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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  June 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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accidenting involving edc p and dirt bike rider. >> popular daycarender afire after employee accused of assaulting children in care. >> paul manafort is back behind bars and the heated debat over a link between coffee and cancer. yoursews s now. first on fox, the police report from ay deadlrash involvin a dc police officer and a dirt bike rider is telling a new story. >> activists hel a rally for jeffrey price tonight. the 22-year-old die after his bike slammed into a police suv that was blocking the road last month. fox5's evan lambert was at the rally and evan has more o what the police report says. reporter: yeah. first erin and bram i w to point out where this happened, rallypening just over high shouer here where jeff price died on may 4th. i want to talk though about that police report anded we to get it from dc police earlier
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today. they would not relea. it so i had to get it from jeff price' family attorney. here is what i says. police now mentiong for the first time that jeffrey price matched the description of a suspect inot nearbying on the afternoon of may 4th. also acknowledges tt officers were a block behind price on his dirt bike but p they'vereviously said they weren't chasing him. the report also identifies the officer whose suv collided with price as michael pearson who joined mp2015. finally i says officer pearson pulled far out into the invarsection to can the area, noticed price lanes wrong lane of travelnd he pulled all the way acrosshe road t avoid a crash with price. family attorney representing them said they have witness who is say that the block was intentional and they do not believe what's in this report. it's one of the reasons activists held a rally fornirice tot. >> well, if you cross into somebody's lane of tral and
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u like barricadehe stre it is very obvious thatou were negligent. in this case, wthough, itasn't negligent, it was an inttional act. and this officer should be arrested for killing my client. >> they judge, the jurors an thexecutioners. 's not how the jury system wo we're definitely scared. they're operating a ruthles gang, they're not operating like an's organization that supposed to -- at's sworn to protect an serve. >> that was jeffrey price's uncle. he did not want us to show his face. ilso ask mpd a series of questioning outstanding about this. if they s say officers weren't chasing if their internal investigation has revealed whethpe or not officer price or i he or any other ficers faced any discipline. they did not answer any of that. i also asked forew intervi with chief newsham. they did w respondith a very short response t. says quote, we are unable to accommodate this
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request. the investigation continues into this and the lawyer for the mily says that they plan on pursuing their option to sue mpd as a result of jeffrey price's death. live here inst northea tonight, evan lambert. "fox5" local news >> dc police have fired the officer involve in the deadly shooting of a motorcyclist. officer brian trainer shot terrence d sterlinguring a traffic stop in 2016. the shooting was ruled if unied and dc police panel recommended he be fired. during his appeal officer trainer argued the administration board was biased. tonight "fox5" talked talo loc activists who say they are n happy with how longhe process took. >> if you and tra were not police officers bothen would ha be charged with murder. and it took 21 months from the time on september 11, 2016, when they killed terrence sterling to this final, deci the entire time trainer has been on paid leave with dc taxpayers
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payi for him not to work. that's just not good enough. brian trainer's last day on the force is june 22nd. >> early this morng around 8 a.m., a marine shot himself inside a guard post at the marine corp barracks located at southe g streets in now while the circumstances are unclear, a spokesman for the marine corp said the wound was self-inflicted and thathat was not accidental. g devel now a dc daycare at the center of sexual assault investigation tonit.fox5's anne northwest dc with more. anne. >>reporter: parents here atnt ro nia learning today that a fong time employee is accused o sexually assaulting a young girl here. we're talking sexual abuset tha allegedly went on for four i monthsnside this school up on the rooftop playground. evennside some of the classrooms. many of the pents here understandably reluctant to go
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on one of them told me off camera that she had suspectedou things t this teach are for years. and she said this news so upsetting that it felt like someone threw a bucket of ice at colder on her. parents leaving centro nia's columbia road location with their child an a letter today. >> just a few minutes ago. so i didn't knowbo nothingut it. i don't see nothing like at. well, i didn't see the pern who tak care of her, they dot greajob. >> learning that 65-year-old juan arturo perez assistant p k arrest. charged with second degree child sex abuse. lice reporting touched a child ovg clothin multiple finals, 20. >> showed upo his home less than a mile. we could hear people inside but no answer at the door. centro nia says it's fully
