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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 15, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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. > this is vicious. this isim inal. this is something we would expect fromhe mob, not our police. >> right now at 10:0 a rally for a man killed after his dirt uiser.ollided with a policecr tonight "fox5" is digging into light on the investigation.s new >> plus, a decare scandal indi e rict. a teacher's aide accusedf sexually assaulting a child. and firefighters rush to battle a massive fire in montgomerycounty. a lock at th efforts put it out. >> andup world c fever, some
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thrilling finishes today in russia. we're going tohow you some best moments of the tournament so far. news at 10:00 begins now. first on fox5 tonight new information coming to lightha aftet deadly police crash involving a police vehicle and dirt bike driver in northeas this all happened early last fr month. >> jef price died after his bike slammed into a police suv that was t blocking road. tonight activists rallied at the very spot where price died. evan lambert there with the new details just coming out. evm,. >>reporter: ji sarah, this is where the rally was heldight hind me where jeffrey price died. i d want to address that police report thatot we just g today. e day.d police for itth earliern they refused to release it to me so i got it fromf price's family attorney. he is whatt says. police nowentioning for the first time that jeffrey price matched the description of a suspect in a nearbn shooting the afternoon of may 4th.
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it also acknowledges that officers were a block behind price on his dirt bbike,ut they previously have said they weren't chasing him. theeport alsos identifiehe officer whose suv collided with price as michael pearson whoed join mpd in 2015. finally it says officer pearson pulled far out into the intersection to canvas the arear notiice in his lane, the wrong lane around pulled all the way across the roadido avo a crash with price. the family anhe attorney representing them said they have witnesses that say the block wasy intentional and don't believe what's in this port. 's one of the reasons activists held rally for price tonight. we , if you cross into somebody's lan of travel and you'd like barricade thestreet, were negligent. inhis case though it wasn't negligent, it was an intentional act. this officer should be arrested for killing my client. >> the judge, the jury and t
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executionersthat's not the jury system works. we're dinitely scared. they're a operati ruthless afghanistaning they're not operating like organization that's sworno protect and serve. >> i should also point out that i asked mpd a series o questions today if they still say officerser w't chasing if their internal investigation has revealed whether or not officer pearson intentionally blocked price or if he or any other offirs faced discipline. they did not answer any of a th. lso asked for an interview on this with chief newsham they di says quote, we are unable tood acate this request. the investigation continues into this. i should also point out that the family says they are going to move forward with a lawsuit against mpd because of's live here in northeast, evan lambert "fox5" local ws. >> a dc daycare at the center of
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a sexual assault investigation tonight. fo's anne cutler live in northwest dc with more on what happened. anne. >>reporter: parents here at centro nia receiving word today that a long time employee is accused of sexuallg assaultin child here at the school in multiple locations onti mule dates. we're talking on the rooftop playground, even inside in t classrooms. now the paren here understandably were reluctant to go on camera. we did speak withou on o cmera but other one just in her car off the record told me that she had inclinations that she wasorried about this employee for yearshe and s said that this news was so upsetting it felt like someo threw a bucket of ice c water on r. parents leaving centro nia's columbia road today with children and letter today. >> just a few minutes ago so i didn't know nothing about it. i don't see nothing likethat. well, the person who take care of her, they do a great job.
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>> learninghat 65 juan are tour row perez assistantre care teacher at the score under arrest. charged with child sexual abuse. reportfg employee o ten years touch addhild over her clothing multiple times over four months from december 2017 to march of this year. we showed up to his home less th a mile away. we could hear people inside but no answer at t door. centro nia says it's fully license and perez did pass his arbackground check butents tell "fox5" it's a terrifying relate that this could happe s t achool and with a teacher that theytrust. >> even though the person, you need to see how the person is with babies. that's the important important thing. they need to feel i a safe place. >> all right now we reached out to the .school they were actually very responsive. they answered all of ournd questions a they've known about this for two months now.
