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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 14, 2018 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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an emotional return to the baseball diamond> drinking at the prom. not the students, but chaperones who were supposed to b mitoring kids at a prince george's county high school dance. this morning 3 top school officialn placed o leave. world cup kickoff. the 2018 games set to begin in just hours and fox5 is the place to be for all things world cup. from the preme celebrations to team tributes and winner predictionse've got you covered. fox5 morning at 6:00.m. starts now. >> ♪ >> good thursday morning to you. we're gladou're with us. it is june 14us. >> if you're j waking up this morning let's take a liv look outside. we'll start with some sunshine morning, how about that. good start to theat day. her and traffic on the 5s at 6:05. right off the top as we dive into the headlines we have breaking news b overnight. iteen quite the violent night in the people shot over unite i overnit a few hours. >> police clearing the
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scene of 1 of the shootings. that's wheree we find melani mel, goodng. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. that's right. five people shot, 3 incidents in just 2 hours here, all contaiend into theth district. now, the latest sne wasere bypass all the across southern avenuererom the shell station and to the sidewalk. you can see now withhe affic coming that the r is opened but the bullet hole right there in the shell station, that is just 1 of the remaining pieces ofro damage herem what was the shooting scene overnight. let's take you to some of the video when we got here on t scene. you can see police detectives and also forensic technicians, they are collecting evidencedo cumenting this scene and the reason they are doing that is because even though the adult me victim in this case is said to be i critical condition, he is als
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unstable, so it is possible that this could become the's city latest homicide. in this case and police tellon me thereas no altercation. the security camera at the shell station apparently was working b it didn't capture the shooting itself, just the police activity. this is not the ootying. again, as we mentioned there was 1 just 5 minutes down the road in the 3500 block of stanton roadoutheast. that's theuntington village section of thear pand housing development. we have very littl information there. two said to be conscious and breathing, again no suspect. that was 11:48 p.m. and then at 1:25 in the morning, anothe shooting. that 1 in b the 100ck of ivanhoe street in southwest.agas said to be conscious and breathing, no suspectt lookout in case, either. meless and living right here in this block, they are hoping . if he doesn't, he will become
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the hsticide victim in theity year. homicides up 52 percent from this time last year. live in southeast, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 news. let's get to thet l now on there singapo summit. president trump still boasting t afterhe summit and kim jong un's commitment to end north korea's nuclear some critics point out there's no grantee on how orhen pyongyang will disarm.s the rifle korea met in seoul for a rar meeting to discuss joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea. >> white house press secretary sara sanders setting the recordsh straight. s not leaving her post she news first reported lat nightha tsanders and deputy press secretary raj shah were leaving their jobs but sanders jsays she loves herob and is hored to work with the esident. she took to twitter last nighhe this is what tweeted. does cbs news know something i don't know about my plans
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my future? i was at my daughter's year end nt and theyn e ran the story about my "plans to leaveouhe white h" without even talking to me. i love my job and i'm honored to work for the president of the united states. now, sande has previously talked about leaving after therm november midte elections but nothing is set in stone. day marks 1 year since theonsi bal ac shooting in alexandria,irginia. th anniversary comes as this year's game will be played tonight. >> house majority whip steve scalise who was severely injured in that shooting will be part of tonight's ge. he released this comebk video last night his twitter feed and also iluded an inspiring message. else has, hopefully nobody else will but everybody has [inaudible] again, let's make tomorrow a comeback story. >> the charity congressional baball game is tonight at nats park. first pitch is 7:05.
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scalis and the otherlawmakers al hold battingg.ractice this mornin fox5's bob barnard is there and je'll join us inust a little bit. >> 6:05. soccer fans its time. the kickoff to the 2018 world cup is here, just under fire hours from trs vert game. >> you are looking live at moscow russia, the national stadium there t that's whe opening match will take place at 11:00 a.m. our time. coverage here on fox5be actually ns at 10:00 a.m. with a pregame show it's world cup game today and it's the opening match host russia ataking on saudia arabi starting at 11:00 a.m. >> w might take that first match? well, according to achilles the cat it will be russia. achilles was offered the choice of 2 bowls of 1 f bowl had the russian flag the other the flag of saudia arabia. achilles is deaf. achilles also lives in russia at a museum in sain petersburg. he's said toave psychic
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powers after gueing last year. according to achilles the cat russia will win today. >> he lives in a museum then. >> apparently s. trange. okay . >> [laughter] >> cat has it all. >> i guess so. >> yeah. good morning. going to be an absolutelyt beautiful day pe you get a w chance toatch the soccer games. i think as we get into the tournament it will get really exciting. i was looking the the games this t weekend. some ofm are going to be great. >> great. >> yeah. >> who do you have today isaudia arabia. >>hink russia will probably win 'cause they're the home team. >> i agree. >> if they don't they just cancel the rest of the tournament, right.el l, yeah, i mean -- i'm not russian but i might be afraid to lose if w ie on the russian soccer team. >> and achilles said they would win ande lives in a museum so it makes him amazing. be beautiful ifou're going to to soccer wat parties, games ld be a beautiful dstayar at around here, temps in the mid 80's later this afternoon. still a little warm out there. 76 at reagan national. 72 dulles t-73 bwi marshal.
