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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  June 21, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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take it. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:30 right now.ri your top sto right now, took nearly all d but all the lanes of the woodrow wion bridge are now clear. it comes after a deadly crash on the outer loop yesterdayra morning. a tor-trailer driver was killed after he lost control of his rig, then crashed into several constructeen vehicles trapping men who were working under the bridge. in all, eight people were hurt. thedast of the c lanes reopened around 10 10:30 last night. it was grian locked throughout dria along duke street and other dozensf residentialentreet. tencing day for a ryland man accused of killing child and her mother. he faces life in prison in the murdermurders of nashante davisd their daughter chloe. he was upset after ani pty test proved he was chloe's
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father. >> a metroccess driver under arrested a of raping a woman that he was supposed to be dring home. >> our annie yu is live in hyattsville this morning with the full story. good morning,or annie. >>ter: hey, good morning, holly and maureen. that's right, a very we're tol metro access driver allegedly sexuald assaulte a female passeer with anl intellectua disability during one of his routes. it happened on monday ghternoon along brieat road here in hyattsville,y and basi what we know right now is that theoman reported toolice that the m picked her up as scheduled at one of thepr locationsince george's county. he was supposed to take her home but instead, he pulled the van over along brightseat ro and attacked her in the rear of the van. is is a photo of 40 yield damon childs o suitland. he works for first transit which operates metro access service und metro. he's been chargedco witnd
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degree rape. detectives tell us that the victim and the suspect were the only two aboar the bus at time of the attack. but they us that theigating woman was treated and released at the hospital. that's the very latest he from hyattsville, maryland, annie yu fox5 local news. >> 4:32 right now an about-face from o president trumpn immigration policy after repeatedly saying only congress could fix the problem at the border. >> but the controversy continues to heat up with some saying a t proposed fix frohe white house will just make the situation worse. on capitol hilth theck live latest. good morning,ep mel. >>orter: good morning. and as we've seen congressional relationshi b have frayedadly over this issue, so mucho that there's very few people here that reform bills that are to come up for a vote tonight haha anynce of passing. that leaves the fate of the border wall, the fate of daca recipients and these families thatha are -- tve been separated, those families torn
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apart, levers everything kind of unsettled. now, saying he did not like the optics, president trump yesterday in the oval office signed an executive order that would end the policy of separating parentsil and chen who cross the borderga lly, then he went to a makeri ame great again rall rally. >> we're going to keep families together b border is going to be just as tough as it's been. [cheers and applause] >> build that wall, build that wall, build that wall! >> reporter: the order does not change the policy of criminally prosecuting every illegal entry it does keep families together while they'ren candidate, expeditesir cases and requests military faciliti to house them whi their legal cases play out. though trump'sti execu order asks for a modification of that rule, the justice department has said the 20 day limi rains in effect until
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congress or.he courts change it and as we've seen once againhe3 you knore are provisions in these immigration bills to chan those rules to a these families to be housed indefinitely but there reallyisn capitol hill. and one other question still up in the, airat happens to the children who have alrea been separated from their parents? department of homeland security says they are working on a plan to reunioreunify these families but it's clear. >>he gang has all assembled for a thursday. >> uh-huh. >> don't be so quited y'all >> it's our last assembly of spring.on >> how de celebrate this. >> throw your bathing suit on real quick and jump in the pool. that's what do. >> i'll do that jt for you this afternoon. >> it's still spring so we're
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not doing it just yet. >> you can't do it yet. you have to do it right at6: on the dot and then you miss it and summers. >> i have a pool party this afternoon. >> wow, okay. >> satellite and radar, as gwe're ge you through the last couple of hours of springtime here,rt it'sing good amount of clou cover, some s.tty dri although you see the last few frames of the satellite and radar things are breakleg up a bit which is good as we head late morning, early sun poking through the clouds more and more. d.c. proper and off to the northnd east i think we'll get through with a my tly dry here in d.c. but different story for those to the south and west. i'm talki winchester martinsburg culpeper, you all could see more showers and stor later on today, just because of where the cold frontal is. we'lk about that in a little bit. 73 to start in d.c., 74 in annapolis. st hl a touch oumidity out there. 73 at quantico. 69 manassas, culpeper is at 70 .
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winchester good mors ng to you,68 as you start your day. again summer arrives 6:08 this morning. stormst mostly today, 86 degrees for a high, that' right where we should be for summer. the badda news is youry is not looking all that great. clouds with on and off showers, yes, tha does include the morning hours for those headed to the zip trip. we'll keepn eye on t for you but changes as we head into the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up in a bit. all right, erin, how is trfic? [laughter] >> traffic is good. rit now 4:36 we're not seeing any problems on the roads. things on the wilsonon bridge again moving after it was shut d for just hours all yestday day and evening. so as you can see traffic on both sides of the span looking good. 95 problem free. jefferson davis highway looks good. clinton maryland is quiet. no problems on 295. all of our secondaries in the district looking good. i'll let you know if anything up against any problems. metro ra service picking u at 5:00 with no reporte delays. any questions at erin fox5 d.c..
