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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 20, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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facilies does not look good politically. president revealed his daughter and adviser ivanka trump encouraged him to hend this and support the push to do so. house republicans are expected bills the president support are notcrats sdpepinted to have either vote. >> the president hwe the po rig now to reverse the policy that he put in place six weeks ago. >> children are b vd om their parents and cruel up necessary i would sa unamerican way.
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>> doctors and lawyers that visited these facilities say h the children areterical because they d know where fourth tender age shelter is set toon open in h. >> larry hogan and ralph northam ordered national guard soldiers to return home. thewo are among eight governor president supposeding or refusing to commit state military resources to state border security in employo te trump immigration policies. >> 4:31 is the time and continues to react to u.s. pulling out of united nation's human rights counsel. incomey haley called t counselll not worthy of his night citing chronic bias againstsr il. israel praisedhe desixingts haley lamb entered those accused of human rap right violations are all members of the counsel. some call itoyrnlt productive to american security. >> more security change from tsa the agency will ask
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foreign airrt sending flights to tous cut n any powders f ind carry on bags mostly containers size of soda cap. topsy wareness efforts aboutp the change and uming passenge keners in checked luggage.cop >> baltimore today dpxt bis raise ago wareness of sexual assaults on air planes. it's seen upticnf oflight results coming into bwi airport. ey want to ale the public of the seriousness of th issue and remd people it's a federal crime. raise ago wareness is importan protect they will saemz during the heavy travel season. >> with d.c. primary behind us many are looking for twoord the results of yound a i. >> "fox5" annie yu live in norm west this mornreg with mo good morning, annie.
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>> holly, maureen b this wasig issue at the polls and passed it races minimum wage tos $12.50 nor sebereas those that rely onle tixz that work at you know thau restnt and bars and that type of thing, this is diner here on 11th street. it basically races that minimu wage to a base wage of $12.50n hour and eventually in several years that will go up to $15 an ho. right now tipped workers in d.c. are paid a base wage of $3.33 an hour they make tips on top of that. we've been telling about you pportersing minimumra o wage says it guarantees steady they don't have to rely on tips to learn erp a living. those against it argue the pay would burden restaurant own werz extra costs and it would crippl their business. most tipped workers make moreim
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than min wage already. as you mentioned the big question is how does this change affect you and i when we dine out in the district. you could be paying more for od. because businesses may have to raise those help uprices. and your service koob infected if workers get laioff.and also f whether people would still tip is a big receivers fear that tipping will go away. and some business owners fear ty will take a financial hitde r this initialty. and especially those small businesses. and we ta andy shalal owner ever busndoys poets and he weighed in on how small c businessesould be affected. i think smahe businesses are t ones that may get hurt by thi and small businesses need to be at the table when thisonversation take place with city counsel council. it is not end ul be all. we have to bring business and layer ob together to come one a compromise maybe e or tax abate ontsr creative
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changes in ordefor this to be palatable for everybody. >> now, i want to mention that largely the d.c. council was against this including becauseerseat t. r emains to be unseen. could they possibly block this from boming law orould they change the measure and me up wit a compromise. so we stil have to wait and see how this plays ou. that the latest here from northwest, annie yu, "fox5 local ne". >> all right. thank you annie. michael thomas 4:r5. od mornies, if you wake up in gaithersburg this morning temperatures of 67. if yea hinto town nearly 10 degrees wmer by the time you reach d.c.. ason why frontal boundary draped across the d.c. regionmnt warmer south of i and cooler and less humid norm of. it and that frontal boundary t is goingo be the trigger for power showers erin storms later today.ud
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notice how thes shift north out here to the west of town and then they ride down to the south and to the east. they're ride ago long that frontal boundy and later today storms could be the same thing. they'll probably ride the frontal boundary along best chance of orms wil evening commute or just after. it 6, 00 later tonht. and although i can not out the shower in the after oon hoursthrough the early part of afternoon homer. 87 degreesg. ev thunderstorms most likely and daytime hours thursday good start with showers. brks off to sun. spotty sun in the afternoon and today looksmo worse than toow. 8le 6. >> checking the forecast over to erin for traffic. right now 4:36 we're looking great.very light volume. we havsh one cra bw parkway southbound at 5 it's blocking shoulder. all lanes open. we're seeing all green all er the map and despite that crash. we have some issues in gaithersrg however utility work frederick avenue northbound summit avenue. questions, erin,fo "" d.c.