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humidity is starting to wane. our winds are out of the north and west so our front is coming through and we areok ing at generally sunny conditns and a nice quiet rternoon and aain free afternoon. in fact, not only i willt be rain free today but rain freeriy weekend. dads we're going to have a perfect sunday. >> good for the dads. >> a good breeze with winds out of the north and west at 5 15. we'll look at our zip trip weather and ouray h -- just said it -- holiday weekd coming up. >> that's okay. never too much. thank you. >> see you at 6:1 hi erin. good morning. >> good 6:07. we'rping our eyes on the roads and take a look at this crash blocking the shoulder in the process of s clearinome heavy volume on the outer loop. still lingering past central avenue.touch of a rubberneck den the inner loop. aside from that traffic is once again moving, all lanes have reopened southern avenue at wheeler road. we hadrl some ear police activity causing a closure there. a nd northbound unfortunately turning into a parking lot through dale city,
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dale city to the beltway, 30 minuteide. express lanes looking really nice on the southbound side, quiet. edwe'll keep you updat on that 1. there may be a crash adding to that congestion. 66 eastbound sun glare. watch for visibility issues but we' at speed and metrois on. back to you guys.el l, today is a very special day for president donald trump. it's his birthday. he turns 72 years old today president trump born on june 14th, 1946, queens, nn york. no wor how he plans to celebrate. >> still aheadhis morning, se sre stormslam part of the northeast raging wildfires burning out west. we'll take look at the damage and the cleanup >> first though chaperone controversy. adults supposed to bein students ace george's county high school prom caught drinking instead. we're bac in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 6:09ow. a 16-year-old boy facing murder charges this morning accused of kilng a 43-year-old man in northeast. police say in d. say the victim, larry harrell, shot in 1200lo b of mount olivet road early yesterday morning.ha ell pronounced dead at the scene. 16-year-old titus irackss. no word on a motive. >> deadly officer-involv shooting on first street marquise austin was rng police when he pulled agu
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he was shot and killed by ficers. police discovered austin'sun and ammunition at the time. was on supervised release and wearing a gps monitoring bracelet. police are now reviewing officers' body t cameras. >>his morning d.c. police searching for a shooting suspect who gunned down an innocent man monday afternoon. 24-year-oldnd d chicas gunned down killed on monday afternoon at the kelly miller pool in northeast while installing security cameras to keep otherse. d.c. police say it appears to be a robbery gone wrong. authorities say it appears that 2 young people stole chicas' phone. when he chased them he was approached by a plan with a mann and shot twice. so far no arrests. >> three administrat at as chool in hyattsville including the principal onadmine school looks into allegations that the chaperones were drinking the the prom. anyennouncement made udaster joins us from the news room withhe latest details. good morning, annieism morning, steve and allison. this morning 3 administrators including the principal are on
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admin leave from northwestern high school in hyattsville while the school system investigates a claim that administrators who should have been sober and students at the prom were instead drinking at the hotel bar. prince george's spokesman john white confirms assistant principals ristopher burroughs and duffy have been placed o administrative leae. hyatts police also confirmedoo the sch resource officerot surveillance footage from the hotel of the chaperones and ait source familih the administration tells fox5 burroughs and duffy were placed on leave immedtely after the prom in mid may and principal murray was placed on leave this past monday. an emergency staff meeting was held at the school wednesday where an announcement was made to staff about themi nistrators being placed on leave. foo also spoke t a teacher at the school who n didot want to be intified about theti alons. >> it doesn't surprise me at all. we have lots of evince, even
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though personally was not there we have lots of evidence with film and witnesses, of people that were there so it's not surprising at all. >> now fox5 has also reached out to all 3 school administrators buto far we have received a response. we'll contiole to fw this story and bring you the very latest but for now we'll send it back up to you steve and >>allison. annie thank you very much. up for debate. the changes that could be coming to the sex education curriculum in 1 northern virginia school tistrict. >> let'se a live look as we head to break. what beautiful start to this thursday morni. weather and traffic on the 5s next. >> ♪ ♪ -hey, did i mention i can save you $620 for switching toessive? gr [ engine revvi nnot hear me at all, can you?
