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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  June 17, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. pushing and shoving and i heard the gunshots >> gunshots ring out at an all night arts festival in new jersey. turning a community celebration into traveled. what we know. a call for safety on water after ap boat tri turns deadly on thema c. and world cup fever, stunning finishes in russia, we'll show you the best moments pns startsnow.ament so far. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . warning after an accident on the potomac river leaves the two ad. police recovered their
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bodies in charles county, first responders are issuing a call for safety to everyone heading the water. fox 5la evan ert has more. >> repter: along theotomac ver in montgomery county, this area serves as a staging area for water reses maryland natura resources police say so far based on boating deaths they've seen, they expect this summero beeadly on maryland swater. you can domething simple to life ja.that and it's ware a the water on the potom is cold. but maryland natural rords police say in minutes be an accident could put boaters in danger. this weekend, twothers from silver spring, franklin and eriberto ferrufino both in their 40's died after it appears their small fishing boat hithi sng in charles county. they were ejected saturda and p bodies sunday morning >> the boat was found going in a
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circle >> a spokes womanur f resources police says the summer to come is looking like it will be deadly for boaters in maryland. in the last 18 months 16 people have died on maryland waters. not one of them was wearing a life vest. >> life jackets are your fpersonal first line o defense. all of our victims this year were certainly within sight of shorin many case, manyel cases was on the way, the life jacket gives you an opportunity to stay afloat until we can get there. >> reporter: offials making an evident to reach out to the hispanic community. since nin deaths, so far, six victims were hispanic. tom son said people also don't take the dangers of boating whilentoxicated seriouslily maryland officials urging boaters to shed their idea of in vince ability on the water and be smart to save lives >> when you've had 82oat deathsn the last five and a half years and nine victims were wearing lifeha jackets,t's a
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big problem everywhere. >>reporter: i spoke to the sister of the two victims from charles county off camera. she said right now is family is to emotional to speak with us. in montgomery county maryland, evan lamber fox 5 local news. stunning night out there. we've got pictures here from the world war ii memorial. and it was a pleasant day to be outside. w it was a greateekend and the first weekend in a very long time with non >> finally >> traded the rain drops for some intense heat. gwen joins us and gwen it is going to b getting hotter >> you're eaght. it is ry going to be getting a lot hotter o there. the next couple of days, and that water lks very refreshing. consideringar it's still w and a little on the muggy si let's take a live look. we've had a fair amot of cloud cover through part of the evening, but things are kind of partly cloight now, not doing badly, but with moisture in the atmosphere, i'mat lookin fog developing possibly overnight. s today, thebe num are 89
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degrees in reagan national airp 88 at dulles, and 9 at bwi thurgood marsha temperatures, of course, well above the seasonal averageor thisime of year, factor in the humidity and it felt a lot warmer than that. right now, it is 82 deges in the district. feeling like it's 84. not too much of a difference this hour, that will change once we get into tomorrow. keeping an eye on radar, we've had few showers popped up. there might be a stray shower oo a pop-uprm, so far, that's pretty much what we've seen, i stepped outside for a second and there were a few lights sprinkles but other than that, not too much else happening here. you can see they're not major rainfall we'll be talking about at all but don't be surprised if yo fu doeel sprinkle. 82 degreesn dc. 81 in annapolis, 80 at baltimore at this hour,ul 77 at ds, 75 ater ick. and here's a looat the heat indices, not too far off. once we get totomorrow, that will change, 74 for overnight
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low. warm and a bit of fog and on the muggy side,ut tomorrow and tuesday, get ready, it will feel like it's 100 degrees o more. i'll have the seven-day forecast in a little while. back to you. ing. the road to recovery for ellicott city still a long one but we're seeing the city took a big step after those devastating reopening ang lot that will provide much needed space rorkers and customers who wanto gain access to businesses on main street. tuesday, main street will reopen to traffic west of old columbia pike and east of maryland avenue. additional parking lots will also reopen tuesday. at least one member of howard county you council is calling on colleagues to take er floodo prevent ano from destroying ellicott city. john weitein said he wants a n year-long stop all development that that may be impact,he water shed and surrounding areas. he said an analysis should be conducted and efforts made to
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improve infrastructure made a similar call after the 2016 floodut no action was taken. in the district, preice searching for gunman who shot an injured man in northwest. this happened this afterdon near blair roa city cedar street. no details on what led up to the shooting. no word on what caused a deadly crash in prince george's county thi afternoon. police tell us car and a mode cycleol cded in morning side. a mode cyclist was critically and died at the hospital. the passenger arexpected to make a full recovery. a new jersey art and music rampage early this morning, gunshots rang out before 3:00 a.m.2 others injured. 33-year-old tahal wells a w that as one of at least two,
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gunmen brian llenas hasore from trenton. it's sad tha it was -- it was such a way oh bri everybody together. it's ruined. >> reporter: it was supposed to be an allight community celebration ofusart,ic and culture in trent, new jersey, after a number earlyts morning sunday, police ortolding rs the event needed to be shut down meanwhile the crowding shots rang out. th, police say, is connectedoc toalti gang acty. witnesses describe a chaotic scene as they ran for safety >> all hell broke r loose. >>orter: at least 22 injured, a inclu 13-year-old boy, who is had in stable conditn. and one of suspects killed after exchangingunfire with police. the other in custody. >> the impetus for the police returninghe fire were individual shooting at each r.