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license and perez did pas backgr check. parents tell "fox5" it's a terrifying reality that this a could happen a school and with a teacher that ty trusted. >> you don't know the person, you need to see how the person . that's the more important thing because ey need to feel in a safe place. >> now, centro nia told us that they actually't allowed to talk about this case because the keep mumnted them to about it. they've known about it for about two months now. they did inform parents today now that arr t has beenmade. they do not believe tre are any other victims. they willau benching their ownve internal inigation. live in columbia heightser anne cutl "fox5" local news. >> dce p believe a woman critically injured in a fire yesterday intentionally started the fire herself. the fire broke out in an apartment on r street northwes the woman is not yet charged and police are still investigating the fire thougeft a dozen
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famies homeless and looking for ace new pla to stay. >> still no word on what caused a massive fire at a trecycling plann rockville. that fireroke out aro 3:30 this afterno at georgetown paper stork recycling on south lawn lane. montgomery county crews arrived fire. winds inre the a made the fire difficult to get uer control. >> we maybe had about 5 firefighters on the scene including hazmat team. the fire has been contained but it's far from being out. i right now hoursnto it we're usin heavy equipment to essentially pull that apart. using massive volumes of water to contain and extinguish. >> so one was injured. the cause of that fire i under investigation tonight. >> well it's been nearly three weeks since devasodting flo swept through main street in licott city. we're actually going to switch gears and check in with gwen tolbart and get the latt on
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weather forecast. gwen. >> the good news for use don't have any rain this weekend at all. th it is going to come a lot e t of heat and a let of tumid tee as dew points start to rise. and as we take a life look outside, we had clouds earlier. clouds graduly starting t move out. actually under the o influence ridge of high pressure and that's going to bring us pretty clear skies overnight. today's highs in the low 80ac tly where we should be temperaturwise. so we wereight on the money as far as that goes. but that's going to change over the next few days. because here's what we are headed for. some pretty serious heat. take a look at this these 87 degrees on saturday. by the time we hit sunda headed to the low s. bymonday, the upper 90s. we're talking a mini heatwave fore s. with it is going tohe becom humidity is start to rise, becoming ver s muggyticky outsidco and prettmfortab uncomfortable. gradual rise when we get through tonight and tomorrow and next couple of days. just prepare
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yourselves. 72 degrees right now in the district. pretd light southerly win flow. as we take a lookre tempes elsewhere, it is currently 63 at dulles, 69 degrees at annapolis at this hour. 68 at quantico. 64 at lpeper. martinsburg at 62. 63 degrees at frederick. >> s skies as i said starting to clear out as ridge of high pressure building in. it sets up plenty of sunshine thisweekend. absolutely spectacular. 56 degrees for tonight and pretty comfortable out there, not too bad. planner for tomorrow, a very warm 71 degrees by the 8 o'clock hour an the mornd heating up to 84 bih midday, 87 by the time we h the late afternoon. as i dsaid, the goo news is we do have any rain to be concerned with. finally going to be dry. full forecast a littlelater, back to you. >> let's talk about those devastating floods now that swept through minute street in plans now underway to reopen parts of damaged areas.
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sunday parking lot d will beth open to public. people are not be able to access main street from the parking lot. on tuesday, main street will reopen to two-way traffic, w pt of old columbiaike and east of maryland avenue. people also have access to several other parki lots. work crews will be busy for weeking cleaning up flood t damage. ake a look at survlance individuavide video, police say man f wanted two breakens in.n happened voluntariliesville in may 27th and may 28th. vestigators say propert stolen from unwith of the vehicles which was unlocked. police want anyone with infoation to give them a call. there is a $10,000 reward out for any information. next here at 11 former trump mpaign manager is behind bars behind. >> and the new cha that prompted a judge to revoke his 10 million dolndr bond. the caps continue tir stanley cup tour. how ty're using theirce suc to greenly the gap between.