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the washington post endorses angela alsobrooks for prince george's county executive, praising alsobrooks for being "responsive, diligent" and for "doing an outstanding job" as state's attorney. as cexecutive, and "would be a strong advocate and preparing children " for college and careng advocate angela alsobrooks: it's te to fulfill the promise of prince george's, and i know we can do it together. [cheering]
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>> let's check in with tucker rnes. tuck it looks sunny there. >> loo beautiful. i think that's 1 ofhose indoor outdoor stadiums. let's get to our forecast. going to be a beautiful day around here. sun has been up for a little while here. should turn into a beautifuls day we're expecting daytime highs in the mid 80's. we'll keep itry and we'll keep a nice streak of weather going right through our weekend. nice lookingheeather over t next couple days. quick reminder. the downside of sunshine and the beautifu weather this time of year the u.v. indey which is on the high side so not going take much at all to burn your skin. make sure you protect it. make sure you're plenty of water. won't take a lot to get dehydrated. notice red arrows out of the north. winds out of the north and west. that'swe a great sign have some somewhat coor but even more importantly less humid air moving in. thgs should get gradually mre comfortable. 76 in washington.nt
6:16 am
we're back i the 60's morning and west. 66 in winchester hagstown 66 degrees. leonardtown southern maryland we're coming to see you. fredericksburg 73 this morning. winds -- i don't want to call them a factor but you may notice breezes out of the north and w10t at to 15 today. currently ouof the north at about 10 and dulles there at 13d there's your satellit radar. nice and quiet. a didn't get rain yesterday. not much materialized and we today. be in pretty good shape notice offo our north and west the clear skies. high pressure builds in and just a beautiful afternoon to look forward to as we get into the -- the after into and hurs, mid 80's around all right weekend forecast. we'll be warming it up this weekend for father's day weekend b both saturday and sunday all things dad related, plenty of sunshine both days. high pressurgets eastf us on sunday and that will allow to near toup get pumped so 80's on saturday and 90 on sunday. recast. your foven-day
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hey, zip trip lexington park year coming to get you.83 tomora beautiful day although it says so, it will be 83 and a half tomorrow. >> yes. >> erin i'll toss upstairs to you. steveabout the sushi i had yesterday and if myneicrophone was ope i apologize. right now we're moving on tote traffic. ouloop crash blocks the right shoulder. seeing some slowdowns pas that earlier scene. only about a 5 minute delay. inner loop is getting but that's just because of the normal congestion as you head down towards pennsylvania avenue.270 southbound, slow rol4 minutes right now from 70 to 121. passing 121 into gaithersburg rockville you're in pretty good shape. s outer loop isll at speed worries there.rk. the inner loop looks good st maryland 410.apa speed thingsn o5 are quiet. outside the mixing bowl, you do have congestion through dale city. andut kenilworthbound slows a bit from the maryland line down to the 11th street bridge with a 12 minute ride right there. also keep in mind as you make your way out in southern
6:18 am
inner loop still quiet and 210 northbound through f washington looking good. minor delays 5 at the 301 splire metro rail lines on time. i'll take it.o back t you guy. >> parts of pennsylnia hammered when a possible tornadow through wilkes-barre. it was under a tornado warning. you can see some of the damage there. knocked down a number of buildings and storefronts and you can see the vehicles have been tossed about. cee national weather servi will be there today to officially check out the damage. >> western states dealing with raging wildfires this morning. a fast moving brush fire destroyed 8 homes in the utah rocks.nownor dramatic red police say the moab -- police said the early investigation has ruled outu o natural causes. over 27,000 acres have burned in colorado's largest fire and
6:19 am
crews haveha only that area 15 percent contained. >> one year sce the deadly highrise fire in london known as the granville tower fire. at least 71 people were killed. a 24 hour vigil taking place. a the also illuminated in green as a tribute to the victims. a national moment of silence also planned. that fire took place in 1foo london's pst neighborhoods prompting calls of injustice due to the poor quality of social housing. >> a steal of a deal. new promotion by all popular phone carrier so popularow the company n ending that deal. ext in the business beat. it was a hit. >> guess it was a good 1. as we head to break right now we want to u wish the.s. army a happy 243rd birthday. more than 465,000 active dutymiy and that includes nearly 70,000 aive duty women. the army goesolling along the army the official song of happy birthday to the >> happy birthday. >> ♪
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thefor montgomery county endoavidexecutive. "the best chance of injecting a dose of vitality into a county that badly needs it."as "realistic for attracting new businesses, extending pre-k, improving traffic." "a progressive leader, for jobs, to fund schools without re taxes, to take on the nra and combatun violence." "an eagerness to lten." "energy." david blair, dem "a passion for innovation."t for montgomery county executive, endorsed by the washington post.
