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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>>nioday on fox5 mor, a cultural shift. the aroval of new sex edcu iculum leads to strong emotions. >> rollercoaster scare. several people in the hospital this morning after a coaster derails with riders dangling several stories high, some falling to the ground. immigration debate. the war of words heating up over the trump administration's 0 tolerance immigratio policy which has led toal sever hundred children being formbly separated their families. > fox5 morningt 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> ♪ >> good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> today is friday, june 15th. erin como watching the roads and mike thomas talking weather. good morning. >> hey, guys, good mning to you asell. we got a good 1 here in d.
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today. sunny skies, temp'satures mid 80 though we will heat thingsell up for father'ay d we'll talk about that coming up. hi erin. >> right now traffic ih quiet throug brandywine and clinton. i'll letw you if anything pops up. it's been a very quiet start to friday. >> we like it like that. ank you erin. if you're just waking up with us we're diving into the news coming our fairfax county. the hool board approved anges to the county's sex education curriculum. >> bttle lines were drawn a the packed meeting with heated and emotional testimony. fox5's melanie alnwick live om fairfax county with the details this morning. mel. >> reporter: hey, good and this vote almost didt happen. there was so much yelling and heckling going on that point board members thought about tabling the vote so that peopleould calm down a little bit. it was very controversial decision, a very controversial topic, but in thend e the net effect is that these changes are going to happen. so, when it comes to
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instruction on human growth and development, the term "biological sex" will be replaced with sex assigned at birth. there will also be more instruction about contraception methods and about the use of the hiv prevention drug, prep. now, t ys was, asou mentioned, a very packe meeting and people inse separated themselves into different groups. those against the chang in green, those for tm flashing pink and purple. supporters of the new curriculum believe it is more forward thinkg and inclusive of lgbtq students but those against the curriculum says it bends the science of gender and doesn't include health erapies for young people.nment parents are passionaten both sides ofhe issue. >> biologicalex is the medically and biologically accurate term to use when referrin a person's sex which includes hormones and internal and external reproductive organs. a person's sexs not
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something that is assigned. >> it was white people who decided that blacks could be free. it was men who t decidedhat women could vote. it was strght people who decided thatou gaysld marry and it will be sis people who decide the fate me trans people in aca. >> reporter: now, at 1 point, some people were warned that khey would beked out of the meeting if they didn't quiet down. was after 11:00 p.m. when the board finally took a vote. now, those changes are going to go into effect next school year there was also a move by 1 of the board membe to aow parents to opt into the program, rather than just opting out of the program, but that did not go through. so, this b basicallyomes automatic for all students unless their parents decide to take them out t ofhat instruction. live in fairfax county, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 news. >> 5:03 i our time right now and breaking overnight, a frightening situation on the boardwalk in daytona beach florida. a rollercoaster derails, 2
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rirs fell more than 30 feet to the ground. efty oth were just dangling. least 6 people were hospitalized. the first car of that coaster went off the tracks. no wd yet onhat caused that to happen. >> fbi director says they're making changes to employee training in t wake o the inspector general's reports about the agency's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. that report blasts former fbi director jes comeyalling to comey breaking witusticeng department protocol in the probe. hover, the inspector general found comey was notli pocally motivated in his>> actions. new york's attorney general his family's foundation. they accuse the president and 3 of his children of operating the foundation to raiser money themselves. the lawsuit seeks to dissolve the foundation and ban president trump donald trump jr. eric and ivanka from serving on nonprofit organizations. the presidentlaims that the case politically motivated. >> lawmakers on capitol hill are dividedver the trump administration's 0 tolerance policy on illegal immigrants
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and their children. the policy hasds separated hu of children from their parents. the administration says the action is designed to keep illegal immigrants fro entering the united states. yesterday attorney general jeff sessions ud a quote lerance rules whileefend the 0to democrats and the white house traded nlame. >> this is normal. and in fact its barbaric. it has to stop. >> with the separation of illegal families -- alien families is the product of the same legat loopholes that des refused to close. >> yesterday house republicans a unve discussion draft of a sweeping immigration bill which addresses the family separation crisis. part ofhat discussion draft would include $25 billion in funding for border security a includindvanced funds for president trump'sroposed border wall. the bill also includes a pathtol grants house speaker paul rya w the vote as soon as next week. >> a big win for democrats on the baseball s field. ficore at the congressional baseball game 21
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to 5. the game comes year to the day after the shooting at practice in alexandria thatsl seriou wounded house majority whip steve scalise. last night he returned to make show stopping play of the game. the annual g began back in 1909. >> ♪is >> 4 the time right now. let's check weather and traffic. good morning to you both. good to see you. >>nigoodng. >> let's start with weather. >> yeah, let's do it. hey, we got couple -- >> wake up. what time did you say it was. >> what timdid you say. >> it's 5:0ai >> you s 4on5. youfused me. >> had you to point that out. you.heard that except >> i'm already like behind and then i heard my mind went like -- >> that's how sad i am. >> no, it's not how sad you are. >> you pumped the brakes on that real quick. >> my brain seriously -- okay, >> now you want to move on. now you want to move on. >> it is frida>> hat time is it?sd >> it isay,lo 3 o'c inin
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the g. >> let's do a little weather for you. 70egrees outside this morning at 5:0 the morning now. >> thankou y >> nice and clear conditions and thank goodness it's friday here in d.c. satellite and radar showing lots of clear skies. few clouds may come across from time to time. that's the only weather concern today. again, if you have any outdoor plans at all, hopeful to come see us athe zip trip, tucker barnes gng to kick things off in just about 1 hour from now in fact, 84 degrees, mostly sunny skies. nice warm, low humidity. get outside and enjoy it. weekend looks pretty good as well. you all all right over there? >> we are. >> after you said in just about an hour, she said 53 minutes. she's all miss specific. >> but he's not on until 6:05 it's 58 minutes.o be specific >> straighten her out, mike. >> yeah, straighten her out. >> it's going downhhal. >> i don't knot's going on with me this morning. erin, good morning. >> i got to tell you wisdom hasn'tth been much betis morning.
