know.used to be maybe nosia bring some of those back if nothing else pop-up shops for awhile. >> you knoe, what i lov al, you are so dc. you have give us little nuggets. >> before they kind of shut georgetown down to people who actually did not live thereime,g out on the weekends. you just drive up and down wisconsin avenue. makehapt t and down or walk up and down. >> was it as crowde crowded bacn as it is now. >> it was crowded with pedestrian traffic much that's where you would through haines point and like some ofe l
9:20 am
all of that.e sidnd with the dra >> okay. >> the resents were like, we dn't want you parking on the a streets crowding up whatever whatever. >> boo! >> any way that's cool to see salamaer b >> meanwhile interesting to see steve rogers- steve --onder woman's boyfriend trevor. trevor steve trevor not steve rogers.n chris pine will be iis movie movie. >> no spoilers i case you haven't seen it. >> if you haven't seen one by now come on reallyly. where? >> he's dead in the first one. i just spoiled it for you. >> y just ruined it for anne cutler. >> she didn't see it. >> she just said he came back sh already knew he was dead. she hadn't seen it. >> okay. >> put up thesweet saying he's back something had to him in the first one. he's dead. he dd inhe first one. >> soa opera bobby ewing style. >> i really like the fst one except for the last 20 minutes. i thought it just fell off cliff. >> okay. the last 20 minutes? >> the final action scenes at the end got really weird fe.
9:21 am
>> i got to give you that. >> i like it. i thought it wasd. goo >> you i wasly way through. >> you hed the love story part of it. >> it wasn't a love story. >> need bodies and the naked -- >> the war parts. the war, you know, the whole war party . >> i twentght a better war urned atan the way it the end. >> gal if you're much whatting i itlly loved >> patti jenkins come hang with us. we'll come see you. >> trevor what come hang with us, too. >> trevor know what. >> switch it amazon.hichetur fon two on friday. billy bob than ton the star will inigo us loe. we'll tal him about that. >> first what at and t's take over of time warner could mean forge your wallet. fbi agent facing the music after his gun went off while dancing. rook coon reaching anw heights we do mean new heights and bringing the natiotogether on social media. >> sore, little guy, sore. >> we've got check of what's maked headlines. >> jusmb.
9:22 am
don't sore. >> you will whichly. praising alsobrooks and for "doing an outstanding job" as state's attorney. asounty executive, alsobrooks would be "focused, fearless and far-sighted" and "we a strong advocate for our school and preparing children for college and caers." angela alsobrooks: it's time to fulfill the promof prince george's, know we can do it together. [cheering]
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allison you have check of the other stories maked hence linesf >>st major merger to report gets t s approval. at&t says itet will ce its purchase of time warner by next wednesday. now that federaludge has approved the 85 billion-dollar deal. the judge rejected theve goment's argument that the rger would h competition and cable cost couldn't soup mers more to stream tv and
9:25 am
statement the justice iin the ruling could mean moresion. corporate marriages in the future though and more competition for sites like amazon and google as cable satellite and phone companies buy up entertainment conglomerates. that fbi agent who was dancing when his gun accidenta acddentally fired has turne himself in to pole. 29-year-old chase bishop that's his name he faces charge chargef second degree assault. the middle of a crowd at a denver bar on june 2nd. that's when the gun wept off when he did a back flip. the bullet struck a man in the leg. now that man's injuries not life threatening. slugger bryce harper got drill noonce but twice by a pitch during yesterday's gam against the yankees. the ifers happened in the fifth thitting him right ohe elbow. ouch! that went off but at the top of the eighth he got hit again in the foot this timet. after he was forced to leave the game early.
