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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  June 13, 2018 6:30pm-6:40pm EDT

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>> reporter: good evening, you are known quals.ese candidates certainly corey stewart as the chairman of the prince william's county boa of supervisor, tim u kane, aknow, former virginia governor current u.s. senator, so thill isy going to be a high profile race. these two candidates though, they couldn't be any more different they tried. think about it. tim kane was barack obama's hand picked chairman of the democratic national committeewe nning mate in the 2016 election, i things had gone ently. tim kane would beerff vice prest and he wouldn't have defend his senate seat. he'll face corey stewart for a time ran donald trump's campaign in virginiail he was dismisse and asnt y uou well kn and we talked abo here on this very hbroadcast,e has been a lightening rod foricis demo critsus.ects like hard cor conservati positions on gun control, on confederate like flags and statues and
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immigration, these are all things that cor stewart is talked out about and talked out about the loudly.f in the course o his primary race, he had said that his campaign ifot he g this nomination w t go be ruth less. we wanted to know from cey stewart what exactly does that h mean? at are we in for this fa? re's what he said. >> it mean i'llo whatever itru takes to get the t out of tim kane and h been there six years and done nothing. tim kan can point in the entire six years he's been in the united states senate, he cannot point to a single, a single >> reporter: the bottomine for republicans in virginia this was the nomination.gono matter who ere's why. bent nearly a decade now since a republican won a state-wide race in the common wealth of virginia. and last night there were three
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republic running for this h nomination, appened was more republicans went to the y pollsterday and cast a odllot for sy other than corey stewart. en corey stewart. now,ntet's out. on the democratic neside, tim ca will be the first to tell y he does not consider this some coasting to reelection for this here's why. you r willememe eltibeonr day,16 , everybody said in the polls where all the tim kanend hillary clinton will wine up in the white hou. the that didn't happen the dangers of beingoverconfident right now than tim kane. heame out swinging. when we talked to him about thi. he described corey stewart as somebody he says is dangerous andomebody that he says is out of touch with what ke calls virginia's common wealth values.
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take our word for it. the bottom line is from a perspective of nationa politics this race is going to get a lot of attention. the bigstion tonight though is w qhether or not these established republicans will be on board with stewart's campaign, here's why. bill bow g the last republican senate gernor tweeted he was extremely disappointed that corey stewart got the nomination. we also reached out to the republican national committee. the senate tore yell campaign, as far as their level of them supporting stewa in this race. weidsk him t doday if the president is going to campaign along with him he said, he believes that's going to happen at some point beten now and november. >> another corey in politics,
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corey gardner, a republican senator from colorado who's part of the senate tore yell committee basically said it's a big mapre and they'ot necessarily talking about virginia, weut talk virginia so much but looks like the national focus will not be there.>> not going to be there time >> it'sse not becauhe dynamics in this stanged radically over a generation. this used to be a solid republican state it went purple for awhile. there's a good argument to be s made thatis a blue state now >> we will be watching and waiting, tom fitzgerald thank > > let's switch over tondti lama gubernatorial candidate valueler you ae vin is dropping o s >>he officially endorsed for rushern bakers afternoon. good to see t you, valerie you haven't been in the race too long. you made the decision, w learned last night why? >> i've been a candidate for governor 26 days. and in that time, i think i've brought a lot of energy to the primary, and we knew that wento
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have the reses to finish this race on top. yearsas urse rushern baker i'vy clearly w the right thing m for me andy running mate to do was to make surehat democrats in maryland had the choice of rushern baker, elizabethry e tickets, we jum>>d on it ays ago and i had a conversation abo you sort of making history and youou w become the first black woman w b would actuae governor of maryla. what do you say to those folks who say we wereor rooting you and wanted yoube t whyo rusher >> a lot ofeneople who hav rooting for me are rooting nominee with rushern baker and elizabeth emory right now. marry sold johnson and i feel like we won because we were at the top of te ticket. fiicket that looked like this inhe history of maryland politics.ou and evegh we had a few ad blocks placed in our way like mar sol's name notwi sho
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up, for example, didn't deter u talking about the issues that marylanders care about. and rushern baker cares about the same issues that i fault so hard t talk about throughout the last 26 day >> polls that have come out had three names at the top, it would be ben jealous, are a and she bar and valerie, how doe that go when you know she's leaving the race >> we're veryor hon to have them part of our partnershi over the next 13 days and beyond, we'll take the messes we've campaigned about,ver these last, you know, nt tin ne voterss minimum wage it's healthcare for ne, education system, so we're honored to have the supporte think that will start the tide coming our way, we feelt good abouere we are as a campaign >> you go all the way and win the nomination. and then you -- you win governor's race, will she have place in your combat not going to spe for mer sol 'm
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valerie, we don't want a short term marriage. we're saying we w to help you not only win but governor and i that m sure we governor wellam in maryland >> there were issues that you both are on theame page. minimum wage be $15, you mon education, ttihere areen thingsn it comes to free college coesou dniot commu necessarily say you were on wait eight more year >> let's of folks are wonring 2018e wor ld cup kicks off thursday but without team quali. you can watch the matches on fox and foxts > onhe t victory parade and rally in dc, the washington capitals had the of theedia session season at the ketler capital's ice plex in arlingto >> a we don't tv, we don't have internet. wejust -- you just dream about
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it. and in the moment, shared moments how we practiced, how he -- joined the moment, and be a stanley cup champion is mething special. is that ov? he shaved. got rid of the beardsa >>ys he o teelebra more byn spending a month i russia with his family and t he will comehe back to dc to get ready for the next season. >> back after this.
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