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and frankly many of the organizers have been praising the police department for their response. >> reporter: the artt festival no believed to be a specific ta. trent's mayor callinghe shooting anotherxample of the country n violence across all shootings, large or small ar a crisis. thisan isn't just a rm act of violence this is a public health issue. >> reporter: the festival was scheduled to run wkend but all events have been cancelled. in trent be new jers, brian llenas, fox news. developing now in texas, new details coming in about aat deay cras killed five illegal immigrants on 50 miles from the me border, agents were chasing the suv with 14 people inside. investigats say the driver sped up sometimes reaching speeds of up to 100. miles per hour moments later, the driverost control of th vehicle. >> the vehicle ran off the road d caught gravel and then tried to recorrect and cauved the
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cle to turn over several time >> the driver who was a u.s. citizen was able to walk away from the crash. he's in custody along with a passenger, border patrol began to chase the suv because sunvect,olved in human trafficking we're honoring a special group who served our country. prince george's county school board members warn of a huger payout foheoi outng ceo of schools. we'resking what's going on with the severance deal a startling intruder caught on camera and we're learning this isn't the first time the home had theunwanted guest sign. after the break. ♪ . ♪ . ♪.
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. we honor fathers including a very specialroup of dad's who iv gave theires for our country. x 5elissa howell spoke with children of veterans about whats
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today to them. melissa? i southwest.orld war ii >> that's right. these were in front of the memorial we got a chance to speak with those families who shared the emotional stories about the importance of being out here today especially on father's day. standing below the stars in the sky and in the presence of the ones represe ing veterans who gave their lives for our country mat stood silen act moment to honor and remember the gift given to us on this father's day children ofeterans exp their gratitude toward their fathers and grandthers >> always get emotional when i come here, and it's really powerful, and i think it's just the bravest thing anyone can do dad,mee life that we live. and my grandfather, mine uncle >>hat makes it even more- i don't know -- heart wrenching or
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compelling, you go, would signeo up for this. and risk their lives. >> reporter: consideringer toda fath day, and the veterans that have o servedur country, being a special day for everyone out here today, and this is gr place to come and honor our veterans no matter what day of the year. live in the district, melissa howell fox 5 local ws. hundreds of dad's t spenthis father's day at nats park g they didn't to see the nationals play in person because the team son the road in toronto. but watched the game on the jumbo tron, enjoying brunch. dad's also got free sunglasses, t a bad way to spend father's day, and the weather was beautiful day to be out there have not. >> if you didn't mind a little bit of heat. it was a bit wm but can't complain about the sunshine. >> anything better than snow. i beautiful >> it was warm but yer, we don't want about snow at all. we only want to hear about
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showers, we've been lucky in that department. it was warm and muggy, temperatures in the upper 80's, right now it's 82, we got plenty of clouds. winds are from the south atur fe miles an, that southerly flow continues to bring in moisture from the rsuth. few s kind of pop up here and there on radar, nothing extensiv i stepped outside and dieedle f so we're seeing just a little bit here, but this is not heavy rainfall. temperatures elsewhere, we have story at culpeper. 9 to e south at fredericksbe baltimore at 80, 81 at annapolis. martinsberg at 75.nchester, it is warm, it mild. the due points currently into the0's, and the 60's and the higher these values are, the more you'll feel thees mus in the atmosphere. tomorrow, i do anticipate these numbers to be fairly high
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because we'll have a heat index where it will feel like it's in the triple digits. so you factor in the air temperature, and the due point, and that's how you get the heat index. and that what it will feel like, it will be uncomfortable tomorrow around here, so just be aware in terms of that. same story for tuesday. there was a code orange air quality alert and this is for this entire are you see shaded here. this is for your monday.f so you have any type of sensitivity, older rpeople, younge kids definitely don't spend any eidend time e, breathing issues or heart issues. you're advis to be very careful, him your time in these conditio here's a look at the n couple 96 for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, we'll see a bitf overnight o fog could linger to the early hours of the morning, tuesday,t chance chance for thunderstorms popping up as we hit 94, once againoth days it will feel like it's degrees or more. prepared for that.
