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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  June 15, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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going off the tracks sending riders plunging 30 feet to the ground. immigration debate. >> don't you have any empathy for what these pouple are going thr. >> a heated exchange inside the white house over the administration's 0 tolerance pimmigrationolicy as thousands of children are separated from their parents. w howhite house is responding this morning. health alert. linkedmonella outbreak to precut melon is expanding and nowhe impacting t d.c. region. world cup day 2. we'll eak down all the action you'll see today on fox5, plus how local bars are cashing in on the fan fever. fox5 morning at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> ♪ >> t.g.i.f., everybody. good morning. it is friday, june 15th. >> if you're just wakingt' up le take a live look outside this morning. is a liv look at tucker. down in lexington park maryland. come down and sayit hi. s the site for today's zip
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lengton park.r park i should be fun down in saint mary's county.h them at 6:05. developing's >> oh my god think that rollercoaster just derailed and we ran over there. sure enough it was hanging on by just looks like a tinyre . >> frightened onlookers describing a rollercoaster derament in daytona beach. it sent 2moiders plummeting than 30 feet not ground. several others left dangling had to be rescued byre fighters. six people in the hospital this morning. no word ond what c that derailment. >>loser look at home now on what's going on locally in the district a woman is fighting for her le after an apartment fire in northwest. that fire began in a ground floor n apartment lastight in the 800 block of r strt. at last check the woman was in critical condition no word on what sparked thefi . >> developing in fairfax county, a marathon school board meeting last night ended with a vote for changes to the
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sex ed program. >> battle lines were n at the packed meeting with heated and emotion testimony.fox5's mes live this morning from fairfax county with more. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison and i can tell you that these changes the advisory committeeamong members,in the minor dissent putting out their ownmo me saying that parents werend underrepresent that people that wanted to present a scientific viewpoint thate their views silenced and then in the meeting last t nihere was so much yelling and heckling among parents that at 1 point the vote almost didn'n, h but in the end, yes, these changes are coming to theifamily l curriculum in fairfax county. so, the 2 maj issues that are causing so much controversy, number 1, has to do with replacing the term "biological sex" with "sex assigned aaybirth." some peopl that the term biological sex is what is
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universally medilly accepted. sex assigned at birth is something that is ait le more fuzzy and not clear and can be confusing to young kids. also, saying some of these changes also are adding more instruction about contraception including the use of the hiv preventive drug, prep. so, that -- there's 2 issues that caused most of the w problems. as as you mentioned a packed board meeting. people separated intth groups. e against the changes in green, those for the changes flashing pink and purple. supporters of this say it's mo forward thinking and more inclusivef lgbtq students but those against the curriculum say it really bend stheence and doesn't include information about the health risks of oralcontraceptir reassignment therapies for young people. parents are passionate on both sides of the issue. >> biological sex is the a medically biologically accurate term to use whenreferrx
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which includeses chrom, hormones andl internad external reproductive organs. aerson's s is not something thatne is assig >> it was white people who decidedckhats could be free. it was men who decided that it was strai people who decided that gays could marry and it will be sis peopleho decide the fate ofrans people in america. >> now, at 1 point people wer warned that they could be kicked out d if theyn't calm down. finally that vote went on and the vote was taken well after 11:00 p.m. last night. thes changes now are going to go into effect for the next school year. one other thing that was brought up, 1 board member wanted t see if parents could have the choice to opt into out of it but instead that did not go through so this becomes standard curriculum unless parent decides to take their child out ofn it. li fairfax county, i'm melanie alnwick.