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he's like out of sorts. something's happening. >> it's not me. it'sen m. >> prevacation wisdom, that's what it is. >> does he leave for vacation after the show tod. >> i think so. he's acting like he is, right. >> it's not me. it's maureen'm >> in 1, w too. e can chat as much as we want because i don't have anything to tel you about on th roads, how about >> hey. tro is on time. we're crash free. ifg you're startin your vacation tweet me at erin f d.c. because i want to hear about it 'cae i'm working and if you're heading to g work you're noing to battle any traffic. there you have it, the best traffi report i've ever given. >> i love it. thank you erin. a nationwide sexting leading to theest of thousands. >> we have an update on a beloved local tavern daged last yre >> a look at the american legion bridge. we're back with more news, weather at traffic 5:08 in the morning. it's 69 degrees. back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪ w
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elcome back to fox5 morning. today is friday, june 15th. time right now isnd 5:09 it is 69 degrees. looking live at the white house onhis friday. the national weather lkes-barre pennsylvania inthat wednesday night. it was officially ruled an ef-2 in magnitude with windsg possibly rea up to 130 miles per hour. the twister caused major damage overturningars
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knocking down power lines and trees. it also damaged stores in a shopping fortunately no 1 was killed although 6 people did suffer minor injuries. anmore than 2,000 suspected online sex offenders have been busted in a nationwide crackdown. the justice department says a 3no month sting k as broken heart led to 2300 arrests. the operation targeted individuals suspected ofli ne sex crimes. it took place between march and may for the first time in 2ecades the state of idaho dealing with a cause -- a case a child is currently. recovering after receiving antibiotics.the age and gender t released. health officials are trying to figure out where the child actually contracted the disease. they know the child recently returned fromregon. the plague is rare in humans and is usuly spread from a bite from an infected flea. a popular rockville tavern destroyed by fire will rebuild thanks to the money raised at a go fund me campaig now smokingaterials left on the front porch started that firet burned hank dietle's tavern. that was back in february. the owners just got the
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building permit to move forward with rebuilding this historic bar and they thank the community for all of its support. coming up on fox5 morning,ch major ge under way inside thean nationalsization. >> and a former member of thep trum inner circle prepare for day in court. >> as we head to break right now, this is a live look at the lights coming on i northern virginia from our camera in oxon hill. 5:11 is the time right now. the temperature is 65 degrs. back in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> yupfeeling like a friday and it is nice out there. it is 69 degrees, 5:13 imes our . we want to welcome you back to fox5 let's check our top stories today. arafter a mhon meeting last night, featuring heated testimony tho fairfax county sc board voted to change the counts sex ed curriculum. references to biological sex will be replaced with sex
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assigned at birth and there will also be more construction aboutontraception and the hiv prevention drug prep. changes got into effecext school year. >> a woman rescued farm an tment fire last night in northwest d.c remains in critical condition. it happened in the shaw neighborhood on r street. still noord this morning on what caused th >> president trump's excampaign chief paul manafort is scheduled to be in federal court today. manafort is facing charges of obstructing justice accused of tampering with witnesses much he's facing a dozen counts of finaial crimes for his lobbying work. >> muslimse will gather worl to celebrate id a fattah known as the festival of breaking the ft. observers will partake in 3 oysf celebration. >> ted learner stepping down as the managing prir ipal of the nats. he will be replaced by his son, mark who you see in thiso. vide the 92-y lr-old learner says ooking forward to seeing his son lead theat nnals to a world series trophy. we all are.