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but police actually that they weren't allowed to talk about it. now the information is pub the school says they will also bent launchiernal investigation although theyo d not investigation belie any more victims. >> dayre at the center of another sex abuse case i s now closed. today was the lt day of operation for minnieland daycare academy at bristow virginia. nylor b was in court facing 22 felony charges. assistant tea faces two trials first on sex abuse charges coming up october 1st and child porn charges later in th month. >> buckle up, looks like a hea wave isn the way. >> gwen is here with t lest on what it's going to be like weeken is it the hottest really we've seen so far this year? . >> you know it'soing to be pretty close to it but we're going to get even hotter once we get to monday and o tuesday. nly are we going to see the temperatures up there, but guess
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what? we've got a heat in dc that's going to be in the triple digits. in the meantime pretty nice outside tight if you're heading out on friday nighw fe clouds but those clouds out.ring we're going to have pretty clear skies. lly right onact the money. this is exactly where we shoul be temperature-wise. that's not going to be the case once we get into this weekend. things are really going to change. especially once w get into t end of the weekend and beginning of next week as well. we hit 84 at reagan, 38 the dulles and 82 at bwi thurgood this hour at 74 degrees in district officially. few clouds out there. winds are fairly light coming in from the south and that's another thing we're going see changing into this weekend is increase of souerly flow bringing moisture into the atmosphere. 72 annapolis, 74 at quantity dough. 67 atbaltim 66 dulles, 65 culpeper, 64 at manassas.
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and here is how it is going to go to tonigtu temres early hours of morning straigh to the 60s. pretty nice night. not a lot happening in cloudco rage. overnight clear skies, 56 degrees dc. a little cooler to the north, northwest, where those temperatures are going to ben the upper 50s. and tomorrow heating it up, look at this, up into the upper 80s in most locations but once we get past tomorrow, some big big changes coming our way. look at these numbers will you? we're headed right into theow and then to the upper90s. get ready to pump up the ac. i'll have more details in all important 7-day forecast in just abit. back to you. >> dc police have fired the i officer involn the deadly shooting of a motorcyclist brian trainer shot terrence aerling during traffic stop in 2016. the shooting was ruled unjustify and p dcolice panel recommended the officer be fired. during his appeal officer trainer argued the administration board wasan bias
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activists are speaking out about it. notif you and train police officers both would have been charged with murder. and it took 21 months from the time of september 11, 2016, when this final decision the entire th dc taxpayers paying for himee not to work. that's nustot good enough. >> brian trainer's las day with the dc police force is june 22nd. developing now in montgomery county still no word on what ascaused asive fire at a recycling plant in rockville. the fire broke out around 3:30 this afternoon onaw southn drive. when firefighters got there, they found piles of rrdboard, and other materials up in flames. the fire was so intense it went to a second alarm triggeringe a hug response. maybe have about5 firefighters on the scene. hazmat team. fire has been contained but it's far from being out. >> no one was hurt in that firec but itaused about $100,000 i
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damage. >> in the district police believe a womanti crilly injured in a fire yesterday intentionally started i herself. it broke out in an apartment sn reet northwest. the woman has not been charged. police are still investigating but that fire did leave about a dozen families homeless and looking for a new place to stay. story breaking this morning, a marine shot himself inside a guard post at the marine corp bar racks in the district. it appeared around 8 this morning 8 and g at southeast. spokes machine for thearine corp, said the marin a suffered self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> mes aren't necessarily dent. signed to one specific post whenever they're here. they rotate different posts. i don't know if i would a say he was assigned to a post outsi the house. i don't know that would be accurate. barracks.signed here to the >> he was taken over to gw. >> yes, sir, george washingto in stabl condition at this time sklar today second time marine
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in the barracks shot himself in la five years. 19-year-old marine shot nd killed himself back in 2013. >>oming up there's signs of slow comek bac after devastating flooding inci ellicott ty. howard county announcing when the historic main street will open back up t traffic. >> plus former trump campaign chai paul manafort must now await two separate trials while behind bars. >> exhausting day for this deer, found itself in stuff spot earlier until rescuers stepped intohelp. we'll explain. ♪
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. former trump campaign chair paul manafort is behind bars tonight. a judgeed revokis bond after new charges of w tnessampering to which heil pleaded not gu. just a short time after tt manafort led away by federalvi charlottese males. dug mikal way followingorhe st tonight. he worked for me 49 days or something. very short period of time.
