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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  June 20, 2018 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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notking down on zero tollump ra policy that forciblymo res dmrirp their families ansas he law makers it doesn't lookl good politica pi and his own doughter says he ld end it now. >> sexual assault at 30 owe,000 feet, fbi out with new warning of tax happening on air planes and on flights into one of our region airports. >> see ve areas proof nicktive 77. d whats that mean for you the next timean you heat d will it even matter thanks to a legal loophole counsel members can use the mesh tirest. good morning to you thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, june 20, we're halfway there. everything isso looking g far. and including mike and erin as they always look good at this
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early hour >> i do my best. >> we have a lot of warm m and moisturetill aup ro the d.c. region and khachs shores and torms lateray. once again we'll timet the to you coming up. >> 5:01 there ity u work in gaithersburg other than that metro is on time and i don't have but one crash alert for you. >> thank you both of you. >> are you paging up on 501 tomigrant with children on how while working to secure the border. >> two gop led immigration bills are up for a vote next woke. hey, mel. >> good morning and before isn't a let to justices department to ask the attorney general to stop. isten to happened when
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president trump walked by a group of democratic representatives. >> quit separating the children.ep quit sating the kid andld theren. mr. president don't you have kids >> this is something that rarely ever happenedthe halls of u.s. capitals anes imagchdren separated from parent have stirred up strong emotions and president trum and strategy for the zero tolerance is twod. fol serves as strong der ept for families trying t cross the to coach votes on larger upts grace reform bills. president trump said he would support legislation up on family separations as part of a package that up includes money for the bored are wall and continues to claim democrat for the larger problem. >> these are laws broken for
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many years, decades but we had had a great week. l, that's jus ld of crap >> democrats do notck t wvoant y say president trump created and at the same time they're being offered ame solution for rs as well in exchange for the wall fupingd. you can see this is a difficult issue even though sounds like y easx 'r b some senators as we know they are working on stand alone legislation t batch that practice of separating chilen from families at the borderpresident trump said he wl not support that. melanie alnwick, >> we learned that babies and toddlers separated from their parents ar accepted to tender age shelters there's currently three in south tem text. visited these facilities said the children are hysterical becausehey don't know where
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their parents are. >> jeff seeings is facing major backlash from own church over the zero tolerance polic 6policy. more that0 liters of the you're. . it's violanging it's social principals andso "fox5 concerned that sessions occasionally attends st. st. mtthews diingt church in annandale . >> no official reaction ofwh itehouse to stop the use of national guard troops to help secure the u.s. mexico border including maryland governor larry hogan and ralph northam. soldiers and equipment todered return home until trupp administration sprayed the so sprayed the solcy>> 5:04 i btimore today fbi is raise ago wareness o sexual assault on pair planes
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it's seenptic of inflight adults mom cging intonu bwi te in national. today they want to alert people of the seriousness ofe issue and remind people it's a federal crime. raise ago wareness is important to protect the es in the heavy traveled season. >>allot mesh four tipped workers i is distrt d.c. >>allot mesh four tipped workers i is distrt d.c. are paid waim bays of $3 expected to rise to 15 an hore by 2020. initiative 77 is chasing away the pay system works so it happen workers are using wpt others in the laht eight yearig years. >> five minute past the hour. ra sectively holing brechbling our good. >> i love days i have nothing to tell you ab.
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>> could be busy later today. >> more so for sai antlin than tucker app i. >>inger there. >> osiig better than 7 the we hd to start the daytime hours. mutety department as well.en stough moylingt tour in place to fire up showers and thunderstorms. someeaould bevy later this evening. there's satellite and radar y and ko could be showerst theda late morning early afterno very hit and miss. wpr stuff coa intoy late afternoon early eveng hourd s vrento again kindt evening commute and beyond time frame is the time to watch heevrment 7 8 tonight could be somrong pododerstorms with heavy show you up >> roads are still good mike.