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yeah. all right. 5:14 is the time right now mike thomas, good morning. you as welys, good morning to finally the sun is rising here d in.c. and look at that gorgeous, gorgeouun sse. lots of blue out there as t well. goo be a sunny bright beautiful day here in d.c. pile on thengunscreen. you're to need it not just today but through the weekend as well. finally we got a dryeekend here in d.c. it's been aevile. laeral weekends here in town, we've at least had the f chcehowersan and thunderstorms. not so this weekend for father's day. so far so good. 70 degrees outside in d.c. nice andth comfortable nor and west. 66 dulles, 6 gaithersburg, maybe even light jacket weather in the mountains. our friends in cumberland 55 degrees, martinsburg 55 as well. down towards leonardtown close to where we'll b for zip trip this morning, 63 degrees at this hour. satellite ande radar around th region, mostly sunny co mitions. iean, you just saw the live shot. again a couple of cloudso tryisneak their way in from the north and west but they're highnd thin and as the sun continues to rise these should fade away and we're going to have a mostly ersunny afton to contend with here. high pressure in ctrol.
5:16 am
it will be a northern wind today, once again, which will help keep humidity at bay for at least another day here in town and again, high pressure means sunny and bright conditions and comfortable temperatures. 80's, mid 80's. it will certainly be warm. it's not long sleeve weather by a stretch of the word. but the good news is, again, humidity at bay this afternoon.and just gorgeous con. here's your day ahead planner. 68 b 6 o'clock, 70's arrive by 9 o'clock and thenug 80's thro the afternoon and look at all that bright, bright sunshine, absolutely gorgeous out there later today. our high of 84 here town, 85 for quantico, 83 up towards frederick. gaithersburg 81, 80 for and again, that'ut about seasonal for this time of year. high pressure continues its journey. it's willark right on top of us tomorrow that. will help high temperatures get a w littlemer and you'll notice a littleit more humidity creeping in late saturday night. by sunday here we go. high pressure gets off to thest , winds turn out of the south, up come upper 80's and more humidity in the d.c. region for father's day but
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it's the only weatherrn conce you're doing going to the pool for dad you'll be just fine. maybe you're going tohe beach for dad. 78 degrees fwn your friday saturday looks beautiful, 80 degrees. sunday 84. water little bitrehilly, 67 deg this time of year. typicallys in june on the cooler side. there's again your weekend forecast here in town. 87 oatnurday, up to 92 on sunday. and if that's not hot enough for you check out next w monday and no, i don't mnon- the 90's band eri >> 5:17. took me a sond. >> wes is 98 degre >> i'm like what happened? s 5:17.m i? what's goingitn >> it's that kind of day. don't worry. >> you know, you just wake up and you're like meh. that's what happens when you get 3 hours of sleep. traffic has been behaving itself through laurel beltsville and college park. it's going t gear up to be a kebeautiful weekend as mi thomas told you.
5:18 am
66 atpeed. some sunab glare. grour shades. it's going to be a bright day. chantilly looks good oakton looks good. i could give you a tour of the tire map and t you how nice everything is so i'll spare you and just say so far so good. any quesat erin fox5 d.c. on tw. are you okay over there, guys? yeah, we're ming along just fine. >> we' okay, we promise. >> it's 5:18 rightre now. we gearing up for day 2 of the fifa w dld cup, 1 on thursday saw host country russia steam roll saudia arabia wning the openingh 5-nil. match 5-nil. the opening game of the world cup. >> worldup action picks up again today at 10:00 a.m. with the pregame slow on show on fox5. we'll have good day at 10:00 a o on f5 plus. another pregame show at 1:00 p.m. and big portugal versus spain matchup starting at 2:00. let's switch gears and ta about our zip trip because the friday zip trip isoday and today we're headingo lexington park in maryland.
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tony annie and tucker be live from lancaster park on a.m.ows road starting at 6:00 come on out southern maryland. held love for you to come and say hi. through ad enter for your chance to win a 2 year lease. it's on a new 2019 acura tlx. five finalists will be selected by random drawing on aust 20,. all finalists must attend the final zip trip in order to be eligib w to. one winner will be selected at theinal zip trip. of age or older.t be 18 years prize is provided b d.c. area acura dlers. complete rules available atnt >> coming up, salmonella concernsl leads to the r of a popular breakfast cereal. onstores seeing a rush capitals championship gear. >> we're going to break right now with a live look on your reen at the virginia side of the wilson bridge. 5:19 is the time. back in a moment.