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eoplel badly for some they've gone back 12 years to find things about somebody. and i don't think it's right. >> former trump campaign manager paul manafort in federal custody as a judge revokes his 10 million dollar bail and orders him to il. judge amy berman jackson sayins could not turn a blind eye to new charges of witness tamping brought on b robert mueller. accused of obstructing justice when allegedly call and used incrypted messages ineb fary. manafort wly ini indicted by the specialounsel on 12 charges last october inclu conspiracy against the unite states andonspiracy to lawneder money. manafort pleaded not glty to all charge >> it's clear that this effort to put manafort in jail waso effortramp up the pressure on him. >> hours after bail revoked president voicing disapproval. paul manafort hasse rnted
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ronald reagan bobole and many other top political people and campaigns. didn't kw manafort was the head of the mob. what about comey and crookednd hillary all of the others. very unfair. >> manafort wait in custody as he awaits two separate trialsin expected to in next few months. in washington "fox5." >> senior citizens whoth lost r homes and businesses in fire in centerville virginiain gett thousands of dollars to help rebuild their lives. barbara comstock said small business administration offerin money to help with the properties. 2nd.ned back on may more than 100 senior citizens displaced in that fire. applications deadline in p augu. >>ice say this man is wanted for two carn break-ins i montgomery county. happened inncoalsville area
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overnight hours may 27th and may 28th. investigators s property was stolen from one of the vehicles which was unlocked. police want anyone with inform aion to give them call. there is a 10,0$10,000 regard f any information leading to an arrest. >> three weeks f sinloods cause massive dam to ellicott city. plans to reopen parts of damaged areas. nday parking lot d back open, people won't be able to access om the parring tuesday open two-way street and west of columbia pike a east of maryland avenue. police also have access to other parking lot unless thety ci work crews busy for weeks cleaningunwhat's left of the flood mage. >> meanwhile be prepared for scourgin temperatures. not the rain, just the heat. >> always find something to compla about, not us but a lot of people do. >> you aebsolutely right. there's always something in the mix. but at least we're goingo have dry conditions. we haven't had a weekend out rain since back in
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april. so as we take a live look outside now, the good news is clouds that we' hadre going to up with pretty we're clear skies as far asonight is concerned across our area and plenun ofshine for you tomorrow. right now turs ho 74 degrees in district. winds from the south and few clouds s lllgering around but they'll be out of the picture before too long. ridge of high pressur help clea complaints as far as tonight is. pmild night ahead also. 74 degrees in district as we said. 72 at annapolis, 63 at leonardtown. 64 a tmanassas. 61 at winchest 64 at frederick and 6 at fredericksburg so it is fairly mild out there. if y take a look at the dew points, not bad so far. now, dew points are going to be measure of the moisture in the atmosphere. hour humidity is going to end up being don't know. right now dew pointalues in the 50s. appreciate this, before this weekend is over, they are certainly going to cmb and
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humidity is not going to be something you're going to want to have around. it's goingo beot and sticky. 56 degretl tonighty clear skies an pretty comfortable. look at planner once we get into tomorrow. by 8 o'clock hour, it will be already into the 70s. 84y midday and 87 degrees by the time we hit the 4 o'clock temperaturill be on the rice for we'red to the 90s be prepared for that in theext couple of days. but the good news finally as i id, it's dry. so you won't nee your umbrella but you will need your sunglasses an stay high dred plenty of water. more details in full forecast a little bit later. back to you. >> i'm sure the deer really cooled off today. f recoverom all day swim apparently. homeowner contacted howardco ty emergency services around 6 o'clock tonights because ther they got the deer out safely. neighbors said the deer h been in the pool though since 8 a.m.l almost day. wow. >> had to tread water is ok.
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apparently. >> pretty good at it. >> dog see paddle something like that. >> day two world cupeaving soccer fansld around the in their seats. >>est matchesoday and good fan reaction from around the world. up next. >>♪
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. look i can say it was exci ong day twof world cup soccer on fox 56789 when i came in there were people inn the room hanging out watching soft games today. three matches. spain and portugal this afternoon most anticiped and really most thrilling. take a look. >> brings it down, on side. got himself bnk side.