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>> the nation and lawmakers divide the controversial immigration policy called 0te tolerance. >>rday protesters took to the streets across the nation upset with theicy that's ripping immigrant families apart. the white house though not budging. the policy will stand for now. our maureenhemeh policy and the latest mo. >> good g both of you. the controversial policy annound back in may separates children from eir families at the u.s.-mexico border. the u.s. administration is saying it will keep illegal immigrants from coming into the u.s. thousands of children have ben separated fm their families. yesterday there between white house pressar secretsarah huckabee saers and playboy's correspondent>> carem. don't you have any empathy. come on,arah, you're a parent. don'you have any empathy for what these people are going sthrough? they have leshan you >> brian, settle down. >> come on seriously. these people have nothing. they come to the borderg with no and you throw children
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in cages. you're a parent. you're a parent with young chdren. don't you have any empathy for what they go through?rs >> sara sande defended the border poly she even referenced the bible sating the administrn is simply e books for more than abeen on decade. lawmakersre divided on the policy. some democts call the policy inhumane. yesterday house republicans unveiled a discussion dra which addresses the family separation crisis. part of that discussion draft wod include $25 billion in funding for border security includg advanced funds for president trump's proposed border wall. the bill also includes a path for citizenship for young immigrants. speaker paul ryan wants to vone as soon as week before the midterm election. back to you. >> ♪ ch.maureenmu thank you very >> alallall right, let's get don to lexington park where tucker is bright and early. probably feels pretty good out there so far tuck. >> feels absolrfely wul out here steve. what a great morning.ow yeah, we're d in lancaster park in lexington park, southern maryland, finally
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made it down here to see you, so no excuses. come out and see us thisrn mog. people already -- we've got eople hs of but it's only 6 o'clock inrn the mog but we gotll sorts of nonprofits setting up.ou quick sht to dunkin' dj not dunkinyi donuts, pla some tunes. we'll have a big party down here. going to be a great morning. i had a great time down at solomons island last night. what ace great, great plaown here. okay, le for you.e weather i can see the sun out of the corner ofy eye so it is up and what aif bul start. satellite and radar looks great out there. we're nice and quiet. we're going to be mostly sunny today and beautiful for your friday. daytime highs in the 80's. current temperatures in the 60's to about 70. 70 at last look at reagan nationng. and again we're to warm it up. it wl be a dry afternoon and a dry couple days. in fac as we get into the weekend, father's day andre into monday we' going to heat it shine both saturday and sunday. there's your daytime high in the mid 80's.
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okay, lots more coming up from lancaster park, lexington park. erin i'll toss in to you. >> ♪ >> stuo right now kee our eyes on the roads and let me just tell you there's tucker barnes, we're very excited -- can you guys hear me now. >> i hear you. >>id we lose tucker. >> he hung on for a>> second. 'm like what's happening here. branch anue northbound at silver hill road. we have a use caution. unfortunately it was a really iet start to t morning and now we're seeing things starting to pick up around the area.t problemst's sho you whatlse wee against. earlier crash bw parkway cleared to the shoulder. no more delays bw by 32. laurel bowie road northbounet before racck road, there is a crash. please use caution at that intersection out in bowie. othe than that 50 looks good to and from the bayld bridge. i say with the weather as pleasant as it is, if you are planning on headingut across the bay bridge to the beaches, now is the time to get that start, if you can. otherwise if you're justheaded e things over once again no,
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other problems as we make our way out 270 southbound, 70 t1,o 12 minor delays northbound looks nice towards deep creek. we're getting it together for this fridayht morning. >> all it's friday. >> a big win for the democrats on the beball field. final score at last night's charity congressional baseball game, dems 21, republicans 5. the ge was -- yeah, a bit of a blowout. the game was 1 year to the day after theat shooting a practice int alexandriaseriousle majority whip steve scalise. last night he returned to make a show stopping play in the game.e 1909.l gam began back in >> theld cup games officially under w here on for. just 1 day andhelready controversy field. not for the players, no, n no, little pregamection. we'll explain next. p >> andsident donald trump approves billions of dollars in tariffs on chinese goods. we're back in just 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪es >> cleanup continun parts of pennsylvaniati after the onal weather service confirmed 2 tornadoes touchedt down. northeas pa, wilkes-barre area a hundred miles north of philly. 130 miles an houin winds g severe damage including roofs torn off homes. you can just see it right there. look at the storefronts. at least 6 people were hurt.