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and choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or credit towards other samsung tech. co >> ♪ >>me back to fox5 morning. today is friday, june 15th. time right now is 5:22. this is a liveook at route 5 in southern maryland, not too far from lexington park. that is the site of today's zip trip. come outnd say hi to our crew down there. turning our attention to some of today's business headlines. e a merger oft&t with time warner itimewarner is complete.> the trump administration opposed the deal saying it would be higher prices for consumers and less competitio
5:23 am
competition. >> meanwhile happeng today a trade war between the u.s. and china could be president trump is expected to release his final list of chinese goods subject t a tariffs today they could soon be put into effect. >> you'll recall back in april the trumped administration ou a list of $50 billion in chinese products that would be sject to 25 percent tariffs. china has i threatets own tariffs on american goods. kellogs is h recallioney smacks. 73 people have been infected in 31 statlu incng maryland and virginia. >> the recall imp the 15 and 23-ounce packages of the cereal with a best if used by of june 14th 2018 through june 14th, 2019. if you bought this cereal throw it away or bring it back to the store for a refund. also, the online craft company etsy is raing its fees. the brooklyn based company says transaction fees charged when a person oin a buss makes a sale will rise from 3.5 percent to 5 percent. it will also apply to the
5:24 am
shipping costs. >> the fee goes up on july 16th. etsy has 2 million active sellers and nearly 35 million active buyers. >> if you've shopped at h and m you know there sizes different than other retailers in the unid states. but now theio fast n brand is updating their sizing structure for women starting with newr s and fall 2018 oducts. customers should expect to go 1 numerical sizen down tha what they're used to shopping for at h and m. now, if you normally wear a size 8, that the retailer, for instance, now you can try a size 6. >> is that to make you feel like oka s you'reller sized. >> it's probably a bit of a mind game. >> yeah, it is. looks like capitals fever is cording to the nhl, the team is smashing records for stanley cup championship gea sold online. >> in theng weeks since winci wg the cups they broke records set by the penguins 2 years ago. overall stanley cup championship sales are up 25 percent over last year.
5:25 am
that's what happens when you go through a d aught in this town turn into a big winner. everybod >> you got 5:25, mikehomas you've got our weather word. w yeah and theeather word is sunny bright -- well, the weather words, sunny bright and beautiful as we head, through sunrise out there this morng absolutely gorgeous start to the day here. feeling comfortableowl side as well with temps down in the 60's and 70's. even some 50's far to the north and an yesterday was 87 degrees. dull 84. bwi 84 as well. that was right where we should be for this time of y dr. egrees, i guess a few degrees warmer here in d.c. low though later on thisafternot temperatures to be much about theesame as yrday with even a little less humid reagan 70, dulles 66 at this hour. bw is down the 50's to start the day. three kind of ranges of 's, 60's and 50's out there to start the day here. comfortable though. again,it humid is low. skies are clear. you saw the live shot. it's a beautiful sunrise oute theris morning. and we expect it to be a beautiful -- aly beautiful
5:26 am
sunny day here in d.c. by 11 o'clock, 78 here in town. by 2 o'clock, 82 degrees. and by 5 o'clock, 83 degrees. again, your probability of seeing any sort of rain at all today is very, very low. that was supposed to open up. didn't do tha we're going to move on. allafrnoon temperatures today 84 here in washington, 85 at quantico. fredericksburg 85. 81 for hagerstown. fredick is at 83. 82 for annapolis a o little lan today. the 1 thing that you'lle hav to do both today and through the wkend is sureu' yo piling on that sunscreen. u.v. index todays at 9 out of 11. very, very high around the region so make sure again take proper precautions put the sunscreen on. you'll need it tomorro i you'll nt on sunday. speaking of sunday we're warming it up big time here in d.c. into next week. we'll talk about that coming t up. all righat's weather. off to erinic for traff >> 5:26 right now keeping our eyes on t roads and i can tell you metro rail lines on time. unfortunately we have a new crash to tell you about in southbound near 32 blocking the shoulder so again allas green all g you make
5:27 am
your way down toward 32 this morning. northbound side still quiet. me story on 95. quiet in fort washington. looking good 5 at the 301 split. inner loopnd outer loo over the woodrow wilson bridge also at speed. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.t still all green all good on the map through gaithersburg into clarksburg. no problems.oh 50 on the eastern shore looks good as well, guy so no problems as you make your way right now toward maybe sandy point. tell me that you have early vacation plans. i want to hear all about them 'cause i'm at work. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 morning on f thisriday 1 juneh, 2018. taking a looat this gorgeous sunrise on this friday. man, s thate isous, isn't it. >> looking good. >> a moment to enjoy being alive, you know. >> yeah, yeah. 5:30 is the time. good friday morning to you. made it to the weekend. >> we sur have. how is the friday forecast and commuteooking? let's get right to our team, mike thomas and erin como. let's start with you first. good morning, mike. >> beautiful sunrise. this is some of the longest days of the year, so abos 14 sunlight.inutes of outside 70 degrees, mostly clear skiesee we'llp sunshine going through the afternoon today, good weekend too. we'll talk about it coming up. hi erin. >> we have 1 crash, bw parkway near 32.ow we'll see that's affecting your traffic. >> it was men who decided that
5:31 am
women could vote. it was straight people who decided that gays could marry and it will be sis people who decide the fate of trans peoplen america. >> she wathat was just 1id sof e heated debate in fairfax county lastus night. >> j what will the kids bet learning when school year starts? fox5's melanie alnwick is live in fairfax county with the details. mel. >> reporter: good morning, yeah, a lot of changes here and a lot of controversy. in fact, this vote almost didn't happen because there s so much yelling and heckling going on. one board membe wanted to table the vote until they could reallyake a deeper look at this issue. e family life curriculum are going to go into effect. the most controversial was changing of the term biological sex to sex assigned at birth and this is controversial because many s that is universally accepted, 's something that is
