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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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will the pros constitution bust that spanned several local cities. >> dangerousd driving a local school buss wait until you hear how many citations one county iued just this school year alone. your n at 11 starts right>> > shots. >> monroe shots being fired and there are people running possibly victims involved. >> ceizen just cam in the fire station and said there was gunshots fires. ios hard t believe but i was one y ago tonight househi majority w skiff scalise was fighting for his life after a shooting during a congression baseball practice. tonight he returnedo the congressional baseball game. >> that's the c at nats park gave a standing ovation and even though the democrats beat the republicans 21-5 scalise had the play of the night. bram weinstein was there.
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>>reporter: the dog days of summer have been refined on capitol hill these days.ur the dse has included a lot of seriousnd constant high heat, but since1909 congress nas found theime to engage some of the old school old-fashioned trash talk. this siyear's cononal baseball game served as a reminder of how strong the rhetoric is and the university healing. steve scalise one yer and surgeries after being onef the actice for this game a year pr ago returd to the field. it was not ceremonial. the first pitch was hitir dtly to him and heyi wasng second base and he did his best impression of daniel overcome, but can the american past time help repair identify logical differences? . baseball brings the parties gether. we have lot of fun. don't get me wrong, we have a
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lilt bitf trash talking. actually that opens the door to conversaon and relationship bueding, if played more baseball i belie f congress wouldction differently and that weould spend more time together. and that's one thingo we have t do. >> beneficiaries of th game include the washington literacy center, the boys and girls club, the nationals dream foundation and u.s. capitol police memorial and of course congress, who could really use just o lazy day at the good old ball game. at nationals park bram "fox5" local news. >> maryland's athletic director aroundtball coach spoke out today about the death o offensive linemanmcordannair. 19-year-old died wnesday two weeks after he collapsed durg a team work out. >> my heart is broken. for the reasons that we'reev al thising here having press conference. you look for reasons.
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it's not reasonable that a 19-year-oldas ul shodaway. ryland'scting athletic direg ten, 100 tenard spr when staff noticed he was having difficulty recovering. his cause of death has not been released. we are following breaking news out of falls church. fairfax county public school board just votedpp torove changes s to the education curriculumn its schools. "fox5" cori coffin at tonight's meeting an tells us what controversial changes mean fors ents an parents. >> the continued controvsy that right now at this moment has caused the board to call f a delay in the voteentirely. now, on multipleccasions the board had to quiet down t e crowd aven told them that they'd have to ask them to leave if they kt heckling. here's the key issues that are drawing debate tonight. the i districts considering striking references t biological sex and replacing those t references sex assigned at birth and they'd l to
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inikclude more curriculum on i contraceptn particular hiv ep.drug known as pr support certificates of the new sks ed policy say moreve refl of human experiences. those again changes say it goes too farithout teaching kids about some of the healthrisks. >> we are concerned we are actily medical information kids need to have. pcan sift through information ad they make better decisions with the whole picture. for instance, witrt kids sta to address the issue ofti tron, this was one of my big concerns in the motion that i originallyn made january. >> to know someone who wct affe by -- who knows somebody or whos tranceeneral de or gender non-conforming. that's why we're tellingur sorry. in my onion that's what makes the differt ce. >> now, is a pactdsarentspule a ed policy changes or green opposing them.
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atnd emotional as people t got cience toigion and make their points. >> because biological sex is the medically a by logically accurate term to use when referring to a person's sex which includes chromosomes, hormones and internal and external reproductive organs. a person's sex is not something that is >> it was white people who decided that blacks could be free. it was men who decided that women could vote. w it was trait peoho decided that gays could marry and it will b p siseople who will decide the fate of trae people america. >> ultimately the board after much discussion decided to put thatthrough. they have approved the sex educ saying if theyelayed the dot v disservice to parents an community. reportingn f church cori coffin "fox5 >> woman in critical condition rt fire apant building
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northwest. the flames broke out in 800 block of r street. they started in a ground floor apartment. no word yet on a cause. ne details tonight about massage accused of operating as broth they wills. police busted prostitutann ring ned three cities and four different massage parlors. >> marina live in rockville with the latest >>reporter: shawn you'd say this is una saming office park but police say it was here where the prostitution was happening. say whenen clihowed up to place lily spa and weren't enough beds they were walked down the street. >> husband and wife center of 7th month investigation culminated ton arrest that cohort. pages an pages of felony charges for runni business and tfficking using massage spas as a front. police were tipped off by neighboring businesse concerned about the possibility of elicit
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activity. according to authorities, their senses were spot on.e 40 men stopped leaving the all admitted to receiving elicit sex acts. many paid60 b plus $40 for the service. >> actually i kind of thought mt >> investigators say see legal activity nearby spas gaithersburgs spa and maryl>>d one of the ringleaders either to pick them up at gaithersburg apartment and then bring the l a sck for a day's of th wwork. it's been prettyneshocking. r expected it rig here in the backyard. >> and tonight t of the thr jail.eaders have bonded out of live tonight in rockville, marina marraco "fox5" local news. >> thousands of peoplepa are rently blowing past stopped