10:24 pm
[cheers and applause]. >> thed seconoal and against the play. retake the lead. portugal. ccer super starenaldo came in with hat trick scoring all of the goals. sprefused to give up any more. the entire time. of the scenes take a look atioome rn captured around theworld. >> after three and a half minutes hdoes. will this be his world cup? . >> diego [cheers and applause]. >> got himself back onside. renaldo's second goal. far side. goal. >> renaldo thro [cheers and applause]. >> it's 3-0. >> what a game. >> that was cool. that's a great idea. >> yeah.
10:25 pm
>> i mean, it's the world's game. it brings the world together. enjoy it with t rest of the world. 3-3 draw. tied spain and portugal for second in the group >> tie launch parties in .dc >> did you see the tn out crowd? dc is wild? it's g to get better. saturday all right games. sunday is all the good ges bro. >> that's rit bro. >> lucky bar one of the best places in dc to watch the world cup because it attracts fans from all over the rld. very cool. >> and also in actn today iran iranian soc fans basking i fn match came down to final minutes after scorele two halves. iran got lucky during a free kick when morocco accidentally
10:26 pm
headed into own goal. that guy is feeling awful tonight. iran first match cup win in 20> years. morocco the country, not marina marraco. >> another dramatic late game. wi egypt match this morning, egypt oked on way to zero zero tie in you'regay. >> they scored. end back of the net. ends curse of you're gay not win not guilty0 years. >> fox sports kate is in moscow with a preview. >> hello from momow. kate and over the next month i'll be par of the team bringing you fox sports coverage of 2018 fifa world cup. day three of the tournament provides plenty of story lines four matches across fox networks. france crow january, denmark all in tion. iceland the smallest nation to appear in theorld cup take on argentina. later, stay on for world cup
10:27 pm
tonight where we will recap all theatches and look ahead to following day's>> games. so we go from soccer to hockey. caps continuing victorybr celeions. how they're using theircess to talk about diversity. >> plus these could be some of the cutestaps fans. today the team makes ssicial t in georgetown. >> later local fourth grater on a mission. how she's working mountain gorillas on the other side of the globe. flu when i, children's national helped me beat the odds
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so i can play with my grandkids. so i can celebrate 50. when i was 14, they saved my heart so i could bring family together. so i can help cardiac patients just like me. so i can servey country. so i can do what i love.
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so i can give back. so i can play in the junior olympics. so i can make plays. so i can do this. so i can race my friends. children's natiorol didn't just help w up, they helped us grow up stronger. . here's look at top stories we are following at this hour. a popular daycare is at the center of sual ass investigations tonight. >> first new police report out surrounding deathf dirt bike rider in district last month. evan lambert is on that stor >> jim we' learning new details from that police report. it documents the crash that northeast dc.-oldin jeffrey pre now the family and some witnesses have said that offic
10:30 pm
michael pearson pulled out in front of price intentigally le to his death but the report saysff that the oer actuallyo tried avoid a collision. there was a rally tonight held by activists because partly mpd has not answered a lot of e family says that they plan on pursuing their intention to sue mpd. anne. >> 65 year-old juaner arturo p is under arrest he is charged with second degree child sex abuse. he is accused of inappropriately touching a young student centro nia location on columbia road northwest. this allegedly happening over a period of months from december of last yr to march of this year. now perez has a workedt the school for ten now that an arrest has been made and the information made public, an internal investigationill happen at the school. >> back to you jim. >> the dc police ficer
10:31 pm
involved 2016 shooting of terrence sterling has been fired. brian trainer shot sterling to death during a traffic. shot ring appeal trainer argued d. board ased. trainer' last day set for next friday. >> stanley cup made the rounds today with caps owner ted leonsis and alex ovechkin out pont ice rinkn dc. discussed an issue that has been a topic in nhl for decades diversity. >> "fox5"el msa howell has more. >> insidehe dupont ice arena including a of manure tee ids kids. commity leaders including every of the caps explaining what heopes championship win for the district will do coming to bringing more kids and more manure tees into the nhl. >> win entire city acembr. today community members had a
10:32 pm