9:26 am
the nationals would go on to lose three-zero. some alarming crash results from thenstitute for highway safety. f theord explorerch and jeep grand okee had the worst res mts foridsized suvs. the crashes t caused the explorer to collapse and the grand cherokee results showed theossibility of head injuries. eight suv'sere tested. by the way the kia sorento arned a should have of top safety pick. finally check out this dare devil raccoon t managed to scale more than 20 stories up the side of the ubs building in downtown st. paul, minnesota. that raccoon eventually stopp to take a nap on a window 11. overnight the raccoon was very active at one point it mate ad way down s but then scaled back up the buildingad eventuallye it on to the top of the roof animal control office didra placep on the roof and they say they will release the raccoon back into the wild if it reach the trap and somebody got quote and they said but my grandpa was one
9:27 am
of the flying willendas. [ laughter ] used to belong to that family. >> they didt.t buy >> saw the pictures people were taffng from their oe windows of like the raccoon right outside of the window. >> so glad he did not fall. >> exactly. that washe concern. he wouldn't make it. but he persevered. >> made it to the >>esting,. >> he'll go to the trap. >> raccoon would debt into a downtownrea be able to do that. >> we had a deer in t cry city metro station. >>erhat's another intting story. i think we're in trouble.av >> they mighte little problem. >> let's get to globals new right now in the sporting world. the world cup kicks off announce the tournament is um canning tota the unitedtes in 2026. eight years from now. more on that story coming up. pld a day warning for fans once the games begin. plus thews best of the washington may be right across the river. coming up erin como will joive s liith a tour of the new observation deck in rows land. >> and then fresh at 10a, john travolta joining us live. he i pying notorious mob boss john gotti in a new movie.
9:28 am
we hl talk to all about that plus it's wednesday ands that we are checking in with celebrity dish host porsha williamwillthis morning she's tl about relationship drama. mahew sweet was an mtv main stay in the 90s with hits like sickysf mf. he's back with all new album an' this mornis performing-in the loft. and later, father's day right around the corner this morning tam lee is sharing some gift fdeas all the dads out there.9:28 is the time. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> talked about top of the hour. huge news coming out of russia todat announc that joint north american bid won the vote to host the world cup i 2026. this beats a bid from morocco. they would be played in the united states, mexico and cana a canada. don't have the specific break down which specific cities but the are 17 cities in north americaat. could host some of the games inx 2026. sif those are in canada and u.s.hat includes baltimore and d.c. as two of the cities as we as philadelphia. not that far up t road we've got three chances. >> travel. >> yup to get a chance to see worldgh cup gamt years from now. tomorrow starts our world cup coverage begins along with raft u.s. open for golf. all sports here ton5 fox. changes to our programming though our world cup coverage starts tomorw morning at 10:00 r that means tomorrowe'll stop
9:32 am
good day at ten. stille be at 9:00 but 10:00 o'clock we go to f y world one coverageou want to watch wendy at 11:00 that will run on fox5 plus wdca channel troue. same dee the real. continue on terorrownoon because world cup o u.s.n coverage begins at 4:30 in thea. so fox5 news atwi 5:00 also air in its entety onoxda f5y ong still do good day were you the 10:00 o'clock hour will also be on fox5 plus channel 20. so botto i linef you tune in like you usually do andap weo eciate it eac of day, ah you don't see our smiling faces when you tune in at any point in the next couple of weeks flip it over to 20 channel to fox5 plus you'll see us there. >> all right. tucker barnes let's talk about our weather for today. started off with misty rain much what happening out there right now. >> a lot h moreumidity a lot more cloud cover quick reminder cause those are -- down at thees parade yrday learned a tough lesson the uv i very high
9:33 am
this time of year. you want to make sure you protect your skin even with cloud c at this at this hour the chances for sunburn many occur in only ten to 15 minutes time. just be on the look out for th ouat. cl 6373 now in washington. bi change from yesterday. gorgeous day yesterday, of course, with temperatures in the upper 70s and not a lot of midity. today we'll have mix of clouds d sun. probably more cloudiness than sun but daytime highs in the mid to upper0s, and see that wind out of the south at ten. that's going to pump in the heat but pitp in the hy as well. so our heat index will start to jump into the 90s by late this afternoon. okay. there's satellite/radar. that will only encourage showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. noalhowers loc. although we are seeing some shomers b there into pests of w virginia and western maryland and as w get into the late afternoon, som of these showers and potentially thunderstorms had drop down in our region. budon't think itd widesprea the potential is there
9:34 am
beckett see a stormo or tw the strong side little later today. okay. warm front coming through this morn bg that'snging cloud cover little bit of drile asmaut 90 this afternoon. question mark will we get to 90 epends how much sunshine we get get.but i guarantee thishe yourd day humidity will be back. the good news with the humidity it's one day tomorrot riact b comfortable department.'s your future o srs ato bak up. kind of mid to late afternoon. e might see them borut j it. and just remember lots o water if you're working outdoors later this afternoon. sprinkles around and then the actual front comes through overnight tonight and by tomorrow less humidity and a little bit cooler day with i daytime highs the low to mid 80s do thatgain on friday which is great news because we have got sshine and great day for our zip trip lexington park come out and see us southern maryland coming down to yeeou. saturday 85. partly cloudy.