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>> ♪ >> well, a new promotion by sprint so very popular theco any is now ending it. first though a check of the markets. joining us now fromhe fox business network studio tracee carrasco on friday eve. go morning, tracee. >> reporter:ood morning. happy friday eve to you. >> happy friday eve, which is better news than how the market looked yesterday. what happened? >> reporter: yes, yesterday we saw the dow end down 119 points. some red across-the-board. stocks really were little changed ahead of the federal reserve's decision to add another interest rate hike. so,e did see stocks kindle of wobb after that and close at the session lows. the federaleserve said that they would add another quarter percentage point to the interest rate bringing that range to 1.75 percent to 2 percent.
6:23 am
expecting that but really not expecting them to say they would be adding a fourth interest rate hike this year. so, that not so good news ere. but looking at futures right now, we are seeing a littlf bit a recovery. dow futures now up by 9 points. >> all rige . that'sgood news, something to look forward to this morning.l rings later let's talk about sprint. we just reported this amazing deal,or right, less than 20 bucks. >> reporter: yes. >> it's over now. >> reporter: so. >> it was reall r good. >>eporter: it is. it is ending. you have just a little more time to take advantage of thiss but sprintrying to lure customers away from other networks with this amazing $15 a month uimited talk, text and data p well, it worked a little too well. now, sprint says that the mand w so high that they've got to end the promotion this friday 11:59 p.m. eastern time. so, you still have a littlee bit of tim you are trying to switch ov from any other network to sprint. again, only new customers are
6:24 am
eligibleor this. sprint didn't say exactly how many people have signe up but can imagine quite a few. >> but you know, tracee, ie know we don't time to linger on this but it just tells me a lot, it tells me that people will leave the other network that's so amazing and figt,ht, because we really are just trying to get a good deal. so, that's interestinge.o m all right but it's almost over. >> repter: absolutely. >> let's talk about doritos in their really big chips. >> reporter: this is dino sized chip. it's a foot long dorito, doriton launchiit collaboration with the new jurassic world fallen kingdom movie th is coming out. this giant dorito on twitter, you can tweet #jurassic dori #entry or bid a an auction at jurassic today through june e ofrito but the fact that all
6:25 am
that auction go to the american red cross to help haw hi. e we know hawaii has been hit by that volcano andss jurail movies, themed a lot of scenes there in hawaii so this is a special place f them. they want to help out. y', this is whatre doing. i think it's great. >> i do, too. let's end on that high note, tracee, we'll see you tomorrow when it will be the bona fide friday. >>eporter: thank you. can't wait. >> can't wait. see you later. >> the chip 18 times te of an ordinary dorito and right n i bidding $355 for it with 6 days left. >> can you p likeserve it& like a dinosaur own specials box.comes in its >> a dorito for soon to be $400. >> all right. but if the money goes to charity then it's a good thing. >> i like that. >> you need a super large dorito now you know where to get 1.. >> right get your money together. >> 76 now in washington. beautiful day in front of us. mid 80's for daytime highs andes thet part, it will be
6:26 am
sunny and brigh m forh of the day0 wrain chances so a nice afternoond. expecte in fact, a nice couple days. today, tomorrow, into our weekend, yeah, it's going to warm up but as far as rain chance a slim to none. >> right. >> yeah, there you go. >> we deserve it. i mean,ay was super soggy. >> sure what. >> it was a super soaker. >> in the past week we've had so big rainers, too. 85 today. lookgreat for lexington park. come see us. m leaving right now so i'm there on time. [laughter] >> that's not too far from the truthfully. >> 83. >> look at monday.nd yes, let's not focus on monday yet, steve. it's there but i don't want to talkbout it. >> well, it kind of jumps out at you. >> can't talk about it. >> let's look at ther's day instead. >> good morning.morning, a nice remindefa that it is er's day on sunday for everyone.! >> >> 6:26, this crash stillhe blocks t shoulder outer loop at central avenue. about d a 10 minuteelay right now coming up from the wdrow wilson bridge to 50. inner loop still looks prett good. we're at sed 95 can't tell you why 'cause
6:27 am
we don't have any crash reports but the main lanesthroue we're really slow there. express lanes look good bes main lanale city to the beltway 30 minute ride red zone. route 1 dealing with bailout traffic. uthbound side looks good. we're s onll 66. you can see you're flowing by sudley road. traffic 37 minute the beltway. sudley road and metill on time. guess what? day of wonder woman filming in georgetown. >> erin i have an amazing idea. youhould dress up in your halloween wonder woman and go down there andattle. >> don't tempt me.. i'll do it. i'm just joking. ight ahead at 6:30 curriculum controversy. the changesco tuld be coming to the sex ed in 1 school district. >> thesi congresal baseball game exactly 1 year since thecol practice shooting. we're n live ats park next. >> ♪ wow. look at jim go. man, thcourtside seats?d.