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planner fortomorrow, hot start. by 8:00, we're already at 80, and by late to an afternoon a hours it will be into the low 90's as well. we're talking hot, haz and humid, monday and tuesday. stay safe and hydrated. more later in the se n-day back to you. tetails ohe possible severance pacge for the head of prince gege's county schools. three srsool bus membellege that the county executive and other boa members a orchestrated a massive payout for kev maxwell well. maxwell announced last month he's leaving the school system three years before his contract is up. he could get more than a million bucks to walk away i his contract is paid out in full. rushern baker denies said severance is entirely up to the school bus and he's not had any conversations members about it. for now, the board hasn't even startedss dions on the terms of maxwell's departure.
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why a severance even option for somebody who is deciding to leave and break the contract t cyommitted to? >> i think what made the difference with dr. xwell, you have to talk to dr. maxwell about this but my understanding >> heon't talk to me. >> he should. lete just say that. he should he a conversation with you, what made the decision i thk for dr. maxwell in leaving at the end of th school year, it's clear that the next county executive coming in, no matter who tha person is, is going to want to go in a different direction in the hool system. >> a spokesman for the schoo system said maxwell won't take questions from fox 5 orutny other medialet for the rest baker is he told maxwell that. he should be t speaking the media, especially about issuean imt to citizens, we'll be estions answered.k t get ourqu a family in late tahoe got quite a surpri, check out who came to visit. you'll see him here. 300 pound bear.
10:22 pm
managing to squeeze himself rough the window, all,urf and you can see him, at least hear him roaming around be kitchen sink and the counter top there until he finds what he's looking for. get this i sn't the first time he's been there. apparently last year, that same bearr a bear bro down their front door and over that same family has hadal six encounters with bears over the years. family sayshey feel lucky they were not at home when the bear came knocking for food. six times? my goodness, i would keep allws those windo lock up maybe a little better,ut he seems pretty smart. he knows what he' doing thee. >> looks he's been there before. day four of the world cup left soccer fans across the world on the edge of their seats. >> we will have a look at the best moments from today's matches. and fanct rean around the globe next. ♪ . ♪ ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ .
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. whatn exciting daycare four of world cup in ssia, three matches took place, b it was mexico and germanywa that one of the most anticipated and arguably most thrilling of the day. it's only goal in the match. mexico never defeatedanermany in official match until today. in the 3 minute they founde net. 90, tense minutes defeated the reigning world champions 1-0. here's a look aome of the reactions >> seemed like mexican fanse out numbered the germans. >> coming goal. mexico defeats germath
10:27 pm
>> look at passion. brazil at the outcome was unexpected. switzerland managed to ald them draw, 1-1. early this morning, serbia defeed costa rica with a spectacular free kick. serbia, now the leader of group e after brazil and switzerland strong >> much more excitement coming uporrow on fox 5 for daye five of thorld cup. fox sports kate is in mcow with a preview >>'m kate updo i'll be bringing you fox c sportsoverage of the 2018 fifa world cup. day five of thent tour. gar are a south gate making his coaching debut as he takes charge well belgium will hope the golden generation. and remember you can lead them to their e firstr international trophy, the stay tuned for world cupaps we rec
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the games and look ahead to the following day two. a lot of soccer for the next month. >> dc during las world cup had the most viewers of anywhere in the natio we know soccer fans are out e.ther new ap can help track cyb bullying and oh your cld's cell phone >> getting pulled over can be nse both drivers and officers. togight a vira woman has a solution, she believes could helpli save s. ♪ . ♪ '
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. get out of th car. get out. now. >> wow >> get out of the car. i have to tell you.
