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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 18, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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most of our region. fox5 morning at 4:30 starts right now. >> ♪ >> good morning to you ni thong you for joi us. >> it is monday, june 18. hope everybody had a nice father's day yesterday. o toon to a new work week going to be a hot one. caitlin is in this morning. >> yes, we have a hot week ahead. be today but that heat becomes a little dangerous for some we'll take look at the heat index and a look at theatoads. th coming up in just a bit. >> thanks caitlin. appreciate it. 4:30 straight up right now let's talk about developing neap out ofan. three people are dead, sever dozen others are injured after an earthquake struck just north of the city of osaka. the magnitude 6.1 quake hit during monday morning rush hour. itvenockedr walls and set off fires around the city. one of the victims was a nine-yr-old student who was killed when a wall fell on her
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as she was walking near her school. the quake hit during the mo train and subway service. >> developin overnight while you were sleeping crews in montgomery county workedo ft out a house it's on mahan road in silver spring. the single family home was heavily engulfed in flames when firefightersrrived on scene. fortunately everyone in the house got out including two dogs but officials say one person ran back inside and at person had to be rescued. one firefighter susined minor injuries. >> new this morng, first lady mel trump is among the latest big names to weigh in on the currt immigration controversy.po a sswoman for mrs. trump esys she to see children separated from their families and wants to see successful immigration reform. first lady saying "we need to be a country that llows all laws but also a country that govern veterans with heart." >> the issue of separating children fro parents outraged immigration advocates overnd the weeke several lawmakers got firsthand looks at some immigrant detentioner
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cent >> the u.s. house is expected to vote on a pair of immigrationk packages this that will include border funding and restructuring of visa programs. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. those tours will contie with nancy pelosi and other democrats heading tor the u.s.-mexico b and as you mentioned all of this ipe wrap up in this new immigration deb some possible comprise bills but no one knows if they have enough votes in o per tos. some members of congress did spend their father's day visiting a texas detentiin center and you'reg new images providedhe by t department of homeland security becauseedia was allowed to photograph ring the tour. me of the children here are among the 2000 kids who were separated from their pents ile trying to cross over the result of a zero tolerance policyed announc in april. theinistration argues it's trying to deter future illegal border crossing adding that
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the separation of families is the result of existing law. but democrats counter it's not law, it's just policy. >> nobody likes seeing bheies ripped from t mother's arms, from their mother's womb's frankly. >> the president could change thld policy today. he change it rightow. >> reporter: now border patrol officers say the children are getting cared for provided with hot meals and medical services. the trump administrdeion believes a borwall will help end illegal crossings. that moneyha ces visa programs and also a damers, allf that is included ine this new com bill. again, its not clear where the vote stands att. this president trump heads here to capitol hill tuesday to continue talking to house. leadership live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5ews.
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>> 4:33 is our time right now. we are als following a developing story out of montgomery county. pohice are searc for a missing germantown man. 72-year-old charles wesley smith was last seen by his family friday around 10:00 a.m. he told them he was going to drive to florida. its believed he was seen in the virginia area around 6:00 saturday evening. smith is 5 feet 8-inches tall weighs about 160 pounds. was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. he is believed to beri dng a blue 2018 nissan sentra with district of columbia tags r37358. one you're seeing on yourn screen. northern virginia police in fairfax county continue their search for this missing teenager. this is 17-year-old charlie barton last seen around 6:0 on saturday morning in the 6800 block of perryn penny i annandale. he 5-foot 6-inches weighs about 170 pndnds. police a his family believe he may be experiencin mental health crisis. >>e now know the identities