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>> ♪ >> all right. and just a matter o hours, world cup fever wil commencement looking live there at the stadium where tod game t will be played between russia and saudia arabia. stev will have all the deets yoor coming upve you will in after headlines.elack to fox5 morning. pretty. weather and traffic comin up on the 5s at 6:35. let's sheck your toptories, though, at 6:35 people shot in
6:31 am
the distric in a span of just few hours overnightki you'reng at the most recent shooting in the 1000 block of southern avenue in southeast washington, the victim there a man who is in ve critical condition. uthern avenue has been closedev h t morning but it is b opened now. chaperones who were suosed to be monitoring students at a local prom are accused of drinking in the hotel's bar instead. o assistant principves on administrative from northwestern high school in hyattsville. surveillance foota from the hotel allegedly shows the 2mi adstrators at the bar. the school's principal also been placed on leave but she is noted accus of drinking during the prom. happening today in unty school board scheduledx to vote on a number of changes to the county's sex edth e county's new sex education classes will promo using contraceptiv instead of abstinence. one of the biggest changes, it i willlude more lessons about the transgender
6:32 am
coaunity. maryland man facing federal charges foren thing to kill 2 lawmaker and to harm attendees at t march for our lives. 19-year-old nicholas bukoski behind bars this morning. bukoski in court yesterday for another hearing. he's accused of sending 3 threatening messages, 1 to senator bernie sanders, another to senator kamala harris. the third tadeat was mto the d.c. police department about the march for our lives rally. the suspect could spend decades in prin for these crimes. >> happening right now, they are getting set for batting practice down at nats park this morning. members of congress and their staffs taking part in tonight's charity congressional baseball game. comes exactly 1 year ter the shooting at the congressional baseball practice that injured congressman steve a scalise several others. fox5's bob barnard is down at park rightat now. goodorning, bob. >> reporter: hey, good morning, allison. a beautiful day for baseball. hard to believe it's already
6:33 am
been a year and in some ways it seems like it's been a lot longer. they're getting the cage ready here, the sff here at nats park for batting practice. you mentioned both the republican and democrat teams will be here between 7:00 and00 this morning back tonight for the 7 o'clo game. are told that house majority whip steve scalise may bee hprertice f thisor mornl be here tonig he'll actually start at his position second base. we're told only for a couple of pitches and then, you know, he's still not full well enough to plyticipate fulnight'. but he on social media did put out a message to anybody who is interested about comeback and the fact that this game is being played tonight, 1 year after that horrible shooting. >> in a way that nobody else has. hopefully nobody else will but everybody has through this whole time. again, let's make tomorrow our comeback story. >> ♪ >> reporter: so, againit
6:34 am
was an awful thing at simpson ndria 1 year this morning, a man fromli nois, james hodgkin son fired 70 shots at the republican team'sractice hitting congressman scalise of louisiana and 3th os, 2 capitol police officers returned firey ultim killing the gunman. thee gam was played the next day. so, a year ago tomorrow raising lot of money for charity. r wateys and girls club ofon a other charities and that's wht it's all about tonight d 's a charity baseball game batting practice starting in just about a half hour, guys. >> looking to are ward t forwar. we'll start with the world which kicks off in a matter of hours. you can catch all of the action right here on fox5t starting a 10 o'clock this morning. fi bt matchetween russia and saudia arabia.l beautifu sunrise this morning over t stadium where that first match is being played t. payingribute to the world cup wayht spectacular lighow as well. looks verytty.