10:32 pm
i don't have a firearmn me. i told him not reach for it. >> you told him to get his id, , sir hiss dri license, please don't tell me he's dead. you just saw ere, those were traffic stops tha drew national attention following the deaths of unarmedorists killed by w police or died in police custody. ofe tffictops is on mind both officers and drivers, anjali hemphill more. >> reporter: the creator said her friends in law enforcement told her thatea drivers ring for the glove compartment orr purse or in their pocket canake them most nervous during a trafficstop. and getting pulled over can ao be a tense time for drivers. but now, as an officer approach yours window, the accessible pouch may give both peace of mind >> it's t usuallyense and stressful >> jackie carter believes she's
10:33 pm
effective tool to help save the lives of both motorists and police officers. >> it's simple, really, a not reacnglastic pouch,hat clips to their vent. and asking for what officers ask for, driver's license, insurance card and registration. it is removable so it can be stored away when you're not behindhe wheel >> it takes away the reaching that police officers see when they walk to th car. they're uncertain about what's going on. you can understand their perspective. as black person, we are automatically .afraid just because of >> reporter: card created it in 2015 and currently the coatsville pens police department hases them outs to motofor free >> i think it's a good day idea. especially for women being pulled over by police officers, it's important to have a comfortable environment for them and i personally m use such a hidevice.
10:34 pm
>> i t having a solution is great. >> reporter: and posted about it on the instaceam account ntly gone viral with more thli 2 mil views. with mixed reactions like you should be embarrassed, america, and se we have to c ideas like this to in the get shot. >> this product now is starting a conversati.and that's actuall wanted it to do. i waed it to be a conversation where we can come togetherow an say can we end this? you know, so it's not againsty police, act i work with police officers everyy, i love them.'s for police officers. it's for motorists. >> that was angalie hphill reporting. you can buy them on the website, which is not maybe it's a lite hot for some folks today. >> little bit on the muggy side. >> the umbrella away.
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>> who wanted rain on father's day, you know, all those barbecues, getting the grill out. we're happyhat that all worked out. some clouds outside right now. and we're talng chance of seeing fog when we get into the overnight hours tonight. and might be lingering a little bit in the early morn be aware of that as you're heading out in terms of visibili. but we have had a day where thoses temperature were really on the rise. take a look. we hit upper 80's, low 90's, all asonal average.e well above shouldn't be this warm right now but it certainly was. 89 at reagan national. 88 at dulles a and 90t bwi thurgood mahall. and this is just the bebeginnin use we'll get warmer than that. not only tomorrow, but also your tuesday. here's what is happe now in the district. we're at 82, cloudy skies, light southerly wind, not too much variance in terms of the temperature and heat indic at th hour, only at 84. but that's one of the things we'll be watching over the next
10:36 pm
couple of days as those due points start to rise. few showe kicked up to the south t just hero the southeast of the i95 corridor, andust a little bit happening here to the north over d b and ait to the west. i stepped outside of it early as i mentioned and kind of felt a little light sprinkle. i don't anticipate this becoming widespread rainfall tonight. nor any thuerstorm activity. just bear that in mind. tt's take a lo where we arere elsewhe in the neighborhood. 79 atfredericksberg, 80 atba imore, 81 at annapolis, 77 at 77 at dulles, 76 at nassas, and s it is still warm out there d and the points into the 70's, onceehey get int 70's you really kind of feel it when you step outside. little bit uncomfortable so you probably had that all day today. i tomorrow, really concern because i exp those due points to rise, eve higher. same story as we g through into tuesday. ecause weect to see those
10:37 pm
heat indices values rise to triple digits.t that's what will feel like when you stepid tras into 70's, pretthey w tarm night and cloudy sky, ridge of high pressure stays off the coast but opens up the door as a result for more warm air to move inform so we are definitely look i want to go being inhe 90's for daytime highs torrow. same story once we get to tuesday, it will feel like it's 100 degrees or more before the day is over. very warm start by t 8:00 hour, we're at , 90 by midday tomoow. eyes to the skies on that. and take a look at the code orange air quality alert in effect for all day tomorrow as we if you have any kind of sensitivity make sure that you don't goou ide. drink plentywafter, stay dr hyed. ware light clothing, elderly neighbors and relatives and make sure they're ok. don't leave kids or pets in car for any length oftime. look at this after ten minutes a car can heat up to .
