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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 19, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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t lawmakers whooured detention ceers, in texas, soundcalifornia, oregon and in new jersey, saying that there were fares confirm children living without their parents in com mine like conditions and some facilities areep sated by fencing that loo like large cas, since april newra zero nce policy treats people crossing the border illally as criminals, if they have children with them, they're separatedl the legal case plays out. despite outrage, thera trump admition and department of homeland security are not backing down from their position. >> the entire crisis, just to be clear is not new. it is the exclusive proct of
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loop holes in our federalgr immiion laws. current laws, are those whose licies created this cris. >> this is not about immigration. it's about humanity, it's about family. it's about who wares a country. >> reporter: the democrats joined by growingum nrs of republicans arein now cg separate bills to stop the separation families at the border. that could spoil the administration's strategy to use the issue in part so win votes on that larger immigration reform package that includes moy for a border wall and to that point last night, the white house said, president trump is not interested in signing anyd alone legislation only interested in comprehensive immigration refo. live in the capitol, melanie alnwick, fox 5 local news. 4:32 is the time. the pentagon formall suspendedm upco military drills with south korea. the drills are planned forst
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auguut were scrapped following president ump's summit with kim jong-un. made on jo exercises.have been exercises with other countries will continue. president trump is promising to make spa great again. pentagon to force, thatld become the e for reducing satellitett clu in space. sets n upew guidelines for satellite design and operation for avoid collisionand space craft happening, dc voters head to the urpolicy, mayor ml bowser is running for reelection, faces challengers ie th primary, there are also primaries for several dc council seats, the house delega and 7:00, close at 8:00. if you haven't had had time tor ter, it's ok, same day registration. fox 5 will have the election night results and if you head to the polls share your experience
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or photos. use #fovotes. initiative 77 would raise minimuwage fro 11.50 an hour to $15 by 2020. perhaps most controversial part impact restaurant business including servers and bartenders, initiative 77 will require workers to make 12.50 an hour, now they make aleast 3.33 an hour and rest is made up by tips, some restaurants and bar owners say increasingni the mum wage would cripple the business. others say it would be a more steady income for service industry workers. g, devel the search for a man who sexual assaulted a teenager on a ride-on bus happened in march but it's coming to light now asor invests are releasing the photo of the suspect. picture is on your screen-16-year-old girl involved ordered the bus onlt coille man sexual assaulted her, ma
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followed after afterwards anded sexual ass her again. there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest virginia police are on theo ok-out for a serial flasher in arlington and he struck again near the iwo jima memorial. police are concerned he'stt geg more aggressive groped akes nearly a dozen incidents since january. >> new this morning, the washington nionals added relieveralvin herrara for the kaas city royals, arguably best reli picture in baseball with a 1.05 era. what may b shock of the year, barry trotz resigned, just twnweeks aftering stanley contract extension, trotz was a asking for a five-year contrac with guaranteed $5 million every moyear. ey wasn't necessary areally the issue but more the leng of the contract.
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♪ . 4:35 is the time. the game sheer, erin will talk about roads in a minute but mike thomas we want to start with you and the weather. nasty inout. k it is. >> it's like an island without the beach humidso >> it's summer, people. >> butit is better than yesterday though? no. it's worse. >> really? >> yes. in what way >> humidity. much higher humidity if you stey outside this morning. and the heat index later on this afternoon will appach 100. it is again, hot and stick temperatures 79 in dc, 78 for quantico. 80 in hagerstown. it's hot, sticky, anything over 70 is considered extremely humid. we're 73 degrees due point this hour at dcnd that will help things to feel rather warm as we head into ene yterday, i guess
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say is there could be relieve in the the form of thunderstormi ng our way a little later on this afternoonly. we'll talk about that coming up. two-day forecast, warm humid stickys, 92 today, yes, it is tomorrow. that's a check of weather. 4:37. keeping eyes on the roads and traffic is super quiet. backups, 4:37 if you're hitting roads,'re in great shame. i'll letou know if that changes we'lla take live tour of every area. metro service picking up:0t 5 a.m. any questions erin of my dcn twitterlily. coming up onrn fox 5 news ing supreme court decides to pass up a fight over maps in maryland a 6-year-old is newester winnf google contest >> 270 near clarks berg it's 4:37 and we'll be bck with more news, weath and traffic after the
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furniture. where are you? test. tes test: 25years. >> this week.