5:32 am
flod. also they're goi be providing more instruction about methods of contraception includ the use of the hiv preventive drug that' called prep, and that in itself is controversial for use in adolescehis. now,s was a packed board meeting. we can tell you that people sortf separatedtohemselves sides. they were wearing green if they were against the changes, they were wearing pink and rple if they were supporting the changes. supporters of the new proposal, the new curriculum believe it's more forward thinking more inclusive of lgbtq students but those against theri newculum say it really bends the science of gend and itoesn't inclu instruction on the health contraceptil or gender reassignment as you saw,ents were verye. passnate on both sides the issue. at 1 point people wer wned they didn't quiet down.t if it was after 11:00 p.m. when the board finally took a d vote.
5:33 am
the chano go into effect next school year. i can tell you this controversy is notr. there were even members of the advisory board who had very strong disseerions saying theree not enough parents represented when they proposed the changes and they even suggested perhaps that a higher proportion of county voters would support the parents onhat side of the issue. so, it is possible that we haven't seen the end of this. live in fai county, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 news. >> ♪ >> 5:33 is our time right now. breaking overnight dramatic video out of flo pda. sixple are in the hospital after ast rolleer in daytona beach derailed. investigators say 2ll riders more than 30 feet to the ground and others were left dangling in the air crews rescued a total of 10 no word on the extent of their injuries or wha led to that derailment. >> happening now in the district, a woman is fighting to arfor her life after an apartment fire in northwest. it began in the 800 block of r l
5:34 am
street. eft check, the woman was in critical condition. no word on what sparked fire. >> happening today in northern virginia, thean accused of sexually abusing children at the minniand day care academy will be in court. taylor boykin is facing 22 countst. of sexual misco the former assistant teacher 4 children all under 5 abusing old. prince william county police say the investigation began when a 5-year-old girl told herha parents t she had been inappropriely touched by boykin. also today the minnieland location inristow where boykin worked will shut down >> ♪ >> lawmakers on capitol hill areivided over the trumpon administ's 0 tolerance policy on illegal immigrants and their children. >> the new policy was announced in may. it separates childatn from their famil the u.s. u.s.-mexico border. the administration is anticipating it will keep illegal immigrants from tryin t to enthe u.s. >> this is not normal. in fact its barbari
5:35 am
it has to stop. with the separation of illegal alienod families is the uct of the same legal loopholes that democrats refused to closeou >> yesterdse republicans unveiled a discussion draft of a sweeping immigration bill which addresses the family separation crisis. >> a bombshell 500 page report coleted by the justice department into the hdling of the clinton c-mail probe is nowplete. the report did not findny eviden of political bias but it did identify "errors of judgment and violations in olicy."t and violations in the report calls former fbi director j comey insubordinate but says his actions were not politically motivateon monday the inspector general will testify about the report on capitol hill. >> ♪ >> 5:35 is the time right now. so far so good when it comes to weather this morning and i understand me saying tha today's going to be great and the entire weekend is going to be great, even stretching into next week possibly. >> yeah, even into next week if youike the heat. 'cause we will bep heating thin in a big way as we head into sunday and especially on monday. sunrise sunset, did want to
5:36 am
mention this 'cause we just talked about it it's a gorgeous 1 out there thi morning, 14 hours 53 minutes sun officially rises 5:42om so not too fa now. sun will set at:3 8p.m. we have 1 more minute over the next week w thate will adhere and then after the 21st we will start losing it second by second all the way through nextatinter. temperes outside right now 70 here in town. cooler north and west. 60's and 50's. feels pleasant eitn atle cool in some neighborhoods out there. skies are nice and clear, sunny brightulnd beautif day on the way here inown. 84 degrees on this zip trip friday here. again, mostly sunny, warm. more of a beze than yesterday, too. how about that weekend forecast jus for you wisdom. happy father's dayino all the dads com you, 87 degrees warm and dry on saturday. sunday 92 grees for father's day. we'll have more on the week ahead comi up. first though a check of traffic with erin como. >> 5:36 right now. metro rail lemesain on time. we have 1 crash bw parkway southbound out2. by 3 but because it's only blocking the shoulder no delays coming
5:37 am
down from the baltimore beltway into laurel. traffic is looking greatbo on 50 und out by 202. no problems outbound across the bay bridge. o is wpened at speed. same95 story 3 our secondaries in the district, 50 inside the beltway and 95 outside the beltway in virginia looking good. all ofve our times are green. i'll let you know if that changes. back to you guy >> 5:37 is the time. the stanley cup celebration just keeps on going andoing and going. today the caps owner ted leonsis and captain alexander ovechkin bringing the cup to various places including fort pont the medstar hospital and the arlington county police department. >> world cup fever taking over the d.c. region. >> how local bars are catering to fans to join in and cash in. on all of the celebrations. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? you never told your dad and me about any... wait, what's going on now? mo flag. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back. time is 5in0. hag today the university of the district of columbia is kicking off a new program called the capitol builders program. siing day. program is an entrepreneurship focused initiative aimed at d.c. with the possibility avenue high success rate as a and entrepreneur will go to a summer boot camp under this program. >> big day for students in the district.