6:35 am
the -- in new york city the empire state building's tower will rotate the colors of all 32 world cup teams beginning with russia and the tributes impressive world cup sandwithn- sculpture on a beach in india using 6 tons of sand. so, who do you root for? well, we're going to let y know who we're goingr o root for lateis morning. we'll break down some of tho favorites as wellugh a lot of people seem to have it narrowed down to brazil germany and some say spai well. world cup action begins at 10 o'clock with a pregame show and the opening match is russia-saudia arabia. that starts at 11 o'clock this morning. by the wayas the nats won l night. they beat the >> yeah.. >> by 1 >> those daquaney dang yankees. >> we're on a winning roll. >> still feeling the gloryf the ride on th parade. >> me, too. >> you'll feel the glory of the beautiful day. make sure you protect your
6:36 am
skin. two days afterhe parade i'm >> you look goo though. >> i am rather tan guyren't >> you are. >> i don't see the sun that often.ig all r, 76 now in washington. mid 80's later today. not a lot ofl humidity. that wile really very plsant and rain chances are slim to none so should be a beautiful afterno and winds will be out of the north and north and west about 10 to 15 today but thursday ryternoon for you. there you go. 85 unsxpd.unine in leonardtown. 83 up in hagerstown. see how the morning ist. going so far erin. good morning. >> 6:36. pretty quiet rwht now, just a fe problems. it's cleared. we have residual delays out by central avenue. 10 minute delay from the woodrow wilson bridge past that point. inner loop's volume picking uph but not enougo cause any major slowdowns. 295 minor delay. beautiful sunshine there. nine minutes from the beltway to the 11th street bridge. eleventh street bridge is getting a little heavy.
6:37 am
95 southbound, 32 to the beltway still a green zone.minoe outer loopll in coe park. whoa, 270 still a green zone 109 toal the locane split. you like that tuck. just 30 minutes in those main nes. metro rail lines still o time and tucker might be dealing with some suntan from the parade. i'm still fightinghis extra raspy voice from screaming and loud talking all day. back to you. [laughter] >> but it was so much fun. >> i wouldn't take it back for anything. >> it was so much f all right. it's 6:37 right now and coming up next, what isme aca's favorite vegetable? we've got the answer but, you know, think about it. what d? you think >> all right. i'm thinking, too. we'll be bark afte back after t. >> i think i know. >> ♪
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>> 6:40. we'll check what's trending on the web this morning. the srts world remember anne donovan. she died yesterday at the age she coached college i the nba guided the seale storm to a championship, 2 olympic gold medals national championship from odu and coached the u.s. team to gold in 2008. passed away at the age of 56. shocker maybe, america's n o favorotrite the vegetable map, look at how it dominateshe east coast. and texas. and the entireest. pretty much the country. talking about broccoli. >> i just knew it. >> al you andco i picked li. >> we did. >> as far as what we thought wouldominate. >> wwhere. >> that isre my least favorite
6:41 am
vegetable. >> what abou so yummy. no? >> perhaps wee don'tthe grilled and boiled in here. >> are potatoes a vegetable. >> they are in some states like north carolina, oklahoma and whereow the them although idaho you went with peas. how dare you. green giant conducted the survey in each state.on ns pepper celery and day. could each spinach every- >> younow how you take pictures of your food when you buttaan et a $10,000inraabusor op who want to upload their photos and have them look amazing. >> oh. >> really does help the 'e t f lookreaus evenst more pretty. it's being called the first and only instagram tabn boston cp says the table has a move abdominal arm light that so youus ganet g.e right l ihtigin ayhe pys relevanrt fo g t
6:42 am
their money back. >> stan. kevin sits down with 1 of the voices behind the character actor samuel l. jackson. back after this.>> ♪ a dose of vitalityest g into a county that badly needs it." "realistic ideas for attrti extending pre-k, improving traffic."gr "a prosive leader, for jobs, to fund schools without more taxes, to take on the nra and combat gun violence." "an eagerness to listen." "energy." "a passion for innovation." david blair, democrat for montgomery county executive,ed endorsygt the waon post.
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6:44 am
>> welcome back everybody.
6:45 am
guess what? tucr has like fo rain in the forecast atllr a next -- can i say days at least? noain at all. so, get out there and enjoy . it's going to be a little hot >> tucker is not allowed to talk for a full 10 seconds and then he'll give you all the details. >> don't forget my question, though seconds and i forgot your question. st pextt o nf june has been wet as well. comfortably warm, mid 80's later today. ternoon. be a beautifulaf and our front has come through here, winds have shifted out of the north andat west an will bring in drier air as odayer.yeless humidity thanda 76 now in washington. leonardtown for you.