9:35 am
eat about 90 with sunshinelooks notice we're dry right through the weekendav we h't done that in six week's time onday.t and humid o >> maureen i'm doing weather. baaing to you.nk >> tuck, tha you. one of the benefit of ompter pleasepr. all right. thank you very much. one of the benefits of living and/or visiting t d.c. area being able to view the amazing skyline. new obseation deck is openingupd looking to give visitors some pretty spectacular views of the washington are this morning erin como is getting pview for you. reporter: good morning.n>>. i have to te you the servation deck out her in rosland givesng you breath-taki views of the d.c. skyline and you also get walk through history. the kennedys there as you walk around you can learn a lote abot history of dc as well as enjoy the incredible panoramic views. we have the washington monument out t and because of the prox national
9:36 am
we've also been enjoying beautiful airplanes flying by pretty low so really gives you the illusion that are actun the sky. it'sally highest point where yon get these breath-taking views about thisve tnd m i experience they will be opening to the public je 21st. my goodness, out done yourself. tell me about the his fir, i gal. .aha>>m go for it. >> we're really excited for the opening here. we're sevenays out june 21s june 21st,m, we are kind o opening day ly it's multi year project here the developers had ton of vision in building this project out, and we're just incredibly arcited to be a p of it and be part ofnghe o here. touches on and it's pretty reason ply priced feople who want to come check ith ut of the how muc a ticket. >> ticket is $21 for general admission. and visitors can actually go to the view of a purchase time tickets ahead of
9:37 am
time. pick exactly what time ty want to come in and be, um, be all set to go with, you know, t an exime an exact date for the future when they want to come in. >> i know michael had large hand in the creative background of is. tell me a little bit about your couldn'tettlement for these incredible boards of the photos as you take a walk through here. >> we really wanted to give people different perspectives of all the beautiful things you can see, the landmarks out in the distan. arlington national cemetery, the washington monument buthe things li cia and really we wanted to identif stories that relate to those. and people tha really aren'trs that well kno. that relate to each one of these landmarksnd each one of these boards tells a story sort of unknown story, uold story that dra it together, explains how those people were pillaa, ad of a fun interactiveu timeline yo can goough, and we're hoping people will really fin ee
9:38 am
because aot of these stories lhaven't been told anywhere. >> absolutely. i think thaetshing even locals can appreciate coming out s t just touristhe area. i'll love right across the riff you s over theren. the kennedy center all the bridges. i was a jokinground saying we could do weather and traffic upu just so incredible you can see all the roads and just beautiful skyline. are you just so hpy w the way things have turned out, graham. >> we're incredibly excited. we've been in here since about march and we've seen the seasons change scene cherry blossoms come through and the different views and every day we'rep u ethinge're seeing s >> for locals for le who are in town for the first time, it's ao great waykind of get your bearings on e area but also if u've been here your whole life it's every day there's something new. different light hitting the african-american museum and other monuments. the just incredible. many thene our caf we'll have really gat beer and wine. >> ooh.
9:39 am
grab and go food and visitors can g up and enjoy the sunset or enjoy our outdoor terrace as well. uc thank you soh for having us to get this sneak peek today. there's even a dk up above can get even better views. they said they're comparable because we can decide where to do the l shot. i'm loving the views here, guys. i'll take a bunch of pictures to add to social media open to the public june 21st. ief dinelheckinygit it out. i'm really impressed. >> free to arlingtonnt cou nice nts that's a they have for the neighbors in ousland andghhr arlington. the buildin is in rosslyn if you think it look like the of the one world trate center if you've he have been that in new york it doe ises co loompanky. >> erin, thank you.y to be not okay. that's the message that two teenagers want to send with their brand new be a lif detail. ♪ ♪ cancer is smart.
9:40 am
finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. usols like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment ceers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more. the washington post endorses angela alsobrooks for prince george's county executive, praising alsobrooks for being "responsiven diligent and detailted" and for "doing an outstanding job" as state's attorney. as county executive, alsobrooks would be "focused, fearless and f-sighted"
9:41 am
and "would be a strong advocate for schools and preparing children for colld careers." angela alsobrook the promise of prince george's, and i know we can do it togher. [cheering] we can do it togher. stroand restoring aing a father faith.rt... it's standing tall after one surgery ...not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner.