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metio on . roads quiet my d 9 we're okayet everywherell i about you i cannel it you how quiet it is wrevring and anyrp questionort d.c. on twitter back o u yoguys coming up on organir now setting sight on december stingt of the nextp round. now setting sight on december stingt of the nextp round. >> we're back after this too many devices on eeur network could mean y this that's why you need fios-the 100% fiber-optic network. that means more speed for more devices at oncer. choose a free samsung chromebook 3 plus get the fastest internet available,ch up to 200 tv channels, phone, and a 2-year price guarantee.r it makes you happy gets new good mood.
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come on take on the daypa with a y feel. welcome back to fox newsmorning. we're glad you're joining us party thi:08 is the time. snnd♪ >> nba player sterling sbroun suing the will walky police department. officers used a stup gun on him because s they he did not remove hands p fromkets. mill wawmingy mayor tom barretted is hemsopes it rick will thomas improve relationsh between please and residents. >> and more about the shooting in mtn county. the officer shot and killed 41 is-year-old roberwhite refused to give a statement to investigators. shows thator to theera footage shooting 41-year-old robert whitee became comb and a history
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at jay sop kes already the one that ledil charlotle is leading the effort on the. event the permit is to protest civil rights aarse in chttesville and white civil rig rally. actual per my was n granted and organizers estimate adds many as 400 people could ait happened the dem grace easing more tt 550 gun from one home alone. they were found at emmanuel fernandeznvga say they were dip. >> they want watch all
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preponderance these mu tions rik for they will aascte uaanlly develop itment currently healthcare providers offer testing if delays family had histo. team says the guidelines could miss up to 90% of cases where there's no family history. study all ors. >> happenping later tonight the 2010 nhl ward nard the best regular season players and performances. special guests at the award show will include sure vivrz and first respomders from theeh loss vle ago shootingment members of stoneman suglas chool will thereby too. >> it's awesome for us but hard since las vegas was in the finals an now the runs are
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there. pie thop and near lese loo lif. >> head right now. time your temperature. back after this.
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right now live at 20. traffics moving along long quiet morning commute wise whicis good news. >> cxtd vmentdmentd store worker asawltd overnight. this is alexandria. you can see in this live picture the police remain onre the sc as they investigate that worker luckilys with not seriouslyurt sdmrxt out
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raiming over the immigration debate boiling restaurant. take a look this isin video g protesters confronting dhs secretary kirsten neil son as she tried to have different at mx d.c. on 14 street northwest. they were members of chapter of democratic socialists. initialwith minimum wall expeco rise by 120'r/20. e pushing to pay the system so workers outta the other workers the next eight years.>> quarter past five is te time now. live look outside. it's a beautiful shot there. lincoln memorialit. all looks goodow >> all glookz and some of the neighborods feeling good as well. last day of spring full day of spri here and one of long are days as well.
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well ove1 hoursayflight to enjoy. later tonight we enjoy showers and storms. ts morning. gaitherg 67 8rederick and 64 had baltimorend submit 0s. yo head down south warme well. the reason he has a trip this summer. 5 is the dewpoint in washington. that's a comfortable dew points. remember we were in mid 70s this time last year. and you are still in the mid 0s down towardsds frederr fredericksburg. muchore humid start and uld be showers and thunderstorms across the region because of those differences. those differences are a sign ofhings in the atmosphere that are not quite seted and
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again while things are calm now as we get the sun in the sky we could fire up showers and storms later today. there's thastalled front across the d.c. region as we speak. today's besowchance oers and storms severe in nature will be south ofhat front. let me run you through futureho cast aw what you to expect. late morning, early afternoon.we couplers possible. main event so to speak doesn't arrive until later tonight. couple more showers for evening this off t we head to 6:00. look at that blow up and you can some of these storms could m be slowoving we have to keep each eye on that as we paed into great he chance for heavy showers and thundrestorms. we're under marginalo t slight risk level one and two heavys