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of two boaters who drowned near cobb unland in charles co. the menre from silver spring. maryland natural resources police say the pair's fishing boat was that found empty last night. bodies.later found the men's nine people have died on the ter in maryland already this yeah. that matches the number of year. all of last >> ♪ >> 4:35 right now and caitlin roth doing double duty talking abouteather and traffic. a hot one on tap today. word. ys the key word. of tear so far for us as temperatures are already it's humid out there, 75 aty. reagan national, 69 out at dulles, 73 at bwi. air quality alert. thoe go into effect for anyone who becomes a little sensite when we're really humid out there, mea the air is sgnant, the part
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particulates can't move arou. we may see this extended into us too. we'll see. here's your planning forecase a lot of sunshinnd it will warm up fast 8 so6 degrees by 11:00 a.m., 92 by 2:00 p.m. we should do 95 later on ts afternoon. these high tempera shy of a record of 97 today so t out there, high u.v. d inefinitely lots of water lots of sunscreen. as we hitd roads early this morning let's check traffic. we have a crash o the inner loop at the woodrow wilson bridge. it is mover to do shoulder. as you're crossing over om the maryland side just us caution. doesn't look like any delays are buildg and for that matter on either side ofod the wow wilson bridge. 39 free and clear. six minutes from the beltway to the 11th street bridge right there on 295.e and if ycoming from virginia, 66 etbound looks smooth, 21 minutes from manassas to the beltway. noroblems on any of our accidents except for the one on the inner aoop. that's a look weather and
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traffic. holly and oaureenver to you. >> thanks caitlin. > coming up, former first view of the country's current immigration situation. w >> andarner brothers studios cracking down on harry potter feoivals. >> let's g break now. as we do, live look there at37 . 270 up near clopper road, up in montgomeryer county, evhing is moving pretty oothly so f at least in that area. fox5 morning back right aftert this. go anywhere. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 morning. today is n monday. time right is 4:39. this is a live lookt route 50 just west ofeahe chesapeake bridr sandy point. traffic moving well but it is monday at 4:39, right. >>here's time. >> right. >> there's time for it to build. >> give it a minute. >> listen, we are back now and it time to check what is hot on the web on thisto monday. theries that you're engaging with the most ciis morning on so media. >> yeah, we told you a few nutes ago t current first
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lady melania trump haseighed in on the immigration debate invoing children are separated from their parents at the border well, now so too has former first lady laura bush. >> in an opinion piece published last night in the washinon post laura bush had harsh criticism for the trumpad nistration's zero s. bush wrote i live in a border state. i appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries but this zero tolerance policy is it is immoral and its my heart. she went on to say our vernment should not be in the business of warehousing children in converted box stores or making planso place them in tent cities in the desert. >> next up harry potter fans are fuming at warner brothers after the movie studio announceki it's crac down on local fanestivals. warner brothers says it's necessary to sto unauthorized commercial activity. >> new guidelines prohibit festivals from using any names, places or objects fromth. one fanrg who helps oize a yearly festival outside of i philadelphia st's almost as if warner brothers has been
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taken over by voldemort trying to use dark magic to destroy the lighow of a littlen. >> finally expect to see lots of leg and other body bits when mtv airs its movie andv awards tonight. ages from the red carpet for the show whichtu was taped on rday show plenty of skin neck lines to see fabrics.g tiffany haddish hosts. >> ming up, new ballot initiative to snificantly incr the pay of several restaurant worke in the district. >> and a howard county colleagues to take action to prevent another ellott city flood. >> heading to break right now,at live look the district as it looks from the oxon hill camera. time right now is 4:41 and it is 75 degrees. we're back with more n weather and traffic after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> time now is 4:44. we're checking y top stories this morning. immigration taking center stage on capitol hill thise week. houss expected to vote on a pair of immigration packages. they'll ilude border funding the restructuring of several visa programs. yesterday lawmakers visited a texas facil that houses hundreds of immigrantt detained ahe border. some of them are childrend sepa from their parents while trying to cross over. it's part of the trump lerance policy announced back in april.