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minorities and >> coming up0 final 5 how lobsters play a roll in fight with china. martin o'malley and lindsay graham gets a littlesassy. catch the final 5 tonight at♪ 11:30 ♪ prompted a judge to rev
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. here's a look some of the stories we're following this evening. on sheriff's deputy isread and an critically wounded after shooting in kansas city today. poli say a inmate overpowered the two deputies while being transported to tcourthouse. 35-year-old patrick rorer was hilled. he had been with the s departmenten years. police say theo suspect shot >> former trump campaignau chairmanl manafort is behindba tonight after a judge revoked 10 million dolla bond following new charges of witness tampering. manafort initially indicted by special counsel on 12 charges october including conspiracy against the united states and swears to launder money.
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manafort pleaded ot guilty to all charges. awaiting in custody a we waits for two separate trials expected to begin in theext few months. first state lawmaker to be ouled over s misconduct allegations in meemoo movt running for office today. february, d shooter was accused of harassing at least 7 women. the arizona house voted to expel him, but today a judge ruled that shooter can run for t arizona senate despite send dee concerns by one of his opponents. the streets of chicagos inigh heeltoday. yeah, you heard correctly. deo from walk a mile in her i shoes event. the march calls for end to rape, sexual assault and gender violence. they say kd of a lighthearted way to bring attention to some very difficultcs topi >> speaking of difficult topics gun rights group challenging a new law in maryland that wld ban the sale of bump stocks. allows semiaomatic weapo to
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fire at rapidrate. used in las vegas shooting last year leaving 58 people dead. lawsuit argues n law set to take affect this fall violates alboth f and state constitutions and isn't fair to people who own bump stocks now. >> meanwhile people who survived schoolhooting in par oand, florida kicff bus tour called march for your lives road to change. at least 50 stops in 20 different states. to convince lawmakers to pass new gun laws. >> caps continue celebration of stanley cup. continued in more tame way. alex ovechkin and tim leonsis took the cup to arlington county law enforcement andnly full ze ice rink in the district. ford dupont ice nyarena. people hope it's going to encourage diversity in the ort. >> we've worked for years and years on hockey i
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and i think all the work we do with scholarships the work we do in trying to support youth hockey, it's exemplary. >> the washington capitals have brought it t a bigger scale so with that in mind you'r g going et a bigger audience. hopefully the in aee nors will then see it and have the opportunity to seek to find out how they will be able to become bury the headline though. the stanley cup made aec very spl visit today as well to the pediatric cancer ward atme tar georgetown hospita ce today. >> today, also marked day two of the worldti cup on. while the united states didn'ts qualify thi year there's still plenty of true soccer fans that have plenty to enjoy n. new york fans can watch the big game in times are. >>ans gather ata meg to see
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portugal and spain. most talked about was between moroccondiran. >> there was heartbreaking loss for rocco. one o their players head butted the ball into his own goal. the play giving iran the win. of course, you can watch all the world cup matches right here on "fox5."there are four matches t. fi bt isween france and australia. game starts at 6 a.m. if you can get up for that. >> why not? . >> yeah. yeah. >> craz c >>hristian renaldo saw a picture scored a birch of goals portugal. biggest star in the world. he had suspended sentence for tax evasion levied on him this morn and scored a bunch of goals in world cup game. don't worry about it. >> t the stress out, right.>> distressing. e knows how to handle the heat. let's see if we can handle it. >> i don't know. yore going to haveo pump up the ac once we get into weekend. temperatures really rising.