6:46 am
73 fredericksburg. 60'sag inerstown.o, we got winds out of the north west. i mean not a major storyere but want to point out it will be a little breezy gustng a 10 here a that cooler and drier air starts to work in. quiet.ite and radar, so, so just a clouds out there early. clds will get to our south. we'll have clouds today, some fair weatherhaumulus butt will be about it and high pressure is goihi to keep ts nice and dry around here.t in fact i to talk about the weekend forecast. tomoow lookst reat. we're zippinto lexington park. we hope to see you out there in southern maryland. come out and see us. this is your weekend setup. high pressure off to our south and westli wilver a warm saturday with daytime highs in the 80's but a dry saturday and then that area of high pressure gets east of us and, know, when you're getting july and august and you get high pressur of us thate can often mean 90's and i think we'll get near 90 for by monday as steve was
6:47 am
next couple days l83 goorek tom. sexington pk come out and ues, looks great. 85 on saturday. 91 on 96 monday. ri now 6:47.your t>>y, t keeping our eyes on the roads and we do have seventh street northwest a khe t additional slowdowns ro district. 17 minutes, a bit slow kenilworth southbound from 50 wn to the 11th street bridge. oute a loop just little sluggish in collegeerark, 95 ov to 270. 25 minute ride, some brake lights there. inner loop still pleasantly at speed. 50 wesksound great out by maryland 410. just a yellow zone, the beltwayo t 295, 9 minute ride. get heavies towards 295. g they're flippine camera around, just under a 30 minute commute dale city to the improved a bit. main lanes heavy. express lanes looking nice. not seeing any problems on 395. right now closer to the beltway but as you get up to the pentagon it's a 24 minute ride from the beltway tohe
6:48 am
14th street bridge total. all metro rail lines are on time. i got you covered i anything else picks up this morning you need to be aware of. back to you. >> marvel comics legend stan lee findi himse in real li drama. the la police department investigat reports of elder abuse against thethe 95-year-ola restraining order in los angeles against his business manager. it is being called an elder abuse prevention case and those orders can be granted to victims of physical and financial abuse. the news comes amid a struggle over lee's life and fortune. >> reality star kim kardashian traveled to memphis tennessee to meet the woman she helped the realityr met alice johnson for thfirst time sterday. now johnson is a nonviolent dr offender. she was serving a life sentence from 1996 conviction stemming from a memphi drug ring. kardashian appealed to president trumplf of johnson. the president commuted johnson's sentelae earlier week. >> three stoneman douglas coachesin who died shield
6:49 am
students in the parkland shooting honored by espn. the espies announced that aaron feist will be. espn says it's being given for bravery. the show will air on espn on juo 18. clos home, some movie magic in crews the "wonder woman" sequel started filming the sequel wonder woman 1984 is king over wisconsin avenue and this won't really affect you unless you live or plan to be in georgetown today but if so, you can expect roadclosures0 p.m. tonight on wisconsin avenue northwe from m street to p street. filming will also take place on july 1st from 9 p.m. to midnight. the movie is set for release in november 2019. so exciting. >> sounds like aox beat story and let's start itt' now. s head out to los angeles and talk to kin. kevin it's like hollywood came to d.c. with the wonder woman. get onhe phone with patty
6:50 am
jenkins tellho her to us up. >> i've been e-mailing, working with warner brothers trying get onset. i've been told it's a closed set. i don't know specifically if anybody is being let on there but i'm definitely trying. ve been working with the studio and also the local reps here in the d.c. area trying to get usome type of accesste but, yeah,rday actually they released photos from wonder woman 1984, which is actual an interesting title. gbut did yous see the steve trevor photohr the c pine character, he's somehow back so if you saw the first "wonder woman" film which took place around world war chris pine's character died at the end of that film but yesterdayse patti jenkins relea a p of steve trevor back somehow in 1984. it looked w in some type of lull which ishy it was s there at landmark mall as you mentioned steve. i don't kno a there'sot of theories swimming around the interasoise'ow character is still why he h
6:51 am
clearly we know wonder woman hasn't aged becan. i don't know what's going on er and have you guys seen those photos or no. >> we showed it yesterday. which is pretty cool. >> any theories as to why he's stillive? >> well, maybe he -- >> of couas frozen. >> or may wbe hehers got a litte close with wonder woman and got a little bit of >> he wouldn't get --rnife. >> he wouldn get immortal powers. >> you never know. >> i say he wasenns if you're watching our show right now just send me a message and let me know why steve trevor is still alive. >> what you got in l i., kev. >> yeah, out in la right now "sicario," the sequel to the first "sicario" film from 2015, it was amazing. benicio del toro josh brolin, emily blunt, it was essentially she was an fbi agent who was enlisted by a government task foele to try andp the on drugs, that was escalating at the border of the u.s. ande mexico. it was 1 of my favorite movies
6:52 am