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>> in colorado, akihooting in theng lot of a dentist's fice leaves a young boy dead and 3 other peopl hurt. police say the boy, h brother and mother all shot. the a womannd brother suffered life-threatening injuries. a a man wlso shot but is expected to survive. the motive in the shooting is unclear but police say they do have person in custody in connection with thehooting. new york's attorney general has filed lawsuit against president donald trump and his foundatio. it accuses the president and 3 of his children ofth operating foundation to raise money for tmselves, not for others. the lawsuit seeks to dissolve the foundation and ban president trump, donald trump jr., eric andnk iva trump from serving with nonprofit ganization. the ag referred her findings to the i.r.s. and federal ection commission for further action. the president claim the case politicallyed motivat after he was convicted ofmonth
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sexual assault. cosby's new lawyer reportedly a philadelphia based attorney with lengthy experience in sex crimesases. 80-year-old cosby will be ntenced on september 24. >> singer robby williams former member of take that still popular i europe gave the camera he made the gesture during his last song rock dj prompting viewers in the uk and abroad to complain. today's spokespersonor fox network apologized for that gesture. on the field the action 0ntinues today at 10:0 a.m. with a pregame show you'll see er to channel 20.e move the 10 v rocco versus iran at 11:00daymo a.m. big game thison aft. portugal featuring cristiano renaldo versus spain 1 of thll favorites to win i, that is at 2:00 this afternoon.ou
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>> salmonella reak linked to mslon is expanding morning. this time at the warningpa ims our area. >> and that's not thenly salmonella warning you should know about. we'll have those details for you next but firstow about that look at the washington comfortable morning.g temperatures in the most places. weather and tffic on the next. >> ♪
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and "w for our schools and preparildren for college and careers." angela alsobrooks: it's time to fulfill th and i know we can do it together. ing] we can do it together. for top-quality floors at roe floor & decor. you'll find the largest intock selection of tile, you have to see it to believe it.. visit us in-loore or online at he >> 6:15. lead to lexington park maryland. some people already there. it's early. enty ofoom for everybody else to show up th morning annie and tonyerkins on their way down there right now. let's check in wit tucker who got the early start. >> good morning steve. having a great h time downere already and we'v we've got grous of people gathering. a lot of people are excited we finally got to southern
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marynd. quick shout-out to my friend john. >> you come from aig family down>> here. big family down e here. shout out torybody, and how everybody doing. >> all right. lu see he'sike he couldn't believe he was going to be on tv. >> i g e upry morning and take a look at fox5m news. at work but i'm going to be aouple minutes late this morning and say hello tood evy. >> i totally appreciate you dropping by. >> nice meeting you tucker. >> tell me your name. you're here with the 1 of the nonprofits. >> erin louis.o >> whayou guys do. >> we run a teen girl mentoring program teaing girls how to create confidence. >> thanks for coming. >> we're grateful you're here. >> i got.o do wea that's my business. let's do it. don't move yet. 60's right now in washington. we looking at daytime highs in the 80's and look at that beautiful s we've got. nothing but clear skies across the area. going to be a gorgeous fridayea an biful weekend. show some temperatu
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here as we get into thers afternoon hou we're looking at daytime hhs in the 80's. sunshine, not going to rn today. >> thanks. >> not going it should be beautiful afternoon. high pressure keeps temperatures in the 80's but the humidity will builddhis we and by father's day, you a father. >> yes, sir >> got anything planned. >> i got the weekend off. >> all right. me, tooer tempures near 90 by sunday and hey, mid to upper 90's on monday. we'll quick its going to bely hot earext week. there's aice looking forecast, maybe a thunderstorm by tuesday. all right i'm wrapping it up and lanca park, lexington park, come down and see us guys. i'll toss in to you. >> looks beautiful for a zip owtrip. in hagerst unfortunately some breaking news for. 70 eastbound we have an injury it's involving a greyhound bus and a tractor-trailer. it's right near 40. they're touring all traffic u.s. 40no please use cautiohere.
6:18 am
all eastbound lanes blocked at mile marker traffic diverted onto 40. july to detour area -- you'll have to detour around that. branch avenue southbound before allentown road cau there. you can see some big delays on branch avenue because of that. northbound rubberneck delay.outd northbou w before racetrack e have a crash. delays kenilwortho southbound. metril lines on time. bay bridge is quiet. back to you guys. a health alert a warning involving precut melons and it's expanding. the cdc says it should throwou precut melons. the recall has been expanded to 23 states and that does include maryland r. theyalled watermelon honeydew mellon after people reported feelingll after eati. the f 60 people became sick. >> another salmonella alert to pass along.
6:19 am
kellogg center city recalling packages of honey smacks. the cdc says 73 people have be infected in 31 states including virginia and maryland. the recall impacts the 15 and 23-oce packages of the cereal. again this is honey smacks. check your pantry. those honey smacks have a best if used by date of june 14th 2018 through june 14th of 2019. >> mcdonald's is testing out a new item but this 1 you cannot eat. weill explain in today's >> ♪ness beat. >> curious. thes we take you to eak, take a look at this. >> this is cut >> major league baseball game in oklahoma went to the dog. >> i see a dog, i see a ball. i want the bal >> it was dog day did the field when a german shepherd in of his beauty got away from his owner, rano the infield and grabbed 1 of the balls. how could he expect to be, you, constrained. >> contained. >> he dropped it off for the player to throw it again. >> what a good boy. st with us. we're back after this.