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>> sounds good. straight ahead, some passgers on board that southwest airlines plane whose engine axploded mid flire now suing the airline. >> but first some of the nation's top bosse tare right here inhe d.c. region. the local ceo's who made this year's list of the best boss in the country. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 4:39 is o time. let's talk about what's hot on the web, the stories you'reengan social media. >> buckle up. it could save your life. that's what policen washington state are stresng after a driver claimed to be wearing hisefeat belt actually l the sce withthis dube safety belt left a seared injury in his skin. police say the driver only had
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minor injuries and was ulmately given a fine for that violation. >> next, glassoor has released its list of the top 100 ceo's in the u.s. and foremen who's headquarters companies in the northern virginiareactually made the cut. christopher naseta ceo of 51.mberworldwide ranke richard fairbanks founder of capital one financial came in at number 64. wesley bush president and coo at falls church virginia based dawson. >> how does guac for days found. aalifornia company has made it possible for avocados toic stay ripe foe as long. the avocados are treatedh a natural solution made with fats found in the skins of apples and raspberries.
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they're known to last for up to 20 days. >> slightly suspect. >> but it's pretty g tha t costco is sellingm because you can only buy them in >> fly a japanese footwear line is paying tri to one of television's most iconic families, the simpsons. the brand ubique has made a sneaker with the doe and eat my short m those have kevinarthy written all over it. >> totally. >>ight. day of summer how would yout like to score some free the local restaurant that's giving away the grub today. >> all right, stay with us. >> ♪
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get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners n and renters insurance ca. >> ♪ >> time now is 4:44 a here's a look at the topol stories we'rlowing for you today, thursd, june 21st. lson bridge after the lanesdrow several lanes of the outer loop had been shut dow following a deadly crash yesterday morning. one man was killed and eight others injuredfter a tractor-trailer driver lost control and crashed into veral construction vehicles. that trapped thrng men w under the briete. >> m access driver aused of raping a passenger while on the job. anntellectual disabilitth
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accused him of pulling over on brightseat road in hyattsville and attacking her in the v. >> aft repeatedly saying only congress can fix the problem at the border, the president sned an executiveordel migran it does not change the administrati so-called zero tolerance policy. instead, it orders the secretaryme oland security to "maintain custody of alien families while criminal improper entry plays out." a vote in the house is expected today. >> ♪ ly. >> 45 is our tim right now. we're atee 73 degr ings first day of summer.h all >> yeah , who is ready for summer? >> this guy. is readyo tart losing daylight after today. >> not me. >> not so m wh but thahat we're going to do as we head rough the day again,st day of the year and i think for some of us,
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d.c. and off to the north and east we're going to have the full day to enjoy with s very lowwer chances. it's foriv those whoe south and west of d.c. that shower chances are little greater. i'll talk about that in just a minute. summer begins 6:08 this morning. temperaturess we bring in summertime where they should be. gohg for a hig of 86. average for thi time of year. spotty showers and storms but m, much higher chance as you head down to the south a west of town. for your daytime hours on friday looks like lot of clouds and on and off showersthw maybe even starting off with a little bit of rain tomorrow morning. 73 degrees outside here in d.c.. right dulles at 69. manassas 69. gaitherssrg 68. dewp are high, though. they're kind of right around where the temperatures are, which is consce trng winein rol through the morning but you seepo honestly theints look a little like temperates and that means there's a decent amount of humidity as you starty. your again, upper 60's and 70's for
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midity department.huigh in the satellite and radar around the region some clouds out there to start the day and some spotty showers and areas of drizzle b nothing overly concerning as you start your morning here inhe d.c. region. i don't think you need the umbrella for the morning but for those who live south and west ofown you need it for the afternoon. again, same frontal boundary that caused the trole yesterday worked its way just a tthch farther sound that's going to bring the best chance f showers down to the south and west a little later on today. other than that, highs in 80's here in town later on tor y for yourst day of summer. going to feel like should. fox5 accuweather-d 7 forecast, 86 your daytime high today here. virginia.we're in we do have to watch out for some showersin the morning but i mean, the party goes on is the onlyh we have ondegrees friday. saturday clouds mix with rmn, scattered thundes look likely in the afternoon hours. i think your better day of the weekend fer driernoon is sunday. still can't totally rule out a storm but sunday's the better
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day thoughon the hote at 90 degrees. that's weather. erinomo is tracking those roads. how does it look erin. >> keeping our eyes a the roads andyou can see the wilson bridge onceot again movingh directions after yesterday's massive crash. traffic inside the beltway looks good. n 66 through manassas. here's a look 95 between 17 in quantico we're completely at speed. hard to make out the maps because it is so gen. we don't have any issues. thatrend continues on 66 as you pass through manassas. not seeing any slowdownsn 270. wide opened from 70 to 109. metro service is picking up at5. no reported delays.n any questions at eri ox5 d.c. on twitt. so far so good. back to you, maureen and holly. >> thanks erin. 4:48 right now.n we'llto the shocking development that is have forced pope francis to remove cardinal theodore mccarri from the ministry. that action taken after claims of sexual abusey mccarrick who once served as archbishop re washington were deemed credible. mccarrick isused o assaulting aa