of that01 year 2 's called day of saldado.t out it's ang inter concept how they're expanding the story different director. today i'm sitting down with benicio del toro and josh brolin. >> josh brolin is on fire right now. myoo gess. >> i know. allison, i'm so with you. i'm freaking out to talk to him again. i've interview him so many times over the years but you're so right. he played fanosng in ers: infinity war villian. he played cable in "deadpool." today he's sitting down with kevin s mccarthy. i'mer excited about this. h -- >> and i knoe's excited, >> i know, i'm but i am very excited. he's having a great year. goonies so long ago.y he was ine >> awesome. toilet or anything.el wca y
6:53 am
like that today. we have thehole thing going on. you mentioned speaking actors who are on fire, samuel l. jackson s he doesn'ttop making movies either and he's in t new incredibles film which is opening upayhis . it takes place 2 days after the original events of the first incredibl movie even though it's 14 years later, since the first fpom. but ike to him. we all know sam jackson is the highest grossing actor of allme ti he's in everything, from "star wars" to the avengers films but since he's in thevengers movies which is part of disney i wanted tonow if his character from the avengers universe nicarfury were to take cof the incredibles, now the incredibles a super heroes so it makes sense because nick fury is the head of what's going on with the avengers how would that work. watc this. i would love tour see nicky work with the incredibles. how do you think h would handle -- i know it's a nerdy
6:54 am
question. how do you think he would >> he could probablyes. really good use of that family. >>. >> i mean, nick fury is essentially, you know, a spy. that's what he's always been. and to be able to take nuclear family like that and implant them somewhere would be his ideal. almost be like watching thes american with super powers. >> yes. i wou tly pay to see thatn theaters. [laughter] >> by the way,ittle update on samuel l. jackson. when ied first inter him a from the mov pulpd fiction, i discthis in the show before but i found out through doing years of ts interview quentin tarantino kept that original wallet. he was with ryan reynolds i brought him a wallet because i found 1 online because i sll have mine, i didn't want t g give mine up save it to sam jackson. this must have been 5, 6 years ago and at thef end this interview that you just saw he
6:55 am
told me that he still has the >> wow. >> that's pretty cool that he kept it. which is awesome. i was like what? i was like y thankou so much. i just feel like -- it may me so happy that he actually kept it and didn't just toss it in the trash or someing like that. >> kev we got to let you go but did you say he's the highest grossing actor of all time. ve been kind of battling itford out over the to -- what that means is their e,box o worldwide box office, not the money they've made specifically off the movies but of all time samuel l. jackson is the highest grossing actor ever. >> and harrison form. i love both of them. kev. >> great laugh at the end. >> great laugh. highest grossing i actor hise movies of all time. i'd laugh, too. hi tuck. >> kev looks great in that hotel set. >> right. >> we just say he flies hel around world. 75 now in washington. it's going to be mid 80's laternd today.
6:56 am
wiout of the north-northwest at 15. and not a lot of humidity. should be a beautiful afternoon. just give it a couple more hours to clear u ap and we'res mentioned going to be in for a sunny streak of weather not only today but into tomorrow for our zip trip and into the weekend. it gets hot around the weekend. 85 today, 83 tomorrow. near 90 on sunday and then middy 90's get for some heat and humidity really returning by the end of the weekend and early next week. erin. >> all right, right now 6:56. keeping our eyes on the roads and i can tell you it's been art relatively quiet to the day. a new crash is causing delays. outer loop before new enhampshirue, right lane blocked. that's adding to the of congestion on that outer loop si mde of things. andhen as w make our way out in the district, seventh street northwest at k street, t some extraime needed to get around that. 270, 70 to 121, 23 minute ride. keep it to fox5. we'll keep you updated on your morning commute. have much more to come in hour. o'clock >> ♪
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6:59 am
>> a violent light in the district comeback story. one year since the congressional baseball actice shooting in alexandria. this morning a powerfu message from steve scalise. firi back. white house press secretary responding to'l reportsl soon leave her job. worldfi cup fever. the t match kicks offer in
7:00 am
just hours a we're hearing from the see called psychic forng at 7:00 a.m. starts now. >> good t morning. it isrsday morning. it is june 14th, 2018. >> if're just wakin up this morning, this gorgeous oew over nation's >> capitol. live look in moscow right there. you can see some folks getting ready to go in and cebrate the first game of the world cup which kicks off in just 4 hours. we've been counting down for so long the day is finally here. >> ♪ >> much more on the world cup, al morning long. even if you're not a soccer fan you're going to want to see what we have i store. >> first up let's get a qui check on weather and traffic though from tucker and erin.tuc. >> can't wait to see what we have. got some good stuff. going to be an absolutely beautiful day. sunshine, midhu 80's, lower


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