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>> ♪
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>> 6:21 right now president trump approved billions of dollars in tariffs c hinese goods. joiningm us fro fox business network studio tracee carrasco. another day for the tech sector. this morning not looking so good. what happened overnight. >> reporter: strong reaion on the markets from concerns over trade tensions again with china and what the president could announce later today. we areow seeing the dow down by 165 points, that is continuing to drop rightrd across-the-boa the nasdaq down by 22 and the s & p 500 down by 14. so, seeing some red there.not tt our friday but who knows what else could happen here as far as the announcement from the president on tho tariffs. >> let's talk a lite bit about that. how much are we dealing with oand is it morer less than what wall street expected? >> reporter: wl, we are expecting the presidentis to
6:23 am
gi approval on the unit states to put tariffs on $50 billion of chinese exports. so, that's -- they're about what wall street has bee expecting. we'll get an official announcement today with the final list of those plducts. that wilome out later today. but the worry here is that beijing has said it willsp red, it will retaliate. of course worries that we coul get in a back and forth tit for tat type of retaliat ty trade warre. it isn't clear exactly when these trade tariffs would go into effect but we are seeing this reaction very strony and continuing to see this reaction on the markets. >> yeah, continuing is the key. tracee these weeks blend into another for us these dayseet seems butms like earlier this week or last weeks that there wa almost this declaration that we don't have a to wbout the trade any more, things are gd. now we're right back into it. >> repter: absolutely. it seems like the uncertainty is put back in the markets and every day investors are
6:24 am
kind of waiting to see what will happenext. >> all right well, we know the markets don't like uncertainty so we'll keep an eye onhings at 9:30 this mornin>> reporter: th. >> mcdonald's making a change and this any environmen friendly change perhaps. >> reporter: yes, mcdonald's has really been under pressure from environmentalists to do mething about the plaheic pollution thay create with all of their restaurants and their chains. so, they are going to be testing alternatives to plastic straws at several u.s. locations across the country here. they also announced that they're going toe using more eco friendly paper straws at al s of itsres in the united kingdom and ireland, so they're making a lot of changes overseas as well, no the just here in the -- not just here in the united shetes and t next year going to be trying that out in france sweden and norway. so, we're seeing this trend, a lot of companies like seaworld they just announced they were doing away with plastic straws and plastic bags, also alaska airlinesot giving out those
6:25 am
little plastic stirrers with yourt coffee. a lo companies trying to get rid part to some of that plastic pollution. a lot of these straws, a lot of this plastic ends un our oceans. >> it's a terrible the oceans absolely. >> reporter: t yes. >> the straws have been getting a lot of attention lately. mcdonald's has the chanc to take the lead here. now if we could just get the grocery stores stop double bagging even when you buy 1 itan. that c bar doesn't need 2 plastic bags. that'>> reporter: that's true. brg your own bags. >> tracee have a good weekend. >> good m. >> great friday morning. >> good zip trip friday morning. >> it is. looks like they're having 1 big party down there. >> wow. >> fourth zip tripn a row with perfect weather. >> we are. >> tempes comfortable in the 60. annapolis7. we got cooler temperatures rtinsburg chilly at 54. 5
6:26 am
frederickdegrees this morning. sallite and radar nice a quiet. just how we like it this time of year. couple of clouds here and there. that's t onl weather concern today. and today is the day to get out and enjoy. here's your day ahead planner here in d.c. temperatures rising through thein 60's and the 70's through the morng hours and by the afternoon hours, off tohe 80's we go. plentyf bright beautiful sunshine to get out and enjoy just please layer on the sunscreen. heat -- not heat index --x u.v. 9 today. >> but yesterday at a certain point i was driving i had the sunroof opened, it was beautiful. it wasperfect. >> #perfect. >>hanks mike. >> low humidity makes a huge difference. it's amazing. >> hi,rin. >> 6:26 and breaking news to tell you about. more information on this crash in hagerstown. 70 eastbound at me marker 32, all lanes blocked right now, 70 a eastbound,reyhound bus rear-ended a tractor-trailer. we're getting reports that w luckily we are hearingboard
6:27 am
only minor injuries at this point but multiple emergency response vehicles at that scene and all traffic 70 eastbound is being diverd at u.s. 40. use caution there and watch or delays. is on time. we'll have more on your commute as we ctinue. >> 6:27 now. >> straight ahead at 6:30, turns out the popular mediterranean diet may not offer as many health benefits as initially thought. world cup fever taking overer we'll get a preview ofs. today's there's a couple of them and how some of the local bars arein cashing n the excitement. >> ♪ citement. >> ♪ stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart...