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down power and some could be ving moving side ofon things. isolated flash flooding. >>. mix of clouds and sun, 6,f clo p 7p:00 hours watch tore thunderstorm here's highs for today 87 and we'll have the 7 day forecast if a few minute. all right that's a check ever the forecast. erin has a challenge the roadways ts morning. how is is it looking. 5:17, all agreealreen, good. metrrail lines on time. up airport outer loop good. bridges including wilson bridge is 4, 11, key brim looks good. no problems 30 1 split. 50 in bounds looks great near cheverly. "fox5". >> we're back with stories you're ep gaming with most on social immedia aia. >> one of the best known names in manufacturing has fallen
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out of the premiere took. ge joined dow in 186 of and contin member since 190 and iconic company struggled in recent years. the. >> forest ranger india held a or capturing the 66 of pounme python mos after the deadly snake ate a goat. it happened noor a school. the ranger decided to capture it so the kids were not in danger: hie wn to take a selfie it tried to strapinging him. he looked out of the things got awkwardy pfacts. in a clip theho s posted steve host steve harmy if a man's zipper breaks in church wereupa child.use to cover it
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his team plates playful joked he would get them arrested a in the end he the survey indicated person. >> still a little wei >> world cup is dry literall literally. bars and restaurants througut russi warping fans they're running out of kol. apparently the russians were not preparedle for all these . it was only theorld cup. ah? so bars are waiting for truckste thir crowd. >> out of beer but shouldn't they have endless supply of vodka. >> that may be a stereotype one of world's large eggest tech firms to end rilsthship bored of customs and patrol. >> as we head to break this is our xhuptner 7 locks it's picking up as you can see. it definitely seems to be at
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speed. things looking smooth. "fox5" morning coming back after ts 5 is the time.
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>> if china retaliates mr. trump says he'll raise tariffs on additional it 00 billion in goods. this is in addition to the tariffs he put in place last week. >>ee y what's happening with china. have no choice. this should have been done
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many years ago. >> officialrasay they're not af of a trade war with the u.s. >> american airlines says it stabilizedaulty computer system which caused f ncellation oights over the past week. e failure napped computers used to schedule for psa airlines an affiliate carrier>>. they operate american regional flights and tlar repositioning planewss and toget back on track. cuttingk.e giant starbucks is the company announce today would close 150 storeerin u.s. the next year. >> starbucks is eliminating stores that overlap and compete with each other. i the s response to employer sales due to competition of up scale coffee houses and low price china like mcdonald's andunkin donuts. >> american girl doll going 21st century for play. xbox for modern play. >> gaping set for dolls come with console, controller, game
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disk cover for $auto. that's bargain. if you knowse becauolls themselves are not cheap. they cost $1ut15 witho accessories and buyers can spend as much as $600 for a doll, outfits and accessories. >> we know. no i k. >> preachinto the choir h i have a boy. >> 5:25 is the tim michael thomas. >> deposit we just do a story on video game addiction. >> yes. >> that won't help. >> live look outside. cloudy start to the day here. sun is poking through in spots and it will do so throughout the course davt i today. reagan national yesterday hot one 95 in to. and dulles 9. bwi 90. drip triple digit heat indexrd values yay afternoon for second to last full day of spring. d.c.. r.ltimore.67 degrees at this h
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satellite and radar around the region showing clouds to staris poking through in some spots. more sun we get todayhe more unstable oui we'll get. fronts am boubdry across the d.c. region gives us chance for showers and thunderstorms. second halday into the evening hours tonight. 7 your daytime high tmoay. toow, first day of summer, 86 of. spotty storms around. today looks worse than headed tay. more clouds than sun.s, shower cooler, 7 weekend will try dry it out a little. chance of storms. temperatures return where t should be in upper 0s. erin is backith trafficing. 5:, 66 at speed and no problem chantilly looking good on 26d 7 traffic on way to bwi,re an, dulles looks good and this respects entire strep of mphire avenue no problem there volume increasing at church road. noroblems.
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questions, a.cport fox. on twitter. "fox5" morning at 5:30 cop twitter. "fox5" morning at 5:30 cop tips i moment. aruna miller: almost every law i write comes from listening to peoples' stories. i'm aruna miller, and growing up as an immigrant, i know we have the power to improve peoples' lives.'s
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thathy in the state legislature, i fought for more computer science in our schools. gps tracking for domestic abusers. and some of the strictest gunit in congrs, i won't let donald t undo the progress we've made. prapi ed
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>> good wednesday morning to you and happy last day of spring. >> once again it will feel like summer out there. tracking forecast here commute. mike let's start with good.ood mor, so far, so around theclouds out there.