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>> crews c in montgomerynty worked overnight to put house re on mahan road in silver ring. th single family home was heavily engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived oe. everybody in the house escapedin uding two dogs. one person, though, whock ran inside had to be rescued. oneinirefighter sed minor injuries. >> and good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> it is friday -- no its not friday june 18. it says friday in there. i'mg not misreadin that, right? it is monday, june 18th and we're starting yet another work week and this one is going ton start a warm note so let's checkwi in caitlin and talk about that. >> that c wasruel joke. >> it was a cruel joke, right, arsh. >> i want to go back and wake up and it is friday. oh, those weekends just fly by. hotter and more humid out there today. there's no doubt about it. and as we get into the afternoon yes, it's going toel etty quickly.ncomfortable if we could go back to max
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three that would be ideal. with the heatit and humid will start to fl dangerous territory. the are we at max three, guys? doesn' mlook like it oy end. there we go. 75 degreesutside. heat index at 75. so you don't really start to seeil that heat index untou get into the afternoon and tnd he humidity starts to build. so, national radar n showing anyt outside for you right now. it is quiet. had a quiet weekend. it was notav to note anything out there except the sunshine so zooming in a little bit closer onto the washington area, not looking at any issues this morning. temperatures outside rig now are already quite warm. we're looking at 75 here in washington, 73 in baltimore, 69 in gaithersburg, 67 manassas and 64 wninchester. so, we'll only continue to heat hp frome. we'll take a look at these dewpoints. these are a measure of just how uncomfortable it ishe outside andn it's this high this early innihe mor it's quite counteding the air conditioning for the drive in.
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it will be a sunny one, too, but kind of that hazy type sunshine. code orange air quality alert today for monday, that's the whole areaus meaning it'st so humid and stagnant out there might be a little unmfortable for sensitivelo w temperatures overnight. will fall back into and aes get into the afternoon look at. that heat pump we are talking about mid t 90's, aiemperature here today for your monday, 96. 92 there on tuesday. thunderstorms will make it feel a little less hot but still very hodid. it is foray that we have that dangerous heat index i guess you could say. here's the planner as we'll rise temperature the 90's. accuweather 7ay forecast shows we'll go from6 into 94. suer begins later this week and we'll have that chanc of showers and thunderstorms lingergh t much of the seven day. forecast.look at the seven-day let's the roads on a monday where we're starting off kind of quiet as we all have to transition back into the work week. 95 northbound between dale
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city and the beltway 14 snutes there on thattretch. no problems coming out of nortrn virginia. 395 northbound once you get inside the beltway, you'reg fine. goin the 14th street bridge just 11 minutes on tha stretch there. inneroop from 66 to the american legion bs.dge, seven mi not much to show. to the 11th street bridge just four minutes there. very light volume.50 westbound coming in from th beltway to 295, just fiveou minutes on y stretch there. finally,ust one more for you, inner loop between branch avenue and woodrow wilson bridge eight minutes there. not looking at any issues onaj the ms right now. >> d.c.'s prima election i tomorrow. mayor muriel bowser running for reelection. she's facing two challengers in the democratic primary. over the weekend the washington post endorsed bowser f a second term. there was also democratic primaries for everal seats on th.c. council as well as delegate to the u.s. house. >> d.c. voters in on a controversial ballot pay tipped workers d.c.'sano
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ur.imum wage of $12.50hon now right now restaurants can payn worker $3.33 hour and workers make up the difference with tips whichften averages outo well above minimum wage. proponents say it would mean a higher and equal wage for restaurant owners and workers say theye fine with the waythin. >> at least one member of the howard county council is calling on his colleagues to prevent another flood from destroyingt ell city. he says analysis should be conductedtn an e made to improvest infracture throughout the watershed. weinstein me a similar call after the 2016lood but no academics was taken. >> the road to recovery for ellicott city is still aon l one but progress is being made. on suny the city took a big step after those devastating floods r
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presidential candidate lot that will provide much needed space for workers and customers who want to gain access to businesses on main sreet. tomorrow maitreet will reopen toes traffic w of old columbia pike and east of maryland avenue. additional parking lots will also reopen on tuesday. >> time now is 5:50. the fox5 zip trip crew heading toome awesome place summer. we had a really good time in lexington park maryland.ri that was onday. this week we're headed to fairfax county to visit reston virginia. ll be there along with tony an tucker. we'll arrive startingt 6:00 a.m. on friday. come out. >> you can ride in still this summerith our fox5 zip trips. enter for your chance to win a two year lease on a new 2019 acura tlx. five finalists will be selected by random drawing. that will happen on august 20th. all finalists must attend the final zip trip event which is
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on august 31st 2018 in order tto be eligibleo win. all entrants must be 18 or older. the prize is provided by d.c. area acura dealers. complete rules available at >> and coming up a number of lucky dads in our region spent father'say at the ballpark. >> and thousands participate in a huge yogahe display o lawn of the capitol. >> heading to break rightow, looking live at the beltway just o eastf new hampshire avenue. it's 4:51. and it is 75 grees. we're b after this. >> ♪ aruna miller: the teacher who made me feel
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like i belond in america when i didn't speak english. the minimum wage jobs that helped me getro ugh college and become a transportation engineer. and my daughters who make me proud every day. i'm aruna miller, and i have a lot of reasons to give back. it's why in the leteslature, i helped wriozens of laws to protect every maryland i'm running foress and i approved this message because right now,ti prng maryland families means stopping donald trump.