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20 minutes before 5:00. back with the stories tha you're engaging with the most already on social media. first up the safetrack proved a defense bill which would block the president's plan to save the t chinesel come company zt e. itzeould authori $716 billion in spending on militaryl personnend hardware. the presidt said lifting the ban that doiness with zt e. the nation's highest tour taking a pass on controversial election tore relay maps. the justices dismissedeparate lawsuits from democratic voters in wisconsin and republicoters in maryland. they challenge the maps. e currentlection tore relay maps will stand. a baltimore duncan donuts is facias bh for posting a sign offering customers coupons for reporting if employees are
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overheard shouting in foreign languages. sign read if you hear any of our staffer shouting in a language other than english, please call immediately with the name of the employee to receive a coupon fo free coffee and a pastry. posted the sign that's taken y down. comedian turned heads last nighshe's first black woman to the award show. she had peoe rolling throughout with her comic relief she was wearing a replica of duchess megan markel's wedding dress. a first grader is winner fog go for doodle goes to churway school in falls she drew a picture called dino doodle. het bea more than 180,000
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trees. coming up on fox morning, a popular water play area irin th ct is making their kids sick >> a number of our regions privates high sc are changing the way students will earn college credits. heading to break looking live at theeltway nea route four, it is 42. 78 degrees. back after this. ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . fr. al eveslice eshness. the results, well, th speak for themselves.
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. here's look at some top stories, president trump is said to go to capitolill to talk with republicant lawmakers the administration's zero tolerance immigration policy, prsure is mounting for the president to revers part of the policy, which led to thousds children being separated fromei r parents at the border. on monday, an audio recording was released tha appears to capture small children crying out for parents at a texas border facility. dc voters will head to the polls where they will weigh in on a controversial blot known as initiative 77 requi restaurants to pay tipke wor dc minimum wage.also primaries c delegate to the h of
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representatives. barry trotz resigned two weeks after team won the stanley cup, they couldn' agree to axt contraension trotz wanted a if i be year with guaranteed five million every year, the management saidoney wasn't the issue but the length and of the contract. i wonder wt the issue is for signing him for five years? i want more, we'll give you more, good morning thanks for joining us. pmikthomas kicking it off with , the forecast. >> good morning, live look ou hide, things quiet butot and sticky to start the day here, temperature up near 80 in dc, we got another hot and humid day cold front that will movla n r on today and try a bring us relief but ahead of it noon 1:00, 2:00 the c heat indeould soar oveethe triple digits lik it did yesterday then storms will be possible. best chance between noon and 5:00 here in the dc region. not everybody will see them. but again those that do will bring a little bit r ofelief and summer officially begins thursday we're doing all of thia
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heat it's not even officially summer that is not until again thuday at 6:08 in the morning, 79e outside as start the day here inon washingt it's 80 in p richmond,ittsburgh at 75. now in across central pa is the binghamton, humidityly haves are up there, 73um extremeid in dc, 72 for baltimore, 78 at gaithersburg, that's important because when you take heat and you factor in the humidity you get the heat index and by the time w get to 9:00, it might be feel like the low 90's out there. watch thise head to the afternoon, that's a 102or a real feel by time we get to 1:00 in dc 104 for quantico,or 103 frederick. maybe not as long asyesterday. because we gethe front through, we get storms through here by the time we get to eving, we could be feeling better with lower 90's. and upper 80's around the region.s again, twhat we're
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tracking it's a cold front off to the north across pennsylvania you see showers getting ahead od the cold front trying to push across the maryland pennsylvania border, other than that, it will be a mix of sun and clouds through t first halfn the of the day, the cold front is heang to the south, the trigger for showersrmnd thundersto right around again, noon to 5:00. that's your best chance or your watch the skies kind of time frame in dc, ahead of it temperaturesnt soaring i the 90's with the heat index osnr he yesterday ifre able to it s w here in dc, tomorrow, 88, thuray we bring in summerfest, 86 that will be averge for friday, mor clouds and sun with a c znce of showers for ourip trip, keeping an eye on it. it doesn't look particularly wet in the morning, we head to the weekend, to wash outs but a chance of storms saturday and sunday, that's weather, erin. 4:48. s not through dumfr problems 95 all secondaries in virginia lookinggood, no issues inir fax, nice and quiet on
