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tv   The Final 5  FOX  June 14, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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. hey ahead tonight on final 5 president trump gets birthday wishes from around turns tc rt . clint27on e-mail investigation is finally here. new lawsuit accuses of th presi founda. jeff sessionstes the bible to defend separating children from parents at border. north koa made a movie menting kim jongcu-un's summit with the president. that's your final 5. let's do. ♪>. all right. it's aig day here washington. not only is it flag day, it's alsoir thethday of a president byhe t name of donald jtrump. >>y happy bir mr. president. >> i'mot noi gng t
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marlin. >>. >> replace her with stormy daniels. >> it is president trump's rthday today. he did not have any public events on the schedule today for birtay72. i'm sure he enjoyed bigce beautiful of chocolate cake and two scoops of ice cream. why can't i read ? that or at least a cardboard cut out of president enjoyed someca ke. >> this is presidential celebration in indiaactivist. fed to cut from friends family and supporters reaching out the favorite ways the pretodent lo communicate twitter and afo gi he is. happy birthday dad, i love you very much. you're getting absolutely n presents because iuriv when you get the most powerful guy in the world. anything is going to be a tdown. we love you and i look forward
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to seeing you soon. i don't get to see him that ch any more. >> some esident's employees took time to wish wish. ngsarah had you b key sanders assessment little over the top about how theresident is aging. >> i'd like to wish the president a very very happy nk thie h die over 35. >> sorry, if he doesn't look a day ove 35, by that logic, i maybe sarah was sucking up about little bit about the boss. yesterday's report cbs news she's planning to leaveus the white at the end of the year. she was asked about that today. >> i think cbs got a littl ahead of their skis particularly since they put out a story about my thinkg without ever actually. seems a little bit problem particular terer of pnnel announcementi don't have any to. i tell you i sho up every day.l.
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glad to work for president. each and every dayray for clarity and discernment what my future looks like. right now the countries looksgo prettyod. i'm glad to be a part of that process and i'm going to continue to do my job. >> last week the president said the inspector general report into hilry clinton probe may make for nice birthday president. depends how you look at it. >> report calls out former fbi james comey he strayed from but not his actions. >> numerous occasions comb knee used personal e-mail account by conducting business. responded toon that herself ton tht withs tweet. but my e-mails which -- i'mf curious how man you at home actually think she came upith a tweet or somebody on her sff did. regardless, it was kind of a good burn. but comey himself also to the report.
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saying the ig reportonclusions areeasonable that he disagrees with some. he sayse hs also put in unprecented situation. current fbi director chris ray defended the burea tod after >>s report did not find any evidence of political bias or impropers consi actually impactin thereview. >> the report doesr roars of juie idgnte,ifde violar cisions that at the very least with the benefit of hindsight were not the best choices. >> so while the inspectorra gene and the president's fbi director conclud political bias didn't impact he cline toll e-mail investigation the whee house sees it a littl bit differently. >> certainly aga causes great deal of concern. i think point out the political bias that the president's bee a talkbout and that has been
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administration tha we found to be a huge problem and we're glad they're looking into it. >> here's the thing, the report specifically said there was not bias. the report said there was not y. widespread bias way of james coy. but the ig report did have harsh criticism for fbi agent peter struck who exchanged text messages with colleague in months before t president election. that may be where bias came from. that included text he and his team stop donald trump from becoming president if senate ju will have testimony next week. >> trump fouation at the center of new lawsuit. nettyen sw rk the preside fatnt and directors don juner, eric and ivanka trump. accusefs using
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the money and boost political portions of trump. lawsuit is politically pmotiva. >> thesident has t tweeted abhis specifically earlier etoday. th foundation raised 18 million dollars while giving 19 million dollars to charity while virtually having zero expenses. the previous new york ag whorcas ed to retire in disgrace miffed its stated mission to ust this mr to add advance his own political begin and the current acting n york ag has stated that battling the w house is the most important job she's ever atdone. sounds outrageously bias and certainly problematic. >> not a surprise there either, democry general is president vowed on twitter he wouldn't settle the lawsuit but that's what he saidru aboutmp university suits and he settleh expen thee having zero is mtly true. it had no employees anoard of directors hadn't met in 19s. year
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absolutely righne previous ay general had to resign over sexual scandal. official.t is not elected term. sng ng she's not 2.uila8ws million dollars in restitution. under specifiedenalties and the wayof foundation by president pledged to disman he will. >> move on and talk aboutimat republicans working on immigration bills set to be voted onyx week. circulated proposal to end trumi adminion practice separating immigrant children border.rents when caught white housenterpreting sgigss adults go to jail and kids sepa. u.s. attorney jeff sessions called crior thesmtibl in his d got tense in the white houseng briefi room when sarah sanders wa asked about just that. >> i'm n aware of the attney general's comments or what he would be referencing.