5:41 am
today marks signing day. 15 d.c. high schoostudents will be awarded scholarships as part of the capitol builders grant program. it's aro unique pam to provide ao pathway entrepreneurship and business ownership today from 10:30 to 12> 0 p.m. ationaloday lobster d if you want some seafood luke's lobsters is giving away 450 free lobster rolls today. i need to get in line for this. >> right. my'v goodness. e had these. those are amazing. >> but there's a catch. always a catch. >> uh-oh. you have to wear a canadian tuxedo. >> what's a. >> if wou don't knowhat it is, it's a denim jacketni with m jeans. >> okay. i'm out. >> so, britney spears and justin aimberlake. >> and b sure from 1985. >> leave m friend alone. there are several luke's lobster locations i the dmv. for luke's lobster roll i might acg out my jean jt.
5:42 am
>> you still gotn a jacket. >> who doesn't. >> me. >> he's lying. he's got a black trench coat, leather. >> want to take a vacation with oprah? who wouldn't want to. still ahe how you can enjoy a cruise with the tv icon. >> and world cup fever taking over teg d.c.ion. that's good news for local bars. ccer fans don't miss areso minute of the action. >> about that jeanacket. [laughter] >> al b. sure. >> ♪ and the most accountable in the country. and parents are staying in the district for our schls. but her work isn't done. now's the time for bold ideas to ntinue making progress. lamont: i'm voting for mayor bowserng because she's movi bold ideas to in the right direction. and that's we need and r kids are thriving as a result of that.
5:43 am
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does your business internet provider promise a l? let's see who delivers more. bu comcsiness gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. f we offer up to 6 hou 4g wireless network backup. everyone els no way. we let calls from any of your devices come from your business numb. them, not so much. we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed twork and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today >> ♪
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>> now for a check of today's top stories. after a marathon meeting last night featuring heated hool board voted to changeunty the county's sex ed curriculum. will be replaced with sex assigned at birth and there willre b instruction about contraception and prep. >> woman is fighting to her life after a fire in in the 800 block of r street. at left cck the woman was in critical condition. no word on whated s that fire. >> ♪ >> 5:45 right now. mike thomas, gorgeousad day y. man, look at that. sunshining, just>> gorgeous. yeah, beautiful start. couldn't ask for a better start to the day than this here in the reg big week for.c., the entire region as a lot of kids getting off for school and starting their summer and they can go to the pool.where they final a dryeekend here in
5:46 am
d.c. with no toweat for ers or storms all weekend long. satellite and radar showing you nice calm clear conditions we've been showing you live pictures of the beautiful sunrise all morning lon you see these clouds kind of thinning out. that's expected as the nrises a lot of times those clouds like to scatter out andwy sunny after in town. 70 right now in here in d.c. once you get away from the rir much cooler. gaithersburg 62, dulles 66 and 50's in the mountains north and west,bu marrg 55 as well as cumberland. hagerstown at this w hour 65. quanticoarm spot 73 degrees this morning. bigger picture tho th showing heathe way. right now it's in the middle section of the country. wicoln nebraska 81, 79. that stripe of orang orange that southern flow will be working stward as we head through the next few days and by father's day talking temperatures in the 90's heo in d.c. enjoy today. high pressure still off to our west. that allows for winds to continue t remain out of the north which keeps the humidity at bay. and keeps the pleasant
5:47 am
conditions in town. lots of sunshine. temperatures around whesh they ld be about 84 degrees this afternoon with warm but not humid conditions. th willhange though into the weekend. here's a lk at the day ahead planner in case you're making plans. tempereures rising through 70's through the morning hours. through the afternoon. highs today again topping out in the low to mid 80's across the region. 84 here in town. 85 for quantico. 85 for fredericksburg as well. this weekend high pressurescoot. saturday still pretty good in the humidity department. plenty of sunshine ou there so again, headed to the pool, sunscr on, please. we head into sundayfternoon, high pressure gets off the cot. we pull up that southern heat. southern humidity is back for dad on father' day. 90's. talking highs in the here away from here oceanyl city,and, maybe that's where you're taking dad to celebrate father's day, 78 on friday. saturday 80 degrees, beautiful beach day. sunday much the s highs near the middle 80's with a good amount of sunshine. here'she forecast locally in town. no the 80's but the 90's coming your way forather's