10:38 pm
air temperature outside at 80 after 20 minutes, it's 109 iarn that and after 30 minutes ite will feel lik 114. nice weather for the beaches coming up. 80's and showers and storms on tuesdato watch for. take a look at fox 5 seven-day forecast. we'll have showers once we get past tuesday, wednesday period. just not a lot of thunderstorm activity, just a couple of days there. weather, heat wave is on the way beginning of the week. marina. nexteek dc's primary election isesday, mayor muriel bowser running for reelection and doesn't face a real competition in the democratic nprimary. she's pace to become first dc mayor to win a second term since 2002. according to the "washington post" many resents in wards 7 and 8 are disappointed in the lack of work she's accomplish east of the a river.
10:39 pm
bill controversy this tuesday is initiative 77. restaurants can pay workers $3.33 and workers make up the dierence with tips. if initiative 7 becomes law, restaurants would be required to pay each tipped worker the distri's minim wage of $12.50, proponent say it would mean higher and equal wage, but many restaurant owners and they're fine creators say it's different than anythinglse on the market. there's a ap for parents that claim the contracts cyber bullying on children's cell phone. kim pose? >> reporter: 52 report being cyber bullyinged, in some cases it's been linto suicide. >> it's one of the biggest concern. a>> reporter: but there'sew way for parents top track. >> here i can r see. >>orter: the computer science professor at cu bolder
10:40 pm
helpedevelop an a called bull alert for android phones, parents can register their child and the ap w slcan for bullying on instagram. parents will receive alerts on the phone within hours of any possible cyber bullying. and research show this ap is 70% accurate. of course, definition of cyber bullying is very subjecve. her aps may offer to search for certain negativewords, but this ap is different. it learns. uresearcherssed real people to teach the program howo abuse.te online comments from also parents give feedback to each alert, so the program learn what each parentonsiders cybernd bullying a customer mice s approach. prioritizes that looks repeated behavior. a lot of work to thaten paren i
10:41 pm
stress >> kim posey fox . coming you up new victim in the opioid epidemol, pe officers trying to make sure their four legged partners stay safe a tough less and on you break it you bought miit. fa gets handed a massive accident during a wedding recept ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ (birds chirping, a running ook,) ahh. the new deer park sparkling
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wso i can play withren's national hmy the odds so i can celebrate 50. when i was 14, they saved myeart so i could bring family together. so itian help cardiac pats just like me. so ian serve my so i can do wh love. so i can give back. so i can play in the junior olympics. so i canake plays. so i can do this so i can race my friends. children's national didn't just help us grow up, they helped us grow up stronger.
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. k9s are an essential part o both police departments across the country, often calledpon finding evidence and sniffing out drugs whichnc ides helping officers locate the dangerous drug fentanyl, more powerful than morphinor hero dog
10:45 pm
hasn'tlers say more than ever they're put at risk. out there potentially exposed to fentanyl orhe t opioids that are so potent and can be absorbed across the mucous overdose. and result in an >> os are trained to look for symptomsf an overdose inth e dogs might start panting and acting hyper teded. some police departments are considering providing officers with naloxone. used on lepeop weddings can be expensive but nott for the bride and groom. check out what happened here, a wedding reception held at a community center in kansas last month. a couple of kid running around and at one point, a young boy touch as sculpture, touches eight couple of times eventually -- it's about to go -- there it goes. >> jeez. >> a that sculpture broke. apparently, it cost a whooping
10:46 pm
$132,000. the par are upset and hoping theiromeowners insurance p from policyp to hel pay for the sculpture they ll never have a piece of. that wasn't just a little bit oops i bumped into it. that kido seemedbe climbing on the sculpture >> probably doesn't know wis. t>> you better not do that. coming up it is a prom night to remember. a 1 gets an experience she will andrs step in to help. nurses a 911 hero lades to rest.a untry's darkest day.o during th ♪ . ♪ . ♪
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. the attacks that took place on 911. thousand to say died that day, including many first responde. >> for those who survived, some sufferedalllnesses and medic ti compons. a memorial service was held for an fbi special agentan who died frcer linked they don't those attacks nearly 17 years ago. here's fox 5 tisha wis. >> reporter: a good man of faith is how fbi director christophe ray described special agent i charge david la vali laido res here at quantico national cemetery. cool,al cand collected. that sentiment was echoee her as those who knew him b said their final farewells. >> there was something specialke about special air in charge david la v could yo and hear it. law enforcement from near and farmeame tmber one of their own.