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andt's actually going to be feeling like it's a lot hotter than it actually is outside because w going to see increase in our dew points over this weekend as wellut not bad ode tonight if you're heading's still re hactually. wee some clouds but those clouds are going to be getting out of the way to make room for clear night. easantly warn forsaturday. but we sta to see the heat pump upt once past saturday and get into sunday. that's when we're going to see, father's day really is going to be a pretty hot day with hots of humidity. as we get in the week, we'reta ing a chance of record highs as well.we've got a little bit heatwave, be prepared. here's look at sky conditions. you can see ridge of high presre building in. you can see a few cloud here. those clouds will get pushedut of the way before too long as we move into tonight. we a definitely talking clear skies. temperatures today as far as h daytimeighs at all three airports. i want to tell you they're exactly where they should be in
11:20 pm
terms of seasonal averages. as we continue to see themp teatures rise in the next coupl see'onal w appreciate today. 84 a reagan. 38 at dulles and82 at bwiod th marshall. temperatures right now as i said pretty comfortable out there. 72 in the city. 64 at baltimor. annapolis at 69. 64 culpeper. 63assas and 62 at martinsburg. >> look at dew points i which want you to appreciate it. uetheses in the 50s and 60s. i d anticipate by the time we get intoy'sunday,re going to start to rise into the 70 plus range and feel humidity out there. pretty good southerly flow as ridge of high pressure opens the door. see thearmer air coming in from the gulf and als see that moisture come in and that's going to boost ourew points as well.
11:21 pm
tomorrow into0s the 8s ridge of high pressure gradually by tomorrow night starts its way off the coast and opens the door for southerly flow to kick in on sunday. jump from the upper 80s intohe '90s and even warmer by the time we get to monday. we'll be flirting with hungry mark for air t tperatures. >> orrow morning early start 71 by 8 o'clock. midday84. 4 o'clock h nr be kickot guilty at 87 degrees. there is a code orangeal air ity alert for hartfd anne arundel, baltimore counti sensitive groups, elderly people, children, anybody with breathing issues do not spend any extended time outisside. ths saturday. >> headed to l beachesooking good there. cool down in theer wat 67 degrees temperature-we there and temperatures into the 8 tore daytime highs. 65 degrees forrr ow. take a lookt "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 98 degrees by monday kicking in your sunday o father's day at
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92 egrows. challenge will be to stay cool. back to you. >> thank you. remember that discussion of arming teachers? here's interesting twist to that. thepartment of defense is providing nearly three-quarters of a million dollars to fund a program called troops to teachers in arizona. it's part of an effort to addres a major teacher se.rtage ther several arizona schools are in ne of math, special education, and science teachers. >> the future of our nation rests on the education of our children. so this is actually the battle field of i today. >> would have never guessed i would have been ar. te >> troops ofch teas assistance, use my militar service to get teaching >> the learningy p institute found teacher educationro enment has dropped between 2009 and 2014. so troops to teachers hopes to bridge that gap. and the hope is teachers with a milita background could also end up helping in keeping our
11:23 pm
schools safe. >> interesting way to try to you knth the problem, >> it is. it is. >> d anything at this point it feels like. >>till ahe here, question about whether thereins a l itrked a heated bate.ncer. >> now health officials are chiming in on this. how it could impact requirement that all coffee comes with arni. after this. ♪
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. california hea officials throwing a wrench in t heated debate over coffee andcancer. in may a calornia judge ruled that every cup of joe needs to co with a warning label. >> well today the office of environmental health bucked that ruling saying coffee is not linked to cancer. so there's this whole debate. >> not a chance. never giving ain. >> peore still going to drink it. it's ridiculous. no way.
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>> ice coffee. >> he's up next. >> see you. have good end. flu
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. you made to friday. final 5 tonight. paul manafort singing the jail house blues. president trump morning media blitz and one of his comments spark add lot of chaos on the hill. to c where are they goingts it. talk about t atnd more on final 5 friday night. let's do this. ♪ . evebody i'm tv's jim kay. if shrive a game of monday plea paul manafort got community chess card. go, to directly to jail,o not passoal or collect $200


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