9:42 am
stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until u find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. ♪ topic of the mental health and suicide has been a hot button issue especially lately. due to the recent death of celebrities anthony bourdain and kate spa both committed suicide just lasteek. if you are dealing with mentalou health crisis and need help, there's now anpp for that. our next guests createdt it's called the not okpp created by teen sibling entrepreneurs hannah and charlieas luc who consider it to be a digital
9:43 am
panic button that takes the guess work out of asking for help when your feeling vulnerable. this morning, the two tech savvy teens join us to dish all aut the app and their motivation to create it. hnnah and charlie, welcome to the sdios. >> good morning. how are you. >> i'm doing well. how are i you. >> doing well, thank you good morning. re i'm doingat. >> let's talk about why you came up with the idea for not ok. and i, we created., my brother no ok for mow because i specifically needed it.r lasti was diagnosed with chronic illness. that causes me to pass outi or faint s passing out all the time. i wasnd bullied even threatened by boys in my class. >> wow. suicide --veloped awful anxiety and made m um, develop eating disorders. >> just a rippl effect that escalated. charily i want to ask you seeing your older sisllr go through a of that, did you feel like, i've
9:44 am
got to do something, we've got u to team and try to get some answs for other people who might feel like hannah does? >> yes. during that entire process i helpless completely and there was basically nothing i could do for her. i couldn't catch her when she takennedi couldn't drive her toe doctor. i couldn't do anything. >> wow. all so you came up with the idea aor thepp. i want to ask, thoug first when you hit that app like we're al h familiar withow easy it is where does that go? like does it connect to a suicide prevention or mental health specialist or expert? what does it actua dollar? >> well, when you press the not ok bpputton it sends your pre selected up to five closeste contacts p that local, possible that you can talk to and these are people that you can truste lik parents, your friends or maybe your therapist. >> now,hough, is i way and t sur vulnerable you kind of turn inward would that be a real help to tse wholiik i a
9:45 am
could either self-harm or worse i can try t take my own life? mt stay alive. i didn't want to do those things, but ie felt lik i had nt reach out todyornybo help but i didn't know theords basically so this all takes the work out of simple as pressing haa button.uys searc for similar app andh find that thera was as 91 reald for thisof app. i'll start with you. >> yes. we searched and searched for days for types of apps people were trying to develop them but then they closed it down so we're actually like thep to actf succeeded in doing this. >> right. did i see 26,000 down loads in just two months? >> right. so there was clely a need this. what does that tell you? that's >> it's shocking, and a little bit frightening personally
9:46 am
because, um, if the need is that great, my question is why has somebody come up wit something like this before? >>ight. >> because mean it's something that's so simple. but not many people realize that they ned until the time has me. >> right. >> you went throh this personally you toll us about, um, the chronic illness that you are living f with, butor other people, there's still seems to be the sigma surro sded anyort of mentalri cwantsi ts,o appear strong we t need any help from anybody. what do youay to people that are really struggling out there even watching this parents or ovne gives who say, i think my tyogrounuble. i just don't to crack that veneer andnd get s them to. the stigma or tseho surrounding mental illness. >> personally the stigma is quiet frustrating for me. th stigma is what makes peoplent wa to shrink into themselves and not ask for help. thegm stia is one thing it's
9:47 am
kind of like the elepht in room that everybody sees when but nobody talks about because of the stigma in the room.ay ok. well, i'm dealing withut this, what if nobody else is? does that makee crazy? you kw. >> right. there are other people clearly out there tse down w loads in the first two months. you guys won the 2018m empower award, right. >> yes, ma >> how exciting is that. >> we're thrilled. rit. i wouldmagine. >> oka are you traveling in town for -- receive that? >> yes, ma'am.ll >> we're are y originally from. >> grgia. >> we're 30 minutes nor atlanta. >> welcome to d.c. thank you for the work that you guys are doing. as a parent i'll just say that. thank you for giving that easy access to help. we appreciate it. and how do you get the app? store and google play store.ple >> okay. >> tha you very much. >> safe travels. thank you for having >> thank you for having us. >> the app is not ok.
9:48 am
>> steve back to you. azon hit goliath returns this weekend season two. first though billy bob thornton the star will inigo us live. we'll chat with him right after ♪his. tudent deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's ther hey. a boy? you never told y dad and me about any...
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