chance to g up clo and personal with stanley cu]. [cheers and appl >> stops for alex ovechkin a l tedeonsis only indoor ice arena inspiration forit kidsh big dreams. >> i was really happy he took time out of his time to bring himself tous. since we won i want to go into nhl now. >> founder of ford dupont rice arena discussed one of nhl challees diversity and encourage young kids to pursue the orort. >> weked for years and years i hockey for everyone. i think the work we do with scorlarships w wein dog to support youth hockey, it's exemplary. >>ng wton cap brought it new scale. get bigger audience. hopefully theyee it, have opportunity and f seek tod out how they willen able t involve. >> as you can imagine a lot ofi
10:33 pm
kids exc to actually see the stanley cup in person. and dreams to one day makg hopes nhl and win a stanley cup themselves. for now in the district melissa howell "fox5" local news. >> one stop on the world tour for the cup and ale t ovechkin anded leonsis the pediatric cancer ward at medst georgetown hospital today. met with some patients and got some great pictures tre and memories that will last a l g one of the best things afterto stanley cupry when you see the teams. you don't see attachment to trophy in any other sport unlike the stanley cup. >> especially since ovechkin was sleeping with it. >> what i'm looking forward to every player gets a stay with stanley cup thissu er. to do w it. ovi, what is going i'm sure taket back to mother land. >> he's sharingith all people. >> important part, yeah.>> off bomb past particular. president trump holds impromptu
10:34 pm
news conference on wide range of topics. >> commotion in nevada near a dam. forces tourists off bridge andy vac wait. >> heat up around here. pretty good southerly flow that's gnng to move and temperatures rising. we're headed upper couple of geys. ready all starts tomorrow. more details in full forecast. news on the other side of the break. stay with us. flu
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. >> you look at what happened. they were plotting against my election probably has never happened like that in terms of intelligence, in terms of athing else, but they were actually plotting against my election. the r igort totally exonerates. i answered every single question. d answer anybody's question. >> question trump put os impromptu iediate yeah blast
10:36 pm
to cast washington. >> president didn'tac holdk on scathing justice department reports even though the inspector general said no implicit bias against him, trump maintains there waseems like re probe as well which the report did not adess. >> the report yesterday, may moremportantly than anything, tolly exonerates me. there was noco usion, there was no obstruction. i'm actually proud. i beatclinto dynasty, beat bush dynasty. now i guess hopefully i'm in the process of beating very dishonest intelligence because what they did was iredible and aeal insult to millions of people that voted in that election on both sides. >> the president also tookhe time to tout his budding relation ship with north korea. take a listen. >> i have a fantastic relationship now with north korea. you know, there were msiles bei. people aren't thinking about it
10:37 pm
any more. >> when you finally met him and t across the tle from him. we heard a lot of bad things about rocket man and suddenly seem to be best friends. >> got along very well. good k chemistry i dnow if that's popular orolitically say.ct to we've had chemistry. haven't had any rocketp in the air seven months haven't had any research. blew up test site, blowing up engine test site for ballistici miss. >> that is at snippet of president touted over a 49 minu. he wd in good moo on heels of historic summitin north korea. >> in invest neva man barricaded himself on hoover bridge bypass shutting down traffic and causing massive police respond. stuck on the bridge he held up signs with messages to president trump. he was taken into custody after evacuating the entire bridge including100 tourists on the
10:38 pm
>>♪s.r dam >> d of people demonstrated incranton pennsylvania today toje protest appearanceff sessions. the protesters are angry overhe justice department's immigration policy which has led children separated from parents at the border. police who crows illegally are to blame tore ownamily breakups. he told cets heants to restore the rule wf lawhen coming to the country's immigration system. >> that's commitment that we made.we're working at it .steady it's not so much an individual it is restoring intrity in the entire process. and that means you have to enforcthe law with regards to individualpersons. >> well sessions says doesn't understand the cticism that havin secure borders is somehow mean spirited orunkind. >> on g the wayyhound bus heading to virginia goe up in
10:39 pm
flames. shows you aftermath majodelays. >> tribute for local fbi agent who rushed to helpur during country's darkest usday.