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erand restoring a fath faith. it's standyg tall after one su ...not six. stronger is bein a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming homsooner. stronger is seeking answs... ti and not giving up, l you find them. because we don't just want your kidto grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> ♪ >> aelcome back. it isip trip friday. that's what we like to do around here in the summer time and we're just gearing up for you. we're ou i lexington park, maryland, the crew is out there, annie will be there, tony will be there but right now, tucker is the man there for fox5. out and say hello if you are in the area. welcome back to fox5 morning. we'll have weather and traffic ming up on the 5s back here in studio at 6:35. first up,ugh let's check our top stories much after a mmarathonting last night featured heated testimony, the voted to change the couy's sex ed curriculum. references to biological sex will now be replaced with sex assigned at birth. and there wille more instruction about contraception and the hiv preventiong dru called prep. battleedines drawn in the meeting with heated debate and emotional
6:31 am
testimony. the chang will t effect next t year. in district now, a woman is fighting for her lifean northwest. the fire began in a ground floor unit last night in the 800 block of r street. at lomt check thean was in critical condition. no word on what sparkedhe fire. happening today in northern virginia, the man accused of sexlly abusing children at the care academy in bristow will be in court. taylor boykin is his name, he's facing 22 counts of sexual misconduct. ere former assistant t is accused of sexually abusing 4 children a under 5 years old. prince william county police say the investigation began when a 5-year-old girl tol her parents that she had been inappropriately tched by boykin. also today, the minnielandw location in bristo where boykin worked will shut its> doors. >>ntgomery county police busted a prostition ring that spanned 3 cities and 4 different massage parlors. c a marriedouple and 1 of
6:32 am
their associates are at the center of this investigation. officials saye the 3 running a prostitution business by using massage lice were tipped off by neighboring businw,ses. nohe tip turned out to be veral men admitted to receiving illicit sex acts at the parlors in>> question. so many unanswered questions this mning about the dea of university of maryland football player ied onai mcnr. d wednesday just 2 weeks after he collapsed a during teamworkout. maryland's acting athletic director says mcnair was running 10 110-yartasprints when the s noticed he was having difficulty recovering. the school'sir athletic dtor offered condolences to mcnair's family. >> my -- myeart iken. uh, for the reason that we're all even sitting here having this press conference. you -- you look for reasons. it'sot n- it's not
6:33 am
reasonable that a 19-year-old should pass away. >> mcnair's cause of dea has not been released: steve. >> more spos now 6:33 as we touch the morning line. day 2 of the worldup games pick up in a couple hours. at 10:00 a.m. the premeshow. first day morocco versus iran at 11:00 a.m. a blockbuster of a game this afrnoon, the big portugal chversus spain mat that starts at 2:00.m. again a ofhat airing right here on fox5.rl d cup fever also front and center at the unitedns natio members of the un security cocil celebrated opening day by wearing personalized national team jerseys including u.s. ambassador nikki haley. now, can't quite tell which jersey she's wearing. u.s. not playing in the world cup. in aumerus move secre generalio anton gutierrez wore a referee shirt. kind of cool. d.c. has world cup fever.
6:34 am
in 2014 the d.c h regionad more people watching the world cup than anyplace. bars across d.c. maryland and virginia will be showing the games in our incredibly global city including a newly opened street in north d.c. along u showing all the games and opening early. in d.c., dozens of bs have permission to openho and serve alco as early as 7:00 a.m.>> 'm really excited. i'm far away from home. i'm just waiting for saturday to argentinian game. >> we're preparing. we have an extra tv wall we set up. we s got the projeet up. >> indoorutdoor action over the next couple weeks. we have aull list of area bars w showing theld cup games on our web site atm. the winner of day 1 mother natu beautiful day at shin cock hill for the opening round except for the 30 miles an hour winds all day long.
6:35 am
everybody was awful. tiger woods trsple bogied the fi hole. s chip hit the green, rolled back next shot putted for the fringe rolled back ain. not the way y want to start on the first hole of the day. settled down but finhed 8 over par phi mickleson 7 over par, rory mcilroy 10 over par. one pro golfer shot over. only 4 golfers under par. morning's world cup coverage goodlay at 10:00 a.m. air on fox5 plus. flip to channel 20. our u.s. open coverage begin at 4:30 meaning you can catch our 5 o'clock newscast also on x5 p so, thanks to mother nature andinhe w all those great pro golfe made the r of us feel okay. >> yeah. okay. not at their back i>> guess. little hidden miracles. >> all righty. all righty. tucker barnes is enjoying the, morning, well, he really is, he's inex lgton park.