5:30 am
frontal boundary out there. trigger for showers and storms later today. we'll time it out later. >> right had you for t morning metro is on time. >> sounds good both of you. 5:30 is the time. d.c. voters have approved initiative 77. minimum.easure to increase >> how will this aect you and i me. anese yu live if not with details. annie. >> mature ep even holly. that's right, nicktive 77 passes by 55ul% thid affect your wallet when hitting the h salon on pash agounend a an dinener d.c.. it will affect your wallet. is controversial measure raises minim wage for tipped
5:31 am
work under d.c. to base wage ever $12.50 an hour and eventually race it's to $15 an hour in several years. right now, tip workers in the district are paid $3 with.33 san hourupporters of raising theag w say it guarantee as i stea income for service industry wor trs thaty won't know exactly how much they're ring bringing in it could cripple their small business especially couldit take a financial. possibly close. owe owe phone enter feel it is rking and most tip workers make more than minimum wage already. consumer this change could mean you and i may have to pay more for food. could be affect philadelphia workers get laid off. iversquestion some re
5:32 am
feel tipping may go away. the passing of 77 is a game changer. >> we're waiting oselves without of tips as a way for people to mack a liver in the country. ibling it's ar okayic practice that goes by the wayside and i don't wa to be in thetr restaurant iy going to be the last holdn outs ois and i think people adjust t and they'll fund out it's not going to bend end of wor things will not turn upside down.z blobe opposed to this and phil mendelsohn and mayord posted this an could still block it or change measures. we'll have to wait and see fate ofnitial of it 77 moving foratrd. that's test from north
5:33 am
west d.c.,npp a, "fox5 local news". >> autopsy thank you. 5:33 turning to actual primary races. all democratic mayor becauseer easily wonuesday's primary. if becauseer goes on to win in november they' be first mayor since anthony williams consecutive consecutive term terms.>>. ira de gesion debate rage on. ending the policy that separates children from parents at the border. president trump met l with house runsast night and some members revealed images of crying babies and does not look good politicly. s daughter and advisored enco him to end this and supports the push for legislation to do so. president said he wouldat support legisln that eases up on fami separations a part of package that up includes money for pouotd wal
5:34 am
wall. that sitting well with democrats. some evening yelli on the walls of the cital. >> mr. have kids? don't y >> the house is expected to vote on two bills later this week. demoats are no expected to support either of them. >> all new this morningof video rotesters confronting department of homeland security head kristin near son whil at dinner yesterday at the ritzy mexican jnt. they wept into the restaurant confront neil son. >> amily separation. >> ab olish. >> shame. >> protesters noted irony
5:35 am
wilson was eating at a mexicanre aurant.heorld cop tips to react to the u.s. pulling out of the human right council. israel praised decision. haley lamb entered that counties accused of human rights violationsre all members of human rights counsel. several groups call the decision counter pro tukt to american national security. >> 5:35 now and mike we're saying goodbye spring today. >> yeah, goodbyeg s though it's feeling like summer. certainly did yesterday with high of 95 in d.c wrp are you waking up this morning waking up north app town and frederick and gaithersburg and frederick all do you points comfortable out. there you jog, d.c. river to the nduth a more humid and mild. we have frontal boundary over the d.c. region.ty
5:36 am
qu tow co7p 5. here in washington 74. satellite and radar shong cloudsnith peeks of su this rning and we hav the front right across our region. think of it later tonight with the best chances being during or just after the evening commute. that's, 9:00 time frame. 82 di 11:00. partly sunny skies by:00. maybe shower or isolated storm 85. better risk 5:00 and beyond. 6 of of by 5:00 k your weather forecast. >> traffic is looking great as we make our way out. cking up guys not enough to cause issues sorrys i get into place there.he i was checking roads to make suret's clear. it was atypically quiet out th. no problems 9 everything at speed70 even