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on twitter. s, t erin, appreatcie "f5"morning president trump former cam pain manager comes under fire for mocking imgrant children separated fr f theiramily. >> and cap day legal lies separated fr f theiramily. >> and cap day legal lies recreational marijuana. .
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>> i'm 4 had:39 we're b with stories you're engaging with on social media. >> ormer campaign manager korey lieu do you ski is faking backlash.
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he was beinger intewed about the ze tall raps policy. he rerespond about a 1 10-year-old girl with down >> that's the cam pain manager said wawa. >> and madou was reading a story about young immrant babies and children prescribed their families and got choked up and couldn't ke reading. tender age shelters reportedly house kids with speal needs and under the age of 13. setnorth korea is return remaipdz of 200 troops ring the korean war.onerdu transferred to air force base in hawaii after bodies on u.s. soil the task ofyi ideng troops will begin. about 7700 u.s. military personnel remain unacted for for the korean war. and in l canadaawmakers approved wall making marijuana l
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for adults to buy and use across the country. they're the first g 7 nation to do so it takes effect to 12 it it week . return of captain john luke brisard. cbs is ready treo make mo series. executive producer is looking to bri bk sir patrick stewart for one of thosehow shows. he played on the next generati. stewart has expressed interes interest. nothing official ye yet. >> coming up the poetical service looking to make money by remindinge of you favorit summertime treat. >> and ureversity of maryland s outside consultant to review teen roles in the wake of a football player's death. >> 4:41 and 7 he degrees.
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"fox news morning" back after >> 4:41 and 7 he degrees. "fox news morning" back after this
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>> 44 is the time now. immigration debate raging on. no agreements came out oft presidenump aagreement st night. they're split over zero tolerance policy at the u.s.
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comexi this week the house is expected to vote on two bills surprise poured by the president and those wouldnd the family separations and they're part of larger immigration bills. democrats areot expected to support either proposal. >> nd a ambassador nikki haley called it not wormy of its name. the constant bias against israel and they're saying they're all of the council >> and new rules with powders in carry on bags. and they plan to ask for an airport that sends flights to the u.s. to do the same. but flyersl begin to seeanil the change starting next week. >> d.c. voters approved initiative 77 to increase min yum wage to workers in the
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district. initiati7 is pushing to change the pay station so tip workers earn the same as other prkers weaponhe next years. thank four joining us. it's wednesday, june 20 and going to be another hot one today ybots bad as. yesterday but in the same cycle. >> absolutely, holly, feel, warnl in some neighborhoods an w d td 90 in d.c. stoday. but justpp w uh it feels like 90sht i.od u'yo touch less humidity. that'sanume nber line for the daytime hours follow by sunshine mixing with clouds. lar this afternoon into evening we have to watch out for potential for no storm? up like yesterday's today could have down powers over an skpded period of time. we have to watch for a flooding r later today.
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p sdpept a cloud cover to start. temperatures around the region. depend where you live. you don't have to go too far nort d.c. to get to 6 ofo 6 of 0 0s. .c. southget to it's mid 70s to start the day here. mild start. pittsburgh 6 binghamton comfortable 56 that far that's stayi away for the time bei we'll stay on warmer side the ngnext several ms here. >> again you see the clo cover out there and not too mu activity shower-wise now. we hav shower draped or co front draped across the region an shores and thunderstorms could ride along te today. ming up in step more minute m and let me end wh 87p today. first day of summer tomorrow. bring it in 6:08 ithe rning. 886 degrows. friday, more clouds and sun to the weekend.showers headed saturday,it and miss, 87p, surpiksed looks l more dry warm than rhay weather.