6:36 am
tuck, what are you doing? >> well, allison, i'm making coffee, can't you tell? a rare sumatran colombian ben. this is katherine owner of. >> saint inknee's coffee in lexington park. we're having a party down here and y are busy this morning aren't it. >> it is busy. >> teas place is ry cool. got to check it out. we'll inve thatg up. i got to do weather meantime and coinue to pour my coffee. am i doing that right. yes. >> i think coffee beans have though. the >> yes. >> let's do some weather. we're looking at great temps and a beautiful friday for currently it is 68 glorious degrees in winds out of the north and west at 7. your forecast for this afternoon, it's a aboutry weather. still not a lot of humidity. temps in the mid 80's.ea enjoy a biful friday and our father's day weekend go not look better both saturday and sunday look great. there's your weekend forecast.w.
6:37 am
92 degrees. so, you know, let dad take a long nap on the couch or ine hammock or backyard. let dad take a nap. plenty more weather ande we'll learn about katherine's coffee shop. i'm making you coffee erin. >> i could use an extra cup offf co tucker. looks like a beautif zip trip out inon lexingt park maryland. enjoy. 70 easound at mile marker 32 we have a sinious crash involv a greyhound bus tt rear-ended a tractor-trailer. getting reports of about 60 people on board the bus. only gettingeports of minor injuries but a large emergency response has all eastbound closing the ramps fromarker 32 westbound u.s. 40 tond eastbound owl traffic on 70 eastbound diverted at0. give yourself extra time. big delays in temple hills. branch avenue southbound rfore allentownd serious crash.rubberneck delay on the northbound side. aside from that 1 this crash in bowie laurel bowie road northbound before racetrack road there's a cra and then
6:38 am
50 westbound looks beautiful by church road. just some lightolume. metro is on time. back to you guys. >> erin thanks. if you use uber or lyft, ride sharing companies are rolling out some new safety features for passeng as. those detailsre ahead. >> and new questions about thene bets of the very popul mediterranean diet. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪ lamont: my kids are in public schools. i alwaer wanted the schools form at a particular level. i'm very satisfiedith what we have. vo: mayor muriel bowser has accelerated education reforms that have improved our shde our teachers the best paid and the most accountable in the country. but her work isn't done. and parents are staying in the district for our schools. now's the time for bold ideas to continue making progress. lamont: i'm voting for mayor bowser because she's moving in the right direction and that's we need and our kids are thriving as a result of that.
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>> ♪ >> it's a very special t.g.i.f. edition of what's trendingan steve. 't wait. >> back now with what's trending on the web on this
6:41 am
first up, if you are on the mediterranean diet the health benefits may not be as significant as once thought. an article publishedme in 2013 clai those on the d lt were 30 percent like to have heartes attacks or strok the study has been retracted scientists are now saying the study was done improperly claims thatus aret not accurate that 30 percent number. revised paper says people on and heartttacks but there's no proof the diet is the reason. okay. the cra because it's good diet like olive oil fresh sutff. you know how i feel about diets. >> take the word diet out. i think how they eat -- >> eat less work out more. works every time. >> crash betwe semis caused a major mess on an arkansas highway and this is where ihought tucker was at first but he is on a zip trip. check it out. o hundredsy bottles of the whfire ball were in north little rock.
6:42 am
it shut down the highway hours. thislls ahiskey on here. fire ball whiskey. no 1 was seriously injured. that's why we can joke aboutit. crews used a mechanical broom to brush away the boozey debris before opening the road back up. can you imagine how it smells. >> every fraternity bro' in theountry and ended up there. >> at leastor the picture. fire ball not owned by pitbull am i thoug maybe it was. fire ball.ll fina a. >> fire ball. >> thank you. whoop whoop. a police department in louisiana making news this morning after o thefficers ticket on a child's toy car with a back of candy. there's t toy car. jobking and we appreciategreat it. thearking ticket said keep up the good work. the officers spotted the toy car parked next to 1 of their police cruisers. don't knowhy. decided to have a little fun with it. 'cause it's dark. so i feel like somebody might taken this and abandoned
6:43 am
it there but maybe that's my cynical -- >> did it have all the tires on it. >> well, looks like it did. >> looks like it's on a great shape. positive note easy to parallel park. >> back to you. we're going check in with kevin. he'llemove tag and incredibles 2. that's coming up. 6:43. >> ♪ (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪
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6:45 am
(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> live look at lexington park maryland site of today's zip
6:46 am
trip. that's a view from h above. you can see all the nonprofits who set up and plenty offo room all of you who want to come dow and say hello to er annie. the united states coloren memorial statue i lexington park70 hon0 african-american soldiers who backt for the uni army back particularly honors william barns and james harris who received the medal ofr honor their service for the union troops in the civil war. that's also the site of t juneteenth celebrationhi every yech is part of the reason we're down in lexington park this morning. >> beautryul. love that h. thank you very much steve. okay i tucker barness the guy that there now, the rest of the crew wl join him shortly but right nowr t will have your forecast in just 10 seconds. >> ♪
6:47 am
>> allacight. welcomek. we're hav what a great morning we're down ingt lon park and i'm at saint in nie's coffee shop. th >> you d >> and you are the owner. >> right. >> we're in the fam room. >> tell me all about your place. what a great concept and what a great story that you got ing here. so we started roaing 2 years ago a the farmers market and p lexingtonk. >> uh-huh. >> one of ourrs cus actually brought this building to us and said, y know, what's the holdup on the coffee shop? w aren't you expanding. >> because youroffee was so good. >> yes and they wanted to be table to hav every day. >> tell me about the concept here. can i just mentionld quickly, thising is, what, from the 70's. >> yup. >> they're joined and there's only 1 other set inhe county like this of these buildings, e ey're all built at thme time. >> it's a totally distinct piece of architecture. >> what's th famil room.