5:48 am
day afternoon and then look at monday. 98 degrees here in town. if that's notood enough for you we'll do 96 onat tuesday. would be our second heat wave in a row -- no not in a ro. of this year so far. next 7 day be wednesday,er the 88. we bring in summer officially on thursday. that's weather. erinomo take it away for traffic. >> 5:48. what about dgie dads like you. you and sid celebrating way beach g run. >> he's joing to give me lots okisses and hugs. >> furry babies count, too. >> i agree. sh right now a cra blocking the shoulder bw parkway southbound near 32. no delays though. very pleasant start. early morning we're not seeing any issues. if you're heading to work getting an early start on your vacation trafficoo on 295ks good to the 11th street bridge. bay bridge is wide opened. 95 minor delays 22 minutes dale city to the beltwar. southbound sided the virginia beach speed right now and then as you make your wayut0 southbound normaln 27 volume 19 minutes, 70 t 121. northbound side looks great. not seeing any proems on 70. we're problem free in the
5:49 am
district. howeve keep in mind "wonder around town.nues to fi- been seeing a lotf exciting snaps on social media surrounding this. fil watch out for lane closures throughout the day surrounding areas of tenth and nin streetwe'll have the latest on t on my twitter as well, guy >> all right. 5:49 is the time. let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the o most this morningn social media with our realtime newsracker. first u the united states has returned a rare copyf a handwritten letter by christopher columbus to the vaticanrary. been stolen across europe andac ed with forgeries. the original 8 page letter was that sent to spain's king ferdinand and queen isabella with descriptions of what the explorer believed to be e the eastdge ofsi a you can cruise with oprah winfrey. a new holland america ship will s sale from fort lauderdale to the bahamas for a 3 day get away and oprah and some of her staff from o magazine will be board and host events. it's part of a partnership
5:50 am
between the magazine and the cruise line. a north carolina mom is the winner o reese outrageousfar daughter after the popular candy bar. renee cup named her dghter reese e. cup. against o win the contest. a $10,000 cash prize. and finally 2 sisters from alabama have a lot more in common than sisterhood. for the second time in their lives the sisters gave birth on the same day ait the same the siblings gave bir a to healthy babie girl, the other a boy and if that's nrr biza enough, the wair's first childere born on the same day, too, about 9 years ago. those are your trending headlines. wisdom.>> ♪ >> in moscow russia, i'm rob stone and over the next month i'll help bring s you foxports coverage of the 2018 fifa men's world cup. one of the marquee matchuplvof the group stage es the iconic christiana renaldond
5:51 am
portugal as they square off spain who fired their manager. way liveh comes you on fox. later on world cup tonight will recap all the action and look ahead to t following day's games. >> all right, there's a preview of the world cup day 2. on day 1 of the tournamt home tea russia defeated saudia arabia 5-zip. no host team has ever lost the opening match with the world let's look ahead to tod. the wor cup action picks up at 10:00 a.m. with p thegame show right here on fox5. th it's morocco versus iran at 11:00 a.m. another pregame show 1:00 p.m. the big portugal versus spain matchup starting at 2:00. here at home d.c. has world cup feverback in 2014, the d.c.e had moreople watching the world c than anywhere else in the so, this t around bars and restaurants are opening early and expecting big, big crowds. fox5'supt a i pop-up --
5:52 am
at a pop-up bar in the district. >> reporter: it's 1 of the biggest sporting events in the and tv screens across d.c., maryland and virginia will be tuned in. >> it's going to be mayhem. >> reporter: even wit u.s. out of the mix this time, soccer fans aren't deterred.>> orlg me, gium and go england. >> reporter: tysons beer garden was busy for the first day of the world cup.ld >> youn't find a seat outside. >> reporter: the owners are expecting crowds to get even bigger. >> we're preparing. we have an extra tv wall we just set up we the projector se set up. >> reporter: the0:re opening 00 a.m. and the same at patti's. >> gat guests, always aood time here. >> reporter: in d.c., tec cityided to allow dozens of bars to open and serve alcohol at 7:00 a.m. >> breakfast before going to work. >> reporter: julia is from
5:53 am