5:37 am
from frederick. inside the beltway 35 great and bridge is moving along long type. all secondars are crash free. moyp or delayo dale city yellow zone that's the wovt it r now. aside from that nice andie qu back to you guys. >> 5:37 now t "fox5" zip trip cre had an awesome time in lexington park, maryland, we're visiting -- wol be live starting at 6 a.m friday come out and see us. >> you can nrid style with our fox/zip strips. now through august 19 you can win a two year reece on brand new 2 it 0 19 acura tlx. it's a random drowning, all must astep it the simple chris
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the the prize is provided by d.c. area acura dealers.le cote rules atox5dc.comp look today's matches and act of kindness throughout the fidfom♪ act of kindness throughout the fidfom♪ (b
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>> fbi alertsub pc of rise of sexual a caults onlaims. reported sex asults nearly dunld thisla year ingt here. arriving bx wi thorough good airport. >> the nationalirport and ta association says up in ready of members will report to you today. at so this morning they rallyhe outside airport authority in crystal city demanding it end policies they say displaced taxi drivers. unregulated vehicles used byri
5:42 am
rideng companies poseri aid secu threat to drivers, staff andublic. >> kicking off today tenth annual congressional women's softball game. event raised over 300,000 through corporate snsorship sponsorships,onation and ticket scales. that games. >> at the world cup bug off th field. >> at the world cup bug off th field. >> sparking a lot of prae. duke's is the perfect companion for so manomthings.
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>> a:45 is the time. welcome back. look at that. gorgeous sunrise. those colors are just absolutely stunning. how about that for the last day of spruping or start of the last day of spruping. mike. >> beautiful surprise. it's:4 had 6. three minutes ag it came up. we got a lg day. longest day of the year coming unand tomorrow being longest. first day of summer. do to one on the summer countdown. weather head lines for the day today. touch less humidity and likely to stay that way through the afternoon. sunshine mitchteg with clouds r this afternoon. we'll have chance for lights afternoon and thunderstorms some of which could contain heavy downpours into nighttime hours ton. we'll o keep ann that.
5:46 am
keep an eye on the "fox5" bother app for tracking storms hilater t afternoon. 74 in town. you job north cooler, of you jog south warmer 5 quantico and 7p 4 fredericksburg and more humid through northern virginia we have stalled fron frontal broupdy across the region. if you're north it's a littlele keer a comfortableand . just because this guy is hanging out in the area means we're on the up able side of th. anesthesia long as orig. not quite close enough to get that away from us. warm, still, today, upper 0s in southern. no mid thes. here's futur cast. few showers possible early
5:47 am
portion of the afternoon. whitely hard. this is the guy we have to watch, 6, 7, i 1 and trying to cosh i 9 a, 9:00 tonight that could cop tape heavyd ownpours that's they you watch for later this evening. >> 6:08 a.m. we start she hit a hisnorms still nice and quiet. >> it is nice and quiet. we have utility work gaithersburg. one lane blocked, 70 is a dream now. we're at speeld lightolume the entire strich. down as you approach benning road be prepared for that one
5:48 am
however. as you make your way to beltway totally at speeingt if youss go the region bridge no problems 270 spur and near had you hampshire with things on five d brandywine looking good. also thankou mawrn. >> 5:48 if you head metro you may get a refound. the transition agency new for sish was distances call ayed correctly. arm refund has been about $6. good news for ellicott city maryland, key portions arete reopen end. cars can driver both dreks west of old columbia pike and eastern avenue.