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90 though looks hotl . alght. let check theis forecast and airp back with traffic. >> g 4:48 keepin eyes on roads this morning five looks great and not seeing any problems. we'reom seeing nipanies as you make your way through la platea. light volume. pleads enter. e green conditionsrywhere. metro serces picking up at 5 a.m. so far no reported de. from you heading out,p joy your coffee, relax. you have theth trning.e i'll let you know if anything hopped up you m need to know about. >> 4:4 is the time. take at welcome a your screen. do you recognize thi. the detectives are trying to identifyia al hotel rapist this is composite sketch the men have been looking for since 19 the 8. investigate towards believe he is responsible forg rapinx women over asp. many victims were housekeeper and used dna to link rapes to
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one man and not about able toybl match d with a name. still fir of its kind move prosecutors have filed chars in the case. >> d.c. currently has a 15 year statutef limitations for first degree sexual bus. but d.c. law allowsto us p diet an unknown offvedr the pseudonym of john doe. when his identity has been established withe reasonabl certainty by his dna profile. the suspect's dna has been in there since maybe the suspect lost a wriping during a hotel a.cault in.. if you recognize it or composite sketch call police. university of manufacturer marylandewctions following damming of one of thr football ayers. the university hired an external gup to study protocols.
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jordan mcnair was hospitalized 9 mafter collapsing doctor a team workout. he died two weeks sity officials say the ake up to 0d take up to 0 day days.>> tenth annual congressil softball game. this is actually a video from so far this yoor's evente raised morat 300,000 for the fight against breast cancer. th can be purchased at the gator on line. >> postal office offering scratc and sniff stamp, it showcases work of california rtrot of theze ep and >> i never think of popsicles having a smell. that's few, though. >> zip trip crew had app amazing time. this week they'r headed out
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to fairfax county to visitia rest up virgin maureen will thereby, tongueer as well. alliver from the rest up out ann yourself. >> riding style with "fox5" zip trips to enter for your chance to within a two year lease on 20 19u' are ra tlx. ve typelist will be selected0 augu and all finalists must aten the final zip event to be eligible to win. e winner will be selected at the final zip trip and all entrance sa or holder andov ides provided by d.c. area acura dealers. available at >> coming up on "fox news morning" michael jackson music coming to broadway >> you can see a movie for $1.
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>> s.nd look a bargain >> as we head to break let'soo takek here. wilson everng looks to be moving along long just type. this wednesday morning. 52, 75 degrees you're watching this wednesday morning. 52, 75 degrees you're watching "fox5" morning "fox5" morning
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developing n news riow prosecutors will not purine crim charges against actor scott baio. the sexual molest st wion claimsas rejected because statute of regulations expire expired. >> she is aiming they were molested whenostars on the show dmarlz charge. eggert knew it was beyond the stute of limitation and she wanted to layhe groundwork in case any other ictims came forward. >> king of pop life is going to broadway. it will feature thriller, beattt
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enough. set to debut in 2020. died in 2009 at the of 50 with overdose and his doctor was convicted of involve electricy manslaughter. >> looking for a way to beat reagle ma is offering a e express program.ov >> $1 movie opens tuesdays and wess movies featured this mmer inc curious george, despicable me and max is that one movie or two. >> i'm not sure. >> okay. movie tickets will go to charity. sorry not up on my movies. let's check in with michael thomas and see what the weather hasor us. $1 and $1 air conditioning. warm and humid today. stalled frontal boundary across the region. that wil the trilinger for showers and thunderstorms later on today. let's do future cast here. we head to the afternoon. could be scattered showers though i don't think they'll be as widespread as it looksenee
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then and what i'm concerned about is later on tonight watch 6, 7p, 8:00 hours her and line of storms deloping north and west and watch it try to move across d.c. and that couldvyave hea withdrawan it later tonight and we'll keep an eye on that as we work our way through the daytime hours. be aware of that. 886oday and 6 tomorrow and morrow more dry than what. fift ddot or sly sto more clouds than sun. 8. as we head to weekend we get the heat back 87 saturday and 90 sun sunday and bh days could feature storms. let's check the forecast anderi. >> 4:56 now and we're keepingey on roads. we're dealing with utili frederick northbound summit avenue one lane blocked and traffiet g teou w aeame every major
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on and. know if anythi ungp else pops . on and. know if anythi ungp else pops . ♪ notking down on zero tollump
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ra policy that forciblymo res dmrirp their families ansas he law makers it doesn't lookl good politica pi and his own doughter says he ld end it now. >> sexual assault at 30 owe,000 feet, fbi out with new warning of tax happening on air planes and on flights into one of our region airports. >> see ve areas proof nicktive 77. d whats that mean for you the next timean you heat d will it even matter thanks to a legal loophole counsel members can use the mesh tirest. good morning to you thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, june 20, we're halfway there. everything isso looking g far. and including mike and erin as they always


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