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i can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law. that i actually repeated a number of times throughout the bible. however --. >> hold on jim. if you'll let me finish. >> again i'm not going to comment on the attorney's specific comments i haven't seen. >> you said -- i know it'sdou tand, evenrt sho guess. don't takdee my wor out of context. but theepation of illegal alien family the product of same legal loopholes that democrats refuse to close. laws are the same that have been on theooks forver a decade. quote we don'tant kids n said separated from parents called for legislative fix. so-called dreamers path to ve citizenship. also found 25 billion dollars for border wel and end the diverse see visa program. unclear if he has votes to pass.
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>> we showed you part of the movie trailer, white house made unto show kim j what the futureouldook like. north korea went beyon the trailer. made entire movie about kim jong-us trip. 42 minutes long. >> there it is. they love him.well, they love hy know what the price is if they don't love him. c with inspiring movie and es withs victorious arrival back home at pyong with huge crowds cheering. how much they love the guyca no use lives depend on . koreanver from north news anchor you see it. very excited. assume she's talking about president trump doing awkward. handshake slash is a salute to rth korean general, sparked
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debateha whether twas appropriate givenhe adversarial relationship with north korea ahe t regime at war withou korea one of the oal.ur d>>edmi asss as a matter of ab courte, you do not insult any military person who renders you a i hope that your viewers understand thatng returni salute a not the se as slougheding someone. you always rivurn a salute g to you, it's a sign of respect for you not the other way around. >> ecmeanwhilretary of state mike pompeo was defending t agreement signed between the northsuit, despite the vague language 400 words andbl tie. pompeo reiterated sanctions on north korea won't beti lifted l after denuclearization has taken place. coming nalt on 5 talk about the roll dads play in our society and why they're important at least in the view of one ctor.
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we're back after this. ♪
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. . couple of months ago we introduced you to dr. warren farrellca who said a in the throes ofoy crisis. father's day worth revisiting the issue. dr. pharaoh is her in dc. last time i saw through the b monitor. i get you her in person. >> much better in person. >> i don't know how to take that. >> now let's talk about this. father's day upon us. you've been making the renals going around the country. first of all, let's tell people. you said america's in a boy isis i think for people who di't see last time what was a b. >> boys are doing worse in every united states but all over the eveloped terms ofrld. emotional intelligence, intopr. used to be depression girls
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thing, now more with boys. doing much worse in terms of physical health. they're living -- they' having trouble with sperm counts. their iqs are going down. it is in 70 different areas boys are having problems b it's mostly boyst do not have involvement.amount of father he >>re are people who look at a lot of theou situations y mentioned and say this is a maer of politicalwr eckness, boys are softened these days. it's more than that. >> it is more than that boys have opportunities today that they've never had throughoutor y. historically speaking boys had ing a sole breadwinner.parebe f today moreni oppty and more ability. no guide from the culture what to do, and dad void they have nowhere to go. dads are very good at enforcing boundaries which creates
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postponed gratification which helps boys achieve. t withoutt and without a role model, a very high percentage ol boys f significantly behind. >> i'm lucky to have had my fath with me for any step of my life itio to thisll d day. i know aplot of peo who didn't. at said, when you look a grand scheme of thingst and you mention the word role model. what makes a good role mol. is there a good role model in lou of a fat >> good role model isca biol dad. the boy ase's growing up starts wondering who he is. searching forty identi half his dad and half his mom. he hears bads thingbout his dad that type of thing. worrying am i bad, narcissistic, liar, that type of th if you can't have a father as role model biologically get the son involves could you be scouts,ts boy .
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faith based community. choose the faith based lder carefully and encourages boys to talk with each other. boys in trouble and keep feelings to themself repress who they are. >> you've been making rounds going around the country and talking to local leaders one of the reans you're here in dc. before you go, what is the conversation that you think that yohahave to and communities have to ve with elected leaders with other pillars of the community. at there is a boys crisind erstd that boy crisises all over the world and that when boys are in crisis mode, when they don'tot have a of father involvement, they're far more like toe join isis. almost all of your isis re'suits. >> thatig jump there. >> yes. obviously most boysho fathers dt of your isisit recru almost all of them have in common lack of father involvement. not only the boys but also the girls.