5:49 am
an fewh to healt warning as summer gets underway. be on alert for offici remind pregnant women or women trying to get preing mapt to take precaution to not get exposed to diseases such as zika virus. it's spread through mquito diet and can -- they're als alsoing pregnant women not to t travelareas with high riskof ze. >>'s look at story can you're ep annualing with. an a ms arreioning a firearm. michael vine tried to dutch an illegal gub.on he is prd are. >> adult entertainment woman storm jury danielle sl sfo
5:50 am
supportingp presumablylsocu focusing on profess as well as mothers. earlier this month daniels unveiled her own fragrance brand dubbed truth. in oprfrey fortune moved her to new cleanup. he shut a record 4 had billion this week first black female prep pren on blueburg illinois index. >> the worldy.up i literally bars and restaurants are warning fans they're running o of alcohol. apparently the russians were not prepared for the drinks and bars are waiting for forhe firsty crowd good brew property on on that. day of the world cup matches six more teams are ready to take to the field. hello from mouse coye. over n thet month i'll be part of the team bringing you
5:51 am
fox sports coverage of 2018 fifa world cup it'say 7 of the attorney m. ronaldo looking to build on opening game hat stick as portugal pays oop h of course owe. >> ur. >> and in fact here's a closer look at our coverage today on "fox5". pregame show world cup today is on at 10 a.m. then you'll see awd yes ep. >> on tuesday one of the biggest upsets game between senega len 'poland. praise but rather fans.g look. the fans were seen cleaning their section of trash before leaving stadi in moscow.
5:52 am
and then check this out, a father and son duo from brazil riding style at the world cup games on giant bicycle. father says he began building strange bikes when a foam. >>all right. . all right. >> reagle sinzamanes kicking off perks for a good cause. they're offering up summer movie express program that features $1 movies on once and bentz despicable me max ape portion of the movietiel. traps a tribute for first day of summer. each campled ep early.
5:53 am
i might be caught lickin lickinging that stamp. the root be intrigued me. >> d are youaming of a vacation. yes, you ha. >> the average american spends it 84 days of life dreaming a being on vacation. researchers found americans spent 11 is 3 hours anlilyly a re. why do people venture to various travel destations. i bring that afternoon up. >> are you thinking about your next vacation orefreng refrengting about the one you just took. both, both. >> vacation is a good thing. i think that word makes me happy. >> 6 minut before 6 ofh a oks like frenchy frida y wow which b is tomorrowy the way
5:54 am
by is is it's a style us shaped luke a. you can use it up stayed of your fin gr withouting grease on the scene. >> how hard was that to sdic sd -h. >> what meeting- i got it. >> fryless. >> that's it. >> thigoing to be a game changer. >> wait for it. >> michael thomas, same as om this. >> strovk genius here. right. >> kaivrment guys, trackin the threat for showers and storms once again later stole ep f. that's that colorful thing you see there on juror screen.d it's drapeight across the d.c. yeemi ron and these are justnd fruit ahe fruit toor cast as wed through the morning arm.
5:55 am
>> much better chance as we he to later evening hours. here'sp, norm and west of southern deeper reds and pitchings poppingp there. chance of tractor-trailer uain that's ntil later this evening. 8le 7 the daytimety. looks cloudy, cool, drizzly, showery, 7. week will dry it out t andop days a washout.up to 90 surprised. erin ts back wiraffic. coming up on 5:56 we're tag a look at road. 70 southbound. 70 to 121. 24 minutes trip now. it's starting to build just a little bit. outhboundms 95 through maryland. and you're looking really nice as you make your way out on you 50 stbound. just minor delays growing we're crash free. 66 of is speed. all metro rail lines express
5:56 am
lanes quiet and we're crash free around the dmv. any questions for the morning commute airport foxai 2t wait toer and we'll keep you updated and that's a look at traffic. >> up ne 6 a.m. why starbucks is closing dozens of stores athe cross the couple. starbucks is closing dozens of stores athe cross the couple. >> >>
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and always surprising. increase in minimum wage for tipped workers in the district and but the decision not a done deal yet. will city council blo itfrom be. live with what the voteme could for workers and diners. >> debate over president trump trump's zero tolerance immigration policy reaching a boiling point. a member of trump administration heckeled athe at.c. restaurant and president trump demand congress ps leminglition address border security as early as t s week. >>nger in the sky aise in sexual assault and many of
6:00 am
those flights vox a local airport. powers into a popular casino. "fox5" morning at 6 ts now. >> gene wednesdu morning to . it is june 20. >> if are you just waking up let'se look liver ou right now. beautiful start to the day today. warm again. .23 weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05


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