10:51 pm
one who on 911 was on his way to work when he spotted the first tower go down. after being suck by terrorists. he responded to help >> he did all he could, he there thrndgh 911 a helped all the citizens as much as possible. >> reporter: friday morning, he r making the ultimate llfo hono sacrifice. his friend andolleague thomas o'connor described the man who inspired, united and served >> i spoke to dave two weeks ago related to t health progra as been said many times, he was the kind of guy who too care of people. sheriff from loudoun county came up to my and said a he police officer in the same community as dave was, and they had a bond,e was the kind of guy that just showed up at scenes or went to meetings to plan, and instantly mad friends
10:52 pm
and cooperation followed theough work we do. >> reporter: he's more than one a dozen fbigent whose los their lives due to cancers and sickness related toti911. manynue to battle illnesses, nearly two decades afr the terrorist attack. >> dave lavalley gave his life for th people of the united states and 911, he ran towards danger. like countless other police officer, firefighters and fbi agents. >> repter: a good man who gave his all foris country, man who exempt partly if i did the highest of best qualities of faith, hope and love. ones the fbi's top boss leads to alscribeley who died late last month >> i think his family wou want people to know that dave lavaey gave his life his country, he was a marine, a d on 911 he ran towards han age, danger, and because of that, he gave his life for thatge >> reporter: specint
10:53 pm
lavalley most recently served as a special agent ian charge of te at division since november 2016. he previously served as the special agent in chargealf the cr and cyber division at the whington field office. he lea behind his pares, his sibling, his wife and their three childr. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. we've got a long awaited super hero sequel. kevin mccarthy break down what movie you should see coming up next. ♪ ♪ . . ♪. ♪ . ♪ >
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. >>15-year-old girl who missed her prom.
10:57 pm
skyler russell was from six surgeries due to crohn's december. university of missouridr en's hospital brought the prom to her, bought her dress and shoes cranked up the music. she was p crownedm queen and the king was the surgeon only took 14 years toet here the incredibles sequely finallout. yocan plan on catching any other movie because fox 5 kevin mccarthy got youered >> i'm traveling this week but lt me give you the movie reviews let's startith a film 14 years in the making, incredibles two, can you believe it's beenrs 14 since the first film hit theaters? now, i still have my ticket for that film. whichost $6.50 back in 2004. brad bird is back to direct sequel which takes place roughly coupleays after events of the fists film and the incredibles are back with th voice performances of craig. unless, holly hunter and samuel
10:58 pm
jackson.and this time, a major is called upon to try and help change the perceptions people ve about super heros, they're currently banned and i hiding at this point inry the so the point being alas t agirl will do amazing acts, mr. incredible's task is to stay homeith the kids which leads to some of the funniest movies. two of the best characters jack jack and he did in a. the fun f about edna is voiced by the director bra bird and jack jack on the other hand has bt comedic moments in the film as every single scene brings something crazy and unpredictable. i lot of jackack and edna element. wh i love about pixar is the idea that the films work k for ids and adults, there's so much going on that gives the film great amount of depth, the animation isrg eous, i loved incredibles too as much as i gave it the rst, and i gave it a 4.5.
10:59 pm
the next is tag. v the film'ssion deals with five best friends a playing game of tag since they were now, in their adult age, 30it years laterh more money and resources they continue to play the game every year in the month of may. and one of the friends played by jeremy renter's character has never been tagged in the 3 year of the game. renter is amazingn the film and fun fact abo hime actually broke both of hisin ar he third day of shooting this movie, therefore, a lot of the film his armare manipulated with cgi. film has a great cast, john ham, jake johnson, my biggest issue was a joke that kind of crossed the line into a biggest of offe opinion be i won't reat it but i found this one particula bit to be unnecessary. that being sa, injoyed the film and the story. great performances and also very fun and creative action, i gave
11:00 pm
the eight 5 out of five. those are the movie reviews and i'm kcincarthy, fox news the news tonight far from over. the news at 11:00 starts right now. ♪. ♪ . gunshots ringutt an all-night arts festival in new jersey, turning a cmunity celebration into tragedy. a cl for safety on the water after ari boating t turnshe deadly on potomac. and world cup fever some stunning finishes today in russia, we'll show best moments from the tournament so far. wning for boaters after an accident on the potomac river leaves two men dead. police recovered their bodies near cob island in charles county today. they're issuing a call for safety toveryone heading out on the water. here's fox 5 en lambert. >> reporter: here along the potomacomiver in montgy county. this areas serves a staging area for water rescues. maryland natural


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