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yoon sorth secondaries in the ct .dist we're not seeing slowdowns that it's good, metro service picki up at 5:00 a.m. no reported delays. suction traffic pretty much quevt erywhere, at quiet start to the tuesday morning, if you're out and about trying to get on the road, don't have slowdowns or crashes to tell you on twitter. 4:49, three children gftten sier playing in the wer at a splash park in the distct. this happened at the turtle park on 55 and ino rthwest, no word if the illnesses are directly wateed to t at least one parent claims there was sewage in the water all weekend and said her child got an eye infection. in a statement, the department of general services sayshe t park has been closed while rey investigateeports of foul odor a thency said residentsafety is their priority. they will update the community ashey learn ecre. theovery efforts continue in ellgott city followinast month'sd deadly
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devastating flooding. howard county councilman said the best plan is totop the building. howard county councilman john weinstein is hoping to get lakes passed to prohibit all building permits in the tiger branch water shed to focus on rebuilding, a new proposal to get the city back onts feet and getting a lot of support and >> the inten is to have a pause of 12 months, step back, not onlyhe review data that we collected and analysis that we did last time and a it to this storm and look at existing developments in the water shed to see , if anything, can be done in tse areas. >> weitein tried to push the same legislation forward in 2016 it didn't pass but the flooding 22 months that ellicott cit flooded. eight private high schools in our area will phase ap classes by 2022, they want to develop their on classes with an
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emphasize on inner disciplary and in-depth leaing they say it gives students a jum start and can save money's o tuition, some university no longerccept ap classes for credit which means students have to take the subjects again in college. nine before 5:00. fox 5 zip trip crew had had an amaze ain time in lexington park maryland. this week heading to fairfax county. they're gng to visit reston virginia, maureen, tony tucker will be there broadcasting live from the town incenter, start at 6:00 a.m. we'd love for you to c out and join >> get t readyo ride in style with thetrip, go to now through august 19 andnd enter a chance to win a two-year lease on a20 19 acura. five finalists will be selected august 20th, they mustttend 31st 2018 in order to ug legibl one winner will be sected all
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entrants must be 18 or older. provided by dcrea acura dealers. complete rules at fox 5 dc/contest. the british royal family is preparing for another wedding. thisne will mark a first in royal history. playingports on the national mall could soo be more complicated. > you're looking live at route 301 and five in brandywine at his g,mornin 452 is the time, we're a 78 degrees. you're wching fox 5 news coming back. . . .
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. ♪ . ♪ . welcome back at 4:54. british royal family preparing to make history with anoer wedding queen elizabeth cousi wl have a same sex wedding he will marry his partnme
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ja coil later this year, hispu ex-wt penny with whom he has three daughters will walk him down the aisle.di theng has the full royal blessing. they have come a long way. at is >> progressive for sure. >> excessive video gaming is now considered a mental health condition. experts acknowlge the skepticism aboutid equatingeo games with drug or alcohol addictions >>ff theects are similar and it can be a real problem for gamers who mht have lost control of their lives. sports teams useields on te national mall could soon change, a new proposal calls for the park service t take over the reservation process for dc parks and cs, meaning it will no longer be omrste served d a possible fee increase, right now it's 7 bucks, that can increase to $70 for a two-hour block or $30 for one hour. to use the money from those nts higher registration fees to fund
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efforts to main the mall mike thomas talking our weather today. hot ain. >> hot again, humid again, and popntially heat index u and over 100 yet again heredc in. and it's notn eve summer yet. begins in did i say, 608. we'll have some party for fox 5 as well offy start the summer. satellite and radar showing bl showers, couple rum of thunder coming through pennsylvania that's ao old front offthe north and will slide southward. that will try and bring u couple of thunderstorms. you'll want to watch out between, say, noon and 5:00. not everybody will see the scattered in nature. there's your hour by hour temperatures. you see highs today, once again, headed for0's, we' go 92 here in dc. tomorrow 88. we head tards first day of summer little coer. 86 degrees. 4:56, metro rail lines on time at 5:00 a.m. and we're not seeing slow downs, traffic quiet
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flowing freely all laurel, no issues on 295 by powder mill road. if you're waking up trying to head to wo or wherever, outer loop is at speed, inner loop in college park looks quiet. we're problem-free on five, 210, questions on twitter keeping you updated as things continues to wake up around here. ♪ .♪ . ♪ .
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. immigration debate. the white house is facing growin o uproarver the separation immigrant families after they crossed the u.s. border r as president trump heads to capitol hill today. he insists his hands are legal tied. . ballot initiative 77 voters inehe district will decid future of minimum wage. when it comes to tipped workers it's a decision which could change the way you eat out. good-bye barry ttz. what? you heard right less thanwo t weeks after winning the s cnley apitals are without a headcoach oh. fo5 news morning at 5:00 a.m. starts right now ♪ . ♪ . g, good mo thank you for >> tuesday, juneth , erin r and mike heredy to talk weather and


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