argentina. >> i'm excited. i'm far away from home. i'm just waiting for saturday to see argentinian game. i ha a bunch of argentinian friends here. we're planning t come see the game. >> reporter: the melting pot that is d.c. ad reason the cupel is so wviewed >> people areefinitely missing work. my friends are messing work. -- miss work. not going to rat them out but everyone ior missik. >> reporter: we have a full list of the bars open for the world cup at during thelb m all-star games in mid-july d.c. is letting bars stay opened 24 hours and serve alcohol unl 4:00 in the morning. in northwest,ts lindsey wat fox5 local ns. >> world cup fer is also front and center at the un. members of the u security council celebrated the opening wearing personali national team jerseys. secretary general antonio
5:54 am
gueerrez a referee shirt. good day at :00 a will air on fox5 plus. our u.s. open coverageth begins afternoon. and you can catch ourcl ock newscast on fox5 plus. >> all right. need a good get away for thi week's fox beat friday? enter for a fun filled experie fe your wholeamily can enjoy. >> we're selecting 1 lucky person to win 4 tickets to luray caverns in virginia's enandoah valley. the prizee has an approx retail value of $112 provided by luray caverns. go to fox d.c. faceboo page orte starting now through 11:59 p.m. and enter for a chance to win >> winner will be selected on june 18. all entrants must be 18 or older. complete rules available at >> ♪ all right, mike thomas, what's up? g >> hey,s. what's up? the sun is up. the d.c region this morningon
5:55 am
and temperatures going to be rising this afternoon. welcome to the last bus stop forecast of the year. know d.c. schools having their last day of school today. 60 to 70 degree mostly sunny conditions. after school, even warmer, 81 to 87 degrees. b aeautiful friday coming up here in the d.c. region and then we start to warm things up into early next week. 90's coming our w by father's day and that's going to continue right into the next week time frame. look at that. sunday for father's here in town. we g intoonday, 98 degrees. by tuesday, 96 degrees so again set ready fome heat, some humidity as we really wrap up spring. last week of spring kind of here starting as summer thursday.y kicks off next 84 tod for zip trip friday. lots of sunshine. for your7 aturday 8grees, sunny bright and beautiful. get out and enjoy it. for father's day sunda outdoor grilling, o hot, 92. pilethe sunscreen. degrees would be the, hottest temperature so far this yr. then as we head towards the second half of the week next
5:56 am
week, start to get a little bit more unsettled. slight chance of stormsha tuesday, much bettence of storms right now on wednesday. all right, that's weather. off to erin for traffic. >> 5:56 rightg ow. keour eyes on the roads a crash still blockinghe shoulder. bw parkway southboundear 32, no delayurthrough laurel. foenth street bridge still looks good. we're just waking up of volume. i don't have any delays to tell you about. no crashes eitr except for that 1 that blocks o a shoulder on bw parkway. 66 looks in manassas. if you're heading across the bridge they're letting us know maryland department of transportation best travelda times fri before 10:00 a.m. and after 10:00 p. saturday before 7:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m.o watch for that congestion during your eveningr. gorgeous view there of the bay bridge span. we'll let you know if anythingra changes. meil lines are on time and i don't have any payblems on the beltwight now. i'll let y know if anything pops up you need to be aware of but so far enjoy these quiet conditions as you start your friday morning commute either to a 3 day weekend or to work. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. 6 o'clock hour on fox5 morning coming right up. beautiful view of the d.c.
5:57 am
.area right >> ♪ >> ♪
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5:59 am
>> ♪ >> right now at 6:00, a heated debate innt fairfaxy late last night. the school board approves a controversial new sexeducation h supporters say is more clusive of transgender students but opponents say the changes go too far. breaking overnight. chaos on a rollercoaster re
6:00 am
going off the tracks sending riders plunging 30 feet to the ground. immigration debate. >> don't you have any empathy for what these pouple are going thr. >> a heated exchange inside the white house over the administration's 0 tolerance pimmigrationolicy as thousands of children are separated from their parents. w howhite house is responding this morning. health alert. linkedmonella outbreak to precut melon is expanding and nowhe impacting t d.c. region. world cup day 2. we'll eak down all the action you'll see today on fox5, plus how local bars are cashing in on the fan fever. fox5 morning at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> ♪ >> t.g.i.f., everybody. good morning. it is friday, june 15th. >> if you're just wakingt' up le take a live look outside this morning. is a liv look at tucker. down in lexington park maryland. come down and sayit hi. s the site


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