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school buses in montgomery county maryland. accordinto a new report, police have written more than that's about 179 citaty.ns per . this is video are one of the schoolbuses. see a car speed past the bus. mber stopped students from trol crossing thestreet. he got life-saving award. driver received $250 ticket. >> we've been writing tickets for years. i've been a traffic officer for 36 years. bottom line is i'd see one or two. we didn't think there were many. but the camera doesn't lie. it paints the a uratepicture. >> you would be scked by theselu numbers. >> tely. >> right now 500 montgomery county school buses have cameras. school leadersng w over the summer to get cameras on every single bus. >> developing tonight, two people fell m than 25 feet after roller coaster derailed. >> also ldead. it's wor cup fever across the just how early you can grab a
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drink. >> no wonder i haven't seen lindsay in a little while. hey friends i hope you enjoyed temperatures on the warm side, humidi nice and low. so it was reallycomfortable. 87 r ateagan 84 at dulles and bwi. loving the feel of the weatho. tonight to 78 degrees in theri ct. nice winds out of the west, keepingumidity low as we head for50pper s, low 60s. talking with friday and the week end in a few mites. shawn.>> thank you, sue, coming the final five, presidentbr celeed birthday at the white house tonit. it's his charity foundation, jamesomey and hillary clintons' e-mails making thead henes. jim will break it all day at the final 5 at 11:30. ♪
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in (birds chirp a running ahh.k,) the new deer park sparklingng in (birds chirp is made with real water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious,ne you doed slo-mo models to sell it. al spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's freshingly real. . we're back now with some top stories night.six people in ther a roller coaster in daytona beach florida derailed.
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two riders fell 34 feeto the ground. others left dangling inhe air. crews rescued ten people. noord on injuries or what led to derailment.>> family of unde george's countyective killed by a fellow officer has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. f colson'samily is suing the officer who shot him, taylor krause and the county. the lawsuit claims krause shot theolice station.016 ambush at even after colsondentified himself as a fellow officer and ed his badge. the countylaims it h been 100 percent transparent about e investigatio sports betting is now ofcially legal in new jersey. the move following the states landmark supreme court victory that cle the way for all 50 states to allow sports betting if they choose. start srts betting not until 30 days. limited t casinos an horse tracks. >> day one in the books. tournament kickedff in russia,
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arabia five saudi no host team has ever lost opening match of the world cup. back in 2014, dc m region hadore people watching the world cup than anywhere else i the count tree. this time around bars and restaurants opening early forethe matches an expecting huge crowds. lindsay watts is at world bar in the district. >> here on u street norwest at newly opened dc world cup head quarter what is used to be prospect bar is nowdc's newest theme bar. we'll take you inside. it is quiet here tonig because the focus here really is the mornings and the afternoons when thece soc masters are on. they're going to be opening at 8:00 in the morning and if you're so inclined even that earl, you can he yours a boot of beer. today we visitsroed dc maryland and virginia that are going all out for the world cup. it's one of theti biggest
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ng events in the screens maryland and virginia, will be tuned in. >> it's going to bemayhem. >> even wit the oh of the aren't ond belgium a go england. >> tyson'seer garden was busy for d the first of the world cup. >> from 11 to 3, this place, you couldn't find a seat outside. >> owners are expecting crowds to get even bigger. >> we're preparing. we've got extra tv wall w just set up, we've got p up.tor set >> they're openingn hour earlier than usual at 10 a.m. an here inamd e sbethesda. >> great guests. alyswa here. >> in dc cit nsy bars to open ae al ahol at 7. >> that's goodfa bst before going to work. >>ro she ism argentina. >>eallycid. i i'm far y from ex ahome. m to see thega
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argentine . have a bunch of sends the game. >> melting pothat is dc, a bigre on the world cup is so well>> p. yeahitef minel m friends are sk work. not going to rat them out,th 're skipping work. everyone isking about it. >> we have a full list o the bars opor early the world cup if baseballs more your sport, you should know mlb all-star games in mid-july, is letting bars sy open 24 hours and serve alcohol until 4 in the morning. in nthwest lin watts "fox5" local news >> that got some people's attentionn i a cupion picks up again tomorrow at 10 a.m. pregame on "fox5." then morocco versus iran at 11 a. tomorrow afternoon, another pregame show at 1 p.m., and then it's the big portugal versus spain match starting at 2. >> just a b reminderause of tomorrow's mning world cup
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coverage, good day at ir10a a on "fox5 plus," chann 20. also u.s. open coverage begins at "fox5" on 4:30 meaning catch 5lock newscast also on "fox5 plus." >> today we got a unique look at the restoration work that underway right now at the lincoln memorial. the national park svice gave us exclusive look to memorial's roof being replaced right now. double roof last replaced twoca des ago. meemrialain open through the ration of the project. areas inaccessible. it will cost approximately ll2. min dollars and expted to be finished later this summer. >> cool to see that. n> yeah it is. he>>y need facelifts. en there for a long time. >> that oner in parti is very very important to this >> and weather wise, it's not going to be bad f forolks to be out there eieoer. >> probably pe sitting down there on the steps always are. >> always a few seemsll like a day long.