6:48 am
>> it's a place moms and dads visit each other and kids have something to do. >> rainy day is it busy. >> very busy tell me about your coughe coffee concept. >> it's guaranteed within 30 days and we grind it here and wet serve iur over so it's, every cup is freshly ground andade for the customer. >> if i cof customer do i say what kind of beans i want or do you d do i tell you how i. >> you have your menu choices of what you can pick for your cup and this is our roast menu and we rotate through different ones every day. >> when did you realize that was yng coffe calling in life. very good at it iol cge. >> no, i taught melf. >> did you. >> it's always byn part of m life butt itaught myself to roast. >> we went to the family room. is the main a >> this is ma >> we got another room. >> the living room. >> tell me where we're going ere.n here.
6:49 am
the, you know, opposite space, right. so, this is more of your traditiona coffee shop setup people come off base and have a private meeting. >> and let's mention the base is, what, 5 minutes away. >> yup, no th not even. it's very close. all of our roomsurrounded in us books so the idea is, you know, exchange of idege, ing new ideas,. >> what a beautifulpace. >> thank you. ell me about the best plant about living down here. you're a transpl from la plata. >> i never left. iove all the water, water activities and access thattherey diverse community between the people that have been here forever and the base bringing people from other communities and, yeah. >> i love your space and i ve your coffee. >> cheers. >> yes, thas you for joining me morning, getting up early. i guess you u don't getp early if you're serving>> coffee. no i've already been up.
6:50 am
lookss today, weeke eat. we keep it dry right through the geek, that'sood for >> yes. >> but it's going to beex hot. t week. maybe iced coffee by sunday and monday. >> there are those that drink iced cofe every day. >> erin toss in to you. great time heret saint innie's. >> i love t place. i want to hang out there tuck. beautiful relaxing good coffee. cheers to the morning in lexi ptonk. wish i could join that ziptrip. for now tracking breaking news all lanes block on the r from westbound 40 toastbound 70 also closed. traffictb fromound 70 diverted onto 40 a crash involving a greyh rear-ended a tractor-trailer. minor injuries involved. about 60 peopl on board that bus. skyfox is headed to that locationwatch fors. delay laurel bowie road northbound e shoulder.track road blocking no major delays. big slowdowns in temple hills from the beltway. branch averee southbound befollentown road a crash is blocking some lanes right now. rubberneck delay as well.