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welcome back to fox5 morning. today is monday. it is 4 this is near rou five in brandywine. traffic looking like it'sp
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picking uust a bit. all right. got to get to w i get it. all right, let's get toighe news r now. we continue to follow thelatestm hawaii. an eerie scene along the big islandf hawaii's southern coast. flowing under a red sky. >> it's covered more than nine square miles. more than 600 homes have been destroyed since the kilauea volcano began erupting o may 3rd. >> hundredserf dads spent this 's day at nats park. they didn't get to see the nationals play in person because the team is on the road in toronto but still they had a g wat time andched the game on the jumbotron. >> the dads enjoyed a brunch which included a spread of chicken and waffles memos the lawnmats filled front of the capitol. the fourthernational dayy for of yoga. i should be in tree more t00 people took part in the event. >> professional instructors
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led participants through stretches and poses. the fishes joineoi officianed io help reduce stress.el >> caitlin, can yiver some zen with your weather forecast. >> oh, b, i need a zen moment. >>e all do. [laughter] >> right, don't we all? a roughtart to a wo week, i'll tell you. 96 degrees. i don't want to be laying out there in the hot sun to do yoga though. that has to be in a air nditioned studio. we have heat, pure sunshine. not really lchking at any storm ces today so if you're outdoors, you have t work outdoors, c youose to be outdoors take breaks in the shade and waters muchs possible. noeat advisory. we're right below that criteria but it is still very hot and it's kind of the first time we've done this heat wave thing this year. 74 degrees outside right now. it's pretty muggy. we're looking at temperatures along the mountains to upper
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70's a the water. baltimore, 70 in leonardtown. so, here we go. our june heat wave and yes, it's shockin its hard to believe -- we're tow in second half of june here and temperatures just keep rising, keep getting hot. heat index values will surpass that 100-degree mark for today. so, air temperature 96. that's later this afternoon. mostlypo sunny. anything tps up would be very isolated and like a --ra maybe y shower but i doubt it. so it will bell about the heat. that's the bigger mtoryaking it feel at timesik l 100 degrees plus. accuweather 7-day forecast, we'll take the edge off the heat tomorrow with scattered t thunderstorms aroundhe afternoon, 92. more storms wednesday, some of which may be severe, a 90. thurnd friday not so bad. back to the 80's, less thunderstorm chances rn this weekend. that a look at your forecast. let's check the roads here let's check the roads. there we go. on-tim traffic and sthbound 95 there just 10 minutes as you're coming in on the
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patuxent freeway take it to the beltway, kind of hazy dark beginning to the day. sunrises quickly. southbound or northboe coming down from laurel through beltsville and onto the beltway itself. 95 is okay at this moment on the maryland side. 270anlso in maryl looking good from 70 tl 121. that take you about 13 minutes. also 13 minutes on the outer loop as youac ah the spur. that's a look at traffic.e fox5 will bght back after this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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5:03 deadly earthquake.orning, this is breaking news out of asia where central japan has been rocked by a large quake during the height of rushd hour. the dea including a young girl days before congress prepares to vote o new immigration legislationid nate debate about the separation of immigrant filies continues to grow and now even the first lady is chiming in on the controversy. sweltering heat. it's still spring but today's 100 degrees across most of our region. fo morning at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> ♪ >> good morning. thank you for joining us. >> it is monday, june 18. we're off to another work week and working hard already is caitlin roth. she's in


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