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nearly 50 years agor whilethe ca ent claiming he's innocent and has no recollection of the alleged abuse. the washington post talked with a lawyer for the vic that i'm is in his 60's. he says mccarrick first touched himpr inapprotely in 1971 when the vicm wasy a altar bod was preparing for christmas serviceay hes the same thing happened the follothng year at same service. the man toldia church ols about the abuse in 2016 when the archdiocese create add w program for reporting and reviewing abuse claims. meantime the diocese of newark new jersey revealed mccarrick has beencc aed of sexuallt misconduct by threes in the past. two of those resulted i settlements. >> another lawsuit for southwest airlines stemming from that deadly flikt bac in april engineau failuresed a woman to be sucked out through a window mid flight. seven other passengers say
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they were tinumatized and sufferwith ptsd. fortunately the pilot was able make an emergency lding. another passenger was the first sue back in april. >> no word onse whatd this ceiling collapse inside of a new york city suby station. it happened at station i a brooklyn. atn least one person was hurt camepart of the ceili crumbling d you can see right there the ceiling debris scattered all across the>> platform. and take a look at this incredible video. images of a massive barn fire inhio. the flames killing nearly 5,000 pigs. this happened at a swine w farm inne township. officials say smoke and flames spreadou quicklyghout the for fire crews to battle the fire from at least one firefighter was injured. fire officials have not yet determined the o cf the blaze. and in maryland, friends of the armyds national man swept away in the ellicott city flooding celebrated his life with a funaiser last night.
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39-year-old eddison hermond dried as he was pying to hel a woman trapped in the flood in the histori downtown are back on may 28. s friends say holding a fundraisernd celebrating lot of sports memorabiliated. wasonated. >> a local restaurant celebrating the official start ofum sr with freed. >> not only is today the first day of summer it's nional self day. the hashtag fox5 selfie.sing >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ welcom >> welcome back to fox5 morning. it's going t be a beauty.
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details from mike thomas in a bit. it is 4:53. first president trump recently signed a bill provide extend federal job opportunity to mility spouses so today a veteran job fair will target those spouses and its hiring process. 63 exhibits are lfiking to jobs with military spapses and vets. thatpening today at fedex field from 11:003: a.m. to p.m. >> also today, the ninth annual world'simargest swng lesson. it's a part of the poo safet campaign to preventin drown deaths of young children. joining in on today's swim lesson former olympicew swimmer. s will be teaching children life saving skill of swimming. that's happening tonight at 7:00 at the fairlands sports and aquatics center in laurel. today is the official start of summer and to cool lkshakes for all.i offering free >> you can choose from 75 flavors including banana or
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cream sickle or keeping it clsy with just vanilla and chocolate. the offer is good for one per pers no purchase required but you need the password z summer 18. d if this sweet deal wasn't good enough, any june posts a picturef their milkshake on social media with the #z summer 18 will be enteredo winfrey milkshakes all >> i think i have a field trip.that's the best -- that's s you can use right there. >> exactly. >> i will see you there. >> right. exactly. >> i know what i'm doing at 11 . i can't wait, guys. delicious. okay, let's do a littleat wer you. should break up to sunine in the afternoon. watch asho futurecasugh showers locally but lookst south an. that's where the heavier stuff is. that's where we have a flash flood match effect throughrnhe oon hours today t i'll show that you in a second but watch as we work into friday morning, those showers and
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that rainfall activity tries to work its way up into the f tomorrow with showers andstart rain locallyere in the d.c. area. you see shaded in green aregains does not include it's well down to the south and west but does include, say, culpeper, down towards charlottesville. just be a you aware. turn around don't drown if you come across a floodedoa ray. saturday could be stormy in theno aon. better chance of staying dry on sunday. high of 90 degrees. into n week we'll dry it out. that's weather. erin is back with the roads if keeping our eyes on the roads so far so good. the beltway i flowing freely. bottom side of the beltway across the wilson bridge and top side of the beltway in college park no problems on 50 if youant to head to the beach. loing good there. seeing quiet conditions 270. i'll let you know if any of that ihanges. same sn virginia.
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all majors looking good. 95 wide opened through dale city.s jefferson davighway looks good. 66 also at speed. oxy questions at erin 5 d.c. on twitter. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> r under arrest.5 morning behind bars accused a woman with intellectual disabilities on board the vehiclhe was supposed e driving her home in. >> we're going to keep families toget border is going to be jus as tough as it's been. [cheers an applause] >> after president trump migrant families at thparating border, the debate is still nter stage on capi hill.ll wi republican lawmakers vote on a pair of immigration bills today? and the big question this morning, how will all those families already torn apart be reunited? fox5 exclusive. a teenaged girl slammed to the ground by a mallec sity officer in prince george's unty. now mother is demanding o thaticer face charges. andgh daylight deli as we mark the lgest day of the ye fox5 morning at 5:00 a.m. onst this firay of summer starts now. >> ♪


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