10:40 pm
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today still etched in many people's memories. the attacksla that tookce on 9/11. thousands people died that day including firster respond ved somethose who sur sufferednd illnesses a medical complications. >> fbi special agent who died from cancer that was linked to very same attacks 17 yrs ago. "fox5" tisha lewis. >> a good man o great faith is now fbi director christopher ray described special agent in charge david levalley who was laid to rest here at quantico na.onal cemetery how, calm and collected is
10:43 pm
and that sentiment was echoed he as those who knewim best said their final farewe. >> there was something special out special agent in charge david levalley. you could feel could see memorial chapel. law enforcement fro near and far came to remember one of their own. one who on was on his way to work when he spotted the first g towero down after being struck by teresrists. >> he rnded to help. >> he was upstanding citize he did all he could. he was there for 9/11. and h ae helpedll the citizens as possible. >> on friday morning levalley was remembered with full honors for making the ultimateic sae. his friend and colleaguehomas o'connor describes a man who inspired united an served. >> i spoke to dave two weeks ago related to the world trade
10:44 pm
center health monitoring program. dave levalley as has been said nd of guy that just took care i of people. sheriff from loudoun county came up to me and said that he was a police officer in the same community as dave was and they had a bond. he was kind of guy that just showed up at scenes or went to meetings to plan and made friends and that cooperatio followed through to the work we do. l >>alley is one of more thanoz aen fbi agents who have lost their life due to cancer set and sickness related to 9/11. many continue to battle ly illnesses. two decades after the terrorist attack. >> s ac dlle ey gave his life for the people of united states in on 9/11. ran towards the injed like countless other police ndficers firefighte fbi abilities. >> good ma who gave his all for his country andeople he served. man hehe exemplifiedst and best qualities of faith hope and
10:45 pm
love. those are the worlds fbi's top boss used to describeevalley who died late last month. >> i thi his family would want people to know that dave valley gave his life for his country, he was a marine, he was ha police officerwas fbi agent. on 11. he ran toward danger and because that he gave his life for that. >> special agent levalley most recently served as the special agent in charge of the atlanta division since november 2016. he previously served as the special agent in charge of the criminal and cyber division at th washington field office. he leavesehind his parents, his siblings his wife and their three children. tisha lewis "fox5" local news. >> so many lasting effects f that day. so many years ago. >> the stories are going to be told for years and years. back with more after this. ♪ ♪
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10:49 pm
. a greyhound bus on its way to richmond virginia went up in flames on new jersey turnpi this is a look at aftermath of it. you can see charred shell remas of that bus. there were about 50 passeers on bo all able to get out fely. one passenger was hurt while ying to get off bus. the bus had left y newk city earlier this morning. no word yet on wha started that fire. >> physici stephen hawking laid to rest at westminster abby in london. places with sir isaac newton who discovered gravity and charles steven hawks inpriored life ti. byrage stubborn nestnd creativity. >> let love be genuine. hate what is evil. hold fast to what is good.
10:50 pm
love one another withl m affection. out do one another in showing>> fellow scientists said no one else since alber einstein has done more than steven hawking to deepen understanding of the a space time. of course hawking bit of a celeity havingade appearances on star trek and b bang theory. >> well, we've got some warmdi weatherng our way. temperatures starting to rice at flow coming in from the south. forecast coming up in ten second seconds. >> not a bad day today an pretty comfortable night ahead heading out anywhere just to gen our friight on you're not going to have to worry about bringing umbrella that's for cl ear skies. same story as we move into the weekend. talk abouthi ne, plenty of sunshine for the entire weeke. pleasantly warm for your
10:51 pm
saturdor and talkinge heat on sunday for father's da temperatures really on the hot sticky and humid. if you're planning any barb uing outside stay well hydrated as we take a look ahead record heat by possible as we head into upper 90s. in the meantime didn't hit that today but temperatures daytimea highsl three airports in the ballpark where they should be. 84 at reagan national. 83 at dulles and 82 at bwi thurgood marshall. on the money.ov as we m tomorrow see the temperatures r graduise each and over day. 74egrees now in the district. 67 at baltimore. warm 72 at annapolis. to the south 67 at fredericksburg. 66 at dulles and 64 degrees at 65 at er.this hour. so skies as i said will beri clea out. toni had some clouds it was pretty cloudy for the later part of the afternoon early evening.