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>> no doubt. b today haseen just beautiful and tonight so comfortable. last night when we stepped outside how about the humidity smack you in the ce. >> it did smack you in the face yes. >> hey we're in the trop i cansu wonder p this time the sun came morning frontal boundary pushed dryer air into i town andwas a refreshing starto our thursday. guess what? wve got comfortably warm temperares in the forecas again for you . friday cool start again too. undary is pushed well to the south. if you didn't hear about this earlier in our broadcast, they had really pad storms up through pennsylvania late lastight betw 3:09 and 10:30. speciallyortheast earn pennsylvania touch down. e f2 in wilkes-barre. we are rolling storm free for the section several days includingan a hcrereos in our a pressure is going to suppress all the clouds for the time being. as we head on into friday as well as saturday gh we will start to see things warming up especially in saturday io change, we're
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starting wntith the weekend to t you ready for it, because it t' looks like i going to be a hot one ons fatday. 90 w we haven't done that r much so far in 2018 but also very humid ag enjoy the break from humidity tonight and tomorrow and most of saturday. because it comes back in a big way on sunday as well as monday. if you're d headingown to the beaches this wee is really going toke wth er yscoere,at teehr sunshine not id by any storms. becausehe ter is pretty cool a7 degrees right now thatte defini affects the air temperature. if you want to beat the heath 78 friday, 08 ocean city on saturday. 84 on sunday compared to 19 we'll have here in dc. speaki of check our forecast for the weekend. wrm a saturday. grateful forheweat 19 degrees for father's day. glad to see we wen't dealing with last several sundays in a row. temperature in dc rightow 78. get o to the suburbs and a lot
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cooler. 61 wincster. for culpeper.burg.62 nassas 68. baltimore 66 right now and annapolis coming in 79 degrees. fall 64 here in the cy with winds out of the west,fi northwt to ten miles com afortable nig. again we'll see 50s out there. this is something we have to hang on to june. 56 hagerstown 59 martinsburg. everybody else bottom out in low to mid 60sniay again beautiful high pressure still out to west. that brings the flow out of thea and that's t d dryirection with the nice low humidity and pyles. so w comfortabletus ss aplf degrees cooler than they were today. but still wm for this time of year. 70 degrees to start you at 8 in the morning and as we look at planning forecast. by noon about 79. lots of sunshine and few hig c thinlouds 4 o'clock with
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temperature 83. check of everyone else, top for quantico. 08 gaithersburg 81 annapolis. lexintton park in sai mary's coun tomorrow with fox morning news crew. chk them out i the morning. beautiful day t forhem as well. as well as everyone coming out to say hi. early next week talking monday and tuesday as well as starting sunday we've got some bigeat coming. we started out on sunday at 91. 97 on monday would make it the it mst day of 2018 and be a new record for the day or tie the record, which is 97. tuesday is als hot at 93. get rdy for this stretch because that does qualify as a heatwave three days at or above 90 degrees. those are our three hot .esdada chance ofde rstorms. may even keep the thunderstorms around on wednesday, 88 degrees gr w nth w aeek, mix of sun and awn back to you. >>hank yo recalling packages of
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honey cealf salmon leal i can't. maryland and virginia states have bn affected. used b2018 to june 14th 2019. so if you bought the i cereal tht out take back to the ore for refund. >> c hh chairses t consumer product safety commission announced snow safety followsore than 18,000 injuries related to the baby necessary feda up requires companies to use th point restrain system and implement new stabilityms. children previously injured the chairs. >> up next, a little boy and the is every mimicked move. >> really cool. ts video. lwe'l be right back.
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. this video is unbearably cues. you can kind of say. >> it is. >> probably why it's gone viral. oh, my gosh. iain is five years old. luke is indian bear at national he didtever iain paws wo. up high. pa gtrk s copy cat went on for about minutes. his dad was telling us that. thousands watched the video online. >> one of favore videos. so cute. think, this went on for ten minutes. >> you to say look i actually played with a bear. >> and the bear had a blast. >>right. >> no one got hurt. >> best way to do. >> all right. jim low key is up next with the fi5.
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>> have a great nigh
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. hey ahead tonight on final 5 president trump gets birthday wishes from around turns tc rt . clint27on e-mail investigation is finally here. new lawsuit accuses of th presi founda. jeff sessionstes the bible to defend separating children from parents at border. north koa made a movie menting kim jongcu-un's summit with the president. that's your final 5. let's do. ♪>. all right. it's aig day here washington. not only is it flag day, it's alsoir thethday of a president byhe t name of donald jtrump. >>y happy bir mr. president. >>


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