6:51 am
metro is on time. becomes available to and lyft passengers in case of an accident. ride sharings passengerow have the option of adding an extra layer of insurance during their trip. sure ink and chubb's new partnership offers accidental medical death and dismemberment insurance coverage. passengers in ride hailing services the event of an accident. the service will run you just under 3 bucks o for 24 hoursf coverage and an unlimited amount of rides >> ♪ >> time to catch up on some movies. when you want to cat o upn movies best place to be is innd hollywood that's where kevin mccarthy is this's only fitting. good morning, kev. >> hey, good morning, steve andho allison. you guys doing today. >> doing great how are you? >> i'm doing goo it's a huge weekend for movies "incredibles 2" is opening up they're projecting the film to do about 150 million, $140 million in its first 3 days. it's been 14 years since the
6:52 am
first incredibles fil which i think everybody loves the inedibles much 1 of the best pixar movies. did a great job with super heroes and voice bird is the director he's retuing to direct the seekqual e mentioned. the cast is returning, craig nelson holly hunter samuel l. jackson. th time around elastic girl is going out to fight crime to try and chae the perspective people have about superr heroes. supe heroes are banned they're in hiding and mr. incredibles stays home with the ks and i o really kindlends itself to so many funny moments. jakubowski, the baby inhe film is absolutely hilarious. little fun fact about edna, the character of edna who is the fashion character. she's voiced by the director brad bird. when you're watchingen that sc it's funny think about him behind the voice. it's a welll. made seque i loved the incredibles. i loved the "incredibles 2". it's a great follow-up to the
6:53 am
first fm. keeps the theme matic elemen pixar does a great job of making movies that work for adults and kids. pixar has the best short films prior to the movie. the 1 this time is cowled bowal. constent pixar quality. works. i loved i loved it andt's as gof thest. >> i'm sure we'll be seeing that movie very soon. the girls are excited and so am i. what else you got kev. >> "tag." "tag" is a movie we'll have my interview with hannibal burris and the film is based on a true story that was originall came out in the "wall street" journal. it's about a group of friends who ha been playing t same game of tag forhe decades. in tilm itself,s 5 friends specifically but they're all trying to tag their 1 friend played by jeremy renner and for the past 30 years, they have not been able to tag him. the cast is insane
6:54 am
ed hems hannibal burris jon hamm. i mentioned this on the show before but this isat insane. when you w the movie just know thathe majority of the scenes you're wching withs jeremy renne arms are cng manipulated meani he broke his arms, literally onset on the third day of shooting this movie, he broke his arms in real life and the majority of his scenes in the film p are actiacked because he's trying to avoid being tagged by his friends but just know that what you're seeingla is mated by cgi. it's really kind of crazy if you think about it but the movie does work. the's some eat comedic's r rated. there's some reallynyere' f alst ihought they took it too far. there's 1 particular joke and bit they do in the movie that i thought was i was over the line and in my opinionli bone offensive but besides that particular joke which goes on a little too much the movie actually oes and it's a crazytory. it's m blowing that it ie 83.5 out of 5 but
6:55 am
2 this week.go see incredible 's the best movie out. "tag" is fun. it's on the same lines as the movie game night in my opinion. >> sounds good. kev i know we're not going to have you the rest of the morning. super, super quick, your instagram story. thanks for your shout out on way of the gun. did you see tom hanks doing shakespeare. >> i did. it was inse. my wife -- so i didn't cheap at allassleepat all last tom hanks did a 3 hour shakespeare show outside, henry the fourth and it was this incredible wooden stage, everything was don outside. it was amazing but seeing him play a character for or 3 hours had henry iv was unbelievable. unreal. if you go to my instagram you can find video of himv bowing at the end. he's in a lot of makeup and, its really cool. you'll >> all right.
6:56 am
thanks, kev. appreciate it. and we'll see you againoon. en your time in l.a. let's check in with erin como get a check of traffic. >> tracking this breaking news, skyfox has made their way to this crash up in thgerstown. sis i a 70, 70 eastbound, all traffic bng diverted onto 40. you canee a greyhound bus rear-ended a tractor-trailer out there. they're zooming in on tha bus and the emergency response. we undutstand abo0 people on board that bus. onlys minor inj reported. but we still do have an ambulance at that location. again, all lanes blocked. 70 out on the westbound side being diverted onto 40. givee yourself some extra to get around that. again 70 eastbound. westbound ram to 40 top 40 to eastbound 70. we gotovou ced in hagerstown. watch out for big delay you can see a l of red on the map. again that's well north of 270. branch averee southbound allentown road crash moved to the shoulder. iinvolved a caro the woods the big rubberneck delay as well. keep it to fox5. metro is on time. we got you covered.
6:57 am
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>> right now at 7:00 cultural shift. late night vote leads to the approval of a new sex education curriculum in fairfax county, this after strong emotional debate from supporters andts opponen just what will your kids be learning. we are live. >> oh my god i think that rollercoaster just derailed and we ran over therend sure
7:00 am
enough, it was just hanging o by a just looks like a tiny wire. >> rollercoaster scare. several people in the hospital this morning after a coaster derails with riders dangling several stories high. some falling to the ground. >> come on sarah, you'rere a nt. don't you have any empathy for what these people are through. >> makingolitics personal. in the growing debate over separating parentsir from children the the border. one top administration president's controversial immigration policy with a fox5 morning at a.m. starts now. >> good morning. s friday, june 15th. >> if you're just u wakingon this friday morning, her a life look atexington park maryland the site of our zip trip tod and the zip tripn fu is well under way. tucker, annie and tony will be out there live thisp morning. so sto on out and [cheers and applause] >> just like the crowd is doing. it's also shaping up to be a gorgeous day.


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