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of your school shooters, the great majority of them have a lack of father involvement. of your mass shooters the great majority of them have a lack of father involvement. so father's day is really a day to say weo need tve fathers become the newwa rrior, the new persond to be involve overcoming the barriersf you're having trouble withon ccting with your son, fight it t. work it out. communicate it out. >> right last question before wh ere are a lot of people watch lea and there may be single mothers out there. >> yes. >> m son is growing up and a the community.ons are pillars of >> yes. >> president trump look at him asexample. >> so it's notll encompassing problem but it' should investigate is what i'm gathering>>rom you. yes. the boys that are having significantproblems, there's about nine or ten causes this is by far, fatherlessness and minimal father involvement is one of the causesth onee things president trump's mother did differently
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many times happens she constantly tol positive stories sabout president trump' father. one of the things you can do for tell positive stories about the father so the b ends up feeling i am awh worthe -- inherently a world while person. >> boy crisis, dr. warren pharaoh. good to see you. >> back after this more on the final five. flu
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. ♪. all right. can you feel the excitement? world cupic soccerked off today in russia. so you know, vladimir putin w on hand. washed saudi arabia fiv nil. >> the reaction after russia's first goal going viral. putin shrugged before shaking hands with the crowned prince i imagine the same reaction if
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with foreign elections. >> hey jim. i know you're big s fgspo art cup games especially because you can see a lot o them r here on "fox5." >>exactly. >> now it is time for you t reveal who you're going to be rooting for based ancestry. >> verco . may i have box please. >>hank you, gary. >> this is fox did somet me.hi do3 2ne in conjunction with te into a tube. have you done t not.ha t>> it's kind of cool. >> there's nothing like trying to wor enough saliva to fill a tube i and send itn the mail l be theyou hope w right address. >> what they did, had us take thetest. you see there is my breakdown right there on t bottom of yi screen. look at top two, gere you'rase nld i. >> they're not in the world cup, so everything else is a little
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i'm also slow vac. i'm lokay is slow vac name. what i g knewrowing up my family, mom's side had blood in southern europe which is a little loose on 23 a ndme it's little fuzzy there, but i have decided offic lly that am going to cue the drums, jim lokay can be rooting for portugal. the rean being. wow. >> that seems reallyxc eing christy. >> very exciting. >> thank you. >> erths the anthem. >> that's thee excitemen needed. >> christy, we have to really make this official here. ready? . do you have yours? . i don't have m confetti. >> darn it. so here's the deal the reason i went w portugal because also one of my best frids his they lived i when i worked in boston, i spent
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christmas with them immersing myself in portuguese traditions. that's pretty good reason. >> you have the portuguese tradition there, plus renaldo, one of the best soccer plars in theworld. >> exactly, exactly. i'm watching portugal playing tomorrow. >> 2 clock. >> right here on "fox5." yeah. >> yeah it's kind of sc lol. ie we did something fun with this,ou know.>> yeah, you know,, maybe nexttime. >> hope definitely by 2026. >> the automatic bid thing.that. christy, you're so kind. thank you, gary. i havebe to rr to take that home. >> go portugal. >> that's what it is. i was tryg to take caitlin roth and i are both rooting for portugal. so, all right. >> buy. >> moving onni tot, president trump adversarialth relationshi press. at least he never called a new conference where he insulted
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journalists and burned underwear.>> the giant red bri been done by another president. they are more boxers, boxer brief, who they were similar to a pair that cz prank stirs flue from flag pole in a prote against him. after lighting the giant underwear on fire withoelp from firemen, he said time of underwear in politics is over. sorry to make you look like little eaiots. you ry don't deserve it and we're back a this ♪
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. elon musk sells electric cars trying to pioneer space travel. for some reason successfully created flame throwers sold on ebay and doesn't le the media. he lucrative deal to bolsterld chances to bui high per lube up and down the east coast and link up baltimore and dc in 15 minutes. i'm doubter but this guy proved a lot of peopl wrong.
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elon musk sound asleep tonight. not so much. democrats loathed during the election and republicans called here crow and called forehead talking about james co server, while it d piciacions t l republican and discounts idea concentrated deep states within the fbi. if you he any throughouts to share probabl find them on g mail. final five back tomorrow at 11:30. zip trip tomorrow. we'll seeyou. flus
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♪ ♪ welcome to russia, and welcome to "world cup tonight." i'm fernando ore, el presidente, coming from red square here in the heart of moscow.


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