10:52 pm
ridge of high pressureuilding in. that will eventually slide its way off the coast and into the evening. tonight overnight hours see some clouds getting out of the picture. here's l yk atour planner for tomorrow then. by the 8 o'clock hour, 71s. degree it's going to be fairly warm as we sta theday, 84 by midday and 87 t by thee we hit the 4ur o'clock . overnight lows tonight are going to e into the60s. a little cler always to the north northwest as we hitpper s there. still going to be fairly comfortable. as we take a look at those temperatures for tomorrow, you can see that we were really gradually climbing 88 degrees for day tame high. quantico 87n i the district. these come com ned with a bit of humidity. not quite as mucumidity on saturday as it's going to be on sund that's when dew points really are going totart to climb. ridge of hh pressure place for tomorrow. then it's going t slide its way off the it does, it op more southerly flow on sunday.
10:53 pm
pop in more moisture as well. so the heat in dc's values are going to rise a lot b we get to sunday. i want to tell you tgt it's goin to feel like it's in the trip digits b the time we get to end of this week and and as well in you're monday. we do have a code orange air quality into effect for anyone who is -- has any breathing issues young children, elder people as well. this is hartford as well anne arundel dell, baltimore coun. be aware of that. if you're heading to the beaches well we've got pretty nice weather for you both days. plenty of sshine and 84 degrees by the time we hit sund f forher's day. wrapping it up then 56 degrees for tonight, most clew clear skies. tomorrow a very warm 87 degrees. and clear's look at your "fox5". almost hundred degrees by the time we get to monday. that's air temperature. feel like 105 degrees. 96 on tuesday, gradually cooling down relatively speaking into
10:54 pm
upper 80s. couple storms in forecast. nice dry weekend. we'll be back a righter the break. flu ♪ ♪ (birds)hirping, a running ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real ring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you dotot need slo-mo models ell it. it's so refreshing real spring water, you dotot need slo-mo mreal fruit flavors
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and refreshing bubbles. just whas refreshingly real.
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (soundf engine starting)
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. most kids are playing video games catch agooi movie or d what kids do, the next young lie you're about to meetn emphasis o young is doing her parto mick an impact on the other side of the globe.e' sh known as hero butar doesn't a cap. she's using time and talents to help protect mountain gorillas. we share the story of addie barrettnd ma's gorilla hero. >> gent amazing. they're really amazi animals. >> if you speak to ten year-old addie barrett y'll know right away that she loves gorillas and she has no problem telling you why. >> it s this book that i read, almething cd something liken dangered gorillasr something.
10:58 pm
it talked a lot about how these gorillas reaury need help. >> that book sparked a passion inside of then first grader addie and when she got home she took action. >> i got a big piece of cardboard and i'm like ok i'm going to make this poster that says save the gorillas. >> her m took a picture posted bananas ever since.and it's been >> just looking back it's like wow, i was in first grade and thre years later now here i am and i'm onle vision. >> and on the web her site gorilla heros has raised over a thousa dollars and this for row why yous fundraiser shows s. >> addie modelled the pie in the face challenge after als bucket each $5 donation or t-shirt purchase addie takes one forhe te effort that didn't go unnotice. >> when other kids are playing
10:59 pm
videoir games or the attention span lasts for five seconds she's been at this for three years. >> david singer travelled toh ra wanda t see mountain gorillas up close. it was a special final for him on the trip needed to goo real gorilla hero. >> i got ga star stick intimaitly carved w gorilla on top. i u used it to clip the mounta and down into the gorillas were. when i saw what addie had been doing i'd like her toit have . >> i'm trying to follow my dreams rht now and i hope it takesom meewhere cool. i hope i get to use it somey. >> we hope this gorilla hero gets to use it too. >> that's it for the news at 10:00. "fox5" news at 11 with sarah and bram starts rig now. >> right now at 11:00, a new version ofev ts. >> it wasn't negligent. it was an intentional act. >> first on fox, what police are now saying about a dead
11:00 pm
accidenting involving edc p and dirt bike rider. >> popular daycarender afire after employee accused of assaulting children in care. >> paul manafort is back behind bars and the heated debat over a link between coffee and cancer. yoursews s now. first on fox, the police report from ay deadlrash involvin a dc police officer and a dirt bike rider is telling a new story. >> activists hel a rally for jeffrey price tonight. the 22-year-old die after his bike slammed into a police suv that was blocking the road last month. fox5's evan lambert was at the rally and evan has more o what the police report says. reporter: yeah. first erin and bram i w to point out where this happened, rallypening just over high shouer here where jeff price died on may 4th. i want


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